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  • Batman/Superman: Authority Special #1 (November 2, 2021)
    Philip Kennedy; Jonathan Glapion, Trevor Hairsine, Ben Templesmith, Rain Beredo and Scott Hanna
    As Superman and The Authority prepare for their voyage to Warworld, Batman needs them for a mission that could help save the Multiverse. The Empire of Shadows, a Dark Multiverse counterpart to Ra's Al Ghul's League of Shadows, has captured a Fuginaut, a guardian of the Multiverse, as a means to invade the main DC Universe. The Enchantress' magic aids the Batman, Superman and The Authority to launch a preemptive strike on the Empire of Shadows. If they fail, all that exists will fall under their tyranny. The Fuginaut is dead, and Enchantress has been captured. While Superman and most of The Authority battle the Al-Ghuls and their undead soldiers, Batman and Midnighter take out followers who could be dark versions of Bruce Wayne's bloodline to rescue June and take away the Empire of Shadows' bridge to the main DC Universe. The Dark Knight is impressed with the Man of Steel's team. He knows they'll do what they can to liberate Warworld. However, the Empire of Shadows could be planning their next move in spite of their defeat.

  • Superman '78 #3 [of 6] (November 2, 2021)
    Robert Venditti, Wilfredo Torres
    Brainiac hovers above Metropolis while his robots surround Superman. The good people of Metropolis stand up for Superman saying that in their city there are people from all walks of life. This prompts Brainiac to ponder whether he should excise Metropolis as well. Superman steps in and tells the good people of Metropolis that while he considers this his city as much as they do he wants to thank them for their kindness and goes with Brainiac therefore saving the city. After sending out some kind of "signal" that seems to only reach Lois, Superman and Lois say their final goodbyes. But not before ol' Lex Luthor congratulates Brainiac on his capture of Superman. While a surprised Superman wonders what Lex is up to Lex gives him a slap on the back as a final goodbye. Superman seems to find this odd. Then it's up to Brainiac's ship with Superman. Once on board Superman finally sees what Brainiac is up to, spying all the shrunken cities. At that moment a trapped Superman gets violently transported to one of the shrunken cities. Not realizing where he is Kal-El hears his name and realizes he's face to face with his Kryptonian parents Jor-El and Lara. Meanwhile at the Daily Planet building in Metropolis Lois is frantically working on the story of Superman leaving earth when Jimmy interrupts and tells her that the assignment can go to someone else because she's distraught but she tells him it's her beat and she'll finish the story. Then she breaks down and cries. Back in Kandor Superman hangs up the tights and puts on Kryptonian clothing to become Kal-El. Lara gives Kal the rundown of how they were transported to the bottled city just before Krypton exploded. While Kal explains how he was found by the Kents who raised him as their son. Lara takes Kal for a walk to a zoo on Kandor where a Thought Beast reads Kal's mind and shows an image of Lois. Lara is happy that her son at least found true love. They are interrupted by Jor-El who tells his son even with his own intellect he cannot fathom why Brainiac has done this. He tells him he's tired and would like his son to takeover his duties in the bottled city. His son agrees. Back at the Daily Planet Jimmy gives Lois an envelope brought by a special courier and tells her he misses Superman too. The letter informs Lois that this mysterious person knows where Superman is. She comes alone to the warehouse district where she's quickly chloroformed. When she awakes she's in the presence of Lex Luthor. But before she can pepper spray him he tells her that he knows how to get Superman back!

  • Dark Knights of Steel #1 (November 2, 2021)
    Tom Taylor, Yasmine Putri
    Krypton blows up, Jor-El and Lara arrive on earth. They are quickly confronted by Medieval warriors, whom Jor-El blows away with heat vision. Kal is then born. Meanwhile Constantine is having a seizure and prophesying to the King of the Kingdom of Storms. He concludes by saying he has seen the end of their world. Nineteen years later Kal wants to go with Bruce to confront a magic user in the kingdom. Magic has been outlawed in the kingdom because it can hurt the Els. Kal is not allowed to, but he follows Bruce to the magic user, and ends up saving him from a girl called Banshee (Black Canary). Kal and Bruce return to the throne room to report, and Kal gets into an argument about putting himself at risk around magic users and with Bruce about traditions. It is revealed that the kingdom used to belong to the Waynes, until their murder led to the Els coming to power. Bruce and Jor-El go for a walk, and that's where my summary will end, but significant things happen while they go for a walk.

  • Superman vs. Lobo #2 [of 3] (November 9, 2021)
    Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie; Mirka Andolfo
    Superman and Lobo find themselves on the newly restored Czarnia and Krypton respectively. Superman, now powerless thanks to Czarnia's red tinted sun, finds himself living next to the dangerous yet strangely kind Miss Tribb, Lobo's former teacher, and learns that Czarnia was a mostly peaceful world once, before Lobo simply chose to kill them all for fun. Meanwhile, Lobo joins The Light of Jo-Mon cult, a group believing in the notion of Krypton returning to a more primal way of thought led by Fel-Kar, a now revived schemer of Krypton's past. There, a sample of Lobo's DNA is used to create a Lobo Clone army perfect to destroy Czarnia once more. All the while, Dr. Flik continues conducting her research for her paper on Last Sons, but cannot stop herself from getting emotionally attached to her subjects, developing a respect for Superman and a crush of sorts on Lobo. After listening to Superman's words of wisdom, she attempts to fix the chaos by visiting Numen and informing him of his mistake, which he goes on to fix. But the trouble has only just started. Thanks to Numen's efforts he now must regenerate in his womb. And while the planets are now back to being gone, and Superman's powers are fully restored, the Numen Revenge Squad is on the way to kill the benevolent last son.

  • DC vs. Vampires #2 [of 12] (November 23, 2021)
    James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg; Otto Schmidt
    Green Lantern kills Anton Arcane and has a brief meeting with the head vampire who chastises him for allowing a warning about the vampires to get out. The scene then changes to the Bat family gathering in Bruce's home in costume, in the sunlight, where Batman reviews with them the seriousness of the vampire uprising. He then recruits them and gives them weapons specific for fighting vampires. He reveals that the tea was made with holy water as a test to see if any of them were infected. Interspersed with these scenes a group of villains are meeting in a park. They are discussing the disappearances of many lower-level villains. Green Arrow approaches them to talk about the vampire uprising. At first, they don't believe him, but he reveals that one of their numbers (Everyman) is a vampire, and swiftly kills him. The final scene shows Barry and Hal meeting on a beach. Hal warns Barry of an impending war and tells him that he would have preferred to change him, but it would have led to the death of everyone. So instead, Hal kills Barry.

  • Superman '78 #4 [of 6] (November 23, 2021)
    Robert Venditti, Wilfredo Torres
    We begin with Brainiac remembering the devastation of his planet Colu. He was the last survivor. We then see in present day the A.I. in the ship putting Brainiac's body together piece by piece. He thinks how all the existence of Colu and all the knowledge he gained from every galaxy is all inside his ship and robotic body. Cut to the the bottled city of Kandor where a ceremony is taking place. Jor-El is passing his authority of all council affairs to Kal-El. After the ceremony it doesn't take long for the council and people of Kandor to swarm Kal with questions and suggestions. Afterwards Jor-El and Kal discuss fitting in. Kal remarks how he's basically a farm boy and this is all new to him. Jor-El tells him that's in the past and this is his new life from here on in. Meanwhile at Lex's secret hideout he begins to tell Lois about transmitters and alpha waves and explained when he clapped Superman on the back before Brainiac took him he planted a receiver on his cape. Under Lois' request they use the receiver to contact Superman in Kandor. When Superman sees Lois' face he's overcome. She says they never got to say goodbye. But when she tells hm Lex has a plan he gets angry and tells her not to trust him. Luthor seems to have a plan that Superman is very leary of. While this discussion is taking place Brainiac's ship intercepts the transmission and locates its origin from Metropolis. Brainiac is mad! And decides it time to excise Metropolis. Jor-El tells Superman that this receiver is what he needs to send him back to earth. Lara is against it but back in his suit he tells her how he's needed and must go back. She tells him she's proud. With this going on Lois decides she needs to write the story of everything that has transpired. She doesn't get too far before a giant earthquake hits Metropolis. Trying to be brave Lois jumps off the bridge landing safely on the ground only to witness the city being lifted away into the sky.

  • Justice League Incarnate #1 [of 5] (November 30, 2021)
    Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver; Brandon Peterson, Andrei Bressan and Tom Derenick
    Though her intentions are unclear, Doctor Multiverse, while she battles Earth-8's Retaliators, warns that the Multiverse is in grave danger on various fronts. Darkseid has tricked a version of Barry Allen to run so fast he creates a fissure in order for the Lord of Apokolips to take whatever power he deems necessary. Barry used the Speed Force to trap Darkseid. Now a new group called the Justice League Incarnate, whose base - the House of Heroes - is in a fixed point in the Multiverse's lifeblood. The Earth-0 Flash is the key to finding Barry with the aid of the Quantum Treadmill. If he isn't found soon, all that exists could perish at Darkseid's hand. Earth-8 has been attacked by the forces of Tartarus in spite of the Retaliators' deal with Machinehead and a Darkseid controlled Psycho Pirate. However, the Darkseid arriving on Earth-8 shortly after the Justice League Incarnate is not the same one with whom Tartarus had spoken. Doctor Multiverse describes him as an evil that encompasses all worlds, which could describe most Darkseids perfectly. Doctor Multiverse and the Justice League Incarnate must take the dimensional crack to another universe while Tartarus and Darkseid are occupied fighting each other. The Justice League Incarnate escapes to an unknown Earth while Orion arrives at the House of Heroes to assist those who remained behind. However Kalibak and Darkseid's forces have followed him.

  • World of Krypton #1 [of 6] (December 7, 2021)
    Robert Venditti, Michael Avon Oeming
    We begin with Nir-Ur in the Jeweled Mountains following a herd of Thought Beasts. To her horror she finds the herd dead. Back on Kryptonopolis Jor-El and Lara are on their way to the Naming Day ceremony for their niece Kara. While Jor-El and his brother Zor celebrate, their wayward cousin Kru-El enters and interrupts the conversation. Kru tries to get the ear of one of the council but they're not hearing of it. In walks General Zod back from battle. After a friendly discussion Zod declares he's planning his retirement. Nira-Ur enters and approaches Jor-El telling him about the herd of Thought Beasts and how it seemed they just gave up their will to live. Suddenly a group of insurrectionists crash the party taking aim at the El family. While fighting over a gun Jor-El accidentally kills one of the insurrectionists. Meanwhile Lara tries to save the life of one of the guests. She is not successful. While the crowd is settling down Jor-El and Lara discuss what has just occurred. They are interrupted by General Zod carrying Kru-El. It seems Kru-El is responsible for the attack and plans on taking over the El family.

