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  • JLA #75 (January) [The Obsidian Age - Conclusion]
    Joe Kelly; Doug Mahnke, Yvel Guichet, Darryl Banks and Dietrich Smith; Tom Nguyen, Mark Propst, Wayne Faucher and Sean Parsons
    Using the sacrifice made by the JLA, the shaman sets about creating magic both in the past and in the future, with the help of Earth's heroes (both alive and dead), to defeat Gamemnae and return Aquaman and his people to the present.

  • JLA #76 (February)
    Joe Kelly, Lewis La Rosa, Al Milgrom
    As Batman tries to put Plastic Man back together after his 3000 years of "death", the other JLA members make decisions about their futures... Faith joins the JLA, Green Lantern, Plastic Man and the Martian Manhunter decide to leave. The new GL, John Stewart joins.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: JLA: The Obsidian Age (Book Two) (Vol. 12) reprints JLA #72-76]

  • JLA #77 (March)
    Rick Veitch, Darryl Banks, Wayne Faucher
    When a gadget turns up on the moon, Green Lantern & The Atom go to investigate, but the being within it soon steals certain memories from their minds, and continues doing so to more members of the JLA. The Atom forgets how to enlarge, Green Lantern forgets about his ring, Batman forgets how to talk...

  • JLA #78 (April)
    Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen
    As the new JLA team becomes accustomed to each other they soon find themselves debating whether or not to involve themselves in a situation of war happening 50 light years away. When they do become involved they are asked to cooperate with the Minister of Defense... Kanjar Ro!

  • JLA #79 (May)
    Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen
    When Wonder Woman's efforts at negiotiation with the Peacemaker break down, War is underway and swiftly stopped by Faith using her amazing powers. As Kanjar Ro readies himself for ultimate leadership, the JLA show his followers exactly what kind of leader he'll make...

The White Rage (3 parts)

  • JLA #80 (June)
    Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau, Aaron Sowd
    Batman and Wonder Woman fail at another date attempt. While the rest of the JLA intervene in a confrontation between government departments and a meta-human safe haven. With "help" from Scorch, J'onn tries unsuccessfully to overcome his fire weekness.

  • JLA #81 (July)
    Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau, Aaron Sowd
    Batman and the others try to piece together what happened at the safe haven, while Faith and Major Damage (and seemingly Superman) all seem to blame themselves for the death of all the residents... but Batman discovers nobody actually died...

  • JLA #82 (August)
    Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau, Aaron Sowd
    As the JLA start to realize that they are not at fault for what has supposedly happened at the safe haven compound, they confront those who would have them believe they were... Axis Amerika. A group of meta-humans who want to rebuild the world in their image.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: JLA: Rules of Engagement (Vol. 13) reprints JLA #77-82]

  • JLA #83 (September)
    Joe Kelly, Chris Cross, Tom Nguyen
    Superman is confronted with the dilemma of Lex Luthor taking the U.S. to war, despite the JLA and the American people's protests. Not able to make up his mind about where his loyalties lie, Superman is brought undone... but it's all just a dream, enduced by a machine in the Watchtower, designed to help releave Superman's mind of anxieties.

Trial By Fire

  • JLA #84 (Early October)
    Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen
    Twenty thousand years in the past, the Guardians of the Universe are mixed in with the massacre of hundreds of cave men. In current time, J'onn displays to Superman how he is now invulnerable to fire. While the JLA try to figure out what is behind the sudden change in all villains feeling guilty for their past actions.

  • JLA #85 (Late October)
    Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen
    Superman saves Firestorm just in time. He then journeys to visit J'onn and ends up in a confrontation with Scorch over her relationship with J'onn. Green Lantern and the rest of the JLA discover Vandal Savage in hiding on the Moon. He shows them a secret his kept for centuries. The head of a Martian he once killed. He calls it The Burning... As the JLA return to the Watchtower they find Superman lying smashed into the JLA boardroom table.

  • JLA #86 (Early November)
    Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen
    The JLA battle for their lives against their unseen enemy, called Fernus, The Burning. Superman realizes that Fernus is actually J'onn J'onzz gone mad, so they retreat to Superman's Fortress of Solitude where they devise a dangerous plan to get help from the White Martians locked in the Phantom Zone... but Fernus has beaten them to it, killing them all.

  • JLA #87 (Late November)
    Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen
    Fernus wants Scorch to kill the JLA, but Green Lantern manages to help his friends escape. Batman manages to get to Plastic Man's house, but "Ralph Johns" doesn't remeber anything about being Plastic Man. As Fernus, J'onn is preparing to spawn more of his kind. Superman dashes off to save Lois in Metropolis.

  • JLA #88 (Early December)
    Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen
    Batman tries to convince O'Brian that he was once Plastic Man. J'onn's soul is trapped, chained to Fernus. Fernus continues his defeat of the JLA, until Plastic Man shows up, immune to Fernus' mind tricks, and discovers that a Nuclear missile was hidden from the JLA... Superman can't get to it in time, and it explodes!!

  • JLA #89 (Late December)
    Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen
    Flash saves all the North Korean people from the nuclear blast, while Plastic Man continues to try and stop Fernus. Aubrey steps in, holding back Fernus' fire so that the JLA can take him down. J'onn J'onzz comes to the fore, battling Fernus and defeating him.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: JLA: Trial by Fire (Vol. 14) reprints JLA #84-89]

JLA Comics Index (1996-2011)


The JLA comic book brought together Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter. The original line-up has changed as the series has progressed. This comic book title centers around events and situations that can only be dealt with by the combined might and team work of these heroes.

Green Arrow joined the JLA in issues #8 & #9. Aztek joined the JLA in Aztek #10 and was first featured in JLA #10. The JLA was “officially” disbanded in issue #15 but again reformed with a new look line-up in JLA #16. Green Arrown and Aztek were no longer with the JLA. Steel, Huntress, Plastic Man, Zauriel, Oracle, Orion, Big Barda were shown as the new members in JLA #16 & 17, with a rotating “vacant” spot left open for any specialists needed to help out as the situation demands.

After the events of DC 1 Million, the future Hourman became a temporary member of the JLA, as did The Atom in JLA #27, but only on a semi-permanent basis as a scientific advisor.

Following an adventure in which the JLA went back in time to rescue the long-missing Aquaman and Atlantis (thereby implementing an “emergency” team hand-picked by Batman), Superman summed it up best: “The JLA is an organic thing. It exists to cope with the ever-changing face of terror... and in that way, it too, must sometimes evolve.” With that, the League's chairman expanded the core group, inducting several probationary members who had proven their worth in times of crisis. These included reformed super-criminal Major Disaster, ancient Earth shaman Manitou Raven, the mysterious telekinetic powerhouse Faith, and Green Lantern (John Stewart), who took Kyle Rayner's place on the roster. Meanwhile, former members from all incarnations of the JLA have standby status and remain on call should any emergency require their assistance.

This incarnation of the book was concluded with issue #60 ahead of the post-Flashpoint relaunch in late 2011.

Below each title name and issue number I have listed the Writer, Penciller and Inker for each comic.

This is a listing of the JLA title since its introduction in November 1996.

Note: Remember, the month dates are from the issue covers, not the actual date when the comic was on sale.


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