Specials and One-Shot Comics Index


  • Superman '78: The Metal Curtain #1 (November 7, 2023)
    Robert Venditti, Gavin Guidry
    We see the destruction of the planet Krypton. We watch as a piece of the planet flies through space. The color slowly glowing green. It crash lands into a farmhouse in 1951 USSR. Years later we're at the docks in Metropolis where a mysterious deal is taking place. Money changes hands and it's all recorded on tape by Lois Lane. Until she accidentally reveals her hiding place. Next thing she knows she's being escorted to her death but not before a boot crushes the tape. She's sent out on a boat heading towards a ship. Before they crash Lois muffles out to Superman who quickly swoops in and saves the day. Superman quickly saves the ship from sinking and then flies Lois back home. Next day at the Daily Planet building in Metropolis Lois and Perry have it out over Perry refusing to run her story. There's no proof and no sources. Perry tells her he's not running a tabloid. "Confirm your sources and then maybe I'll print the story". Clark overhearing all this sides with Perry but still believes Lois shouldn't give up on the story. Meanwhile in a secret bunker below Moscow we meet Comrade Morosov and his protege Captain Nikolaev. Nikolaev has been trained to speak fluent English and given a false background so he can infiltrate into American society. Morosov shows Nikolaev the piece of Kryptonite that was found in 1951. After all these years they finally have a weapon that will hold the power within the Kryptonite. An armored suit. Nikolaev's new name will be Metallo!

  • Superman: Lost #8 (November 14, 2023)
    Christopher Priest, Carlo Pagulayan
    While confronting a thief who's about to steal his painting, Lex Luthor ponders why Superman hasn't attacked him yet. It's been some time since he gave Lois cancer and yet still no Man of Steel. He calls Lois asking her why. She listens than hangs up on him. We then flash back to when Superman was on Rann. Adam Strange is trying to help Clark find the lost planet but so far no luck. But it seems Strange has something else up his sleeve so he can help. Present day and Superman is with John Corben (Metallo). A peninsula is about to be destroyed by a tsunami and Metallo seems to be taking advantage of the destruction. Superman wants Metallo to help, telling him he still believes he can change and that he can help stop the tsunami. Along comes Supergirl who crashes through Metallo seemingly killing him! (Did I mention Metallo was a giant construct as big as Godzilla?) Superman is not happy by her intrusion. She's wearing the white energy suit Superman brought back from space. She seems to like it. She tells him he has to move on and stop dwelling on something he can't fix. That planet is gone. Meanwhile, Lois is still on the trail of Senator McMonigle. Is he corrupt as she originally thought? Back at Lex's mansion he's still pondering why Lois hasn't told Clark or how a man with x-ray vision still hasn't noticed the cancer running through Lois' body. All this while he's torturing a doctor. At home Clark is worried about Lois. He tells her he accepts the fact that he will never find the planet. But a very tired and sick Lois tells him unless he resolves the situation he'll never be truly back. Superman then goes to Black Adam to see what he knows considering he was in space for 5000 years. All in all he tells him, "You're home. Accept it." Back at the apartment Clark finds Lois asleep over her laptop. He carries her to their room. As he moves her handbag her medicine falls out and Clark is dumbstruck. He then looks at her phone and sees Lex's name over and over. Lex waits.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #21 (November 21, 2023)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    On Earth-22, we continue from where we left off: David/Lightning Lad, now older and jaded, attacks Superman and Batman, believing that they abandoned him and insisting that no one will EVER believe their lies to the contrary, saying they have no idea what they're in for in this world. Not far from the battle, meanwhile, Earth-22 Clark (for short, we shall call him KC Clark or KC Superman, short for Kingdom Come), while reporting on sleep pods at Mortimer's coffee, overhears a report of a rogue Superman fighting Thunderman. He sets off to see what's going on. Simulatenously, at the Earth-22 Batcave, KC Bruce and Alfred assess the damage of a Mongul attack. Everything is ruined, even the Batwing, despite the help of the KC Justice League. With no options left, KC Bruce goes for Lucius' untested and experimental flight suit. Angered by this attack, Superman fights back, punching David and sending them to a non populated area. He says that no one can hear him, even as he cries for help. But he's wrong. KC Superman flies in out of the blue and strikes Superman, making him bleed and tearing his suit. KC Superman is pissed, he believes Superman is attacking his friend, that he's an evil Kryptonian from outer space or Kandor. David doesn't help, lying about Superman's intentions, saying he's on a murder spree. Meanwhile, Batman, investigating the dead body, asks Superman what's going on, as he still has a bad feeling. Then, KC Batman flies in, attacking his alternate counterpart. KC Batman accuses Batman of being an imposter, a Clayface, a white Martian, even a masochist with a bat fetish. Batman obviously denies this, and the two clash. Thunderman attacks Superman, which KC Superman disagrees with, saying he can protect him. Getting an idea, Superman flies off to prove a point, KC Superman right after him. He leads them to a lead mine, and a chase truly begins. KC Superman says that he can still hear him, even if he can't see him. Superman replies that he's counting on that. Suddenly, a storm of bats rush in, hurting KC Superman's hearing. Superman asks Batman if David has returned, but Batman is busy fighting his counterpart, annoyed at the seeming lack of brain and patience from the people of this earth. The two are evenly matched, which is why KC Nightwing's surprise appearance is able to stop Batman from resisting. Only Batman suddenly busts out of the ropes and hits KC Batman with the ray gun from the fallen villain. Having now restrained his opposite, Batman explains that he and Superman are only here to see Thunderman, not to harm. Thunderman rushes in, however, claiming Batman is a stone cold killer. Just before Thunderman can hit Batman, however, Superman saves Batman and takes them to the Kent Farm of Earth-22. Batman wonders if this is the best place to regroup, even though Superman routinely goes there to think, but he explains that this world's Kents are dead. Furious at his counterpart's behavior, Superman lashes out at a tree, believing KC Superman to be a fraud. Batman, trying to calm his friend down, suggests they go back temporarily to their earth to strategize, but the Flash's return device is fried after Thunderman's attack. For now, they're stuck. And so, the duo decide to investigate. Batman asks Superman to follow David with his vision and see what's up. He sees David continue to lie to KC Superman and Batman, who are pondering what the full story is. David's lies are even worse than they thought, though: He's hiding both his origin and the multiverse from KC Batman and Superman. Suddenly, a tornado approaches. David begins talking as if to a god. Perhaps it is. For it is Gog, who has KC Superman, KC Batman, David and KC Nightwing kneeling before him. And not just him. Earth-22's entire hero roster it seems bows down to him. And they're targets are Superman and Batman...

  • Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #2 (November 21, 2023)
    Brian Buccellato, Christian Duce
    Issue two starts up where the first issue left off, with Superman confronting Godzilla. Picking himself off the floor inside of a nearby skyscraper, Superman discovers the hard way that Godzilla is strong. The Flash and the rest of the Justice League are already mobilizing to protect civilians and support Superman. Before Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern can reach Superman, they are contacted by Cyborg who provides a heads up. It seems that Godzilla is not the only threat. There are three other monsters, a giant crablike creature in Central City, a giant bat creature in Gotham, and a giant wooly mammoth creature in Themyscira. The heroes split up to confront the four threats. Hawkgirl is joining Superman in Metropolis. The Flash, Green Lantern, and Supergirl are going to Central City. Batman and Robin are already on their way in Gotham and are joined by Nightwing, Batgirl, Batwoman, Red Hood, Cyborg, and Black Canary. Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, and Wonder Girl (Cassie) are going to Themyscira. On their way, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow find an island that is not supposed to be there and Green Arrow stays to investigate. With the heroes mobilizing, it is time to check in on the Legion of Doom. Toyman seems to have wished the members back to the main earth and they find themselves split up across the world. Cheetah and Black Manta are in the Arctic base. Captain Cold and Grodd are in Central City. Giganta is in Metropolis, Toyman is missing, and Lex Luthor finds himself in Lexcorp tower. Cutting back to the four threats, the heroes are already engaging with the monsters. The Gotham team find a weakness, and minus Red Hood, work together to execute a plan to disable the giant bat. Meanwhile in Metropolis, the team is buying time for the city to evacuate, but Godzilla seems to be more than Superman and Hawkgirl can handle. Godzilla swats Hawkgirl away like a fly, but lucky for her, Shazam shows up in time to help. Superman then gets into a test of strength battle; heat vision versus atomic breath. Billy, trying to help, yells "Shazam" to call down the lighting of Zeus, but that of course renders him powerless. Superman is forced to help Billy, but this leaves him open to a Godzilla attack.

