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  • Batman/Superman #5 (November 6, 2013)
    Greg Pak, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund
    Starting off in Gotham City, Batman is facing off against John Corben aka Metal-Zero, better known as Metallo, while Superman saves Earth from falling asteroids. After defeating Metallo, Batman leaves the scene and Superman, who has returned down to Earth, witnesses Corben's body disappear. Elsewhere, Hiro Okamura, the Toymaster, seems to have been the one controlling the fake Metallo. Above Earth however, asteroid dust falls towards Gotham and seems to corrupt the plant life in the city. Hiro, after sending out his invitations to join him for the Beta launch of his new "game," connects with three other teenagers, including Jimmy Olsen, to tell them that they are going to kill Batman. Meanwhile, Batman and Superman briefly talk until Clark lets it go that Metal-Zero disappeared. Batman then comes across "Nightwing", who eventually turns on him and tries to kill him. Crashing into Toymaster's HQ, Batman fights "Nightwing" until Hiro tells Batman how to defeat the construct and stop the "game". Just then, a spaceship hovers above the compound and blasts the building. Batman, as well as Toymaster and his "employee," are then confronted by Mongul. Hiro, thinking it's a game, heads towards Mongul until he takes out a weapon to kill him with. Batman throws Hiro out of the way and before passing out, Batman calls Superman for backup.

  • Batman/Superman #6 (December 4, 2013)
    Greg Pak, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund
    After "successfully" killing Batman, Mongul is taken into the sky by a vengeful Superman who punches the alien warlord out to sea. Superman checks on Batman, and as Jimmy Olsen still thinks this is a game, he chooses Batman as his new avatar, bringing him back to life with nanotechnology, which also gives him superpowers. Wanting to see what Batman can do, Jimmy sends Batman after Superman only for Superman to scold Jimmy about it when Batman's new powers enable him to see the gamers. Batman then tries to destroy the machine that is creating the nanotech avatars, but Superman stops him, telling Batman that he will die if the nanotechnology is disabled as he has not yet fully recovered. Superman then sends Batman to go save civilians while he fights Mongul's spaceship. Meanwhile, Agnes, Toymaster's ex-assistant (who is also an alien with crystal bones), launches the "game" into alpha and people from around the globe begin to control Batman from the inside out, putting him once again against Superman. As the World's Finest superheroes fight each other, Mongul admires his handiwork.

  • Batman/Superman #7 (January 8, 2014)
    Greg Pak, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund
    Lydia Pergamon waits in line at the bank to get a loan so she can keep her apartment, when suddenly Batman and Superman fly through the bank, scattering everyone and everything everywhere, leaving Lydia alone with video game glasses. Putting them on, she joins the fight against Superman by helping control the Dark Knight. Meanwhile, Mongul gloats to his servant Agnes as he leaves to observe elsewhere. As Mongul leaves, Hiro wakes up and attacks Agnes, trying to destroy the video game device that's linking with satellites that will help Mongul enslave the world. Superman stops Hiro just in time as Batman is connected to the device and if it is destroyed, Batman will die. Batman and Superman continue to fight until they are right next to Mongul's satellites, which Superman tries to smash. Batman tells him that the only way to defeat Mongul is to destroy the video game device, of which Batman is connected to, though Superman refuses. Instead, he allows Batman, and nine million other people who are controlling him, to defeat him. The nanites that initially infected Batman now infect Superman as well and bring him "back to life". Superman then asks Lydia if she will help him, even though he unintentionally hurt her, and she accepts. The gamers then have the World's Finest superheroes team up and defeat Mongul. Afterward, Hiro figures out how to save Batman and Superman, Superman, in his Clark Kent identity, uses Wayne Enterprises to approve Lydia's bank loan and help her save everything. At the Fortress of Solitude, Superman reveals that Mongul is trapped in the Phantom Zone and the Son of Mongul is teased.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Batman/Superman Vol. 1: Cross World (The New 52) [Paperback] reprints Batman/Superman #1-7]

  • Batman/Superman #8 (February 26, 2014)
    Greg Pak, Jae Lee, June Chung
    After the events of last month's World's Finest #19, Huntress convinces Batman that she is who she claims to be, his daughter from a parallel world. Batman and Huntress rush to help Power Girl, who has lost control of her powers. Superman swoops in to help save the day as he helps Power Girl control her powers by taking her to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Elsewhere, Batman and Huntress track down the flow of energy that was messing with Power Girl's powers to a man named Kaizen Gamorra. Disguised as Bruce Wayne and Helena Kyle, they infiltrate one of his presidential ball's. Huntress finds out the plans for Power Girl to detonate and as Batman warns Superman, Power Girl flies towards space so that she won't hurt anyone else. Superman follows to try and save her and instead absorbs the same energy that she was detonating.

