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Cover date: January 2012
"Justice League - Part Three"
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Jim Lee
Inker: Scott Williams
In Washington D.C. Diana escapes from the government facility where she'd been with Colonel Steve Trevor after she saw a TV report on a winged monster attacking the city. She walks downtown, sharing an icecream with a young girl she meets, before Trevor catches up with her. A boom tube opens up and hoardes of Parademons begin an attack. At STAR Labs Professor Ivo is taken by the Parademons while Doctor Stone operates on his son Victor using experimental technology to heal his wounds. In Metropolis Superman, Green Lantern, Batman and The Flash fight off another Parademon attack. They realize the creatures are kidnapping people. Meeting them for the first time, Wonder Woman joins them in their battle. The Parademons assemble over the water as a large craft surfaces from beneath the waves. Aquaman throws a Parademon out of the water and tells the other superheroes that he should be in charge.

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Cover date: February 2012
"Justice League - Part Four"
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Jim Lee
Inker: Scott Williams
Vic Stone screams in pain as the technology transforms his body. As he approached a computer the technology in his body downloads the system's data. As Parademons break into the lab Vic's body transforms into a weapon, destroying the creatures. In shock over what he's become, Vic leaps out of the building, away from his father. In Metropolis, Aquaman is introduced to Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Wonder Woman. He immediately takes leadership of the group which angers Green Lantern. As more Parademons approach, Aquaman uses his mental powers to have a whole group of large sharks leap out of the water and destroy the creatures, before impaling another with his trident. Up above, helicopters fire on Parademons and Superheroes alike. Landing in a nearby city, Vic Stone saves a young woman from Parademons, his tech downloading the box in the creature's armor. The box opens a portal, transporting Vic to Metropolis. Vic warns them "He's coming"... and just then a boom tube opens before them... Darkseid has arrived!

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Cover date: March 2012
"Justice League - Part Five"
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Jim Lee
Inker: Scott Williams
The superheroes lay unconcious. The Flash is the first to regain conciousness only to see Darkseid destroy two jet fighters with two beams from his eyes. Superman also awakens and as Flash helps him to his feet Darkseid aims his sights on them. The two superheroes try to avoid the beams, with Flash vibrating through to Parademons so that they are destroyed. Superman isn't as lucky, with the beam striking him and rendering him unconcious once more. His body is taken by a Parademon. The Flash races back to the other heroes and tells them Superman is gone. Green Lantern starts attacking Darkseid, but is clearly no match. Darkseid breaks his arm. Batman talks sense to Green Lantern, revealing his secret identity to him, and reaching out to him to be a sensible leader. Batman races off to be captured by a Parademon so he can try rescue Superman. Green Lantern formulates a plan with the other heroes, with Vic Stone deciding to join them. Batman finds himself on Apokolips.

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Cover date: April 2012
"Justice League - Part Six"
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Jim Lee
Inker: Scott Williams
As citizens of Earth are being killed by Darkseid, the Justice League renew their attack. Cyborg informs the team that the Mother Boxes create Boom Tube portals. On Apokolips Batman sees Desaad and Steppenwolf torturing and experimenting on Superman. Realizing the beams from Darkseid's eyes are his main weapon, Wonder Woman stabs him in his left eye, while Aquaman shoves his trident into his right eye. Cyborg overrides the Mother Box system, forcing Boom Tubes to open up everywhere. The Boom Tubes also give Batman a chance to rescue Superman and transport him back to Earth, where Superman forces Darkseid back to Apokolips. Cyborg closes the Boom Tubes and the people of Earth are greatful to the Super Heroes for saving them. A huge tribute is thrown in honor of the Super Heroes, with Flash dubbing them the Super Seven. Pasko Publishing releases a book about the heroes called "Justice League: Heroes Among Men". Elsewhere two shadowy figures discuss the rise of Super Heroes, a figure they'll end up being called Super Villains themselves. A man lies dead in the rain, and woman called Pandora (with red cloak and costume), examines him. The Phantom Stranger confronts her demanding him she give him "The Box". She refuses, shoots him, but he can't be killed. She threatens to reveal his identity if he continues to persue her. She plans to use the Justice League to help her imprison "The Strange".

