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Cover date: January 2013
"The Secret of the Cheetah" - Part Two/"Shazam" - Chapter 7
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Tony S. Daniel/Gary Frank
Inker: Matt Banning & Sandu Florea/Gary Frank
Superman, now transformed into a male version of Cheetah, begins acting his fellow teammates like a wild animal. Hara, the leader of the San Tribe, blows a horn that causes Superman pain and immobilizes him. Cyborg is able to mimic the sound. Hara fills them in on the history of Cheatah, while Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman try to subdue her. They capture Cheetah and put her in a cage at Belle Reve Penitentiary. Cheatah communicaties remotely with some criminal colleague, and asks to be notified when Black Manta arrives. Wonder Woman discovers it was Barbara Minerva who corrupted Cheetah. In an effort to console and connect better with Wonder Woman, Superman takes her to Smallville, showing her why he does what he does, and is the way he is. They walk hand-in-hand, and then stop to gaze into each other's eyes, which leads to another passionate aerial kiss. While they are focused only on each other, Batman is spying on them from his Batcave./Black Adam and Doctor Sivana are in New York City. Black Adam sees labor protesters walking a picket line, and misunderstands the situation. He grabs the CEO, and casually tosses him to his death below. The bystanders are far from grateful, which puzzles Black Adam. Black Adam tries to enter the Rock of Eternity but only the Wizard's new champion has access. Elsewhere Shazam and Freddy try to blend in. Black Adam and Doctor Sivana visit one of the Seven Deadly Sins... Sloth.

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Cover date: February 2013
"Throne of Atlantis" - Chapter One/"Shazam" - Chapter 8
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Ivan Reis/Gary Frank
Inker: Joe Prado/Gary Frank
Fish are being scared away from a location in the Atlantic Ocean. Someone overrides the coordinates of a missile test aboard the navy ship the U.S.S. Mabus. The missiles head to the bottom of the ocean, where they detonate near an under water city. At the Kent farm in Smallville, Superman shows Wonder Woman how a secret identity can really work for her. In the Watchtower, Cyborg receives a video communication from his father about the failed missile test. The Navy has lost contact with the U.S.S. Mabus, and needs the help of the Justice League. Communication is cut off. In Gotham City Harbor, Batman attacks some mobsters, but receives unwanted help from Aquaman, who tells Batman about problems taking place in his realm that may require the Justice League. Mera (Aquaman's wife) arrives as Batman and Aquaman discuss what happened aboard the U.S.S. Mabus. At the Metropolis Seafood Grill, Clark and Diana are sitting down to enjoy their first dinner-date together, however a tsunami-sized wave is crashing onshore requiring Superman and Wonder Woman to spring into action. Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen watch on. Lois Lane is rescued by Vulko, another citizen from Atlantis, who warns Superman that Aquaman's brother is up to no good and must be stopped. Aquaman tells Batman that the giant wave is the first strike, and will be followed up with ground forces from Atlantis. Arthur's brother stands poised to carry out the next phase of the Atlantean War Plans./Shazam and Freddy sit on a bench eating burgers and fries from a fast-food restaurant. They only have 75 cents left, and Freddy wants Shazam to buy them beer. Bank robbers run by and aim their guns at Shazam, who subdues them easily. In the convenience store they stumble upon another theif. Then they encounter a guy hot-wiring a car. Freddy wonder if Shazam has the power to find crimes. A mystic voice that only Shazam can hear confirms that this is true. Black Adam shows up, saying "I've found you."

