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Superman #682 Superman #682

Superman #682

Scheduled to arrive in stores: November 26, 2008

Cover date: January 2009

"New Krypton" - Part 6: "Invasive Surgery"

Writer: James Robinson
Penciller: Renato Guedes
Inker: Wilson Magalhaes

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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For the time being Superman is out of the equation. Clark and his mother are visiting Jonathan's grave. At Martha's request Clark is just Jonathan's son, not the cape. When they arrive a surprising figure is at the graveside, Bizarro, sorrow-filled in his own way Bizarro leaves as soon as he's spotted.

Meanwhile in Washington, Agent Liberty requests a leave of absence. He doesn't believe in coincidence and the arrival and destruction of Doomsday just seemed too convenient and he wants to know how and why it happened.

Kara is in Kandor/Argo talking to her father, she asks why the Kryptonians have devised a plan without Kal. Zor explains he believes his nephew to be too human, 'bedazzled by the yellow sun.' When questioned on whether Kara still considered herself Kryptonian, she responds that she is his daughter above all else. Trust is something she has in her parents and so the plan is undertaken.

Elsewhere at the new Science Police HQ Jim Harper is meeting with 'Control' or as she reveals, Rachel. Jim tells her that he knows she's busy with keeping track of the influx of Supermen and women but as a side issue he'd like to work for the Science Police.

Before Rachel can respond DuBarry interrupts with a transmission that he's caught Parasite and depositing him in Strykers. Theun-armoredguards mock the Science Police for needing all the tech to take down a bad guy when all they need is a gun and badge. Before the two sides can battle there's yet another interruption!

This time Commander Gor and his henchmen of NewKryptonattack, subdue and kill the humans present before stealing their goal - Parasite.

Jim is all but about to leave after Rachel snubs his request, pointing out he's a bygone hero, when the literal sudden rise in crime prompts her to beg for his services.

High above Metropolis Supergirl is about to have a rematch with Silver Banshee, again another plot and Siobhan (Silver Banshee) is captured too.

In Arkham we see the crumpled bodies of Robin and Nightwing as Gor and his men attack again - targeting Superman's deadliest rogues gallery - this time they nab Toyman and quickly move onto Prankster taking out Black Lightning in the process.

All hell is breaking loose across America with the villains being taken with extreme force. Hidden in Metropolis is a man that is studying his surroundings, mingling with the locals and adopting a nomadic secret identity, a man who had not long ago been manipulated by Sam Lane... the legendary warrior snatched from time, Atlas. He watches the city quietly learning mortal ways.

We rejoin Bizarro not long after tearfully soaring the spaceways when Thara and several others attack him, and another 'villain' bites the dust.

The Daily Planet is understandably in chaos Clark slips out and, enraged, crashes into New Krypton. The Argonians & Kandorians are in shock that Kal has snubbed their gift to him, but Kal explains that their 'way' led to innocents being killed, and not just killed, bludgeoned and murdered, so that they could succeed.

Zor and Kara are dumbstruck and disgusted their people acted in such a remorseless fashion - whatever the goal the cost was too great. But everyone is shocked more so when Alura snidely sounding like a follower of Zod announces that humans are collateral damage in their plans.

Superman demands that the killers be handed over to earthly authorities and Alura overrules Zor refusing to reveal them. Kal asks if the villains were killed too, Alura and Zor point out they are out of the way for good - in the Phantom Zone!

Unfortunately this chain gang have grown quickly accustomed to their new prison taking a prisoner of their own... Mon El!

5Story - 5: And so the threads begin to weave into a larger tapestry! I knew James wouldn't let us down and what were previously deemed plot holes have quickly become interesting and intriguing new directions. I have to say I found Alura shockingly vile... an odd contrast to what I would have envisioned for her...

I like that Atlas is back in the picture and now that he is I've got a sneaky suspicion I know what the plans for him are...

I liked that Agent Liberty picked up on the issue of Doomsday's involvement and that it will be delved into further. Also, the Guardian & the Science Police, I didn't see that coming!

I'm glad the writers have the ability to write multi tier stories now, the 'Superman Universe' suddenly feels a lot less two dimensional.

4Art - 4: Nothing really leaps out at you this issue, none of the action takes your breath away and even the killings seem sidelined a little until Kal kicks off.

It's good art but just not quite great this time round.

3Cover Art - 3: Rinse and repeat: A nice painting.

Honestly the paintings are starting to look less stunning and more boring with each cover... sorry! Perhaps it's the overkill, not to mention the covers look very washed out.

I know it's cheating to copy and paste my comments from last time but come on. Alex Ross' art is heading into overkill. It's everywhere in DC AND Marvel. Let's give some other guys a chance? By the by, Superman looks older and chubbier with each passing cover methinks. Either Lois is a really bad cook or Superman has been downing Twinkies.

4Cover Art - 4 (Alternate Cover): Aside from risking the secret identity, which I'll suspend as covers don't usually reflect the interior, unless you know exactly what's happened inside it just holds no interest. It IS beautifully painted and in fact a much livelier rendition compared to the standard cover. It gets a high rating from me because it's trying something different.

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