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  • Doomsday Clock #1 (November 22, 2017)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
    Our story begins after the events of Watchmen with the world in chaos. Ozymandias carefully crafted master plan has been exposed by the journal of Rorschach. There is upheaval in the streets, nations on the brink of war, and a manhunt for Ozymandias. A world that had been bought to world peace, has now become tumultuous to the worst degree. There are reports that a nuclear war is all but hours away, as whole states are told to evacuate the zones that could get bombed. We cut to a prison, with the guards trying to leave the facility, as the prisoners remain locked in their cells, demanding to be set free. Rorschach to the surprise of some inmates, arrives and sets search for a prisoner in maximum security named Marionette. Once he finds her, he offers her a deal, help him and he will reunite her with her son. She agrees, only on one condition, that her husband The Mime also go with them. Unwillingly, Rorschach agrees, and the three break out of prison and head to the underground headquarters of Nite Owl. Once there, they are met with Ozymandias, who explains that they must find and bring back Dr Manhattan, who has left for another universe. We then cut to Earth 0, and a sleeping Clark Kent has a dream of his teenage years, the night he reluctantly goes to a school dance, the very same night his parents are killed as their truck is hit by another vehicle on the drive home, after taking Clark to the dance. Clark is woken from his nightmare by Lois, who consoles him, she tells him she can't remember when he last had a nightmare, to which Clark replies "I don't think I've ever had one".

  • Batman #36 (December 6, 2017)
    Tom King; Clay Mann, Seth Mann, Jordie Bellaire, and Clayton Cowles
    If you have not been reading Batman recently, here is what you need to know before reading this issue. Batman proposed to Catwoman. Catwoman says yes. Superman and Lois are talking over the phone, he says, "If he wants to call he will call'. Lois responds, "You could call him". This theme replays itself over and over throughout this book, A parallel of two lives, vastly different, but yet so similar. "He should call, he is the one that got engaged". "Just because he should, doesn't mean you shouldn't," Lois replies. "I'm Busy," Superman responds as he is stopping a train from crashing. "I don't see why I need to call," says Batman. "I thought he was your best friend?", Catwoman retorts. After Batman tries throwing out other names as his best friend, Catwoman says, "Just call him!" "I'm busy," says Batman. Lois tells Clark she wants to meet her. Clark refuses the request after all Catwoman is a known criminal, and he does not want to trust her with his secret. Lois tells him that she has looked into her and knows she is very good about finding out what people are trying to hide, and by the way you choose to hide your secret, she probably already knows. Clark takes offense to that but Lois just replies, "Oh sweetie". Catwoman confirms what Lois suspects by telling Bruce, "Guy who writes about Superman, looks like Superman except wears glasses. If you're not wanting to expose his big secret is the only reason why you're not calling him, I already know". Clark and Lois are working a lead when Clark sees trouble and in that classic pose rips his shirt open revealing the S emblem. Lois and Clark's lead, and Catwoman and Batman's suspect lead them both to the same building at the same time and ironically their individual elevator doors open at the same time on the same floor. "Hi, I'm Lois. You must be Catwoman". After a super quick disposal of the villain at hand, Superman suggests the four of them grab a bite to eat.

  • Doomsday Clock #2 (December 27, 2017)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
    Our story begins with the Marionette and the Mime dressing up in their "super villain" costumes, with a flashback sequence of their last bank heist. Dr Manhattan appears to stop the robbery and is about to eviscerate the both of them, but stops for some odd reason. He realizes that Marionette is pregnant, and spares their lives. We then cut to the present day, as Ozymandias retools the Night Owl's ship into an inter-dimensional vessel, as he, Rorschach, The Mime and Marionette, cross over into the Earth 0 (DCU), just in time before the missiles hit. Over on Earth 0, we find Bruce Wayne taking a Rorschach test for an annual psyche evaluation, as head of the Wayne Industries Board. Afterward Bruce and Lucius Fox discuss the reason that Bruce has to go through this once a year, and the looming threat of the board's consideration of selling to Lexcorp, which in turn would put an end to Bruce's alter ego as the Batman. They both look on to the protestors on the streets below, protesting the continued existence of Batman in Gotham. Bruce explains to Lucius that "Gotham needs Batman", to which Lucius replies that "Gotham doesn't want Batman". Meanwhile, Night Owl's ship crashes down into an abandoned part of Gotham. Ozymandias is the first to gain consciousness, and he wakes Rorschach next. Rorschach falls into a fit of rage at the sight of Ozymandias, only to be snapped out of it by him when he calls him by his real name "Reggie". They both cuff Marionette and the Mime inside the ship, and take off to find information at the local library. They set out to find the two smartest men on this Earth. Ozymandias heads for Lex Luthor, while Rorschach takes the second in Bruce Wayne. Rorschach gets to Wayne Manor, and first decides to eat breakfast that Alfred had made for Bruce when he comes home from a night of crime-fighting. He then discovers the entrance to the Batcave through the giant grandfather clock. He trips the alarm, which alerts Batman. Ozymandias makes his way to Lex Luthor's private office, to which a very surprised and arrogant Lex tries to make light of the situation. Ozymandias explains where he comes from, and how he attempted to bring humanity together on his world, but failed. A cocky Lex tells Ozymandias, "if you're the smartest on your world, I'd hate to meet the dumbest". Just then, Ozymandias senses an imminent attack, he ducks, and a bullet that was meant for him, hits Lex instead. The shooter is revealed to be none other than The Comedian, one of the Watchmen that Ozymandias himself killed on his world. We end with Batman coming face to face with Rorschach in the Batcave, and a set of open handcuffs in Night Owl's ship.