  • Steelworks #6 (November 28, 2023)
    Michael Dorn, Sami Basri and Vicente Cifuentes
    We pick up with Jon and Nat joining the fight against the Mecha. Lana shows up with her resurgent powers and buys them time to find a solution. The pair regroup with the Supers and discover that Genesis Energy affects young people differently than adults. Soon Silver Mist abandons the Mecha and joins the Superfamily. Together they formulate a plan of attack, Superman leads the charge while Silver Mist phases into the Mecha and steals the power source. Superman then throws the power source into the sun.

  • Titans: Beast World #1 (November 28, 2023)
    Tom Taylor, Ivan Reis
    The story starts with the Church of Eternity, the new Brother Blood, announcing that their explorers have reached the Titan moon in an effort to start finding alternative homes for humanity. They quickly discover a Tamaranean temple, and it is revealed that the Church of Eternity is not looking for a new planet to inhabit, but rather a power source for evil. The Titans boom to Titan and Starfire tells them the moon was originally built as a prison. A giant Necrostar is unleashed in the Solar System, heading to earth. All the heroes of earth gather together where Beast Boy timidly reveals his plan, much to the consternation of Batman. The plan involves Beast Boy transforming into thousands of small Jarros, he then attaches to each of the smaller Necrostars that have begun to take over peoples' minds. Through this Beast Boy then transform into a giant Starro, or Garro, and defeats the Necrostar. He is then in turn attacked by Dr. Hate at the behest of Amanda Waller. And that is where the story ends.

  • Superman '78: The Metal Curtain #2 (December 5, 2023)
    Robert Venditti, Gavin Guidry
    A fighter pilot detects something strange on his radar. We then cut to Lois and Superman in mid flight. Superman tells her to keep her eyes closed. When she opens them Superman reveals... the Fortress of Solitude! Lois is full of questions but before they get down to business he introduces Lois to his parents in Kandor. Clark is very nervous about all of this and Lara tells Jor -El how nervous she remembers he was when he introduced her to his parents. Meanwhile the pilot is attacked just as Clark is about to tell Lois he's Superman. He flies off to the rescue. He saves the pilot before the plane crashes into the water when suddenly he's attacked. He comes face to face with Metallo! Superman and Metallo throw down but Superman realizes that he's feeling weak. The pilot tries to help only for Metallo to toss him away with the flick of his wrist. After some pontificating about Mother Russia and how he is a true superman Metallo opens his armor to reveal the Kryptonite. Superman collapses and Metallo leaves him for dead.

  • Titans: Beast World Tour: Metropolis #1 (One Shot) (December 5, 2023)
    Nicole Maines and Steve Orlando/Dan Jurgens/Zipporah Smith and Joshua Williamson, Fico Ossio/Anthony Marques/Edward Galmon
    "Primal Pain" - This is a basic event tie-in story. An event monster attacks and Dreamer has to deal with it. The focus of this story is Dreamer trying to get control of her powers which have been elevated from the Lazarus Planet event. This is the least interesting of the three stories./"Turtle Boy" - This issue is Silver-age in style, with Jimmy turning into Turtle Boy. This Bibbo story is a fun spin on the event tie-in. We see Bibbo, Professor Hamilton, and Jimmy reacting to the circumstances resulting from the Beast World event. After Jimmy accidentally consumes a beast spore, he is transformed into Turtle Boy. The beast spores are attracted to beings with the most power. So Professor Hamilton knocks Jimmy unconscious and the spore jumps into Power Girl who is nearby./"Don't Stop" - This story starts with Lois preparing a pourover coffee in the Fortress of Solitude. While Lois and Kelex help Superman while also defending the Fortress of Solitude from infected invaders, the real goal of the story is to slow down the event allowing its characters the chance to react. We even see a text conversation on Lois' phone with Jimmy that allows us to see how the rest of the Daily Planet is reacting to the events as well. The secondary goal of the story is to tie-in upcoming events in the Superman books.

  • Superman: Lost #9 (December 12, 2023)
    Christopher Priest, Carlo Pagulayan and Dan Jurgens
    After Lois confronts Senator McMonigle about how he resigned because he wanted to protect his assistant, we follow Lex into a coffeehouse in disguise. He figured out how Lois has kept her cancer diagnosis from Clark. No matter how she's tried to protect Clark she can't save him. Not from Lex Luthor. Lois and Clark have it out about how she's been lying to him and how he in his head is still on planet Kansas and thinking about Hope. Lois talks Clark out of going after Lex and maybe they can get past all of this and be together again. Lois than goes to face off with Lex. She's figured out that his whole cancer scheme is a hoax and wants the antidote that will cure her. We than see Clark talking to his therapist. You see throughout this issue scenes of Superman killing Lex but now we learn they were just fantasies Clark was having about what he wished he could do to Lex. The therapist tells Clark it's normal to think this way about someone you hate. Clark tells him he doesn't hate Lex but the therapist doesn't buy it. Later Lois tells Clark about Lex's scheme and how she took the antidote and it's all over. They kiss and have a lovely moment. Which is then interrupted by none other then Bruce Wayne. He comes with some news. Before he can tell them Clark hears someone outside their window speaking in a familiar language. It's Hope! And she's pregnant!

  • DC's 'Twas The Mite Before Christmas #1 [One Shot] (December 12, 2023)
    Various Writers and Artists
    Various stories about different DC characters. The Superman story is "Streaks in the Sky" written by Michael W. Conrad with art by Gavin Guidry. Superman gets a suicidal man to help him as a way to help the man's mental health.

  • Titans: Beast World #2 (December 12, 2023)
    Tom Taylor, Ivan Reis
    Raven rescues Cyborg in space, he comes to in time to see the heroes of earth fighting the giant Garro. On earth, Animal Man is getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of new organisms enter the Red. Meanwhile, Nightwing and Batman are attempting to protect civilians. Here we have an incredible moment where Batman comforts a child while being mauled by beasts. It is such an incredible Batman moment, I don't want to say anything more about it. Nightwing catches the boy and then drops down to help Batman fight off the beasts. He starts conversing with Barbara who lets him know that this is happening all over the world, and that Kahndaq is burning. Starfire and Donna head over there to confront Lion Black Adam, the fight is short in this issue, and I am hoping it will continue in the next. While it rages on Waller if convincing the president to be give her executive powers to end the problem. That's where I will leave things for now.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #22 (December 19, 2023)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    At Gog's Saharan Citadel, Earth-22, Gog and Thunderman commend 22 Superman and Batman for their resistance to the "demons" that are our Superman and Batman. 22 Superman requests to bring the imposters to him, but Gog (who they treat as a god) reassures him that they will come soon enough, having sent pretty much every hero at them. Meanwhile, Batman and Superman fight all those heroes at the Kent Farm. Batman and Superman agree the only real plan against this is to regroup and retreat, but Zatanna imprisons them, letting Etrgian loose on the two. Batman attacks him and Superman (thanks to some magic loophole) breaks free of the chains. The entire group opens fire, with the world's finest trying to convince them to stop. But their pleas fall to deaf ears, even of heroes they've never met before. David appears and Superman begs him to stop but he cares not. With Green Lantern power rings and Firestorm using kryptonite gas, the two are stopped and taken to Gog for judgement. Gog explains to them who he is: He is Gog, bringer of eternal light, gifted with an opportunity to gift this world's heroes with ascension to glory. David keeps lying, and Gog sentences them to the catacombs, as he still values life. While 22 Superman tries to carry him to his prison, our Superman declares him a shame to the S shield, and that he raised David right (the latter still denying it all). 22 Batman however seems to be more open to listening, a glimmer of detecting in his eye. He volunteers to carry them himself, while 22 Superman can go fix the Kent farm. The prison has them all, from Angle Man to Zyklon. 22 Batman throws them into a cell and leaves, telling them to stop talking. Our Superman is done with taking orders, but our Batman explains they must play the long game. Suddenly, they notice their prison mate, and the pieces start clicking (like why Gog's throne seemed familiar). It is a man, hungry, but not for food, for knowledge. It;s Metron of the New Gods, whose Mobius Chair was taken by Gog. Meanwhile, David reveals that he is struggling with the lies, with the idea that his old friends and mentors will be stuck here forever, even if it is for a good cause. Gog gently reminds him of what could be lost, and they proceed with the mission. Giving him his ultimate form, Gog turns Thunderman into Magog. Metron explains Gog's story to Superman and Batman: Millenia ago, he lived on Urgrund, home of the Then-Gods, a paradise known as the Third World. A god war started, and Gog was the only one to take no sides, protesting the very idea. He was exiled, and Urgrund destroyed itself so thoroughly it split into two worlds: New Genesis and Apokolips. While the bloodthirsty warriors were granted entry to Valhalla, Gog himself was sentenced to hell for his peace, then descending onto primordial Earth, full of regret, pain, and a bit of madness. He and Metron presided over the birth of humanity, Gog caring for it greatly, instilling in them knowledge right and wrong. But then, he learned of New Genesis and Apokolips. Ten Thousand years of silence later, Gog found who he waited for: David. He demanded the mobius chair. Metron said no. He took it anyway. Meanwhile, 22 Batman explains to 22 Superman his suspicions. David's accusations and reactions too much to ignore, his origin without any evidence, his name known to those that should not know. The two go to the prison as allies to our Superman and Batman to talk to them of their suspicions. They heard the entire backstory, and let them go, granting them their weapons and uniforms back. While the two Supermen make peace, the two Batman discuss what to do about David. Metron reveals what the plan is: Gog will use David's dimension traversing powers and the chair to get through the multiverse, the speed force wall, the bleed, and wage all out war on Apokolips. Batman and Superman acknowledge it's hopeless. And that's exactly it. The ascension is a suicide mission for all of earth's heroes...

  • Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #3 (December 19, 2023)
    Brian Buccellato, Christian Duce
    Issue #2 ended with Superman saving a defenceless Billy Batson. Meanwhile, Buccellato leaves us hanging as to the fate of Superman. Issue #3 picks up in Central City as The Flash, Supergirl, and Green Lantern engage with a Cthulhu-esque monster that is attacking Iron Heights Prison. While an unnatural toxic fog seems to be affecting The Flash's powers. With the help of Supergirl, who uses her power to blow the fog away, The Flash is able to redirect his attention to the Rogues who are trying to escape from the destroyed prison. Green Lantern is forced to deal with the monster alone when Kara suddenly leaves because she cannot hear Kal's heartbeat. Cutting back to Metropolis, we see Godzilla standing over a bloody Superman, laying face down with Billy Batson leaning over him. With Hawkgirl still down, Atom Smasher comes to the aid of Billy and the defenceless Superman. Atom Smasher puts up a good fight and Godzilla defeats him as Billy is left watching. As Billy asks for help and shouts, "Get Superman out of here!," Hawkgirl swoops in and carries Superman away. Billy transforms back into Shazam with a double make that triple attacks, hitting Godzilla with his transformative lighting; and a punch, aided by a simultaneous punch from Supergirl. While Supergirl goes to the aid of Superman, Shazam leads Godzilla back to the sea. Cutting back to Central City, Green Lantern and The Flash are still fighting the Monster and the Rogues. Already barely able to keep up with the combination of the two, Captain Cold then comes to aid his fellow Rogues as he freezes a distracted Flash. However, Black Manta and Cheetah call off Captain Cold before he can finish off The Flash. With the Monsters dealing with the Justice League, the Legion of Doom is focused on finding Toyman and regrouping with the rest of the team. On Themyscira, Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) engage with the Wooly Mammoth-esque monster. But mysteriously, the animal seems to retreat on its own back into the sea. Back in Central City The Flash breaks out of Captain Cold's trap just in time to help free Green Lantern who has been trapped by the monster. The Flash, Green Lantern, and a returned Supergirl concentrate their attacks on the monster as it also retreats back to the sea. On Skull Island, Green Arrow has found not only Kong, but three more monsters. Responding to his request for backup, Supergirl shows up to help. In Gotham, Shazam regroups with Cyborg, Batman, Black Canary, and Batwoman. They realize that the monsters are not in retreat, but are responding to a high frequency beacon of an unknown source. Finally, we see that the source has been discovered and appears to be coming from the Chihuahuan Desert.

  • Titans: Beast World #3 (January 2, 2024)
    Tom Taylor, Lucas Meyer
    Starfire and Donna are fighting Black Adam and are quickly being overrun by the mini Garros. Oracle tells them to pull back, but instead Starfire unleashes a massive starburst that vaporizes every Garro around. Flash and Impulse then show up to help clear out civilians from Kahndaq, and Raven asks Donna to confront Garro in space. Meanwhile Dr. Clancy, Nightwing, and Oracle are at Titans Tower analyzing Batman. Dr. Clancy reveals she knows who Dick is while trying to convince him to let her check out his mauling injuries. During the conversation she confuses Bobo for one of the Beast People to which he astutely points out that unlike the other Beast People he is speaking and wears a hat. He then tells the trio that he has found a method to the seeming madness of the invasion. The invasion is trying to find the most powerful people on earth, as well as take out the infrastructure. The scene then shifts to a airliner coming down over Metropolis due to an attack from a flock of Bird People. The airliner is rescued by Power Girl who is in turn infected by the mini Garro, turning into a flaming Bird Person. She quickly rips through the plane and begins to wreak devastation until Jon shows up. Jon powers up to Blue Superman and takes Power Girl out of the area. We then return to Starfire's fight with Black Adam. Black Adam and sunken his teeth into Kori's shoulder, prompting her to piledrive him into the concrete. Her strength causes Black Adam to flee from the area in fear. Above the Earth, Donna has reached Raven who asks her to use the lasso of persuasion on Garro. Donna gains control of the giant starfish for a moment, but before we see why the scene shifts to Waller and Peacemaker arriving at Luthor's prison. Waller and Lex converse briefly, with Lex assuming Waller needs his brilliance. Waller confides that she only needs something that Lex stole from the Batcave and the issue ends.

  • Kneel Before Zod #1 (January 2, 2024)
    Joe Casey, Dan McDaid
    We pick up with Zod on New Kandor after the creation of the United Planets (as seen in Brian Michael Bendis' Superman run). Zod appears to be struggling to deal with his new role as leader of Jekuul, a primitive planet that he has been transforming into New Krypton. He is arguing with the ghost of Jor-El only to be brought to reality by the Eradicator who is the AI that is monitoring the planet. Also on the planet with Zod is his son and wife Ursa, who is pregnant with a second child. Zod's first born Lor believes his father to be losing touch and that he is unfit to be ruler of New Krypton. After challenging his father, Zod quickly reaffirms the power dynamic. As a result of the challenge, he banishes his spoiled son, leaving him to "the universe and all its cold emptiness". We are to pick up on Lor's story in the upcoming Sinister Sons book. Picking up a month later, Zod is still reflecting on what must be done. He has the planet, the bottled city of Kandor, and the technology to release them and fill the empty cities of New Krypton. Ursa is concerned for her son and wishes Zod would reconsider his exile. Before the conversation can go much further, the Eradicator informs Zod that an invasion force has bypassed the planet's security and is laying siege to the Jekuul, the primitive natives of New Krypton. These natives were "allowed" by Zod to continue living on the planet. Zod rushes to their aid to find Khunds, who believe the planet to be weak and without resistance. Zod, proving them wrong, kills the invaders without remorse. He is left pondering who could have led them to New Krypton along with the ability to get past the planet's security. Although we are not told what Zod is thinking, we are left to believe that Lor may be behind this attack. We find Zod has allowed one invader to survive, so he can torture out the truth behind this attack. The United Planet council contacts Zod after receiving reports of "Open Hostilities." Zod dismisses them stating it was nothing more than local trouble and not the concern of the United Planets. They respond that they will be monitoring further activity in his sector.

