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  • Batman/Superman #1 (June 26)
    Greg Pak, Jae Lee & Ben Oliver, June Chung & Daniel Brown
    Years ago in Gotham City, a young Clark Kent, who is only a reporter for Metropolis' Daily Star, walks the streets seeing the filth and corruption that is Gotham. Close by, Bruce Wayne, owner of Wayne Enterprises and Gotham's resident "rich boy," watches in disguise as a couple of bullies beat on a kid, hoping that the kid will fight back. Clark arrives on the scene to break up the fight, only to get nasty remarks from the boy he was trying to save. Clark tells Bruce that he knows who he is and informs him about the mysterious deaths of three Wayne Enterprises employees who have been murdered in Metropolis over the last eight hours. Bruce walks away, pretending to be drunk, and shrugs Clark off, holding back the fact that he cares. That night in Metropolis, Catwoman appears and attacks WayneTech Board member Ralph Mangubat in his apartment with his daughter watching. Trying to activate experimental WayneTech to defend himself, Batman crashes through the window to fight Catwoman, who he thinks is acting strange, and save the man and his child. Batman takes control over the WayneTech robots and tells them to "catch the cat". Just then, Superman crashes through the wall and attacks. Superman tears the robots apart and then faces Batman, who is barely holding his own. Batman throws an explosive batarang at Superman, causing him to fly out of the building and crash to the ground. Looking down on Superman, an entity removes itself from Catwoman's body and sets itself right in between Batman and Superman, which results in them teleporting away, leaving Catwoman wondering why she's in Metropolis. Immediately after being teleported, Superman finds himself in the sky and falling to Smallville below. Getting back on his feet, he notices Batman in front of him and lunges to attack. Batman tells his suit to shield up and a green bubble of Kryptonite surrounds him, saving himself from Superman's blow. Superman, not understanding what is going on and how Batman knows him, starts to fall to the ground as Batman holds him up. Superman grabs Batman's suit and takes the Kryptonite out, throwing it into the air. Batman says that he was going to disarm it and Superman immediately proceeds to beat on Batman. Holding Batman by the throat, Superman is astonished to find Jonathan Kent, alive.

  • Batman/Superman #2 (July 24)
    Greg Pak, Jae Lee & Ben Oliver, June Chung
    In the Gotham Heights of Earth-2, Batman appears and heads directly for the Batcave. Upon entering the Batcave, he meets up with Catwoman, who he had just fought earlier that night. Batman attacks Catwoman, who seems to know all of his moves. Being moved into another room, Batman spots a wedding photo; a wedding photo of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Back in Earth-2's Smallville, Superman is being scolded by Jonathan Kent, who claims that he is not his son and that his son would never beat his best-friend, referring to Earth-2 Batman, senseless. Superman, not understanding what is going on, speeds over to Batman to interrogate him once more. Batman, now beginning to understand what's going on, teleports away just in time for the Earth-2 Superman to show up. In the Earth-2 Batcave, Earth-2 Batman returns to see that Batman has tied up Catwoman, his wife. The Batmen proceed to fight each other until Earth-2 Batman begins to ask some questions. Realizing they're the same person, they form an alliance. Batman tells his counterpart about Superman and Earth-2 Batman responds saying that he has a friend taking care of it. In Smallville, the Supermen tussle, that is until Earth-2 Martha Kent realizes that Superman is also her boy and gets through to him by being his mother, a mother who he had lost only recently. As the Batmen fly through Gotham, a much cleaner Gotham, the Supermen fly through to Metropolis to meet Earth-2 Superman's wife, Lois Lane. Earth-2 Wonder Woman shows up and lunges upon Lois, taking her down to the ground and revealing that she's being possessed by none-other than the Trickster.