  • Teen Titans #15 (December 27, 2017)
    Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason; Ed Benes and Jorge Jimenez; Richard Friend, Ed Benes and Jorge Jimenez
    Carrying on from Super Sons #11, the Teen Titans and future Tim Drake/Batman are dealing with the aftermath of Superboy's solar flare blast. Damian wakes up first and tracks Jon's location, and pulls his unconscious body from the bay. Meanwhile, the future Tim Drake sheds his Batman suit and assumes a new identity called The Savior, using prototype suits from the Teen Titan's base. Damian takes Jon away, as far as he can from Savior. He fails at contacting Superman and Batman. Jon thanks Damien for helping him, to which Damian replies that friends help each other. Conner, Cassie and Bart track Tim from the future, as he disappears from there trackers, once he assumes his new identity. Tim now as Savior confronts the recently revived Teen Titans. He explains to them why he feels the need to do what he is doing. Raven and Beast Boy side with him, while Starfire, Aqualad and Kid Flash stand in opposition. Raven teleports herself, Savior and Beast Boy away, Leaving the remaining Titans frustrated at the events that have just happened. All seems lost until Aqualad figures out a way to track Superboy. Jon gives off a distinct energy signature, and Aqualad can track them.

  • Doomsday Clock #3 (January 24, 2018)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
    Our story begins with a flashback to Watchmen, as Ozymandias murders the Comedian, but unlike Watchmen, The Comedian doesn't land on the street, as he's thrown out the window, now he ends up in the bay area of what looks like Metropolis. He is greeted by Doctor Manhattan, and is given his familiar smiley face button. We then cut to the present as The Comedian fights with Ozymandias, continuing from the last issue. Ozymandias sees that he may not be able to win, he decides to flee by jumping out the window, toward the opposing building, landing on a window washing scaffold, only for it to break, and he crash to the ground. Meanwhile in the Batcave, Batman and Rorschach discuss why he is there. Rorschach gives him the journal of his predecessor, and is then told by Batman to go find a room upstairs have a shower and get some rest, while he reads the journal to find out where Dr Manhattan may be. Meanwhile at a retirement home, an old Johnny Thunder anxiously awaits a visit from his family (Granddaughter and her son). The Mime and Marionette make their way into a bar, wearing their costumes, and are opposed by its clientele, who happen to be members of The Joker's gang. I fight breaks out, and it appears that The Mime truly does have invisible weapons in his arsenal. Rorschach (Reggie) is awoken by a nightmare, which seem to be of the events that occurred at the end of Watchmen, he then discovers Bruce Wayne in the room. Bruce tells him that he thinks he knows where Dr Manhattan is, and he and Rorschach head to Arkham Asylum. The two sneak in, and Batman leads him into a cell, telling him that Dr Manhattan is in there. He then closes the cell door behind him and tells him "I'm Sorry... but you belong in here" and walks away. We close with an angry and hysterical Rorschach screaming, "LET ME OUT".

  • Doomsday Clock #4 (March 28, 2018)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
    Our story begins with Reggie also known as the second Rorschach, coming to terms with his incarceration as an inmate at Arkham Asylum. Thanks to the Batman's actions of last issue, Reggie is now locked up amongst Gotham's worst. We flashback to Reggie's life, where see an only child, the son of a psychiatrist, whom had the duty of serving as the original Rorschach's prison psychiatrist. Reggie gets caught in Ozymandias "master plan" from Watchmen, causing him to lose his mind, and his parents to lose their life. He is incarcerated in a mental home, where he meets an elderly Moth-Man, Byron Lewis. Byron helps Reggie acclimate to his new home in the mental institute. Most importantly, he teaches him to "See what you want". After Reggie learns where he can find the man responsible for the downward spiral of his life, he and Byron manage to stage a breakout, and set the institute on fire, but Byron, like a moth to the flame, leaves Reggie, and walks into the burning building to his demise. Reggie eventually finds his way to Ozymandias base in the South Pole, where he finds him, and plans to kill him. Ozymandias explains his brain tumor, and almost welcomes death, as he feels a great deal of regret for his actions. Reggie lets him live, and the two set out to make things right. We end with Batman and Alfred discussing the fact that Batman shouldn't have left Reggie in Arkham, the way he did, as Reggie, who is known as "John Doe" breaks out, with the help of another prisoner, named "Jane Doe".