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Cover date: March 2013
"Throne of Atlantis" - Chapter Three: "Friends and Enemies"/"Shazam" - Chapter 9
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Ivan Reis/Gary Frank
Inker: Joe Prado and Ivan Reis/Gary Frank
Aquaman's friend Vulko has been taken to the Watchtower for his protection. Aquaman's brother Orm, King of Atlantis, is contemplating going to war with the "air breathers". The soldiers have not yet risen up from the water; but the tidal waves have already killed hundreds. Tensions are high. Another of Aquaman's mentors, Dr. Shin is rescued and brought to safety. In Boston, Aquaman tries to keep both his brother and his Justice League friends from attacking one another... using both his words and his fists. Tensions boil over however, and war is forged when Orm captures Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. Cyborg teleports himself to his dad, Dr. Silas Stone, at S.T.A.R. Labs in Detroit, requestin modifications that will allow him to operate under water. Before undergoing the operation he contacts Element Woman, Green Arrow, Black Lightning, Shazam, Hawkman, Vixen, Zatanna, Goldrush, Black Canary, and Firestorm, welcoming them to the Justice League./Doctor Sivana is walking down a city street in New Jersey with Sloth, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. They find Pride, who like the other sins has a curse of amnesia. Sloth uses the magic lightning to wake his sister up. Black Adam and Shazam have come face to face for the first time. Black Adam beats up on Shazam, wanting his power. Shazam escapes and uses the magic lightning to transform back to Billy Batson and hide. Black Adam looks for him, saying, "I will find you. And I will kill you."

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Cover date: April 2013
"Throne of Atlantis" - Chapter Five
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado and Ivan Reis
The Justice League take stock of where things stand in the war with Atlantis. The Trench creatures continue to attack, Orm and the Atlantians, as do the superheroes of Earth. Aquaman and Orm battle each other, as Arthur tries to explain to his brother that Vulko was responsible for the missile attack on Atlantis, not the land dwellers. Staff in hand, Vulko watches on from above. The Justice League are able to stop the Atlantean bombs from detonating and destroying their cities. Aquaman takes down Orm, who yields the throne when he's defeated. As the new King of Atlantas, Aquaman commands the Atlantean warriors, while the Justice League try to fight off The Trench. Vulko is found, and Aquaman is so angry at the fact that Vulko forced his hand to take the throne, that he banishes Vulko to an Earth prison. With Vulko's staff in hand Aquaman instructs The Trench to return home. Leaving Mera behind, Aquaman prepares to head to Atlantis to rule. Meanwhile, the Justice League decide to recruit new members... as do the villains.

[Trade Paperback collection: Justice League Vol. 3: Throne of Atlantis (The New 52) [Paperback] reprints issues #13-17 and Aquaman #15-16]

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Cover date: May 2013
"The Grid"/"Shazam" - Chapter 10
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Jesus Saiz/Gary Frank
Inker: Jesus Saiz/Gary Frank
In individual circumstances Firestorm, Black Canary, and Zatanna are called to the Justice League Watchtower. The Justice League are discussing expansion of the team. Cyborg has developed a database containing nearly every super-human on the planet, he calls this important database "The Grid". Candidates for the team are invited to the Watchtower for face-to-face interviews. A gathering takes place with the original members plus prospective members Black Canary, Black Lightning, Blue Devil, Element Woman, Firestorm, GoldRush, Nightwing, Platinum, Vixen, and Zatanna. Platinum goes out of control and attacks several of the others. Cyborg contacts her creator Dr. Magnus, who indicates that Platinum, created as part of project "Metal Men," is flawed and should not have been sent. Magnus requests they retrieve her artificial brain, which is fragile, irreplaceable, and critical to his work. Firestorm converts Platinum's outer shell to water, revealing the responsometer, which almost falls to the floor. The new Atom (Rhonda Pineda) appears and catches the priceless piece of technology. During the commotion someone has hacked the Justice League server containing case files and Justice League history. That person brazenly left a message including a large image of a skull and crossbones, essentially gloating about the theft./Evil Mr. Bryer and his sons show up on the doorstep of the Vasquez family. Bryer accuses Billy of destroying his SUV. But Billy has been missing since yesterday. Black Adam streak across the sky carrying a bus, which he proceeds to smash. Freddy reveals to his siblings that Billy is Shazam and in danger. The kids head out and find Billy at the zoo. Billy is miffed at Freddy for revealing his secret. Mary says that Black Adam is hurting people, and that they need a hero to protect them. Billy says the magic was given to the wrong person, and that he is not worthy. The kids head into the subway station to find their way to the Rock of Eternity. Meanwhile, Doctor Sivana tells Black Adam that the Seven Sins have gathered. Black Adam says that it is time to end this world, and the cowardly champion along with it.

