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  • Batman/Superman #26 (November 11, 2015)
    Greg Pak, Cliff Richards & Ardian Syaf, Cliff Richards and Vicente Cifuentes
    Vandal Savage has enslaved a group of Siberians to unearth some decommissioned nuclear weapons. In desperation, the slaves work quickly to carry out Savage's orders. Enter Superman and the Bat Family to save the day. However, the Siberians are a little disappointed when they realize that Superman isn't... well... so super anymore. But all is not lost. Superman does have some powers, and the Bat Family members have skills. Skills that will hopefully stop Savage. Barbara Gordon uses her tech skills to investigate Savage's teleportation device. Dick Grayson uses his spy skills to begin the process of giving the Siberian new identities, so that they can 'disappear' and not be found by Savage. Red Hood takes charge of arming the Siberian camp. As happens when alpha-superheroes get together, arguments ensue about how best to defeat Savage. Ideas range from transporting Savage to Hawaii to nuking him. Certainly there is some grey area somewhere. Before a decisive answer to the problem can be found, Shadow Monsters pop out of the snow and attack the heroes. There's a fierce battle that ends when BatGordon shows up in a giant Bat-flying-saucer thingy. After the battle is won, Superman confesses that it was he who called in Batman. Superman apparently had called on Batman to investigate the reasons why Savage was taking so much interest in nuclear bombs in Siberia. Gordon's sleuthing literally uncovers the hiding place of the stolen 'sun' and some sort of Nazi war machine.

  • Batman/Superman #27 (December 9, 2015)
    Greg Pak, Cliff Richards & Jack Herbert, Cliff Richards & Jack Herbert
    Superman and the new Batman and the old Bat-Family are working together to come up with a plan to stop Vandal Savage and his wicked, dastardly plans. As they discuss their plan, both Gordon and Superman flashback to a time when Superman and Batman trusted each other. The old Gordon smiles at the memory, but the new BatGordon wishes for the old Superman. Superman also longs for those days when he knew Batman would have his back. He doesn't know this new Batman, and he can't read him like he did Bruce. But in the end, they finally decide to trust one another. They go after Vandal, and through teamwork and Vandal's own arrogance they defeat him. Gordon realizes that even a depowered Superman is one worth trusting. He takes off the clunky Bat-Suit and reveals his true identity to Clark. Gordon and Clark shake hands as they begin a new phase of their relationship.

  • Batman/Superman #28 (January 13, 2016)
    Tom Taylor, Robson Rocha, Robson Rocha
    A mysterious object has hit Earth's Lunar Space Station. Superman saves the astronauts and repairs the damage. As he does so, they detect said object hitting the surface of the moon. When Superman investigates, he finds a giant lizard-like alien. The alien is dead, but before her death, she writes Superman and Batman's symbols in the moon's powdery surface. Who is this? And why is she here? Superman heads towards Gotham to obtain the help of the world's greatest detective. Gotham. Batman is fighting Clayface. With Superman's help they defeat him and take him back to Arkham. Later they meet at the Batcave where Superman gives Batman the lowdown about the events at the Lunar Space Station. Together, they go the moon to investigate. Batman concludes that the dead alien was a solo space traveler whose death was made to look like an accident. The Caped Crusader concludes that foul play is afoot. He is proven correct when he finds a secret camera watching them investigate. Unfortunately, upon discovery, the camera's self destruct mechanism is remotely detonated leaving no way for Superman and Batman to trace the source of the camera. The watchers are revealed to be the space bounty hunter Lobo and some unnamed alien. The unnamed alien has hired Lobo to track down and kill the Batman. They discuss the possibility of killing Superman too, but Lobo's price is too high. Meanwhile, Superman and Batman discover that the dead alien is holding a communication devise. They activate the devise and find a message written in Kryptonian. Apparently, there is another Kryptonian who survived Krypton's destruction. And that person is alive and well on the other side of the universe.

