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Cover date: September 2016
"Made in China" - Part One
Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Penciller: Viktor Bogdanovic
Inker: Richard Friend
Shanghai, China. A teenage boy is in danger, cornered in an alley. A fist flies into the back of his head and steals a Cola from his backpack. The fist belongs to our protagonist, Kenan Kong, a bully. Kenan is the son of a mechanic, his victim, Luo Lixin, is the son of a well-to-do airline CEO. In trying to escape the frying pan, Lixin falls straight into the fire. Blue Condor, one of Shanghai's first "American-style" super-villains, appears out of nowhere, grabbing Lixin. Blue Condor is known to periodically terrorize the rich and powerful. People like Lixin, not Kenan. Though every instinct tells Kenan to run, he hurls the Cola at Condor, who drops Lixin, fleeing. Lixin is so overwhelmed with gratitude, he hugs his longtime bully and asks how he can repay him. Kenan doesn't need a moment to consider; he asks for all the cash he has on him. Lixin doesn't hesitate and promises he'll bring him more tomorrow. A young woman by the name of Laney Lan recorded Kenan's heroic moment on her cellphone. She is a reporter for Primetime Shanghai, she conducts an impromptu interview on the spot as her camera crew assembles. Kenan resists his engrained habit of insulting Lixin on camera, flexes his muscles, and tells the world of his "sense of duty" towards his fellow classmate. Before leaving, Kenan asks Laney out on a date, and is promptly shot down. Riding high from his star treatment, Kenan heads to his father's auto repair shop, but is quickly deflated. His father has already seen the viral video and is not impressed. He will not stay for an in-depth interview with Laney. He has a meeting with fellow dissident writers working to uncover the existence of an evil shadow department of the government known as the Ministry of Self-Reliance. He says, Truth, Justice, and Democracy are more important than any one individual, and he will not take part in a news spectacle to generate television ratings. Dejected, Kenan visits his mother's grave, she died years ago in an airplane crash. (Yes, the same airline that Lixin's father works as CEO). Kenan is accosted by Dr. Omen, an employee of the Ministry of Self-Reliance. (She first appeared in The Final Days of Superman storyline). She tells him that the ministry has found a way to replicate Superman's abilities - in the right person. They believe that right person to be Kenan. In a laboratory, Kenan is outfitted with a snug containment suit and put into the Origin chamber. With the flip of a switch and a jolt of electricity, a reoccurring dream flashes before Kenan's eyes. His mother's airplane is plummeting to Earth. The only difference: he is dressed as Superman. Not realizing he is dreaming, Kenan bursts out of the chamber exuding solar power in an attempt to save his mother. As he comes back to reality, he is enamored with his newfound powers. When he doesn't feel the need to listen to Dr. Omen's instructions, she calls for backup. Kenan is ordered to stand down or be brought down by the Bat-Man and the Wonder-Woman of China.

New Super-Man #2 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now New Super-Man #2
Cover date: October 2016
"Made in China" - Part Two
Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Penciller: Viktor Bogdanovic
Inker: Richard Friend
The Bat-Man and Wonder-Woman of China attack Kenan Kong, the new Super-Man of China. But while attempting to fight back, Kenan realizes that he has lost his powers. Wonder-Woman uses her lasso which, according to her is like an extension of her own skin, to subdue Kong. Bat-Man tasers him, knocking him out. Kong wakes up and tries to call his father, but Dr. Omen snatches the phone and uses voice manipulation to pose as Kenan and reassure his father that he is fine. Omen tells Kenan that he cannot go home until he is properly trained. His powers are still gone so she gives him a visor to wear which will protect people and property from a stray blast of heat vision should it manifest itself unexpectedly. The visor is not only an eye shield, but a shock collar of sorts that will not come off in order to keep him in line. In the Monitor room, Omen, Bat-Man, and Wonder-Woman receive a home security system alert. The founder of a large data company has been attacked by a super villain named Sunbeam. Kenan is only allowed to go because he happens to know the security code. (It's the same gated community that Luo Lixin's family lives in) After getting his Justice League partners in, Kenan is ordered to stay in the BUV or Bat Utility Vehicle. If he steps one foot out the door, his visor's stun feature will activate. But with the showdown between the JLC and Sunbeam is at a stalemate, Kenan leaves the vehicle despite the visor continually shocking his head. He takes Sunbeam off guard, saving the day. But the villain stands over him and blasts the powerless Super-Man in the head. As luck would have it, Kenan's powers return and he is unharmed. Wonder-Woman uses her lasso to capture Sunbeam. As things wrap up, television journalist Laney Lan runs to the scene. Kenan wants recognition so badly, with Laney's cameraman sending out a live feed, he impetuously rips off his visor and reveals his secret identity to the world.

