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  • DCeased: Dead Planet #5 [of 7] (November 3, 2020)
    Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Gigi Baldassini
    Constantine enters a secret room in the Tower of Fate, much to Doctor Fate's consternation. In there he gets the cloak of souls. With Swamp Thing in tow, Constantine formulates a plan, but he's going to need the help of the new Batman, who promises to help, only if nobody is killed. Constantine agrees that no living or anti-living person will die. Together with Batwoman, Red Hood and his wife Rose Wilson, the group travel to the outskirts of the hidden city of Nanda Parbat. There they are greeted by hordes of anti-living assassins, but they fight their way through to the city gates, where Deadman, Boston Brand greets them. Inside, Constantine grabs the Spear of Destiny, and, knowing the godess Rama Kushna will not allow him to remove it from the city, he takes it and stabs her with it, wounding her. Deadman rushes Constantine, but he uses the cloak of souls to entrap him. They leave Nanda Parbat through a portal and find themselves at the Rock of Eternity. Constantine has brought them to the home of the Wizard SHAZAM in search of his magical staff. Rose has a premonition of doom and says they have to leave, but her warning comes too late as they are attacked by the anti-living Captain Marvel Junior, who breaks Jason Todd in half. Rose runs to Jason, killing The Wizard, while Batwoman grabs his staff. She yells out "SHAZAM" and is imbued with magical power which she uses to kill Captain Marvel Junior. Jason dies in Ross' arms, and Constantine, with both the spear and the staff in his possession, transports them back to the safety of the Gotham Garden. Batman questions him on what he did to Deadman, but Constantine reiterates that he promised he wouldn't kill anyone who wasn't already dead. This deception earns him a punch in the face. The Spectre appears, concerned with Constantine being in possession of such powerful weapons, but Constantine convinces him that their missions are aligned. Constantine is out for vengeance.

  • Dark Nights: Death Metal #5 [of 7] (November 17, 2020)
    Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo
    The Darkest Knight, now a virtual god, heads to kill Perpetua leaving Castle Bat, now in the form of a giant, to take care of our heroes. The heroes stand zero chance against the giant who is now a walking formation of Kane County. The heroes attempts to stop it are to no avail, until the Hall of Doom arrives, with Lex Luthor at its helm. The battle between the Darkest Knight and Perpetua begins, Lex Luthor tells the heroes he has the Death Metal (Element X/Tenth Metal that the Monitor locked away after the events of Dark Nights: Metal) and how he had been making a machine that could look into the heart of reality. With the machine, they can remove the obstructions of the timeline, unlocking all lost memories of the DCU, giving them the Anti-Crisis energy needed to fight the Darkest Knight. Once learning the truth, Wonder Woman realizes that she was the cause of the Justice League failing against Perpetua in the first place. Batman reveals that he's been dead all along (hence the use of the Black Lantern Ring), Superman admits that there's no stopping his transformation into becoming a Darkseid, regardless the World's Finest pledge to fight alongside Diana one last time. Wonder Woman leads an army of Lobos (made from Lobo's blood) to the Rock of Eternity, Superman frees the villains locked away and asks the remaining Supermen, the Lantern Corps and Black Adam himself to destabilize the Prime Earth (the centre of the Multiverse), effectively stopping the Darkest Knight from drawing anymore Crisis energy. Noticing this, the Darkest Knight sends his evil Earths out to kill the united army of heroes and villains, ready for the final battle.

  • DCeased: Dead Planet #6 [of 7] (December 1, 2020)
    Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Gigi Baldassini
    In Australia Dr. Ivo's army of Amazos are nearly ready. Meanwhile, with Cyborg successfully accessing the Life Equation within him, Batman connects all the remaining doctors and experts available to help formulate a way to turn the Life Equation into a cure for the unliving. Just as they're trying to figure out how to get the cure to everyone who needs it, Ivo's army of Amazos set about killing off all the unliving. The heroes head to a habitable moon where Barda was left by Scott Free. They give her the cure just before she kills Scott, and she comes to her senses... cured. As the heroes successfully have enough of the cure serum manufactured, they find out about the Amazo army. They must hurry to save people. Zatanna breaks in on John Constantine in his secret room in the Tower of Fate. With the door open, they are also visited by the Phantom Stranger. As they have words, Etrigan arrives, warning them that Trigon has arrived on Earth. Trigon kills all the unliving in Paris. John Constantine and Phantom Stranger forcefully remove Doctor Fates helmet. With all the magical artefacts in his possession, John is on a mission to save the world.

  • DC's Very Merry Multiverse #1 [of 1] (December 8, 2020)
    Paul Scheer, Nick Giovanetti, John Layman, Ivan Cohen, David F. Walker, Derek Fridolfs, Dustin Nguyen, Sholly Fisch, Tom Sniegoski, Brittany Holzherr, Jay Baruchel and Tom King; Steve Lieber, Dani, Eleanora Carlini, Gustavo Duarte, Dustin Nguyen, Vanesa Del Rey, Justin Mason, Todd Nauck, Dominike "Domo" Stanton and Scott Koblish
    Harley Quinn in "It's a Horrible Life!": Harley Quinn, feeling the Christmas blues, receives some advice from Layma, the long lost third Wonder Twin, and finds her own Christmas spirit. Batman in "Christmas by Gaslight": On Christmas eve, Eel O'Brian attempts to rob Grady Rothchild, a fellow billionaire of Bruce Wayne, but The Batman is not gonna let that slide. An intervention from Victor Fries leads to the crime being stopped, and a rare white Christmas in Gotham City. Teen Justice in "To Stop The Star-Conqueress!": It's New Years Eve, and the Justice Guild of Earth-11 has been brainwashed by Starrla, the Star Conqueress. A group comprised of Laura Kent/Supergirl, Talia Kane/Robin, Jess Chambers/Kid Quick, Jackqui Hyde/Aquagirl, Donald Troy and Klarienne The Witch Girl, not yet a fully formed team, manage to save the older heroes in the nick of time, before deciding to form their own team, Teen Justice. President Superman in "Bizarro Love Holiday": On Earth-23, President Superman creates a global holiday so that all the people on Earth can unite in empathy and understanding. Bizarro, however, "loves" the holiday because no one had ever given him anything before, so he couldn't understand it. Angry, he attacks President Superman, but thanks to an intervention by a little girl, and a gift from the heart, Bizarro ends up "hating" the holiday. Batman Beyond in "Holidays Beyond": On Earth-12, Terry McGinnis/Batman is spending Christmas Eve searching for Bruce Wayne's old Bat-Sub, that was used once years ago before vanishing. As he's there, he ends up hallucinating a "Christmas Carol" situation, in which Bruce never became Batman. Guided by three spirits (The Gray Ghost, The Joker, and Dana Tan), Terry realizes how important Batman is, and gifts Bruce with a memento of his long gone butler, Alfred. League of Shadows in "Night of the Magi": In Ancient Egypt, a Hebrew slave named Ya'akov Ben Shimon attempts to escape his dreadful life by disguising himself as one of his oppressors. However, he ends up deserting his own family behind, and a set of circumstances lead to his untimely demise. The gods of Egypt refuse his entry into their afterlife, but acquiesce his pleas for a chance at redemption by turning him into Ragman, and sending him to cleanse his sins as a protector of the innocent and downtrodden. Many years pass, and in the present day on Earth-13, Ragman and the League of Shadows stop Mother Destruction from destroying another Saturnalia, and another bandage unfurls from Ragman's punishment. The Unjustice League of Unamerica in "Have Yourself a Bizarro Little Christmas": On Earth-29, Bizarro attempts to teach his Unjustlice League friends the spirit of giving. This misguided Christmas ends up inviting the ire of Zanta of the Intergalactic Santa Corps, and in the end, Bizarro learns that perhaps the spirit of giving is not lost after all. Booster Gold in "Twas The Night": On Earth-22, Booster Gold's superhero themed restaurant is under attack by Maxwell Lord, who claims superheroes bring more harm than good to the world. Booster, who had been spending the entire night trying to make Christmas memorable (while bragging about his exaggerated feats) nearly loses, but with help from his costumed, powerless staff, manages to drive off the villain and ensure a merry Christmas for all. In the end, though, it turns out it was all a plan to make his staff (and his pocket) feel good. Prez in "Prez Rickard's Magical Sci-Fi Desolate Souls Club Holiday Special": Prez Rickard hosts a variety hour Christmas special, featuring Sunshine Superman, Shooting Star, Speed Freak, some commercials, Magic Lantern, and Pandar the Fallen himself. Lobo in "A Very Lobo Hanukkah": Lobo kills the entire 432nd High Council army in order to observe his holiday tradition of spending time with the dolphins.

  • Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 #1 [of 1] (December 15, 2020)
    Steve Orlando, Mike Perkins
    The JSA survived Crisis on Infinite Earths and now Surtur is attacking them. He arrives and shows Alan Scott the remains of Hal Jordan. They fight and Surtur destroys many heroes. Power Girl sends Superman into retreat by holding Surtur off for a moment. The remaining heroes gather to create a plan. They decide they will create a black hole inside Surtur to syphon off his energy. In the second battle Surtur kills The Flash, destroying their plan. He is close to defeating all of the heroes when Superman freezes his face. Recovering Surtur grabs Superman and begins to kill him prompting Alan Scott to make a deal to find new worlds for him to destroy in exchange for sparing Earth. It ends with Alan Scott taking a new Green Lantern oath for Surtur.

  • Dark Nights: Death Metal #6 [of 7] (December 15, 2020)
    Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo
    Earth's heroes gather as a last line of defence, as they face off against the monsters of the Darkest Knight's "Last 52" Earths. Batman uses the original body of the BWL's fight by their side with the Black Lantern Ring. The battle between Perpetua and the Darkest Knight continues, as Perpetua calls the Darkest Knight out, by claiming she's the only being protecting the Multiverse from detection from the rest of her kind. The Darkest Knight manages to trap Perpetua in fragments of the Source Wall that originally imprisoned her and kills her. Realigning the Prime Earth so the Crisis Energy continues to empower him, he sends his "favorite soldiers" to attack Earth's heroes in their last moments while also reviving The Devastator, The Drowned, and The Red Death. In the passage to the World Forge, Wonder Woman and her army of Lobo's are attacked by souls created by the BWL's which steal the journal of Carter Hall from her. Diana falls into the World Forge where she's confronted by non-other than Darkseid and the infant Anti-Monitor. Darkseid tries to persuade Wonder Woman that humanity doesn't want to know the truth, Diana refuses to believe this and comes to realize how to make Lex Luthor's machine work and starts by dipping her Lasso of Truth into the World Forge. As the heroes stand, and all claim "One universe", against the hordes of the Darkest Knight, they start remembering their entire history (including their own deaths and revivals), just as Wonder Woman in Golden armor erupts from the ground to confront the Darkest Knight.

  • Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Dark Nights - Metal #1 [of 1] (December 29, 2020)
    Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Scott Snyder; Karl Mostert
    Batman failed to defeat Barbatos and became the conduit through which Barbatos could conquer and destroy all worlds. This left only Duke Thomas alive. Duke has spent the last several years travelling from world to world as the sole remaining Monitor trying to defend the Multiverse. He returns to Earth-0 after failing on every single planet. He is confronted by the Barbatos’ dragons, corrupted monstrous versions of Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Superman. Superman begins to eat him, when Dick Grayson arrives and stuns them with his axe, allowing Duke to escape. Duke follows Dick back to the old Justice League base where Dick, Kendra, Hawkman, the skeleton remains of the Flash, and a Hybrid of Bobo and Red Tornado live. He is able to convince them that they can defeat the dragons, Hawkman reveals that death is coming anyways so they set off to fight. The group attacks the Batman Who Laughs freeing the Joker Dragon to join them in fighting the dragons. They attack the dragons and are each able to defeat a single dragon while dying in the process. This leaves just Duke and Barbatos. Duke uses teleportation to enter Barbatos and kills a shackled Bruce that Barbatos is using for power. Duke then leaves to hunt monsters in the Multiverse, including DC’s version of the Watcher that has been narrating all of these tales.

  • Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 [of 7] (January 4, 2021)
    Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion
    Diana and The Batman Who Laughs continue to battle, with TBWL urging her to join him so that life will continue to exist, where is she persists with her fight, the hands of fate will be the end of them all. The other heroes continue to fight, even though the odds are against them. As Diana makes a stand, she comes face to face with a quite different version of herself, who informs her that the Multiverse can be saved and restored, but that it will be different than before. Everything will be new, but all previous stories will not be lost. Wally West is invited by Barry Allen to join him on the dark side of the moon, where heroes and villains have joined in a Hall of Justice and Doom, working together to understand what Diana's sacrifice means moving forward. Possibilities are opening up, with an infinite frontier of new possibilities. There are now two centers of focus for the multiverse... their reality and something known as the Elseworld.

  • DC Future State: Superman of Metropolis #1 (January 5, 2021)
    Sean Lewis, John Timms
    "Future State: The triumphant victory of our heroes saves all reality from the brink of destruction and shakes loose the very fabric of space and time. From the ashes of Death Metal rises new life for the infinite multiverse and glimpses into the possible unwritten world of tomorrow." 'Welcome to the Metropolis of Tomorrow' In the future, Andrej Trojan has turned people into living nanotechnology. Trojan forced Lex Luther out of business and Metropolis declaring it 'The Free Republic of Metropolis' but his reign lasted until the military came to reclaim the city and to take control of Trojan's secret weapon, known only as "Brain Cells". Caught in the crossfire between Trojan's zealots and the army are innocent civilians and Jon Kent won't allow them to die. He is... SUPERMAN! The army warn Superman off after he refused to help them destroy 'Brain Cells' the AI that is linked to the nanotechnology infused humans. There is a reason Jon hasn't taken action against Brain Cells - his existence is because of Kara and Jon! Trojan was able to extract the DNA and technology from one of the original Superman's greatest foes. Jon captures Brain Cells and pulls him out of Metropolis to try and sever his connection to the humans. Brain Cells mocks Jon as a half breed, citing his many lost battles protecting Metropolis. Jon ignores him and instructs Kelex to bring an army of fortress robots to surround Metropolis. They then initiate Jon's secret plan... shrinking and bottling the city. While bottled, Metropolis is in a safe ecological environment that Brain Cells technology cannot penetrate. Brain Cells points out this is an action so radically offbeat the original Superman would never have attempted it. Worse still, Kara appears and tells Jon she was busy with a better solution. She destroyed Andrej Trojan's satellite network. No network, no way for Trojan or Brain Cells to control humans. Supergirl tells Jon he is to had over Brain Cells and give up the role of Superman. Jon notices Brain Cells glowing with energy and realizes that he is using his connection to his DNA donor to somehow influence Kara. Jon argues that the military weren't interested in saving the people or stopping Trojan. They wanted Brain Cells for their own use. Kara is overwhelmed by mind control and battles her nephew. As their fight escalates the military sends in an army of drones. Kara's consciousness reaches through the fighting and she points out Jon's error. Metropolis may be free from influence but it is a prison. Jon realizes in his impetuousness he has inadvertently caused even more harm to the civilians. During the family bickering a giant drone ship has arrived. The duo realize they have to work together as they try to protect the bottled city, unfortunately they discover old habits die hard. Brain Cells has taken the bottle city for himself and the giant drone ship isn't military... it is far more dangerous!