  • Superman '78: The Metal Curtain #3 (January 2, 2024)
    Robert Venditti, Gavin Guidry
    Superman is rescued after his fight with Metallo last issue. After having some bad dreams he wakes up on a navy destroyer where he comes face to face with General Sam Lane. After an intense conversation Superman flies back to the Fortress where he finds a sleeping Lois. When she wakes he tells her he met her father! Somwhere in the USSR Metallo gets chastised for engaging with Superman. Back at the Daily Planet a weakened Clark Kent is still having visions of his fight with Metallo and his kryptonite heart. At a meeting with Perry, Lois tells him she has a source that told her about a flying man in an armored suit. Perry assumes her source is Superman. But it's not. Meanwhile someone steals a copy of the Daily Planet from a news vendor. It's none other than Lex Luthor who is very angry at the Russians.

  • Titans: Beast World #4 (January 9, 2024)
    Tom Taylor, Lucas Meyer
    Peacemaker extracts Chester Runk from a hostile environment by killing his children turned beasts. Chester expresses displeasure for this by and starts to create a blackhole to get his revenge, but is subsequently knocked out by Peacemaker. Meanwhile in Ivy Town, Giganta is confronted by the beasts and turns into her giant self. The beasts then infect her, turning her into a giant bear, and yes it is as cool as it sounds. The bear rampages through Ivy Town until Jon Kent and the Teen Titans arrive. After a brief fight, Jon goes blue and carries her into the sky. When she is far enough away, Cyborg booms her to a separate location where she falls unconscious, all of this is coordinated by Nightwing. The media, as prompted by Waller, begins to blame the superheroes for the destruction and demanding the immediate execution of Garro before more innocents are hurt. During the fallout of the Ivy Town rampage, Luthor shows Waller his Watchtower teleporter. While Dr. Hate distracts Raven, Chester is teleported to Garro and creates a black hole, sucking himself in and killing Garro in the process.

  • Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #4 (January 16, 2024)
    Brian Buccellato, Christian Duce and Tom Derenick
    In issue #3, it is revealed that Lex Luthor responded first to the beacon that has control over the monsters. With the beacon now off, the Justice League decides the best play is to find Toyman. Batman has deduced that Toyman has the Dreamstone and that the Dreamstone is responsible for bringing the monsters to their Earth. Superman is still recovering and the fate of Atom Smasher is unknown. Supergirl has found that Kong is not a threat and leaves Green Arrow on Skull Island to attend to Superman. Suddenly, Green Arrow discovers he is not alone after all and is surrounded by the League of Assassins, who apparently have interest in the island. Hal Jordan brings Lois to the Fortress of Solitude where Superman is under stasis. Lois has found Clark's engagement ring and asks Clark to get better so he can propose to her. Lois stays with Clark as Green Lantern, Flash, and Wonder Woman respond to a distress call from Aquaman. The Rogues and the Legion of Doom continue to look for Toyman before plotting their next steps. After Lex Luthor discovered the beacon and reviewed the footage of the monsters, he understands that Godzilla cannot be controlled. Taking what he has learned about the monsters, Luthor adapts a Lexcorp project to create a "Mechanized Titan '' to defeat both the Justice League and Godzilla if needed. The threat to Atlantis is a serpent-esque monster and the help of the Justice League is not enough to hold it back. To make matters worse, Godzilla has arrived and is engaging the monster in combat. Fearing for the safety of Atlantis, Aquaman releases the Kraken. The issue ends with Green Arrow as he discovers a giant skull on a ship off the coast of Skull Island.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #23 (January 16, 2024)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    In Gog's Saharan Citadel, Earth-22, Gog explains to Magog that his name means gateway, and that it was he that got him to decide to stop preventing humanity from discovering the multiverse, thanks to his unique transdimensional energy, the key to the grand ascension. Gog asks a seemingly hesitant Magog to gather their "flock", but then, Superman, Batman, Earth-22 Superman and Earth-22 Batman arrive, ready to stop him. The Batmen charge through the window, carrying Magog with them, initiating "Divide and Conquer". Both Supermen then order Gog to stand down, lest he answer to what he did to their friends and David. Gog strikes, tired of their ingratitude. Magog also fights back, trying to get the Batmen to see that Gog is going to make them all immortal, to lift them up. The Supermen counter, stating that Darkseid is unimaginably more powerful than all of them, asking Gog why he would lead earth's heroes on a suicide mission. Gog replies that it is to earn what he was unjustly denied long ago: To die in noble combat and finally go to Valhalla. David meanwhile tries to fight back the Batmen, who keep on insisting that he can be forgiven and come home, saying they know he is hesitant over the plan. Batman tells David that Superman thought of him as a son, that he thought he could be a great hero, was a good person. David's resolve loosens as Batman reminds him that Superman never lies. The Supermen ask why Gog is only doing this to one earth and he explains that it was a multiverse cataclysm that destroyed his people. Gog truly believes that he is leading these people to heaven. Earth-22 Superman retorts, saying that to him they might seem like fleeting sparks, but their fate is their own to decide. Gog decides to kill him first, but then Magog and the other heroes charge in, ready to stop him. Gog cares not, telling them to attack, as his plan is about to commence anyway. While the other heroes battle Gog, Batman picks Superman up from the rubble and ponders if perhaps Gog has the anti-life equation, and that's how he has managed to manipulate all of them. The stakes are now universal. With this realization, Batman tells both Superman that this is a job for them, and to fight like never before. And so, they do, sending Gog crashing down, blood spraying. With the mad god defeated, Superman tells David it's okay, as he apologizes, and the heroes clean up... Except they don't. Darkseid is here...

  • Superman: Lost #10 (January 16, 2024)
    Christopher Priest, Carlo Pagulayan and Jose Luis
    Lois interviews Senator McMonigle. We than flashback to Hope talking to Victor. The sun on his planet is a red giant approaching giant nova. Even if Superman returns he'd have no power to help. Hope broods then finds an old hairbrush. In the present Hope hovers over Lois and Clark's apartment. Clark and Hope converse. She was able to find Earth by follow the telemetry of Clark's journey from Victor's planet. Her ring has recorded her journey to Earth. She can now bring back help. And... she's pregnant. Bruce Wayne is following a live feed from Kasnia. A separatist faction is attacking. Superman flies off. With swiftness Superman stops the attack. For now. He gives an inspirational speech. Hope and Lois try to communicate. It seems the child she carries is Clark's. Luthor applauds Superman's speech. After Luthor's gloating Superman proudly tells him that Lois beat him. On returning to the apartment Clark finds the Justice League waiting. He doesn't want to return but Lois tells him even without his powers he can still give the people of Victor's planet hope. They discuss how Hope's people reproduce. Hope used a hair follicle to get pregnant. Later, after Lois finishes her article clearing Senator McMonigle, she awakens to find Clark back in the apartment. He doesn't seem to remember his time on Victor's planet. Lois remembers Clark mentioning Adam Strange's thoughts on time travel. Clark tells her how he encountered the Contrectatio who were able to send him home. We then find an older Superman talking with the floating form of Old Superman, who he encountered previously. He explains his adventures saving Victor's planet. He mentions the misinterpretation Hope had with Lois. The hair follicle Hope used was not Clark's but Szhemi's. Hope's child will be a beacon of hope for Victor's planet. Superman entombs Old Superman with a recording of all that has happened, including how Hope used her power ring to help Clark get home using time travel so he would get to the point of the Contrectatio being able to send him home without knowledge of everything that happened over the last twenty years. While Lois is confused as to what happened eventually it won't matter. Lois has her husband back. The two fly off hoping to begin a new future.

  • Titans: Beast World #5 (January 23, 2024)
    Tom Taylor, Ivan Reis and Eduardo Pansica
    The story picks up with the aftermath of the death of Gar. Raven reveals that she saw someone with the Helm of Chaos involved in the attack and will be seeking revenge. We then switch to a press conference at the White House, where the president describes the heroic efforts of Waller’s Bureau of Sovereignty. Waller then addresses the press, describing the heroic efforts of Chester Runk in defeating Gar and saving the world. She then divulges that they will begin rounding up and exterminating the humans who were turned into beasts, in order to defend the public. The Titans observe the press conference, it becomes too much for Raven who leaves. Donna follows Raven to the sky above the complex where Raven confides in her that she wishes to kill those involved. She acknowledges that this desire is part of the darkness trapped in her stone, but also states that she must live up to Gar’s example of selflessness. Inside the Titans observe the beginnings of Waller’s plan to exterminate the beasts. They decide they must confront Waller, and in the event she can not be stopped, Cyborg will have to hack into the military drones being used to perpetrate the atrocities, and shut them down. Dick, Raven, and Wally leave to enter Waller’s bunker. Dick confronts Peacemaker and Waller, quickly dispatching of the former. When it is evident that Waller will not relent, he gives the go ahead to Cyborg. This thrills Waller, as it aids her in her campaign against the meta humans. At this point, Raven bursts into the room, prepared to murder Waller. In the midst of her rage, Doctor Hate enters the room, revealing herself to be the dark form of Raven.

