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  • Adventures of Superman #1 (April 29)
    Jeff Parker, Chris Samnee, Chris Samnee
    A local tweaker and small-fry crook, Leon Torsik, is destroying a hefty portion of downtown Metropolis using what appear to be newly acquired telekinetic abilities. Unable to control his anger, Leon, slurring and shouting incomprehensibly, attacks ambulance drives as Superman arrives on the scene. Superman tries to calm Torsik, only to be tossed several yards through a wall. Torsik's rampage cracks open a gas main, erupting in a fireball. As Superman tries to sneak up on Leon, his powers become to much for him, and Leon collapses... dead. In a nearby car, Lex Luthor discusses the outcome of his latest drug test, disappointed with how quickly Leon died, but encouraged with the results nonetheless.

  • Adventures of Superman #2 (May 6)
    Jeff Lemire, Jeff Lemire, Jeff Lemire
    It's a crisp day, painted with clear skies and an effervescent sun. On days like these, a tiny shack and the custodial trees within which it is nestled are an entire world to a boy. There's little need for anything else. Two young boys make the best of their time and indeed their youth by playing 'superhero'. Last one to the fort is the bad guy - and maybe a dirty, rotten egg. First one to the fort is the good guy, the hero. And just which hero would a little boy want to be? Batman? C'mon, stink butt, Batman's a hoser. Why pretend to swing on a cable when you could pretend to fly? No, it's not the Dark Knight our little boy in yellow wants to be. It's Superman. His buddy, though - the dirty, rotten egg - can't quite decide which bad guy he wants to be. Brainiac is pretty cool, but so am Bizarro. Parasite? Nah, that dude can't fly. Zod! Yeah, yeah, yeah be Zod! Or maybe Mxlyer... Myxnstur... you know, the little guy. All that play fighting makes a growing boy pretty hungry, and what's cooler than left over pizza? Yeah. Nothing. So, our two little superheroes kick stones on their way back to the farmhouse, making grand plans for the next bout of 'superheroes.' It seems it's indisputable: no matter who plays the bad guy, and no matter which bad guy he plays, the kid playing Superman will always win. Because Superman always wins. You don't need the wisdom of a ten year old to know that.

  • Adventures of Superman #3 (May 13)
    Jeff Justin Jordan, Riley Rossmo, Riley Rossmo
    Bizarro saves a little boy from a burning building, but his methods cause more trouble. Superman arrives to further help the little boy, and flies after Bizarro to try and reason with the creature. Bizarro's backwards talking at first confuses Superman, but he soon gets a grasp of how Bizarro needs to be handled, and sends him on a mission in outer space for NASA. A mission that should keep him happy and out of Metropolis for a long time.

  • Notable Issue: Adventures of Superman #1 [Print Edition] (May 29)
    Collects Digital Chapters #1-3.

  • Adventures of Superman #4 (May 20)
    J.M. DeMatteis, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Sal Buscema
    It's pretty awesome being Superman. Helping people, crackin' some bad-guy-heads with buildings. Stellar stuff. But the Man of Steel's daily routine is interrupted by a mysterious stalker. The oddball even makes it into the Fortress of Solitude, but neither he nor Superman know how. Just the same, the stranger laments the feeling of being ordinary because of Superman's extraordinary feats. What's more, the stranger has a message to deliver, something to do with Kandor - if only he could remember what he had to say! With the stranger's message undelivered, Superman takes to the skies to confront dozens of alien warships threatening Earth. Again and again, even though he tries with all his might, Superman cannot penetrate the shields surrounding the armada. Just as he's about to give up, Superman is consoled by the stranger: Superman's strength is remarkable. He is not ordinary! Superman realizes that so much of his strength comes from the very people he protects. Summoning his powers, the Man of Tomorrow bursts upward and slams into the otherworldly threat. And then... darkness. Superman must be aboard one of the ships. Revelations are disorienting, and it comes as a shock to Superman that he isn't Superman at all. He is, in fact, El Carter, the foremost authority on Superman - and apparently an amusement park aficionado. This is the year 2138, and Carter is testing his new Superman ride. It seems the miniature virtual reality ride has a glitch and a smidgen of Carter's consciousness seeped through. There are more bugs to work out, and it's only three weeks till opening day. Strap on your cape, Eli. You're heading back in.