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Cover date: June 2013
"War Games"/"Shazam" - Chapter 11
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Ivan Reis/Gary Frank
Inker: Joe Prado, Oclair Albert, and Jonathan Glapion/Gary Frank
At the Batcave, Jason Todd (aka Red Hood) speaks with Alfred Pennyworth. A costumed intruder incapacitates Jason, and then knocks Alfred through some plate glass. The gets through Batman's security easily, and removes a piece of Kryptonite. Atom and Firestorm have arrived early for a meeting at the Watchtower. In Kahndaq, a terrorist group have taken eight hostages; but they now have ten because Superman and Wonder Woman have gone undercover and joined the group. Once confronted, the two heroes unmask and join the fight against the armed terrorists, thus helping to save the hostages. Back at the Batcave, Batman has arrived and is surveying the damage. Cyborg and Aquaman brainstorm with Batman but have no clue who the intruder was. A TV report comes on stating that Superman and Wonder Woman crossed into Kahndaq without permission from the government there and are now being accused of spying. Cyborg teleports Batman to them. Wonder Woman is asking Superman why they don't intervene in the Kahndaq civil war. Superman says he made the decision a long time ago to use his powers to inspire, not interfere. Wonder Woman says nobody could stop them. Batman arrives and tells her that super-villains talk that way. Batman brings up the fact that Superman and Wonder Woman are in a relationship, and reveals that someone broke into the Batcave to get to Superman. Wonder Woman becomes furious, and wants to know what was in the Batcave that can hurt Superman. In the Watchtower Atom and Firestorm are suddenly attacked by Despero./Billy Batson and friends continue to try get to the Rock of Eternity to see the Wizard. Billy hears a supernatural young woman named Francesca, who tells him to say the magic word to find the Rock of Eternity. She says that once somebody is given the magic lightning, it cannot be taken back. Francesca shows Billy images of the young boy who was given the magic lightning and became Black Adam. Seeing this, Billy draws the mistaken conclusion that Black Adam can be reasoned with. Billy tries to talk to Black Adam, and realizes immediately that he has made a grave error. Black Adam covers his mouth so that Billy cannot speak the magic word.

Justice League #20 Read ReviewBuy NowDownload Justice League #20
Cover date: July 2013
"Prologue to Trinity War" - Chapter Two: "Secrets"/"Shazam" - Chapter 12
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Gene Ha, Andres Guinaldo, Joe Prado/Gary Frank
Inker: Gene Ha, Rob Hunter, Joe Prado/Gary Frank
Element Woman (a.k.a. Emily Sung), bring Big Belly food back to the Watchtower, unaware that Despero is on a rampage inside. Element Woman, Atom and Firestorm seal themselves off from the villain to discuss what they should do. Despero crashes through the vault door. He defeats all three heroes one by one. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg are together somewhere far from Watchtower. Wonder Woman is still furious that Batman was keeping a chunk of Kryptonite in the Batcave. Wonder Woman is emphatic that they need to find the intruder who stole the Kryptonite. Cyborg reveals that they have a major problem because the Watchtower defense systems are shut off. Batman tells Cyborg to teleport them back to the satellite. Cyborg cannot do that because the coordinates keep changing; Watchtower is falling to Earth. Martian Manhunter arrives in the Watchtower and challenges Despero. Superman takes off to catch the falling Watchtower. Despero tries to defeat the Martian with his mind, but J'onn pervails and leaves, telling Atom to keep his involvement a secret. Superman does successfully catch the Watchtower, and forces his way inside to ensure that everyone is OK. Spotting the unconscious Despero, Superman asks Atom if she was the one who took Despero down. She fibs and takes credit for it, not knowing what to do. Despero, although unconscious, is wearing a Kryptonite ring; and Superman crumples in pain. Batman admits that Despero's Kryptonite was obtained from the Batcave. Later, in the Batcave, Batman shows Superman each box he has prepared to take down each hero. Wonder Woman's is empty. Superman is essentially the "box" for Wonder Woman; the only one who can stop her. Batman hands Superman a box with the bat-insignia on the cover. Superman opens it, and is shocked by what he sees. Later, Steve Trevor and Amanda Waller meet with Atom who has been acting as a double agent./Billy Batson still has his mouth covered by Black Adam. Via the magic lightning, Billy sees scenes from Black Adam's origin. He learns that Black Adam has been sinister and ruthless from the very beginning. Billy's siblings see that he is being manhandled by Black Adam. In desperation, they commandeer a garbage truck and ram it into Black Adam. This provides the necessary distraction, and Billy is free from Black Adam's grasp. Billy immediately says the magic word and transforms into Shazam. He tells Black Adam he will not be afraid anymore, and will stand his ground. Black Adam grabs Mary and Freddy by the throats, and tells Shazam to cooperate or they will die.