[Trade Paperback collection: Justice League, Vol. 1: Origin (The New 52) [Paperback] reprints Justice League #1-6]

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Cover date: May 2012
"The Villain's Journey: Prologue"/"Shazam!"
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Gene Ha/Gary Frank
Inker: Gene Ha/Gary Frank
In Baltimore, Maryland Colonel Steve Trevor and his troops attempt to deal with creatures that form part of a beast known as Spore. Spore was Dr. Samuel Street who was exposed to the "Spore" virus by an unknown intruder. The intruder stole the Orb of Ra. The Justice League arrive (much to the delight of those nearby) and race into action (much to Batman's chagrin, as he'd prefer they went in with a plan). Spore is taken down and Steve Trevor, as liaison for the Justice League to the media and the government, dodges questions about his relationship with Wonder Woman. While he talks to Wonder Woman via a video chat, their conversation in interrupted with the bickering and demands of Green Lantern and Batman. To his new aide Etta Candy, Trevor admits that he's in love with Wonder Woman./Dr. Sivana tracks mysterious mystical abductions that have occurred across the world. His research into the Rock of Eternity and an ancient hero known as Black Adam leads him to the discovery of magic. Seven months later in Philadelphia Billy Batson meets with a couple that may want to take him in as a foster child. The meeting goes well but after they leave Billy reveals his true colors and mocks the family. Billy is trouble but soon a plague of horror will be unleashed on the world and to survive it Billy must learn his greatest lesson and embrace his greatest wish. Billy must become... Shazam!

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Cover date: June 2012
"Team-Up: Green Arrow"/"Shazam!" - Part 2
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Carlos D'Anda/Gary Frank
Inker: Ivan Reis and Joe Prado/Gary Frank
A government committee tell Steve Trevor they somehow want a government appointed hero to join the Justice League. Green Arrow wants on the team, and follows the Justice League as the battle Amazo. Green Lantern and Aquaman are against him joining, while Superman thinks they should consider it. A week later Green Arrow once again tries to impress the team as they fight a criminal group called The Talons. Again they turn him down. Later again Green Arrow helps the Justice League, but is again turned down. Steve Trevor approached Green Arrow and suggests he might have another team he can join. The Justice League aren't ready to take on another team member, especially after something that happened between them and the Martian Manhunter./Billy Batson is introduced to his new home with Mr and Mrs Vasquez. He meets Freddy Freeman, Mary, Pedro, Eugene and Darla. He spurns their welcome, making young Darla cry. Mary chastizes him. Angered and annoyed, Billy sits in his room as a strange storm looms outside his window.

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Cover date: July 2012
"The Villain's Journey" - Chapter One: "The Call For Adventure"/"Shazam!" - Part 3
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Jim Lee/Gary Frank
Inker: Scott Williams/Gary Frank
In Augusta, Maine David Grave, the author of the book "Justice League: Gods Among Men", is told by his doctor that he's dying. Graves shoots the doctor when he realizes that neither he nor the Justice League can help him. In Washington, D.C. Steve Trevor is hounded by the media as he leaves a convenience store on his way to his sister's place. When The Key causes an explosion at Arkham Asylum, Batman, Superman and Cyborg round up the inmates and find The Key, who claims someone stole everything he knew about the Justice League. The Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman question the Weapons Master about who tried to free him. He reveals someone wanted information on the Justice League. Steve Trevor is captured and tortured for information on the Justice League./On his first day at his new school, Billy's new "family" is bullied by the rich Bryer boys, but Billy steps in and knocks the four bullies out. The principal tells Mr. Vasquez about Billy's terrible record from his previous schools. Mr. Bryer threatens Billy, prompting Mr. Vasquez to come to his defence. Elsewhere, near Baghdad, Dr. Sivana's crew unearth an ancient door. Certain that it's the tomb of Black Adam, Sivana attempts to open it, and is struck by magic lightning, destroying his right eye. Sivana claims to be able to see magic.