  • Adventures of Superman #5 (May 27)
    Joshua Hale Fialkov, Joëlle Jones, Joëlle Jones
    On a slow news day at the Daily Planet, a friendly bet between Lois and Clark turns into a day of adventure for the Man of Steel!

  • Adventures of Superman #6 (June 3)
    Bryan J.L. Glass & Michael Avon Oeming, Michael Avon Oeming, Michael Avon Oeming
    Superman is informed of the existence of a child who is bound to grow into the cosmos's most feared and notorious scourge. The Grey Guardian, a member of the Time Corps, brings Superman to a moment in time long before the child's adulthood to wrest the infant from the grips of Babul, a galactic pirate who aims to raise the child as his own and aid him in dominating the universe. Kerry Quinn, the scientist who manipulated the proper fusion of ritual and quantum technology to bring the child to Babul's stronghold, stands proud of his achievement but not of Babul's intention. With a little help from Quinn, Superman and the Guardian take down Babul and rescue the child. It is revealed that the child is in fact the Grey Guardian, and his remorse over the wickedness he poured over galaxies forced his journey to the only one who could make sure his crimes aren't committed to the annals of history. That one is Superman, the Grey Guardian's father. Superman is unwilling to send the infant back to Krypton where he'll simply perish in the planet's destruction. Instead, Quinn tweaks an escape capsule to carry the infant to a distant era where he'll live. The Grey Guardian, his history now rewritten, vanishes. Elsewhere on a far away planet, a kindly couple finds a crashed capsule and a baby swaddled inside.

  • Notable Issue: Adventures of Superman #2 [Print Edition] (June 26)
    Collects Digital Chapters #4-6.

  • Adventures of Superman #7 (June 10)
    Matt Kindt, Stephen Segovia, Stephen Segovia
    Clark Kent is up each morning just seconds before his 6:00 alarm sounds, the chitter of electricity surging to activate the bell reaching his super-ears first. Those super-ears then scan and prioritize distress calls, and the Man of Steel's daily schedule is set in motion. Priority one on this day: a distress call from Laira, Green Lantern of sector 112 - a giant interstellar worm is ravaging the planet Jayd. Elsewhere, Lois Lane meets with Lex Luthor regarding some big announcement Luthor is about to make public. While Superman handles the alien threat on the planet Jayd, Lois endures Luthor's bloviation. Superman's only option for taking care of the worm - a lobotomy - is less than ideal, but will prevent any further violent activity from the otherwise benign animal. Meanwhile, an innocuous announcement from an otherwise malicious animal - Luthor - tickles Lois's funny bone: he's running for the presidency of the United States. Unfortunately, the unaccounted extra time Superman needed to subdue the worm means he's a little late on the scene to the next crisis on his schedule. Bombs burst around the Man of Steel, while Luthor drops one of his own: Lois Lane is going to help him win the election.

  • Adventures of Superman #8 (June 17)
    Matt Kindt, Stephen Segovia, Stephen Segovia
    While Superman is occupied by an alien armageddon somewhere in the far reaches of space, Lois Lane finds her morning occupied by Lex Luthor as he reveals his dastardly plan!

  • Adventures of Superman #9 (June 24)
    Matt Kindt, Stephen Segovia, Stephen Segovia
    Superman's day gets even worse when he finds himself trapped in a Kryptonite prison on the planet Apokolips! Meanwhile, Lois Lane's interview with Lex Luthor takes a dastardly turn.

  • Notable Issue: Adventures of Superman #3 [Print Edition] (July 31)
    Collects Digital Chapters #7-9.

