Superman Comics Index (1938-1986)


  • Superman #367 (January)
    "The Revengers Strike Back!" - Superman's Revenge on the Revengers - Part 2 of 3. Backup story: The Fabulous World of Krypton: . . . And Not a Drop to Drink
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Frank Chiaramonte
    While Batman and Green Lantern cover for Clark, the Revengers grow suspicious of Vlatuu until he defeats the Proto-Superman making him the next assassin. Superman tells Morgan a tale of Kryptonians who needed to change their ways.

  • DC Comics Presents #41 (January)
    The Terrible Tinseltown Treasure-Trap Treachery!
    Matin Pasko; Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez & Frank McLaughlin
    Perry White becomes a hostage, when a criminal partnership between the Prankster and the Joker falls apart. Superman must work with the Joker to find Perry and then stop both the Joker and the Prankster.

  • Action Comics #527 (January)
    "Sorcery over Stonehenge!" - Backup story: Air Wave & Aquaman: Air Wave under the Waves!
    Marv Wolfman; Curt Swan & Frank Chiaramonte
    Superman is forced to enter a battle against husband and wife sorcerers from the future, who are seeking a magical stone thrown into the past that can grant ultimate power.

  • The Phantom Zone #1 (January)
    "The Haunting of Charlie Kweskill!" - Four Issue Limited Series. Descriptions given of most Zone prisoners and their crimes.
    Steve Gerber; Gene Colan & Tony De Zuniga
    Charlie Kweskill was Quex-Ul, a Kryptonian wrongfully sent to the Phantom Zone, released by Superman. He lost his memories and powers to gold kryptonite and now controlled by the Zone criminals released them and imprisoned himself and Superman.

  • Superman #368 (February)
    "The Revenger of Steel!" - Superman's Revenge on the Revengers - Part 3 of 3. Backup story: Superman 2020: "Deadly New Year- -2021!"
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Frank Chiaramonte
    The Revengers use a hypnotic control to make Superman destroy himself, but Lois snaps him out of it and he imprisons them on their world. Superman III stops the Purists from using a plague to kill millions on New Years Eve..

  • DC Comics Presents #42 (February)
    "The Specter of War!" - Backup story: Whatever Happened to the Sandman?
    Paul Levitz; Irv Novick & Frank McLaughlin
    The Unknown Soldier provides Superman with information and assistance in stopping a renegade army major intent on starting a nuclear war for the purpose of ruling the post atomic war world.

  • Action Comics #528 (February)
    Star-Kill! - The Universe Killer - Part 1 of 3. Backupstory: Aquaman: "Land-Masters of the Sea!"
    Marv Wolfman; Curt Swan & Frank Chiaramonte
    Superman and the reformed Brainiac team up to stop a device that can destroy Earth and the universe. Superman falls to Earth after it hits him, leaving Brainiac to wonder where he went. Morgan Edge plans to sell the Daily Planet.

  • The Phantom Zone #2 (February)
    Earth Under Siege! - Four Issue Limited Series.
    Steve Gerber; Gene Colan & Tony De Zuniga
    The Phantom Zoners prompt a nuclear exchange that is stopped by Wonder Woman and Supergirl. The Justice League, Supergirl and Green Lantern are neutralized, while Mon-El shows Superman a possible way out of the Zone.

  • Superman #369 (March)
    Superman's Last Christmas!
    Cary Bates; Rich Buckler & Frank McLaughlin
    The already difficult Christmas season is made even tougher for Superman, when the parasite attacks Superman directly and uses subterfuge to get a government agent to work against Clark Kent.

  • DC Comics Presents #43 (March)
    In Final Battle
    Paul Levitz; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Mongul takes control of the Sun-Eater and captures Superman with the intent of destroying the Earth and killing Superman. Jimmy signals the Legion of Super-Heroes, who help save the day.

  • Action Comics #529 (March)
    I Have Two Eyes, But I Cannot See! - The Universe Killer - Part 2 of 3. Backupstory: Aquaman: "Death if by Land . . . Death if by Sea!"
    Marv Wolfman; Curt Swan & Dan Adkins
    Superman suffers memory loss and an inability to see disasters caused by the World Killer. Brainiac heals him. To stop the World Killer, Superman is restores Brainiac's original evil programming, but will it work?.

