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  • Super Powers #1 [of 6] (November 23, 2016)
    Art Baltazar & Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    Superman shows up in Gotham, meets with Commissioner Gordon about Batman being missing. Batman is being held by Brainiac on New Krypton. Superman cleans up Gotham, taking care of the Bat villains. The Riddler gives Superman a clue as to who may have kidnapped Batman. On Paradise Island, Wonder Woman and her mother discuss Brainiac and Batman's abduction. Wonder Woman heads to New Krypton. On New Krypton, Superman meets up with Jor-El and a pregnant Lara. They discuss Brainiac's capture of Batman. Superman arrives at Brainiac's lair and free's Batman while fighting Brainiac. Wonder Woman arrives to help Superman take on Brainiac. Batman uploads a Kryptonite virus through an email to Brainiac, defeating him. Alfred arrives to take Batman home in a Bat-Spaceship. Meanwhile on Earth it is revealed that Lex Luthor is the one who infected Brainiac causing him to abduct Batman. He talks to a mysterious cloud about their plans to kidnap Lara and Jor-El's unborn child.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Five: Annual #1 (November 30, 2016)
    Brian Buccellato; Mike S. Miller, Xermanico, Margo Santucci
    Harley Quinn seeks to retire from her career as Harley Quinn, but falls in with a group of Joker mask wearing thugs, known as the Clan. Ares escapes from Apocalypse and returns to offer his services to Regime Superman. Atom and Black Lightning approach Regime Superman about restoring Metropolis, and work to accomplish just that. Metropolis is restored and Lex Luthor gives the Batman his walking papers.

  • Super Powers #2 [of 6] (December 28, 2016)
    Art Baltazar & Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    Superman is at the mercy of Lex Luthor, on Luthor's Kryptonite Fortress/Island. Wonder Woman arrives and lasso's Superman from the island, and takes him back to the Fortress of Solitude in the Antarctic. On New Krypton, General Zod intercepts Jor-El and Lara as they fly to the hospital as Lara is ready to give birth to her and Jor-El's second baby. Zod taunts Jor-El that the Phantom Zone may have altered Lara's body. Brainiac listens from a far. Meanwhile a Composite Superman/Batman appears in Central City, and the Flash attempts to stop him. Composite Superman/Batman is too strong for him, and Flash runs away to Batman who is looking on from a roof top. Just then a bandaged up Superman from the future turns up and begins to battle Composite Superman/Batman. A rejuvenated Superman also turns up and Batman, Flash with help from the future Superman manage to stop the future villain. Batman tells the rest of the heroes that the Composite Superman/Batman was after a Kryptonian, and Superman figures out that its Lara's unborn child is who he was after. On New Krypton, Jor-El sits in the waiting room, as he awaits the birth of his new child, when he is called into the delivery room, he is shocked to see Lara cuddling a new born Brainiac baby.

  • Supergirl: Being Super #1 [of 4] (December 28, 2016)
    Mariko Tamaki, Joëlle Jones, Sandu Florea
    Kara Danvers of Midvale is a sixteen year-old girl trying to live the typical life of a teenager in spite of superhuman strength, glowing hands, the ability to fly and a pimple that makes her bathroom look like a scene from Alien when she pops it. Her eccentric father doesn't believe in birthdays, but her mother allows her to celebrate. Yes, Kara Danvers has average good and bad days like everyone else. However, at a track meet where college scouts are observing students as potential material for their universities, an earthquake occurs. The ground cracks and crumbles. Kara is able to rescue her friend Dolly. Yet, in the pandemonium of a panicked crowd, her other friend Jen, who hopes to be an Olympic champion, is lost.

  • Super Powers #3 [of 6] (January 18, 2017)
    Art Baltazar & Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    Metropolis is being attacked by the giant villain Brimstone. Supergirl shows up to help, but is unable to subdue him. Martian Manhunter changes from his civilian identity and lends a hand. On New Krypton, Superman meets his new brother Prym-El. Brainiac is there also. Back on Earth, Martian Manhunter does his best, but is thrown down by Brimstone, due to his weakness to fire. Wonder Woman shows up, and lasso's Brimstone, but he just melts right through. Just then a Giant Octopus grabs Brimstone, and throws him into the Ocean, Aquaman shows up and everyone thanks him for bringing the octopus. On New Krypton, Zod and Brainiac trap Jor-El, and send his spirit into the Fortress of Solitude. Superman comes looking for his father, only to have Lara freak out, as she explains that Prym-El has grown Several years in moments and calls himself Superboy Pryme! Lastly on Earth, Lex Luthor talks to his mysterious friend, that turns out to be Darkseid. They monitor the growth of Superboy Pryme.

  • Super Powers #4 [of 6] (February 8, 2017)
    Art Baltazar & Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    Black Manta swims up to Luthor's Kryptonite fortress island and sits in on a meeting of the Legion of Doom. While on New Krypton Superman and Brainiac do battle, as Brainiac gets away with young Prym-El. Brainiac joins the Legion of Doom, when they are called out by Aquaman and the Justice League. The two teams battle it out, when Starro arrives and takes down the League. Superman arrives and defeats Starro, loosening his grip on the captured Justice League. Just then Prym-El busts out of Brainiac's ship and declares that he is now called Superman Pryme, and Brainiac attempts to send Lara back to the Phantom Zone.

