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  • Heroes in Crisis #3 [of 9] (November 28, 2018)
    Tom King, Clay Mann and Lee Weeks, Clay Mann
    We open with Lagoon Boy being blasted by some kind of laser blast through the torso, in the forest. We then cut to Wally West/Flash lying on his bed talking to his son that no longer exists in this reality, as he holds one of the Golden Masks to his face. We then see the familiar face of Booster Gold, approaching the front door of Sanctuary that is disguised as a mid-western farmhouse. He is greeted by three individuals that run the place, that bear a striking resemblance to Ma and Pa Kent and Lana Lang. We again go back to the forest where Lagoon Boy was seen being blasted, as he gets up from the blast, and says, "again," only to be blasted back down once more. Wally is then seen in a room that artificially mimics surroundings to his desire, as he tells it what he wants to see, from his old backyard to his wife and children. In the meantime, Booster is getting a rundown of how Sanctuary works, and is told he can choose to wear the robes and mask, should he want to conceal his identity whilst he is there. Lagoon Boy tires of running the same scenario over and over again, and decides to call it a day, while Wally is having the time of his life with his kids and wife at his side. We see Roy Harper with his daughter, as he tries to be the best father he can possibly be for her, which is again a simulation run by Sanctuary. Lagoon Boy on his way back discovers the bodies of others that resided at Sanctuary, all dead, and before he can react, he is impaled by a sharp projectile, in a similar fashion to that of the laser blast. Before he dies, he starts to laugh. Everyone is startled at the sudden alert by Sanctuary, as they are all told to proceed to the nearest exit. In typical Flash manner, Wally is the first to reach the scene, only to find Roy Harper, one of his best friends and fellow Titan, dead at the front door. He is then struck on the back of his head by a big wooden mallet by Harley Quinn. Booster witnesses this, as Harley tells him "she didn't know he was there", to which he replies "It's my first day".