  • The Phantom Zone #3 (March)
    The Terror Beyond Twilight! - Four Issue Limited Series.
    Steve Gerber; Gene Colan & Tony De Zuniga
    While Supergirl and Batman fight to survive against the Kryptonians, Superman and Charlie search for a way out of the Zone. Zod begins construction of a device to send all Earth into the Zone.

  • Superman #370 (April)
    Better Living Through Chemo-stry! - Kandor Lives - Part 1 of . Backup story: Superman: The In-Between Years: Super-Visions from Beyond
    Len Wein; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    After defeating a Chemo that merged with a disgruntled auto worker, Superman returns to find a model of Kandor inhabited. Tommy's nightmare alerts Superboy to a danger to Tommy's parents in Vietnam,

  • DC Comics Presents #44 (April)
    "The Man who Created Villains!"
    Bob Rozakis & E. Nelson Bridwell; Irv Novick & Frank McLaughlin
    When Clark and Jimmy are sent to Fairfax to investigate the heroes there, Superman helps the Hero-Dialers save Chris from a mistake and rescues them and Jimmy from the Master DNA cloner.

  • Action Comics #530 (April)
    Fantastic Deadly Voyage! - The Universe Killer - Part 3 of 3. Backupstory: Aquaman: Home . . . Home on the Waves!
    Marv Wolfman; Curt Swan & Dan Adkins
    The Planet-Eater absorbs the evil Brainiac allowing him to take control of this unstoppable device. Superman defeats Brainiac by encasing him in the planet forming within the Planet-Eater and freeing the new world.

  • The Phantom Zone #4 (April)
    The Phantom Planet! - Four Issue Limited Series.
    Steve Gerber; Gene Colan & Tony De Zuniga
    Charlie gives his life to help Superman escape. Jer-Em, Az-Rel and Nadira destroy themselves, while Superman, Supergirl, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern return the other villains to the Zone.

  • Superman #371 (May)
    Kandor Lives Again! - Kandor Lives - Part 2 of 2. Backup story: The Private Life of Clark Kent: "Mind over Money!"
    Len Wein; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Small sized humans have escaped a doomed planet and come to Earth, but germs require them to take up residence in Superman's bottle model of Kandor. Clark temporarily creates money at will due to exposure to violet solar radiation.

  • DC Comics Presents #45 (May)
    The Chaos Network
    Gerry Conway; Richard Buckler & Bob Smith
    When a traitor trying to escape from Superman is struck by lightening, Kriss-Kross is born with the power to control technology. To clear Prof. Stein, Firestorm seeks Superman's help and both defeat Kriss-Kross.

  • Action Comics #531 (May)
    The Devil . . . . . . And the Daily Planet! - Backup story: The Atom: No Time Off for Heroes!
    Marv Wolfman; Joe Staton & Frank McLaughlin
    The staff of the Daily Planet is trapped in the basement of the building, when ghosts begin to appear. The Ghost of a deceased employee convinces Morgan Edge not to sell the paper to a tabloid publisher.

  • Superman #372 (June)
    Superman's Histroy-Changing Mission! - Backup story: Superman 2021: "Kidnappers in the Sky!"
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Frank Chiaramonte
    Superman manages to reunite a scientist with his children that were believed to be deceased. Superman III comes to the aid of Jimmy Olsen and his grandchildren.

  • DC Comics Presents #46 (June)
    The Wizard Who Wouldn't Stay Dead!
    E. Nelson Bridwell; Alex Saviuk & Pablo Marcos
    When Dr. Mist reveals a plan by an group of international black magicians to revive an ancient wizard, Superman teams up with the Global Guardians to stop them.

  • Action Comics #532 (June)
    H.I.V.E. and Go Seek! - The H.I.V.E. Plot - Part 1 of 2. Backup story: The Atom: "Carnaval of Catastrophe!"
    Marv Wolfman; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Lois infiltrates H.I.V.E. and almost kills Superman, but uncovers a plot to attack a reactor. However, they have been misled and the real plot involves the takeover of Metropolis and the assassination of Lois.