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Cover date: August 2013
"Shazam" - Conclusion
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Gary Frank
Inker: Gary Frank
In Philadelphia, the Seven Deadly Sins are in flight and preparing to assist in the destruction of the modern world. Shazam is squared off against Black Adam, who is clutching Mary and Freddy by the throats. Billy's foster parents, Rosa and Victor, are upset that the kids are missing. Their neighbor, the evil Mr. Bryer, grabs a police officer and demands that Billy be arrested. The Seven Deadly Sins claim they have found their host and Mr. Bryer is transformed into a fire-breathing demon. Black Adam demands that Billy should give him his power. Instead, at a word from Francesca, Billy utters a spell that gives power to Billy's adopted siblings. Billy asks Mary and the others to protect citizens from the fire demon while he confronts Black Adam alone. Billy talks Black Adam into saying the magic word and transforming into his mortal self, but Black Adam has been alive for centuries, and has not assumed his mortal form in many years. So when he switches back now, his body begins to disintegrate and crumbles into dust. The Seven Deadly Sins emerge from the fiery jaws of the demon. Later, it is Christmas Day, and Billy plans to stay with his new family. In New York, Doctor Sivana attempts to find and traverse the entrance to the Rock of Eternity. He is unable to cross over. But Mr. Mind, a talking caterpillar, says that he has been watching Doctor Sivana all along; and that they will soon be the best of friends.

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Cover date: September 2013
"Trinity War" - Chapter One: "The Death Card"
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado and Oclair Albert
Framed within a tale recounted to Madame Xanadu, we flash forward briefly to the aftermath of the Trinity War, in which hope appears to have been lost. Prior to that, young Billy Batson attempts to honor the memory of his fallen foe Black Adam, but causes an international incident when he crosses Kahndaq's borders. The resulting scuffle results in a fight that finally pitches the Justice League against the Justice League of America, who was created explicitly for this purpose.

Notable Issue: Justice League of America #6 (September 2013) [Trinity War - Part 2]
Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire; Doug Mahnke; Christian Alamy, Keith Champagne, Doug Mahnke, and Tom Nguyen
The War of the Justice Leagues continues as one hero is arrested and another goes rogue. Who is responsible for the evil that has infected the League? And who is the true killer? Only the Question knows the answer...