  • Notable Issue: Worlds' Finest #20 (February 26, 2014)
    Paul Levitz with Greg Pak, RB Silva, Joe Weems
    Falling from the sky, Superman and Power Girl are caught by Batman and Huntress as they land back on New Gamorra. On the ground, Power Girl is stable, but Superman is now having the same power trouble Power Girl had. Superman begins to glow, but instead of leaving, Batman puts a Kryptonite ring round his neck to keep his powers at bay. Then Power Girl and Batman fly away to help Superman elsewhere. Huntress helps Superman up, but quickly hides him as a villain comes out of nowhere and tries to take on Huntress, who beats him. Elsewhere, Batman finds his way into New Gamorra's intranet firewalls and finds that they have built an army with Kryptonian DNA. Power Girl on the other hand finds Kaizen Gamorra and discovers that Earth-2, her home, is still out there. On the ground, Superman and Huntress, under new aliases, begin to enter into New Gammora.

  • Batman/Superman Annual #1 (March 5, 2014)
    Greg Pak, Jae Lee/Kenneth Rocafort/Philip Tan, June Chung/Nei Ruffind/Hi-Fi
    After defeating Mongul, Superman imprisons him in the Phantom Zone and he and Batman go their separate ways, until Mongul's son Jochi comes to challenge Superman and Batman in the arena asking that each of them bring two from their respective "clans". Superman chooses Supergirl and Steel while Batman chooses Red Hood, later to be joined by Batgirl and Krypto. Once they get to Warworld, Batman and Red Hood induct Jochi into "the Batman Clan" and begin to fight in the tournament as Batgirl and Steel go undercover to disable Warworld's weapons system. Then the Batman and Superman clans are put against each other as Batman uses Kryptonite to weaken them and level the playing field. Right as Batman refuses to kill Superman, the Judge decides to wipe out Earth, until Jochi cuts off his head and declares himself leader of Warworld. Steel and Batgirl blow up the computers and the teams retreat to Earth. Jochi stays behind because it's his home and before Warworld can crash into Earth, Superman sends it into the Phantom Zone. In the Phantom Zone, Mongul kills his son, declaring himself the true leader of Warworld.

  • Batman/Superman #9 (April 23, 2014)
    Greg Pak, Jae Lee, June Chung
    Superman and Huntress are entering New Gamorra when they're stopped by cops who take away Superman's kryptonite necklace, which was keeping his powers in check, sending him into the ground with Huntress trying to catch up. In Kaizen Gamorra's secret lab, Batman and Power Girl fight through Kaizen's supersoldiers as Batman begins to remember his journey to Earth-2. Elsewhere, Huntress catches up to Superman and gives him his kryptonite necklace as he also begins to remember Earth-2 for himself. Just then, Superman gets Toyman's package, armor, which will keep his powers in check. Superman and Huntress break into Kaizen's lab to help Batman and Power Girl face the supersoldiers and defeat them. Upon discovering a portal to Earth-2, Superman tries to re-purpose the armor to contain the portal but instead the energy from the portal burns out the nanites that were causing his power-fluxes. Then, Huntress and Power Girl prepare to return home.

  • Notable Issue: Worlds' Finest #21 (March 14, 2014)
    Paul Levitz with Greg Pak, RB Silva, Joe Weems & Norm Rapmund
    As Power Girl and Huntress head towards the portal, which could send them home to Earth-2, Kaizen begins to absorb the portal's energy as he begins to transform into something else. Power Girl tries to fight but Kaizen throws Huntress towards the portal to test it; luckily, Superman catches her just in time. Then, Power Girl throws Kaizen through the portal. Power Girl and Huntress decide to return home through the portal, but before they can Kaizen returns bigger than ever and the evil Earth-2 Superman returns with him. Earth-2 Superman sends Parademons after them as the heroes work together to take them out. The alternate Superman tries to get Power Girl to return to him, calling her his "secret weapon," but before she can make the choice Huntress destroys the portal. She explains that she wasn't sure if it was really their home or not, to which Power Girl reveals that it was. They decide to keep looking for another way home. Back on Earth-2, the evil Superman burns Kaizen alive for failing him.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Batman/Superman Vol. 2: Game Over (The New 52) reprints Batman/Superman #5-9, Batman/Superman Annual #1, Worlds' Finest #20-21]