  • Superman #373 (July)
    Lana Lang's Farewell to Earth! - The Lana & Vartox Affair - Part 1 of 3. Backup story: The Private Life of Clark Kent: An Eye (and Ear) on the World!
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    A mysterious entity gives Lana the ability to go with Vartox to Tynola, but her farewell to Clark puts Vartox in a jealous rage. Clark makes a cameo appearance on his cousin's soap opera.

  • DC Comics Presents #47 (July)
    "From Eternia- -With Death! - Backup story: Whatever Happened to Sandy, the Golden Boy?
    Paul Kupperberg; Curt Swan & Mike DeCarlo
    When Skeletor attacks castle Grayskull, Superman is pulles through a dimensional rift to Eternia. Superman joins forces with He-Man to stop Skeletor.

  • Action Comics #533 (July)
    Trackdown! - The H.I.V.E. Plot - Part 2 of 2. Backup story: The Atom & Air Wave: "Ground Zero- -Where?"
    Marv Wolfman; Curt Swan & Frank Chiaramonte
    H.I.V.E. orbits stolen nuclear waste to blackmail the Earth's government. Superman uses solar winds to neutralize it, while Lois stops a H.I.V.E. assassin.

  • Notable Issue: Superman/Wonder Woman: Computer Masters of Metropolis (July)
    Paul Kupperberg, Curt Swan, Frank Chiaramonte
    Radio Shack Giveaway. Lex Luthor attempts to wreck the Metropolis World's Fair but Superman, Wonder Woman, and the TRS-80 Computer Whiz Kids team to stop him.

  • Superman #374 (August)
    "Love is Deadlier . . . The Second Time Around!" - The Lana & Vartox Affair - Part 2 of 3. Backup story: Superman: The In-Between Years: Pete Ross' Crowning Achievement!
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Dan Adkins
    A ghost from Vartox's past has found a way to control him and intends to use him to destroy Superman, Lana and himself. Pete Ross helps Prof. Lang retrieve a stolen artifact.

  • DC Comics Presents #48 (August)
    "Eight Arms of Conquest!" - Backup story: Whatever Happened to the Black Pirate and Son?
    Dan Mishkin & Gary Cohn; Irv Novick & Frank McLaughlin
    Alien originated octopi begin re-evolving and are intent on controlling the seas. Superman and Aquaman join forces to stop them and find them a new home on another planet.

  • Action Comics #534 (August)
    "Two for the Death of One!" - The Satanis Split Superman - Part 1 of 8. Backup story: Air Wave: "Air Wave's Close Encounter!"
    Marv Wolfman; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Superman is pulled by Satanis into the 14 century, where he is to be a filter for the runestone's power. Syrene attemps to steal toe magic's power from Superman's body, but the result is two Supermen.

  • Superman #375 (September)
    The Stoning of Lana Lang - The Lana & Vartox Affair - Part 3 of 3. Backup story: The Fabulous World of Krypton: "Last 'Scoop' on Krypton!"
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Dan Adkins
    Syreena cause Vartox to change Lana to stone. She cures her with her own life, but removes her protective aura ending her ability to go with Vartox. A reporter follows Jor-El at Krypton's end.

  • DC Comics Presents #49 (September)
    Superman & Shazam!
    Roy Thomas & Paul Kupperberg; Rick Buckler & John Calnan
    A chain of events results in Black Adam arriving on Earth-1 with plans of conquest. Superman teams with Billy Batson and Captain Marvel to stop him.

  • Action Comics #535 (September)
    Enter- -The Omega Men! - The Satanis Split Superman - Part 2 of 8. Backup story: Air Wave: "The Saucer's Apprentice!"
    Marv Wolfman; Joe Staton & Pablo Marcos
    One of the split Supermen is returned to the present in a weakened condition, where he is injured by the Mole. The Omega Men assist, but the Mole succeeds in kidnapping the injured Superman.