  • Titans: Beast World #6 (January 30, 2024)
    Tom Taylor; Ivan Reis, Lucas Meyer, Eduardo Pansica
    We pick up this issue with the conflict between Doctor Hate and Raven. Here it is revealed that Doctor Hate was a piece of Raven that broke off after fighting a demon in Nightwing 104. Raven then sends Nightwing away to better focus on her new enemy. Dick travels back to the tower where Detective Chimp asks him if he is ready to share his plan. Dick says they need to get Superman. Annoyingly, for me, it isn't Superman that comes, its Jon. I think it is time that Jon received his own superhero name, given his relationship with Dick it would be cool for him to become Flamebird. Then they could have a team up book, Nightwing and Flamebird. When Jon arrives, Dick releases Batman towards him, the Garro spore leaves Batman to attack Jon, reverting the monster back to Bruce, Batman then grabs the spore and kills it. Bruce and Dick reconnect and discuss their new plan for saving the world. They gather the strongest heroes to act as bait to draw the spores out to destroy them and revert the victims back into humans. Cyborg points out that they may have become targets of the military themselves, to which Babs states that Dick and Donna have a plan. Dick goes to the President and offers to reveal his secret identity as a sign of trust. The President stops him and during the conversation Dick reveals that Donna has saved the First Lady. The President then agrees to contact the other world leaders and give the Titans his support in aiding those that have been transformed. In Gotham City, Sergeant Steel is confronting beasts, when he learns that the drones were compromised, he orders his troops to fire on the beasts. Jon intercepts the fire and draws the spores to himself to kill them and free the people. As the supers are travelling the world acting as bait, Dick gives Donna a dossier on how to take down every super in the field and a chromium kryptonite armour to fight in, just in case they get turned. As the story changes Cyborg states that only Donna has the will to overcome anyone else... Every Green Lantern would like a word with Cyborg about that statement, not too mention Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and so many other heroes who routinely have shown that their iron will is their greatest asset. Hyperbolic statements like that really urk me, it is such an easy fix too, Vic could simply have said, "after all our time together Donna, there's no one I would trust more..." Easy fix, no need to power scale will power. Donna then beats Clark and Kara to Power Girl to save her. We then jump back to Raven where she is shown fighting Dark Raven. They discover that the spores still contain the essence of Gar's mind in them, and as the supers destroy the spores they are slowly killing the last part of Gar himself. Raven contacts all the heroes with this new knowledge and they adjust their plans. Jon and the supers quickly lure the spores to containment within Titans Tower. Meanwhile the battle turns against Raven, as she is being defeated by Dark Raven, Starfire rips the Helm of Chaos off of her, and Wally sprints away with it, destroying it in a volcano. With the Helm off, Raven and Dark Raven face off again, this time in a fair fight. Meanwhile the supers gather outside Titans Tower, Raven returns, having recaptured Dark Raven in her gem, and the heroes watch as the remaining spores reunite into Gar. But, though he has physically reformed, his mind was splintered too heavily and too many spores were destroyed for him to have the consciousness of Gar. Waller then holds a press conference where she decries the Titans as too dangerous and christens the Hall of Justice as the new Hall of Order. In the wrap up, Bobo confides in Cyborg that their may be a way to save Gar. They gather the arm he lost pushing the initial invader across the universe and through this appendage, Gar is restored.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest 2024 Annual #1 (January 30, 2024)
    Mark Waid, Cullen Bunn, Dennis Culver, Stephanie Williams, Christopher Cantwell; Edwin Galmon, Travis Mercer, Rosi Kampe, Jorge Fornes
    Mr. Mxyzpitlk tries to rally the other mites (Bat-Mite, and ones who adore Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Arrow, Aquaman, Metamorpho, Black Canary and The Flash), only for the deadly threat he tried to warn about to come anyway, a horde of villain mites and a mysterious foe hell bent on destroying the real heroes. Mxy and Mite escape to warn Superman and Batman.../Shortly after the battle of Newmazo, Metamorpho is sent by Simon Staggs to Markovia, to find the mythical hammer of vulcan. Enduring the volcano's many traps and reminiscing about his father, whose relationship with him grew distant thanks to their many differences, Rex Mason ends up finding exactly that, his father trying to gain the hammer. After a speech about how Sapphire may not choose Rex over her father, father Mason ends up getting the hammer from Rex willingly, Metamorpho wondering where his love will end up.../Before Karen Beecher was Bumblebee of the teen titans, she accomplished her first mission, exposing a corrupt subsidiary of Stagg Enterprises with a prototype Bumblebee costume, and freeing her community of their terror./The Challengers of the Unknown reflect on what they mean as they stop their dimension from merging with another.

  • Kneel Before Zod #2 (February 6, 2024)
    Joe Casey, Dan McDaid
    The issue picks up with Zod and Ursa torturing the survivor from the Khund attack on New Krypton. Zod shows no mercy for his captive captured while laying siege to the planet. Ursa, who is physically conducting the torture, is enjoying herself. During the torture it is freely revealed that the Khunds want a secret weapon of Zod's. It is also revealed that they were only a recon unit and a force meant to overwhelm is already on its way. In response to the force Zod is mobilizing both manufactured drones and mind controlled drones. The mind controlled drones are made by making genetic modifications to the native Jekuul (New Krypton) population which forces them to act as one for the will of Zod. Targeting all population centers on the planet, the force that arrives at New Krypton are rogue Khunds. Zod is not willing to respond by using his secret weapon; to the dismay of Ursa. Her response is to attack Zod for what she perceives is weakness. She reminds him that he is a conqueror, a leader, and sends him to take command of his troops. Afterwards, we see Zod leading his troops, but what is the full story? Has Zod lost the ambition that his son Lor and now Ursla, question?

  • Superman '78: The Metal Curtain #4 (February 6, 2024)
    Robert Venditti, Gavin Guidry
    Metallo crash lands in Metropolis looking for Superman. After Clark sees Metallo threatening him and the people of Metropolis the fight is on. It's a big throw down between the two. Superman gets the advantage. Then Metallo gets the advantage. The people of Metropolis look on as the fight gets real. Lois, watching the action on TV, seems to think something isn't right with Superman. Suddenly Superman hears a voice in his ear. It's Lex who tells him that Metallo is wearing his armor. He tells Superman of a fail safe he put into the armor. Superman finds the switch and Metallo's suit powers down. Superman gets in one final punch. Metallo takes off. Lex says it's time he and Superman have a chat. Superman agrees.