  • DC Future State: Kara Zor-El, Superwoman #1 (January 12, 2021)
    Marguerite Bennett, Marguerite Sauvage
    Kara Zor-El, now a mature older woman, has set up a colony on the moon. Attempting to live up to the ideals Clark and Jon had attempted to... A utopian colony of peace and love. Her only companion was Krypto, though he has now passed away. Amid all the flowers and soft lighting, despite many suitors past, Kara lives on the moon alone, that is, until today. A spaceship breaches the colony shield and crash lands with a precious cargo, much like Kara when she arrived on Earth, greeted by Superman. Shooting out of the ship is a magical shape shifting girl. A being capable of absorbing and mimicking Kara's super powers. The girl, Lynari Lili'alo, reveals she has come to the fabled moon colony to seek refuge. Superwoman's colony is known across the galaxy as a place of peace, far nicer that the Starswamp Asteroid, Lynari called home. Lynari reveals she is in possession of the Starfall jewel, a gem tied to her life force and that one side of her family wants her and the Starfall jewel. Seeing much of her young self in Lynari, Kara allows the girl to stay and they form a strong bond of friendship. A strange starship enters the galaxy and scans the moon. They are from Lynari's asteroid and vow to recapture her and destroy the moon that offered her shelter. Lynari and Kara begin to slowly fall out over their ideas of birthright and legacy and giving up on living life. The argument leads to the spaceswamp girl soaring away from the colony and directly into the arms of her evil family. She is doomed unless Kara gives up her utopian life and fights for truth and justice.

  • DC Future State: Justice League #1 (January 12, 2021)
    Joshua Williamson, Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques
    With the multiverse saved from the brink of destruction, from the ashes of Death Metal, comes Future State. The worlds loves the new Justice League led by Jon Kent, who has taken his father's place as Superman. T.O. Morrow and Professor Ivo's Legion of Doom has been found dead in the remains of the derelict Hall of Justice. is debating whether or not to violate the Justice League's rules and add new members. As Green Lantern investigates the crime scene, she is attacked by Superman, who somehow is attacking Aquawoman and the Flash at the same time. However this is possible, the Justice League may need every hero at their disposal to stop Jon Kent. The shapeshifting White Martian group known as the Hyperclan has been impersonating Superman and the Justice League. The Hyperclan was also responsible for the murder of the Legion of Doom. Their current intention is make the world fear the Justice League.

  • DC Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman #1 (January 12, 2021)
    Dan Watters, Leila Del Duca
    Jon is going through his morning routine, when he notices that there are two suns over Metropolis. Yara rescues and then interrogates a Sao Paulo councilman over the missing funds that were ear marked for infrastructure rebuilds, she also notices the two suns. Yara travels to the gods of the sun, Kuat, and the moon, Iae. Iae invites Yara to drink with him, while Kuat fumes and heads outside. When he notices that there is another sun he flies on his mule into space to challenge it. The second sun is actually Solaris, come to defeat Superman. The two race across the sky, causing major problems around the globe. Solaris defeats Kuat in a race, and the two fight. Kuat overloads Solaris through increasing his heat and Solaris shuts down. Superman and the Watchtower monitor the situation and Superman goes off to rescue people afflicted by the erratic sun. His rescues bring him back into contact with Yara in Brazil putting out fires. Yara explains what is going on, and Jon struggles to believe there are actual sun and moon gods. Jon then notices that Solaris is charging back up, so he flies up to confront him. He states that Solaris can not hope to defeat both him and Kuat, so in order to buy time he challenges Solaris to a fight the next day. Following this Yara and Jon are eating in a diner in Metropolis where Yara is frustrated at Jon's disbelief of sun gods, she also states she will not join the Justice League because they do not do enough to help in situations like over farming or deforestation. Jon again must fly up to Solaris, but part way up in the sky he collapses and falls back to earth.

  • DC Future State: Superman - Worlds of War #1 (January 19, 2021)
    Joshua Williamson, Mikel Janin
    Smallville, Kansas has become a tourist trap and mecca for Superman worshipers. Nobody knows where Clark Kent is, and he's thought to be dead. Yet, one new arrival believes otherwise. In her heart she knows he will return. She even asks those who recount their tales of Superman rescuing them one question. Where is your hope? Their general response is another inquiry. Where is Superman? There are various theories, but the true answer is Warworld. The Man of Steel is battling Mongul's alien gladiators. Will he be victorious? Will he return to Earth, or remain on Warworld?

  • DCeased: Dead Planet #6 [of 7] (January 19, 2021)
    Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Gigi Baldassini
    In Australia the Amazo army destroy millions of the unliving. In Paris Zatanna and The Phantom Stranger can wait for John Constantine no longer, and take on Trigon themselves. Jon Kent/Superman and Damian Wayne/Batman arrive in Australia and Jon is shocked by the carnage. They are attacked by an Amazo, but together they make quick work of the automaton, beheading it. With the head in hand they breach the bunker of the villains, where soldiers are instructed to take them out. The soldiers refuse, and the villains' souls are removed from their bodies by John Constantine, who shows up dressed in all the magical garments and objects he has accumulated. With all these powers under his control, Constantine plans to take the fight to Trigon, while Jon and Damien take the Amazo head to Cyborg. The plan is to create a virus using the head to take out the Amazo army, while Jon and Flash try to race around the world curing as many of the unliving as possible before the Amazo army destroys them. John Constantine arrives to take on Trigon, but even with all the magical weapons in his arsenal he is killed... but that was part of his plan all along. As Cyborg and Batman's virus brings down all the Amazo robots worldwide, Superman arrives in Paris to take on Trigon and hold him at bay. Constantine (now in spirit form with Boston Brand's abilities) is able to take over Trigon's body, nullifying the demon. He then uses the spear of destiny to kill himself/Trigon. With Trigon and the Amazo army no longer a threat, the heroes pitch in to help Flash cure the Earth's remaining population of unliving, returning friends and loved ones to them.

  • DC Future State: Legion of Super-Heroes #1 (January 26, 2021)
    Brian Michael Bendis, Riley Rossmo
    The United Planets, or rather what little remains of it, now governs on Daxam. The Legion of Super-Heroes has disbanded and divided in various teams throughout the universe. All involved have one question on their minds. Where is Element Lad, he who betrayed the Legion and the United Planets? Whoever finds him will have to deal with his followers who believe themselves to be the true Legion, and if Brainiac-7, Bouncing Boy and others find him first there could be a War of the Legions of Super-Heroes. If that happens, the universe may never recover from its repercussions.

  • DC Future State: Superman vs. Imperious Lex #1 (January 26, 2021)
    Mark Russell, Steve Pugh
    The United Planets have a new headquarters, Metropolis in the not too distant future. The first order of business is the membership request from a planet that many of the members find troublesome... LEXOR. Being the planet ruled by Lex Luthor raises many eyebrows. Primarily from Earth representative, Lois Lane. The debate is a heated one until Superman arrives with news of his peace keeping mission in space. There is an energy shortage sweeping across the universe and while searching for a solution the silver haired Man of Steel comes across robot thieves terrorizing other planets. Reticulants, scavenger bots from the planet Lexor. Of course. Superman takes them out of commission and follows their trail back home. Lex is growing nervous that unless he can solve the energy crisis he will lose the planet he worked so hard for. If he loses his empire he will have nothing. Superman, meanwhile, destroys the Reticulant factories and tries to reason with Luthor's loyal subjects. Lex and Superman fight it out and Superman comes to the realization that he's been handling this wrong. Lex is in fight or flight mode, Lexor faces ruin and there is only one solution. Superman convinces Lois and the Council to reconsider Lexor's membership to the United Planets. The council agrees but has one shocking caveat...

