Superman Comics Index (1938-1986)


  • Superman #379 (January)
    "The Bizarro-Buster is Loose!"
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Bizarro #1 seeks Superman's help when a creature causes his fellow Bizarros to disintegrate. The creature turns out to be a defense devised by Bizarro Luthor to stop an alien invasion.

  • DC Comics Presents #53 (January)
    "The Haunting Dooms of Halloween!"
    Dan Mishkin; Curt Swan & Tony DeZuniga
    Mxyzptlk kidnaps Lois and hijacks the House of Mystery to torment Superman on Halloween.

  • Action Comics #539 (January)
    Past Imperfect! - The Satanis Split Superman - Part 6 of 8. Backup story: Aquaman: Help! I'm a Prisoner in my Own Body!
    Marv Wolfman; Gil Kane
    When Syrene drains the magical power from the half of Superman in the past, both he and Clark Kent, who is in the present, die. Satanis takes control of Superman's body to battle Syrene.

  • Superman #380 (February)
    "A Mind-Switch in Time!" - The Superman-Boy - Part 1 of 3.
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    A freak accident while traveling through time results in Superman switching minds with Superboy. A man with the power to absorb negative emotions plots against the people of Metropolis.

  • DC Comics Presents #54 (February)
    The Price of Progress
    Paul Kupperberg; Don Newton & Dan Adkins
    An experiment attempting to harness "Z" rays from outer space goes wrong creating deadly smog across the country and a smog-creature. Superman, Green Arrow and Black Canary team up to put a stop to it.

  • Action Comics #540 (February)
    World Enough and Time - The Satanis Split Superman - Part 7 of 8. Backup story: Aquaman: Water-War One
    Marv Wolfman; Gil Kane
    Clark awakens just as his autopsy is about to begin and discovers a way into the past by seeking Rip Hunter's help. Satanis joined with Superman appears to destroy Syrene.

  • Superman #381 (March)
    "Whose Super-Life is it Anyway?" - The Superman-Boy - Part 2 of 3.
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Superboy ignores Lois and unsuccessfully tried to rekindle his relationship with Lana. Euphor uses emotional energies to arm those with grudges against Superman with super powers and Lois winds up one of the attackers.

  • DC Comics Presents #55 (March)
    "The Parasite's Power Ploys!"
    Bob Rozakis; Alex Saviuk & Pablo Marcos
    After leaning that the original Air Wave unknowingly saved Superman's powers years before, Superman pays his son a visit. Air Wave and Superman work together to stop the Parasite from stealing their powers.

  • Action Comics #541 (March)
    "Once Again- -Superman" - The Satanis Split Superman - Part 8 of 8.
    Marv Wolfman; Gil Kane
    Superman evicts Satanis from his body and the two half battle Satanis. Superman defeats Superman and is made whole. Lana shows her affections for Clark upon his return.

  • Superman #382 (April)
    "Where Trouble Goes- -Euphor Follows" - The Superman-Boy - Part 3 of 3.
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Superboy rescues Lois, devises a plan that allows him to switch back minds with Superman. Euphor takes control of the City and Superman defeats him by overloading him with super negative energy.

  • DC Comics Presents #56 (April)
    "Death in a Dark Dimension!"
    Paul Kupperberg; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Superman and Power Girl are taken into another dimension by a god-like entity seeking a combat challenge. Superman tricks him into battling and destroying himself, creating a new dimension of madness that Superman and Power Girl seal.

  • Action Comics #542 (April)
    "Savage Awakening!"
    Marv Wolfman; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Lois goes to the Middle East, after leaving Superman. Vandal Savage returns from Eath-2 with a group of Superman robots. Savage provokes Superman into destroying them as - Part of a plot to turn public opinion against him.

  • Superman #383 (May)
    "Your World or Your Life Superman- -One Must Die!"
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    An ancient robot wakes to stop a threat to all life on Earth. That threat turns out to be Superman, after he is bath in radiation bu the Superman Revenge Squad. Lois arrives in the Middle East and Steve's job is on the line.

  • DC Comics Presents #57 (May)
    Days of Future Past!
    Dan Mishkin & Gary Cohn; Alex Saviuk & Frank McLaughlin
    A soldier, who is - Part of an experiment to survive a in a post nuclear war world, created a fantasy world of monsters and atomic knights. Unknowingly he starts to create situations that may cause an actual war and Superman must stop him.

  • Action Comics #543 (May)
    "Within These Hands . . . Power!"
    Marv Wolfman; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    After Lois finds the Middle east on the brink of war, she disagrees with Superman's lack of involvement in political matters. Savage uses a paroled Neutron to mislead Superman into taking unwarranted action to foster a negative public view of Superman.