  • Dark Knights of Steel #2 (December 7, 2021)
    Tom Taylor, Yasmine Putri
    In a furious rage Batman leaps from the castle battlement and with Alfred in tow, speedily tracks down Oliver and swiftly hacks his arm off. En route he grabs an arrow shot right at Alfred's face. The dark night of the murder shifts to the light of day in the Kingdom of Storms. The Green Man reports his exploits to Constantine while King Jefferson trains his children in the use of their powers. Anissa, Jennifer, and Jacob all exhibit great elemental powers. But it's Jacob's mastery of the rain that draws his father's highest praise. He notes that it has been generations since a royal family member last controlled the rain. Constantine relays the Green Man's report, but also warns of repercussions. We then cut back to the Els and their advisors arguing about the best response. There is a division between responding in war or peace. It climaxes with Kal exploding on Bruce, telling him it is a family matter and he is not family. The story then follows Lois Lane back to Themyscira where she tells Hippolyta the news of Jor-El's death. The Amazonian queen fears a great conflict breaking out. And it is revealed that Kal's sister, Zala, is living with the Amazonians, and the lover of Diana. When she is told of Jor-El's murder she flies off in a rage. Kal is then seen in the dungeons, it is revealed that many magic users are in the dungeon. He confronts Oliver over the murder and insists his family is not made up of killers. But Zala has other plans. She breaks into Jefferson's palace and steals Jacob flying him high to the sky. Jefferson yells at her to release him and she does, dropping Jacob to his death. An explosion of lightning is hurled at her from Jefferson, to which she just states, "it tickles."

  • Justice League Incarnate #2 [of 5] (December 21, 2021)
    Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver; Kyle Hotz, Paul Pelletier, Andrei Bressan and Norm Rapmund
    As Orion, Aquawoman and Dino-Cop must help prevent the House of Heroes from falling into Kalibak's hands, the rest of the Justice League Incarnate is searching for Darkseid on the darkly supernatural Earth-13. They encounter Hellblazer, Fate and other beings including Superdemon, this world's amalgam of Etrigan and Superman. The Techno-Psychic Demento has commenced a cosmic séance to help the Justice League Incarnate find Darkseid. Flames engulf them, transporting the team of multiversal heroes to a place worse than Hell. It's a war zone where Darkseid is battling the angel Asmodel. Meanwhile, the crack in the multiverse has been found. Unfortunately, the Batwoman Who Laughs from Earth-11 has arrived as a servant of the Great Darkness. She must be imprisoned in the House of Heroes while the Justice League Incarnate moves to seal it. Otherwise, there will be more chaos than our heroes can handle. Orion is moving the team base through a multiversal bleed in an attempt to keep his brother Kalibak from taking its Monitor technology. Yet, the Batwoman Who Laughs' attack causes the House of Heroes to lose control. To make matters worse, the self-destruct sequence must be activated to stop the horde of villains aboard the station. As for Superman's faction of the League, they've been separated. Each member is in a different Earth.

  • Superman '78 #5 [of 6] (December 28, 2021)
    Robert Venditti, Wilfredo Torres
    While Brainiac readies to shrink Metropolis Jor-El prepares Luthor's device to enlarge Superman and send him back to defeat Brainiac. Superman and his parents say their goodbyes with Jor-El getting particularly emotional. The city of Metropolis watches the skies as Brainiac attempts to shrink them only to be stopped by the appearance of Superman. The people of Kandor cheer on as Superman makes short work of his robots. As Superman searches the ship for Brainiac he gets caught from behind. A giant robotic arm grabs Superman while Brainiac navigates the armor it's attached to. He's not going down without a fight.

  • DC vs. Vampires #3 [of 12] (December 28, 2021)
    James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg; Otto Schmidt
    The Justice League find the Falsh's corpse on the beach. They mourn his passing and make plans to find his murderer. Hal leads the investigation, but Batman refuses to take part in it. Batgirl is then shown fighting a vampire, before getting saved by Nightwing. During the fight it's revealed that the vampires were told not to engage with the Bat family. Afterwards we catch up with Batman investigating the sewers underneath the Hall of Justice. Jayna is there looking for the remains of her brother. The story shifts to vampires hunting the Penguin, in an attempt to eliminate anyone Luthor may have contacted. Zatanna reveals herself to be a vampire too. On the beach where Barry died, Diana and Hal converse. She gets her lasso around him and he confesses to the murder, but then hypnotizes Diana into letting him infect her. Batman finds a small remain if Jayna's brother and learns his bones were cut by light. Meanwhile Black Canary gets some blood sample from Damian and takes it to Green Arrow. Finally Hal and Diana convince the League that Batman murdered Barry.

  • Dark Knights of Steel #3 (January 4, 2022)
    Tom Taylor, Yasmine Putri
    Master Olsen witnesses a green object plummet to earth, he urges his page to fetch a Robin to take the news to Batman. Bruce takes Alfred to go and find the object as part of the prophecy could pertain to it. In the Lands of Magnus the Metal Men are riding towards the crash site. They are confronted by Zala Jor-El dressed as a peasant in a green cloak. They ask her why she is in their lands, to which she replies they wont be their lands long before killing them. On Themyscira Lois notifies Queen Hippolyta that King Jefferson is on his way to meet her about the murder of his son. After a tense moment on the dock, the King and Queen agree to meet on his ship. There's a really funny moment where King Jefferson questions why Queen Hippolyta wouldn't be safe with him, to which Lois remarks that he's killed one king already. The beginning of the meeting King Jefferson mourns the loss of his son. The queen asks him about murdering Jor-El, which he admits he did to protect the world. He then states that it was Zala Jor-El who murdered him. Diana, who is present at the meeting, explodes in wrath, denouncing the king's accusation. He calls on the Amazonians to honour the past alliances if war with the Els happens, a call that Queen Hippolyta accepts. This acceptance causes Diana to leave Themyscira to find Zala. On the ship home, Constantine discovers that King Jefferson did this to remove Diana's pro El influence from Themyscira's court. As Constantine admires his king's real politik, Zala confronts the ship. Jefferson unleashes his full power against her, driving her deep into the ocean. Constantine immediately begins to cast his magic, but before he can protect the king, Zala erupts through the mid deck of the ship and thrusts a wooden beam through the king's chest. As she kills King Jefferson she utters the words, "No more kings." As he dies he beseeches Constantine to take care of the new Queen of Storms Anissa. The issue ends with Bruce and Alfred discovering the dead Metal Men. Bruce laments that he knew these people, and recites a portion of the prophecy about men being torn like parchment. Then in the crater they discover a green rock fragment. Immediately Bruce collapses to the ground, while Alfred is unharmed. Bruce decides this is because of his El heritage and begins to confide in Alfred about it, Alfred says he knows and is ready to tell Bruce the whole truth.

  • Justice League Incarnate #3 [of 5] (January 4, 2022)
    Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver; Andrei Bressan, Ariel Olivetti, Nik Virella, Todd Nauck and Mikel Janin
    The Justice League Incarnate has been separated with House of Heroes group on Earth-7 and each member who fought Darkseid on a different Earth. The cracks in the Multiverse are getting worse as Darkseid, as usual, seeks ultimate absolute power. Every superhero on every world may be needed to keep the Dark Lord of Apokolips at bay. Whether they can stop him is anyone's guess. The only thing certain is all that exists depends on the Justice League Incarnate's success. It seems that creating and reading comic books are the key to bringing the Justice League Incarnate back together in full force. The Flash peruses a treasure chest full of them on Earth-31 to find her comrades while Superman and Doctor Multiverse write and draw for DC Comics on Earth-33. However, their editor reveals himself to be none other than Darkseid when The Flash reveals that the crack in the Multiverse is on Earth-41 where Captain Carrot is stranded. During the battle with Darkseid, Doctor Multiverse contains the energy in the fissure where Barry Allen is imprisoned. Yet, it may not be enough. The Great Darkness is liberated.

  • World of Krypton #2 [of 6] (January 4, 2022)
    Robert Venditti, Michael Avon Oeming
    Two years have passed. The Krypton news network catches us up on what happened last issue. We hear of Nira Ur's findings about the animals' mysterious deaths and Kru-El's attempted takeover of the El family. Meanwhile Jor-El and Zor-El are testing a new dimensional projector that sends Jor-El into a mysterious void that lasts six months for him but only minutes in real time. Jor-El wants to destroy the machine but Zod has other plans. At Kru-El's trial he is found guilty with help from Jor-El's testimony. Two months later at the sentencing Zod, now chief of security, is in charge of Kru's fate. Unbeknownst to Jor-El Zod has confiscated the projector and now plans on sending Kru-El to the Phantom Zone. Jor-El pleads for Zod not to use it because of the danger but it falls on deaf ears. Kru-El is sent to the Phantom Zone. Zod is finally showing his true colors.

  • Superman/Robin Special #1 (January 25, 2022)
    Peter J. Tomasi; Viktor Bogdanovic; Daniel Henriques, Scott Hanna & Viktor Bogdanovik
    [Note: This story occurs immediately after "Superman: Son of Kal-El #1"]. The temporal cube Superman and son found during their adventures in time with Captain Storm (Superman #8-9, Superman Special and Adventures of the Super Sons) begins whirring to life creating havoc in the arctic Fortress. Damian, alerted to the danger, races to Kansas to meet with Jonathan. Though the now much older Jon, is annoyed that Damian had hidden spy equipment in the Fortress, he agrees they need to reform their partnership for one last mission. Damian dons the Hellbat suit and they discover the Fortress in disarray. The duo discover a creature has come through a portal the cube accidentally opened. Damian leaps into action, but Jon, pensive decides to take an alternate route to saving the day. Through differing methods they try to deal with the creature but their every action causes bigger problems, that is, until they work together. Jon realizes the creature is pregnant and the only way to save it is to return it to the time stream. The temporal cube bursts to life again and opens a portal to World War II bringing in a troop of Nazis into the mix. Donning their battle suits the Super Sons fight back the Nazi soldiers and send them back into the portal before also activating a time portal for the displaced creature to return home too. Damian apologizes to Jon. He felt the older Jon would not have time for his best friend now they have a wider age gap. Jon says that regardless of the age difference they'll always be SUPER SONS!

