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Young Justice #8

Scheduled to arrive in stores: September 18, 2019

Cover date: November 2019

"Lost in the Multiverse" - Part 2

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: John Timms and Elena Casagrande
Cover: John Timms
Variant Cover: Jonboy Meyers

Reviewed by: Keith Samra
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The team are stuck on Earth 3, where they meet their counterparts, and find themselves at the losing end of the attack.

3Story - 3: Though this issue wasn't bad in any way at all, it really didn't accomplish much either. This is Bendis writing style, and I can't really criticize him for that, just the very slow pacing of the story can become a little frustrating.

I loved the scene where Conner let loose against his own doppelganger and Wonder Girl's. Loved seeing Conner at his full potential, took me back to the scene in the last episode of Justice League Unlimited, where Superman goes to town on Darkseid.

The only other aspect that caught my attention was Bart's insistence that Tim change his name from Red Robin to Drake. Making the Robin of the 90's and 200's into a "duck". I really hope that Bendis isn't serious about this, "Duckboy" is not something I want Tim to be known as.

Bendis also bought attention to Stephanie Brown/Spoiler, who is Batwoman on this Earth. He did a good job of explaining what she means to Tim. So looking forward to see where Bendis takes this.

5Art - 5: John Timms style perfectly fits this title, he has a great grasp on the youthful nature of the team, and is a perfect fit for some comedic beats. His scenes featuring Bart are a prime example of this. His race against Speed Zone was hilarious, perfect correlation with the writing.

Tim vs Drake, in the 12 panel page, with them both in silhouette was some of the better action scenes I've seen in a while. He gave it an animated look, simply by drawing it so well that the panels flowed one into the next.

The character I want to focus however is Conner. When this book was announced and launched, the regular artist was Patrick Gleason, who came up with the character designs. Now with Timm's on regular art duties, some of Gleason's designs just don't translate that well into Timm's style, particularly Conner's. The patch work, grungy look just doesn't seem to really work too much. I really hope that Timm gets a chance to make these characters his, by redesigning some of them. Gabe Eltaeb has taken the color duties this issue, and bought a bright fantastic look to each page.

4Cover Art - 4: Timm's cover is good, portrays the rollercoaster ride that the team is on.

4Variant Cover Art - 4: Though it's a more generic cover, I like JonBoy Meyer's cover quite a bit. Colors look great too.

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