  • Doomsday Clock #8 (December 5, 2018)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Brand Anderson
    We begin with Ozymandias in a dark room, which looks like the Oval Office at the White House. We then cut to Metropolis in morning, at the Daily Planet, where Lois is telling Clark that someone has been going through her desk, when Perry White comes in asking about the story regarding the "Superman Theory". Lois assures Perry that he will have it soon, as she then discovers a package that was sent to her. Jimmy brings her Kool-Aid instead of freshly squeezed orange juice, to which she is rather upset about. On TV it is reported that Firestorm is in Moscow fighting Pohzar, and that other meta-humans are involved. Firestorm manages to hold his own, when negative Woman phases through him, causing his powers to short out. As he is swamped by an angry crowd, which he falls down into, he panics, and in a big flash of light everyone around him is turned to glass. Firestorm flies off, and everyone at the Daily Planet watches this in shock. Clark makes a quick getaway, and is as usual unseen, but who is seen flying off is Superman, and those that catch a glimpse of him rejoice in the fact that "Superman's going to clear this all up". Superman arrives at the nation of Kandaq, where he is met with other meta-humans like the Creeper and Giganta. Superman is escorted to the nation's ruler, Black Adam, who welcomes him, and shows him around his kingdom. Black Adam confirms that he has heard the rumors that Firestorm came to hide out in Kandaq, like many of the meta-human populace, but assures him that he is not there. As Superman flies off, he tells him, "Firestorm will always be welcome in Kandaq, and be safe from the world's governments and their puppets". We cut back to the Daily Planet, it is now later in the evening, Lois is talking to Superman, as he explains that he's looked for Firestorm all over, and hasn't had much luck. Lois suggests that maybe Firestorm didn't flee too far, and may still be close by in Russia. Lois' attention is then diverted to the package she received earlier that morning, and she opens it to find a flash-drive. She plugs it into her computer, and it plays a video of an old newscast, which introduces the Justice Society of America. Lois is surprised at this, as she has no clue who these heroes of yesteryear are. In Russia, Superman hears Ronnie Raymond's voice, and knows that he has found Firestorm. He walks into the building where he is hiding, and discovers the young hero attempting to bring one of the glass people back to life. Superman greets him, only to find that Firestorm is scared that Superman may want to fight him to bring him in, after reassuring him, Firestorm explains that his powers have never worked on transmuting anything organic before, and that he has no idea what happened, but wants to desperately change the glass boy in front of him, back to flesh and blood. Superman reassures him, that if he did it once, he can surely do it again, and Firestorm gives it his all to change the boy back. As the dust settles, Superman sees that Firestorm was successful, as the once glass statue is bought back to life. The child calls out to Superman, and runs into his arms and Firestorm takes a sigh of relief. Later in Moscow, President Vladimir Putin, holds a press conference regarding the tragedy the day before, when Superman arrives. He is welcomed to the nation by the President, and is given an opportunity to address the nation and the media. Superman tells the world that what Firestorm did was an accident, and that it can be undone. Meanwhile Batman is hearing this as he travels in the Batwing, he opens a channel to Superman's coms, and tells him to stop talking, and not to "pick a side" regarding the meta-human problem. Superman tells the media that Firestorm is not a villain that the media is making him out to be, when he is stopped by President Putin, who tells Superman that Pozhar has proof that Firestorm is an American agent, and what he did is considered to be an attack on the people of Russia. It appears that simply by trying to explain the situation, the media has taken it as Superman siding with Firestorm, and the meta-human populace, exactly what Batman tried to prevent. Superman tries to explain that Firestorm can actually reverse the effects of what happened, when Firestorm arrives on the scene, with the transmuted child in his arms. President Putin is shocked, and asks Superman "what trickery is this", but before he can answer, the military soldier opens fire on Firestorm. Superman rushes to the aid of the child, trying to protect him from the gunfire, and Firestorm watches as some stray bullets hit the glass statues that were once people. Firestorm lashes out at the soldiers' weapons, and the Russian meta-humans are ordered to put an end to the so called attack by Pozhar, who himself goes after Firestorm. President Putin is rushed away, and the army move in with their tanks, and in doing so, they begin to run over and crush the glass statues. Superman sees this and topples the tank, and all this is being shown live across the world. Lois sits in shock in her and Clark's apartment as she watches on TV whilst Batman doubles his efforts to get to Moscow as fast as he can. Firestorm manages to fight off Pozhar, and tries to calm everyone down, yelling that he can fix the situation by transmuting the people back, but becomes distraught at the sight of the broken statues. His powers look as if they are ready to detonate, as they react to Ronnie's emotions. Superman makes his way to Firestorm to calm him down, and help him not lose control, while Batman yells through the coms that the power readings are spiking. Firestorm tells Superman that he is ok, and indicates that he is not losing control. Batman screams that the power readings are spiking, and that it's not Firestorm, just then there is an explosion, all news feeds are cut. Batman is thrown of course, and Superman and Firestorm are caught right in the middle of it. "Yes... It begins"... Ozymandias.

  • Heroes in Crisis #4 [of 9] (January 2, 2019)
    Tom King, Clay Mann, Clay Mann
    We open with Garth of the Titan's getting drunk in a bar, and passing out, causing Donna Troy to have to carry him home. We then cut to Sanctuary, where Batman and The Flash investigate the crime scene, to determine who killed Wally West. Flash is quick to point the finger at Booster Gold, but Batman assures him that it was Harley Quinn. Wonder Woman interrogates Booster Gold, using her Golden Lasso. Booster recounts the events of the day everyone was seemingly killed by Harley Quinn. He is stunned at the fact that he was left alive, and was the only one that woke up. We then cut to Lois and Clark's apartment in Metropolis, where they discuss the fact that someone named "The Puddler" has sent Lois videos of those being treated at Sanctuary. Lois asks Clark what he wants her to do about it, while at the same time reminding him that "this is news", and if she doesn't report it, The Puddler will find someone that will. Somewhere at that moment, Batgirl meets up with Harley, where the two fight, and then eventually give in and embrace one another. Booster lies in a holding cell at the Hall of Justice, where he is visited by Blue Beetle, and he asks Booster if he "did it," Booster says that the Golden Lasso revealed that he didn't, however Wonder Woman told him that he may have convinced himself that he didn't, so that's what he could perceive the truth to be. Blue Beetle busts him out, in the hope that he will help prove his innocence. We end with Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman at the Batcave, as they discuss what has been transpiring. Wonder Woman is angry that Blue Beetle broke out Booster Gold, when Superman tells them both about the leaked videos to Lois. Batman gets angry that Superman kept this information from them for a few days, and is even more annoyed when he learns that Lois is reporting on it, and as of 35 seconds ago, the story is posted online. Currently at that time Batgirl and Harley Quinn are flip flopping over rooftops, when Batgirl gets the alert of the story. She tells Harley that this will most likely change the world, now that it's out. "Okay good... &$@@ the world... It needs changing". - Harley Quinn.