  • Sinister Sons #1 (February 13, 2024)
    Peter J. Tomasi, David Lafuente
    The story starts off with Sinson unveiling his plan to escape from Xela and go to Koragar to join his "father" Sinestro. He is creating never before seen weapons that will make everyone tremble. Part of his escape plan is building himself a ship, but before he can build this ship, he needs money, and lots of it. And so, he is devising a crew of orphans like himself, to steal anything he needs, and manipulating them for his own gain. Lor-Zod, who was banished from New Krypton by his father, is looking for a planet of his own to rule. He has decided to make Xela that planet. Lor lands his ship not far from Sinson, who believes 'why steal what I need to make a ship, when I can steal Lor's ship'. Having done his research Lor knows exactly who rules the planet and where to find them. He does just that and shows through force, who is now in charge of Xela. Lor is told by the pirates in charge that there is also a small armed force that they do not control. Lor states that all will pledge their fealty and all will kneel before... but before he can finish someone (Sinson) takes off with his ship. The issue closes with Lor-Zod and Sinson confronting one another.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #24 (February 20, 2024)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    DARKSEID is. The two Supermen, knowing what this means, immediately warn the rest to run and that they will do what they can. Meanwhile, Batman warns David to run too, stating that keeping DARKSEID away from Gog is all that matters and that only the Supermen can. DARKSEID of course takes the Supermen down with one omega beam strike, then gets attacked by the 22-Flash, despite Batman's protests. DARKSEID deflects him without looking and quietly asks for what he desires. Batman tries to get others to go, but 22-Shazam gets struck, and 22-Wonder Woman and 22-Green Lantern seemingly get killed by the chillingly calm lord of Apokolips. The two Batmen try to hold some sort of protective wall, but also get struck away easily, as David watches in horror. Rising to the sky, DARKSEID seemingly has won, as he begins to extract Gog's piece of the Anti-Life equation. David cannot watch any longer. He challenges DARKSEID, who laughs off his insane plea. But David has an ace in the hole: He kills Gog. As the heroes stare in shock, DARKSEID… Leaves. He cares not for David's "victory", knowing that when they meet again, he will be the victor. He will just have to wait for another day. Unfortunately, David's "victory" truly is hollow. The Supermen and Batmen chide him, stating that there were other options, that he had taken the easy way, that he is a weapon, not a hero. Furious, David walks off, perhaps now truly Magog. Superman, pissed, turns on 22-Superman, accusing him of failing at his job once more. Batman tries to calm him down, reminding him this isn't their future. Suddenly, The Spectre appears. He offers to take Superman and Batman home, but Clark demands to know what happens to David. Spectre recounts to him the events of Kingdom Come. Batman explains to Superman that it isn't his fault after all, that every world needs a Superman. And suddenly, they are in the future, post Kingdom Come, and a broken David lies at a grave, lamenting his guilt. Superman offers him a loving pep talk and a hug, telling him to do better because he truly can, and David tearfully vows he will. And he does, leading a new Justice League to the future.

  • Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #5 (February 20, 2024)
    Brian Buccellato, Christian Duce and Tom Derenick
    In this world at least, Lois has a working relationship with Mercy Graves. This issue starts off with Lois trying to persuade Mercy into helping. Mercy shares information on Godzilla and the monsters that Lex has captured from Monarch in their world. Also after being missing for most of the last issue, Supergirl is at the Fortress of Solitude with Lois. Supergirl reveals that Superman, who is still out of commission, is not dead, but he is dying. Picking up from the last issue in Atlantis, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern are with Aquaman and Mera as they try to protect Atlantis from one of the monsters and Godzilla. The Kraken was released to help draw the monsters away from Atlantis. Meanwhile, Flash is looking for the beacon that has drawn the monsters to Atlantis in the first place. Wonder Woman and Green Lantern do what they can to protect the city from being destroyed. The story then cuts to the South Pacific Ocean aboard the cargo ship with Green Arrow and the giant skull. Green Arrow is not alone though, as he is found by the League of Assassins. After doing everything he can, he is forced to create a diversion and escape the ship into the open waters of the Pacific Ocean. As Cyborg and Batman discuss strategy, Batman and the Titans are constructing something large that can help them against the monsters. Supergirl has returned to Skull Island to find Green Arrow missing and Gorilla Grodd with an army of gorilla warriors at the gate. Looking to control Kong, Grodd's mind powers fail him. Instead, he settles to control Supergirl who he then uses to knock Kong out. The Legion of Doom who is still looking for Toyman, keeps coming up empty handed as they only left to assume that Toyman just disappeared. Batman and Cyborg have been trying to get a hold of Shazam who has gone silent since Superman's infirmity. They finally get in contact with Shazam but a little too late as he has turned on their orders. Shazam has arrived at the Legion of Doom arctic headquarters in an attempt to defeat the whole group by himself or die trying. Cutting back to Atlantis, Green Lantern is using his ring to plug a hole in the cracking dome of Atlantis while Mera and her team work to fix the damage made by the rampaging monsters. Feeling exhausted and alone, Hal is joined just in time by John Steward, Guy Gardner, Simon Baz, and Jessica Cruz who help fix the destruction. The story ends with Lex finishing and plugging into his Mechagodzilla and with Ra's al Ghul greeting the arrival of the giant skull.

  • Kneel Before Zod #3 (March 5, 2024)
    Joe Casey, Dan McDaid
    The Khunds full scale attack started with an assault on multiple fronts. With the support of his robotic as well as mentally controlled drones, Zod is leading the front line on many of those fronts. Meanwhile, Ursa guards the city. Zod and Ursa are in touch by comms and Zod is able to coordinate the battle where he is needed with the help of the Eradicator AI. The natives of Jekuul are no match for a race of warriors like the Khunds, but they and their warships are no match for Zod. As Zod and Ursa tear apart the Khund invasion force, the Khund high command, while frustrated, has a plan. Knowing that New Krypton has two yellow suns that power their Kryptonian enemies, they have a weapon that can give them an advantage. The chem-eclipse device is a system of multiple missiles that can target and affect the molecular structure of any star. The downside of the weapon is that its effects can be unpredictable; most likely it depends on the power of the star on how the effects will last. After firing the weapon into one of the two suns, the effects are felt immediately, turning the yellow sun red. Zod and Ursa not only lose their powers, they are weakened and the Khunds take advantage. After inflicting heavy damage on Zod, short of killing him, the effects from the chem-eclipse device began to wear off. With the Kryptonians recovering, the Khund high command signals the retreat. Humiliated, the Khunds re-show their power by launching bombs with the hope of inflicting some final damage. Still not fully recovered from his beating, Zod endures the full brunt of the retreating attack. The combination of not being fully powered yet and the final attack, slows him down even more. Now heavily damaged, Zod with the help of the Eradicator, work to find his wife, but does he find her too late?

  • Superman '78: The Metal Curtain #5 (March 5, 2024)
    Robert Venditti, Gavin Guidry
    In the California Desert Sam Lane waits impatiently for his daughter and Superman to arrive. After a little chit chat Lex Luthor arrives with a girl on each arm emerging from a limo. They have a rather tense discussion about Lex selling his armor to the Soviets. He says the armor is virtually indestructible and with the Russians using it as a Superman killer they all better start learning how to speak Russian! Meanwhile back in the U.S.S.R. Captain Nikolaev and Morosov argue. Nikolaev feels a fool after nearly being beaten by Superman. After some tense words (and a slap across Nikolaev's face) Morosov sets down the rules. They must face the enemy with truth and honor. Superman decides the only thing for him to do is take his chances and fly directly to Moscow. Nikolaev, against orders, puts on the armor. It's now Metallo vs Superman. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #25 (March 19, 2024)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    Some years ago, in Gotham City, Superman and Batman team up to stop another Joker scheme. Superman expresses astonishment at Batman's ability to handle The Joker. However, handing him to Arkham is a costly mistake, as it turns out that a familiar foe of Superman's is interested in the Clown Prince of Crime: Lex Luthor. Lex has a good reason to hire Joker: He has found a century old manuscript that details the location of a magical artifact of unspeakable power, but anyone who tries to decipher it turns mad. In other words, what better tool than the maddest of them all? Lex isn't dumb, however. He straps an explosive collar on Joker. If Joker co-operates, he gets a cut of the treasure. But if he doesn't, he's dead. Joker insists that he and Lex are similar, even going so far as to shave his head bald. Lex isn't amused, to say the least. The two head off, and things get crazier and crazier. A passage through a wall, a train that shouldn't exist, and an absurdist landscape within. Meanwhile, Joker asks why Lex hates Superman. Lex explains: To him, Superman makes also-rans of everyone, an alien making rules for a species not his own. Joker compares it to his problem with Batman: He is the chaotic artist to the stifling status quo upholder that is the Dark Knight. Lex mocks him slightly, and Joker blows up on him, stating that he hates people like him and Batman, as all he wants is to get his joy, whether it's to get Batman to break his rules, or something totally random. After that, the two continue, seemingly towards a test of character that drove the writer of the manuscript to suicide.They reach a secret cavern with many doors, statues, and clear traces of magic. As Joker leads them through a few accidental doors (one containing Jonah Hex), Lex loses his patience. But finally, they find it: The Heart of Eternium, at the Rock of Eternity (home of the wizard Shazam). The challenge to be worthy of the treasure is to pass a creature, who claims that the secret that drives men to death is that no one will ever be worthy. Lex is almost eaten alive, but Joker manages to take the monster down with his umbrella (that he borrowed from The Penguin). Finally, Lex holds the heart, seemingly about to get his dream world: A dead Superman. But Joker then shocks Lex, having threatened his men to break him out of the collar. Taking the heart, Joker shows Lex what world he wants. Even the greatest evil mind in the world is horrified beyond belief by the darkness in Joker's brain. Reluctantly, he shatters the heart, anything to stop The Joker's dream world. And so, Joker is put back in Arkham, and Lex Luthor stares at his adversary from behind his building's glass window, feeling worse than ever. After all, for once, it really was Lex Luthor who had saved the world.

  • Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #6 (March 19, 2024)
    Brian Buccellato, Christian Duce and Tom Derenick
    It has been ten days since the arrival of the monsters from the Monsterverse. The story starts with a recap as the Justice League and members of the Bat Family assess the situation and develop a game plan. As the heroes are mobilizing, Lois awakes to find Superman missing! The Legion of Doom's numbers have grown, as countless villains are devouring the opportune chance to conquer the Justice League. Three of the monsters are converging on Metropolis. As a result, Lex has called the Legion of Doom to Metropolis to support him in a battle against the Justice League. Lex is certain that he can control the monsters with the MechaGodzilla. The monsters and MechaGodzilla are assembling at Centennial Park. They are met by Batman who has a mech suit of his own and the rest of the Justice League. As MechaBatman engages with MechaGodzilla, Aquaman and Hawkgirl take on Tiamat (the dragon-esque monster). Meanwhile, Wonder Woman, and Wonder Girl (Donna) take on Behemoth (the wooly mammoth-esque monster), leaving the spider-crab-esque monster to the Green Lanterns who build their own mech suits. Air support also comes in from two Bat Family planes that of course also transforms into robots. The battle gets even crazier as Grodd arrives with a mind controlled Supergirl and Kong. The Green Lantern coordinated mech attacks Kong who defeats them forcing them to break their mech construct. Jumping out of nowhere, Grood kills a distracted Guy Gardner, breaking his back. Before Grodd and the rest of Legion can finish off the Green Lanterns, Aquaman jumps in, backed up by the rest of heroes, including the Bat family and the Titans. While many of the heroes are engaged with the Legion, still mind controlled, Supergirl and Kong are fighting their allies. Kong attacks MechaBatman, who is saved by a transformed Beast Boy. Caught gloating, Beast Boy is knocked unconscious by Supergirl. With Grodd distracted, Green Arrow tries to knock off his headgear that is helping him control Supergirl. While Green Arrow misses, his attack is followed up by one of the Bat Planes, successfully knocking off Grodds headgear which wakes up Supergirl and Kong. This happens not a moment too soon because the League of Assassins along with the lizard-esque creatures from Skull Island, are with them. The story ends with Superman back in action, confronting Godzilla who is still trapped on the Ocean's floor.

  • APE-ril Special #1 [One Shot] (March 19, 2024)
    John Layman, Joshua Hale Fialkov and Gene Luen Yang; Karl Mostert, Phil Hester and Bernard Chang
    "Plan of the Apes" - Grodd is imprisoned. The law of the jungle says someone has to fill the void. Monsieur Mallah claims to be the one to do so. He recruits Silverback, Ultra-Humanite, Jackanapes and Titano. While they're not sure at first, they are convinced by his words of trickery. What his plan is yet unknown, but he is reading from the Monkeynomicon, so it's probably bad. Meanwhile, Sam Simeron, primate detective, tries to figure out why a dozen monies are missing from Bludhaven zoo. Plus a pair of missing chimps and some missing lab monkeys. As it turns out, Detective Chimp is also investigating the case, or well, a connected case, of missing circus monkeys. The Monkey Prince confirms this to the two, explaining that Monsieur Mallah is behind this. The trio agree to find him (after Monkey Prince explains his arm was taken by Mallah, to showcase how strong he is), with Chimp assuring that Mallah is tough but beatable. Only for Titano to show up and start beating up the heroes. Chimp "runs away" (in actual fact to get Gleek and Beppo to help), while Monkey Prince and Sam barely hold back the Legion of Do(oo-oo-ah-ah)m. However, now armed with Gleek and Beppo, the heroes can fight back, as the JLA (Jungle League of America). For a while, at least. But the enemies get stronger and stronger, thanks to Mallah's Monkeynomicon. Sam tails him and discovers to his horror that the innocent monkey's are being chopped off of their arms, to create delicately crafted Monkey's Paw wishes. Sam puts his dukes up, ready to go out in honor. But his friends arrive in the nick of time, as well as the rest of the villains, who are furious at Mallah's betrayal of ape kind, and beat him up, sending him back to Simian Island for punishment. The day is saved, and Sam Simian resumes his life as a private eye./"Detective Chimp in Detour" - A man is forced to kill his driver. At least, he thinks so. Then he drives Detective Chimp into town during a storm. Paranoia leads to him blurting it out to Bobo, who calmly talks the man into giving himself in. Because it's what he does./"Monkey Prince in Call to Arms" - The Monkey Prince stops Ultra-Humanite and Eekgor from using his cloned torn arm to inflict chaos. As it turns out, Ultra-Humanite is Monkey Prince's grandfather, and the two share a strange relationship.

  • Kneel Before Zod #4 (April 2, 2024)
    Joe Casey, Dan McDaid
    With the war over, the pain of loss and the resulting revenge begins. The story starts with Zod performing the Kryptonian transcendence ritual, placing Ursa on a Kryptonian pyre and setting it ablaze. Zod's next act is to attend to the bottled city of Kandor. Zod, promising that he will see them again, launches the city into space, just like Kal-El was launched from Krypton many years before. Zod's next act is to attend to the Eradicator AI and initiate the omega protocols. Internally, Zod is still fighting with Jor-El, as Jor-El questions these acts of desperation. Regardless, the Eradicator AI continues its protocols as Zod flies to a safe distance from the planet to watch it implode. Zod is not done. His next act is to re-engage with the retreating Kund fleet in space. He flies through the Kund transport, confronting its commander. Destroying the helm of the ship and much more, Zod demands to know why he targeted New Krypton and his knowledge of the weapon being built. The Kund commander smugly replies that they learned of the weapon and the planet's weak defenses from a Kryptonian youngling, Lor-Zod. Further angered, Zod continues his destruction to the engine room targeting the white dwarf engines. This act destroys both the ship and heavily damages Zod himself, who is left drifting in the cold of space.

  • Superman '78: The Metal Curtain #6 (April 2, 2024)
    Robert Venditti, Gavin Guidry
    Superman and Metallo have a final throw down. The people of Russia begin to see that Metallo may not be the hero he thinks he is. The destruction he causes in Moscow and his disregard for his people begin to turn them toward Superman. After a girl gets injured during the fight it's Superman who comforts her. No matter what Metallo throws at him Superman gives it right back. But he also tries reasoning with him. With the help of that little girl Metallo realizes that his mission is meaningless. The government has been lying to him this whole time. Feeling he has no other choice after all he's done Metallo flies high into the sky and self destructs. After the government calls Metallo a disgrace, a traitor, Superman says the people who witnessed the fight will always remember the sacrifice Captain Maxim Nikolaev (Metallo) has made. Superman flies off with the people of Moscow cheering and chanting his name. Back in Metropolis the Daily Planet staff, not being able to contact Moscow, are worried about Superman. Clark walks in apologizing for being out with a cold. After being dismissed because he had the sniffles Clark leaves to take some medicine. Suddenly Jimmy takes a picture outside Perry's window. They turn to see Superman floating outside the window safe and sound. Back in Moscow the young girl Superman helped runs through the street with a makeshift Superman shirt and cape while bystanders smile.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #26 (April 16, 2024)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite go to the Batcave and warn Superman, Batman and Robin of a terrible thing coming that attacked their other mite friends.After Superman explains to Robin who Mxyzptlk is, and the team learn that villain worshiping imps are the cause of the crisis, they get calls from Flash and Green Lantern about Kadabra and Sinestro having obtained their own imps. They head out to deal with the mayhem (a pissed off Batman with scared Mxy and Robin in tow, Superman with a mournful Bat-Mite). Coast City is in ruins, Hal Jordan is torn apart, and Sinestro and Sin-Mite seem virtually unstoppable. Team Batman rushes to save the Emerald Knight, who is alive but badly concussed. Mxy decides to level the playing field by giving his powerless allies abilities. Batman rejects, but Robin excitedly takes the offer up and uses Superman esque powers to battle Sinestro and Sin-Mite. Meanwhile, in Central City, Kadabra forces the citizens to clap over and over as he and his imp torture Flash with swords. Team Superman tries to fight back, but the magic is too powerful, especially for Superman, who's weak to it of course. Kadabra decides to make them disappear. While Robin handles Sinestro, Batman and Mxy interrogate Sin-Mite, who reveals that earth's heroes are being tested by a being that mortals are incapable of speaking his name. He wishes only to face the greatest hero of all time, but so far, is not impressed. Superman and Bat-Mite are struggling. Bat-Mite suggests they run away with Flash, but Superman insists on not leaving Kadabra free. Bat-Mite isn't sure what to do, however, until Superman proposes he build him a magic resistant armor, similar to the lead glass kryptonite resistant suit. The suit looks mostly like Batman because of course it does. Superman fights back against a desperate Kadabra. Robin beats Sinestro with a might punch, but the boy wonder can't handle the overstimulation of Superman's powers, and Mxy takes them back (after Batman suspects foul play). While they try to figure out who's being targeted next, Bat-Mite poofs Kadabra back to the future, which annoys Superman a tad. He tries to explain to Bat-Mite that Batman's life full of high stakes requires an asset more than a fanboy, but it doesn't seem to get through. The duo decide to head to Metropolis with the Dynamic Duo. Meanwhile, a mysterious foe constructs more Imps in the Fifth Dimension and muses on who he will eventually battle. In Metropolis, Jimmy and Lois manage to summon the team, as Parasite and Paras-Mite drain everything, including said team. However, Parasite is so strong that he sucks out the third dimension out of the World's Finest, plastering them on a wall as 2-D. Bat-Mite finally realizes that this isn't fun and games, but is it too late?