  • DC Future State: Batman/Superman #1 (January 26, 2021)
    Gene Luen Yang, Ben Oliver
    Superman saves a suicidal young man from being hit by a train. During their subsequent conversation, the youth reveals that he took a false face serum to play a prank on his school. The false face serum has left him with permanent ram horns that come out whenever he gets nervous. Superman does some research which leads him to Gotham. He meets up with Batman, who is currently navigating the rise of The Magistrate. Batman is reluctant to have Superman join him due to the attention he will draw from The Magistrate. The two witness a number of false face people attack a Magistrate drone and draw the attack of a Magistrate robot. Superman quickly intervenes to help the people and learns of an underground society of false face people who are initiating a rebellion against The Magistrate. They go to the underground society where they meet the father of one of the rebels, who is one of the major scientists behind the false face serum. While Batman is investigating other aspects of the False Face Society, Superman and the head scientist, Mr. Toad, talk about his child in the rebellion. The issue ends with Mr. Toad stabbing Superman in the stomach with a kryptonite blade.

  • Truth & Justice #4 (January 29, 2021)
    Brandon Easton, Jahnoy Lindsay
    The story opens with a police raid on a house where an escaped Stryker Island convict is hiding out, the convict named Bud Oakwood, accused of robbery attempt at the Metropolis Municipal Credit Union turns himself in without any resistance. Oakwood claims he has no memory of escaping as the last thing he remembered was sleeping in a cell before waking up and finding himself in his mother's home. Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent, who previously reported on the robbery in defense of Oakwood's innocence claiming the allegations were based on questionable circumstantial evidence pushed by racial bias was at the scene when he heard the sound of a rifle being ready to fire so he quickly changes into Superman and stops the bullet that was meant for Oakwood. After he comforts Oakwood, one of the officers showed disapproval of Superman saving Oakwood saying "If you ask me, you would have done the world a favor and let that bullet fly." Superman replies, "With all due respect, officer I didn't ask," before flying off to catch the attempted assassin who was donned in armor. However, before Superman can even touch him, the assassin teleports away leaving the Man of Steel confused but also suspicious of the entire situation involving Oakwood's mysterious "escape". Back at the Daily Planet, Clark and editor Perry White are having an argument over Perry moving Clark's story to the Sunday magazine instead of the main paper after the Oakwood situation. Turns out there's been a major rise of prison breakouts where all of the escapees were African American and making the same claims of having no memories of making any escape attempts. Their argument is interrupted by Karli Madison, Bud Oakwood's attorney who informs Clark that Oakwood wants to speak with him. As Clark and Madison reach Stryker, Clark uses his X-Ray and Microscopic vision and doesn't see any cracks, tunnels or any sign of the previous escape attempt, which leads Clark to conclude that teleportation might be involved especially after the encounter with the mysterious assassin from earlier. During his session with Oakwood, Clark is convinced of his innocence due to Oakwood's pulse showing no signs of changing when suddenly an assassin teleports into the room and throws grenades at Oakwood, which Clark stops by using his freeze breath while neither Oakwood nor the assassin were looking. Before the assassin can teleport away, Clark uses his heat vision to engrave a small marking of his S symbol on the assassin's armor. We then cut to Clark appearing on a program called "American Justice" hosted by a man named Jack Newman from the conservative "Patriot News Station". The two have a heated debate about the "mass incarceration of black males" (Newman is being more aggressive while Clark is calmer and more collected). The back and forth between the two comes to a halt when news of vigilante units in the same sophisticated armor the previous assassins wore appearing across the nation even attacking protestors defending the black convicts. Superman intervenes and tries to calm the situation but the leader of the vigilante unit takes out a pair of kryptonite handcuffs, which starts to weaken Superman.

  • Truth & Justice #5 (February 2, 2021)
    Brandon Easton, Jahnoy Lindsay
    We open where we left off, with Superman being weakened by the Kryptonite cuffs being held by the leader of the vigilantes attacking the protesters. However, while the head vigilante gloats, Superman uses what strength he still has to lift the ground causing the vigilante army to lose their balance. Superman flies out of range from the effects of the Kryptonite, so the head vigilante, in an attempt to force Superman back down, fires his energy rifle at the fleeing protesters. Superman blocks the beam and uses his freeze breath to freeze the vigilantes in their place. However the vigilantes teleport away before the police can arrive. During their escape, one of the vigilantes' rifles gets left behind, which Superman takes to properly examine. Back in his Clark Kent identity, he visits Bud Oakwood's mother Lola Oakwood who tells him that before Bud's "prison break", she received a visit by a mysterious man who claimed to be a legal advocate offering a hasty release for her son in exchange for payment. After exhausting her life savings, she found Bud in her house... before being arrested. Lola feels regret for falling for such a con. Clark is back in the Daily Planet trying to finish up his article on the unjust incarceration of members of the black community. After a couple of days of conducting research for the article, which also involved getting responses from less trusting citizens on the street, including a black woman who "doesn't date black men", Clark begins to feel the complications of the issue thinking to himself, "Superman could punch a Klansman or Nazi, but what could he do about a terrified suburban mom?" Deciding to take a break from the article, Clark changes into his Superman persona and flies to his Fortress of Solitude to further examine the rifle one of the vigilantes left behind. He discovers it's a standard issued rifle for Intergang, Metropolis' biggest organized crime group. Superman flies to one of Intergang's bases to confront the head of Intergang, Bruno Mannheim. As Superman confronts Mannheim, he is taken by surprise by a mysterious figure who ties Superman in chains that are emitting glowing red light. The figure turns out to be the armored assassin who tried to assassinate Bud Oakwood at Strykers Island as Superman notices the "S" symbol shaped mark he left on the assassin with his heat vision during their previous encounter. The assassin introduces himself as "The Master Jailer" as he points his rifle at Superman's head.

  • DC Future State: Superman of Metropolis #2 (February 2, 2021)
    Sean Lewis, John Timms
    Jon confronts Brain Cell on the ship and is taken aback by his motivations. Brain Cell mocks Jon for making stupid decisions his father never would have. To illustrate that, the villain generates digital clones of Jon's father from across time. The villain also points out that through time Clark Kent is the only name remembered, not Jon. An angry Jon takes on the clones but is overwhelmed. On Earth Kara reawakens and Kelex informs her that they must restore Metropolis or it risks imploding. With all her might Kara races to save her nephew and rescue the bottled city. Brain Cell clones more Supermen and instructs the ship to kill Superman and Supergirl. Jonathan is at deaths door and seizes the opportunity to use the Nirodhium core to his advantage, taking out Brain Cell and the clones in a powerful feedback of energy. Supergirl approaches, fighting off the ship's defenses and breaches the hull just as Jonathan wins the battle. With the Nirodhium core destroyed Brain Cell is back to being an AI computer and Metropolis is ready to be brought back to Earth. Differences cast aside the Super family re-enlarge the city and Jonathan works at repairing the damage incurred in his 'rescue' plan. He pledges allegiance to the city his father once protected.

  • DC Future State: Kara Zor-El, Superwoman #2 (February 9, 2021)
    Marguerite Bennett, Marguerite Sauvage
    The aliens known as Lythi have transformed into giant eels and are attacking Kara to get to Lynari and the Starfall Gem. They reveal the truth of how Lynari came into possession of the gem. Though Kara fights back the creature reveals it has brought a Quantum Detonator. All they want is Lynari if not they will destroy the moon colony. When Kara refuses, the bomb detonates but doesn't do as much damage as anticipated, though it has enraged Kara. Lynari sees how much Kara is prepared to sacrifice and steals her powers and takes ownership of the situation. She shatters the Starfall gem and by doing so erased all the hatred and greed surrounding it. Lynari is shocked when the Lythi transforms into its true form, her own Aunt Kimara. Inspired by Kara's work on the moon Lynari, Kimara and the residents work hard over the years to restore the moon base. The moon base is now named the Eternal Garden. And Kara Zor-El lies resting in peace next to Krypto as the society she built thrives on in the future.