  • Heroes in Crisis #5 [of 9] (January 30, 2019)
    Tom King, Clay Mann and Travis Moore
    We open with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle hiding out in some low rent motel, trying to figure out their next move to prove Booster innocent. Booster suggests ambushing The Flash, and getting him to figure out what really happened. Beetle reminds him that he already tried that, and Flash beat him to a pulp. Booster tells him, he wouldn't expect the same plan twice... Fist bump! At the Batcave, Batgirl convinces Batman to let her look over Skeets, to determine if he knows the whereabouts of Booster Gold. Later she and Harley Quinn literally beat it out of him. In Metropolis, Clark is having a hard time writing the speech Superman is to give, regarding Sanctuary to the media. Lois helps him the best way she can, but Clark's struggles are more serious than what she anticipates. Booster and Beetle get the drop on The Flash, and manage to knock him out at his lab, and go over the data he has collected. Booster tells Beetle, that something is wrong with the state of Wally West's body, and that it's a week older than it should be. Superman addresses the media the next day, with Wonder Woman at his side. He tells the world why the hero community needs a place like sanctuary, and why it was kept a secret from the rest of the world. We end with Batgirl and Harley catching up to Beetle and Booster, Harley has her mind set on grievously injuring Booster, even against Batgirl's wishes.

  • Man and Superman 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 (February 6, 2019)
    Marv Wolfman, Claudio Castellini, Claudio Castellini
    Clark Kent arrives in Metropolis. He has trouble adjusting to the big city and struggles to find a way to use his abilities to help people. Crime is out of control and there is controversy surrounding how the authorities should deal with that. Clark works as a janitor to earn money while trying to find work as a reporter. His goal is to work for the Daily Planet, but his attempt to get an interview with Perry White fails. Clark is forced to use his abilities to save people when the Lexcorp building is attacked. During the aftermath he sees Lois Lane for the first time. Lois writes about the mysterious flying man and is determined to prove that he is not a threat. Lex Luthor returns to Metropolis after a five-year absence and announces that he will do whatever he can to stop this terrorist attacks in the city. His press conference is interrupted by another attack, but in the aftermath, Clark realizes Lex was behind the whole thing. Clark works with Lois on the story and soon Clark decides to adopt the uniform and identity of Superman. He confronts Luthor as Superman and tells the billionaire that one day Lex will make a small mistake, and on that day, Lex will know exactly who Superman is. Later, Clark begins his career at the Daily Planet thanks to an exclusive interview with Superman and the rivalry between Lois and Clark begins.

  • Heroes in Crisis #6 [of 9] (February 27, 2019)
    Tom King, Mitch Gerads with Clay Mann
    We open with Gnarrk, Wally and Ivy narrating the reasons they are at Sanctuary. We follow with Harley's arrival at Sanctuary, as she needed to be with her friend and ally Poison Ivy. Wally continues to show his struggles of adjusting to a new reality, where his family no longer exists, and he is alone. Gnarrk recounts his early prehistoric history. We end with Harley seeing Booster murder everyone at Sanctuary, learning that she is innocent of the whole situation.

