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  • Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #8 (January)
    Jack Briglio, Alexander Serra, Alexander Serra
    Bored with Monitor Duty, Triplicate Girl splits into three. White going on a date to a football game with Bouncing Boy, Orange going out with Superman to a night club, while Purple stays on Monitor Duty. The villain Star Finger tried to win Orange Triplicate Girl's affections, but Superman fights him off. Star Finger then attempts to woo Purple on Monitor Duty, but Timber Wolf and Lightning Lad have other ideas. When Finger next tries White Triplicate Girl, she and Bouncing Boy fight him off with the help of the rest of the Legion. Triplicate Girl and Bouncing Boy seem to be an item now.

  • Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #9 (February)
    Scott Beatty, Ethen Beavers, Ethan Beavers
    An old photograph of Brainiac battling Superman in the past makes Brainiac 5 ask Superman to punch him as hard as he can to open up some files in his memory that are locked away from him. The files confirm that Brainiac 5 is a decendant of the original Brainiac. Upset at the information Brainy uses a time bubble to send the Legion back to Krypton to try to make things up to Superman, but he accidentally sends them back in time to pre-historic Krypton where telepathic creatures attack them. Brainy is able to devise a way to get them back to Earth and their own time.

  • Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #10 (March)
    Matthew K. Manning, Alex Serra, Jeff Albrecht
    Saturn Girl stays behind while the rest of the LSH goes to a concert. Feeling bad for her, Lightning Lad decides to stay behind too. Before he can join her however the HQ is attacked and taken over by the Fatal Five. Things look bad for Saturn Girl, however when she and Lightning Lad find each other, the two together manage to defeat the villains and regain control of the HQ, just as the rest of the team return from the concert.

  • Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #11 (April)
    J. Torres, Alexander Serra, Rick Ketcham
    Brainiac 5 is cataloguing Superman's time with them, and reveals an untold tale of when Superman once got lost on Mars, and had to confront Hyperclan, a group of Martian separatists who want to reclaim Mars for Martians alone and resort to terrorism to make their voices heard.

  • Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #12 (May)
    Matthew K. Manning, Ethan Beavers, Ethan Beavers
    With the Legion set to be honored by the President on National Legion Day, Timber-Wolf refuses to join them, not feeling a worthy part of the team. However a series of clues leads him to uncover a plot to blow up the podium as the LSH members stand upon it, and it's up to Timber-Wolf to figure out where the bomb is planted and how to stop it.

  • Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #13 (June)
    J. Torres, Alexander Serra, Rick Ketcham
    Lois Lane interviews Superman for the first time, but he has to rush off to save people from a burning building. He thinks back to how his time in the future with the Legion of Super-Heroes helped him hone his skills and discover some of his super powers. Lois and Clark go out on assignment together to cover Luthor's unveiling of his Lex-o-Skeleton 3000 battlesuit. But as Lex puts on the suit Brainiac takes over it, putting people in danger. Superman comes to the rescue, recalling how Brainiac 5 in the future told him to keep an eye on Lex Luthor once he returned to his own time.

  • Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #14 (July)
    Jack Briglio, Adam Archer, Adam Archer
    Phantom Girl begins to hear spooky voices and ghostly beings, who seem intent on harming her mother, President Wazzo. While her mother all but ignores her, her fellow Legion members trust her and vow to help. When the ghostly beings nearly destroy President Wazzo's spaceship on the way to the planet Trom (Element Lad's destroyed home world), Phantom Girl must save her mother and stop the planned mining of the crystal formation errected by Element Lad as a memorial to his people.

  • Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #15 (August)
    Jake Black, Robert Atkins, Rick Ketcham
    Triplicate Girl and Bouncing Boy are on a date, playing a new VR game, when they're somehow transported to a different virtual reality inhabited by Bart (aka Impulse) who lives in this reality as a means to learn to control his powers. But buildings and people in his reality have been vanishing, and Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl vow to help him discover who is behind it, and with Brainy's help they uncover the villain as being Tharok, who is plugged into the network as a means of building his own power. The heroes defeat Tharok, offering Bart a place on the team, but he's not ready to join just yet.

  • Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #16 (September)
    Matthew K. Manning, Shawn McManus, Shawn McManus
    Floyd has a super-power... his arm disconnects from his body while still remaining operational. He calls himself Arm-Fall-Off Boy and wants to join the Legion, because he think he'll fit in there. He runs away from home and approaches Phantom Girl, who at first ignores him. However when Starfinger manages to get a hold of Phantom Girl's flight ring, Floyd throws his arm into action and saves the day. While he's not yet ready to be a Legionnaire, he does feel better about himself.

  • Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #17 (October)
    J. Torres, Sanford Greene, Nathan Massengill & Jeff Albrecht
    Brainy is warned by Dream Girl about a dream she had about their flight rings. Brainy ignores her. When the Legion Transport ends up in an asteroid belt, Superman, Brainy and Lightning Lad fly off to rescue their friends, but instead fall into the trap of the Warhawks, a group of Thanagarian space pirates. Redbeard, their leader, steals the LSH flight rings for the Nth metal within them. But Brainy turns the tables, tricking the Warhawks in return, and getting back their flight rings, which he is able to control remotely, much to the shock of his friends.

  • Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #18 (November)
    J. Torres, Ethan Beavers, Ethan Beavers
    Certain members of the team are still upset at Brainy never telling them about his control over their rings, and hand them in to him. However when the language Interlac is apparently erased from existence, chaos ensues all around New Metropolis. The White Witch discovers it's the actions of Mordru, and Brainy creates a plan to use Nemesis Kid to counteract Mordru's magical powers and save the day.

  • Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #19 (December)
    J. Torres, Alex Serra, John Stanisci
    Booster Gold bursts onto the scene and steals the lime light when the Legion thwart the Scavengers during a robbery. When the Scavengers escape from the Science Police, the LSH track them down, but find Booster Gold is already there. Seems Booster has been paying off his father's gambling debts by giving the Scavengers what they want. But when he holds out on them by building a time sphere for his own use, the Scavengers aren't happy at all. One of the Scavengers escapes in the time sphere and Booster Gold rushes in to try and follow him. Seems Brainy knew all along that Booster Gold was meant to travel further back in time.

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