  • DC Nation #0 (May 2, 2018)
    Brian Michael Bendis, Tom King, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV & Joshua Williamson; Jose Garcia Lopez, Dexter Vines, Clay Mann, Alejandro Sanchez & Jorge Jimenez
    "Your Big Day" - Robert Martello is awaiting an acceptance letter for his young daughter Mary's new school, the postman is awaited with nervousness. Robert is not alone, the Joker has broken into the Martello host in hopes of a letter too. With the postman taking his time with the mail, this leaves the Joker time to torment Robert psychologically and so begins a torturous wait for a letter. Robert is one of the few Gothamites invited to the Wayne wedding and unfortunately the clown prince wants that invite for himself. It doesn't end well when the mail finally arrives.
    "Office Space" - Perry is not happy with the Planeteers in the newsroom. Lois has gone missing and Clark isn't delivering work up to his usual caliber, mostly due to his heroics as Superman. To try and motivate his staff, Perry gives them a talking to and tries to convey his wisdom to Clark about improving his writing. Still the absence of Lois has dealt the staff a feeling of unease and even the arrival of Robinson Goode, a highly regarded journalist from Star City does little to help matters. Robinson does her best to get to know Clark and the others and after work a liaison with a stranger reveals Goode is up to anything but. Where is Lois? Why is Clark struggling? What is Robinson up to? We'll find out in Man Of Steel #1.
    "No Justice: Prelude" - Batman is on a mission to save the planet Colu from the Cosmic Titans, however the Dark Knight has been captured. Brainiac robots have him surrounded and expect to take on the big seven but who they meet takes them by surprise. Enter a new team as Batman leads Justice League: Team Entrophy with Lobo, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke and Beast Boy. Superman is facing problems of his own as a giant a giant brain is defending the prison. Enter Superman's team; Justice League: Team Mystery, with Starfire, Martian Manhunter, Sinestro and Starro. Elsewhere, Wonder Woman leads Justice League: Team Wonder, with Etrigan, Raven, Doctor Fate, Zatanna and Cyborg leads Justice League: Team Wisdom, with Robin, Atom, The Flash and Harley Quinn. These teams have been formed to represent the cosmic energies that make up the universe: Entrophy, Mystery, Wonder and Wisdom the very energies the Cosmic Titans seek. Back on Earth Green Arrow and Supergirl await the news of the League's success but what they see instead of the return of heroes may be the end of everything...

  • Doomsday Clock #5 (May 30, 2018)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
    Our story begins with Ozymandias in hospital getting checked out by doctors, with a couple of officers present. Ozymandias is seen as the man that tried to murder Lex Luthor. After they all leave the room, Ozymandias reveals that he has been conscious the whole time, and he pulls his sensors of his chest, to make it appear that he is flat lining. All this is a ruse, so he can escape the hospital and the police custody. Over at the Daily Planet, Lois is having an argument with Perry White, over the fact that Perry has sensationalized her headline, to sell a few extra copies and get a few more clicks. Lois vents her frustration to Clark, and tells him that someone is definitely behind the so called "Supermen Theory". They both watch on, as there are multiple negative reports coming in of superheroes in the media, especially American based heroes. We cut to Gotham, where newly escaped Rorschach and Saturn Girl ditch their Arkham Asylum gear, and find clothes that they are more comfortable in, that resemble their superhero costumes. It is also revealed that the elderly Johnny Thunder has escaped his home for the elderly, and is attempting to leave town. Ozymandias makes his way back to Night Owl's ship, where Batman is waiting for him, reading Rorschach's journal. Across town, The Comedian is investigating the bar that The Mime and Marionette laid waste to, after they left Night Owl's ship to explore this new world. The Mime and Marionette are slowly making their way to finding The Joker, who is planning an attack on police headquarter, they want to join in on the fun. Batman and Ozymandias fly across town in the ship, with Batman trying to persuade Ozymandias to turn himself in. Over in Metropolis Lois is in the midst of interviewing Lex after the attack at his office and Lex tells Lois wants to work with her, in order to get to the bottom of the Supermen Theory. Lex tells Lois that he has discovered who it is that has been creating meta-humans for the government, and that they were at one point a member of the Justice League. Superman listens to the conversation from high above. Batman struggles with Ozymandias on the ship, and is cunningly outsmarted by him. He is knocked out of the ship, and he manages to get a line in to save himself, sadly he is too close to the ground, and is pulled down by the angry mob, and beaten badly. Johnny Thunder is being chased by some thugs across town, and manages to find what he was looking for, Alan Scott's Green Lantern Power Battery. The thugs manage to catch up to him, and almost beat him with it, when Rorschach and Saturn Girl come to his rescue. Finally we end with The Joker being introduced to The Mime and Marionette, and The Joker's goons bring him the beaten body of Batman.