  • Superman #376 (October)
    "The Ozone-Master Comes Calling!" - Backup story: Supergirl
    Elliot S! Maggin; Curt Swan & Dan Adkins
    Perry White is near death following an attack by the Ozone-Master, but the use of one of his super-cigars gives him time to heal and super powers to assist Superman. Supergirl decides to start a new life in Chicago.

  • DC Comics Presents #50 (October)
    "When You Wish Upon A Planetoid!"
    Dan Mishkin & Gary Cohn; Curt Swan & Kurt Shaffenberger
    An off handed thought by Superman, while on a mission is space, results in his being split into Superman and Clark Kent. They must then work together to stop the Atomic Skull and rejoin.

  • Action Comics #536 (October)
    Battle Beneath the Earth! - The Satanis Split Superman - Part 3 of 8. Backup story: Aquaman: "I Talk to the Seas, but They Don't Listen to Me!"
    Marv Wolfman & Paul Kupperberg; Joe Staton & Sal Trapani
    The mole plans to auction the right to kill the weakened Superman to the highest bidder, but Lois recruits the Omega Men and Cave Carson to stage a rescue.

  • Superman #377 (November)
    "Terra Times Two!"
    Paul Kupperberg; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Terra-Man discovers another Terra-Man on an Earth that uses magic instead of science and lures Superman there to destroy him. Superman uses magic to defeat both Terra-Men and returns home.

  • DC Comics Presents #51 (November)
    Rendezvous with Death
    Dan Mishkin; Alex Saviuk & Frank McLaughlin
    On a trip to the past the Atom sees Superman killed by aliens. Superman,Atom & Prof. Hyatt return to the past where they stop aliens after Var-El, Superman's Great Grandfather. Var-El secretly returns to the present.

  • Action Comics #537 (November)
    . . . Half a Superman! - The Satanis Split Superman - Part 4 of 8. Backup story: Aquaman: Something Fishy!
    Mike W. Barr & Marv Wolfman; Irv Novick & John Calnan
    When Superman tries to return to the past Satanis stops him. Having learned of Superman's weakened state the Jackhammer attacks, while the other Superman is held by Syrene.

  • Superman #378 (December)
    The Man Who Saved the Future!
    Paul Kupperberg; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Superman battles Colonel Future, who has been using advanced technology to steal scientific items. Future is attempting to stop the destruction of the Earth that he has foreseen in a vision.

  • DC Comics Presents #52 (December)
    "Negative Woman Goes Berserk!"
    Paul Kupperberg; Keith Giffen & Sal Trapani
    Superman must help the New Doom Patrol restrain the berserk Negative Woman before she destroys Metropolis and he must also apprehend Ambush Bug for the District Attorney's murder.

  • Action Comics #538 (December)
    "The Measure of a Superman!" - The Satanis Split Superman - Part 5 of 8. Backup story: Aquaman: "Mera, Mera, On the Wave- -Who's the One You've Got to Save?"
    Mike W. Barr & Marv Wolfman; Irv Novick & John Calnan
    Superman is helped by memories of Pa Kent to overcome his fear of Jackhammer. Jackhammer is defeated by Superman with help from a crowd of Metropolis citizens.

  • DC Comics Presents #1 (Annual)
    Crisis on Three Earths!
    Marv Wolfman; Rich Buckler & Dave Hunt
    Following the defeat of the Lex Luthors of Earth-1 and Earth-2 by there opposite Supermen, they enlist the aid of Utraman in a plot to take over Earth-3 and destroy Earth-1 and Earth-2.

Superman Comics Index (1938-1986)


Ultimately we would like to be able to list for you the entire run of Superman comics from 1938 through to 1986, an era of comics encompassing the Golden Age, through the Silver Age and up to the 1986 revamp. At this point in time we only have a list of the Superman and related comics from 1976 through to 1986. A listing of the regular Superman titles before the John Byrne 1986 mini-series The Man of Steel that revamped the storyline used in the comics. For accuracy almost every entry is based upon actually looking in the issue, and not memory or another source.

This listing is done in the order for when a comicbook issue was published. Remember, the month dates are from the issue covers, not the actual date when the comic was on sale.

Where possible, the Writer, Penciller and Inker for each issue is listed under the Comic's Title and Date.

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