  • Superman '78 #6 [of 6] (January 25, 2022)
    Robert Venditti, Wilfredo Torres
    Brainiac taunts Superman while they fight aboard his ship. He asks why Superman protects Earth when there is no good in the world and the world only gets worse. Superman tells him when he landed he was taken in by a kindly couple. They taught him there is good in the world. Brainiac asks what can he do he's only one man. No he tells him he's Superman! With that Superman finishes his fight leaving Brainiac's robotic body all but crushed. With the destruction of Brainiac his ship is ready to detonate. Quickly Superman grabs all the bottled cities and escapes. Just then Brainiac's consciousness reverts to a new body but it's too late... the ship explodes. That's the good news. The bad news is that with the ship destroyed the city of Metropolis drops through the sky like an anchor shaking up the people of the great city. But as we might have guessed Superman saves the day, setting the city back on the ground! The people rejoice as Superman and Lois have a private moment. The next day in the city room of the Daily Planet, Lois gets the story of the century while Clark tells Perry he couldn't get the story because when the city started shaking he got hit in the head with his cuckoo clock. (Sigh!) After Lois tells them Lex fled and the military confiscated his equipment, Perry puts Clark on the story with Lois who nicely packed them each a lunch. Peanut butter and pickles. Sounds delicious. Back at the Fortress of Solitude Superman apologizes for being unable to enlarge the bottled cities. Jor-El and Lara tell hm they have faith because he's given them hope.

  • DC vs. Vampires #4 [of 12] (January 25, 2022)
    James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg; Otto Schmidt
    Zatanna tries to turn Constantine, but he is aware she is a Vampire and subdues her. He keeps her imprisoned in his magic to force her to be his friend, which given their history in the main DCU, is just... so Constantine. It then shifts to Bruce in the Batcave, he gets a suspicion and triggers a failsafe. Green Arrow attacks a dummy Bruce, which leads to then fighting before they realize neither are infected. Meanwhile Dick and Barbara playfully banter while she investigates dirt in a hotel room that could be linked to the queen of the Vampires. Dr. Fate then appears to Constantine and Zatanna, quickly beheading her and coercing John to join him in saving the world. Bruce reveals to Ollie that Hal is a vampire and killed Barry, while across town Jason Todd and Cassandra fight off an infected Grodd. They discover a joker card insinuating that the Joker is a king of the vampires. At the end the Justice League arrives to apprehend Bruce and Ollie leading to a fight.

  • Dark Knights of Steel #4 (February 1, 2022)
    Tom Taylor, Bengal
    After Bruce had been exposed to Kryptonite in the last issue, Alfred helps him understand why the rock affected him that way. He explains that when the Els landed in the kingdom they hid in isolation as simple farmers until a volcano threatened to destroy the kingdom. This threat caused them to come out of hiding, delivering a plan to King Thomas Wayne's chief advisor, Luthor, on how to save his kingdom from the volcanic eruption. Out of jealousy Luthor, burnt the plans up. The volcano erupts, and nothing has been done to save the people. Jor and Lara use their powers to protect the kingdom and expose themselves as beings with incredible powers. They form a bond of friendship with the Waynes that causes Luthor to leave in anger. Luthor later finds Kryptonite shards and it transforms him into the Green Man. Meanwhile the kingdom loves the Els, but their arrival prompts King Jefferson Pierce to seek council from Constantine about the prophecy received earlier. The closeness of the Waynes and the Els leads to Jor-El and Martha Wayne having an affair. The affair rips the friendship apart, until Bruce is born. Bruce reunites the families in friendship and love, on account of Thomas being unable to produce an heir. This new status quo would last for years, until it was torn apart by the deranged Green Man, also knowns as the Joker, who murders Thomas and Martha, leaving Bruce to be raised by the Els. The issue ends with Alfred helping Bruce up and encouraging him to help stop this war.

  • Justice League Incarnate #4 [of 5] (February 1, 2022)
    Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver; Andrei Bressan, Mike Norton and Chris Burnham
    After a rundown of every Crisis in the DC Multiverse, the Great Darkness has taken over Batman. The Justice League Incarnate's only option may be to work with Darkseid, who has taken some of Doctor Multiverse's powers and killed the Dark Knight. However, it isn't enough to defeat the Great Darkness. The armies of the Lord of Apokolips have been decimated, Darkseid himself has literally been stomped by the Great Darkness, and it has taken over the JL Incarnate members who crash landed on Earth-7. Superman, The Flash and the rest of the team who aren't infected will have their hands full trying to defeat the Great Darkness.

  • World of Krypton #3 [of 6] (February 1, 2022)
    Robert Venditti, Michael Avon Oeming
    Alura tries getting Kara a good education. Meanwhile Planetary Security run by Zod is out in full force tracking down protesters and those Zod finds unworthy. Jor-El and Nira-Ur state their case to the Science Council about Krypton's eminent doom and what may be done to help. Of course there's a lot of grumbling within the council but the head of the council feels Jor-El is the perfect person to pursue this so he steps down making Jor-El leader. On his way back home Jor-El adopts a rescue puppy named Krypto. After arriving to show Lara his new friend Zod stops by saying he has a plan to save Krypton.

  • DC vs. Vampires #5 [of 12] (February 22, 2022)
    James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg; Otto Schmidt
    Task Force X has entered a warehouse in Gotham City. The warehouse is full of Joker imagery and dead bodies. As they wander through they begin to believe there are vampires around. Their revelry is broken by the arrival of King Shark who bites Black Spider in half. Batgirl arrives to help turn the tide and save the day. While this is going on the Justice League attacks Batman and Ollie. The fight rages with Superman quickly attempting to hold Bruce down. He is incapacitated by the return of Kryptonite gum. Cyborg then gets everyone to calm down and talk. Diana and Hal have convinced the Justice League that Batman and Ollie are vampires and killed Barrie. Bruce tricks Vic and uses the Batcave to knock him out. Hal and Diana then try to take down Bruce and Ollie, who escape into the night with aid from a few Robins. The vampires then turn their attention to an unconscious Superman.

  • Justice League Incarnate #5 [of 5] (March 1, 2022)
    Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver; Andrei Bressan and Jesus Merino
    "Remember who you are." These words from his mother echo in Darkseid's mind as he and his forces reluctantly work together to battle the Great Darkness as its increasing power seeps through the multiverse. Doctor Multiverse and the Flash help those controlled by the Great Darkness return to themselves. Yet, Darkseid has been captured while attempts to rescue Barry Allen fail. The Justice League Incarnate and Orion's soldiers from Apokolips may not be enough to stop the omniversal cataclysm as the latter takes his father's place as ruler. Darkseid, meanwhile, has been engulfed in the Great Darkness. He is chained and pondering how he can liberate himself. His mother's words still echo in his mind. "Remember who you are."

  • World of Krypton #4 [of 6] (March 1, 2022)
    Robert Venditti, Michael Avon Oeming
    Jor-El and Zod discuss Krypton's fate. They disagree over Zod's Planetary Security Force. They fight! Lara breaks up the fight and throws Zod out. Cut to a month later where a holographic Jor-El tells the people of Krypton that with their help conserving energy the planet might be saved. Zor-El and Alura watch Jor-El from home. Zor-El wants to restart the Survival Zone project. Amid all this Zod implements his plan of sending all the planet's "criminals" into the Phantom Zone under the pretense of helping the population. Meanwhile Lara has some news to tell Jor-El.

  • Dark Knights of Steel #5 (March 1, 2022)
    Tom Taylor, Yasmine Putri
    Zala and Kal meet at their father's coffin. Zala confides that she had to do something to avenge their father and Kal vows that justice will be meted out. Harley meets Ivy in the forest and the two agree that Ivy will not let any army pass through. They are soon interrupted by an angry Diana. Ivy and Diana fight to a stalemate before they talk. Diana reveals that she is looking for Zala because she trusts her. Zala arrives and the two discuss the current events. Bruce and Alfred return to the kingdom, Alfred entrusts Bruce with the kryptonite. Bruce tells Kal their shared heritage, Kal then tries to murder Bruce with the kryptonite only for Bruce to be rescued by the Kents.

  • Superman vs. Lobo #3 [of 3] (March 8, 2022)
    Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie; Mirka Andolfo
    Superman, Lobo, and Dr. Flik attempt to defend Numen from the Numen Revenge Squad, and after a hard battle, and Superman's words convincing the more understandable of the squad (plus Flik managing to convince Numen his life is worth saving), it seems as if all is going to be okay. But Lobo's anger at Superman's successful analysis of him leads to disaster, as he kills Numen and Flik, and using Dr. Flik's technology, creates his own universe, where he is Superman ("Main-Man") and Superman is a fascist dictator hellbent on killing him. Of course, this unravels fast once Lois Lane realizes it's all just Edgelord storytelling, and Lobo, realizing that the only person who ever liked him was murdered by him, sobs and reverses his decision, even giving the members of the Numen Revenge Squad a second chance in a new combined universe. Superman returns to being Superman, Lobo hosts his own talk show, and Dr. Flik posts her article, finally realizing the difference between good guys and bad guys.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #1 (March 15, 2022)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    In the not too distant past, Metropolis is invaded by Poison Ivy. Superman, Batman and Robin rush to stop her, but are taken by surprise by Metallo, who manages to inject the Man of Steel with a red kryptonite blend syringe, causing his powers to go crazy, and his mind to hallucinate. Two shadowy figures in the background enjoy the opening moves of their master plan. Years before the attack, it is revealed that Batman truly began to trust Superman after he helped save Robin from an attack by The Penguin, who had managed to obtain some interdimensional warriors from Luthor for his operations. Back in the not too distant past, Batman calls the Doom Patrol (Robotman, Elasti-Girl, Negative Man) to help him stop Superman so they can take him to Dr. Niles Caulder, the Doom Patrol Chief, who might be able to heal Superman. Superman hallucinates the Patrol as Zod, Ursa and Non, and Batman as Lex Luthor, and a fight ensues. Batman, with help from Negative Man's radiation powers, creates the effects of a Red Sun, and manages to snap Superman out of his illusions for a moment, and stabilize him... for the time being. At the Caulder Mansion in Midway City, Batman and Robin wait to see if Dr. Caulder can save their friend.

  • DC vs. Vampires #6 [of 12] (March 29, 2022)
    James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg; Otto Schmidt
    The Batman family is regrouping from the previous attack at the Batcave, all except Batgirl who is working with the Suicide Squad to take down some vampires. While they regroup Hal and Diana enter the room. A fight quickly breaks out, the Batfamily is able to tie Diana up in her own lasso, meanwhile Alfred chops Hal's ring arm off. Across town Batgirl finds Joker's dead body, drained of blood. She learns that whomever set this up knew the details of the Bat-family enough to send them on a wild goose chase. With Hal and Diana down, Ollie learns that Hal is not the vampire king either, and that now, with Superman a vampire, the war is essentially over. It was also nice to hear that Superman turning into a vampire was Batman's fault... some tactical genius. Ollie then kills Hal while Batman receives a call from Batgirl revealing that Dick is the King of the Vampires. He immediately kills Batman and with a freed Diana kill Jason and Damian and drives the remaining heroes away. Dick immediately signals the vampire army to unleash, destroying the White House and forests of the world.