  • Batman/Superman #3 (August 22)
    Greg Pak, Jae Lee & Yildiray Cinar, June Chung and Matt Yackey w/ John Kalisz
    Leaping out of Earth-2 Lois Lane, the Trickster lunges to attack Earth-2 Wonder Woman; that is until she is caught in Diana's Lasso of Truth. However, instead of answering Diana's questions about why she's here, the Trickster shows a glimpse of her dark lord: Darkseid. Neither Superman is aware of who Darkseid is, and he actually scares Earth-1 Clark a little bit. The Trickster then vanishes, but before she leaves she sends the Supermen and Wonder Woman to find Earth-2 Batman, who has a secret "weapon" called "The Shard". As he's flying to confront his best friend, Earth-2 Superman remembers his childhood when he first met Earth-2 Bruce Wayne in Smallville. Bruce and Alfred had been passing through when their car broke down. While Alfred fixed the automobile, Clark asked Bruce if he wanted to play baseball with him. Bruce accepted and they began to play, that is until Bruce showed Clark what his idea of fun was as he teaches Clark how to fight. Later that night, Bruce and Alfred joined the Kents for dinner and the two boys went outside. Bruce bashed Clark in the head with his baseball bat to prove to Clark that he was different, but that he didn't care. In the present, the Supermen and Wonder Woman fly across the country to find Batman when they see an NSA bunker that is keeping the Shard. Diana doubts Batman's intentions but Earth-2 Superman reminds her that he once asked Bruce to prepare for if he would lose control and become a villain. Just then, the Batmen attack Superman who flies to the ground. The young Superman then attacks the Batplane, bringing it to the ground. Batman and Superman then engage in battle, at least until their Earth-2 counterparts put a stop to it and ropes the two into helping them destroy the Shard. Just then the Trickster leaps out of Wonder Woman, as she had been in her the entire time, and shows them another vision of Darkseid. The story ends with the two Supermen and Batmen in front of the Shard with the Trickster telling them that one would save the world, one would die, one would destroy the Shard, and one would seize it.

  • Batman/Superman #3.1 (September 25)
    Greg Pak, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund
    Years ago on the planet Krypton, Jor-El, his wife Lara, his brother Zor-El, and his sister-in-law Alura talk about the day when a monster attacked Krypton. Lara recalls being a lieutenant in the Elite Military Seminary and fighting the creature off, that is until General Zod, then Colonel Zod, saved her life and fought off the beast. The couples hear a scream coming from another room and Zor-El goes to check on his daughter Kara, who had overheard the conversation. She asks her father what happened to Zod and he tells her that he did prevail that day, but unfortunately later he was exiled to the Phantom Zone as he turned out to be an evil man. Kara insists to be told the real story of the monster and Zor-El reveals a Legend of the House of El. A legend that spoke of the Last Knight of the House of El who stood alone on a strange planet where he was a god among men. The Last Knight one day met the creature and proceeded to face him. In the end, both fell, but the Last Knight fell in victory by saving many lives. Others would later take his place. Kara decides that her father is tricking her and he sends her to bed. Once her father is gone, General Zod reestablishes his communication with Kara and begins to taunt Kara about the monster once again. Kara tells Zod to leave her be, but he proceeds to attack her to which she only believes is a dream.

  • Batman/Superman #4 (October 16)
    Greg Pak, Jae Lee & Ben Oliver, June Chung & Daniel Brown
    On Earth-2, the crystal shard has been activated. The Batmen and Supermen are then fired upon by Slade and his men who are taken out by Earth-2 Superman and Batman. Trying to get their New Earth counterparts to step aside, the Earth-2 doppelgängers attack and startle the younger heroes, until Batman and Superman coordinate their efforts to attack their older-selves. Superman grabs the shard and his wishes become reality as Earth-2 and New Earth begin to combine as worlds collide and the dead (as in the Kents) begin to rise. When Batman tries to stop Superman, he himself begins to transform into a dark bat-like figure. Clark stops touching the crystal and walks away. Slade, getting back into his cannon, shoots at Earth-2 Superman and misses, sending his blast directly toward the Batwing piloted by Lois Kent and Selina Wayne/Catwoman. With Earth-2 Superman in space fighting against Slade's beam, Batman sends Superman after the declining Batplane. Superman, not yet being able to fly, can't change the trajectory. Batman however gets Superman to fly by reminding him of who he really is. Superman then flies the Batplane, and it's passengers, to safety as his Earth-2 self sends the energy beam back towards Earth, destroying the canon and the crystal. On the ground, Earth-2 Wonder Woman is facing the Trickster who decides that Earth-2 isn't ready for Darkseid's arrival, but that New Earth will live because of Superman and Batman's power. Then the Trickster sends everyone back and erases their memories of the previous events. Back in Gotham, Clark Kent returns a day after meeting Bruce Wayne about the malfunctioning WayneTech bots. The kid who Clark "saved" the day before, Zack, fights back against his bullies as Bruce and Clark watch. After Clark and Bruce part ways, the Trickster reveals herself as the "devil" on Zack's shoulder.

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