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Mild Mannered Reviews - Super Friends

Super Friends #19

Super Friends #19

Scheduled to arrive in stores: September 23, 2009

Cover date: November 2009

"Head of the Class"

Writer: Sholly Fisch
Penciller: Dario Brizuela
Inker: Dario Brizuela
Cover: J. Bone

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Roll Call: Superman, Aquaman, Green Lantern: John Stewart, Wonder Woman, Flash, The Batman

Chapter One:

Two young boys, one with the ability to control minds and the other a brilliant inventor, come across an advert from Headmaster Mind who wants to teach youngsters how to be super criminals... They enroll as Mind Grabber Kid and Clown Boy!

Inside the school hideout they meet their classmates The Ant, Black Flame and Black Alice. Quickly it becomes clear Headmaster Mind has no interest in teaching them anything about petty crime but more about classic crime.

No petty crime, just spectacular capers littered with cunning clues!

Activity: Headmaster Mind's Hat Puzzle!

Chapter Two:

A quick clue to the Super Friends and the villains are off - but now the pressure is on as the Super Friends are heading straight for them. The site of the crime? The Zoo of course! Headmaster Mind instructs them to kidnap an elephant and a whale - for world domination! Black Alice and the others are not convinced but do what their tutor tells them.

Their first test passed with flying colors the second arrives ready for action, the Super Friends! The teenagers are reluctant to fight but as Headmaster Mind reminds them, battling superheroes is what they have to do if they want to be super villains.

Not used to fighting kids, our heroes are taken by surprise but not as much as the kids when Headmaster Mind demands they bind the heroes and place them in the path of a stampede of escaped animals!

Mind Grabber Kid is shocked but Mind aggressively reminds him that's what villains do!

Activity: Flash's Super Friends Spin Top Kit

Chapter Three:

The other teens go along with the plan and the stampede begins...

Mind Grabber Kid is reluctant and when Wonder Woman reminds him that these villains aren't really his friends. When he realizes it to be true he suddenly begins to make friends! Black Alice joins him and they free the Super Friends.

Alice smiles that you could never judge a book by its 'black leather cover' and they help turn the tide of battle by aiding the capture of their former classmates.

Superman ends the adventure by proving that the final class 'The quick getaway' never works and captures Headmaster Mind.

Visiting the criminals in prison Mind Grabber Kid and Black Alice vow to help them learn to be heroes instead if they really do want friendship.

Aquaman points out it's a good offer especially as the last lesson for a villain is 'a life behind bars'...

...because that's what villains do!


Activity: Wonder Woman's Comic Book Factory

4Story - 4: I brushed over many of the in jokes and visual tricks littering this issue so you'd enjoy it more rather than reveal everything in the synopsis - needless to say there are a few clues to some future villainy and trickery.

A nice read and very clearly set out for the younger reader, but a little creepy with Headmaster Mind advertising in the back of a newspaper.

4Art - 4: Brizuela's work is coming along strongly and thought it's a very far cry from the beautiful styling of the DVD movies and animated series, it's just as individual and almost idealistic when adapting classic DC for this particular Toy Shop Universe.

4Cover Art - 4: Speaking of Toy Shop... Mattel have removed their branding? Hmmm...

Headmaster Mind looks very menacing with the Super Friends uneasily balancing away on a mortarboard! Great image but it actually made me think they were going to shrink in the story... a hunger for the Atom dashed... ho hum!

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