  • The Man of Steel #1 (of 6) (May 30, 2018)
    Brian Michael Bendis, Ivan Reis (and Jason Fabok), Joe Prado
    Our story begins, years ago, Rogol Zaar speaks with "The Circle", of the evils that the Kryptonians pose to the universe, and how he suggests that they all be eradicated. We cut to the present in Metropolis as the villain Firefly is hiding out, and is confronted by Killer Moth, looking for his cut of the money. Firefly warns him repeatedly that "He listens for yelling", and before they can think twice, they are swooped away by Superman, and taken to the authorities. Later Superman hovers above Metropolis, listening to the sounds of the city, when he comes across people in peril. He flies down to a burning building and rescues those that are trapped by the blaze, he then at the request of the fire marshal puts out the fire. Upon inspecting the rubble, he meets with the new deputy fire chief, Melody Moore. They both discuss the possible origin of the fire, and Superman assures her, his friend Clark Kent will help look into the recent tenement fires throughout the city. We cut back to years ago, on a distant alien world, where Rogol Zaar is fighting a native beast, managing to kill it. He is visited by one of the Guardians of the Universe, Appa Ali Apsa. Appa informs Rogol that he and the circle took into consideration his pleas regarding the Kryptonians and they all decided not to take any action against them, and their fate is their own. Rogol is none too pleased with this decision. In the present, Superman flies back to the Daily Planet where, as Clark Kent, he is greeted by Perry and asked about what story he is working on. Clark tells him of the recent arson around the city, and gets back to work. He looks at his desk, and sees the photo of Lois and Jon, and starts to think back... In a flashback we see Jon is complaining about having grown too big for his Superboy sweatshirt he uses for his super heroics. Lois is on the phone in the kitchen, playfully mocking their son. Clark asks about the story she is working on, when a bright light hits them. The last words we hear are "Dad what is...? Oh!" and Lois saying, "Clark..."

  • The Man of Steel #2 (of 6) (June 6, 2018)
    Brian Michael Bendis, Evan 'Doc' Shaner, Steve Rude and Jason Fabok
    We open years ago, with Lord Gandelo accusing Appa Ali Appsa of having something to do with the destruction of Krypton, right after they both, alongside the rest of the Galactic Circle denied Rogol Zaar's request to "cleanse" Krypton. Appa explains, that sometimes planets die, and that the Green Lantern of that sector has a large sector to patrol, and if Rogol Zaar did have something to do with the destruction of Krypton, would he really want him to turn his gaze toward Gandelo's own 42 Star Systems? Appa leaves Lord Gandelo and goes back to visit Rogol's home where he spoke to him last, Rogol is not there, and Appa prays that if Rogol did have anything to do with Krypton's demise, that he died alongside Krypton, and has taken all the ugly secrets with him. We cut to the present in Metropolis at the Daily Planet, where new recruit Robinson Goode is trying to get the dirt on Lois Lane's absence, and the current status of her and Clark. She asks Gossip Columnist Trish Q, who tells her that the word is, that Lois took a huge book deal, and took Jon and left Clark. Over in Coast City Superman stops a giant robot gorilla attack, set in motion by The Toyman, who throws a tantrum at the fact that Superman busted him, even though he isn't in Metropolis. Green Lantern turns up, and thanks Superman for the assist, and asks him how things are going, also asks why he missed the JL meeting a few days ago. Superman puts on a brave face, and a big smile and tells him everything is fine, and fly's off. While he is flying, he thinks back to the fateful day that Lois, Jon and he were attacked by someone/thing in their home. Superman fly's to the moon and lands down hard, creating a crater. Over in the Vega System, in space, at a space bar named Taffy's West, Ambush Bug performs tricks on stage, and a female alien named Oichio sits down at the bar, and is joined by a large friend of hers, one she hasn't seen in quite some time. They both talk, until a trinket catches his eye, it is a small necklace in the shape of the "S" shield that Superman wears. This sets Oichio's friend off, and he heads out after learning there is a sole survivor of Krypton's destruction. Later Superman returns to Metropolis, only to find another fire has broken out, and people in danger. With some improvisation and quick thinking, he manages get those in need to safety, and secures the rubble. It is now apparent that someone is setting this buildings on fire on purpose, and Clark Kent needs to investigate. Back at the Daily Planet, Clark heads in to see Perry regarding the arson story, and catches Perry in a moment of self doubt. Perry tells Clark to stay relevant, the paper's need to dig deeper, in order to stay relevant and keep up with the competition of instantaneous news by people and their cellular devices. Ever so humble, Clark asks Perry about his well being, only to be interrupted by Trish Q, who tells both Perry and Clark, that they are sitting on the story of the year... the whereabouts of Lois Lane. She interrogates Clark, only to be interrupted by Perry, who tells her to drop it. Over on the TV screens, they watch what appears to be the Joker Mobile terrorizing people.Trish Q notices that Clark has disappeared and Perry squashes her train of thought, by saying he left because she offended him by questioning him about Lois. We end with Oichio's mysterious friend, none other than Rogol Zaar, traveling across the stars on a space bike. "Lois and Clark aren't the story... There IS a story out there, that will put us back in the game... It's out there... I can feel it" - Perry White.