  • Adventures of Superman #10 (July 1)
    Andy Lanning, Wes Craig, Craig Yeung
    Ever wonder what a day in the life of Superman's most infamous foe looks like? Get a first-hand account straight from the pages of Lex Luthor's private journal!

  • Adventures of Superman #11 (July 8)
    Tom DelFalco, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Lunchtime at Sadie's Diner, and Phil and Moze are in for their usuals. Moze, the big lug, has some concerns about the meteor on its way towards Earth. Phil, the uninformed skeptic, isn't convinced - as usual. The duo talk through lunch about stuff Phil doesn't believe in: anthropogenic climate change, an honest press, and Superman. Moze is aghast! And who wouldn't be? Oh, Phil believes Superman is real, just not that the Man of Steel is actually super-powered and is simply a distraction from the government, in cahoots with the press, to keep the populace ignorant to real issues. Moze pushes but there just ain't no convincing Phil, evidence be damned. As the two leave, Phil bumps into his neighbor, Clark Kent. 'Salt of the Earth,' says Phil of Kent. 'The world would be a better place, Moze, if there were more Clark Kents.'

  • Adventures of Superman #12 (July 15)
    Rob Williams, Chris Weston, Chris Weston
    Martha Clark Kent's Diary. Clark came home today. It wasn't a long visit, as usual. He stopped long enough to fix the clothes line. I was hoping he'd stay for supper, but of course he couldn't. He has important work to do, and I know that. Still, it's hard sharing the entire world - even the galaxy, at times - with your son. Yes, I worry about my boy. It's not the bullets or bombs that have me fussing, though. It's not even so much the strange monsters and other odd slimy things he tends to attract. No, what worries me most about Clark is he never stays. He never rests for a moment with those who make him happy. I'm sad for him about that. He wishes so deeply to be able to save everyone, but even with his powers, those amazing abilities of his, he can't save everyone. That haunts Clark. It breaks his heart. And my heart breaks right along with his. Now and again, I step outside of the house at night and just look at the big wide blanket of stars tossed across the world. We can see comets pretty well out here, and when one shoots across the sky I think of my boy, and of his heritage - both of them. I always make a wish on those shooting stars, and sometimes, now and again, the wishes come true. And when that happens, it's always a good thing I prepared his supper anyway.

  • Notable Issue: Adventures of Superman #4 [Print Edition] (August 28)
    Collects Digital Chapters #10-12.

  • Adventures of Superman #13 (July 22)
    Nathan Edmondson, Yildiray Cinar, Yildiray Cinar
    Two alien spaceships battle over Jackson, Missouri. Their dogfight eventually brings both of them down. The military is quick to the scene and not willing to take any chances. It's shoot and kill on sight. Life readings from within one of the crashed ships draws orders to annihilate the wreckage. As an Apache lets fly two Hellfire missiles, Superman zooms in and stops the attack. It turns out that the being from which the life readings are coming isn't in any way able to harm the soldiers. It's an infant, and though harmless, she is more than just a delicate baby. Nearby a dying alien begs Superman to protect the child, for she is a princess and there are others on their way to kill her. Images of the infant and her expiring protector making their escape from a distant planet suddenly rush through Superman's head, seemingly projected into his consciousness by the infant herself. Those bent on killing the child soon arrive and a chase ensues. Superman loses the attackers and does his best to keep the baby quiet and comfortable. It may be in vain, though, as the pursuers are not willing to give up, and they are drawing near. They can try all they like to take the baby, but the Man of Steel will do everything in his incredible power to protect her.

  • Adventures of Superman #14 (July 29)
    Nathan Edmondson, Yildiray Cinar, Yildiray Cinar
    Superman continues his struggle to not only keep an infant princess alien from being killed, but also from bawling her lungs out. Superman soars around, trying to entertain the tyke. It's no use though, and he soon discovers why - someone made a stinky. When it comes to poopy diapers, Superman needs help. Superman goes to a church where a nun agrees to help the baby. Just then the baby's pursuers strike, blasting Superman across the churchyard. A battle ensues. Superman confronts the leader of the kidnappers, where after some fisticuffs Superman tosses the leader out into the far reaches of space. Swooping down from the upper atmosphere, Superman is just quick enough to save the nun and the child from a blast from the alien craft. With the gang subdued, Superman leaves the child in the care of the nuns. Someday, he postulates, someone will come looking for their princess.