Notable Issue: Justice League Dark #22 (September 2013) [Trinity War - Part 3]
Jeff Lemire, Mikel Janin, Mikel Janin
Madame Xanadu finds herself at the mercy of the mastermind orchestrating the events of the Trinity War. Her abilities to see the future would toss a hefty wrench in the villain's nefarious plot. Whatever the nature of that plot, the mastermind assures, all the pieces are in place, and there's none who can stop it. At ARGUS Headquarters, under the command of Amanda Waller, Firestorm goes about the chore of replicating kryptonite. Superman is being contained, the apparent killer of Dr. Light, and it isn't certain how long the most powerful being on the planet can be shackled up. Kryptonite is Waller's disaster prevention plan. Elsewhere in the headquarters, as members of the JL and the JLA, with Zatanna, oversee Dr. Light's scorched body, the Phantom Stranger informs the teams that Wonder Woman has gone in search of the JLD in the hopes that that dark group of paranormal misfits can help her find Pandora. In New York at the stoop of the House of Mystery, Diana confronts the JLD. John Constantine, the team's leader and Scouser mouthpiece, is interested in neither helping Diana nor finding Pandora. He's more concerned with the whereabouts of Xanadu. It's too late now, though. Everything is on the way to hell in a great big creepy hand basket. The Leagues are deteriorating, becoming fractured by infighting, suspicion, and self-interest. By now Superman, with the help of the Question, knows he isn't to blame for Dr. Light's death. It looks like Dr. Psycho may have played a hand in this house of cards. Further fragmentation causes Waller to lose grip of her agents. There are mysteries to solve and a world to save, and Waller's brazen political posturing isn't helping. Even if Waller was of use, it would seem to be of little help: information of the League's plans is trickling to the shadowy devil holding Xanadu captive - via a mole in the Justice League!

Notable Issue: Justice League of America #7 (October 2013) [Trinity War - Part 4]
Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire; Doug Mahnke; Christian Alamy, Keith Champagne, Marc Deering, Doug Mahnke, and Walden Wong
The hunt for a murder suspect leads Superman and his new teammates to the secret behind the Secret Society, while Batman finds the key to the crime - and one of the Leaguers will be forever changed by it. Plus, who is the Secret Society of Super-Villains and what are their plans for Pandora?

Notable Issue: Justice League Dark #23 (October 2013) [Trinity War - Part 5]
Jeff Lemire, Mikel Janin, Mikel Janin
Madame Xanadu peers across space and time at the destruction that is enveloping the world. She sees the superheroes of the world battling each other for control of Pandora's box, the cranial confinement of all that is wicked. The heroes are confronting Wonder Woman, who is under the box's control, fearing what doom a mindless, blood-lusting Amazon may bring to the world. With Superman still ill, and now lost somewhere in the ruins of ARGUS, it will take the return of Shazam to stand a chance against the Princess of Themyscira. A right cross from Shazam pummels Wonder Woman, allowing Shazam to get his hands on the box. He causes a rift across the magical spectrum, harming supernatural beings across the globe. Fortunately, this rift opened up the magical connection all these beings share, allowing Deadman, away in the House of Mystery with Batman and the JLA, to see the location of Xanadu. At the site where ARGUS once stood, Superman, Cyborg, Martian Manhunter, and the others stumble from the ruins, the headquarters having been blown up. Distrust and blame aimed at Amanda Waller is mounting among the heroes, and things are getting heated. Superman, still weak, intervenes to compel his colleagues to search for survivors. Elsewhere, the combating group now have the task of taking on a Pandora's box-infused Shazam. The box exchanges several hands while Pandora, Zatanna, and Stargirl attempt to flee. Finally, that scoundrel and cheat, John Constantine arrives and takes hold of the box. Interestingly, the box has no adverse effects on Constantine. Pandora thought Superman in all his purity would be the only being able to withstand the pestilent evil of the box. She was wrong, of course, and each person to have since touched the box became a tool of the instrument's wickedness. Not Constantine, though. It turns out you can't corrupt the purely corrupted. Leaving the confusion and fighting behind, Constantine and Zatanna attempt to transport to London. The rift caused by the mingling of Shazam's magic with that of the box's distorts Constantine's transportation spell. The two end up at the ancient ruins of the Temple of Hephaestus in Greece. No mere coincidence, though, as they soon discover Xanadu shackled below the temple. Soon joined by the JLA demanding the box, Xanadu reveals a new secret: the box is a doorway, and the mastermind behind this whole catastrophe intends to open it. Where the door leads - or what will come out of it - we can be sure isn't good.

Justice League #23 Read ReviewBuy NowDownload Justice League #23
Cover date: October 2013
"Trinity War" - Chapter Six: "Conclusion"
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado and Oclair Albert
Trinity War concludes! But that doesn't mean all ends well for our heroes. The secret behind Pandora's Box is revealed and it means the end of the Justice Leagues!