  • World of Krypton #5 [of 6] (April 5, 2022)
    Robert Venditti, Michael Avon Oeming
    We begin with Zod giving a recruitment speech "Join the Planetary Security Force - Right Needs Might". Zod's battalion then decimates protesters while Jor-El looks on from his high terrace. Jor-El is very disappointed in his people believing his son will have no future. A desperate Zor-El frantically tries to find the elusive Survival Zone. Meanwhile Zod going mad comes face to face with Jor-El in his own suit of "super" armor ready to throw down. Meanwhile Lara searches for a place for her son to call home.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #2 (April 19, 2022)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    At the Doom Patrol's mansion, Dr. Niles Crane attempts to perform surgery on Superman, as Batman, Robin, and the rest of the team watch on and or help. Unfortunately, Crane realizes that Superman's entire blood stream is the problem, and he has minutes to live. A Hail Mary from Radioactive Man just manages to cure the Man of Steel (much to Batman's relief), but the problems have just begun for our heroes. As the heroes sit in the living room, and Superman recuperates, Batman and Crane deduce that a sword the Doom Patrol had found belonged to the mythical Devil Nezha, and that he is behind what nearly killed Superman. The Patrol relay the tale, of Li Jing, a powerful warlord who lost his son, Nezha. Desperate to resurrect him, Li Jing spent a decade first threatening, then working down to his skin and bones to find a magical cure. Finally, he received one, but the now immortal Nezha found his father pathetic, and killed him on the spot. Obtaining magical weapons and a thirst for total conquest beyond all known history, Nezha became The Devil Nezha. He was eventually defeated and imprisoned by The House of Ji, a group of magical warriors, but as Crane reveals, it seems he has escaped, and his latest target is the world's superheroes, from The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, to Shazam. Deciding to deal with the situation, Superman and Batman go off to Philadelphia to help Billy Batson, who has been magically silenced by Felix Faust, while Supergirl and Robin (who seemed to have had a bad team up in the recent past) travel to the past to find The House of Ji and learn how they defeated Nezha in the first place. Things don't go well, though. The House of Ji deduces that Robin and Supergirl are in legion with Nezha, due to Robin carrying his sword, and Superman, Batman, and Billy are cornered by Faust, who is stronger than ever thanks to his allegiance to Nezha...

  • Earth-Prime #2: Superman and Lois (April 19, 2022)
    Jai Jamison, Adam Mallinger, and Andrew N. Wong; Tom Grummett; Norm Rapmund
    Lois and Clark tell Jonathan and Jordan about why they celebrate their wedding anniversary four days after their actual wedding date. The couple tried to celebrate their first anniversary on the actual day but between Lois' job as a reporter and Clark's responsibilities as Superman their dinner plans kept getting cancelled. They were finally able to have a romantic dinner together four days later and decided to keep that as the day they celebrate their anniversary./Clark reflects on the ways that Jonathan Kent shaped him to be the man and hero he eventually became./Young Kal-El lands on Earth and is found by Jonathan and Martha Kent. They die soon after and Clark is sent to live with an abusive foster family. After he stands up to the father he runs away and eventually finds the crystal that was sent with him in the ship. He discovers his heritage and is encouraged by Jo-El to save humanity from itself. Tal-Rho eventually appears and convinces Kal that the glory of Krypton needs to return.

  • Dark Knights of Steel #6 (April 26, 2022)
    Tom Taylor, Yasmine Putri
    Constantine is drunk and mourning the death of the King of Storms, Tim Drake enters to convince him to join the coronation of the new Queen. John calls him out for being a Robin and casts him out of the room. Tim is confronted by the King's other daughter, and John reveals his traitorous nature. She lashes out with lightning, but John convinces her to let him return to Batman. He later summons Etrigan/Ras who, in exchange for the Teen Titans will help John with the dead king. Meanwhile, Tim returns to the House of Els and warns them that the Kingdom of Storms is preparing for war because Zala murdered the King and Crown Prince. She immediately denies the accusation, and Kal defends her denial. Diana reveals that the Amazons will also be sending their army to invade the House of Els. At this news Kal immediately flies to Amazonia to resolve the tension. He is set upon and stabbed by a magic blade before being captured. In the dungeon, while bound with the rope of Hephaestus, he speaks with Lois Lane. The issue closes with the Amazons sailing to war.

  • World of Krypton #6 [of 6] (May 3, 2022)
    Robert Venditti, Michael Avon Oeming
    After a concert Zor-El, Alura and Kara are attacked by the insurrectionists. Security is called to the scene but not before Kara is hurt. Meanwhile Zod and Jor-El duke it out once and for all. Jor-El is sorry it had to end this way but Zod is ruthless in his conviction. Zod tries to use the Phantom Zone projector on Jor-El but Jor-El swats it away, picks it up and uses it on Zod. Afterwards Jor-El smashes it to pieces. On returning home Jor-El finds Lara contemplating her discovery. She comforts him while he tells her the fight with Zod is over. Lara asks how long Krypton has and Jor-El tells her mere months. Lara then shows him her discovery. A map showing other habitable planets where their son could survive. This is not an end but a beginning.

  • The Jurassic League #1 [of 6] (May 10, 2022)
    Juan Gedeon and Daniel Warren Johnson, Juan Gedeon
    In a world where primitive humans and anthropomorphic dinosaurs co-exist, reptilian versions of our favorite superheroes fight the forces of evil. In Trimyscira, Wonderdon sees visions of such things in her dreams. Aquasaur battles Black Mantasaurus on the sea shores. Batwalker hunts serial killer Jokerzard in the outskirts of Growlthom City, and Supersaur confronts Giganta and Brontozarro in Metraaaghpolis.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #3 (May 17, 2022)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    Batman and Billy find themselves trapped by Felix Faust, but Superman rescues them from the illusion with a well thought plan. Puppetering Billy momentarily, Nezha tells the heroes he will not be deterred. Keeping Billy somewhere safe, Superman and Batman set off to Central City to help The Flash and Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, Robotman, Negative Man and Rita Farr travel to Mont Blanc in Switzerland to get info from General Immortus, who now suffers from dementia. After Negative Man reminds him of Nezhas symbol, he manages to disclose of a concealed tomb, on an island off Corto Maltese. In the past, Robin and Supergirl attempt to fight off The Warriors of Ji, but to no avail, only managing to stop the curb stomp battle when Robin shows they are truly coming in peace. The warriors tell of how hard it was to conceal Nezha, and that something seemingly went wrong when they sealed the door... Arriving at Central City, Superman and Batman see The Flash run into a magic mirror of Mirror Master supplied by Nezha, which gets shattered, and Wonder Woman turned into clay once more by Dr. Alchemy. The two manage to fight the villains off, only to get attacked by a possessed Green Lantern. Shocked by the wealth of information Nezha has, Batman asks Alfred to see if someone has accessed the Justice League servers, but a possessed Alfred reassures him all is as it should be...

  • Multiversity: Teen Justice #1 (June 7, 2022)
    Ivan Cohen and Danny Lore, Marco Failla
    We meet Gigi, new to New York, on her way to a meeting of The Church of Blood when she steps right smack in the middle of a fight between Teen Justice and H.I.V.E (Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination). Gigi is nearly run over by a H.I.V.E agent who's heading for Dr. Stone of STAR Labs when Kid Quick intervenes. After dispatching the H.I.V.E agents for the time being we learn the agents were after Dr Stone's secret research. Later on a stakeout at STAR Labs, Supergirl and Robin encounter Thunder and Lightning who steal Dr Stone's data. We follow Gigi to a Church of Blood meeting, headed by the mysteriously cloaked Sister of Blood, who is trying to recruit members for her Cult. Gigi is intrigued and moves into the church's facilities. In the cafeteria Gigi is given a note from the Sister who seems to have taken an interest in her. We also encounter a field hockey game being played by Teen Justice where they fight a lot. Seems their Leader Aquagirl is none to pleased that Supergirl and Robin arranged their own stakeout. Later in a secret room, Sister Blood walks in on Killiwog working on a mysterious device using the data stolen from Dr Stone. Killowog has some fears about this. Sister takes off her cloak to reveal Sinestra! Sinestra has no fears.

  • Dark Knights of Steel #7 (June 7, 2022)
    Tom Taylor, Nathan Gooden
    This issue opens up with the Kryptonians destroying the world. Zala kills Diana, and the three humiliate and slaughter Bruce. All while the prophecy is narrated and the Green Man laughs. It then shows that this is a nightmare Bruce is having while recuperating on the Kents' farm. A green dog approaches from the dark while he is moaning about demons and everything being green. The Kents enter to help him, and Raven reveals that something inside of him is killing him. In the Kingdom of Storms Ras brings Prince Jacob to John, resurrected by the Lazarus Pit. Ras reveals that were Jacob to return to court he would be killed because everyone saw his dead body. John promises to help Jacob gain their revenge on the Els. Ras meanwhile hints that there are greater threats facing the world, threats that require him to obtain the teens. On the Kents farm Raven heals Bruce while he is asleep. When he awakes he recoils from her in horror, calling her a witch. Bruce then comes face to face with Cyborg, Kory, and Raven. They hate Bruce because of his attempts to exterminate their kind, those different and gifted with abilities. The teens confront him about his own heritage as a gifted individual, their contempt is obvious. Johnathan talks to him about his mixed parents, explicitly stating that everyone knew Thomas Wayne was not his father. Kory interrupts the discussion holding Richard upside down. Richard reveals that he tracked Bruce to this farm and tells him of the invasion fleet heading towards the House of Els. Bruce then apologizes to the teens for his crimes, but before their conversation ends the Demon's Head arrives on the farm. Bruce tells the teens to wait inside while he faces the new enemies. Johnathan and Martha gather their armor and weapons to face the Demon's Head. Ras summons Etrigan and the battle is joined. Etrigan and Bruce clash, revealing his gifts. The fight moves towards the farmhouse and the teens enter the battle with Beast Boy turning into a giant green dragon. This turns the battle in their favour. Talia leaves hinting that something far more troubling is coming. The Kents convince Bruce to return to the House of Els to aid them in the coming battle.

  • Dark Crisis #1 (June 7, 2022)
    Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere
    The Justice League is dead. Dick is narrating the memorial for the Justice League. The world mourns their passing, while Jon tries to come to terms with the death of his father. Jon and Wally are fighting the Kobra Cult and discuss the increased number of attacks by lower tier villain groups now that the Justice League members are dead. Hal arrives and is shocked to see Jon and Wally instead of Clark and Barry. They go to visit Black Adam who gives an account of the League's deaths. Hal doesn't trust Black Adam and decides to investigate, and Jon decides to gather a new Justice League. His first two recruits, Batman and Wonder Girl, turn him down. But he is successful in gathering a new League. On his way to tell Dick he is targeted, and an army lead by Deathstroke is seen attacking the Titan Tower. Plus Beast Boy is killed by Deathstroke.