  • Doomsday Clock #9 (March 6, 2019)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Brand Anderson
    We begin with Dr Manhattan on Mars, holding a Legion of Superheroes ring, and watching it cease to exist, due to the actions of his own doing, stretching back to his moving Alan Scott's power battery out of his reach when he needed it most. We then witness most of Earth's Superheroes travel to Mars, to confront Dr Manhattan. Each ship contains different teams and families, as there is a sombre feeling in the atmosphere. On Earth, in the Hall of Justice, Superman lies unconscious in a hospital bed, as he recovers from the events of the explosion in Moscow. Lois arrives, and breaks down at the sight of her husband in such a condition. In the White House, the President is forced by his advisors, to condemn Superman for his actions, in trying to stop the Russian super soldiers from killing Firestorm and innocent bystanders. Batman also recovering, wakes from his unconscious state, and tells Alfred that all the heroes are going after the wrong person in Dr Manhattan, and the real threat is Ozymandias. He attempts to send a message to them, but knows that by the time the heroes get the message, it may be too late. There is a state of unrest in the world, and we catch a glimpse of Reggie, sitting in the streets, with a sign around his neck saying "You see what you want to see". Lex arrives at the Hall of Justice, and confronts Lois who is with Superman. He reveals to Lois that he is the one that sent her the flash drive, with the images and video of the forgotten heroes in the Justice Society. On Mars, the Martian Manhunter attempts to communicate with Dr Manhattan, as a way of peaceful resolution, but Guy Gardner attacks Manhattan, and a battle ensues. After a lengthy battle with most of the heroes, Manhattan manages to come out the victor, and then reveals to Ronnie Raymond, that his becoming the hero Firestorm was no accident, but rather a clever set up by Prof. Stein, in order for him to infiltrate the superhero community, and learn more about them. Ronnie is shocked and feels betrayed after learning this. Meanwhile on Earth, Wonder Woman addresses the United Nations, only to be interrupted by Black Adam and Giganta. "I heard your friends were all on vacation. What am I doing?... I'm making a move." - Black Adam.

  • Heroes in Crisis #7 [of 9] (March 27, 2019)
    Tom King, Clay Mann, Travis Moore & Jorge Fornes
    We open with Wally's tapes at Sanctuary, and follow as he spends his first few days and weeks at Sanctuary. Batman and Flash search for Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, but keep coming up short, meanwhile Batgirl and Harley have caught up with the two wayward heroes, and there is a small comical battle between Harley and Booster. We end with a revelation about Wally and what he planned to do.

  • Heroes in Crisis #8 [of 9] (April 24, 2019)
    Tom King, Mitch Gerads and Travis Moore
    In the confession room, Wally West explains the events that led to the tragedy at Sanctuary. He questions the validity of Sanctuary. Is it an actual place that has helped others or was it invented just for me? He remembers his past life (Pre-New 52) with Linda Park, his wife and their children, all now a past memory. If this place was real, than their must be others here with him, but because the place is anonymous he was not allowed any interactions with others, strengthening his suspicions about being alone even further. So he decides, since he is the fastest man alive, to take all this "deleted" data that has been cracked and put it back together, revealing to him every person who has gone through Sanctuary, the pain they were feeling during their confessionals, the acts that they were trying to sort through in the virtual reality rooms. Piecing this puzzle back together set off some sort or alarm announcing everyone to please exit Sanctuary. Already struggling with his own mental struggles, and now adding everyone else who has been through Sanctuary, is more than Wally could bare and he could not keep his speed force in check, emanating bursts of lightning from his body killing everyone who was outside of Sanctuary. In a panic he ran inside and saw Booster Gold and Harley Quinn had not made it outside, so in a flash he put both back into separate Virtual Reality chambers and programmed each to show the other person killing the other occupants outside. Wally then traveled five days into the future, found and killed his future self and brought it back to the past and laid it beside his friend Roy Harper. Rearranging the crime scene and leaving cryptic notes to throw Batman and Barry Allen off track. All of this to buy him some time, five days to be exact. Five days to try and do something as good as he had done bad. Five days to tell the truth.