  • Batman/Superman #29 (February 10, 2016)
    Tom Taylor, Robson Rocha, Julio Ferreira, Blond and Rob Leigh
    Batman and Superman continue their investigation of the murdered lizard-alien. Before her death, she left both Batman's and Superman's symbols etched on the moon's surface. Also, in her possession is information that supposedly leads to another Kryptonian. Superman, obviously is intrigued. Then, much to the heroes' surprise, the alien's father comes out of nowhere to collect the body of his dead daughter. Her name is Mylara. As the giant alien boards his space ship, Superman and Batman follow. They query Mylara's father. He tells them that the place Mylara had found another Kryptonian was in a place called Scorch Space. It is a place filled with the solar radiation from a yellow sun. Superman goes to find his fellow Kryptonian. Batman stays behind to further investigate Mylara's death. But it soon becomes apparent that Mylara's father is up to no good. He is, in fact, working with Lobo. Lobo, bounty hunter extraordinaire, has been hired to capture/kill The Batman. Lobo thinks it's going to be easy. He finds that... well... not so much. Lobo not only looses his ride, but half his face. Meanwhile, Superman finds that his fellow Kryptonian is being used as an energy source for some alien race. The man is obviously in bad shape. Superman rescues him, and the aliens, affronted by the loss of their reactor, give chase. But even this saved alien seems to be against our heroes. The aged Kryptonian pulls out a slab of Kryptonite causing Superman to cry out.

  • Batman/Superman #30 (March 9, 2016)
    Tom Taylor, Robson Rocha, Robson Rocha
    Batman is racing through space in the ship he stole from Lobo to rescue Superman who was set up and captured during a rescue in Scorch Space. Clark, weakened by a kryptonite shard, awakens when he hears his friend's voice emitting from his lost comm-mask... but as he opens his eyes he is greeted by his captor, Si Bar, a Daxamite who has been a prisoner himself in Scorch Space for many years. Clark wonders out loud as to why if they have Si Bar they would need him too but when they both scan his body they discover he dying. The compassion Clark shows him earns the Damaxite's trust and he melts his captive's chains and melts the kryptonite. Lobo is nursing his half burnt face and activates his ship's tracking system to track down Batman. His reptilian boss, angry that the job is only half done, demands Batman die for the full payment. Lobo lets Bruce know he is hot on the trail, so Batman activates a contingency plan calling in Green Lantern. Back in Scorch space, the guards arrive to stop Si Bar and Superman. Clark promises that as soon as they escape he will help him return to Daxam and as they explode from the prison and out into space Batman makes contact with a plan. Outside the ship Lobo arrives and starts a hunt for the Dark Knight. After a tussle Lobo gains the upper hand and thrusts Batman out of the airlock until he suffocates. He pulls in the limp body and Lobo presents the corpse of Batman to his client. Busy bickering they are taken by surprise when Batman rises, alive and well. Before he succumbs to a painful death Batman asks why the villain murdered his own daughter. Once the vile story is revealed, Lobo leaps forward to kill Bruce only this time Batman grabs the bounty hunter, soars into space and hurls him into the darkness. As Batman removes his costume it is revealed he was Clark in disguise. The lizard realizes he has been tricked but it is too late to retaliate as a squad of Green Lantern Corps arrives having recorded the confession the lizard had made earlier and take him into custody. A weak Si Bar returns with Clark and Bruce to Earth, his final dying wish to watch one last sunset. Clark & Bruce stay with Si Bar until he finally passes away...

