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Mild Mannered Reviews - Superman/Batman

Superman/Batman #65

Superman/Batman #65

Scheduled to arrive in stores: October 21, 2009

Cover date: December 2009

"Sweet Dreams"

Writer: Peter Johnson and Matt Cherniss
Penciller: Brian Stelfreeze, Brian Haberlin, Kelly Jones, Joe Quinones and Federico Dallocchio
Inker: Brian Stelfreeze, Brian Haberlin, Kelly Jones, Joe Quinones and Federico Dallocchio

Michael Bailey Reviewed by: Michael Bailey

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Superman's Dream

Superman is flying along having a very nice day when he spots a plane which is about to crash. Using his x-ray vision he realizes that Lois and all of his loved ones are on the aircraft. The plane crashes and everyone Superman cares about is killed.


Scarecrow stands above Superman, Batman, Lex Luthor and the Joker after hitting them with his fear gas.

The Joker's Dream

The Joker muses over his existence as he performs at a circus. When the audience laughs at him he drops to his knees and insists that he isn't a joke.

Luthor's Dream

Luthor goes to the 18th floor of the Daily Planet to kill Superman but discovers that somehow he has become Jimmy Olsen.


Scarecrow and his minion load Superman, Batman, Joker and Luthor into coffins and prepare to bury them. Scarecrow's minion asks him why there is a fifth coffin and the Scarecrow shoots him.

Batman's Dream

Bruce finishes his workout and joins his family for breakfast. Suddenly Alfred comes in and starts shooting everyone. Finally he forces Bruce to shoot his father.


Suddenly Batman wakes up and attacks the Scarecrow. He uses a batarang to bring down two flaming pumpkins and suggests that he is going to let the Scarecrow burn in the fire the pumpkins started. Superman uses his super breath to extinguish the blaze. Superman asks if Batman wants to talk about his dreams and the two decide it is better to not discuss the matter. They do wonder what the Scarecrow dreams about.

Scarecrow's Dream

A young girl (and her little dog too) look at a scarecrow in a field along a yellow brick road.

3Story - 3: This issue was average in the best sense of the word. It wasn't terrible. I didn't hate it but on the other hand I wasn't very keen on it either.

Most of my problems with the story revolve around the fact that I am getting a little weary of stories that revolve around looking deep into the psyches of Superman and Batman and their villains. Those stories have their place. I would hate to see mindless action issue after issue. On the other hand I could really go for a Jeph Loeb style romp where you get a glimpse of what makes these characters tick but also has a lot of over the top action scenes where Superman and Batman pound the living daylights out of their villains.

Yes, I am a pretty simple soul. What of it?

Still the dream sequences were well written. I found them repetitive only because I have read a lot of these sorts of stories but someone coming on to this book fresh and new may have a completely different take on it and there is this rational part of me that has to recognize that fact. I get the feeling that Johnson and Cherniss had the most fun on the Joker sequence because more thought seemed to be put into that scene. The Superman dream was the one I was the most taken with because I can see Superman having that sort of dream. Batman's smacked of shock value but had some impact nonetheless. Luthor's was played for laughs and was worth a chuckle but at the same time it didn't do a whole lot for me.

The Scarecrow's dream was amusing and all things considered a good way to end the issue.

My only out and out WTF moment for the issue was when the Scarecrow shot his minion. What purpose did that serve? It didn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

Oh well. If that's the biggest quibble with the story then I'm doing ok as a reader.

2Art - 2: Did not like the art.

At all.

Not even a little.

It just didn't do anything for me.

Ok. The first scene was very well done. I liked that. And I do appreciate the fact that each dream sequence had its own look and feel.


Did not like the art.

4Cover Art - 4: This was an effective cover. Creepy. Kooky. All together ooky. As a Halloween related cover it worked just fine.

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