  • The Jurassic League #2 [of 6] (June 14, 2022)
    Juan Gedeon and Daniel Warren Johnson, Juan Gedeon
    As Reverse Slash heals Jokerzard, Atrocitaurus prepares them for war in the name of the Dark Embryo. Meanwhile, Giganta and Brontozarro have captured the humans occupying Metraaaghpolis, including Supersaur's foster parents. Batwalker (though he calls himself Batsaur in this issue) is rescued by the human child who followed him and Supersaur. The pair of reptilian heroes join forces to stop Giganta and Brontozarro when they meet Wonderdon, who jumps from her invisible steed Thunder Beak to battle Brontozarro and Giganta. Now three dinoheroes are face to face with the dinovillains who captured the people of Metraaaghpolis.

  • Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen's Boss, Perry White #1 (One Shot) (June 21, 2022)
    Matt Fraction; Steve Lieber, Nathan Fairbairn and Clayton Cowles
    Perry White recounts a story when Superman was off world and Metropolis was invaded by aliens. Lex Luthor took control by creating robots that would hurt aliens but not humans. Of course the robots are fueled by Kryptonite so when Superman returns he's attacked and must be saved by the good people of Metropolis. Meanwhile Perry reminiscences about his time at the Daily Planet.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #4 (June 21, 2022)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    Superman and Batman find themselves face to face with the possessed Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), who attacks both of them with a stronger than ever power ring. Batman rightly deduces that the ring has been augmented by magic, which Nezha confirms, grabbing the Dark Knight by the throat to threaten him. While Superman attempts to stave off the Emerald Knight, Nezha tells Batman of how he escaped, spending three millennia crafting his own original spell. Enraged by how human society had barely advanced, he decided to use his possession powers to bring about 'real progress' and grant himself an army. Batman correctly figures out that Nezha wants an army to fight some other enemy, and that he's possessing the heroes to protect himself from them. Nezha throws him away, avoiding the question. Meanwhile, Green Lantern is about to slice Superman with an axe, when Batman shows up with the Philosopher's Stone. Using their combined will power to battle the still strong but not as powerful willpower of a Green Lantern, Superman and Batman will the ring towards them, and unite into one composite body and force. Meanwhile, in the past, Supergirl and Robin learn the truth of how Nezha was imprisoned from the Warriors of Ji, and begin to travel back to the present. But thanks to a time storm, Robin is lost in a pocket of time, forcing Supergirl to fly back as quickly as she can to the present to explain the situation. Back in the present, the composite Superman/Batman find themselves facing off a horde of Nezha possessed heroes: Kid Flash (The original Wally West), Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond), Red Tornado, Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz), and Black Canary (Dinah Lance). They manage to fight them off too, but their power level is quickly dissipating. Robot Man informs the heroes that he and the rest of the Doom Patrol had found the original prison of Nezha, and that perhaps it can be used again. The composite Superman/Batman decide to take Nezha up to space, who has already turned the civilians around him into his legion. The power running out just before Superman/Batman can knock him out, Nezha seems to gain the upper hand, only for Supergirl to fly into him and smash him into a mountain, knocking him out temporarily. Superman and Batman (now separated) and the Doom Patrol reconvene with her, only to discover the awful truth: In order to imprison Nezha, one of them must shut the door the only way it can be shut, from the inside...

  • Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 [of 6] (June 21, 2022)
    Meghan Fitzmartin, Laura Braga
    Cassie (Wonder Girl) is attending the memorial for the Justice League, afterwards she meets up with Connor, Tim, and Bart. They reminisce about old times, and the difficulty of their struggles when the three guys disappear. Cassie and Arrowette are stunned to see them gone. Tim wakes up to Alfred calling him. Connor wakes up to Dubbilex in Hawaii. Bart wakes up training with Wally, he notices something is wrong and runs around the country before joining Tim and Connor at Happy Harbor. The three answer a distress call to fight Young Justice villain "The Mighty Endowed". Meanwhile Cassie is searching all over for them to no avail, she is rejected in her requests for help. However, in the alternate universe a younger version of Cassie saves the three boys from the Mighty Endowed and the story ends.

  • Earth-Prime #6: Hero's Twilight (June 21, 2022)
    Jeff Hersh and Tom Pound, Will Robson
    Magog, who's been haunting the world Earth Prime (Arrowverse) for the past several months, comes to Central City in the year 2049 to exact his revenge on the world's heroes. Impulse (Bart Allen) and his sister XS (Nora Allen) the Super Speedster kids of Barry and Iris Allen are the only two standing in the way of this dimension hopping villain. Supergirl and the other heroes are fighting Magog when they all disappear in a puff of green smoke. They go to Smallville to elicit the help of Clark Kent (Superman) but he seems to think they can handle it on their own. With a little advice he gives them the courage to fight Magog and his cadre of villains, not to mention a hypnotized populace. As the two fight, the heroes reappear thanks to The Specter (Oliver Queen?) and they take down the villains together. All the villains seem to be accounted for except Evil Superman. They all feel they'll be seeing him again in the future.

  • Multiversity: Teen Justice #2 (July 5, 2022)
    Ivan Cohen and Danny Lore, Marco Failla
    Troy and Raven try to infiltrate The Church of Blood and find out what's really going on. The team always at odds are on a training mission initiated by Aquagirl who doesn't seem to have the trust of the team. After some training and bickering Supergirl and Kid Quick seemed to be summoned to the Island Nation of Zandia. Aquagirl and Klarienne spar aboard the Justice Guild Space Station. Seems Aquawomen is not happy with the decision to have Raven join the team. Aquagirl leaves on an away mission while Klarienne has a talk with her mentor Zatara. Back on Zandia the team encounter Thunder and Lightning who have regrets over their betrayal. They explain the people of Zandia have been sucked of their energy leaving the children as zombies and the adults dead. At the Church of Blood Raven causes some problems. This leaves Troy and Raven to enact a plan. Later Raven sneaks back in only to find something terrible has happened. Aquagirl and the Guild find that all is not well on the planet they're exploring and in Zandia the team discover that the real Father Frenzy and Sister Blood are dead.

  • DC vs. Vampires #7 [of 12] (July 5, 2022)
    James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg; Otto Schmidt
    The story begins by detailing the vampire conquest of the world. After the Batfamily fell the vampires defeated the remaining heroes. They then destroyed the forests creating a layer of smoke that blocked the sun, leaving the earth in perpetual darkness. We catch up with Adam Strange and Director Bones leading a convoy of human refugees to safety. They are ambushed by vampires who quickly defeat the heroes. Firestorm attacks Director Bones, when a mysterious figure kills him, the ensuing detonation hits with the fury of a nuclear bomb. Director Bones is reduced to a skull and spine. The mysterious figure introduces herself as Jayna, she straps Director Bones into one of the cars and they continue towards the safe zone. The safe zone is protected by Killer Croc at the bottom of the Hobs River, it is the bottled city of Kandor. The Atom emerges to help them to Kandor, he also opens up the trunk of the car where, to Jayna's surprise, a depowered Supergirl is hiding. In Kandor the last of the heroes are regrouping and planning their next move. Steel, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Batgirl, Constantine, Dr. Fate, and Big Barda are all shown. Green Arrow wants to shut down a human farm in Smallville, Batgirl wants to kill Dick, and Supergirl wants to remove the smoke that is blocking the sun. The team is still undecided as to how to proceed, when the story cuts to a tower in Kandor where Professor Pyg is operating. One of the Professor's patients is a chained-up Harley Quinn who is vowing revenge.

  • Dark Crisis #2 (July 5, 2022)
    Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere
    We start with a quick monologue by Pariah explaining his role in "Infinite Crisis" and his burgeoning role in the coming crisis. We then jump back to Titans Academy where three students are dragging Nightwing to safety. The students debate running away or taking the fight to the intruders, during this discussion they are attacked by Deathstroke's men who carry the students away. Nightwing wakes up to find Deathstroke's army has infiltrated the school and they are also taking out heroes around the world. Deathstroke reveals that Beast Boy will survive a bullet to the head. This causes Nightwing to attack. The two fiercely fight with Nightwing coming out on top. Deathstroke asks who Nightwing wants for round two, to which Dick responds that he will let Slade kill him if all the others are set free. Slade agrees and takes aim at Dick. The bullet is blocked by Jon, arriving in the nick of time. The two friends attack Slade's army. But Deathstroke calls in Cyborg Superman for reinforcements. As Jon and Henshaw fight, a voice, presumably Pariah, calls Deathstroke and tells him to let the heroes live. As Slade calls his soldiers back he tells the heroes that it is open season on them, and that death is mercy compared to the darkness. Henshaw and Jon continue their fight until Cyborg arrives, stepping on Henshaw's head and crushing it. Black Adam then arrives to take leadership of the Justice League. The next scene takes place on a prison ship. Kyle Rayner is trying to escape when he is rescued by Hal and Jo Mullein. They explain their mission and the last page is a beautiful splash page of the Green Lantern Corps gathered to fight.

  • Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League - Superman #1 (One Shot) (July 12, 2022)
    Tom King, Chris Burnham
    A young Jon Kent is haunted by visions of parademons. He is so enraptured that he almost doesn't hear his mother warning him of a robot attack in downtown Metropolis. In this iteration, Jon wears a Robin suit and is a sidekick to a white templed Superman wearing a pale costume. The father and son duo (along with Krypto) enjoy balancing their superheroics with home life but the visions Jon suffers from seem to be spurring a need for more than a sidekick life. Clark reveals that he experiences the same visions as his son but instead of sympathy, Jon is enraged that his father, Superman, has not stepped up to defeat Darkseid's reign. Clark is devastated and admits he feels like a failure for not acting on the visions before now. Jon cannot help himself and as he grows older he starts acting alone as a hero, much to his parents' dismay. On Jon's eighteenth birthday Lois and Clark make a decision on Jon's future and, though this may be a mistake, the parents remain grateful that they were able to be part of his upbringing...

  • Dark Crisis: Young Justice #2 [of 6] (July 19, 2022)
    Meghan Fitzmartin, Laura Braga
    Tim, Connor, Bart, and Cassie finish fighting the Mighty Endowed. While they fight her, they begin to notice weird things about themselves in this world. While they travel, they are confronted by Tora, another villain from their youth. Connor and Bart quickly attack her, while Tim tries to confront Cassie about what is going on. Connor, Tim, and Bart later have one on one time with Clark, Bruce, and Wally. The three adults seem to be offering the younger heroes things they had always wanted when they were younger. Specifically, Clark is opening up to Connor as more of a mentor. By the end our three young heroes acknowledge how weird everything is and wonder how they can get home again. We also go to Arrowette and Cassie in the regular continuity as they seek to find the boys.

