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Earth 2: Society #6 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Earth 2: Society #6
Cover date: January 2016
Writer: Daniel H. Wilson
Penciller: Alisson Borges
Inker: Alisson Borges
The Flash, Batman and Superman take on Jimmy Olsen, A.K.A. Doctor Impossible, Johnny Sorrow, Hourman and Anarky. The battle does not go well for our heroes. The Flash is blinded by Johnny Sorrow, and Superman is weakened by Kryptonite while being beaten by Hourman. Only Batman remains. We now see Jimmy Olsen's life three months prior to the events in the first eight pages of this issue. He and the Huntress are trying to create a new Source Vault with no success. Tired of being perceived as a kid who wants the impossible, he feels the time to use his god-like powers has come. Thus, he names himself Doctor Impossible and recruits Rick Tyler, who has reclaimed Miraclo - a drug his father created that was locked away by Thomas Wayne. Miraclo can give the user superpowers for an hour. With Tyler as Hourman becoming one of his soldiers, Doctor Impossible moves on to the next phase of his plan, and it will have a great impact on everyone on New Earth 2. One year after planetfall, the Huntress and Power Girl are checking out New Gotham's Eden District that was changed by the Source Vault. Helena believes the rest of the planet should be transformed in the same way, but Kara thinks New Earth 2 should be left as it is. Power Girl leave the Huntress thinking her friend needs to move on after her father Bruce Wayne's death. It is at this moment that Jimmy Olsen asks Helena to join him in literally changing the world. She does so with the certainty that nobody on New Earth 2 will stop them.

Earth 2: Society #7 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Earth 2: Society #7
Cover date: February 2016
Writer: Daniel H. Wilson
Penciller: Jorge Jimenez and Alisson Borges
Inker: Jorge Jimenez and Alisson Borges
It's a race against time to stop Doctor Impossible. Many of Earth 2's heroes have banded together as Jimmy Olsen has double-crossed Red Arrow and the Huntress. He actually is using the Source Vault to create a Mother Box circuit. A clash of titans rages on as the boy who would be a god battles Green Lantern. The conflict does not go well for Alan Scott. While the Flash's diversion did nothing to stop Doctor Impossible, Superman and Power Girl manage to grab him while Red Arrow shoots at the Source Vault. Both actions help to free Green Lantern, who uses his powers to imprison Jimmy Olsen like an insect in amber. The civilian population of New Earth 2 thank Superman, Batman and everyone who rescued their world from the mad youth. It is at this moment Alan Scott makes the following statement to his comrades: "As individuals, you stand alone. But together you will bring justice to this new society."

[Trade Paperback collection: Earth 2: Society Vol. 1: Planetfall [Paperback] reprints Earth 2: Society #1-7 and DC Sneak Peek: Earth 2: Society #1]

Earth 2: Society #8 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Earth 2: Society #8
Cover date: March 2016
"One Nation Indivisible" - Chapter One: "Power Struggle"
Writer: Dan Abnett
Penciller: Jorge Jimenez
Inker: Jorge Jimenez
In the aftermath of the conflict with Doctor Impossible, Hawkgirl surveys the unexplored regions of New Earth 2. The new World Army Cabinet consisting of Commander Sato, Green Lantern, Sandman, Captain Steel and Superman discuss the issues and situations concerning life on the new world. Batman must deal with black marketers as many struggle to have power to feed their families. Everything all seems routine until Hawkgirl finds an opening in a canyon, and the Flash, Huntress and Power Girl battle a beast of unknown origin. Hawkgirl has been attacked by Amazons, a group of women believed to be dead, in a cavern hidden in the canyon she was examining: Meanwhile, Green Lantern has stopped the creature who fought Power Girl's group of heroes. It isn't known if the beast came with the refugees from Earth 2 or if it is the result of terraforming this new planet. Two sovereign states - Erebus and Ark Home - blame the other land for the monster's attack. If talks don't begin soon, a war could break out on New Earth 2. That's something the World Army Cabinet, and everyone else for that matter, cannot afford. The Amazons have ceased fighting with Hawkgirl on the command of Fury. Now, the winged heroine is welcomed in Amazonia, the cave headquarters of the female warriors. What will Hawkgirl discover now that she is considered a friend?

