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  • JLA #49 (January)
    Mark Waid, Bryan Hitch & Javier Saltares, Paul Neary & Chris Ivy
    Battling against hordes of fictional monsters, the JLA take the fight to the Queen of Fables herself, using team work and Wonder Woman's lasso to enforce reality on to the Queen, banishing her forever.

  • JLA #50 (February)
    Mark Waid; Bryan Hitch, Phil Jimenez, Ty Templeton, Doug Mahnke, Mark Pajarillo; Paul Neary, Kevin Nowlan, Drew Geraci, Walden Wong
    Superman confronts Batman with the re-telling of how when up against Dr Destiny the JLA almost failed because of their mixed feelings over his expulsion from the team. So the JLA reveal to each other their secret identities.

  • Notable Issue: Justice Leagues: JL? #1 (March)
    Tom Peyer, Ethan Van Sciver, Matt Martin and Ray Kryssing
    The Advance Man sets about his plans of making the whole world forget the JLA ever existed, but his plans go slightly askew when an unfinished thought has each member of the JLA planning to create their own Justice League.

  • Notable Issue: Justice League of Amazons #1 [Justice Leagues - Part 2] (March)
    Len Kaminski, Aluir Amancio, Claude St. Aubin
    Wonder Woman gathers Supergirl, Huntress, Zatanna, Big Barda, Black Orchid, and Power Girl to protect Mother Earth and keep the peace. But their fierce, martial approach may do more harm than good.

  • Notable Issue: Justice League of Atlantis #1 [Justice Leagues - Part 3] (March)
    Len Kaminski, Javier Saltares, Mark Propst
    The King of the Seven Seas also recruits Power Girl, along with Tempest, Mera, Arion, Lori Lemaris, and the mysterious Devilfish to save his watery realm. But will his take-no-prisoners attitude prove Aquaman's own undoing?

  • Notable Issue: Justice League of Arkham #1 [Justice Leagues - Part 4] (March)
    Paul Grist, Coy Turnbull, Dan Davis
    Batman's plan to stop the Advance Man has Nightwing wondering if his mentor has lost his mind, as Batman teams up with Catwoman, the Riddler, Poison Ivy, the Ventriloquist, and the Joker! Featuring a cameo appearance by the Flash's Justice League of Adventure!

  • Notable Issue: Justice League of Aliens #1 [Justice Leagues - Part 5] (March)
    Judd Winick, Mike S. Miller, Armando Durruthy
    The Martian Manhunter and Superman combine forces with Orion, Starfire, Warrior, Mikaal (the blue alien Starman), and Lobo. But will their internal culture clashes foil the effort to save their adopted planet? Featuring a cameo appearance by Green Lantern's Justice League of the Air!

  • Notable Issue: Justice Leagues: JLA #1 [Justice Leagues - Part 6 of 6] (March)
    Tom Peyer, Justiniano, Ken Branch
    Superman gathers together the leaders of each of the various JLA teams and, with help from Batman and Hector Hammond, everyone realises they're supposed to work together as the real JLA and stop the Advance Man and Plura's invasion plans.

  • JLA #51 (April)
    Mark Waid, Mike S. Miller, Armando Durruthy
    The JLA are split into 2 people, their secret identities and the super-heroe self, all except Aquaman and Wonder Women. While they try work out how this has happened, they must confront a world where people's wishes are suddenly coming true.

  • JLA #52 (May)
    Mark Waid, Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary
    Aliens called the Cathexis reveal themselves to the JLA (who are still spit from their alter-egos), explaining that the sentergy "ID" has escaped from their dimension and must be recaptured, as it has the ability to home in on desires and make them reality.

  • JLA #53 (June)
    Mark Waid, Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary
    Working with the Cathexis to recapture ID, the JLA are becoming more unlike themselves. Meanwhile their human alter-egos struggle with their lives, grouping together to confront the Cathexis who, having captured ID, turn on the JLA.

  • JLA #54 (July)
    Mark Waid, Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary
    The human alter-egos of the JLA are imperfectly joined with their hero personas in a ghastly way. But through J'onn J'onzz they pull themselves together and give the Cathexis a taste of their own medicine.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: JLA: Divided We Fall (Vol. 8) reprints JLA #47-54]

Terror Incognita (4 parts)

  • JLA #55 (August)
    Mark Waid, Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary
    White Martians return to capture J'onn J'onzz, while Lois & Nightwing are temporarily brainwashed into endangering Superman and Batman. The rest of the JLA are in Russia protecting citizens from a nuclear disaster, who suddenly turn on their protectors.

  • JLA #56 (September)
    Mark Waid, Mike S. Miller, Dave Meikis
    Superman realises that the White Martians have changed the atmosphere to stop combustion. Batman sneaks into their base to rescue J'onn, but has to leave without him when he's discovered. The White Martians, having lost the element of surprise go on an all out attack.

  • JLA #57 (October)
    Mark Waid, Mike S. Miller, Paul Neary
    J'onn escapes and destroys the atmosphere-altering towers. The JLA fly to the Fortress of Solitude, Krypto helps hold off the White Martians until the JLA can get the Phantom Zone projector ready... however the plan backfires on them when they are transported to the Phantom Zone... or has it?

  • JLA #58 (November)
    Mark Waid, Mike S. Miller, Paul Neary
    Away from prying minds, the JLA formulate a plan to defeat the White Martians, a plan that involves mind tricks... a plan that involves the Atom... a plan the involves moving the moon!

  • JLA #59 (December)
    Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty, Darryl Banks, Wayne Faucher
    While trying to administer the Joker-serum to as many villains as they can, the JLA must attend to a Jokerized Doctor Polaris who is playing havoc with the South Pole.

JLA Comics Index (1996-2011)


The JLA comic book brought together Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter. The original line-up has changed as the series has progressed. This comic book title centers around events and situations that can only be dealt with by the combined might and team work of these heroes.

Green Arrow joined the JLA in issues #8 & #9. Aztek joined the JLA in Aztek #10 and was first featured in JLA #10. The JLA was “officially” disbanded in issue #15 but again reformed with a new look line-up in JLA #16. Green Arrown and Aztek were no longer with the JLA. Steel, Huntress, Plastic Man, Zauriel, Oracle, Orion, Big Barda were shown as the new members in JLA #16 & 17, with a rotating “vacant” spot left open for any specialists needed to help out as the situation demands.

After the events of DC 1 Million, the future Hourman became a temporary member of the JLA, as did The Atom in JLA #27, but only on a semi-permanent basis as a scientific advisor.

Following an adventure in which the JLA went back in time to rescue the long-missing Aquaman and Atlantis (thereby implementing an “emergency” team hand-picked by Batman), Superman summed it up best: “The JLA is an organic thing. It exists to cope with the ever-changing face of terror... and in that way, it too, must sometimes evolve.” With that, the League's chairman expanded the core group, inducting several probationary members who had proven their worth in times of crisis. These included reformed super-criminal Major Disaster, ancient Earth shaman Manitou Raven, the mysterious telekinetic powerhouse Faith, and Green Lantern (John Stewart), who took Kyle Rayner's place on the roster. Meanwhile, former members from all incarnations of the JLA have standby status and remain on call should any emergency require their assistance.

This incarnation of the book was concluded with issue #60 ahead of the post-Flashpoint relaunch in late 2011.

Below each title name and issue number I have listed the Writer, Penciller and Inker for each comic.

This is a listing of the JLA title since its introduction in November 1996.

Note: Remember, the month dates are from the issue covers, not the actual date when the comic was on sale.


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