  • Heroes in Crisis #9 [of 9] (May 29, 2019)
    Tom King, Clay Mann, Clay Mann
    We open with Wally confronting himself, as he embraces his past. Booster, Blue, Batgirl and Harley arrive in time to stop Wally's actions. Harley discovers that poison Ivy has had a "regrowth", and Wally is given the help he needs. The end.

  • Doomsday Clock #10 (May 29, 2019)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Brand Anderson
    We open with a scene from a movie, as it is being filmed. The actor Carver Coleman, is struggling to get through the final scene, but insists that it must be filmed and finished on time. We then see Carver Coleman's career as it starts as he moves to Hollywood, and then meets Dr Manhattan upon his arrival on our Earth. We see as Manhattan helps Carver Coleman through his career, helping him reach success like he so wanted. We then see as Dr Manhattan discovers Superman, and follow him through the ages, through his different histories, origins and interpretations. He also sees how Superman's appearance has inspired others with abilities to do the same, as we witness the birth of the JSA. Manhattan then experiments with events on this new Earth, changing history, to see how it affects Superman, as he tries to understand his importance on and to this Earth. Lastly, as we see the murder of Carver Coleman, we also witness Superman wake up.

  • Event Leviathan #1 (June 12, 2019)
    Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, Alex Maleev
    In the ruins of an ARGUS facility, Batman and Lois Lane run into each other. Leviathan has attacked the world, taking out the DEO, ARGUS, Spyral, Kobra, and Task Force X. Even Amanda Waller has been affected. With Superman off-world, it's up to Batman and Lois to piece together what's happening and how to stop it. In the rubble, they find Steve Trevor who reveals that 42 hours prior, the debris made up the structure of a new ARGUS center located in Coast City. Steve was attempting to rescue Doctor Strand in case of a potential attack. The same hulking machine arrived, put Steve in a forcefield, and took Doctor Strand before destroying the building. In the present, Steve begins to panic knowing that since he survived, people will assume he was behind the attack. Steve shoots Lois in the arm before Green Arrow hits him with a taser arrow. Batman, Lois, and Green Arrow come to the conclusion that they need to solve the Leviathan situation before the night ends or the rest of the world will be destroyed. Later in the Batcave, Lois' wound gets bandaged up as The Question briefly spies on the trio. Elsewhere, Doctor Strand awakens where she is propositioned by Leviathan to join their cause.

  • Superman: Year One #1 [of 3] (June 19, 2019)
    Frank Miller, John Romita Jr., Danny Miki
    We begin with Krypton on the verge of destruction, and witness as Jor-El and Lara place the infant Kal-El in a rocket ship, sending him to a distant world where he will have a chance at life. We then witness as a young Jonathan Kent, discovers baby Kal-El, and takes him home to his wife, as they decide to keep and raise him as their own. We see Clark grow up and come to terms with his great powers and abilities, as he attends school and looks out for the outcasts, who are easy targets for the bullies that terrorize not just the school, but the entire town. We meet Lana Lang, a young seeker of truth, who is rescued from sexual abuse from the same bullies, by Clark, as he confides fully in her, and they become a couple, and enjoy their days at high school. Clark becomes a silent town hero, who is a loud and proud high school star football player. We then bear witness to the moment that Clark decides to leave home and explore the world, as he enlists in the navy, In search of his true calling in life.

  • Event Leviathan #2 (July 10, 2019)
    Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, Alex Maleev
    On top of a building, Batman confronts Jason Todd. The two discuss the Leviathan attacks before Batman tells the former Robin what happened with Sam Lane and The Question. At the hospital, an agent of Leviathan attempted to murder Lane. The would-be assassin was shot and killed by Lane. The Leviathan agent was previously a part of A.R.G.U.S. before switching sides. At the morgue, Plastic Man was tasked with finding any information on the agent. While there, Leviathan appeared to collect the dead body. An attempt to recruit the stretchy hero is made, but as quickly as he arrived, Leviathan vanishes. Back on the rooftop, Batman and his team of detectives - Damian Wayne, Green Arrow, Lois Lane, The Question, Plastic Man, and an unnamed character confront Jason. The team believes that Todd may be connected to Leviathan and begin to chase him.