  • The Man of Steel #3 (of 6) (June 13, 2018)
    Brian Michael Bendis, Ryan Sook and Jason Fabok, Wade Von Grawbadger
    Our issue begins with Rogol Zaar's arrival on Earth, as he lands close to the Fortress of Solitude. He makes his way into the Fortress, and is stopped by Kelex. Asking him to identify himself. Rogol makes short work of Kelex, and then walks over to the Bottle City of Kandor... "KAN-DOR!" - Rogol Zaar. Over in Metropolis Melody Moore is investigating a building that has recently had its fire extinguished, when she is startled that Superman is there doing the same. What startles her more is the fact that he is not alone, and is joined by The Batman, whom Superman has asked to help shed some light on these recent arson's. Batman brings up some points with Melody, when she discovers that Superman has left. Superman makes his way to the Fortress, as he heard the alarm from the Fortress go off, once he gets there, he is greeted with the horror of his Fortress decimated, and Kelex ripped apart and destroyed. Supergirl arrives having also heard the alarm from the Fortress, and she and Superman look on as they both discover the Bottled City of Kandor destroyed and its remains scattered on the ground. An angry Superman flies upward, and thinks back to the fateful night that his apartment was invaded, with Lois and Jon also there. Supergirl follows her cousin, and asks who could have done this, Superman rattles off a bunch of names from his rogues gallery, none of which seem to be right. He tells Supergirl to go get those she cares for to safety, and then come and find him, as he heads to Metropolis, following a trail left by the perpetrator. Once in Metropolis he checks his apartment and the Daily Planet to see if everyone he knows and loves are safe. He is then blasted out of the sky by the very being he is in search of. After catching himself, he dives in toward his target, only to be blasted again, this time he discovers that the blast doesn't dissipate on contact, like he expected. Flying out of control, Supergirl manages to catch him and they both fly toward the being responsible for turning their world upside down. "Hey dead guy... You got anything to say for yourself?" - Supergirl.

  • The Man of Steel #4 (of 6) (June 20, 2018)
    Brian Michael Bendis, Kevin Maguire and Jason Fabok
    Our issue begins with Superman and Supergirl taking the fight to Rogol Zaar. The Kryptonian cousins try and make quick work of their foe, as Supergirl takes the lead. The battle causes some damage around the city, to which Superman makes sure to keep bystanders safe from. Rogol Zaar manages to show Superman that he isn't a mere pushover as he attacks him, knocking him across the city. Over at the Daily Planet building, Perry, Jimmy and Robinson look on as the two battle across the sky, and prepare their report of the events. Rogol manages to get in a few good hits, and sends Superman flying, as he loses consciousness. Whilst unconscious, Superman's mind wanders back to the night that things changed for him and his family, as the mysterious figure in the bug-like ship that appeared in their apartment is revealed to be non other than Mr Oz/Jor-El, and he asks Jon to go with him. Superman regains consciousness, and discovers that his Justice League teammate and friend Hal Jordan has shown up on the scene, and is trying to get information as to what happened. He talks to Superman when he realizes he's awake, and tells him he can't find any trace of Rogol Zaar, nor can he give him any information as to who or where he has come from. Superman thinks back to what Rogol Zaar said to him during the battle, "Cleanse the galaxy of the Kryptonian plague". Superman briefly speaks to Supergirl before she takes off to find Rogol Zaar. Hal Jordan protests to Supergirl being on her own, with someone so powerful out there hunting Kryptonians. He asks Superman, "Where's your son?"... Later Superman arrives back at his Fortress, he hears a voice ask him why he has returned, and realizes it's none other than Rogol. Superman questions Rogol, about his connection to his father Jor-El, to which Rogol continues to question Superman if he has procreated with any humans, if he has any offspring? Superman tells him he's figured him out, and we end with Superman unleashing his heat vision, decimating what's left of the Fortress of Solitude.

  • The Man of Steel #5 (of 6) (June 27, 2018)
    Brian Michael Bendis, Adam Hughes and Jason Fabok
    Our issue begins with the final moments of the citizens of Kandor, as they see Rogol Zaar peeping through the top of their bottled prison. We are then caught up in the present where Superman is flying an unconscious Rogol Zaar's body into space. Superman is suddenly stopped, as a now woken Rogol Zaar attacks him, and sends him crashing into the moon. Superman puts up a small fight, but is bested by the zealous adversary, and left half buried in the moon's surface. During the battle, Clark's mind thinks back to the night Jor-El appeared in his home in Metropolis, and told him and Lois that he wants to take their son away with him. He thinks back to how Jor-El claimed that he wanted Jon to grow and learn with him across the galaxy, teach him things that Clark couldn't from Earth. A defiant Jon agrees to go, much to the chagrin of his parents. We cut to the present once again, and we catch up with Fire Chief Melody Moore, trying to investigate further into the recent arson attacks across the city. She and her crew are called out to an emergency where they are met with Supergirl, who arrived before them and helped get the people free from the burning building. She asks Melody if she has seen her cousin, as she doesn't know his current whereabouts. As the two talk, they discover that the Justice League has arrived. They have the same questions that Supergirl has, and reassure her that they will do everything that they can to help her and her missing cousin. With some encouraging words from Wonder Woman, Supergirl then spots her cousin on the moon, and takes off bee lining toward him. Supergirl finds Superman where Rogol buried him, and lifts his unconscious body free. Later at the Hall of Justice, the League watches as Superman recovers in the med-bay. Superman wakes and asks the League if they know the current whereabouts of Rogol Zaar, they all discuss the situation and focus on the fact that Rogol Zaar mentioned that he wants to "cleanse" the galaxy of Kryptonians. It is then that Superman realizes where he could be and what he's planning, as he shoots through the roof of the Hall of Justice, high into the atmosphere, and descends down to the Earth once again, and burrows through the surface to the core. It is there that he discovers Rogol Zaar at the Earth's core, with a device that is primed to destroy the Earth, just as Krypton was destroyed many years ago. "If Krypton had to be cleansed simply because Kryptonians lived on it... Then now... The Earth has to go too."