  • The Jurassic League #3 [of 6] (July 19, 2022)
    Juan Gedeon and Daniel Warren Johnson, Juan Gedeon
    Reverse Slash, Jokerzard, and Atrocitaurus battle Green Torch, Flashraptor and Aquanyx. Giganta and Brontozarro still combat Supersaur, Batsaur and Wonderdon. As you recall, Giganta and Brontozarro tried to capture humans, but all these dinovillains must give humans as tribute to the Dark Embryo. The Dark Embryo feeds on the life energy of beings, and he has chosen this Earth to be his meal before hatching. The injured Black Mantasaurus wants to return to the Dark Embryo to heal. Aquanyx pursues him to get his trident back. That is still in Black Mantasaurus' skull. Meanwhile, Green Torch and Flashraptor take on Atrocitaurus. Aquanyx follows Black Mantasaurus to a cave where the Dark Embryo is a about to hatch.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #5 (July 19, 2022)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    Superman, Batman, Supergirl, and the Doom Patrol find themselves at a crossroads. The only way to trap The Devil Nezha is with an enchanted talisman that must be held by one of them inside his tomb with him, dooming one of the heroes for eternity. Superman immediately nominates himself, as do the rest, refusing to allow any of the others to make the sacrifice play. Supergirl especially feels she deserves it, and Batman asks where is Robin. Suddenly, Nezha attacks, with a possessed Superman by his side. The heroes react with alarm, but also immediate action, Supergirl flying into Superman while Batman and the Doom Patrol try to give all they've got against the unstoppable odds. However, things get instantly worse. Elasti-Girl and Mr. Negative are also possessed and turn on Batman, who gets beaten quite badly. Supergirl tries to stop Superman with her heat vision, but he counteracts, and states that she is just a faded echo of him. Robotman, wanting to go out swinging, decides to hell with it, and takes on Nezha. To the surprise of everyone, he manages to punch him out, releasing Superman, Elasti-Girl and Negative Man from his control. Supergirl, realizing what this means, orders Robotman to continue attacking, as Nezha's magic is only attune to powers from his era, meaning strange technology is his weakness. Batman joins in with a shocker gadget, but Nezha manages to start adapting anyway. Superman, however, realizes what needs to be done. Zooming to the Fortress of Solitude, he grabs a Phantom Zone projector and traps Nezha in it. The dust seemingly settled, Supergirl confesses that Robin got hit by a time storm, and is now lost in the time stream, who knows where and when. Batman is taken aback, but Superman reassures him they will find him. Suddenly, Nezha rips a tear from the phantom zone, adapting himself to Kryptonian tech. Realizing they still need the talisman, Superman, Batman and Supergirl all race to sacrifice themselves first. Superman is fastest, however, and flies in, trapped forever. A distraught Batman and Supergirl argue over what could have been done, but the Doom Patrol manages to calm then down. Just before they can mourn, though, Batman realizes that the projector is gone. Superman has a plan, and they must act immediately, as they see the rift that Nezha opened is still slightly present. Using Negative Man's powers, they keep the rift open long enough to rescue Superman. Staring off into the distance, Batman perpares himself to save Robin. Meanwhile, years later, a Robin of currently unknown identity is at Nezha's original tomb, at Lazarus Island...

  • DC: Mech #1 [of 6] (July 26, 2022)
    Kenny Porter, Balbemar Rivas
    A part of the DC Omniverse, the world of DC: Mech is set in a modern day with a small collection of heroes. The story establishes that in this world a mech enhanced Parademon scout was sent to earth after the devastation of World War 2 and threat of war ended. It took the whole Justice Society of America to defeat this lone scout, but with some heavy losses. The response was to prepare the world for an inevitable future invasion. When the story picks up we are quickly filled in that the modern world seems to have only two established heroes Batman and The Flash. While there are only two heroes there still seems to be a legacy of heroes as we are introduced to the current Flash Wally West. It is unclear if the heroes powers are limited to mech suits, or are the natural abilities of the heroes enhanced by the suits. The plot is initiated by two events. The first arrival of three more Parademon mechs. The second the arrival of Superman. One thing that is consistent is that regardless of the planet, mech seems to be utilized universe wide, and Krypton is no different. Superman arrives in the modern day on earth. Although coming to earth a full grown man, the story lets you know that Kal-El is still the Superman we know. Earth's greatest hope to survive the invasion from Apokolips.

  • Superman: Space Age #1 (July 26, 2022)
    Mark Russell, Mike Allred
    Meet Clark Kent, a young reporter who just learned that the world will soon come to an end (Crisis on Infinite Earths) and there is nothing he can do to save it. Sounds like a job for his alter ego…Superman! After years of standing idle, the young man from Krypton defies the wishes of his fathers to come out to the world as the first superhero of the Space Age. As each decade passes and each new danger emerges, he wonders if this is the one that will kill him and everyone he loves. Superman realizes that even good intentions are not without their backlash as the world around him transforms into a place as determined to destroy itself as he is to save it.

  • Multiversity: Teen Justice #3 (August 2, 2022)
    Ivan Cohen and Danny Lore, Marco Failla
    Raven had a reaction trying to get into the Church of Blood. His soul separates from his body. Klarienne is first to arrive trying to help Raven with her magic. Finally all of Teen Justice arrive to help Raven but what about Troy? Troy is still in the Church of Blood. But before Raven can act Supergirl, along with the team, fly to Superwoman's Fortress of Tranquility in the Bermuda Triangle. They try to get Raven to listen to reason and tell him that he's part of the team. Family. Along with Troy. They must have a strategy before they go busting into the church. Meanwhile on Domus Amoris, home of the Star Sapphires, Aquagirl searches for the Justice Guild. While searching she finds Green Lantern Hal Ferris. Dead. The Lantern Patrol are Anti-Star Sapphire. Back at the church the team tries to get through the church's magic shield. With effort they make it. Aquagirl, looking for some source of water, finds an underground river. She enters wearing Hal Ferris's ring and finds a score of Lantern rings floating in the river. Suddenly the ring comes to life and tells the story of the Lantern Patrol and the Sapphires. The Star Sapphires wanted to unite with the Lanterns. All the Lantern colors reluctantly joined. All except the Green Lanterns. Radical faction of Greens led by Sinestra opposed. Hal tried to stop them but Sinestra prevailed. With the central power battery destroyed Sinestra had to get creative. Suddenly Aquagirl gets pulled through the river only to end up at... the Church of Blood! She joins her teammates in the search for Troy. Watching all of this is Sinestra and her team of Green Lanterns, who mock Teen Justice while a captured Troy looks on.

  • Dark Crisis #3 (August 2, 2022)
    Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere
    The superhero community is in mourning after the attack on Titans Tower. Black Adam is leading the new Justice League on many raids against Deathstroke's army, but overall the heroes are afraid and losing. Black Adam decides it is time to start killing the villains, but Jon pushes back about it being wrong. Yara shows up in Jon's support, and Black Adam leaves. Damian and Jon continue the argument, but are interrupted by the arrival of the Justice Society who offer to help. Deathstroke is talking with Ravager, she attacks him prompting his guards to come to his aid, he then unleashes the darkness infecting those in the room. The Green Lantern Corps are in sector 666, and have found a Black Lantern power source. Hal, Kyle, and Jo enter the Lantern and are immediately confronted by Pariah. Hal creates constructs of the League and attacks Pariah. Hal discovers that, unknown to Pariah, the darkness is not creating a new multiverse, it's creating weapons from the League. He is then transported to a world seemingly governed by the Corps. Black Adam meanwhile seeks the help of Luthor and the Legion of Doom to take down Deathstroke.

  • DC vs. Vampires #8 [of 12] (August 2, 2022)
    James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg; Otto Schmidt and Daniele Di Nicuolo
    Damian and Constantine go to the House of Mystery. The magic wielders are trying to find a way to chew vampirism. While there Constantine visits Ollie who is prepping to leave. Ollie also shares an intimate moment with Dinah before he leaves. He feels he has to confront Hawkman and end the human farms in Kansas. A group of vampires arrives at the house after Constantine leaves. Also Supergirl is mourning her inability to help. She decides to go to Australia to find a way to bring back the sun. She gets on a ship with Steel and Black Manta. They are then rescued by Jayna of the Wonder Twins who has been protecting Kara. The four continue the mission together. Batgirl has a nightmare about killing Dick. She then breaks into Professor Pyg's lab and frees Harley. Harley, Frankenstein, and Dinah join her to kill Dick in Gotham. The final page shows each group on their mission.

  • The Jurassic League #4 [of 6] (August 9, 2022)
    Juan Gedeon and Daniel Warren Johnson, Juan Gedeon
    The Dark Embryo had devoured Black Mantasuarus, spit out Aquanyx's trident and fired Omega Beams at the Dinoking of Atlantis. Green Torch and Flashraptor search for Aquanyx after defeating their foes. Batsaur is on a quest for revenge. Wonderdon prepares for battle, and Supersaur is doing some soul searching The Jurassic League will really need to work as a team if they are to stop the Dark Embryo. Aquanyx has been rescued by Flashraptor and Green Torch. This doesn't stop the Dark Embryo from eating Reverse Slash and Jokerzard. Its latest meal allows the Dark Embryo to hatch, bringing forth Darklyoseid. The Dark Dinogod's intention is to conquer this world and rid it of its dinoheroes. His first target is Trimyscira.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #6 (August 16, 2022)
    Mark Waid, Travis Modre
    Stuck in the past, specifically in 1892, Corto Maltese, Robin leaves a message on stone for Superman, Batman, Supergirl, and the Doom Patrol so they can track him, and looks for a place to stay in the meantime. He eventually camps at Stratford's world famous American circus, which, thanks to his past, feels like another home. Dick makes friends with the circus workers, but trouble has crept in. Two of the three new guys at the circus, Kenny O'Leary and Jimmy Beck, are both dead. Charlie Boyce, their friend, accuses the animals Cesar the animal trainer owns to be guilty. Dick knows better. The blood would be on the fur as well, not just the claws. But he can't prove it, lest he drives people mad with the advancements of future science. Instead, he has one day left to investigate, and he ponders about it and his past during an act. Suddenly, Superman and Batman show up, pretending to be circus members too (Batman a trapeze act as well, sharing a soft moment with Dick, and Superman a circus strongman). The two managed to track down Dick's message, but Supergirl chose not to come thanks to her guilt. Dick is happy to see them, but wants to solve the mystery first and protect the animals and his newfound friends. It's too important to him. Superman and Batman acquiesce, and the trio look into it as they perform the evening show. Then, fire strikes! As everyone runs off, Robin notices Cesar run off like mad, and following his hunch, finds Boyce trapped in a locked cage with the lion. Robin and Batman save Boyce, while Superman removes the fire, and Cesar is punished for his crime: Once he found out about Boyce, O'Leary and Beck's robbery, and Boyce and Beck's decision to off O'Learly, he helped kill Beck and then turned on Boyce to get the money for himself. What cost him was leaving the animals he claimed to love so dearly to burn without a second thought, and the locked cage, as he had the only key. The mystery solved, the animals and people saved, Robin, Superman, and Batman leave for home...