  • Batman/Superman #31 (April 13, 2016)
    Peter J. Tomasi, Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza
    Clark flies to Gotham to meet with Bruce. Batman is fighting Tusk and a gang of other mutant criminals. The fight is taking up too much time, which Clark is severely lacking, so he ends the fight for Bruce and turns to his friend to seek his aid. Upon reaching the Batcave Clark reveals his current predicament and though Bruce is reluctant to accept it he sees how Clark has grown to accept his fate. Clark seeks one final favor from his friend, to seek out his only living relative, Kara, Supergirl. As Superman says his final goodbye to Alfred and flies away Batman, sits in silence, smashing a monitor with his fist as his only outlet of rage. In Metropolis, the fugitive empowered with 'Superman' energy flies into a burning building and rescues trapped citizens. Before he can leave he meets Jimmy who recognizes the shield but is surprised that the stranger knows him. As he soars skyward the energy suddenly cuts off and the fugitive crash lands onto a young boy's rooftop bird coop. When the boy demands compensation for the damage the fugitive angrily pushes the boy off the roof. An explosion of energy occurs and he is 'Superman' once more and rescues the boy before racing away. Superman returns to Bruce in the evening and Bruce questions his excessive super deeds when he could be conserving his energy. Clark changes the subject and Bruce points down at the cafe Kara was working at when she lost her powers. Clark knew she was living as a human in New York, but he didn't know where she vanished to. Bruce reveals that Kara seemingly left to go to National City. Suddenly "CHOU XIE!" is being yelled by multiple attackers. 'The Four Pillars' are the embodiment of the Chinese Zodiac and for some reason they attack the World's Finest. The fight rages until Clark & Bruce gain the upper hand, but instead of giving in the creatures all commit suicide. All but one dies, this final foe rips the flesh from Superman's neck before teleporting away. Superman examines his wound, it is slowly healing but he realizes he is beginning to fade and with determination tells Bruce that he is heading for National City immediately.

  • Batman/Superman #32 [Final Issue] (May 4, 2016)
    Peter J. Tomasi; Doug Mahnke; Jaime Mendoza, Christian Alamy, Livesay & Tom Nguyen
    Superman and Wonder Woman, with Batman trailing behind, are chasing the trail left behind by the false Superman, tracking him to China. The trinity all climb into the Batplane as it nears Chinese airspace but despite their stealth safeguards they are detected and knocked out of the sky. The Great Ten are there to greet them and instruct them to leave immediately. Cue a fight and with seven on three it's particularly frenetic but during the fracas Yeti suddenly loses control and starts fighting with his own team. Despite the danger Superman races to help and finds a magical medallion that had fallen to the ground. Before Yeti can land a killing blow on The Ten's leader Superman places the medallion on him, quelling the beast's rage. Superman's deed brings the battle to a halt and a truce between The Ten and the Trinity finally leads to a discussion. Superman explains that an impersonator has been killing people in his name and fled into hiding somewhere in China. Batman tells them all he has narrowed down the energy signature search to the Loess Plateau, Shanxi Province and with the help of The Ten they arrive at the laboratory of Dr. Omen. Dr. Omen tries unsuccessfully to hide the source of energy. The heroes remain patient while Omen explains she was doing what she could to help China. She states that Wu Meixing was capable of creating a super being every three days but each of those champions she created had a lifespan of approximately seven days. By using Superman's unique Solar Flare energy she was able to create a living being without the genetic lifespan of a week. Superman looks into the glass chamber housing a Chinese man in a variation of his armor but points out this doesn't appear to be the same as the glowing Superman that escaped from A.R.G.U.S. Catching them all unaware Dr. Omen releases the Super-Man. While The Ten take Dr. Omen into custody for her illegal experiments, the Trinity are itching to give chase. The Ten advise them to leave China before they become embroiled in an international incident. They can follow the Super-Man once it is outside Chinese borders and as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman leave, The Ten wish them luck in their quest. Meanwhile at that very moment in Metropolis, Lois is startled by a tapping at her apartment window. The energy Superman has tracked her down and invites her to the balcony so they can chat. Considering the attack on the Daily Planet, Lois is understandably nervous but she steps out onto the balcony to meet him.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Batman/Superman Vol. 6: Universe's Finest [Paperback] reprints Batman/Superman #28-34 and Batman/Superman Annual #3]

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