  • Event Leviathan #3 (August 14, 2019)
    Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, Alex Maleev
    In the Fortress of Solitude, the team of the world's greatest detectives discuss their battle with Jason Todd. Through a flashback, we see that the team lost the fight, largely because there were too many individuals trying to do their own thing. During the confusion, Lois manages to ask Todd a series of questions that end up proving his innocence. The team begins to suspect Amanda Waller. Lois mentions that Waller was recently in the Fortress, but somehow broke out. Robin finds a device Waller had planted that was invisible to Kelex's sensors. Plans are made to evacuate the Fortress as the government agent had been listening in on their conversation the whole time. Green Arrow speaks directly to Waller, telling her the Leviathan situation happened on her watch. In a motel in the middle of nowhere, Waller destroys receiver before heading to a pickup truck. Leviathan appears before Waller intending to kill her, but before any shots are fired, Superman arrives to save the day.

  • Superman: Year One #2 [of 3] (August 21, 2019)
    Frank Miller, John Romita Jr., Danny Miki
    We begin with Clark's arrival at the naval base, as he gets ready for basic training and goes through his new daily routine of fitness and combat training, while bonding with his peers. He catches the eye of one of his superiors, who recruits him into an elite unit. Clark manages to learn that the sea has a lot more to offer, as he discovers the songs of the mythic mermaids, and sees them with his own eyes. Later Clark gets put on disciplinary, as he gets involved in a bar fight, even though he avoids the fight at all costs. At night he slips away to find the mermaids, and discovers Atlantis. During a special mission, Clark refuses to kill a pirate that he and his unit are sent to take out. This gets him a dishonorable discharge from the navy. Clark leaves for Atlantis, where he meets up with his new love, Lori Lemaris. Lori's father King Poseidon takes a harsh dislike to Clark, as a surface dweller, and unleashes the Kraken on him. After much punishment during battle, it's revealed that Clark is too strong to kill for the fabled creature, and he is granted residency in the underwater kingdom.

  • Doomsday Clock #11 (September 4, 2019)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Brand Anderson
    We open with Batman stopping US soldiers from arming nuclear missiles, in retaliation to President Putin's threat to invade the America with his meta-humans, if the US government doesn't turn Superman over to them. We cut to news reports, of Wonder Woman protecting the UN against Black Adam's forces. Somewhere in a remote location, Ozymandias watches these events on multiple different TV screens, and smiles at his handiwork. He has the amnesiac Saturn Girl and Johnny Thunder held captive, along with Alan Scott's Lantern power battery. Elsewhere Lex Luthor shows Lois Lane the research and evidence he's gathered regarding the arrival and tampering of the timeline by Dr Manhattan. Alfred prepares pancakes and goes to look for Reggie, to tell him that they were wrong to doubt him, and that they need Rorschach now more than ever for the coming battle. Black Adam and his acolytes attempt to storm the White House, when Superman arrives to stop them. We then cut to Ozymandias, watching as his grand scheme comes together, and we see Saturn Girl fade from existence. The only traces of her that remain, is her Legion flight ring. We conclude with Superman being thrown a great distance, supposedly by Black Adam, and falling in front of Dr Manhattan. Manhattan thinks to himself, this is the moment that has haunted him for so long, this is the moment that Superman will end his existence.

  • Event Leviathan #4 (September 11, 2019)
    Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, Alex Maleev
    In the Batcave, Superman recaps his encounter with Leviathan to Batman and Lois. When he arrived to protect Amanda Waller, he was attacked with the same temporal force he experienced in Action Comics. Upon his return, he found Leviathan and Waller were gone. Having been sent to the kitchen, the rest of the team tries to figure out Leviathan's identity. Manhunter reveals she had been approached, but she refused to join. Superman, Batman, and Lois enter the kitchen to further discuss Leviathan's identity. Robin offers some advice Alfred had given him from his days as a secret agent before Lois borrows one of Bruce's cars. Perched in a tree outside of Wayne Manor is Silencer, armed with her sniper rifle. After spotting Lois in Wayne's car, she sees something in the sky. Back in the Batcave, the team gets a message from Batgirl. She was approached by Leviathan and decided to join in order to get intel. Batgirl tells the team she thinks she's in Seattle as Superman and Plastic Man prepare to investigate. Outside, Silencer sees Superman flying out of Wayne Manor before receiving orders to leave. On their way to Seattle, Superman and Plastic Man find themselves at the mercy of one of Leviathan's flashes. Somewhere in the city, Lois parks in an alleyway where she meets up with her second team of detectives, featuring the likes of Zatana, Constantine, Deathstroke, and Harvey Bullock.