  • DC Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman #2 (February 9, 2021)
    Dan Watters, Leila Del Duca
    Superman wakes up in the Fortress of Solitude, Wonder Woman carried him there following his collapse at the end of last issue. She is busy trying to tame the horse of the moon, Jon intervenes and settles the horse relatively easily. He quickly disappears to help save a planet in an alternate dimension from a black hole, something he has to do at the same time every day. They then remember the two problems they must deal with, the fight with Solaris and the race with Kuat. Wonder Woman takes the device Superman used against the Black Hole to fight Solaris and Superman takes the horse of the moon to race Kuat. Wonder Woman's plan works against Solaris, she shoots him with a sort of energy which causes him to burn blue, removing his only defense against Superman. Solaris then flees. This also fully charges Superman who had been struggling from the effects of the red sunlight. The fully charged Superman easily defeats Kuat in the race, causing him to lose his temper. Jon, realizing that Kuat is connected to the sun, flies away from him and punches the sun. This punch disrupts Kuat's power causing him to plummet to earth, with Jon saving him. It ends with Wonder Woman helping Superman with his daily responsibilities and the two having breakfast together.

  • DC Future State: Justice League #2 (February 9, 2021)
    Joshua Williamson, Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques
    The White Martian shapeshifting Hyperclan has banished the Justice League to Hell World, a fiery Earth in another part of the multiverse where the Hyperclan themselves were exiled by the previous League. The Hyperclan is impersonating Jon Kent and the rest of his allies in an effort to sully the heroes' reputations. How Justice League escapes their imprisonment could be a matter of life and death for all life on Earth and in the entire multiverse. In order to prove they are not White Martians, members of the Justice League reveal secrets to one another. This comes in handy when they return to Earth to fight the Hyperclan. Their impersonation of the League doesn't last. In fact, our heroes' knowledge of one another allows them to uncover who is part of the Hyperclan and defeat the villains. Now, the Hyperclan is back on Hell World, and Jon Kent's Justice League is meeting to discuss new members.

  • Truth & Justice #6 (February 12, 2021)
    Brandon Easton, Jahnoy Lindsay
    Superman was at the mercy of the mysterious armored assassin who calls himself the "Master Jailer". Jailer brags about how taking down Superman would make him famous and ends up revealing his identity as Carl Draper. Turns out Draper has expertise in making containment equipment and security systems for corporations and private prisons but he also has "Impulse Control Disorder" that causes outbursts that affected his prospects and financial stability. So, he decided to take advantage of the unfair incarceration of black Americans by charging relatives of the convicts under the promise he would reunite them, which he did using his teleportation equipment without the convicts being aware while also profiting from institutions responsible for incarcerating them in the first place. Basically, using fear-mongering to make a profit. As soon as Draper was done with his monologue however, Superman broke of the chains, noting that the chains were simply covered in Red Kryptonite dust and made out of the genuine article though it was still enough to weaken Superman slightly but Superman still had more than enough power to terrify Mannheim and the other vigilantes that they accepted Superman's "suggestion" to turn themselves in. Draper refusing to give him up, takes out the Green Kryptonite hand cuffs as protection. Unfortunately for the Master Jailer, Superman knew how to counter this by using heat vision to slightly heat up Draper's armor without killing him. Draper tries to retaliate using hidden traps against the Man of Steel, who easily counters them and finally apprehends the Master Jailer. In the guise of Clark Kent, he greets Bud Oakwood as he is released from prison and finally finishes his article on the injustice black Americans face from the justice system, titled "The Revolving Door: The Mass Incarceration of Black Men in America". Clark is riding the subway as he overhears one of the passengers complaining about the article's agenda, commenting that "Where I come from, if you don't break the law, you don't get arrested." He is interrupted by a young black passenger who responds with "And where I come from, you don't have to do much to be considered a lawbreaker." After the two men decide to agree to disagree, Clark thanks them for reading the article as he got off at the station he wanted while coming to the conclusion that while Superman can't legislate attitudes, maybe he can change "one mind at a time". The story ends as Lola Oakwood welcomes back her son the now freed Bud Oakwood with open arms while Clark Kent looks from a distance with a smile on his face swearing that "I'll be in your corner. I'll fight for your freedom. Always."

  • DC Future State: Superman - Worlds of War #2 (February 16, 2021)
    Philip Kennedy Johnson, Mikel Janin
    While many have traveled to Smallville, Kansas to tell how Superman rescued them with his powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men, one person tells how Clark Kent saved her with his writing of an article about African American musician Edgar Watters who fought in World War II in spite of a foot deformity. Mister Watters was wounded at Normandy and eventually became homeless, and he died shortly before Clark's piece was published. Watters was horrified to have to kill enemy soldiers. However, innocent lives were saved by his actions. He became a civil rights advocate upon returning to Metropolis. He lost his wife and son. Yet he created a scholarship in the latter's name. He ran for public office, but he never won. Even when he was on the streets, he found a way to make certain that the scholarship continued. Edgar Watters, through all his trials and tribulations, had a strength and resolve that never faltered even when he lost everything. As Edgar's story is recounted, the rocket that brought Superman to Earth is found in the remains of the Kent Farm. Meanwhile, we see Kal-El on Warworld fighting the neverending battle. He never kills his opponents, and he targets the links upon which they are chained. Mongul wants to break Superman to the point he forgets those who he loved and wants to kill them. However, like Edgar Watters, Clark Kent will not back down. He'll continue fighting to free every warrior Mongul has enslaved. Once he has done that, Superman will return to Earth.

  • DC Future State: Legion of Super-Heroes #2 (February 23, 2021)
    Brian Michael Bendis, Riley Rossmo
    After Element Lad's apparent betrayal and subsequent invasion of the United Planets, Ultra Boy has brought the Legion of Super-Heroes back together. Saturn Girl learns that Element Lad was framed. Cosmic Boy is needed to find the true terrorist who split the United Planets and the Legion asunder. Yet, his hatred of both Saturn Girl and Element Lad may make that task difficult. If he doesn't lead the Legion of Super-Heroes once more, the universe could face utter destruction. The inhabitants of Saturn Girl's home planet of Titan took control of Element Lad and his people to incite the insurrection of the United Planets and the Legion of Super-Heroes. They used Saturn Girl to gather information without her knowledge, and they made her believe it was her choice to join the Legion. It wasn't, those on Titan felt she was too emotional for their collective. They also believe that other beings are impure of thought. Saturn Girl wants to make things right. She confronts her mother and the rest of the Titanian collective mind while the Legion and the universe bears witness. In the meantime, Brainiac has imprisoned the Titan Collective in a protective sphere that prevents them from ever committing such mental atrocities ever again. As a result Titan is no longer part of the United Planets, and the Legion of Super-Heroes along with a newly returned Jon Kent have returned to bring justice to the universe. Long Live The Legion!