[Trade Paperback collection: Justice League: Trinity War [Hardcover] reprints Free Comic Book Day 2012, Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1-3, Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #11, Justice League #22-23, Justice League Dark #22-23, Justice League of America #6-7, and Constantine #5]

[Trade Paperback collection: Justice League Vol. 4: The Grid (The New 52) [Paperback] reprints Justice League #18-20 and #22-23]

Justice League #23.1 Read ReviewBuy NowDownload Justice League #23.1/Darkseid #1
Cover date: November 2013
Writer: Greg Pak
Penciller: Paulo Siqueira and Netho Diaz
Inker: HI-FI
Once upon a time, on a world that was before our world, there lived Uxas. Uxas had a sister named Avia who had a husband named Izaya. As the Old Gods were fighting, they tore apart the city Uxas and his family lived in. Uxas did not believe that the gods had their best interests at heart, so instead of praying to them, he climbed the Forbidden Mountain on which they reside and he made the gods go to war with each other. One god, beaten and broken, asked Uxas for a prayer as the gods lived on faith. Instead, Uxas murdered him. He then proceeded to murder all the other gods, two, ten, all of them, and then Uxas was gone, replaced by Darkseid. On the ground below the mountain, Izaya runs carrying his wife but is stopped by one of the gods, who is dying. He gives Izaya his own power and then he becomes the Highfather. Highfather fights Darkseid and tells his former brother that they are the New Gods and that they can fix what is broken in the universe. Darkseid doesn't agree and decides to destroy their planet. Later, we find that Darkseid is the ruler of Apokolips. On Apokolips, Kaiyo, the Trickster causes some strife between some Parademons, which Darkseid does not like. Darkseid chases her until she teleports away. Attempting to follow, Darkseid discovers Earth-2 and the Superman of it. Wanting to defeat someone whose power rivals his own, he invades Earth-2; and although the heroes of Earth-2 stop the invasion, Darkseid takes Superman for himself. Finding Kaiyo again, Darkseid follows her to countless realities and he destroys world after world after world. Until he gets to the New Earth. The Justice League form to take Darkseid on and they eventually beat him. Back on Apokolips, Darkseid thanks Kaiyo for showing him all the other worlds and then walks into a chamber where he has Supermen lying dead on the ground.

Justice League #23.2 Read ReviewBuy NowDownload Justice League #23.2/Lobo #1
Cover date: November 2013
"The Last Paycheck"
Writer: Marguerite Bennett
Artists: Ben Oliver with Cliff Richard
Our story begins at a night club in deep space. Lobo, a bounty hunter, kills the entertainer in grizzly fashion; decapitating him and slicing him up. Twelve hours later he has travelled to an interstellar trading outpost in order to collect the bounty and get his next assignment. His contact there offers information that Lobo is seeking, as an exchange if Lobo will handle a smuggling job for her. Lobo takes the job, not knowing or caring what cargo he is carrying. This version of Lobo looks different; less outrageous, more stylish than the one we are used to. Lobo travels through a dangerous part of space, and is brought down by some space pirates. On the surface of the planet where he crash-lands, he confronts his attackers and does some more slicing. Lobo gets bloodied a bit; but his abilities include a fast-acting healing factor; so he is fine. Lobo checks the cargo bay in his ship. Lobo expects to find cargo. Instead Lobo finds aliens who were abducted from their home world. They were threatened with death, because their bones are rare and thus valuable. They are thanking lobo profusely, indicating that he saved them. But, when Lobo discovers that their bones are valuable, he locks them back up in the hull of his ship, and decides to make his delivery. Lobo goes to an illegal trade junction in Southern Cross, hands over the aliens he has imprisoned. As he fills out some forms, Lobo says that the worst part of killing is doing the paperwork afterwards. Lobo receives his reward from Rhialla, who sent him on the smuggling mission. It appears to be some sort of tracking device; or perhaps a powerful microcomputer. Lobo travels to Earth, home of the Lobo we are familiar with. The new, slimmer Lobo says the one we recognize, the traditional Lobo, is an impostor. The new Lobo says we don't know him; and we haven't even met him... yet.