Earth 2: Society #9 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Earth 2: Society #9
Cover date: April 2016
"One Nation Indivisible" - Chapter Two: "World-Leader Pretend"
Writer: Dan Abnett
Penciller: Jorge Jimenez
Inker: Jorge Jimenez
It is a time of observation and revelation on New Earth 2. Hawkgirl is observing the Amazons in their new domain. Batman and Red Arrow investigate radioactive power cells in Gotham City. Worldwatch is monitoring the situation between Erebus and Ark Home, and Red Tornado is looking within for her own humanity while writing the constitution for the planet. All this occurs as the shadow of conflict looms over the world. New Earth 2 and its heroes may very well be scarred forever if battle soaks the lands with blood. As Fury tells Hawkgirl that the Amazons replaced those who died in the colonization of New Earth 2, Power Girl and Green Lantern fight more genetically engineered monsters who were placed there by some unknown party. Meanwhile, Erebus and Ark Home have officially declared war. Over what is unclear for Val-Zod has discovered that the planet on which everyone lives - the same one created by Brainiac's convergence - has no natural resources whatsoever. It seems that long term living was not meant to be on this world. To top things off, the Amazons wish to govern New Earth 2, and they may be intent on fighting to the death in order to do so. Situations have reached a breaking point. It's just a matter of time before things get so out of hand that even the powers of Superman, Green Lantern and the rest of the superhero community may not be able to rescue their new home from Armageddon.

Earth 2: Society #10 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Earth 2: Society #10
Cover date: May 2016
"One Nation Indivisible" - Chapter Three: "Running On Empty"
Writer: Dan Abnett
Penciller: Jorge Jimenez
Inker: Jorge Jimenez
Anti-superhero sentiment and war are now the order of the day on New Earth 2. Batman takes on Nimbus Solutions, who are using cancer causing materials in the power cells they sell on the black market. The conflict between Ark Home and Erebus continues to escalate. Green Lantern and other Wonders, as the metahumans are called, must find a solution to the lack of energy resources on the planet, and Val-Zod has given up his role as Superman. It looks like Earth 2's mightiest beings may have bitten off more than they could chew when the colonized this world created by Brainiac's convergence. Hawkgirl is unsuccessful in escaping the Amazons to warn the rest of the world of their plans to conquer New Earth 2. She discovers that Fury's femme fatales are not alone. They are allied with the Atlanteans, and they won't permit Hawkgirl to leave. The winged warrior woman could be in grave danger before this adventure is finished. Hourman, under the control of Kyle Nimbus, is fighting Batman. The Dark Knight is losing as both Nimbus, who is a Wonder, and Hourman beat and stab him with his own Batarang. The Caped Crusader is calling Red Arrow and Wildcat for back-up, but he gets no response. With Batman and Hawkgirl in trouble, Val-Zod no longer taking on the mantle of Superman, and the rest of the superhero community trying to stop a war and provide power for their new home, what will become of New Earth 2?

Earth 2: Society #11 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Earth 2: Society #11
Cover date: June 2016
"One Nation Indivisible" - Chapter Four: "Together, Alone"
Writer: Dan Abnett
Penciller: Federico Dallocchio
Inker: Federico Dallocchio
Batman manages to stop Hourman while Red Arrow and Wildcat search for and fight Kyle Nimbus. Meanwhile, Green Lantern has been unsuccessful with peace talks between Erebus and Ark Home. At the same time Fury is explain to Hawkgirl about the Amazon/Atlantis alliance. The lost souls of Fury's people were stored in a repository called the Pandora Vessel and placed in crash victims dying of radiation poisoning. This saved lives and could mean the rebirth of Themyscira, but without resources on New Earth 2, resurrection, war, peace and everything in general could be irrelevant. Wildcat and Red Arrow have defeated Nimbus using teamwork and ingenuity. However, in Metropolis, martial law may be put into effect. Wonders may be forced to kill in order to prevent war. Green Lantern's plans for a peaceful world may have failed, and the New Earth 2 could be on the brink of destruction before their societies and governments have even had a chance to grow.

