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Wednesday Comics #11

Wednesday Comics #11

Scheduled to arrive in stores: September 16, 2009

Cover date: September 16, 2009


Writer: John Arcudi
Artist: Lee Bermejo


Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist: Amanda Conner

Reviewed by: Barry Freiman

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This week, in Superman, by John Arcudi and Lee Bermejo, the Man of Steel continues to over-explain his feelings to the aliens, except now Superman understands how the aliens played him. As he fights and talks, he remembers Lois.

With one more week to go, this is where we are? Really? So, in one remaining strip, I expect to find out who these aliens were and what they wanted with Superman and/or Earth. Suggestion to the new DC Entertainment - next time you try this format (if you do), go with 12 stand-on-their-own strips starring Superman instead of 11 weeks of psycho-babble and super-whining. Still, it'd be nice if we saw Supes fly to Gotham City next week to tell Batman 'Toldya so'.

In week 11 of Supergirl, by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, Kara tries to explain things to the aliens but they interpret her moves as an attack so they attack her. Kara can feel the ray guns. Regaining her senses, she looks up and sees she's about to be joined by Krypto and Streaky.

Like I said last week, this strip suddenly feels less fun and more dire. The tone shifted from the weekly go-nowhere-but-fun strip to a real-world threat that affects Earth's atmosphere and animals (albeit super animals). Global warming metaphor anyone? Young naïve Kara. You assume the aliens don't know about the unintended effects of their dumping. Perhaps they do know and just don't care; or maybe they just deny the science that could've predicted the dire consequences for the super pets and Earth. Again, I say - global warming metaphor anyone?

See ya next week in the funny pages!

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