  • Batman/Superman #10 (May 7, 2014)
    Jeff Lemire, Scott Hepburn, Karl Kenschi
    Batman is dying... and time is running out! This looks like a job for Superman... and The Atom! In order to save Batman from a micro-sized shrunken city that has somehow entered his brain, Superman must turn to an organization called S.H.A.D.E. S.H.A.D.E sends Ray Palmer in for the rescue. Ray is able to shrink himself and Superman to microscopic levels. Together they enter the BRAIN OF THE BATMAN! As they enter the micro-sized world, they find a city under siege. It's inhabitants are being enslaved by the likes of the "Super Titan Gladiator" and his sidekick "Dr. Smashhammer." As Superman and Ray Palmer fight the villains, Gladiator gains access to Superman's 'shrinking' belt and thus grows to normal size and finds himself in the Fortress of Solitude with an awakening Batman. Batman commences to kick the butt of the strange creature that has somehow successfully infiltrated the Fortress of Solitude. All the while, Batman complains about having a mountain-sized headache. Meanwhile, in the Bat-brain, Superman and Palmer continue to battle it out against Dr. Smashhammer. Our superheroes win the day and commence to exit the Bat-brain. A startled Batman is shocked to see Superman and Palmer exit his nostrils. The micro-city is saved, Batman is saved, the villains are back in prison where they belong. All Batman wants is some aspirin and to go home to Gotham.

  • Batman/Superman #11 (May 21, 2014)
    Greg Pak; Karl Kerschel, Tom Derenick, & Daniel Sampere; Karl Kerschel, Daniel Sampere, Vicente Cifuentes, Marc Deering, and Wayne Faucher
    The scene is the Batcave, where the Batman analyses Superman's blood now that it's been infected by Doomsday. He listens to the portrayal of Superman on the TV, and grows ever more concerned. The scene cuts to the arctic and the Fortress of Solitude, where Batman is soon joined by Wonder Woman and Steel. They plan to access the Phantom Zone in the hopes of finding a cure for Superman. The Zone is opened and Steel is asked to remain to close the portal should something go wrong. Once inside of the Zone, Batman and Wonder Woman notice that they are corporeal, and soon find Mongul and Non working together to seal one of several rifts in the Zone. A fight ensues until the arrival of Ghost Soldier, who makes the heroes intangible and spirits them away. They soon meet Xa-Du, who explains that he was the one who set Doomsday loose in an effort to kill Superman. After contending with Mongul once more, Wonder Woman and the others return to the real world with Xa-Du in tow.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Superman: Doomed (The New 52) [Hardcover] reprints Superman #30-31, Action Comics #31-35, Action Comics Annual #3, Superman/Wonder Woman #8-12, Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1, Supergirl #34-35, Batman/Superman #11 and Superman: Doomed #1-2 with select pages from Action Comics #30 and Superman/Wonder Woman #7]

  • Batman/Superman #12 (July 2, 2014)
    Greg Pak; Ken Lashley and Tom Raney; Jaime Mendoza, Tom Raney and Ken Lashley
    Superman and the Batman have begun to recall their adventure on Earth 2. Superman remembers Kaiyo, the daughter of Darkseid and on that recollection, she appears to offer them a choice to change the events which occurred that led to the demise of Earth 2's Trinity. The duo is returned to Earth 2, in the time before the Earth 2 Trinity's final strike. Superman sees his parents alive, about to be attacked by Paradaemons. Before he can intervene, Earth 2's Superman saves them. However, saving his parents delays him in saving Lois Lane, who is killed fighting paradaemons. Batman is given a similar scenario and rescues Alfred against his better judgement. We see the events that led to the Trinity's demise unfold again, and when Superman has the chance to effect change, he chooses to save Robin, Earth 2 Batman's daughter. Batman congratulates Superman and vice versa, but Kaiyo isn't pleased. She believes that they have become soft and no longer the ruthless vessels she needs to defeat Darkseid. Kaiyo sends them home, but not before erasing their memories of the events of Earth 2, once more.

  • Batman/Superman #13 (August 27, 2014)
    Greg Pak, Jae Lee, Jae Lee
    On returning Bruce and Clark back to Earth One (to their past, no less) our naughty imp has taken away The World's Finest's memories. They don't know who they are. And they don't know about each other. Clark tries to figure out why in the world he is naked in a junk yard. Catwoman is there. Finding a red 'cape' from somewhere, Clark is able to cover up and save Catwoman from the robots that are controlled by that villain Mangubat. Instinct takes over, and Clark finds that he can leap... well... far. Oh, and nothing can hurt him. Meanwhile, in another part of Gotham, Bruce's instincts and ninja training kick into auto-pilot as trouble arrives. Then, ever the detective, Bruce seeks out his identity. He investigates and follows the clues all the way back to the Bat Cave. Here, he not only finds that he is a cool dude with a cool car... but he is rich too. Today, with no heavy memories to weigh him down, it's good to be Bruce Wayne. In another part of Gotham, Lois Lane is doing a phone interview with this Manubat. Manubat is obviously stalling and avoiding Lois' hard-hitting questions. But Lois wants answers. Seems Manubat escaped prison and, in the process, killed several guards. He claims he is innocent, but Lois isn't impressed. Again, Manubat's robots attack. Manubat wants Lois Lane as hostage so Superman won't kill him. But as Clark saves Lois, he asks the question, "Who is Superman?"

