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  • JLA #122 (January)
    Bob Harras, Tom Derenick, Dan Green
    The Key walks into the Jamieson Langley Associates building and kills everyone inside. The JLA are brought on the scene to see if this is intended as a threat to them, including Supergirl. The Key meanwhile decides to follow a man whose thoughts he cannot hear. As the JLA passes overhead the man turns into an OMAC unit, as do other people nearby. As the OMACs attack Supergirl, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern, Manitou Dawn is knocked out and taken by the Key, who sees her as a kindered spirit. Aquaman, Flash, Black Canary and Red Tornado arrive to help the others battle the OMACs, but Brother Eye realizes the extra heroes are a threat to the OMACs and a huge explosion ensues. The heroes manage to save everyone, but the Flash doesn't feel to good at all, he decides to run home to his loved ones. Just then Donna Troy arrives on the scene.

  • JLA #123 (February)
    Bob Harras, Tom Derenick, Dan Green
    As Donna Troy recruits Supergirl and Red Tornado to confront the Crisis in deep space, Aquaman and John Stewart go off to confront other personal matters, leaving Green Arrow and Black Canary alone to look for Manitou Dawn. Following a crow Dawn has managed to conjur, GA and BC track down the undergrown location where the Key is holding Dawn captive. The Key attempts to show Dawn the nightmare that has become his life. Meanwhile Batman investigates Arkham where the Key has telepathically blinded the staff to think he hasn't escaped. As GA and BC battle the robotic Keyman, the Key teleports he and Dawn to Gotham, where he plans to silence the whole world once and for all.

  • JLA #124 (March)
    Bob Harras, Tom Derenick, Dan Green
    Envy, one the Seven Deadly Sins, has set its sights on The Key, who has taken Manitou Dawn to the top of the Wayne Tower. The Key plans to use this vantage point to silence all minds everywhere once and for all. Green Arrow arrives in time to see Batman. As they try to reach Dawn, the Key turns Green Arrow against Batman, and the two start fighting. Black Canary arrives on the scene just as Green Arrow is about to kill Batman.

  • JLA #125 (April)
    Bob Harras, Tom Derenick, Dan Green
    Black Canary stops Green Arrow from killing Batman, only to have Manitou Dawn turn on her. Envy shows itself to The Key, as the heroes realize their minds are being manipulated. When Envy is distracted, the Key attacks him with the thoughts of all the citizens of Gotham at once, sending Envy fleeing. While Batman wants to lock the Key up in Arkham, Dawn transports him to an Astral plane where he is only enveloped by silence. Dawn's husband and J'onn (both in the astral plane) congratulate her on her efforts. However the Justice League is no more...

    [Trade Paperback collection: JLA: World Without a Justice League (Vol. 19) reprints JLA #121-125]

    Trade Paperback collection: JLA Vol. 9 [Paperback] reprints JLA #107-125 and JLA Secret Files 2004]

The "JLA" title ends... to be re-started with "Justice League of America #0" in September 2006.

Justice League of America Comics Index

The Tornado's Path

  • Justice League of America #0 (September)
    Brad Meltzer; Various Artists
    Superman. Batman. Wonder Woman. The core heroes of the DCU are back - but after Infinite Crisis, where do they stand with each other? Looking back on past encounters, both good and bad, the three heroes meet up for their annual get together, and agree to reform the JLA.

  • Justice League of America #1 (October)
    Brad Meltzer, Ed Benes, Sandra Hope with Mariah Benes
    As Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman discuss who they want to have in the new JLA, Kathy Sutton awaits Red Tornados return to this robot body, but his spirit takes over the body of a brain-dead human host instead. Jefferson Pierce gets useful information in his plain-clothes persona rather than his Black Lightning identity, learning of the disappearance of four supervillains. Vixen thinks she's meeting up with The Question, but instead realizes she's walked into a trap. A shadowy figure speaks with Felix Faust, who disguised as Deadman tricked Red Tornado into taking a human host instead of returning to his robot body. Hal Jordan and others arrive to take Arsenal to join the JLA instead of Green Arrow, but although disappointed, Ollie is proud of Roy. Red Tornado's robot body is stollen, as he returns (in human form) to his wife and child.

  • Justice League of America #2 (November)
    Brad Meltzer, Ed Benes, Sandra Hope
    As Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman continue to discuss who should make up the new JLA, Professor Ivo continues his work on the Red Tornado robot body. Hal, Arsenal and Black Canary head towards Ivo's hideout. Vixen's magic totem is stolen in a fight against the Bomb Squad. They take it back to Ivo. Black Lightning discovers that super villains are escaping hi-tech scanner detection by having their powers removed for a set time period by the Parasite. Red Tornado enjoys his new human body, but is called on by Dr Magnus. Hal, Arsenal and Black Canary arrive at Ivo's hideout, only to be confronted by an army of different colored Tornadoes.

  • Justice League of America #3 (December)
    Brad Meltzer, Ed Benes, Sandra Hope
    The re-formation of the League continues. Black Lightning comes up against the latest - and deadliest - of the JLA villains: Dr. Impossible. The Phantom Stranger speaks with Red Tornado about his new situation. Black Canary, Green Lantern and Arsenal battle and defeat the army of Tornadoes. Hawkgirl comes to Black Lightning's aid as Dr. Impossible escapes with Parasite's frozen body. Snapping off Parasite's arm, Ivo uses it to finish his newest robotic creation. Black Lightning arrives at the Batcave with Trident's unconcious body, and shows Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman his findings... a small Starro stuck to the back of Trident's neck.

JLA Comics Index (1996-2011)


The JLA comic book brought together Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter. The original line-up has changed as the series has progressed. This comic book title centers around events and situations that can only be dealt with by the combined might and team work of these heroes.

Green Arrow joined the JLA in issues #8 & #9. Aztek joined the JLA in Aztek #10 and was first featured in JLA #10. The JLA was “officially” disbanded in issue #15 but again reformed with a new look line-up in JLA #16. Green Arrown and Aztek were no longer with the JLA. Steel, Huntress, Plastic Man, Zauriel, Oracle, Orion, Big Barda were shown as the new members in JLA #16 & 17, with a rotating “vacant” spot left open for any specialists needed to help out as the situation demands.

After the events of DC 1 Million, the future Hourman became a temporary member of the JLA, as did The Atom in JLA #27, but only on a semi-permanent basis as a scientific advisor.

Following an adventure in which the JLA went back in time to rescue the long-missing Aquaman and Atlantis (thereby implementing an “emergency” team hand-picked by Batman), Superman summed it up best: “The JLA is an organic thing. It exists to cope with the ever-changing face of terror... and in that way, it too, must sometimes evolve.” With that, the League's chairman expanded the core group, inducting several probationary members who had proven their worth in times of crisis. These included reformed super-criminal Major Disaster, ancient Earth shaman Manitou Raven, the mysterious telekinetic powerhouse Faith, and Green Lantern (John Stewart), who took Kyle Rayner's place on the roster. Meanwhile, former members from all incarnations of the JLA have standby status and remain on call should any emergency require their assistance.

This incarnation of the book was concluded with issue #60 ahead of the post-Flashpoint relaunch in late 2011.

Below each title name and issue number I have listed the Writer, Penciller and Inker for each comic.

This is a listing of the JLA title since its introduction in November 1996.

Note: Remember, the month dates are from the issue covers, not the actual date when the comic was on sale.


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