  • Adventures of Superman #15 (August 5)
    Kyle Killen, Pia Guerra, Pia Guerra
    Thanks to Lex Luthor keeping Superman perpetually busy, a young boy is killed in a train accident, and his young friend, who was a huge Superman fan, thinks Superman is responsible for his friend's death, and vows to make Superman pay... Which was Lex's plan all along.

  • Notable Issue: Adventures of Superman #5 [Print Edition] (September 25)
    Collects Digital Chapters #13-15.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Adventures of Superman Vol. 1 [Paperback] reprints Adventures of Superman #1-5]

  • Adventures of Superman #16 (August 12)
    JT Krul, Marcus To, Marcus To
    In the upper atmosphere of Earth, Superman battles alien ships whose intentions seem to be to attack the planet. Not on Superman's watch. After tossing the would-be invaders out into space, Superman travels to the Fortress of Solitude and consults the AI hologram of his biological father, Jor-El. Jor-El tries to convince his son, yet again, that he needn't be a savior to the humans. Jor-El sent his son to Earth to be protected, not to be a protector. Elsewhere in space, the pilots of the thwarted ship return to the warmonger they work for - Mongul! It looks like the pilots were on a reconnaissance mission of sorts. Superman contemplates his father's words. He believes he can be of help to humanity and sees no harm in lending a hand when people need it. Perhaps Jor-El is wrong to be suggesting Kal-El not make use of his powers. Just then, a strange new AI hologram appears in the Fortress. The figure appears to have some dark secrets about Jor-El, and he's keen on sharing those skeletons with Kal-El. It's not surprising considering this new AI is none other than General Zod!

  • Adventures of Superman #17 (August 19)
    JT Krul, Marcus To, Marcus To
    In Death Valley, California, two military choppers investigate an impact crater. The cause of the crater isn't immediately known, until the culprit leaps clear into view - and through the windshield of one of the choppers. It's not some fallen chunk of space rock. It's the mighty Mongul. In the Fortress of Solitude, General Zod, who has mysteriously appeared as an apparition, explains to Kal-El his tragic tale of wanting to help Krypton only to be jailed in the Phantom Zone by Jor-El and the rest of the Kryptonian Council. Zod tries to spin the events of Krypton's destruction so as to lay blame on Jor-El, accusing his jailer of refusing to warn the people of Krypton. The AI Jor-El insists the rest of the Council refused to heed his warnings of the planet's impending doom, leaving Jor-El no choice but to ensure the survival of the one thing he cherished most - Kal-El, his son. Back in Death Valley, Mongul's confrontation with the military is interrupted by Superman. The two powerhouses duke it out to the awe and amazement of the onlookers. This is Superman's first appearance, and it doesn't seem clear whose side he's on. To General Sam Lane, both are a threat and need to be snuffed. The method: a warhead.

  • Adventures of Superman #18 (August 26)
    JT Krul, Marcus To, Marcus To
    After the missile attack launched on them by General Sam Lane, Superman and Mongul lie in the resultant crater. Lane appears as a hologram and rejects Superman's insistence that Superman is on his side. The military opens fire, leaving Superman no choice but to flee, carting Mongul, presently out cold, along with him. In the Fortress of Solitude, Superman comes under scrutiny from Zod's apparition for his decision to imprison Mongul. Sending out a signal to attract a Green Lantern, Hal Jordan and Superman finally cross paths. After brief salutations, Jordan agrees to take Mongul to Oa, where the criminal will be imprisoned in the Science-Cells. Jordan wishes to thank the Man of Steel, but it turns out that Superman isn't Superman yet, at least not by name. For Kal-El, "friend" is a good enough moniker. Thousands of kilometers south in Smallville, Superman returns home after months away. After a good heart-to-heart with Pa on the farm, Clark Kent realizes what he needs to do... Metropolis. The Daily Planet. Clark expresses, excessively, his gratitude to Perry White for the chance to work at the newspaper. He meets Jimmy Olsen, and maybe more importantly, ace reporter Lois Lane, who gives Clark a pointer on where to find good stories: just look up. The news world is abuzz with sightings of this phenomenal do-gooder. Clark's take: he's just a man doing what he can to make a difference. Lois sees it differently. This hero is more than just that. He is, as Lois dubs him, a Superman.

