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  • Justice League Adventures #1 (January)
    Ty Templeton, Min S. Ku, Dan Davis
    An alien creature warns the JLA about a Gravity Bomb which has crashed to earth. However the creature turns out to have been duping them all along, hoping to use the JLA's skills to learn of a way to difuse the bomb, thereby learning his enemy's weakness.

  • Justice League Adventures #2 (February)
    Paul Storrie, Craig Rousseau, Wayne Faucher
    When a sorceress and her band of women attack a museum, where children fall victim to their magic, the Justice League steps in to save the day... however it is J'onn who shows the most compassion when he brings back the JLA to meet with the children.

  • Justice League Adventures #3 (March)
    Fabian Nicieza, John Delaney, Randy Elliot
    Four Daxamites are rescued from their damaged space ark and brought to Earth where they discover they have super-powers. They attempt to fix all the problems on Earth, but their methods aren't approved by the Justice League.

  • Justice League Adventures #4 (April)
    Dan Slott, Min S. Ku, Rob Leigh
    The goddess Athena commands the might of Themyscira to force peace on earth by defeating the world of man... Wonder Woman leads the Justice League into battle against her own kind to make them realise the error of their way, and the truth behind the real identity of "Athena".

  • Justice League Adventures #5 (May)
    Todd Seavey, Chris Jones, Al Nickerson
    An alien spacecraft crashed to Earth... the occupants have star-shaped parasites on their faces. The Justice League head into space to stop the Star Conquerors from invading Earth.

  • Justice League Adventures #6 (June)
    Dan Slott, Min S. Ku, Dan Davis
    Chronos, the Time-Theif appears to have captured Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman, and is auctioning them off to the highest bidder. However it's a clever ploy by the JLA to gather and capture every known villain on earth.

  • Justice League Adventures #7 (July)
    Len Kaminski, Joe Staton, Rick Burchett
    When STAR Labs calls for help the Flash vibrates at a superhigh frequency to enable himself to travel by phone... except he arrives via a fax machine and is rendered 2 dimensional... enabling him to see the 2D invaders attacking STAR Labs... invaders nobody else can see!

  • Justice League Adventures #8 (August)
    Mike W. Barr, Min S. Ku, Rob Leigh
    Just as the Justice League install a new Emergency Transmitter, the Moon is wracked by quakes causing tidal waves on Earth. It is soon discovered a creature is gestating within the core of the Moon and will soon be born. The Justice League set about making things right... but are impeded by the Weather Wizard.

  • Justice League Adventures #9 (September)
    Matt Howarth, David Lopez, David Lopez
    Wally West is out on a hot date when he gets paged by the JLA. First he's called to help stop a Volcano, then to stop terrorists, then to stop piracy out at sea. All connected events leading to a missile loaded on an asteroid headed for Metropolis... Wally helps save the world in time to get back to his date.

  • Justice League Adventures #10 (October)
    Josh Siegal, Chris Jones, Christian Alamy
    A villain calling herself Screamthief is terrorizing Metropolis by bringing people's fears to life. When Superman is taken out, Metropolis' fears increase, so J'onn changes his appearance to look like Superman, saving the day for Metropolis... but it's his own appearance and understanding that help reform the villain at the end of the day.

  • Justice League Adventures #11 (November)
    Dan Slot, Min S. Ku, Dan Davis
    David Clinton, known as Chronos, is released from jail by the JLA for a hearing... a hearing that involves his future self telling him to change his ways... a ploy which enables Chronos to try and go back in time, again and again, to try and alter his brother's death...

  • Justice League Adventures #12 (December)
    Christopher Sequeira, Min S. Ku, Mark Propst
    Mister Freeze and his "Cold Warriors" become the new government of Bijouti, a country suffering a drought. The JLA aren't too sure how to tackle this delicate situation... but some carefully thought out planning and research wins over both the Bijouti people and the Cold Warriors themselves.

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