  • Dark Crisis: Young Justice #3 [of 6] (August 16, 2022)
    Meghan Fitzmartin, Laura Braga
    Deathstroke, Captain Boomerang, and Luthor have captured Wondergirl. The heroes grapple with their own personal history with each of these villains. But Bart clues into the weird nature of these specific three villains uniting against them. He deduces that they were chosen because of their past experiences with them, furthering his reluctance to accept what is going on. Tim and Connor attack the villains, prompting Bart to join them, but he notices that when he speeds up or slows down the world begins to look off. Connor and Bart get into a confrontation because Bart doesn't trust this version of Cassie. Bart leaves and finds the world to be sketched without color as he runs. Meanwhile, Connor and Tim each have one on one conversations with Cassie where they come to the conclusion that this world isn't for them. Cassie hints that a greater power will not be happy with their decisions. Tim, Connor, and Bart then find themselves in a space station where Cassie reveals a late 90s early/2000s version of the Justice League will force them to embrace the world.

  • DC: Mech #2 [of 6] (August 23, 2022)
    Kenny Porter, Balbemar Rivas
    The story starts off by introducing us to Hal Jordan and John Stewart who co-pilot the Green Lantern mech entrusted to Ferris Spacecraft by Alan Scott. They are in a training session with Diana's Themysciran designed mech, with the goal to improve the design on the Green Lantern suit. Their training session is interrupted by an emergency signal picking up the last issue's skirmish between the team of Batman and Flash versus Superman. The growing team responds to a distress call that Kalibak and the Female Furries are attacking Coast City, searching for the resources needed to build a boom tube large enough to mobilize Darkside's full army. The team is able to repel the Apokoliptian attack but not before the Apokoliptian force exploits the weaknesses of the loosely united team. After the battle Shiera Hall arrives to help piece the team back together, taking on a mentorship role for the young inexperienced team. The story ends with a sinister Lex Luthor demanding control of designing the earth defenses against Apokolips from General Sam Lane.

  • DC's Saved by the Belle Reve #1 (August 30, 2022)
    Various Writers and Artists
    Shortly before their sophomore year the Detective Club students from Gotham Academy team up to look for a Zombie. They find Solomon Grundy./The Suicide Squad goes undercover at a private school to watch over a Corto Maltesian General's son who turns out to be an evil sorcerer. Carnage ensues./After a night out fighting crime with their fathers, Jon and Damian are told they must go home because tomorrow is the first day of School. After getting respective haircuts (Damian wants his short while Jon wants his left longer) they're ready for their first day of 8th grade at The West Reeve School. During lunch Jon and Damian see a new student being bullied. After they save the student they find out that they are non-binary and their name is Sydney. That night Damian appears outside of Sydney's window and tries teaching them some fighting skills. Later Jon gives Sydney a pep talk saying sometimes turning the other cheek and reasoning is the way to go. The next day the bullies appear and start bothering Sydney. Sydney tries talking some sense into them but ends up decking one of them. Which results in the other students laughing at the bully as Jon, Damian and Sydney walk off savoring the victory./Many years ago after a night out Ollie is summoned to the Vice Principal's office at Roy's school. She tells Roy's guardian that his grades are suffering. Ollie suspends Roy from the crime fighting business until his grades are up. While Roy raises his grade point average it's not enough. After speaking to Batman Ollie realizes he's being too hard on Roy and tells him he can be a great hero if he wants but he can also be more. Be the greatest at life./Raven accidentally teleports the Tiny Titans to Bell Reve prison instead of Granny's Bell Pepper Rave Garden. Hijinks ensue./We go back to a time when Jefferson Pierce was Secretary of Education under President Luthor. Jefferson tries to explain why he would be on Luthor's cabinet. He thinks back on a time when he helped his students with tough problems and how he would always be there for them. Later he tells his daughter that despite who Luthor was, as Secretary of Education he could make a big difference in the lives of students through the country. In the end, despite his reasoning for being on Luthor's cabinet, he's still just as much a 'yes' man as everyone else in the cabinet./Jean-Paul Valley (Azrael) stumbles upon his old school which taught him how to become the avenging angel he is now. He remembers the horrors he suffered at the hands of the monks. He must learn to be as a student again. Ask questions. Only than can he make himself a better person./Babs and Dick go to the prom! After they fight Mr Freeze. Barbara misses being the queen of the prom because they are late but all they want to do is dance.

  • Multiversity: Teen Justice #4 (September 5, 2022)
    Ivan Cohen and Danny Lore, Marco Failla
    We begin yesterday. Troy is working out in the gym at the Church of Blood. He discovers someone held prisoner. Suddenly from behind Raven's spirit appears. But before he can help Kilawog appears as does the Green Lanterns and they subdue Troy. In the present Teen Justice regroup and discuss current events. Between understanding what's happened to Raven and Troy, and Klarienne giving Aquagirl attitude about going away with the Justice Guild, the team seems torn but after Raven appears they realize they have to stop the bickering and find Troy. Suddenly a group of acolytes appear carrying guns fashioned by Green Lantern rings. The team subdue them. After Jesse Quick searches for Troy she finds him being held by the Green Lanterns. Soon the Lanterns are pursuing the team. Jesse thinks quick and grabs Robin and Troy before they're killed. The team fight the Lanterns but when they get the upper hand Raven teleports the team out of there. While they're now safe Raven is missing and Aquagirl is ready for a fight.

  • Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #4 (September 6, 2022)
    Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere
    Hal is confronting the fake Green Lantern Corp. Barry races through and rescues him. Barry tells him each Justice League member is in a world they created. We then see how much good work the JSA are doing in combatting Deathstroke's evil forces. Mr. Terrific tells those gathered that there is a Dark Energy gathering which could be dangerous, but they can't do anything about it. Meanwhile, in a hospital room, Dick is mourning Gar because the injury he sustained was so traumatic that his brain thinks he is dead, even though his body is alive... Alan Scott provides a weird speech about the world needing Dick to step up and be a leader. At the Legion of Doom headquarters Black Adam is being interrogated by the Legion of Doom. Before matters are settled Deathstroke and his army attack. The GLC are fighting Pariah, who reveals that Hal and Barry are actually helping him by travelling from world to world. Meanwhile Barry and Hal stop in Batman's world, where they face off against him. Jon, Dick, and Yara are led by Alan to meet John Constantine and Swamp Thing. There's no context for this, and we are not told why they are there, they just are for an exposition dump from Swamp Thing. The Legion of Doom are taken by the Darkness and a new Multiverse is born.

  • Dark Knights of Steel: Tales from the Three Kingdoms #1 (One Shot) (September 6, 2022)
    Tom Taylor, Jay Kristoff, C.S. Pacat/ Caspar Wijngaar, Sean Izaakse, Michael Bandini
    James Olsen is adopted from the Arkham Orphanage by Mr. and Mrs. White. One night he befriends Kal who is flying by his home. Shortly afterwards he is kidnapped, along with other orphans from Arkham Orphanage. Bruce, Zara, and Kal set out to find where they went. The three meet some of the current orphans, including Harvey Dent, a child with severe trauma. Harvey tells them where to go, and the three find the children and their kidnapper. They attack the kidnapper, a giant man-bat, but the kids stop them. James tells the heroes that the monster is Kirk Langstrom, a fellow orphan. The heroes learn that Kirk has been trying to protect these orphans from the same experimentation that turned him into a monster. The orphanage manager, Elizabeth Arkham is arrested by Waller, and taken into her confidence to create monsters to protect the kingdom./Kal, Harley, and Bruce dress in disguise and leave the palace to experience the lives of the commoners. Harley's necklace is stolen and they track down the thieves, the Robins. They discover the Robins are a group of thieving orphans, who steal from the rich, but try not to hurt anyone. Bruce sees their value and enlists them in his fight to keep the kingdom safe./Bruce and his guard are attacked in Hobbs Forest by rebels. Bruce tries to fight the leader of the rebels "The King's Bane." The King's Bane quickly disarms him and vows his loyalty to the true heir of the Kingdom. Bruce rejects him, but later seeks him out to learn how to fight. Bane trains Bruce and prepares him to kill the Els and take his place as king. But Bruce defeats Bane in defense of the Els, vowing to protect the Kingdom from magic users.

  • The Jurassic League #5 [of 6] (September 13, 2022)
    Juan Gedeon and Daniel Warren Johnson, Juan Gedeon
    Darklyoseid has made his way to Trimyscira. Yet, the Jurassic League has yet to become a team as each member seems to engulfed in their own missions to help Wonderdon. It takes lessons from family to help one such as Supersaur to realize his greater mission is to stop Darklyoseid. He is not alone. Green Torch and the other heroes have joined him in aiding a fallen Wonderdon while the Dark Dinoknight is protecting innocent humans. Will this newly formed Jurassic League be enough to defeat Darklyoseid? The conclusion of this prehistoric battle will let us know, Superfans. Miss it, and you'll have dinoegg on your face.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #7 (September 20, 2022)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    In a Gotham City of a doomed planet, Gayle and Asher Sikela send their son David in a rocket ship to a parallel earth to save him, and so another Last Hope enters the prime earth... Meanwhile, on our regular earth, a mysterious rift opens up in the sky, seen through half the US. As the news reports it, Superman/Kal-El/Clark Kent, Batman/Bruce Waye and Robin/Dick Grayson all fly off to investigate it. David's ship vibrates through the rift and the Batwing, and after Superman catches it, the trio proceed to talk to David. The panicked boy reveals his planet is gone, and his parents sent him away, which understandably affects Clark. Suddenly, David flares up in an intense heat, a blinding light. Superman just manages to get him to calm down, and he and Robin take him to the Bottle City of Kandor inside the Fortress of Solitude in order to analyze his powers. Kim-Da and a group of scientists give David a Kryptonian costume modeled on a legendary freedom fighter named Hel-Oz. Batman calls the others and asks them to come to Gotham, at the same time as David realizes his alternate parents must be in this world's gotham. Batman indeed has located them, but after a shocking meeting, David's heart breaks as he loses his parents a second time in one day: His alternate parents had a David, and he died at 3. While Dick comforts David, Clark and Bruce discuss what to do. Bruce explains that he and Alfred aren't equipped to train a super powered boy, and Clark realizes he has a sidekick now, as no one else can take care of the boy. Robin does come up with a way to cheer David up though, and takes him to the HQ of the original Teen Titans, to meet the then members of the team: Wonder Girl/Donna Troy, Speedy/Roy Harper, Kid Flash/Wally West and Aqualad/Garth. Elsewhere, a man named Leonard accidentally frees a mysterious villain...