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Cover date: August 2012
"The Villain's Journey" - Chapter Two: "The Belly of the Beast"/"Shazam!" - Part 4
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Jim Lee/Gary Frank
Inker: Scott Williams, Mark Irwin, and Jonathan Glapion/Gary Frank
Three years ago David Graves made a trek to Central Asia to find a sacred magic location as a last resort. Steve Trevor escapes from his confines, only to be attacked by some mystical presence. Aquaman's position in the Justice League is questioned by the media, he ignores them and heads to the Watchtower satellite where Batman informs the League about Graves having tortured their enemies for information on each member. Graves, now infused with his own power, uses Steve Trevor's access code to board the Watchtower. Wonder Woman attacks, wanting to know what happened to Trevor, but Graves drains her of her life force, leaving her a withered husk. The rest of the League attack, and are dealt the same fate./The Vasquezs discuss the situation with Billy, who is sneaking out of the house as they speak, taking his uneaten hamburger with him. Freddy follows behind him, with Billy taking the burger to Tawny, a tiger at the zoo. Freddy informs him that the Bryer boys have always been a thorn in their side... but he knows where they live... At Black Adam's tomb, Dr. Sivana speaks the name "SHAZAM", awakening Black Adam who wants to know where the Wizard is.

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Cover date: September 2012
"The Villain's Journey" - Chapter Three: "Atonement"/"Shazam!" - Part 5
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Jim Lee/Gary Frank
Inker: Scott Williams and Jonathan Glapion/Gary Frank
Confronted by images of his parents' death, Batman makes himself bury the memories, calling out to Superman who is reliving Jonathan Kent's death. Each of the Justice League is similary affected by David Graves' attack. Graves himself is visiting Steve Trevor's sister Tracy. He vanishes when the Justice League arrive. Tracy angrily demands Wonder Woman bring Steve Trevor back safely. Wonder Woman wants to go off alone to find Graves, but the rest of the team don't agree. Green Lantern tries to stop her, but she just attacks him brutally. Superman also tries to put a stop to things, but Wonder Woman just kicks him away. Graves broadcasts the fight to the whole world, and Batman quickly tells Cyborg to transport them away. In Graves' "cabin" the team investigates, finding clues that lead them to the Valley of Souls. For some reason Cyborg is able to see the entrance. Inside each member is confronted by deceased members of their family... Cyborg sees himself. Wonder Woman sees Steve Trevor.../Black Adam kills Dr. Sivana's team, but allows Sivana to live as he can speak his language. He wants to know where the Wizard is. At the Bryer's house Billy and Freddy attempt to break into the Bryer's car, but only manage to set off the alarm. With Freddy unable to run away, Billy forces him into the bushes, while he confronts the Bryers, who give chase as he runs away. On board a train Billy is confronted by mystical lightning and fog, which lead him to a mysterious location.

Justice League #12 Read ReviewBuy NowDownload Justice League #12
Cover date: October 2012
"The Villain's Journey" - Chapter Four: "Rescue From Within"
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Jim Lee, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, David Finch
Inker: Scott Williams, Sandra Hope, Jonathan Glapion, Mark Irwin, Matt Banning, Rob Hunter, Joe Weems, Alex Garner, Trevor Scott
TMZ are airing a special on how the Justice League aren't the heroes people think they are, recapping the recent fight that aired between them, and how Steve Trevor was kidnapped by David Graves. On Mount Sumeru Wonder Woman speaks with the spirit of Steve Trevor, while each of the other members of the League see spirits relevant to their lives. Superman and Batman begin to see through the ruse create by Graves who wants to show the world that the League isn't perfect. However Steve Trevor isn't dead. His appearance shows the League that the spirits they're seeing aren't really those of their loved ones. The League attacks Graves, breaking the spell he was under. The next day Wonder Woman visits Steve Trevor in hospital, but the conversation doesn't go so well, and he asks her to leave. Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash and Green Lantern look down at the Earth and wonder if the Justice League has a future. Green Lantern quits the team. Superman finds Wonder Woman sitting alone. He confides his secret identity to her, and they realize that they're very similar in their loneliness... which leads to an embrace and a kiss. In Belle Reve Prison David Graves is approached by Amanda Waller to write a book titled "How to Destroy the Justice League".

