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Mild Mannered Reviews - Super Friends

Super Friends #13

Super Friends #13

Scheduled to arrive in stores: March 18, 2009

Cover date: May 2009

"The Greatest Show On Earth"

Writer: Sholly Fisch
Penciller: Dario Brizuela
Inker: Dario Brizuela
Cover: J. Bone

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Roll Call: Superman, Aquaman, Green Lantern: John Stewart, Wonder Woman, Flash, The Batman

Chapter One:

An ailing circus has its fortunes changed when the Super Friends agree to perform live! This is news to Barry, Clark, Diana, Bruce, John and Arthur! They quickly break in backstage to discover that the real workers of the circus have had to disguise themselves as the heroes. Sadly they had to resort to faking the powers of the Super Friends just to make ends meet!

Taking pity on the poor circus the team agree not only to help the other performers, but to appear in person as promised!

Activity: Big Top Brain Teaser Glossary

Chapter Two:

The Super Friends and the Circus Friends are a huge hit, their amazing feats working together create an astounding show. Success is short lived however as a villain from the Flash's past reappears - Abra Kadabra!

The villain, angry at the applause for the heroes and not for himself attempts to outdo their show, releasing the wild animals, causing hurricanes and floods!

Activity: Batman/Bruce Wayne Paper Doll.

Chapter Three:

Using all their might the Super Friends combat the magical disasters, as Abra has foolishly cast the spells without a way to reverse them because he was so caught up with jealousy.

The Circus Friends show they are more than equal in heroic stakes by aiding in the rescue and defend mission until the magic fades.

Somehow they are able to imprison Abra in the 64th Century and the Super & Circus Friends are taking care of the survivors from the attack.

The ring master sighs... no matter how successful the night was, their circus is still to close, but he doesn't count on an appearance from Bruce Wayne!

Bruce agrees to keep the circus going if it promises to entertain homeless families and sick children, oh and that the real performers resume their original identities.

All's well that ends well!

The End.


Activity: Wonder Woman/Princess Diana/Agent Diana Prince Paper Doll

3Story - 3: Marginally better effort emulating the original Super Friends a little more than a toy advert. This could easily have been an episode. Glad they remember secret identities and showed the heroes having fun with their powers too!

3Art - 3: Phew, back to its super deformed normalcy. I still won't pretend to like the art but for the market it's aimed at I can see the appeal.

4Cover Art - 4: Everyone on this J Bone submission looks like they're having a blast... Superman however looks even MORE deformed than usual! I mean check out the muscles, even for this book that's a little excessive!

Am I the only one that thinks Aquaman looks like Fido Dido from 7up?

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