  • DC Future State: Superman vs. Imperious Lex #2 (February 23, 2021)
    Mark Russell, Steve Pugh
    Superman and Lois approach Lexor. Lois warns the Man of Steel to be cautious upon his return as it's official United Planets business. Not an assault on the Reticulants and Lex Luthor. Superman agrees to stay in the orbiting ship as Lois goes to meet the populace. Of course this doesn't last long and he sneaks onto Lexor's moon to reprogram the Reticulants. As Lois is given a tour of Lexor she warns Lex that she is aware of his Reticulants looting nearby planets. Regardless of the United Planets involvement, eventually one of the planets is likely to seek revenge so under the membership that criminal activity should cease. Lois also examines the dismal financials of Lexor, assuring Lex that now as part of the United Planets Lexor would not suffer. At this moment the mining workers are stunned to find Lexor's core is mountains and mountains of the most powerful mineral in the universe - Deuterium crystals. Suddenly Lexor is the richest planet in existence and Lex is unwilling to share the Deuterium. Lex wants to withdraw his membership so he can keep the wealth for himself. Lois points out, unless she withdraws Lexor, it is part of the United Planets. Lex of course orders the United Planets representative's execution and holds Lois hostage... until she changes her mind on membership. Superman returns the the ship to see the live feed from Lexor, but with the red sun rising, he has only three minutes worth of superpowers to rely on. With Lois captive Superman races to the rescue but comes face to face with Lex in his vintage battle suit and the Lexor population fighting on his behalf. Lois meanwhile finds one of the miner's suits and powers it on formulating a plan of her own. Of course Lex is no match for Mr and Mrs Superman, but the Kents have one final slap in the face to deal Lex Luthor and he won't take the aftermath lying down...

  • DC Future State: Batman/Superman #2 (January 26, 2021)
    Gene Luen Yang, Ben Oliver and Stephen Segovia
    Superman is captured by Mr. Toad who it turns out is working for Professor Pyg. Batman attempts to rescue him but is thwarted by a bioengineered thug with octopus arms. Later it is revealed that Professor Pyg has used Superman's body to bioengineer security measures for the Magistrate. Later Batman is able to break into Professor Pyg's lab. While this is going on, Superman appeals to Mr. Toad who aids him in escaping. Superman and Batman then take down Professor Pyg. In the aftermath Batman tells Superman that the Magistrate has developed synthetic kryptonite and therefore he does not allow Superman to help him defeat the Magistrate.

  • DC Future State: Superman: House of El #1 (February 23, 2021)
    Philip Kennedy Johnson, Scott Godlewski
    The Red King is sending his hordes against the House of El and the last outpost before Earth. Endless Parademons are fighting the final alliance of the Tamaranean Honor Guard, the Warzoons of War World Prime, Earth, and the House of El. The endless waves are taking their toll on the alliance and they are about to buckle. They desperately attempt to contact the United Planets for reinforcements, but the arrival of a Blue Lantern reveals that the Red King has destroyed the United Planets, and subjugated New Genesis. Brainiac-4 reveals that he has located the last hope they have at winning the war. He is then killed and reanimated by the Red King's emissary to deliver a final ultimatum. The following day an army of Doomsday's are unleashed on the allies. Heat vision destroys the armada and Pyrrhos, a descendant of Superman arrives to subjugate the House of El. As Pyrrhos and the future Superman, Ronan, fight, the Doomsdays crush the last of the House of El, until a gust defeats the Red King's army. Superman arrives to save the day, in epic fashion.

  • Infinite Frontier #0 (March 2, 2021)
    Various Writers and Artists
    Wonder Woman is welcomed by the Quintessence. They want her to join them to witness a new era of growth and possibilities in the DC Omniverse. Wonder Woman is hesitant and nervous about the darkness that she was told would come as a result of her choice. To put her at ease the Quintessence sends her with the Spectre around the DC world to see what her friends are doing. This issue is then an oversized preview comic. Wonder Woman travels to see Batman's world, then she sees her mother give the crown to Nubia, then she sees Yara embark on a trip to Brazil. She also sees Alan Scott come out to his children, the establishment of Teen Titans Academy, Green Arrow and Black Canary enjoy an intimate moment, Stargirl save the day, John and Simon take Teen Lantern to OA, and Barry and Wally talk about their futures. She's also told that Superboy will become an evil that will destroy the world. And then at the end she rejects the Quintessence's offer and returns to her world. Immediately afterwards the Quintessence is murdered by a super charged Darkseid.

  • Crime Syndicate #1 (March 2, 2021)
    Andy Schmidt, Kieran McKeown, Dexter Vines
    The issue starts with an altered retelling of the assassination of JFK, who is shown as a dictator that is taken out by Ultraman as a boy. We then get a cool throw back to the Action Comics #1 cover with Ultraman lifting a green truck and smashing through a window. He confronts Cat Grant about an edition of the paper questioning Ultraman's ability to control Metropolis. He cuts their conversation off due to hearing something that needs his attention. We then get a sequence of Superwoman brainwashing the President of the USA, Ollie, she is also interrupted by something odd. Similar scenes play out for Johnny Quick and Power Ring. It is revealed that the disturbance is Starro invading the planet, he quickly gains control of Ultraman. This leads to a closing sequence of Owlman killing a criminal and notifying Gotham that the Talon has arrived. He then comments to Alfred that something has invaded earth, and he hopes to exploit it.

  • DC Future State: Superman vs. Imperious Lex #3 (March 30, 2021)
    Mark Russell, Steve Pugh
    The core members of the United Planets struggle with the recent events on Lexor and Lex Luthor's criminal activity Superman's actions, shutting down the Reticulants and synthesizing the crystals fuel has forced Lexor into poverty. The Lexorians are desperate to seek new lives in United Planet governed communities The council agrees to relocate the Lexorians and so Lois and Clark return to the planet they just barely escaped from as some of Lexor is still deeply loyal to their benefactor Lex addresses his followers laying blame for the planet's dire situation on Lex, Superman and most shockingly, his loyal A.I droid X-99 Banished to the moon X-99, starts a chain of events that could destroy everything Lex, Lois and Clark hold dear.

  • Crime Syndicate #2 (April 6, 2021)
    Andy Schmidt, Kieran McKeown, Dexter Vines/Bryan Hitch
    Owlman posits about the potential end of the world while fighting these space star fish. He decides these creatures are not worthy of killing him. We then flash to Arnold, DC where Superwoman is fighting alongside President Green Arrow and the secret service. Ultraman arrives, under the control of the aliens, to attack Superwoman. Their fight takes them to space. We then flashback to Owlman's Owl's Nest, where Owlman is analyzing one of the aliens. They discover that the aliens are targeting the cities with metahumans. Superwoman is gaining the upper hand against Ultraman, but the tables are turned with the arrival of Johnny Quick. John Stewart's Emerald Knight arrives to fight off the infestation, his ring is quickly co-opted by Owlman to be more efficient at freeing the metahumans from mind control. Owlman then arrives to lead the villains against the invasion./Owlman is hanging Harvey Bullock over the edge of a building. He is trying to get Bullock to confess to the murder of the Waynes. Bullock uncovers that the Waynes had murdered Jim Gordon's son, and the murder of the Waynes was revenge. This news changes Owlman and helps him realize that nothing matters. So releases Bullock to plummet to his death.

  • Crime Syndicate #3 (May 4, 2021)
    Andy Schmidt, Kieran McKeown, Dexter Vines/Bryan Hitch
    This issue is narrated, for the most part, by Donna Troy's Superwoman. She begins by recounting a major battle between Starro and the Emerald Knights led by Harold Jordan. The battle was catastrophic. We then zoom to now where the metahumans are uniting to push back against the Starros invading earth. Owlman has "united" the metas under a strategy, there is significant friction between the different characters. Atomica shrinks and enters Starro's bloodstream and the subsequent damage allows Ultraman and John Stewart to enter it. They are unable to defeat it though, prompting Superwoman to tie it up in her barbed wire rope and kill it, in spite of its pleas for mercy./Donna Troy is training on Demon's Island with the rest of the Warrior Women. She is the daughter of the queen and thus the target of more difficult training. In the process of her training she discovers Steve Trevor and falls in love with him. He betrays her trust by threatening to kill her unless some of her armies join him in the war. Donna kills him and heads off the island, determined to lead the new metas she is hearing about, to kill her mother.