  • Lex Luthor: Year of the Villain #1 (September 18, 2019)
    Jason Latour, Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie
    On Earth-38, Lex Luthor appears to a younger version of himself and asks him if he is dangerous, like many of his doppelgängers, or otherwise. He reveals that he is using Perpetua's power to further the goal of the doom of reality. Lionel, Lex's father, rises and tries to serve the Perpetua-powered Lex, but Lex merely fries him. Young Lex asks older Lex what serving will cost him. Lex Luthor travels to a strange, somewhat corporate Earth-45, and recruits what seems to be a Luthor-Doomsday hybrid called the Doomthor. On Earth-32, a green Martian Superman (presumably) with a beard reflects on what Lex meant to him, and that he's been gifted a Kryptonian headband by him. (NOTE: The presumption is that he's being recruited, but it's unclear. He is talking to someone, but who is never revealed.). An alternate Lex, in a bat-suit, talks to his butler Fred, who looks a lot like Superman, and drinks coffee, speaking of the difficulties of working in this near-future. Perpetua Luthor arrives, with the younger Lex. The Bat-Luthor sucker-kicks Lex, and starts defeating him, until his "partner," the martian Superman, encounters Doomthor, which distracts Bat-Lex. Luthor tries to turn Bat-Lex against Superman, and fails, because Bat-Lex has a partner and a friend. Perpetua Luthor leaves him. On Earth-1, in the future, an older Clark talks about how the Black Mercy showed him Krypton, alive, and when he woke up, Luthor was smiling, and they were dead, so he "did something." The next scene is a comatose Luthor in a hospital, and Perpetua Lex mocking him for being allowed to be "made small." Perpetua Lex leaves, knowing something, and the comatose Luthor smiles (NOTE: What isn't explained.) On Earth-50, Luthor stands before the wreckage of a statue of Luthor in the style of Lincoln. His younger self asks why "we" are doing this, and Luthor says that there is no we, only Luthor. On Earth-44 they find a shoemaker Luthor, and Perpetua Lex kills him. On Earth-13, a rambling Luthor in a more ancient version of his typical super-suit rants and raves until Perpetua Luthor kills him. On Earth-47. Young Lex and Perpetua Luthor meet a bearded Lex who has created a garden the size of a forest to try and help humanity. He mocks Perpetua Lex and his mission, pointing out he's not unique, just evil, and that Superman is, for rising above. Perpetua Luthor vaporizes him, and gives Young Lex a suit and renders him bald. It is revealed that the Young Lex is merely a DNA backup for Perpetua Lex.