  • Kneel Before Zod #5 (May 7, 2024)
    Joe Casey, Dan McDaid
    Zod remembers his father's tough love lessons and the kindness of Jor-El. But this is a dream flashback that quickly turns into a nightmare as we are back in Zod's head, waking up a monster due to his destruction of the Khund ship's white dwarf engine at the end of the last issue. Zod finds himself strapped to a medical table, still physically deformed but with his powers making their way back. Zod coldly destroys the whole security team and crew before even asking anyone questions; a primal move like that of a wounded animal. All that remains is an attending robot that provides Zod with their location and shares the cargo manifest, a catalog of the inmates aboard. Zod learns that he is aboard a Kaffarian prison ship that salvaged the unconscious Zod from the cold of space. Zod snatches this opportunity and frees the ship's prisoners. Immediately, he takes control over the inmates, demanding their servitude, and establishing his new army, the Legion of Zod.

  • Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #7 [Final Issue] (May 21, 2024)
    Brian Buccellato, Christian Duce and Tom Derenick
    This final issue starts 10 minutes before the ending of issue #6, where we saw Superman confronting Godzilla. Still in the Justice League watchtower, Lois Lane tries to reach members of the Justice League because Clark is missing. Yet before she gets a response, she gets her answer as Superman suddenly appears before her, radiating with the power of the sun. Clark explains that Cyborg and Batman rigged the Watchtower's teleporter into a boom tube and sent him to the sun. This allowed Superman's cells to recharge and then some. Before joining the fight against the monsters and the Legion of Doom, he finishes his question from the first issue, asking Lois to marry him. As expected, she accepts and then fills Superman in with what has happened since he was unconscious. From there, the story switches to Dethstroke and Cheetah, who are still looking for Toyman and the Dreamstone. They are able to find Toyman, only he is at the bottom of a giant footprint, and their real interest, the Dreamstone, is missing. Meanwhile, the battle is still going on. Now free from Grodd's control, Kong is taking on the Skullcrawlers. Batman, in his mech suit, takes on Mechagodzilla. In their transformed Batwings, the Bat-Family is taking on the other monsters. Meanwhile, the rest of the Justice League and Earth heroes take on the Legion of Doom. The Green Lanterns are still hurting from the loss of Guy Gardner, especially Hal Jordan. Jessica Cruz revives Beast Boy, who again transforms into a giant gorilla to aid Kong. John must remind Hal of his duty, forced to leave the lifeless Guy, and the Green Lanterns to reconstruct their MechaLantern and rejoin the battle. Superman, using the information that Lois received from Mercy Graves, knows where Billy is and that he is unguarded as the full force of the Legion of Doom is in Metropolis, engaged in the battle with the Justice League. Freeing Billy, Shazam goes to the aid of the rest of the Justice League. Now we are caught up with where issue #6 left off with Superman confronting Godzilla. Godzilla, still identifying Superman as a threat, resumes his assault on him. Superman realizes that harnessing Godzilla is the only way to enlist his help. Back in Metropolis, the allies are not doing well, but the tide turns as Kong receives Guy's ring, becoming a giant construct with the powers of a Green Lantern. Working with Shazam, Wonder Girl, and Supergirl, Wonder Woman executes a strategy to disarm Lex and MechaGodzilla, and MechaBatman finishes him. Superman shows up with Godzilla in tow. Godzilla sees the real threat in the Skullcrawlers and works with Superman and Kong to finish off the rest of them. Using the Dreamstone, Superman returns Godzilla, Kong, and the rest of the monsters to their universe. Superman found the Dreamstone still attached to Godzilla's foot after stepping on it and Toyman. And the story ends where it started, with Lois and Clark discussing their future over a picnic in the park.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #27 (May 21, 2024)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora and Travis Mercer
    Mr. Mxyzptlk wakes Bat-Mite up and recaps to him what's going on: The villains have their own mites, and they just got beaten up by Paras-Mite, all for some greater aster who wants to find the ultimate champion to battle to the death (something Cheetah's imp also informs Wonder Woman, who just showed up now that Superman, Batman and Robin are incapacitated). Wonder Woman is then electrocuted and taken down. Lois wants to do something, but as Jimmy says, all they can really do is report and call for help, while the cavalry (The Metal Men) try and do something. Unfortunately, Chemo also has an imp, and they can absolutely deal with robots whose powers you can't steal. More heroes get summoned to the fray: Aquaman by Black Manta and his imp, Green Arrow by Merlyn and his imp, Firestorm by Killer Frost and her imp. Bat-Mite desperately wants to help his heroes, but Mxy tells him they should run off, that it's a lost cause. Bat-Mite refuses to give up, and does rescue Robin, but at his own peril, as now he's trapped as graffiti on the wall (a nice reference to his animated self in that old Adam West led cartoon). Supergirl demands Mxy answer to this, but as he explains, he can't possibly talk them down. Robin offers himself up again, but Mxy denies. He'd need an army of heroes. Suddenly, he gets an idea, and points at Jimmy Olsen. Meanwhile, trapped in 2-D, Superman, Batman and Bat-Mite try to find a way out, which Bat-Mite does eventually, blowing himself up and pulling them back into the 3-D world. Or did he? Now they're trapped somewhere all together different: The 6th dimension, where all time exists all at once, as Superman explains (having interviewed a scientist about this once). This is also where the impkiller is from, so Bat-Mite proposes they investigate, trying to be legitimately helpful (something Superman points out to Batman, the latter quite coldly half acknowledging it). Quickly, all 3 use logic to figure out that the impkiller can't be the best of all time in this dimension, and so needs to move to lower ones, and that background just might clue them in, as Batman explains. Back in our dimension, Mxy's plan comes to fruition: Jimmy's had many weird transformations. They could all be lurking in his subconscious. Mxy lets them free, thus creating: The Olsen Squad (featuring Turtle Boy Jimmy, Wolfman Jimmy, Firebird Jimmy, Human Ocotpus Jimmy, Porcupine Jimmy, Elastic Lad Jimmy and Human flame thrower Jimmy). The Olsen Squad starts off great, taking Chemo, Black Manta, Cheetah and Meryln down, while Mxy takes care of the imps and Robin handles Killer Frost. Elastic Lad and Human Octopus then team up to destroy Zha-Vam, saving Supergirl. Mxy is impressed, and congratulates Olsen genuinely, only to realize that him doing all the heavy lifting meant that now the mastermind sees Jimmy Olsen as his challenger!

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