Earth 2: Society #12 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Earth 2: Society #12
Cover date: July 2016
"One Nation Indivisible" - Chapter Five: "And Justice For All"
Writer: Dan Abnett
Penciller: Iban Coello
Inker: Iban Coello
The world is on the brink of war without resources, the Wonders who aren't trying to help society in its darkest hour are either trying to prevent conflict or are preparing for it. Many superhumans are questioning if they should do anything. Finally, it's Green Lantern who makes the biggest decision of all. Instead of using his power to enforce his will on the populace, he shares it. Alan Scott becomes human again as he removes his ring and places it in a machine. This gives New Earth 2 the energy it needs for its inhabitants to survive. This may not prevent all wars, but it did stop this one. However, another battle could be lurking around the corner as the Ultra-Humanite is hatching an insidious plot that may give him control of the entire world.

Earth 2: Society #13 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Earth 2: Society #13
Cover date: August 2016
"A Whole New World" - Part One
Writer: Dan Abnett
Penciller: Federico Dallocchio
Inker: Federico Dallocchio
Nine year-old Anya, or better yet, Scalpel, introduces herself to readers and to someone off panel. Genetic manipulation has given her the functional age of seventeen. The only parents the girl has known is the person or persons to whom she is speaking after Darkseid attacked Earth 2. Now, Scalpel's only goal is to help that being conquer New Earth 2. Hawkgirl has escorted Fury to Neotropolis, while they're greeted warmly by numerous wonders, Wesley Dodds expresses what is on the minds of many. What are Fury's intensions? Are they peaceful, or could another war be on the horizon for the inhabitants of New Earth 2? Only time will tell. Fury has been open about the Amazons and Atlanteans' original plans to take over New Earth 2, how they changed their minds when Alan Scott gave up the power of the Green Lantern to prevent a war and save the world. Fury continues her discourse by revealing information on the Pandora Vessel. Knowing that it brought back Fury's people, many of the planet's superheroes wonder if the device could resurrect the original Earth 2 and those killed in the war with Apokolips or if it could bring about Armageddon. Two more genetically accelerated children - Eli and John, codenamed Grief and Firepattern respectively - have introduced themselves to the reader. They are part of the Ultra-Humanite's army of Humanites. Their objective is to aid their new father in his conquest of New Earth 2. The young soldiers fly off to begin the first phase of the villain's sinister plot as he orders them to stop Fury from using the Pandora Vessel and bring it to him.

Earth 2: Society #14 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Earth 2: Society #14
Cover date: September 2016
"A Whole New World" - Part Two
Writer: Dan Abnett
Penciller: Federico Dallocchio and Angel Hernandez
Inker: Federico Dallocchio and Angel Hernandez
Debate and discussion on whether the Pandora Vessel should be used to resurrect old Earth 2 are the order of the day. Richard Grayson, the current Batman, has a personal stake in this as his wife died in the war with Darkseid, and he doesn't even know if his son John is alive. The superhero community is divided on the Pandora Vessel issue. Yet, one thing is certain. Whatever decision is made could literally change the world. The Ultra-Humanite's Humanites attack Neotropolis in search of the Pandora Vessel. Power Girl, Val-Zod and other superpowered individuals have been defeated. Firepattern is about to grab the device that brought back the Amazons. However, he must get past Batman. Firepattern hesitates when he recognizes the Dark Knight, for he is none other than Richard Grayson's son.

