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  • Krypto The Superdog #3 (January)
    Jesse Leon McCann, Min S. Ku, Jeff Albrecht
    Snooky-Wookums steals into STAR Labs in disguise, where he turns control of a communication satellite over to Mechanikat who uses the satellite to create a hypnotic signal using the moon. The signal has all the cats in Metropolis stealing money and jewelry which Mechanikat plans to sell across the universe. Krypto has to fight a hypnotized Streaky before being able to defeat Mechanikat. Back-up Story: When the Penguin's pet penguin Waddles accidentally lands in the Fortress of Solitude, trapping Superman while turning himself in to a brainy genuis, Krypto and Bathound need to save the day.

  • Krypto The Superdog #4 (February)
    Jesse Leon McCann, Min S. Ku, Jeff Albrecht
    Snooky Wookums and Isis gain super powers thanks to a chunk of organe Kryptonite which gives animals super powers for 24 hours. Krypto, Streaky, Bat Hound and the Dog Star Patrol attempt to foil the villain's robberies, while stealing back the orange Kryptonite before the 24 hour period is up. Back-up Story: Time is slowed right down thanks to Lex Luthor's meddling pet Iguana. Covered by Krypto's shadow, Kevin finds that he's the only one not affected by the effect on time, and meeting up with the Flash, the two speedsters save people in trouble (including Kevin's dad and sister) before fixing the problem at Lexcorp.

  • Krypto The Superdog #5 (March)
    Jesse Leon McCann, Scott Cohn & Min S. Ku, Al Nickerson & Jeff Albrecht
    When General Zod's three Kryptonian dogs land on earth Streaky and Krypto must defeat them before they take over the Earth. Back-Up Story: Krypto teams up with Bat Hound to trick the Joker into thinking Batman is trying to stop his Hyenas in Connecticut while Batman is really still in Gotham ready to pounce on the Joker's latest heist.

  • Krypto The Superdog #6 (April)
    Jesse Leon McCann, Min S. Ku, Jeff Albrecht
    Krypto helps the Dog Star Patrol save Fun Day when the Intergalactic Mailman is kidnapped by Mechanikat. Back-Up Story: Beppo secretly stowed away in Kal-El's rocket and has been living on Earth without much happiness, when he spots Krypto flying above and decides to follow him. Beppo the monkey creates havoc as he tries to imitate Krypto. Comet the Super Horse arrives from the future to take Beppo to a place where he won't be such a nuisance.

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