  • Dark Crisis: Young Justice #4 [of 6] (September 20, 2022)
    Meghan Fitzmartin, Laura Braga
    Our trio of boys are engaged in prolonged fisticuffs with Justice League and Teen Titans members. Connor is stuck in a crisis of conscience regarding the fight. He is realizing that this world could restore him to a better point in his history, without the trauma he has endured. Bart and Tim are staunchly opposed to this line of thinking, preferring to get home. Tim and Connor's incessant arguing about how Connor's death and its ramifications on both of their lives arouses the ire and contempt of Bart. Bart responds that he also died, and their treatment of him is shameful. Meanwhile Cassie, Cissie, and Red Tornado enter the abandoned Teen Tower. Cissie is shaken by the mausoleum and seeing the statues of the dead. They then head to Themyscira and board Diana's invisible jet to track down the boys. The two girls have their own relational realization wherewith Cissie realizes all she turned her back on by leaving, and all the pain her friends endured in her absence. They head to space where a swarm of space mites attacks them, Cissie almost dies but is rescued by Red Tornado. Back with the boys the true villain is revealed. Mickey, Mr. Mxyzptlk's son.

  • Superman: Space Age #2 (September 27, 2022)
    Mark Russell, Mike Allred
    Meet Superman has arrived and he’s out of sight! Right? The world may love him, but the citizens of Metropolis are growing skeptical as the cities around them suffer without the help of the Man of Steel. The world doesn’t need saving as much as it needs changing, and Superman and his super friends in the Justice League seem unqualified to save the day the way they once did. Could this be the beginning of the end that Pariah prophesied? Or is it just a sign of the times?

  • DC: Mech #3 [of 6] (September 27, 2022)
    Kenny Porter, Balbemar Rivas
    The main fight is between the Apokoliptian forces led by Kalibak and the united heroes of Earth, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan and John Steward). Earth's heroes are forced to fight reactionary and on their heels, fighting off different offensive attacks by Kalibak. In spite of their disunity Earth's heroes are successful in defending off Kalibak's attacks. This success only angers Darkseid who channels that anger back onto his son Kalibak. There is also a secondary force of Earth led by Lex Luthor. For Lex these forces are expendable pawns that he uses to fine tune his weapons against Darkseid. The result is Earth's heroes have to end up saving Lex's abandoned forces time and again. A large part of the issue is focused on the disunity of the recently united team of Earth's heroes. The team is co-led by Superman and Batman, and most of that conflict is grounded in their failure to work together.

  • DC vs. Vampires #9 [of 12] (August 2, 2022)
    James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg; Otto Schmidt
    The story starts with Ollie attacking the human farms in Kansas. His actions flush Hawkman out of hiding. On their way to Australia, Kara, John Irons, Black Manta, and Jayna are attacked by Arthur's hosts of Atlantis. They fight valiantly for their lives until Arthur arrives, revealing that Black Manta is not who they seem. On the outskirts of Gotham City, Batgirl, Harley, Dinah, and Frankenstein are unable to enter Gotham. Damian, who is a vampire, arrives to help them enter the city.

  • Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #5 (October 4, 2022)
    Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere
    Black Adam continues his fight against Deathstroke's army. Mr. Terrific's group pulls him out of the battle to safety. The Flash, meanwhile, is facing off against Batman, trying to break him out of his fantasy. Hal does this by creating constructs of the Batfamily, reminding Bruce of what he has left behind. Back on main Earth, Dick rallies the remaining heroes at the Hall of Justice to fight Deathstroke's army. Black Adam attempts to prevent the conflict, due to his witnessing the deaths of the Justice League, and the defeat of the Legion of Doom, but Dick leads the heroes to battle anyways. Finally, Clark is on his fantasy farm looking at a picture of his family. He realizes things are wrong and is able to break his fantasy without the aid of the other heroes. He then goes Universe Level Superman to confront Pariah. But Pariah escapes and joins the battle on Earth.

  • Multiversity: Teen Justice #5 (October 4, 2022)
    Ivan Cohen and Danny Lore, Luciano Vecchio
    At the Church of Blood Gigi discovers the Green Lanterns. They chase her to suck up her energy when Gigi literally runs into Aquagirl along with most of the members of Teen Justice. Meanwhile in Keystone City at the Quick Museum Kid Quick and Raven reminisce about past speedsters. Kid Quick decides it's time to embrace her Legacy. The team fight the Lanterns. Everyone from the Church of Blood were given wristbands so the Lanterns could take their energy. The goal is to get those wristbands. The team continues fighting the Lanterns when Kid Quick shows up in a shiny new costume. She takes the wristbands at super speed. Troy and Raven reunite and share a passionate kiss. Sinestra tells the team the wristbands didn’t matter, Kilowog's machine already made the connection they needed. With the team losing the fight Raven sacrifices himself to try and save them.

  • The Jurassic League #6 [of 6] (October 11, 2022)
    Juan Gedeon and Daniel Warren Johnson, Juan Gedeon
    Batsaur is surprised that humans can fight and defend themselves against Jokerzard's army of villains. The Dark Dinoknight, for he is outnumbered as as the rest of the newly formed Jurassic League battles Darklyoseid. Batsaur beats Jokerzard, the dinovillain who ate his parents. However, in move that seems guided by karma, Darklyoseid eats Jokerzard and the rest of his soldiers to strengthen his already potent powers. Can the Jurassic League hope to defeat an evil who feeds upon his own minions? Each coordinated attack by the Jurassic League doesn't seem to work. Supersaur seems to know what do. The Dinosaur of Steel puts all the power at his disposal into a punch that literally rocks the world, thereby sacrificing himself to save this version of Earth and giving his comrades and the entire population hope. Yet is it truly the end of Supersaur and the Jurassic League? A blue dinohand exiting from the ashes seems to say no, while humans and dinoheroes attempt to make the world a better place.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #8 (October 18, 2022)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    At the cliffside base of the Teen Titans, Robin, Speedy, Kid Flash, Wondergirl and Aqualad all help David practice his powers. Speedy fires a boxing glove arrow at the new sidekick, who manages to blow it up. Robin makes an educated guess that David's powers are thunder related, and so the boy is christened 'Boy Thunder'. Donna takes Dick aside though and asks him to be careful, stating that she has a gut feeling there's something off about him. Later, at San Carlos in Costa Rica, Superman and Boy Thunder block a volcano, David showing real excitement for the first time at the prospect of his powers. Clark is more concerned over setting up a life for David, but after a snarky suggestion of the orphanage from Supergirl, he gets a distress call from Batman. The Key, a Justice League villain who's been laying low, has taken over Gotham, trapping people inside their homes, cars, and other closed in locations by giving everyone Entamaphobia. His demands are five billion dollars in untraceable currency. With Batman and Robin trapped in the cave, it's up to Superman, Supergirl, and Boy Thunder to save the people while Batman gets an antidote from a friend. While the two supers whiz around saving people, Batman instructs David to go into a coal mine, where a group of miners are trapped, the methane gas spreading around them. All David has to do is pull a switch to save them. But it doesn't work. Batman, realizing David must use his powers, tries to calm him down, but David panics and flies off to hide and cry. Batman asks Superman to comfort David, but David, remembering what happened to his planet, rushes in determinedly and saves the miners. Then, the friend (Blue Beetle II/Ted Kord) arrives and disperses the antidote to heal everyone of the psychopathy. Superman and Batman manage to trace The Key's hideout, but he's gone, his clue leading to a void. At the Batcave, after Batman teases Robin about his relationship with Supergirl, Superman expresses his pride in David, but David doesn't seem to care if he lives or dies. Supergirl, knowing what survivor's guilt feels like, consoles him, saying that it's not his fault, and they can get him professional help. But David doesn't seem to believe her... Elsewhere, The Key apologizes for his setback to the man he's working for, who, while angry at not being rich yet, is overjoyed to hear that Superman now has a sidekick. He laughs maniacally, revealing that he's none other than The Joker...

  • Dark Crisis: Young Justice #5 [of 6] (October 18, 2022)
    Meghan Fitzmartin, Laura Braga
    Mickey has the boys trapped and begins to rant about their place in the DC universe, and how they've been replaced by others. Bart ends up finding a way to communicate with Cassie in the real world. Tim, Bart, and Connor are then joined by Cassie, Red Tornado, and Cissie. Together they escape from Mickey's world and return home.

  • DC: Mech #4 [of 6] (October 25, 2022)
    Kenny Porter, Balbemar Rivas
    The story picks up a few months after the end of last issue. Kal-El has been grounded from battle and communication with the rest of Earth's heroes. He has been living with the Kents as they try to repair his mech. Meanwhile, the rest of Earth's heroes have been fighting off attacks by the Apokoliptian forces, and buying time for Shiera and Alfred to finish new Nth metal frames for the heroes' mechs. Martha is able to save the day and make the temporary repairs needed to get Kal-El's mech back up and running. Batman then arrives to take Kal back to the satellite base to finish the needed repairs and get Kal back in the war. While Batman is now on the same page as Kal, the rest of the heroes are now angered by Kal's impulsivity from last issue that did more harm than good. Almost ready for his invasion Darkseid broadcasts his message of domination to Earth's people. Still trying to buy time for the completion of the Nth metal armor, Earth's heroes are planning on holding back. Except for the Green Lantern's John and Hal who are looking to make their own impulsive attack. Lex Luthor is also ready to go on the offensive, with his new mech design, which he believes will defeat the Apokoliptian forces.

  • DC vs. Vampires #10 [of 12] (October 25, 2022)
    James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg; Otto Schmidt
    The comic book starts with Damian leading Batgirl's team in to Gotham. On the river they are discovered by Black Adam, who vanishes into flames via Damian's secret weapon. Meanwhile Oliver is captured by Hawkman. Both men give the other one more chance to join them. Neither budge, so Oliver stays in the prison. Back in Gotham Punchline captures and imprisons Batgirl's team unless they kill Two Face for her. Damian does this off panel. Then, Steel, Supergirl, and the Wonder Twin finally arrive in Australia and find a giant rocket ship. While that occurs Oliver reanimates Swamp Thing using his pee. And in Gotham Batgirl unveils her secret UV lamps she had slowly set up around Gotham to attack Dick.

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