[Trade Paperback collection: Justice League, Vol. 2: The Villain's Journey (The New 52) [Paperback] reprints issues #7-12]

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Cover date: November 2012
"Shazam" - Part Six"/"Questions"
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Gary Frank/Ethan Van Sciver
Inker: Gary Frank/Ethan Van Sciver
The Wizard becomes aware of Black Adam's release. Billy Batson is summoned towards a light and comes across representation of the Seven Deadly Sins. He laughs as he lights up each one, but a voice booms out chastising him. Billy is confronted by the Wizard, who finds him lacking in "pure good". Billy sarcastilly remarks that nobody is pure good and that being good doesn't get you anywhere. With time running out, the Wizard wonders if Billy is right, and looks once more into the character of the boy and sees he has the potential for good, and decides it will have to do. He bestows his powers on the boy, telling him to speak the word "SHAZAM" with conviction. Billy is transformed into a musical adult version of himself, and marvels at his new powers. The Wizard vanishes with a dire warning, and Billy is sent back, appearing behind Freddy. Freddy doesn't recognize him at first, but is amazed at Billy's transformation and strength when he destroys the Bryer's car. As they run off laughing, they spot a woman from the Children's Hospital being held up at gunpoint. As Shazam, Billy throws the man away from the woman, sending him smashing through a car window. The woman thanks him, and gives Billy $20 as a token of her appreciation at his request./Pandora decides the time is right to reopen the box (in the shape of a skull) in her possession. But it won't open. The Wizard appears before her, apologizes for what the council did to her, and tells her only the strongest of heart, or the darkest, can open the box and claim its power. He then vanishes without telling her who that is.

Justice League #13 Read ReviewBuy NowDownload Justice League #13
Cover date: December 2012
"The Secret of the Cheetah" - Part One/"On the Outs"
Writer: Geoff Johns/Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire
Penciller: Tony S. Daniel/Brad Walker
Inker: Richard Friend & Batt/Drew Hennessy
After their, Diana looks uncomfortable and says she needs to go, and rushes off leaving Superman standing alone. Five days later, in Manhattan's Central Park, Wonder Woman and Cheetah are engaged in battle. Barbara Ann Minerva was turned her into the Cheetah after cutting herself with an ancient blade she was studying for Diana. Wonder Woman is knocked out. Diana wakes up in the Watchtower. Batman and Aquaman visit Colonel Steve Trevor. They are looking for information on Cheetah. At the Watchtower, Superman approaches Wonder Woman in the Monitor room. He asks Flash and Cyborg for a bit of privacy. They talk about their shared kiss. Flash and Cyborg talk about the concerns they each have. Superman, Flash and Cyborg offer their help to Wonder Woman. The Justice League goes to the Congo. Batman detects movement behind them, and then abruptly they are attacked by the Cheetah. She takes out Batman and the Flash, and then attacks Superman, biting him. Superman has been transformed into a male version of Cheetah./Steve Trevor sits in a bar watching a news report that says that he has been cut as the Justice League liaison. Amanda Waller has just been recruited by the President as his replacement. Oliver Queen tells him of a new villain called Multiplex. Trevor says he has got a dangerous mission for Green Arrow.

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