  • The Man of Steel #6 (of 6) (July 4, 2018)
    Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Fabok
    We open with a look into the past, as Clark and Lois argue with Jor-El over his wanting to take to Jon with him across the galaxy. With Jon revealing that he wants to be better, as he was rejected by the Teen Titans, for his not being old enough yet, but the haunting fact that he wont be able to control his powers in the future and cause a catastrophe, killing many in the process (see Super Sons comic for more). We catch up to the present, where Superman confronts Rogol Zaar at the Earth's core, and manages to throw him aside, stealing his device, set to destroy the Earth, and flying it into space. Back in the past, Lois tells Clark that she will accompany Jon, as he travels with his grandfather across the galaxy. Jor-El promises to bring his son's family back to him, and gives him a device, so that he can contact them whenever he may need to. In the present, Rogol catches up with Superman in space, but isn't fast enough as Superman sends the device further along, and stops Rogol from making contact with it. He is soon joined by Supergirl, who tackles him, separating him from his axe, thus eliminating much of his power. Supergirl uses the Phantom Zone Projector and sends Rogol to the living death of the prison dimension. They are soon joined by Green Lantern, who takes the world destroying device into his custody, leaving Superman holding Rogol's axe, and with very little answers to his questions. Later in the Arctic, Superman and Supergirl are joined by the Justice League, as they bid farewell to all the fallen Kandorians. We look back into the past, where Clark is torn over the decision that his family has made, which will leave him alone on Earth until they return. He gives Lois his Superman suit, saying that it may prove useful out in space, and he will find another one in the meantime. As Jon and Lois prepare to leave, Jon hugs his father, and Lois whispers something into Clark's ear, to which he replies, "Well, then hurry home". They board Jor-El's ship, and say their goodbyes, as the ship disappears in the same fashion that it once appeared. Afterward, a lonely Clark enters Jon's room, sits on the floor, leaning against the wall, holding Jon's childhood stuffed toy. We end at the Metropolis Fire House, where a young man approaches Fire Chief Melody Moore, and tells her that he knows who has been setting the city on fire... "It was Superman. I saw him. I don't know why he did it. I thought he was doing it for a good reason, but on TV they said no... I saw him".

  • Superman 100-Page Comic Giant #1 (July, 2018)
    Jimmy Palmiotti, Tom Derenick
    Superman is seen flying toward a school bus that is being swept up into the funnel of a tornado. One week prior, while at the Daily Planet, a few reporters are watching the news report of a recent tornado storm that destroyed a small Midwest town. Lois asks Clark, since he grew up there, why do these people rebuild in the same place prone to tornadoes? Perry overhearing this thinks it would make a great story and sends Clark out on assignment to find out why these people continue to live in an area where tornadoes seem to be a weekly occurrence during certain times of the year. Just as Clark checks into a local hotel somewhere in the Midwest, the emergency tornado siren sounds. Clark tries to make an excuse to leave but the hotel owner won't hear of it, and forces him, as well as the other guests, into their storm shelter. After the threat has passed Clark is finally able to excuse himself saying he has to get a medical kit from his car while the locals go to check on others in the town. Superman appears and flies around the town saving various locals. Just as most everyone seems safe, a local police officer urges people back to their shelter as a supercell is forming and coming fast. Superman flies ahead to see what he can do and discovers a storm so big it has sprouted six funnel clouds at once.