  • Batman/Superman: Futures End #1 (September 17, 2014)
    Greg Pak, Cliff Richards, Jack Herbert, Vicente Cifuentes
    On Earth 2, Superman has disappeared. And it's Batman's fault. Four years later, a battle ridden Bruce Wayne awakens in a hospital bed sporting 14 broken bones, a punctured lung, a vertebral compressed fracture and 1300 stitches. The ever faithful Alfred is by his bedside. Four years earlier, some sort of interplanetary war had engulfed Earth 2. Earth survived the war and life is moving forward. As happens in the midst of victory, the world comes together in a brief moment of solidarity. But alas, the moment is just that... a moment. And a wheel chair bound, sardonic Bruce Wayne becomes a witness as small doses of evil begin to creep back into the world. All through the story, we read Bruce's thoughts about Clark. Where is Clark? Doesn't he know that the world still needs Superman? For four years, Bruce valiantly tries to fill the void, but his mangled body and his broken spirit are not enough. It doesn't help that Batman is somehow directly responsible for Superman's voluntary departure. Though Bruce refuses to ask Clark for forgiveness for this mysterious act, it is obvious that the guilt weighs heavy on his shoulders. At one point, Bruce, back broken, swallows his pride and verbally calls out to Clark. And there is no answer. There is only silence. It's a sad moment. But one has to wonder what terrible thing Bruce did to make a man, who is usually so prone to forgiveness, not forgive his best friend.

  • Batman/Superman #14 (October 1, 2014)
    Greg Pak, Diogenes Neves and Marc Deering
    As Kaiyo and Lord Satanus plot evil deeds against our heroes... Batman enjoys the advantages of being a rich playboy and Superman falls under the influence of the manipulative Cat Woman. With no memory of his violent past, Bruce is unsure of himself. He has the skills and the rock-hard body to be Batman, but without his memories, he does not have the experience nor the motivation to be Batman. Thus, his next adventure in crime fighting ends in disaster. Superman, on the other hand, fueled by the raw power of his own body, declares himself to be 'the law' in Gotham. Clark's past is gone, and so are the lessons he learned about humility and how true justice works. What is gone from both these heroes is... purpose. Why did they decide to become heroes? Why put on the cape or cowl and run around fighting bad guys? One man pushes himself to the limit. The other man holds himself back. Their purpose is gone. This leaves one docile and the other tyrannical.

  • Batman/Superman #15 (October 15, 2014)
    Greg Pak; Diogenes Neves, Marc Deering, Pascal Alixe, Jae Lee and Cliff Richards; Ulises Arreola Palomera
    Part three of this story starts with Lord Satanus and Kaiyo bantering. Through their conversation, we find out how Superman and Batman can get back their memories. All they have to do is 'want' to remember. On Earth, Batman pays Lois Lane a visit at her hotel. He noticed that she's good in a fight, and he decides that he needs her help to capture Scarecrow. Lois is more than willing to help The Batman. After all, working with Batman would make for a great story. But first, Lois has to prove herself, and Batman has her suit up in the Batgirl costume. She looks good. On top of that, with the sulky Batman gone, Lois finds herself attracted to the more optimistic (and flirty) Batman. As they joust, the chemistry builds between them. Enter Superman and Catwoman. Superman and his quickly assembled army are destroying Mangubat's robots, Superman is obviously in command as he issues orders to the soldiers following him. They quickly find Ralph Mangubat who is being beaten alive because the police now see him as a cop-killer. Batman and Lois Lane come in to save Mangubat. But it becomes apparent that they are both unable to take on the police, Superman and Mangubat. They are good, but neither have the training or experience needed to take on such situations. And Lois gets hurt. This makes Superman very unhappy, and he intends to kill Mangubat. Before he can end the villain, both Batman and Superman regain their memories. Batman returns to his sulky, controlled self and Superman returns Mangubat to the proper authorities to be lawfully prosecuted for his crimes.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Batman/Superman Vol. 3: Second Chance [Paperback] reprints Batman/Superman #10-15]

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