  • Event Leviathan #5 (October 9, 2019)
    Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, Alex Maleev
    In a Gotham City alley, Lois' second team gives a rundown of the cleared suspects: Steve Trevor, Director Bones, Amanda Waller, Talia Al Ghul, Maxwell Lord, Batgirl, Jimmy Olsen, Ra's Al Ghul, Red Hood, and Kate Spencer. Instead, the secret team reveals their suspicion of Sam Lane. Zatanna opens a portal to Lane's hospital room. Suspecting the presence of communication tech in the car she borrowed, Lois has Batman run a biosensor scan to determine if her secret team is telling the truth. Passing through the portal, Lois confronts her father who reveals that he sided with Leviathan. Suddenly, a fight breaks out as an assumed agent of Leviathan attacks the group. Sam kills the villain as Zatanna attempts to diffuse a bomb launched by the attacker. Seemingly unsuccessful, Sam and Lois are transported to a snowy area. Lois holds her father in her arms and she begins to cry. In Chicago, Superman and Plastic Man are brought to a strange place where Leviathan and their army waits. The Man of Steel is given a rundown of their plan. Initially, Leviathan planned to attack while Superman was off-world. That didn't pan out. In some Spyral files they acquired, plans were discovered that detailed what a plan of attack would be if Jon Kent ever became a threat. Superman cuts Leviathan short, refusing to join. Back in Gotham, Batman, Robin, Manhunter, and Green Arrow rush to find Batgirl. They ponder about Leviathan's identity before Robin comes to the realization that Manhunter's staff might be connected. Meanwhile, Superman prepares to take down Leviathan's army. Unfortunately, his powers don't work in that place. Leviathan begins to remove the mask as Superman expresses surprise. Still on their way to rescue Batgirl, the group's Batmobile is crashed by an explosive. As the smoke clears, Talia Al Ghul appears and declares she's going to save the world.

  • Superman: Year One #3 [of 3] (October 16, 2019)
    Frank Miller, John Romita Jr., Danny Miki
    We begin with Clark saving Lois Lane's mini sub in the ocean. He then rescues her from the crashed sub, and takes her to a remote island, and then fights off some soldiers, for some reason. He takes Lois back to Metropolis, and begins a new chapter in his life, as he enrols in Journalism school. Later, while working at the Daily Planet, Superman makes his debut in proper by hitting the criminals of Metropolis hard and fast. A hostage situation happens at Lexcorp, and Superman finds himself introduced to Lex Luthor for the first time. Lex manages to manipulate Superman into working for him, and asks him to take down a masked vigilante in Gotham City, The Batman. The reason for this is because The Batman is making a dent into Luthor's profits by destroying many of his illegal operations. When the two heroes finally come face to face, The Batman realises that Superman is a lot stronger than he thought. Nothing he throws at him manages to have any affect. When a frustrated Superman grabs Batman, and threatens to punch him into jello, he is stopped by an almost equally strong hand, one that belongs to the Amazonian Wonder Woman. Her words melt the anger the two men have at each other, and a friendship/bond is formed amongst the three of them. They quickly return to Luthor's office at Lexcorp, where they tell him that his game is up, as Wonder Woman binds him with her lasso, Luthor spills all his secrets, and reveals to Superman that his people are not all extinct, as the Bottled City of Kandor lives, in the thralls of the collector named Brainiac. Hearing this news, Superman leaves Earth almost immediately, in search of Brainiac, and the thought of liberating his people.

  • Tales From The Dark Multiverse: The Death of Superman #1 (October 30, 2019)
    Jeff Loveness, Brad Walker, Drew Hennessy & Norm Rapmund
    Tempus Fuginaut, the Guardian Against The Dark Multiverse, continues his quest to discover why there is dark and why it always returns. He turns his attention to a world where Superman died, but because of a few nudges here and there, things play out differently than when it originally happened. Lois Lane, fiancé to Clark Kent, grows cold and vengeful after his sacrifice, and during a trip to the Fortress of Solitude to say goodbye to that part of Clark's life, she meets The Eradicator. The Eradicator tried to revive Superman, but he was too late, and Lois offers her body to house the energy being. She will be able to avenge her fiancé and the Eradicator can preserve Krypton. Lois launches an all-out war on crime and injustice. She goes above and beyond what Superman did and uses lethal force with impunity. She confronts Lex Luthor and murders him. She is confronted by Batman, but the Dark Knight loses that fight. When the imposter Supermen (Superboy, Steel, and the Cyborg) arrive on the scene, Lois immediately knows that the Cyborg is evil. When Lois confronts him, she immediately attacks the imposter and Superboy and Steel join the melee. They lose their lives quickly, but suddenly the one, true Superman arrives. He puts up a good fight despite his weakened state, but the Cyborg uses Kryptonite to kill him a second time. As Lois holds Clark's body, she swears that the world wasn't good enough for him, but she will make one that is.

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