  • Doomsday Clock #6 (July 25, 2018)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
    Our story begins with a flashback to young Marionette's life, we learn her real name to be Erika, and her family consists of just her and her father. Her father is a meek puppet maker who runs a store that sells hand carved marionettes and the sort. We catch up to the present, where Marionette and her husband The Mime, are in The Joker's custody. Also in his grasp is an unconscious Batman chained to a wheelchair. The duo follows The Joker and his men, as The Clown Prince leads them underground through a series of tunnels, to a destination of a meeting, involving many of Gotham's own and other criminal factions and players. In another flashback to Erika/Marionette's life, we see her meet her future husband and partner in crime, Marcos aka The Mime. Marcos has always been mute, and his family move into a store across the road from Erika and her father's. He and Erika take an instant shine to one another. When Erika is bullied and attacked by some kids from her school, for being upbeat all the time, Marcos comes to her rescue, and matches violence for violence as the pair take down the small gang of kids, further strengthening their bond together. In the present, deep in the catacombs of Gotham, we come across a gathering of a secret meeting, led by The Riddler, as they discuss their safety in not just Gotham, but all around the country, thanks to the so called "Superman Theory". A discussion about escaping to the nation of Kandaq ruled by Black Adam is in full effect. Many are unsure of this idea, and raise their concerns, until The Joker makes his presence known. The Joker presents the unconscious Batman to the large gathering, and some question the authenticity of the captured Caped Crusader, while Riddler desperately tries to get the meeting back on track. All of this comes to an end, when they are attacked by The Comedian. The Comedian shoots several members, including Mr Freeze and The Riddler. The Mime tries to distract The Comedian, in order to protect his wife, and for her to escape. Just before The Comedian is about to shoot him, he is attacked by Giganta. Marionette and The Mime use the interruption to their advantage, and escape, trying to get as far from the Comedian as possible. Flashing back to the past, we learn that Marcos' parents weren't too happy with the incident regarding the other kids, and that Erika is considered a bad influence. We also learn that the local police use Erika's father for "un lawful" business transactions. They bully him, and beat him in front of Erika, and tell him they would come after her if he doesn't comply. They had done the same to Marcos' mother across the road. Erika and Marcos don't know how to deal with such a thing, and one day as Erika comes home, she sees her father hanging from the ceiling. He had committed suicide, saying to her in a note that she would be safer without him. When the police see what happened, Erika attacks one of them, and when the other attempts to stop her, he too is attacked, by Marcos. The pair run away together, and resort to a life of crime in order to survive. We see them in their early days as the duo of the Mime and Marionette, we witness the birth of their child, as Erika has her baby taken away from her, and Marcos is incarcerated. Catching up to the present, Erika reminds Marcos that they had been apart too long on their world, need to stick together, in order to find their baby. The pair is discovered by The Comedian once again, who tells them that he only needs one of them alive to tell him where Ozymandias is, but before anything can happen, he is electrocuted by the Joker from behind, knocking him unconscious. We end with Marionette stating that The Comedian would know where Dr Manhattan is, as The Joker takes the Smiley Face pin from The Comedian's chest and pins it to his lapel. "Dr Manhattan? Who's that? I could use a good dentist. It hurts when I smile" - The Joker.

  • Superman 100-Page Comic Giant #2 (August, 2018)
    Jimmy Palmiotti, Tom Derenick, Trevor Scott
    While seeking out a story about why families stay in the middle of tornado alley, a super storm forms and tornadoes wreak havoc in this small middle America town. Superman frantically flies around trying to save as many people as he possibly can. After saving a school bus, an 18 wheeler, and disperse a few tornadoes, Superman learns of a couple of missing kids who went off looking for the new guy in town, reporter Clark Kent, he focuses all his attention to finding these two kids. Superman, honing his hearing hears one of the children and is able to reunite both kids with their mothers. Back at the Daily Planet, Lois reads the newly printed article and notices Superman was never mentioned. Clark replies, "Putting him in the piece would take away from the real heroes that are out there every day".

  • Superman 100-Page Comic Giant #3 (September, 2018)
    Tom King, Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope
    While in the middle of a battle, Superman hears a voice, " Clark, I need you." Batman informs him of an incident that happened in Gotham last night. A foster family, parents found dead, four children, two dead, one alive, but injured with a bullet wound and one missing. Superman gives his condolences, but Batman tells him to go talk to the girl found alive in the hospital. The girl recounts the previous night's events to Superman and finishes with a spaceman took her up in the sky. Clark takes the story to the Daily Planet but Perry White will not hear about one murder of many that happened yesterday in Gotham. During a random act of violence as a T-Rex wreaks havoc down the streets of Metropolis, Green Lantern Hal Jordan relays information he learned about how this "spaceman" left Earth. He tells Superman that the entire Corps has the missing girl's picture and there is an All Points Bulletin out for her safe return. While Superman continues his day of heroic actions, his memory is tormenting him as he recalls the story told by the girl in the hospital. Seeking advice from his Earth father, Jonathan Kent, he comforts his son by agreeing with his reason not to go looking for her before telling him that she has hope, and right now she is probably thinking, "It's going to be okay, someone will come save me". Batman tells Clark that the little girl in the hospital took a turn for the worse and died last night. Mind made up, he tells Lois that he knows he can't save everyone but perhaps he can save her, and flies off into space.

  • Doomsday Clock #7 (September 26, 2018)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
    Our story begins with a recounting of the origin of the original Green Lantern power battery. Narrated by Dr Manhattan, he explains that he moves the Lantern six inches out of his reach, and Alan Scott dies in a tragic train accident, not being able to use its vast power to save himself and become the Golden Age Green Lantern. We catch up to the present, where Saturn Girl, Johnny Thunder and Rorschach are picked up by Ozymandias in the Owl Ship, and they are taken to where the rest of the cast from the Watchmen universe is currently at. The Joker is with The Mime and Marionette, and they have The Comedian and Batman tied up in their custody. Marionette starts to torture The Comedian for information as to the whereabouts of Dr Manhattan, when they discover that Batman has managed escape his trappings, and he systematically begins to take them all down. Ozymandias and the rest of the crew arrive and take control of the situation, and it is revealed that Ozymandias knows of Manhattan's whereabouts, thanks to his trusty pet, which is a homing beacon to Manhattan's power. Dr Manhattan comes out of his hiding place, within the Lantern that would have once belonged to Alan Scott. He reveals that Ozymandias lied, and that he does not have cancer, it was just a ploy for him to use Rorschach to his own ends. He also informs The Mime and Marionette, that she is pregnant with their second child. Manhattan takes the Watchmen universe characters to a different plane, and tells them that he has discovered what could be his own demise, at the hands of Superman, one month from now. He refuses to help Ozymandias and leaves. Marionette and The Mime escape with the Lantern, as Rorschach in a rage takes down Ozymandias and the Joker both. Rorschach then realizes that he has been used and discards his mask, and states that "Rorschach is dead". A broken and beaten Ozymandias makes his way back to the Owl Ship, where he knocks out the waiting Johnny Thunder and Saturn Girl. In his arrogance he claims to have a plan to save everyone, and takes off. Meanwhile, Reggie no longer Rorschach runs into the streets of Gotham, and posts his journal to Lois Lane, at the Daily Planet. We close with a confused Dr Manhattan on the surface of Mars, as he thinks to himself, will he be destroyed at the hands of Superman, or will he bring about the destruction of everything. "Does Superman destroy me? ... Or do I destroy everything?"

