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  • Batman/Superman #16 (November 19, 2014)
    Greg Pak, Ardian Syaf, Ardian Syaf
    Superman's world seems bright again. After bouncing back and forth between two worlds and fighting off demons and other worldly miscreants, Superman has found his way back to a simpler heroic life. He is helping a pod of orcas find friendlier waters. He is assisted by Supergirl, Steel, and Krypto. People from nearby ships cheer as the orcas are released into the water. For a moment, the world is right, and everyone is happy. Then, to everyone's horror, the orcas screech in pain as some of their bodies' explode. Blood fills the waters. And as Superman rushes to save the people on the boats from the backlash of waves, Supergirl, Steel and Krypto are seriously hurt by some mysterious force... A force that even Superman cannot see... Meanwhile, at a Metropolis Children's Hospital, an entertainer, dressed in a Superman outfit, stumbles out of a room filled with sick children and dies from mysterious wounds to his chest. Through a series of clues, Batman concludes that Superman has his own 'Joker.' This villain hates Superman so much that he will target and destroy everything Superman loves most. There is no rhyme or reason to this villain's actions. We don't know who he is or why he hates Superman. As Batman explains all this to Superman, the Batcave computer gets hacked and the mysterious villain tells them that he will now go after all of Superman's friends. In the final panels, we see Superman rush off to try and save his friends as Batman witnesses the attack on Superman's friends on his computer screens.

  • Batman/Superman #17 (December 17, 2014)
    Greg Pak, Ardian Syaf, Ardian Syaf
    Our mysterious attacker has shot three people who are close to Superman. Unfortunately, Superman is too late to save two of the targets, but he is able to save Lex Luthor. At first, Superman accuses Luthor of being the nameless villain. But Luthor is very quick to point out that the killing of Glory Miau and General Ahmad would hurt his own bottom-line. Also, Luthor's own self-importance makes it unlikely that he would off himself - even to spite Superman. In Luthor's mind, the world's economic forces just can't be sustained without him. Superman and Batman continue their detective work. As the heroes communicate via radio, the villain again interrupts their conversation. They realize as they talk to the villain, he is talking to them in their heads. This Unseen Terror is a telepathic villain. Going off that clue, Superman and Batman visit Hector Hammon. Old Huge-Head himself denies being the instigator of all this horror, but he theorizes that the only person on Earth with that kind of firepower is the alien Lobo. Superman and Lobo exchange wisecracks as they punch and brawl. However, it becomes apparent that Lobo is also not this Unseen Terror. Everyone is now on guard. Supergirl is watching over the Daily Planet. Steel is protecting Lana. Our heroes need bait. And Batman knows the perfect person for the job. Lois Lane.

  • Notable Issue: Lobo #4 (January 7, 2015)
    Cullen Bunn, Alison Borges, Reilly Brown
    Continued from the pages of last month's BATMAN/SUPERMAN #17! Lobo's on mission to save Earth, and he doesn't have time for distractions - especially from the Last Son of Krypton! Get ready for Lobo versus Superman!

  • Batman/Superman #18 (January 21, 2015)
    Greg Pak, Ardian Syaf, Ardian Syaf
    A man, dressed in a Superman suit, is in a casket being eulogized. The man's name was Carlos "Chuck" Gutierrez. He was a man who had very little, but every weekend he dressed up as Superman and visited sick kids at the Metropolis Hospital. Until some unknown psychopath killed him. Superman is determined to find that psychopath. In desperation, Superman turns to the crystal brain located in the Fortress of Solitude. Unfortunately, the crystal brain was damaged by Brainiac, [see the 'Superman: Doomed' issues] and still needs time to heal. Kara and Kal-El argue over the consequences of using a damaged Fortress. Further usage could damage the crystal brain permanently. And Kara reminds her cousin that they need the brain to find the lost citizens of Kandor. Meanwhile, Batman has come up with a plan to draw out the killer. Using Lois Lane, Superman's "girl-friend," as a target, Batman thinks he can trace where the super-bullets are coming from. But as the super-bullets are headed toward Lois, they make a detour and hit Batman. Superman trusts Batman. And the villain knows it. They dig the bullet out of Batman and are shocked to discover that the super-bullet is actually a tiny Kryptonian. Our heroes turn to Ray Palmer, aka The Atom. Since he is a specialist in miniaturization, it makes sense to bring him in on the case. Using the information that Batman obtained from his tracers, Palmer discovers that the bullets hailed from a location in Iceland. In Iceland, there is a small bottled city.