New Super-Man #3 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now New Super-Man #3
Cover date: November 2016
"Made in China" - Part Three
Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Penciller: Viktor Bogdanovic
Inker: Richard Friend
Kong Kenan has just revealed to Laney Lan that he is the new Super-Man. Dr. Omen instructs Deilan (Wonder-Woman) and Baixi (Bat-Man) to retrieve Kenan before he reveals anything else to the press. Kenan announces to the world that China has its own Justice League. Before Kenan can reveal Bat-Man and Wonder-Woman's true identities, he is wrapped in Wonder-Woman's lasso and escorted away from the scene. Elsewhere, Zhongdan sees the interview with his son and notices that the symbol on Kenan's chest is in the shape of an octagon. This is deeply concerning to Zhongdan. The B.U.V. dives beneath the water's surface as Deilan, Kenan, and Baixi approach the Crab Shell - the only prison in the nation equipped to house China's most dangerous metahuman criminals. The Crab Shell was constructed five years ago, a year after metahumans started to appear in America. The team escort Sunbeam to a holding cell when a captive villain recognizes Kenan as the son of Zhongdan. At the Oriental Pearl Tower, August General in Iron has contacted Dr. Omen. Omen should have been imprisoned after the horrific events caused by her experimentation with the energies of New 52 Superman's solar flare, but has been freed by the Chinese government and allowed to create a Chinese Justice League. August threatens to shut Omen down. As the call ends, the JLC arrive. Omen is surprised to find that Kenan was able to remove the visor that inhibited his powers. She pulls out a high-tech gun and fires it at Kenan, weakening him immediately. Omen calls Kenan out on his stupid decision to reveal secrets to Laney, mentioning that Kenan's little stunt has endangered the Ministry of Self-Reliance, his teammates, and everyone he's ever loved. Later, on top of the Oriental Pearl Tower, Deilan visits Kenan and the two reconcile. Baixi joins them where it is revealed that Baixi has vital information. Zheng Shiqiang, a marine biology professor, will be the next to fall under attack. Luo Longde, Wei Li, and Zheng Shiqiang all fund the Ministry of Self-Reliance. Kenan insists on investigating the situation before bringing it to Omen. Baixi, initially against the idea, reluctantly agrees. Deilan, Baixi, and Kenan arrive at Dr. Zheng's office where Zheng confuses them for his would-be attackers. Zheng releases Xiangliu - an ancient sea monster with many snake-like heads. The monster's blood has toxic acid flowing through it, making the confrontation a challenge. Outside, Ghost Woman, Blue Condor, and Flying Dragon General approach the building. The JLC fight the monster, but are having difficulty subduing the creature. Kenan accidentally discovers that Xiangliu is not impervious to its own blood. As the beast retreats, the group of villains enter the room. Blue Condor uses his powers to suffocate Kenan. The JLC are now faced with an ultimatum: allow the villains free passage, or watch Super-Man die.

New Super-Man #4 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now New Super-Man #4
Cover date: December 2016
"Made in China" - Part Four
Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Penciller: Viktor Bogdanovic
Inker: Viktor Bogdanovic
Kong Kenan is being suffocated by Blue Condor. Flying Dragon General demands that Baixi and Deilan drop their weapons. They comply, but Wonder-Woman has a trick up her sleeve: She uses her lasso to fight back. Bat-Man follows suit as Blue Condor prepares to kill Super-Man. Flying Dragon General hits Blue Condor upside the head, telling him that the plan wasn't to kill Kenan. Super-Man is given just enough time to recover and destroys Condor's robotic hand - the source of his powers. Kenan uppercuts Condor, sending him through a window. Wonder-Woman reminds Kenan that JLC members do not kill or maim before Condor strikes back. With a swift kick from Super-Man, Blue Condor is knocked out. Deilan notices that Flying Dragon General is attempting to escape and warns Kenan. Kenan keeps the remaining Chinese Freedom Fighters from fleeing, but is confronted by Flying Dragon General. The General tells Super-Man that he stands for nothing, unlike the American Superman. Super-Man is then offered an opportunity to put an end to The Ministry of Self-Reliance and their shady dealings. The General zaps him and flies off. Laney Lan is snooping around the base of the Oriental Pearl Tower. She's managed to unlock an entrance without triggering an alarm. A Ministry employee plans to send a couple of guards down to intercept her, but Dr. Omen wants Lan to be brought to her. Elsewhere at The Crab Shell secret prison, the JLC lock up two criminals from their encounter with the Freedom Fighters. At the Oriental Pearl Tower, Bat-Man, Super-Man, and Wonder-Woman prepare to tell Dr. Omen about their secret mission, only to find her talking with Laney Lan. Dr. Omen has decided to allow Primetime Shanghai to get the exclusive on the JLC. The team is pulled aside by Dr. Omen. They are to let Omen do the talking, and should they be asked any questions, they are to keep their answers short, polite, and vague. This is purely damage control after Kenan's slip-up in issue #2. If all goes well, Omen might be more willing to overlook their secret mission. Back at The Crab Shell, Ghost Woman, one of the recently imprisoned super-criminals, starts retching. From her mouth comes a paper figure that transforms into a human male. His name is Folding Paper Man, and he had been hiding in Ghost Woman's stomach. A prison guard notices that Folding Paper Man has appeared and begins to alert the other guards. Before the message can be completed, Folding Paper Man kills the guard with a fatal paper cut. Laney Lan conducts her interview and asks what The Ministry plans to do to protect Kenan's loved ones after the revelation of his identity. Omen is unconcerned, stating that Super-Man is so early into his career that he has no enemies that would pose enough of a threat, and they are all incarcerated. All except for one: Flying Dragon General. As the interview wraps up, Kenan requests to check in on his father. Omen instructs Wonder-Woman and Bat-Man to escort him home. The inmates have taken over The Crab Shell prison. Human Firecracker, a villain with pyrotechnic-based technology, informs the other inmates that The Ministry truly has been developing an ultimate weapon. The Ministry had used it on Firecracker in an attempt to control his mind. They call it a G.M.S. - a Genetically Modified Starro. The Freedom Fighters plan to steal the weapon for themselves in their battle for truth, justice, and democracy. Super-Man, Bat-Man, and Wonder-Woman have arrived at Kenan's home. Kenan enters to find his father watching television in the dark. He begins to tell him about the most recent developments, but is halted in his tracks as his father rises from his chair and steps into the light to reveal that he is Flying Dragon General.

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