  • Heroes in Crisis #1 [of 9] (September 26, 2018)
    Tom King, Clay Mann, Clay Mann
    Our story begins with Booster Gold sitting in a diner in Nebraska, ordering coffee. He is then joined by Harley Quinn, who orders a whipped cream pie. The diner waitress senses trouble and asks Booster if they are going to fight, to which he replies "Yes". Harley attacks Booster, as a battle ensues. Elsewhere we see Superman fly across the mid-west, down to what looks like a farm, where Sanctuary is located. He is shocked at the sight that he sees, and is in communication with both Batman and Wonder Woman. Booster takes the battle to the skies, as Harley continues her attack on him, and tries to mortally wound him. In the mid-west, Batman tells Superman to wait until he gets there, and not to disturb the crime scene. Superman using his telescopic vision confirms the death of many of the heroes that were being treated at Sanctuary, including the likes of Commander Steel, Lagoon Boy, (Roy Harper) Arsenal and (Wally West) Flash. We end with Harley and Booster crash landing in a creek on a farm, Booster tells Harley that he saw her hurt and murder the rest of the heroes at Sanctuary, only for Harley to reply, that it was she that saw him to what he accused her of. "It means what we already know it means... What it always means... Our hope for redemption... Is now another hunt for vengeance..." - Batman.

  • Heroes in Crisis #2 [of 9] (October 31, 2018)
    Tom King, Clay Mann and Travis Moore, Clay Mann
    Carrying on from the last issue, we open with a "confession" by Poison Ivy, with Harley interrupting and being distracting. We cut to Harley seeking out the Penguin for a place to hide from the heroes. While at that same moment, Batman conducts an autopsy on Commander Steel, with Superman and Wonder Woman watching. They discover a set of wind up teeth, and come to the conclusion that Harley Quinn is responsible for what befell Sanctuary. Meanwhile Booster Gold awakens in a field, and is greeted by his robotic sidekick, Skeets. Booster explains to Skeets what Harley told him last issue, that he was responsible for murdering the others at Sanctuary. The Trinity locate Harley, and attempt to bring her in. She manages to get the drop on them, by using Wonder Woman's Lasso against Batman, forcing him to reveal that he has Kryptonite in his utility belt, and uses that on Superman, as she escapes with Wonder Woman looking on. Booster makes his way to Central City to see Barry Allen/The Flash, and to advise him of Wally's death. Flash runs to see if it's true, and then is back in mere seconds and attacks Booster. As the Trinity get their bearings together, Superman sees Barry attacking Booster, and flies off toward them. We cut to Harley atop a bridge, as she throws a rose down into the water, as she remembers Poison Ivy. We close with Lois Lane at the Daily Planet, as she is brought a video file, which is a confession from the hero named Arsenal, as he explains his drug use in the past, and how he had battled many demons whilst being a superhero. There is a note saying, "There are more truths to come". Signed by the "Puddlers". This catches Lois off guard, and she is left stunned.

  • Superman/Top Cat Special #1 (October 31, 2018)
    Dan Didio, Shane Davis, Shane Davis
    A couple eats Kale in Metropolis for an event, until the kale causes them to become Kale monsters. As the male of the couple runs for his life, a Kalian smashes a semi and says he is guilty of sins against the Kalian race. Superman investigates as the "Wholesome Goods" team examines the scene. Meanwhile, Top Cat lazes about at his job at Wholesome Goods, pawning off his duties on a manager who then screams at him until the Kalian shows up. The Kalian claims that they've been in hiding for a long time, until people ate Kale, and now they're being killed. Top Cat sprays him with weed killer. Superman shows up and they team up. Meanwhile, on a private island, Alexander Mikos gloats about killing the Kaliens. Top Cat goes to the Daily Planet and finds Clark, who he immediately recognizes as Superman. They see the Kalien is headed for Mikos. When they arrive, the Kalien attacks. Top Cat tries the drones, to little effect. Superman attacks the Kalien. Top Cat discovers that Mikos is trying to take over other species like the Kaliens, and tells Superman. Mikos hits Top Cat and knocks him out. Mikos releases Amazo Prime to stop Superman, continuing the Amazon/Whole Foods shtick. The Kalien and Superman defeat the Amazo robot, and Top Cat knocks Mikos out. After, Superman says he can stay at the Hall of Justice.

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