  • Crime Syndicate #4 (June 1, 2021)
    Andy Schmidt, Kieran McKeown, Dexter Vines/Bryan Hitch
    The story starts in a bar with Johnny Quick and Atomica. The cops are called on them which leads to a large amount of destruction in the city. It then flashes to Luthor who is attempting to help put the world back together after the Starro invasion and the reveal of thousands of metahumans of dubious intentions. He reveals his newest ally, Sinestro who heads to John Stewart to convince him to resist the Power Ring. We again change to Superwoman and Owlman as they confront Ultraman about forming a union with them to maintain power over the new metahumans. Superwoman reveals that she needs someone to provide her with an heir, which greatly excites Ultraman. Luthor is next shown on the streets of Metropolis removing some of the debris, Ultraman shows up to help. Thomas Wayne also shows up revealing that he has bought enough shares of Luthor Corp to be on the board of directors. The story ends with John Stewart visiting his daughter who is terrified of him before traveling to Luthor's satellite base to meet the Legion of Justice./This tells us the origin of John Stewart as Power Ring. He starts as a beat cop escorting his daughter, he is confronted by the son of a criminal who helped John get a surgery for his daughter. The son confronts John, remarking that he owns John. John erupts on him and beats him up which leads to the Power Ring coming to him. He than obliterates the criminal's son and vows to protect the city.

  • Infinite Frontier #1 (June 22, 2021)
    Joshua Williams, Xermanico
    Trying very hard to avoid any serious spoilers, here is the summary: Flashpoint Batman lands on Earth-23 in a rocket. Calvin Ellis' parents, who have recently moved to the countryside, find him and contact Calvin. We then get a brief glimpse into how people are reacting to the public news of a multiverse while the JSA with Alan Scott defeat a villain. Alan and his son Obsidian travel to Gotham to meet his daughter. Obsidian recounts how crazy life has been, acknowledging the times they were erased from reality. They arrive at the old JSA headquarters when a green explosion erupts from within the building. In Paris, director Bones is convincing a character to rejoin his team the D.E.O. She at first refuses, but then is shown a mysterious image and leaves while threatening her if she does not join. Meanwhile Flashpoint Batman awakens to see Justice Incarnate. After an initial violent outburst President Superman calms him down, and he asks to see Barry Allen. The Flash is shown figuring out how to phase between earths, he discovers a way to reach Earth Omega. While on Earth Omega he finds the remains of the Quintessence. In his shock he is incapacitated. Back on what I believed was Earth-0 a couple of people are discussing the existence of the Multiverse in a small diner. The conversation becomes heated as to whether the superheroes can be trusted. With the threat of violence, Roy Harper steps in. As he intervenes an explosion rocks the small diner, and a team of villains attempts to kidnap him. During the kidnapping attempt a small group of black figures defeats the villains, ending the issue.

  • Crime Syndicate #5 (July 6, 2021)
    Andy Schmidt, Kieran McKeown, Dexter Vines/Bryan Hitch
    The Legion of Justice sets a trap to catch Johnny Quick and Atomica after their murderous rampage. In the process they discover bodies in his family barn and Stewart kills Johnny Quick. They retreat to the satellite to regroup. The Crime Syndicate then attacks the satellite, leading to a major battle. The Legion of Justice is defeated until Luthor's ace in the hole reveals themself... something I won't spoil here./A quick story about Johnny Quick growing up in an abusive household. His dad raises fighting dogs and beats Johnny. So, Johnny tries to burn the whole farm down and is struck by lightning giving him powers. After he received his powers he kills his dad and brothers and runs away.

  • Infinite Frontier #2 (July 13, 2021)
    Joshua Williams; Xermanico, Jesus Merino, Paul Pelletier
    Batman and Superman meet with Cameron Chase who has questions about the recent Multiverse issues. She reveals that people do not feel good about the official Justice League messages regarding the Multiverse. We then move to the Justice League Incarnate showing Thomas Wayne around the Multiverse where they are confronted by Magog who has returned to evil. This causes them to worry about others reverting to previous versions of themselves. They additionally worry about where Barry Allen has disappeared to. Back on earth Alan Scott and his son leave the rest of the Justice Society to better search for his daughter, who disappeared last issue in a burst of green light. Meanwhile Roy Harper is experimenting with his newfound powers as a Black Lantern, but he questions why he is a Black Lantern when he is still alive. And looking for support Cameron goes to recruit Captain Atom... which does not go well.

  • Superman & The Authority #1 [of 4] (July 20, 2021)
    Grant Morrison, Mikel Janin
    In 1963, Superman made a promise to make the world a better place to President John F. Kennedy just days before his assassination. Years later, a paralysed Manchester Black receives a cure from nanotechnology created by the man he hates - Superman. Black reluctantly helps Superman fight Phantom Zone drones while the Man of Steel tells him he could make a difference with a new team that could fulfill his promise to Kennedy in ways the Justice League could not. Black is unsure at first, but seems to come around when he suggests another member for this squad.

  • Infinite Frontier #3 (July 27, 2021)
    Joshua Williams; Paul Pelletier, Jesus Merino, Tom Derenick, Xermanico
    Green Lanter and Obsidian continue their search for Jade. They have interrogated most of Scott's enemies looking for her leading Obsidian to look for Dr. Bones. Roy Harper is attempting to control the Black Ring when he is taken by Hector Hammond. Hector traps him on his ship, but through a distraction Roy uses his ring, which turns him briefly into a zombie. Barry is on a power generating hamster wheel being manipulated by Psycho Pirate to run. And Calvin Ellis and Thomas Wayne confront Magog but then return to Calvin's home universe to investigate the problems in the Multiverse.

  • Crime Syndicate #6 (August 3, 2021)
    Andy Schmidt, Kieran McKeown, Dexter Vines/Bryan Hitch
    Ultraman and Ultragirl battle in Metropolis as Stewart, Superwoman, and Sinestro parlay on her island. Superwoman's sisters approach as she tries to convince Stewart to join her. He lashes out and kills all of her sisters and then Sinestro before ultimately choosing to join her. Luthor and Ultragirl begin to win in their fight against Ultraman, when Ultragirl stops fighting and dies. Atomica walks out of her nose, having killed her. The Crime Syndicate make themselves known to the world and the new status quo is set./This back up gives a brief origin of Atomica. Her and Quick embark on a violence spree and they hear about a formula that Choi developed that could give her super powers. Quick convinces her to take it resulting in her being able to change her size. We then flash forward to her telling her story to an incapacitated Lex Luthor. She repeatedly remarks that others' pain gives her pleasure, and that she will derive a great deal of pleasure from torturing Luthor.

  • Infinite Frontier #4 (August 10, 2021)
    Joshua Williams; Paul Pelletier, Jesus Merino, Tom Derenick, Xermanico
    Captain Carrot is discussing the current events with Machinehead while Calvin Ellis and Thomas Wayne are in Ellis’ White House. Ellis and Wayne look for his version of Luthor to find out what he knew about the Multiverse. They discover Luthor’s dead body, and Wayne learns that Luthor designed their shuttle. On Earth-0 Bones and Cameron are conversing at Bones’ base of operations. Bones reveals that they rescued Cameron from Captain Atom’s explosion. We also see that he is holding Green Lanter (Alan) and his son Obsidian captive. Cameron betrays Bones and they both enter the Multiverse. Meanwhile Roy Harper is confronted by the JSA. The JSA shares how they came back and why were in the Multiverse Bleed. The team heads to Earth-Omega. Their ship crashes into Bones’ ship above Earth-Omega. Calvin Ellis and Thomas Wayne are back at the House of Heroes. They discover that Flash’s last message was from Earth-Omega. Calvin calls the Justice League Incarnate together to rescue Barry. Machinehead then betrays the League to keep the Multiverse separated. He then ushers in his own team of Injustice League to defeat the Justice League Incarnate.

