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Supergirl #44

Supergirl #44

Scheduled to arrive in stores: August 19, 2009

Cover date: October 2009

"Codename: Patriot" - Part 5

Writer: Sterling Gates
Penciller: Jamal Igle
Inker: Jon Sibal

Reviewed by: Jeffrey Bridges

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Ral-Dar is being held prisoner, and overhears General Lane talking about how he's outlived his usefulness and New Krypton will be destroyed. He snaps and breaks out, which is just what General Lane wanted him to do.

Superman and Guardian go to brief the Science Police on Ral-Dar, and Kara briefly tries to talk to Lois who just gives her a nasty look. Then there's news that Thara (aka Flamebird) was spotted in Los Angeles. Kal wants to send Kara to deal with her while he goes after Ral-Dar, but Lois objects and Kal decides to send Mon-El with Kara.

Cat Grant complains to Perry, who says he can't run her stories on the front page since she has nothing to report on Supergirl.

Kara goes to talk to Thara by herself first, and Thara takes off. Kara follows and it turns out Thara was Reactron disguised by a spell from someone named Mirabai.

Then... Mon-El gets hit by the new Nightwing. I think.

Then Flamebird flies by Mon-El, grabs Nightwing, and says they have to leave. Then Kara flies by and tells Mon-El that they told her what they were planning and are heading to Metropolis. And then it's revealed that the Kara flying with Mon-El is really Mirabai.

3Story - 3: There's really not much I can comment on here, so cemented is this issue in the middle of the crossover.

I will say this much, though... I had to re-read the part with Mon-El, Nightwing, Reactron, Supergirl and Mirabai three times to figure out what the hell was going on. I'm not sure if the writing failed there, or if the art failed to accurately convey the writing. All I know is that portion of the book was kind of a wreck.

And almost a third of this issue was spent on the escape of Ral-Dar. Really? He gets more time than anyone else here. That could have been a two-page spread, three tops. And then there might have been time for, oh I don't know... Kara to get some characterization perhaps. That was a really slow, plodding open for one miniscule plot point.

And, for the record, I am still completely against the ridiculous, childish behavior Lois is being given in these books with regard to Kara. That's just not Lois, to me.

And it's not like Superman to listen to Lois (or ANYONE) who is being unreasonable. He states that he has faith in Kara, but then reverses his position a minute later. That's some amazing faith, huh?

It feels like Superman AND Lois are being mischaracterized here, and all Kara really does is talk about how much she wants to punch someone she's mad at.

This issue was not exactly brimming with goodness.

2Art - 2: I've got some beefs with the art here, namely Superman on the top of page 12 (what is he doing, about to cycle up into the sky and fly in a vertical circle? His back looks broken!) and the ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS clothing Cat Grant is wearing.

Yes, I know they want to draw her like a floozy, but those aren't floozy clothes, those are what a stripper doesn't wear on stage. You can argue all you want that she'd wear that to work at the Daily Planet, but you can not argue that any self-respecting editor (much less the great Perry White) would allow any of his employees to walk around looking like that. It's unprofessional and it makes the entire paper (and Perry) look bad.

There are better things to put her in that convey the same message but are still within the realm of believability of something you might see (and that Perry might actually allow) in the newsroom of the world's most respected newspaper.

It was so ridiculously stupid of an outfit it actually pulled me out of the story. I stopped reading and just stared in disbelief. Really? This is what we've come to now?

I like sex and women as much as the next person (or maybe more!), but... just... come on, people! Put a little thought and effort into this! This isn't a strip club, this is a highly respected place of business! If Perry lets his staff dress like that at work, I think I've lost a little respect for Perry.

See what one little thoughtless detail can do? It's a minor point, but it has a more far-reaching impact than the panels that show a hooker walking through the Planet's newsroom.

Class it up, people.

3Cover Art - 3: Points gained for having a cover that has something to do with the issue at hand.

Points lost for spoiling the ending (the VERY. LAST. PANEL!) of the book... which was supposed to be a surprise!

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