  • Notable Issue: Adventures of Superman #6 [Print Edition] (October 23)
    Collects Digital Chapters #16-18.

  • Adventures of Superman #19 (September 2)
    David Lapham, David Lapham, David Lapham
    After saving a suicide jumper, twice, Superman goes to visit his family, only to disover they're all part of a cult... the Church of Superman, a 900 strong group of people all over Metropolis, who plan to jump at the same time to honor the Man of Steel with their faith in him.

  • Adventures of Superman #20 (September 9)
    David Lapham, David Lapham, David Lapham
    Superman discovers that the Church of Superman is a sham. The people running it were in it for money, and never thought it'd go this far. Unable to stop people from jumping to their deaths, Superman is attacked by Metallo, and beaten and bloody in the street... which has the effect of making the cultists realize that he can't save them if they do jump. So they all go back inside.

  • Adventures of Superman #21 (September 16)
    Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, Mike Norton
    In Ishim, Russia, a young girl named Tonya copes with the hardships of orphanhood. The gelid bite of winter compliments the teasing she receives from both her peers and caretakers. Her only companion is the tall tree in the orphanage's yard, with which she shares loneliness and despair. Elsewhere - space, actually - Superman battles to aid Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter who've come under control of Darkseid and the pollen of the Harmony Cinders. The Lord of Apokolips aims to destroy Earth and send the Man of Tomorrow back to the farthest yesterday - the earliest nothingness of the universe. Darkseid's plan goes awry, however, and Superman saves his friends, Earth, and himself once again. Back at the Ishim Orphanage, little Tonya is passed over again by potential adoptive parents. She finds solace in her only friend, the old tree. High in the branches, Tonya loses her grip and falls... and is swiftly caught by Superman. Tonya relays to her hero how anywhere is better than the bitter, dreary orphanage. Superman comforts the pained little girl - he was an orphan, too. Superman soars off leaving Tonya with his cape and a new friendship.

  • Notable Issue: Adventures of Superman #7 [Print Edition] (November 27)
    Collects Digital Chapters #19-21.

  • Adventures of Superman #22 (September 23)
    Marc Guggenheim, Joe Bennett, Belardino Brabo
    In the midst of battling Titano in downtown Metropolis, Superman can't help but overhear the profound statements of Dr. Emil Hamilton. The good doctor is trying to find the Man of Steel, and who gets in touch with Big Blue better than anyone? Lois Lane, of course. It seems that Dr. Hamilton has discovered that Rao, the red dwarf around which Krypton orbited, didn't super nova, meaning Superman's home world did not perish. Later, after Titano is secured, Hamilton shows Superman live images of Krypton. He questions just who told Superman that the planet had been destroyed. This leads Superman back to the rocket that brought him to Earth, and through which he can communicate via technology with Jor-El, his biological father. Jor-El's message is the same: Krypton is gone but its legacy will live on in Kal-El, the planet's last son. The only problem is it seems that Hamilton was right. Rao is intact, and Krypton was not destroyed.