  • Batman/Superman #19 (February 18, 2015)
    Greg Pak, Ardian Syaf, Ardian Syaf
    This story arc continues with a brief synopsis of Krypton's history. The history lesson mostly centers around Krypton's capital city of Kandor which is currently the center point for all the trouble. Thus, Ray Palmer, aka The Atom, miniaturizes Superman, Batman and Supergirl, so they can enter the shrunken city of Kandor. While there, they seek out Supergirl's best friend Tali hoping to find out who their mysterious villain is. While in the bottle, Kal-El and Kara no longer have access to the powers given to them by Earth's yellow sun. To make matters worse, through Nazi-type propaganda, it appears that the Kandorians have been brainwashed into believing that Jor-El and his son were/are enemies of Krypton. And who has been brainwashing the Kandorians? None other that Xa-Du, aka, The Phantom King. Xa-Du is an enemy of the El family. Jor-El once sentenced the Kryptonian scientist to the Phantom Zone for turning the planet's citizens into zombies. But Xa-Du is back. And he wants revenge. He wants Kal-El, son of Jor-El to suffer. What is most disturbing about Xa-Du is that it appears that he has turned Kal-El's own family members against him.

  • Batman/Superman #20 (February 25, 2015)
    Greg Pak, Ardian Syaf, Vicente Cifuentes and Mark Morales
    In the bottled city of Kandor, Superman's relatives have been brainwashed by Phantom King's Living Death. They, and thus all the citizens of Kandor, see Kal-El as their enemy. Superman, Kara, and Batman try to reason with his Grandmother and Aunt, but Xa-Du's Living Death has too strong a hold on them. Thus, Superman and Supergirl are forced to physically fight their own relatives. As the fight escalates, Batman is killed. With him out of the way, the Kandorian citizens fight on the side of Xa-Du. Just as it looks like Superman and Supergirl are going to loose, Batman, who obviously isn't dead, whips out his Red Sun generator. Instantly, all the Kandorian's lose their powers. Meanwhile, Lois and Ray Palmer are making plans at The Ant Farm. Together they devise a way to put Xa-Du back into the Phantom Zone. After Xa-Du is returned to the Phantom Zone, most Kandorians are freed from the power of the Living Death. They are no longer under its influence, and thus no longer a danger to Superman nor his friends. Unfortunately the El family has been so affected by the Living Death, that they cannot break out of its influence. They still hate Kal-El and Kara. The battle may have been won, but at what cost?

    [Trade Paperback collection: Batman/Superman Vol. 4: Siege [Hardcover] reprints Batman/Superman #16-20, Batman/Superman Annual #1 and Batman/Superman: Futures End #1]

  • Batman/Superman Annual #2 (April 1, 2015)
    Greg Pak; Ian Churchill, Emanuela Lupacchino, Ardian Syaf, Tom Derenick and Tyler Kirkham; Vincente Cifuentes, Tyler Kirkham, Ray McCarthy, Jaime Mendoza and Mark Morales
    From The Phantom Zone, the Phantom King is still able to cause trouble for Superman and Batman. Entering the hearts and minds of some of the most vicious villains on Earth, Xa-Du creates an unreasonable, but useful, hatred for Clark Kent. Meanwhile, in his Clark Kent persona, Superman is investigating a 'Dooms-Day' cloud-mist-thingy that is lurking around the Bahamas. Clark wants to check on the people who have been 'forgotten' during all the mayhem. Batman balks at Superman using his Kent persona and declares that 'this is a job for Superman.' Clark reluctantly agrees and puts on the Superman garb, but in order to get rid of the mist, Superman has to use his new solar-flare power. As a result, for the next 24 hours, Superman has no powers and is forced back into his Clark Kent guise. As he stumbles around the jungle, he comes across struggling and wary survivors. As he offers help, the group is attacked by Man-Bats. These grisly creatures are followed closely by Killer Croc, Bane and Cheshire. And they have only one thing on their minds... Kill Clark Kent. What follows is a series of action scenes where Batman and Clark Kent fend off the rogues. The Dark Knight admits that Clark Kent is pretty cool even without his powers. It would seem that Xa-Du is finally defeated. However, he has now discovered Superman's greatest weakness.

  • Batman/Superman #21 (June 10, 2015)
    Greg Pak, Ardian Syaf, Vicente Cifuentes
    Lois Lane has revealed that Clark Kent is Superman, and now all his enemies know where to find him. He can no longer hide behind his human persona. Thus, a whole lot of really, really bad guys descend upon the city of Metropolis. And all of them want to kill Clark Kent. And though Superman is depowered, he can still hold his own against these bad guys. As a matter of fact, to Superman, it feels good to be able to fight at street level. However, the Metropolis police department don't appreciate the destruction and mayhem that Superman attracts to the city, and it soon becomes obvious that the tension is revved up a notch by Lex Luthor. An angry Superman confronts Luthor about this. While there Luthor reveals that the thugs that have been attacking Superman have been using weapons with a unique energy signature that originates from Gotham. Off to Gotham they go! Upon arrival, Superman discovers that the Waynetech building is under attack. He saves the security staff and the villains run away. Under the mistaken idea that it was Superman breaking into Waynetech, the new robotic-looking Batman arrives on the scene and tries to arrest Superman, but Superman quickly disappears - leaving Bat-Robo and Luthor behind. With evidence about the unique weapons in hand, Superman heads towards the Batcave. Here, Alfred tells Superman that Bruce is dead, and thus cannot help him. But is the Batman dead? Bruce is always up to something, and Alfred was once a stage actor, so Superman is not so sure that his friend is gone. But since Batman is no longer... well... around. Superman decides to put Batman's unused toys to good use. With Alfred's blessing, Superman takes the Bat-motorbike, paints it red and blue and decides that this is his new mode of transportation. It will come in handy as he continues to fight crime.

