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World War Three (Cont.)

  • JLA #37 (January)
    Grant Morrison, Howard Porter, John Dell
    As the Injustice Gang take over the JLA HQ, Prometheus deals with Oracle, Zazzala takes control of Steel, while Superman battles the General. Wonder Woman discovers Mageddon is almost upon earth.

  • JLA #38 (February)
    Grant Morrison, Howard Porter, John Dell
    The JLA continues to battle the Injustice Gang, as Mageddon gets closer. Batman takes out Prometheus. GL saves Luthor. Metron gives Oracle a Mother Box. The JLA Headquarters blows up... and Zauriel?

  • JLA #39 (March)
    Grant Morrison, Howard Porter, John Dell
    The General is defeated. When Huntress is about to kill Prometheus Batman stops her and revokes her JLA membership. Steel spoils Queen Bee's plans. Superman and Orion Boom Tube straight into Maggedon.

  • JLA #40 (April)
    Grant Morrison, Howard Porter, John Dell
    Green Lantern regains his senses, as war breaks out all over earth. Steel and friends defeat Queen Bee. J'onn makes contact with a trapped Superman within Maggedon. Flash brings help...

  • JLA #41 (May)
    Grant Morrison, Howard Porter, John Dell
    Zauriel recruits other angels, Flash recruits help from the one remaining survivor of Wonderworld, while Batman and J'onn telepathically contact Superman who defeats Mageddon from within.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: JLA: World War III (Vol. 6) reprints JLA #34-41]

    [Trade Paperback Collection: JLA Vol. 4 reprints JLA #36-41]

  • JLA #42 (June)
    Dan Curtis Johnson, Mark Pajarillo, Walden Wong
    Atom discovers a civilisation living in the brain of a young boy, but their way of life is killing him. The JLA must convince them to change their ways or laser surgery will kill them to save the boy.

Tower of Babel (4 parts)

  • JLA #43 (July)
    Mark Waid, Howard Porter, Drew Geraci
    Ra's Al Ghul begins taking out the JLA one by one, starting first on Batman, then J'onn, Plastic Man and Aquaman. As the JLA realise they're being attacked, things turn crazy and they find Green Lantern blinded!

  • JLA #44 (August)
    Mark Waid, Howard Porter, Drew Geraci
    Batman finds Ra's who has stolen his parent's coffins, while Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are all nutralised by their own weaknesses. Superman saves Metropolis before succumbing to Red Kryptonite!

  • JLA #45 (September)
    Mark Waid, Howard Porter, Drew Geraci
    The JLA are in trouble because of secret files and plans Batman had put together. They begin to pull themselves together in a team effort, but to beat Ra's Al Ghul they need to decide if they can trust Batman.

  • JLA #46 (October)
    Mark Waid, Steve Scott, Mark Propst
    While Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and Plastic Man stop a Biochemical Weapon from being released, Superman and Batman take the battle to Ra's Al Ghul. Stopping Ra's' plan, the decision is made to expel Batman from the JLA.

  • JLA #47 (November)
    Mark Waid, Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary
    The Queen of Fabels is released and mistakes Wonder Woman for her captor. The JLA are set upon a fantastic journey through magical woods in order to save Wonder Woman from this ghastly faerie tale.

  • Notable Issue: JLA Secret Files #3 (December)
    Various Writers and Artists
    Behind the scenes story of Talia's point of view of the recent betrayal of the JLA by Batman, including his notes on the team member's weaknesses. Profile Pages on past JLA teams and current villains.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: JLA: Tower of Babel (Vol. 7) reprints JLA #42-46, JLA Secret Files #3, JLA 80-Page Giant #1]

  • JLA #48 (December)
    Mark Waid, Bryan Hitch & J.H. Williams III, Paul Neary & Mick Gray
    Saving Wonder Woman, the JLA confront the Witch who sends them deeper into fairy tale stories. With Batman's help they learn the origins of the Witch and obtain the book that may be the key to it all.

JLA Comics Index (1996-2011)


The JLA comic book brought together Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter. The original line-up has changed as the series has progressed. This comic book title centers around events and situations that can only be dealt with by the combined might and team work of these heroes.

Green Arrow joined the JLA in issues #8 & #9. Aztek joined the JLA in Aztek #10 and was first featured in JLA #10. The JLA was “officially” disbanded in issue #15 but again reformed with a new look line-up in JLA #16. Green Arrown and Aztek were no longer with the JLA. Steel, Huntress, Plastic Man, Zauriel, Oracle, Orion, Big Barda were shown as the new members in JLA #16 & 17, with a rotating “vacant” spot left open for any specialists needed to help out as the situation demands.

After the events of DC 1 Million, the future Hourman became a temporary member of the JLA, as did The Atom in JLA #27, but only on a semi-permanent basis as a scientific advisor.

Following an adventure in which the JLA went back in time to rescue the long-missing Aquaman and Atlantis (thereby implementing an “emergency” team hand-picked by Batman), Superman summed it up best: “The JLA is an organic thing. It exists to cope with the ever-changing face of terror... and in that way, it too, must sometimes evolve.” With that, the League's chairman expanded the core group, inducting several probationary members who had proven their worth in times of crisis. These included reformed super-criminal Major Disaster, ancient Earth shaman Manitou Raven, the mysterious telekinetic powerhouse Faith, and Green Lantern (John Stewart), who took Kyle Rayner's place on the roster. Meanwhile, former members from all incarnations of the JLA have standby status and remain on call should any emergency require their assistance.

This incarnation of the book was concluded with issue #60 ahead of the post-Flashpoint relaunch in late 2011.

Below each title name and issue number I have listed the Writer, Penciller and Inker for each comic.

This is a listing of the JLA title since its introduction in November 1996.

Note: Remember, the month dates are from the issue covers, not the actual date when the comic was on sale.


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