  • Superman & The Authority #2 [of 4] (August 17, 2021)
    Grant Morrison; Mikel Janin, Fico Ossio, Evan Cagle and Travel Foreman
    As far as superhuman abilities go, Superman is not the man he once was. Yet, his name still carries influence among the superhero community. He and Manchester Black learn this as they recruit members of their new team. Nat and John Henry Irons battle sentient tech that becomes an army of internet trolls in Metropolis. Apollo and Midnighter try to rid the world of a group experimenting on children with psi-powers in Yemen. Once they all band together, Superman and his new group go into a space-time anomaly where June Moon endures her own personal hell created by her darker self, the Enchantress.

  • Superman vs. Lobo #1 [of 3] (August 24, 2021)
    Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie; Mirka Andolfo
    Lex Luthor's new social media app is inciting toxic behavior among the people of Metropolis, with division, hate, and mistrust spreading like wildfire. Clark Kent endeavors to return kindness to the forefront, but isn't allowed to by Perry White. Things go from bad to worse after a planetary disaster involving the Main Man, Lobo, and another lone survivor of a doomed planet. Superman gets all the publicity, and to get back at him, Lobo stokes the fires of hate in Metropolis, hosting a talk show on Lextube and sending A.I to criticize the Man of Steel. With help from Lois, Jimmy, and Batman, Superman manages however to remind people of their hearts, beating Lobo, but the surviving alien from before adds another twist to the tale, rewarding the two with a return to their doomed planets. Unfortunately, Superman is now on Czarnia, and Lobo is on Krypton...

  • Superman '78 #1 [of 6] (August 24, 2021)
    Robert Venditti, Wilfredo Torres
    We begin with the destruction of Krypton much like in the film but something a bit strange seems to happen to the Kryptonians just before the explosion. Current day we meet Lois and Clark on their way to the Daily Planet. After Clark stops a purse snatcher with his heat-vision they discuss Clark's career at the Daily Planet. Cut to Perry White's office where Perry discusses Clark's career. (Even in the movies we seem to always begin with a discussion of Clark's place at work.) After Perry lectures Clark about no more fluff pieces (and that he spells better than the dictionary) mayhem ensues on the streets of Metropolis. A robot charges through the street blowing up everything in its path while sending information back to its master. Suddenly Clark vanishes from the office! Runs down an alley! Does a shirt rip! And becomes... Superman! Superman seems to make quick work of the robot and just as he's making sure none of the citizens need medical attention the robot attacks again throwing Superman through several buildings where he eventually lands on the street barely phased. He comes back fiercely destroying the robot but not before he hears the robot utter the name Brainiac! In space Brainiac's skull ship floats above earth with Brainiac admiring his bottled cities. He seems stunned to learn that the robot was able to send one important message. There is a Kryptonian on earth! Brainiac knows what he must do.

  • Infinite Frontier #5 (August 31, 2021)
    Joshua Williams; Paul Pelletier, Jesus Merino, Tom Derenick
    Pyscho Pirate recaps how he contacted villains from alternate realities to join his team. Meanwhile Green Lantern, and Obsidian confront Bones. During the confrontation are reunited with Jade and the JSA. It is also revealed that Extract is another version of Chase from the original Earth-2, the same as Bones. It seems that Darkseid wants to exploit the Crisis energy living inside some of the heroes. For gathering these heroes, he has promised Bones that Earth-0 would be spared from the oncoming Crisis. Pyscho Pirate shows up with the Injustice Incarnate to attack the JSA, the battle is going poorly until Roy embraces the power of the Black Lantern ring to save the day.

  • Infinite Frontier #6 (September 7, 2021)
    Joshua Williams; Xermanico
    The battle rages on as Darkseid reveals his possessed Roy. Obsidian and Jade attack Roy, which allows Obsidian to free him from the darkness. Superman attempts to free the Flash, but is attacked by Machinehead. He defeats him with the help of Batman and then destroys the building the Flash was housed in, causing lighted orbs to descend all over the battlefield. The explosion frees Roy from the ring and sends Flash far flung into the Omniverse. Darkseid voices his displeasure and kills Machinehead. Darksied then sends everyone else home. We then have a few pages showing people's new realities. At the end Darkseid gathers X-traction to him and promises that a Great Darkness will cover the Omniverse. Plus a cool epilogue with the Flash.

  • Superman & The Authority #3 [of 4] (September 14, 2021)
    Grant Morrison; Mikel Janin and Travel Foreman
    June Moone and her alter ego Enchantress have been freed from their own personal hell by Superman and his new team. Now, they have become one and have agreed to be part of the Man of Steel's plans. Their next objective is to recruit Lia Nelson, better known as Lightray. However, Apollo must contend with Eclipso while the rest of the new Authority deal with deadly robots and the original Authority in Dubai. At the same time, the Ultra-Humanite in Solomon Grundy's body has bested Superman and is about to trap him in Kandor.

  • Superman '78 #2 [of 6] (September 28, 2021)
    Robert Venditti, Wilfredo Torres
    Lex Luthor paroled seeks a job. In Kord industries cafeteria. After walking out and insulting humanity he heads home to his humble apartment only to find Superman standing in his living room. After sparring briefly Superman asks Lex for help with the Brainiac robot head he retrieved last issue. Intrigued Lex agrees. Meanwhile at the Daily Planet building in Metropolis, Clark and Lois have a dull lunch date while Lois goes on and on about Superman's fight with the robots the other day. While exiting Lois' office Clark uses his super-hearing to eavesdrop on a call Lois takes from a source at SETI. Later in his hidden lab at the apartment Lex, tinkering with the robot head, sends out a signal allowing Brainiac to announce to Metropolis that a dangerous Kryptonion is among them. Setting his robots on the city to find the Kryptonian they cause more destruction forcing Superman to fight back. After Brainiac threatens to destroy Metropolis Superman surrenders to Brainiac.

  • Superman & The Authority #4 [of 4] (October 12, 2021)
    Grant Morrison; Mikel Janin and Travel Foreman
    As The Authority fights a previous iteration of the team in Dubai and Apollo still searches for Lightray, Superman's first superhuman foe, the Ultra-Humanite in Solomon Grundy's body, has taken Superman to Kandor. This was all part of the Man of Steel's plan. Kandor's Kryptonian environment has been deactivated. This allows Lois Lane to fire White Kryptonite at the Humanite while Superman discovers Brainiac is the true mastermind behind the attack on his person. Meanwhile, Lightray has been taken by Eclipso. If Apollo doesn't save her, she could be the key to the villain's victory over Superman and The Authority. Apollo and Enchantress have countered Eclipso's darkness with bright sunlight. Manchester Black has mentally defeated someone from the Justice League Elite. Tired of the constant plots of Brainiac, the Ultra-Humanite and other bad guys, Superman leaves Earth's next generation of heroes in charge while he and The Authority take on Warworld's Mongul (see Action Comics #1036).

  • DC vs. Vampires #1 [of 12] (October 26, 2021)
    James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg; Otto Schmidt
    I, Vampire is making his way to the Hall of Justice. He is hit by a car and they discover he has no pulse. Green Lantern comes out to scrape him off the pavement. When inside he tells Hal and one of the Wonder Twins that the Queen of the Vampires is dead and the remaining Vampires in power don't want war with humanity, they want genocide. He then reveals that he tracked the killers to the Legion of Doom. Most of the Legion of Doom members were turned into vampires, except Luthor, who was kept as a torture toy. Luthor escapes and confronts I, Vampire, whom he quickly learns is an ally. Luthor gives him a sample of his blood and requests he strangle him to death. I, Vampire makes his way from there to the Hall of Justice.

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