  • Adventures of Superman #23 (September 30)
    Marc Guggenheim, Joe Bennett, Belardino Brabo
    Superman floats in the presence of Krypton's glory, his home world and its red star, Rao, were not destroyed. Despite feeling the drain of his solar powers from the lack of yellow sunlight, Superman can't resist: for the first time in his life, he can have memories of his planet, and his father. But why did his father, Jor-El, lie to him? Krypton is more beautiful than Superman could have imagined. He has difficulty communicating with his fellow Kryptonians, but eventually they take him to his father - an imprisoned criminal for 'fostering panic' and 'conspiracy to foment social unease.' But none of what Jor-El's AI told Kal-El via the latter's escape rocket was a lie. Jor-El truly believed Krypton was bound to be destroyed. Sadly, Jor-El has endured prison, with his wife, Superman's biological mother, having since died. Superman spends days on Krypton, learning about his thought-to-be lost culture directly from his people. He is honored as well as educated. He discovers that the Kryptonians embrace a loose kind of self-imposed xenophobia, shunning extraterrestrial contact. They are, however, aware of the evils that pervade the universe, and they are equally familiar with the beings who fight against it all. Including Superman. Superman uses this knowledge to try and convince the Kryptonian Council to release his father. Without Jor-El's actions, he argues, there would not have been a Superman. Moved, the Council accepts Kal-El's arguments and release Jor-El. Spending time with his newly free father, Kal-El comes to one undeniable conclusion: the reason why Kryptonians haven't reached behind their atmosphere to chase their curiosity out unto the stars is simple. They are all dead. Kal-El is the Last Son. And this isn't Krypton.

  • Adventures of Superman #24 (October 7)
    Marc Guggenheim, Joe Bennett, Belardino Brabo
    Superman's revelation to his father, Jor-El, sets off a spark in the patriarch. It isn't anger though - it's a program. This whole deal with Krypton was a stratagem designed by a level 11 Intelligence trepan for the purposes of destroying Superman. Who could be so intricate and have the resources to replicate Krypton? None other than Brainiac. In the face of the battle with Brainiac, Superman's powers continue to leave him. The yellow solar energy stored in his cells is nearing depletion. Superman faces certain death from the beating he receives at the hands of Brainiac and the "Kryptonians". Relying on what he knows of his father, and Brainiac's attention to detail, Superman finds a prototype rocket in his father's laboratory. He makes his escape, but soon discovers why Jor-El abandoned these vessels: they break up in space. Luckily, Superman is near enough to our solar system to feel the rays of its yellow star. Beaming with energy, the Man of Steel zooms back to the bogus Krypton to confront Brainiac. In the heat of their encounter, Brainiac's precision presents itself once more. The events of Krypton's destruction begin rattling the planet. There's nothing Superman can do. He must be idle and witness with shocking realism the final catastrophic moments of Krypton's existence. Flashes and screams and booms - and it's all over. Superman brings Brainiac to the prison planet of Takron-Galtos, then heads for home. For the first time in his life, Superman truly mourns for his lost planet and people. Although the planet he was on wasn't truly Krypton, witnessing its destruction underscored for him the reality of his birth world's fate. The fact of being Krypton's Last Son deeply and terribly sinks in.

  • Notable Issue: Adventures of Superman #8 [Print Edition] (December 31)
    Collects Digital Chapters #22-24.

  • Adventures of Superman #25 (October 14)
    Christos Gage, Eduardo Francisco, Eduardo Francisco
    After a run in with Bizarro, Superman tricks him into falling asleep (to be his opposite), and takes him to STAR Labs where Professor Hamilton promises to look into his case while Superman rushes off to take on the Toyman. When Superman looks to be in trouble, he's rescued by Bizarro... who is now able to talk and think properly.

  • Adventures of Superman #26 (October 21)
    Christos Gage, Eduardo Francisco, Eduardo Francisco
    Bizarro's new self awareness, while a wonderful thing, is also causing him anguish, as he has to deal with the prejudice and scathing remarks directed towards him. Superman tries to show him how to focus on the positives, and it works... but Bizarro briefly stumbles back into his old speech patterns, which is a cause for concern for Superman and Professor Hamilton.