Justice League #23.3 Read ReviewBuy NowDownload Justice League #23.3/Dial E #1
Cover date: November 2013
"Dial Q for Qued"
Writer: China Mieville
Pencillers: Mateus Santolouco, Carla Berrocal, Riccardo Burchelli, Liam Sharp, Jock, Tula Lotay, Marley Zarcone, Brendan McCarthy, Emma Rios, Emi Lenox, Jeff Lemire, Frazier Irving, David Lapham, Carmen Carnero, Sloane Leong, Kelsey Wroten, Michelle Farran, Annie Wu, Zak Smith, Alberto Ponticelli, and Dan Green
Inkers: Eva De La Cruz, Frazier Irving, Annie Wu, and Zak Smith
In a little town called Littleville (pun intended), a bunch of kids crowd around a dial which they found. One of the kids, named Gwen, turns the dial and becomes the super-villain Suffer Kate. Changing into many different forms, Gwen steals some cash and takes off with her friends. In an alley, they are encountered by some thugs, one of them named Tibb, who wants the dial back. One of the kids, Al, takes the dial and transforms into a few new villains to face these thugs. Eventually the cops show up and Al takes them all on too. But suddenly, a sniper shoots at the kid and the dial flys away from him and into the arms of Ben. Ben takes on the SWAT team single-handled as he transforms into a few new super-villains. Shortly after, a man named the Centipede cuts through reality to take back the dial. He and Ben fight until finally Ben is beaten. One of his friends picks up the dial to fight off the Centipede when she realizes there's no Q on the rotary dial to allow her to transform. This is explained as being because she, unlike her friends, is not "bad enough". The Centipede shows her how it works and just as he turns back into his normal self, he is knocked out by Rescue Jill.

Justice League #23.4 Read ReviewBuy NowDownload Justice League #23.4/Secret Society #1
Cover date: November 2013
"The Wild Card"
Writer: Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates
Artists: Szymon Kudranski
On Earth-3, The Outsider (aka Alfred) follows Owlman through the streets of Gotham, hunting down The Joker. Joker has killed Talon (Batman's young sidekick), done at a time when Owlman was secretly having an affair with Superwoman (Ultraman's wife). Joker also sprays Outsider with liquid that makes him laugh. With Owlman distracted, the police in helicopters (who work for Owlman) see an opportunity to get out from under him, and try shooting him, but Owlman takes them out. Owlman cures Outsider, but there's bigger issues at stake... the sky has turned red and Ultraman needs Owlman's help to figure it out. Later, Outisder and Atomica come to the Earth of the Justice League, and begin forming a Secret Society of Super Villains in preparation for the Crime Syndicate's invasion from Earth-3.

Justice League #24 Read ReviewBuy NowDownload Justice League #24
Cover date: December 2013
"Forever Strong"
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado, Oclair Albert, and Eber Ferreira
Opening up on Earth 3's Krypton, 25 years ago, Jor-Il and his wife destroy all of the escape rockets off of Krypton. All but one. They put Kal-Il into a rocket and send him off, training him to be evil as he grows on his journey to Earth. There, he forced Jonathan and Martha Kent to be his new parents, at least until he turns 7 years old and kills them. He grew up and used people like Hal Jordan and the Amazon Lois Lane to his advantage, creating the Crime Syndicate. That is until Darkseid came to their Earth and destroyed it. And then they came here. Ultraman flies to Metropolis's very own Daily Planet building where he finds Jimmy Olsen. On his world, Jimmy took dirty pictures and fought people for doing him wrong. But that is not this world's Jimmy Olsen. Ultraman breaks Jimmy's hand, throws Lois Lane across the room, and tells Jimmy that Superman is NOT coming. Lois tries to fight back, but Ultraman continues to remind them that Superman is NOT coming. Grid gets on the line with Ultraman telling him that a threat is headed towards him; a threat in the form of Black Adam. Adam explains to Ultraman that he has spent his life liberating people from those who would rule over them, but Ultraman tells him that he doesn't break easily.

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