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  • DC Universe Online Legends #1 (Early April 2011)
    Marv Wolfman & Tony Bedard, Howard Porter & John Livesay and Adriana Melo & Norman Lee
    Lex Luthor kills Superman. Brainiac takes over the world inspite of the agreement Lex had with the alien. Brainiac takes over Luthor's battlesuit, but with the help of Black Adam's lightning Luthor manages to zap himself free from Brainiac's control. Lex leaves Black Adam to die while he escapes to a secret hideout. He summons all the remaining heroes and supervillains to him in an attempt to stop Brainiac.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #2 (Late April 2011)
    Tony Bedard, Howard Porter & John Livesay and Adriana Melo & Norman Lee
    Luthor convinces the remaining superheroes and villains who have joined him at his secret base to follow his lead in trying to stop Brainiac from destroying Earth. He recalls how Brainiac took the Daily Planet building to experiment on the humans within to perfect the machines Luthor was building for Brainiac. Now, as they try to break back into that facility Luthor's revenge plan is coming together.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #3 (Early May 2011)
    Marv Wolfman, Mike S. Miller, Adriana Melo & Norman Lee
    Power Girl finds Superman's lifeless body and take the Kryptonite spear that killed him to Dr. Fate. Power Girl tells Black Canary and the others that Superman is dead. Dr. Fate announces that Lex Luthor killed him. Power Girl wants revenge, but a group of villains arrive to take them out. Lex Luthor turns up, freezes the villains, and convinces the heroes to team up with him, as he regrets killing Superman and needs their help to defeat Brainiac. The villains arriving were planned by Luthor, who kills them all once they've played their part. With Power Girl, Black Canary, Dr. Fate and others reluctantly helping Lex from his secret base. We flash to Lois, Jimmy and Perry awakening to find out that the Daily Planet building their in has been stolen by Brainiac. Superman tells the JLA they need to go after the Daily Planet building, and Batman accuses him of putting Lois ahead of the rest of humanity. Brainiac gloats from his spaceship.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #4 (Late May 2011)
    Tony Bedard, Howard Porter & John Livesay and Adriana Melo & Norman Lee
    In the present, Superman and Batman continue their argument about whether or not to chase after Brainiac. But Brainiac's robots and exobytes attack the JLA watchtower, breaching the hull on several decks. The exobytes take over Aquaman and begin digitally downloading his powers, but Superman manages to freeze him before he dies. The robots manage to see through the Martian Manhunter's invisibility and download his powers as well. In the future, Luthor and his team of surviving heroes and villains prepare their attack on Brainiac's mothership. Luthor, Atom and Black Canary approach the ship directly while the others prepare a ground assault to keep the enemy robots busy. Luthor intends to find a shrunken bottle city from the planet Korugar so he can find a Sinestro Corps ring and use it to finish off Brainiac. Atom tries to shut down Brainiac's robots, but an explosion takes his right arm completely off. Brainiac discovers that Luthor, Atom and Black Canary are on his mothership and prepares a counter attack.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #5 (Early June 2011)
    Tony Bedard, Howard Porter & John Livesay and Adriana Melo & Norman Lee
    In the present, Brainiac's exobytes continue to cut into the JLA Watchtower. Superman arrives just in time and uses his heat vision to take them all out. Superman tries to warn the others, but the comm goes down. With a quick X-ray, Superman sees that Brainiac is taking out the power grid and that life support is going to shut down. Elsewhere, Brainiac's exobytes chase after Batman, but he outsmarts them and reaches the weapons room in time to take them out. He manages to reroute enough power to buy time for the rest of the league to escape. In the futire, Luthor, Black Canary and Atom find the chamber with Brainiac's bottled cities. Using Atom's shrinking power, they enter a city from Korugar and Luthor steals yellow Sinestro Corps rings from dead Corps members. Back in the present, Hawkman narrowly escapes the attacking exobytes and is rescued by Flash. Firestorm expands his created air pocket to save their lives. Then Zatanna magically explodes more exobytes to save Superman and Plastic Man. Batman orders the League to the teleporters. Unfortunately Aquaman was left behind.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #6 (Late June 2011)
    Tony Bedard, Howard Porter & John Livesay and Pop Mhan
    The heroes teleport into STAR Labs in Metropolis as the Watchtower explodes. Superman and Batman realize Aquaman was still on board, and Superman flies to rescue him. In the future, Powergirl and her allies attempt to destroy Brainiac's mothership while Luthor, Atom and Black Canary put on Sinestro's yellow lantern rings and destroy Brainiac's attacking bots. While Luthor goes off to destroy Brainiac, Atom and Black Canary go in search of a canister that holds all the super powers Brainiac stole. Back in the present, the JLA try to halt the falling debri from Watchtower, but Brainiac is forcing it down. The best Superman can do is shift it from hitting Metropolis. Instead it hits the industrial area where Lex Luthor happens to be. The explosion impales Lex on debri, seriously injuring him. He blames Superman. In the future, Atom and Canary have the canister in hand, while Luthor confronts Brainiac in person. Brainiac's mothership explodes, Atom is killed.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #7 (Early July 2011)
    Marv Wolfman, Howard Porter, Livesay
    In the future, the Joker thinks he's killed Batman, but the Dark Knight is found and with the aid of some new heroes he is put back together with new cybernetic parts. Revived, Batman has to move quick, as Brainiac's bots are attacking. He heads to Superman's Fortress of Solitude, but when he tries to contact the other heroes, he only finds Lex Luthor available. As he'd hoped and planned, Luthor is transported to the Fortress by Batman, who sets about making his own plans while Batman fights of more Brainiac bots. Luthor uses the Power Rings in his possession to control the temporal wave to travel through time, leaving Batman at the mercy of Brainiac's bots with the Fortress set to self destruct.