  • Batman/Superman #22 (July 8, 2015)
    Greg Pak, Ardian Syaf, Vicente Cifuentes
    Jim Gordon, aka Batman, is trying to arrest a depowered Superman. And it's not going well. Meanwhile, Superman discovers his mysterious enemies are using weapons that absorb energy. Thus, the reason his powers are deteriorating. He tries to explain this to Batman, but Gordon is having none of it. He is highly suspicious of Superman. And nothing Superman does alleviates those suspicions. Gordon flat-out does not like, nor does he understand, Superman. But Superman knows Batman. And Superman knows it's not Bruce Wayne in the new Bat suit/armor. Superman begins to wonder if he should trust this faux Batman. But Superman decides that he has to work with this new Batman to save lives. This mysterious villain is trying to get rid of Superman for a reason. Those reasons are unknown, but Superman won't stop until he knows who the villain is, and what they want. And Gordon has no choice. Superman is along for the ride. Our 'dynamic duo' soon head for the Gotham Waterfront where a Wayne Industry Warehouse is about to be attacked. Lucius Fox reveals that they are housing an artificial mini-sun at the waterfront location. Fox suspects that it is a group called Dawn Command who has been attacking experimental energy projects around the world. So far, no one knows who they are or why they want the energy. But alas, it is not Dawn Command who is attacking Wayne Industry, but it is the super-villain Ukur: Beastlord of Subterranea! He's angry, and he's brought his pet dinosaurs with him. Ukur, Superman, and Batman fight it out. Ukur is momentarily defeated and descends back to his subterranean world, promising to return topside to destroy Superman's world. Superman follows determined to make peace and save Earth.

  • Batman/Superman #23 (August 12, 2015)
    Greg Pak, Ardian Syaf, Vicente Cifuentes
    Superman descends into the world of Subterranea. He believes that he can somehow stop a war between Subterranea and the upper world. However, as he moves deeper and deeper into the underworld, Superman begins to doubt himself. How can he accomplish anything in his vulnerable state? He finds the corpse of a Subterranean solder and steals his armor. Feeling better about his new disguise, Superman continues on his journey. He soon meets up with some humans who have taken refuge in Subterranea. They are former inmates of the Gotham prison system, and they have accepted Ukur's vision that the upper world's new 'sun' should be theirs. And the mighty Aquaman is going to help them get it.

  • Batman/Superman #24 (September 9, 2015)
    Greg Pak; Ardian Syaf, Howard Porter and Yildiray Cinar; Vicente Cifuentes, Howard Porter and Yildiray Cinar
    Superman and the King of Atlantis do battle as Ukur and his soldiers race across the ocean towards the man-made sun. At first, Arthur doesn't realize that he is fighting Superman. Once he knows it's Kent, Arthur and Superman mock fight while they plan strategy. The super-powered King tries to convince the de-powered Superman to stand down, but Kent is having none of that. And he tricks Arthur into punching him so hard, that Superman takes flight towards the barge holding the fake sun. Meanwhile, Batman and Fox are trying to evacuate the barge that is holding the unstable sun. Batman thus launches the sun into the stratosphere with Superman as an unwelcome stowaway. They bicker as Batman tries to steer the 'rocket' away from the Earth. But before they can get too far, a mysterious ship appears out of nowhere and steals the rocket with the unstable sun inside. Below, Ukur's army disappears. Ukur roars in indignation as he realizes that he has been played for a fool. Our mysterious villains, who have been orchestrating this whole 'truth' tale, have won again. To cap everything off, Gordon/Batman gives Superman the riot act. Apparently, Gordon blames all this trouble on Superman's very existence. The story then transitions into a scene between a one 'John Clark' (apparently Clark's new identity) and a now retired Bruce Wayne. 'John' tries to convince Bruce that he is still needed in the 'fight'. But Bruce is convinced that he is needed more by the orphans he now oversees. The ending reveals who is behind all this mess... His goal is not only to defeat the heroes, but to break their spirits.

  • Batman/Superman #25 (October 14, 2015)
    Greg Pak, Cliff Richards, Cliff Richards
    The new Batman, aka Jim Gordon, is on the hunt for Clark Kent. Apparently, despite the fact that Kent saved their collective asses in Batman/Superman #24, Gordon doesn't trust Superman. Meanwhile, Superman is using Waynetech items to continue his search for those who stole his powers. While using the Batwings to fly, he comes across the Barbarians of the Dawn Command. He accosts them, but Vandal Savage shows up and handily defeats Superman in a fist fight. A wounded Superman is saved by Batgirl, and together they figure out Savage's evil master plan. Savage is trying to obtain the Uranium from decommissioned nuclear weapons. But Superman is determined to stop him. And since Bruce Wayne is no longer in the hero business, other members of the Bat Family (Batgirl, Red Hood, and Night Wing) are going to help him.

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