Earth 2: Society #15 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Earth 2: Society #15
Cover date: October 2016
"A Whole New World" - Part Three
Writer: Dan Abnett
Penciller: Tony Harris and Angel Hernandez
Inker: Von Grawbadger and Angel Hernandez
Richard Grayson's son John, who had been turned into the Ultra-Humanite's Humanite Firepattern, hesitates to accomplish his mission to take the Pandora Vessel when seeing his father. He escapes Fury, with the Huntress following him secretly. Batman had placed a tracer on John. However, the Ultra-Humanite is not pleased with Firepattern's disobedience. Some mental command from the villain causes the youth to fall in mid-flight. Knowing the Ultra-Humanite, who used his mental powers to escape the original Earth 2 with the refugees, is monitoring transmissions throughout the planet, Alan Scott contacts him in hopes of getting him to work together with the Wonders to create a civilization. Instead, the Ultra-Humanite controls Alan making him take back the Green Lantern ring and steal the Pandora Vessel. Wesley Dodds and Commander Soto are injured in the process. Power Girl urgently insists for someone to stop Alan Scott, for if he brings the Pandora Vessel to the Ultra-Humanite, New Earth 2 could face Armageddon. Will anyone be able to defeat the Ultra-Humanite and Green Lantern?

Earth 2: Society Annual #1 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Earth 2: Society Annual #1
Cover date: October 2016
Writer: Dan Abnett
Penciller: Bruno Redondo And Diogenes Neves
Inker: Juan Albarran and Ruy Jose
In a moment between Earth 2: Society #15 and 16, Richard Grayson is wondering if he should continue to be Batman as he speaks to his son John, who was believed to be lost during Apokolips' attack on the original Earth 2. As you may recall, the Ultra-Humanite turned John Grayson into the Humanite Firepower. The genetically altered boy fought the Ultra-Humanite's control leaving Grief to hunt him down three hours ago. The Huntress defeated Grief before bringing John to his father. Batman and son discuss the future of the Grayson family and what the Dark Knight will mean for it and the salvation of New Earth 2. Whatever is decided, one thing is certain... John and Richard Grayson's lives will never be the same again. John Grayson tells his father that the Ultra-Humanite changed him and other children who thought their parents were dead. He gave them special powers and promised to be a father to all of them. The Ultra-Humanite's army of soldiers was sent to steal the Pandora Vessel. If the Ultra-Humanite gets a hold of it, it will mean disaster for New Earth 2. However, John Grayson has faith that the world can be saved because his dad is Batman, and the Caped Crusader will just be one of many who will fight to protect everything and everyone they hold dear.

Earth 2: Society #16 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Earth 2: Society #16
Cover date: November 2016
"A Whole New World" - Finale
Writer: Dan Abnett
Penciller: Angel Hernandez
Inker: Angel Hernandez
Green Lantern, under the control of the Ultra-Humanite, has beaten the most powerful Wonders on New Earth 2. Red Arrow, a mere human with a bow and arrow, gets through to Alan Scott by saying that it's the person that matters, not his or her powers. Green Lantern then imprisons himself in an energy sphere to prevent himself from harming anyone else. Feeling he no longer needs Alan Scott, the Ultra-Humanite and his army of enhanced children decimate the Wonders. A severely injured Fury sees that there's only one way to stop the Ultra-Humanite - open the Pandora Casket before he does. This brings about what appears to be the end of everything on New Earth 2. Will the Wonders be a wonder again? Will another world take the place of this one, or has Fury erased everything from existence?

Earth 2: Society #17 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Earth 2: Society #17
Cover date: December 2016
"The Final Fate of Earth 2" - Part One: "After the End"
Writer: Dan Abnett
Penciller: Bruno Redondo
Inker: Angel Hernandez
There's nothingness as far as the eye can see, or at least that's what the Flash, Fury, Power Girl and other Wonders survey what used to be New Earth 2. In her attempt to save the world from the Ultra-Humanite, Fury rebooted the world as it is being reconstructed before their eyes. Robotic versions of Wesley Dodds/Sandman protect the newborn planet from the superheroes. Only the timely arrival of Val-Zod turns the tide of battle, but there are unanswered questions in the minds of Power Girl and her allies. Who sent the Sandmen? Was it man or machine? Are the Wonders truly alone on this restarted world, or is there a greater threat awaiting them?

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