    [Trade Paperback collection: DC Universe Online Legends Vol. 1 reprints issues #1-7]

  • DC Universe Online Legends #8 (Late July 2011)
    Tony Bedard, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    In the present, Luthor is almost dead, his body missing limbs and an eye. Superman is sent away as Lex's people retrieve him. Brainiac looks and gloating. At STAR Labs Martian Manhunter is missing some of his powers. Lois discovers that they're in a shrunken bottle, one of many aboard Brainiac's spaceship. Brainiac steals Luthor and fixes him, giving him new mechanical body parts. As the JLA search Earth for Brainiac's base, Luthor grabs the bottled city of Metropolis.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #9 (Early August 2011)
    Marv Wolfman, Mike S. Miller and Sergio Sandoval
    Superman's dream of flying in space with Lois turns into a nightmare. He wakes up and flies straight to Lexcorp Towers demanding to see Lex. Mercy taunts him, while Lex looks on from Brainiac's ship. Brainiac needs Kryptonian DNA, and Lex tells him to go for Supergirl instead of Superman. Kara is fighting Livewire, who gets what Brainiac needs, but Lesley is destroyed instead of rewarded. With prisoners on the loose, the JLA fly off to capture them, but when Lex calls for Superman's help, an angry Man of Steel flies off to confront him. Superman destroys the Brainiac bots surrounding Lex, who has the bottled city of Metropolis in hand. The stolen buildings are re-enlarged to their precise position. As Superman awaits to be reunited with Lois, a small tick-like machine bites him on the neck, but seeing Lois distracts him from the bite. Before they can properly be reunited, Superman is called away by Batman, who questions Superman's priorities... the world or his friends?

