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  • Justice League Adventures #13 (January)
    Dan Slott, Min S. Ku, Mark Propst
    A young girl superhero known as All Star is asked to join the Justice League while Green Lantern is absent. She does really well, fitting in well, until she almost faulters at the final hurdle... but she shows her true grit and pushes herself beyond her limit to save the day.

  • Justice League Adventures #14 (February)
    Matthew K. Manning, John Delaney, John K. Snyder
    When sea creatures start attacking people, the Justice League realise that Aquaman must be behind it... and he is, but only because he's under the poisonous spell of Poison Ivy, who is using Aquaman to help her take over Gotham City.

  • Justice League Adventures #15 (March)
    Todd Seavey, Aluir Amancio, Rob Leigh
    When Kanjar Ro steels a weapon from a warring nation in the Antares System, their leader contacts the JLA to help retrieve it as her direct involvement would break the rules of war between her nation and those of her two opponents... but what of their involvement in the theft?

  • Justice League Adventures #16 (April)
    Scott McCloud, John Delaney, John K Snyder III
    J'onn learns that one of the JLA is an alien imposter, but has only one hour to figure out who it is... After watching each team member closely, J'onn thinks it's Batman... but upon entry into the invading alien's spaceship, he discovers that it is himself who is the imposter!

  • Justice League Adventures #17 (May)
    Kevin Hopps, Min S. Ku, Christian Alamy
    Aresia and her female followers manage to use a device to control the minds of the men in the JLA. The Flash, Wonder Woman and Hawkegirl must infiltrate Aresia's army, fight their teammates in order to free them and stop Aresia from destroying the world.

  • Justice League Adventures #18 (June)
    Stan Berkowitz, Chris Jones, Dan Davis
    The Atom shrinks most of the Justice League and takes them inside Superman's body to stop invading aliens from taking over his body to destroy a person called Evano who they think killed some of their people many years ago.

  • Justice League Adventures #19 (July)
    Michael Bernard, John Delaney, Rick Burchett
    Green Lantern shows a young boy that a hero is made up of more then flying and super-powers, and gives over his ring to the boy to prove the point.

  • Justice League Adventures #20 (August)
    Jason Hall, Rick Burchett, John K. Snyder III
    The Psycho-Pirate, a self-centred psychiatrist who lost his wife and son during the Martian Invasion, blames the Justice League for their death, and plans to make them pay by using the Medusa Mask to control people's emotions.

  • Justice League Adventures #21 (September)
    John Ostrander, Min S. Ku, Rob Leigh
    Deep in space the Justice League rescues a young woman who is fleeing from a race of aliens called the Dominators. It is unclear whether the woman is a fleeing criminal or whether the aliens are her evil captors. The Justice League are divided in their opinions.

  • Justice League Adventures #22 (October)
    Stuart Moore, John Delaney, Robin Riggs
    The Justice League come into contact with a race of aliens who once killed a team of Green Lanterns under John's command. However this time the apparently come in peace... With no way of deciphering their language, the Justice League are at a loss about what to believe.

  • Justice League Adventures #23 (November)
    Christopher Sequeira, Min S. Ku, Rob Leigh
    The Kobra challenges the Justice League, to prove his power. One by one he takes out Flash, Hawkgirl and Green Lantern, before taking on Superman and Wonder Woman. But with Batman's help they trick Kobra and bring him to justice in front of his legions of followers.

  • Justice League Adventures #24 (December)
    Fabian Nicieza, Tim Levins, Robbin Riggs
    A young boy named Jeremy begins emitting strange energy, causing explosions which injure people, including his parents. Superman, J'onn and Batman discover he's a lost alien being who took on human form and was raised by adopted parents. When his alien parents find him there a lessons to be learnt and justice to be served.

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