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Mild Mannered Reviews - Super Friends

Super Friends #14

Super Friends #14

Scheduled to arrive in stores: April 15, 2009

Cover date: June 2009

"Man's Best Super-Friend"

Writer: Sholly Fisch
Penciller: Scott Shaw
Inker: Mike Kazaleh
Cover: J. Bone

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Roll Call: Krypto, Ace, Jumpa, Streaky, Topo, Beppo, Green Lantern Ch'p, Superman, Aquaman, Green Lantern: John Stewart, Wonder Woman, Flash, The Batman

Chapter One:

Ch'p flies down from his space sector to find his friend and colleage John Stewart, however he finds the world populace seemingly frozen in time. When Ch'p finds the Super Friends, they too are frozen but John's ring is able to tell Ch'p why he was called to Earth.

During a meeting with the United Nations Kanjar Ro, sworn enemy of the Green Lanterns attacks and proclaims himself king of the world. King Arthur Curry also known as Aquaman of Atlantis calls his friends but too late... Kanjar Ro uses a Gamma Gong to freeze all humans and Superhumans.

Ch'p can't fight Kanjar Ro alone! So the Super Friends tell him where to find the most powerful non humans on Earth! The Super Pets!

Through the Green Lantern ring the Super Friends are able to talk to their pets. Flash looks in dismay - furry little pets will save the world? Superman warns him that like Kanjar Ro he's underestimating just how powerful they are...

Krypto promises his old friend they will succeed and into the UN building they race!

Activity: Ace The Bat Hound's On The Right Track Game.

Chapter Two:

As predicted Kanjar Ro laughs at the reinforcements sent to stop him but they quickly prove their worth. Krypto steals his power wand leaving the villain to resort to dangerous measures. With the world's leaders all frozen they are at the mercy of debris he wickedly sends crashing towards them.

Distracted during the rescue they almost let him get away! Kanga and Topo, with the mischievous Beppo are able to capture him, but it looks like they underestimated him too, he tricks them outside and promises his whistle will unfreeze everyone.

A lie that proves deadly as instead it calls down an army of giant alien ants that are invulnerable to the Gamma Gong and ready to do Kanjar Ro's bidding!

Activity: John Stewart/Green Lantern Paper Doll

Chapter Three:

The battle isn't going to be easy, they are outnumbered a hundred to one, but Wonder Woman has an idea and asks Bepo to fly to the Super Friend's Satellite. In the trophy room Beppo finds a weapon belonging to an old enemy of theirs, Gorilla Grodd!

The deadly machine is called an Anthrotizer, able to turn humans into animals! Beppo becomes a man and down on Earth he is able to turn all the humans into apes! Working together as a team of titanic animals they make short work of the ants and easily capture Kanjar Ro.

Later the team switch off the Anthrotizer and everything goes back to normal!

The team spoil their pets with affection but wonder where the Flash vanished to.

They find the speedster in the board room and with a Super Pet of his own! TW the Tortoise!

The End.


Activity: 'How to take care of your own Super Pets!' Guide.

3Story - 3: A better thought out story than most, the preachy part of the story is well hidden by an actual story this time. Though still flimsy and poorly constructed. For a child however, it will hold their attention and excitement right to the end, so in that respect it's not an absolute mess.

3Art - 3: Eek! The artwork in the book has always been a little frightening but this month it manages to be even worse... The only saving grace is the Timmverse making its affects known and the Superpet's designs from the Krypto show popping up.

4Cover Art - 4: Ah, J. Bone, the only real part of the book that's really and truly a good part of the book.

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