  • DC Universe Online Legends #10 (Late August 2011)
    Marv Wolfman, Howard Porter, Livesay
    Lex Luthor is paraded through the streets of Metropolis as a hero for saving their city from Brainiac. Lois and Clark talk but when he flies away Lois notices she's received a super power of her own. The JLA discuss Superman's recent actions, and when he arrives he apologizes. Perry White also discovers he has an icy superpower when he puts out a fire in his home. Jimmy grows into a huge Turtle Boy while Daily Planet cafeteria employee Marge Williams kills her abusive husband with her own newly acquired super strength. Back in Metropolis, Lex secretly has Toyman and the Prankster attack the city, but when Superman arrives to stop them, Lex makes it appear as though Superman has killed them, and he starts a public tirade against the Man of Steel.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #11 (Early September 2011)
    Marv Wolfman, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Lex gloats as he rewatches the footage of Superman failing. Mercy also lists for him the known Daily Planet employees who have exhibited super powers since returning from Brainiac's capture. Lex brings the four new superheroes into his employ, announcing them to the world at a rally as the new human superheroes who will save them from alien menaces like Brainiac and Superman, and indeed the inhuman Justice League. Elsewhere Superman comes to the decision that he must leave otherwise he could endanger more people if Brainiac is indeed able to control him somehow. He goes to say goodbye to Lois, who reveals to him that she too now has superpowers. As they kiss, a LexCorp camera is filming them, revealing to Lex that Clark Kent is Superman!!!

  • DC Universe Online Legends #12 (Late September 2011)
    Tony Bedard, Howard Porter & John Livesay
    Now knowing that Clark Kent is Superman, Lex worries about being unable to save Lois from his plan with Brainiac, because she'll want to remain close to her husband. While Lois is getting tested at STAR Labs, Luthor comes in and tries to convince her to come to LexCorp for further testing, but Lois refuses and leaves. At WayneTech Batman does scans on Superman, but the machine triggers Brainiac's nanotech inside Superman, making him go crazy and see his friends as aborations.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #13 (Early October 2011)
    Marv Wolfman, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Lex doesn't realize that Brainiac is monitoring his every move. Superman continues to attack his friends, thinking them enemies. As his powers and rage fade once again, Luthor takes him away and reveals to him that he knows about his secret identity. In the Batcave Bruce searches for Superman using his DNA signature, revealing to the other heroes that he has all their DNA on file, against their will. At the Daily Planet Lois tries to convince all the staff with new powers that they should try help each other and then help the world at large. Superman's powers and rage return and he attacks Luthor and the rest of the JLA, knocking them all down. When Lois approaches him she nearly gets through to him, but he thinks it another Brainiac trick and almost fries her with his heat-vision if not for Lex getting her out of the way. Nevertheless, Superman looms over them ready to burn them.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #14 (Late October 2011)
    Tony Bedard, Howard Porter & John Livesay
    Wonder Woman intercepts Superman heat-vision with her bracelets and knocks down Superman. He fights back but is subdued when Hal Jordan's construct is held together by Alan Scott's magic-based construct to trap Superman. At STAR Labs they scan Superman and discover that Brainiac actually changed his physiology reprogramming his pituitary gland. Once again in control of himself, Superman allows the Atom to enter his blood stream in an attempt to destroy whatever Brainiac did to him to regain control over his body. As he's about to destroy the problem, Brainiac uses Lois' proximity to Superman to use her powers, recharging the device controlling Superman. Unable to control himself, Superman's heat-vision escapes through the gaps between his fingers that cover his eyes, burning Lois to death.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #15 (Early December 2011)
    Marv Wolfman, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    With Lois dead, Superman blames Lex Luthor and nearly kills him in his grief, before flying off for the Fortress of Solitude. Luthor realizes Brainiac purposely set things up to work out the way they have, and together with the JLA heads to the arctic where Superman was lost located. However Superman has smashed his way into Brainiac's spaceship and attacks the alien one-on-one. The superheroes arrive as Superman tears Brainiac in two. Superman flies off as the heroes discover that Brainiac was actually just one of the alien's robot clones. The next day Lois is buried and Lex vows to save the universe in her honor.

    [Trade Paperback collection: DC Universe Online Legends Vol. 2 reprints issues #8-15]

  • DC Universe Online Legends #16 (Late December 2011)
    Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Bruno Redondo
    Sinestro and his corps are being killed by Brainiac. The Guardians send the Green Lanterns to contain the battle, but not to get involved. Soranik is horrified to discover her home planet has been destroyed by the battle, and the Green Lanterns try to hold her back from the fight. Hal Jordan refuses to watch the slaughter and heads to the planet. He discovers that Brainiac is siphoning energy from the Central Battery. Hal is attacked by Sinestro.

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