  • Supergirl: Being Super #2 [of 4] (February 22, 2017)
    Mariko Tamaki, Joëlle Jones, Kelly Fitzpatrick
    Try as she might, Kara Danvers cannot save everyone from the Midvale earthquake. While she rescued her friend Dolly, she was unable to do the same for Jen. Her glowing prevented her from keeping a good grip on Jen. Her own tormented soul won't allow Kara forgive herself no matter how much anyone tries to console her. Meanwhile, Midvale's girls' track coach seems too interested in Dolly, Jen and Kara, for only they received fitness trackers from her when the rest of the team did not. In addition to that, Kara dreams of being placed in the pod in which her Earth parents found her. She had been in a red fabric with a yellow S-shield on it. There is also a cry for help in Kryptonian and some mysterious person tracking energy signatures. How does all this affect Kara Danvers? Is it connected to her unusual powers and abilities far beyond those of a mortal teenaged girl?

  • Super Powers #5 [of 6] (March 1, 2017)
    Art Baltazar & Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    Brainiac attacks Lara, threatening to send her to the Phantom Zone. Pryme-El turns on Brainiac, as seeing his mother in peril makes him angry. The blast from the Phantom Zone projector hits New Krypton, sending the whole planet and Zod and his compatriots back into the prison dimension. The Legion of Doom flee, fearing that Pryme-El will destroy them in all his rage. The JL with Lara attempt to calm Pryme-El down, to no avail. Just then, the Superman of the future shows up, reveals to him that he is Pryme-El grown up, and takes him to the future. Darkseid invades Gotham, and is greeted by the Joker. The other members of the JL arrive to stop his invading force. The JL hears about Darkseid's attack on Gotham, and head on over to stop him.

  • Super Powers #6 [of 6] (April 12, 2017)
    Art Baltazar & Franco, Art Baltazar, Art Baltazar
    Darkseid has invaded Gotham and the Super Powers team head there to stop him. With the help from their friends, the team manages to take control of the invading forces. Darkseid however proves to be a little harder to subdue. During the chaos, Darkseid releases the inmates of Arkham, causing many heroes to try and contain them. Batman tells Firestorm that he may be able to help against Darkseid's Omega Beams, while Superman heads to space to find a Starro spore. Firestorm manages to hold Darkseid at bay, while Superman places a Starro spore on him. With the Flash's help, they manage to trap Darkseid in a looping Boom Tube. The team later explain that they will send him back to Apokolips, after he's had a few hours of looping. In the epilogue we find Lex Luthor at the Fortress of Solitude, where he manages to converse with a trapped Jor-El. He introduces Jor-El to a female Brainiac, one that looks suspiciously a lot like Lara. The end... For now!...

  • Supergirl: Being Super #3 [of 4] (April 26, 2017)
    Mariko Tamaki, Joëlle Jones, Joëlle Jones
    The town of Midvale is still reeling from the earthquake that literally and figuratively rocked its foundations. Meanwhile, Kara Danvers is realizing recent dreams she has been having are actually memories of her escaping the destruction of the planet Krypton. She knows she is an alien, but at the same time, she is trying figure out what to do next. Her decisions could change not only her life, but the lives of her friends and family on Earth as well. Kara hears a cry for help from far away. It leads her to a secret laboratory where a Kryptonian named Tan-On is being experimented on by Doctor Stone, who was pretending to be Kara's track coach. Kara helps Tan-On escape, Stone warns the secret agency Level 9 for whom she works that plans have been changed. Meanwhile, Tan-On kills a local man while waiting for Kara to get some of her belongings. The confused extraterrestrial girl runs away with Tan-On as Level 9 puts Code 777 into effect.

  • Injustice 2 #1 (May 3, 2017)
    Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran
    The Batman is chided by Regime Superman as he leaves his prison. Regime tells Batman that while he may be defeated, the world cannot go back to the way it was. Batman considers this needling message, and comes to a decision by story's end.

  • Injustice 2 #2 (May 17, 2017)
    Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran
    Things go awry when Batman shows up, and turns out to be one of two Batmen. The fracas that occurs results in the containment system for Regime Superman being disrupted. Needless to say, Regime takes advantage.

  • Injustice 2 #3 (June 7, 2017)
    Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran
    Everyone scrambles to keep Regime Superman under wraps, but it's all a diversion, as Damian Wayne is the true objective.

  • Injustice 2 #4 (June 21, 2017)
    Tom Taylor, Daniel Sampere, Juan Albarran
    Secret deals are made by the Batman and Ras Al Ghul. The ramifications of the aforesaid will be revealed, hopefully.

  • Supergirl: Being Super #4 [of 4] (June 28, 2017)
    Mariko Tamaki, Joëlle Jones, Joëlle Jones
    In her quest for her own identity, Kara Danvers/Kara Zor-El learns much. Tan-On is not what he seems. He tells her that he came to Earth as an ambassador. Yet, he was captured and tortured. Now he seeks revenge on the entire planet Earth for the wrongdoings committed by a select group of the population. If Kara doesn't stop Tan-On, the entire world, beginning with Midvale and her friend Dolly, could be completely exterminated. The battle between Kara and Tan-On rages with the deaths of the scientists whom we later learn are part of LexCorp and Lex Luthor's quest to control Kryptonians' powers. The Lost Daughter of Krypton tells her foe of their homeworld's demise. He doesn't believe her and lashes out by throwing Dolly to her death and attempting to destroy Midvale. Kara rescues Dolly before her final battle (at least for now) with Tan-On. Her powerful super breath stops an explosion from decimating the town, but Tan-On is nowhere to be found. He's flown off to parts unknown. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor, is searching for both Kara and Tan-On while Supergirl, as Dolly calls her, goes to Metropolis to seek advice and answers from the newly discovered Superman.

  • Injustice 2 #6 (July 19, 2017)
    Tom Taylor, Daniel Sampere, Juan Albarran
    The story of Supergirl's arrival in the Injustice universe.

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