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Lois Lane #2 [of 12]

Scheduled to arrive in stores: August 7, 2019

Cover date: October 2019

"Enemy of the People" - Part Two

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
Cover: Mike Perkins
Variant Cover: Emanuela Lupacchino

Reviewed by: Mario Bennese
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The Lois/Superman scandal is everywhere. Unfazed, Lois continues her work. In Moscow, The Question poses as a drunkard to get into the apartment of recently murdered Russian reporter Mariska Voronova. After knocking out the guard, he finds Mariska's room in ruin.

In a burger restaurant, Lane meets up with Rene Montoya of the Gotham police department. Montoya confirms that Voronova was absolutely murdered. Lane then shows Montoya a list of potentially involved people. Later, Lois confronts a man named Mr. Agger about his fraudulent activity. Potentially involved in Voronova's murder, she presses for an interview.

That evening, Lois calls Perry at the Daily Planet. The White House isn't taking too kindly to Lois' latest works, even going so far as to refuse credentials to Robinson Goode for a briefing. Perry expresses his concern for Lois as she's making a lot of powerful people very angry.

Later that night, Lois and Montoya meet up at the restaurant where Lane is to meet up with Agger. Montoya enters shortly after Lane to reduce suspicion. Across the room, Rene spots a man with a gun. Rene races to the rescue. Shots are fired before she disarms the man and saves Lois. With the gunman subdued, the two find Agger dead, leaving Lois to wonder who the real target was.

4Story - 4: I really wish this weren't a monthly book. I'm invested in this story more than I thought I would be, and it all comes down to Rucka's writing. Under a less capable author, this would be an uninteresting read, but Rucka really knows how to make this book pop. He especially shines when it comes to Lois' relationships with each individual character. The writing is strong and the characters feel like real people. The only minor note I have is that a few small sequences feel like slight retreads of scenes from the previous issue. Other than that, I recommend both this issue and the series.

3Art - 3: I largely like the art in this book. It feels appropriate to the texture of Rucka's story, and Perkins does a great job making a book about normal humans visually interesting. I just wish some of the faces were a bit more consistent.

3Cover Art - 3: The art is well-drawn and it's certainly striking, but I don't particularly love it. I don't even know what I would do to improve it. The red and white background evoking the American flag is a nice touch. Certainly not an awful cover, but not one I'm overly fond of.

4Variant Cover Art - 4: I think this style of cover is a little more what I was looking for. Perhaps it's the presence of multiple colors. In any case, the inclusion of the bullets really help sell the political thriller element of this book. I find it a tad more interesting than the standard cover.

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