  • Adventures of Superman #27 (October 28)
    Christos Gage, Eduardo Francisco, Eduardo Francisco
    Superman and Bizarro save a crashing airplane in the heart of the city, but not before Bizarro went in the opposite direction to what Superman said, tore the wings off the plane and nearly doomed everyone involved. Tests back at STAR Labs show that the neurotransmitters are still in place and there's no medical reason Bizarro's thoughts should be turning chaotic. Superman suggests it might be psychological, Hamilton thinks maybe he can just adjust Bizarro's meds, and Bizarro takes off, leaving a Bizarro-shaped hole in the wall. Outside, Bizarro is attacking the STAR building and speaking like he's trying to sound like his old self. Superman flies off with him to a remote location, where after a few words Bizarro asks why Superman couldn't just kill him, that it would be so much easier. Superman says he just needs time but Bizarro knows he doesn't have Superman's experiential foundation. Days later, Superman and Hamilton have arranged to send Bizarro into space where he will land on a planet that is being used to test ambitious STAR Labs projects. Hamilton has linked those projects to Bizarro's mind, granting him the ability to shape the world in his own image. And then there's Bizarra, waiting for him. Love at last.

  • Notable Issue: Adventures of Superman #9 [Print Edition] (January 2014)
    Collects Digital Chapters #25-27.

  • Adventures of Superman #28 (November 4)
    Josh Elder, Victor Ibáñez, Victor Ibáñez
    In a letter posted to Superman, young Connie Jo Gholson gushes with her adoration for the Man of Steel. It's more than just love, though. It's respect and gratitude for the inspiration Superman gives her. For a girl like Connie, hope is often the most important thing, and where better to get hope than from Superman? Superman is Connie's favorite superhero. No contest. She could just like Wonder Woman best, like a girl is supposed to do, but Superman has all the coolest powers. Most of all - and this is the important bit - Superman never gives up. And the ideal... no - the virtue of perseverance is what a little girl like Connie needs most. Connie is a cancer patient, and her will to fight the malignant disease comes a lot from the inspiration she gets from the World's Greatest Superhero.

  • Adventures of Superman #29 (November 11)
    Derek Fridolfs, Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, Derek Laufman
    It turns out Superman gets a lot of mail. Without a mailing address though, just where can fans of the Man of Steel send their letters? The Daily Planet, of course, care of Clark Kent or Lois Lane. Most of the letters are drivel, a tawdry blend of selfish wish lists and personal ads. One of the letters, however, does catch Clark's attention. It asks Superman to come to Kingsbury, Indiana to stop the monster that's on the loose. Upon arriving, Superman discovers that Theo, the boy who sent the letter, is a victim of bullying at his school. The stress of the bullying is building to the point that young Theo has stopped taking his insulin. Things are far worse than all that, though. Theo is not an average elementary school kid. He is, in fact, the monster that he asked Superman to stop!

  • Adventures of Superman #30 (November 18)
    Derek Fridolfs, Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, Derek Laufman
    Superman and Theo, now in his monster form, scuffle in town. In an effort to get the danger away from a populated area, Superman tosses Monster Theo towards a farm on the outskirts of town. The fight continues there, and the reason Theo contacted Superman is revealed: Theo wants to be killed by Superman. Unable to restrain his horrible shapeshifting ways and fearing the safety of the people around him, Theo sees no other option but to die. Superman reluctantly promises to kill the monster should the situation grow worse. Yet, he didn't promise to kill a little boy. Determined to help Theo, Superman brings him to STAR Labs to get help from Dr. Emil Hamilton. Hamilton discovers that Theo has a diabetic mutagenic strain that feeds on the insulin designed to mitigate the disease. There's no cure, Hamilton remarks, but he'll keep trying to save the boy. Grateful, Theo encourages Superman to realize that it wasn't just a boy the Man of Steel saved, it was an entire town. From a distance, the clamor of trouble rings in Superman's ear. "Go," Theo says. "Maybe you can save that monster, too."

  • Notable Issue: Adventures of Superman #10 [Print Edition] (February 2014)
    Collects Digital Chapters #28-30.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Adventures of Superman Vol. 2 [Paperback] reprints Adventures of Superman #6-10]

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