  • Superman #384 (June)
    "Steve Lombard- -Down, Out, and Dead?"
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Steve is fired and Superman must save him from his former college roommate, who has developed a belt that harnesses the power of both the sun and Superman. Lois is missing and Lana is sent to cover her story in the Mid-East.

  • DC Comics Presents #58 (June)
    The Deadly Touch of the Intangibles!
    Mike W. Barr; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    The Intangibles invade a charity circus to attract Superman and copy his powers to use as a weapon. Robin and the Elongated Man help Superman put a stop to their Hollywood crime spree.

  • Action Comics #544 (June)
    Luthor Unleashed! - The New Luthor - Part 1 of 3.
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Murphy Anderson
    On Lexor, planet orbiting a red sun where Lex is regarded as a hero, he finds he has a son. When a sun screened Superman arrives, Lex uses an ancient alien battle suit and accidentaly triggers a reaction that destroys the planet and his family.

  • Action Comics #544 (June)
    Rebirth! - The New Brainiac - Part 1 of 3.
    Marv Wolfman; Gil Kane
    Brainiac creates a supernova to escape his imprisonment, but he is dissipated into a black hole and to the beginning of time. He reappears in a new form, enslaves a planet and uses a red sun weapon to remove Superman's powers.

  • Superman #385 (July)
    "Luthor Rises Again!" - The New Luthor - Part 2 of 3.
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Lex constructs an island base from a large piece of Lexor's remains and recruits a gang. While doubting Lex's demise, Superman responds to emergencies and begins seeing visions of Luthor in various locations.

  • DC Comics Presents #59 (July)
    Ambush Bug II or . . . Just When You Thought it was Safe to Start Reading DC Comics Presents Again!
    Keith Giffen & Paul Levitz; Keith Giffen & Kurt Schaffenberger
    When Ambush Bug hitches a ride with Superman into the 30th Century, Superman must team up with the inept Legion of Substitute Heroes taking the place of the absent Legion of Super-Heroes.

  • Action Comics #545 (July)
    . . . With But a Single Step! - The New Brainiac - Part 2 of 3.
    Marv Wolfman; Gil Kane
    Superman is studied in detail by Brainiac, but escapes before he can be killed. As the forgotten heroes unite to face an unknown threat, Brainiac builds an army to defeat Superman, before his vision of Superman destroying him can come true.

  • Superman #386 (August)
    "Luthor Lashes Back!" - The New Luthor - Part 3 of 3.
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Luthor attacks Superman, demonstrating the full power of his warsuit and escapes with a vow to take revenge on Superman and Earth. Lois ends her relationship with Superman, Perry seeks marriage counseling and Lana gets Lois' Mid-East exclusive.

  • DC Comics Presents #60 (August)
    Battle for the Universe
    Cary Burkett; Irv Novick & Tony DeZuniga
    When Weaon-Master steals the power from the Green Lantern Power Battery on OA and take control of the Corps, the Guardians seek Superman's help. Superman and a Guardian team up to defeat the Weapon-Master and free the Corps and the power.

  • Action Comics #546 (August)
    Showdown! - The New Brainiac - Part 3 of 3.
    Marv Wolfman; Gil Kane
    Brainiac attacks Earth and Superman, the Justice League and the Teen Titans join forces to stop him. Superman defeats him, but Brainiac escapes. Lois sees Lana's interview and blames Superman for costing her the scope.

  • Superman #387 (September)
    "The Conqueror from the Past!" - Alexander Returns - Part 1 of 2.
    Paul Kupperberg & Bob Rozakis; Curt Swan & Vince Colletta
    The Planeteer, who claims he is Alexander the Great reincarnate, kidnaps a group of world leaders from a peace conference. Superman appears to discover a way to track him and rescues four leaders, but the Planeteer claims it is - Part of his plan.

  • DC Comics Presents #61 (September)
    The Once-and-Future War!
    Len Wein; George Perez, Pablo Marcos & Rick Hoberg
    An assassin droid is sent back to kill an ancestor of OMAC, but OMAC pursues him to the present. Superman joins forces to stop the mechanical killer.

  • Action Comics #547 (September)
    "The Reincarnation of Alexander the Great!" - Alexander Returns - Part 2 of 2.
    Paul Kupperberg & Bob Rozakis; Curt Swan, Vince Colletta & Pablo Marcos
    Superman rescues the remaining imprisoned world leaders, but unknowingly gives the Planeteer enormous magnetic powers. Superman defeats him by tricking him into battling at the North Pole, where his powers disappear.

  • Superman #388 (October)
    "The Kid who played Superman!"
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    A boy who is a Superman fan needs his hero to rescue him from aliens only he can see. Lois attacks Lana and accepts the end of her relationship with Superman, while Justin Moore plans to move on Lois.

  • DC Comics Presents #62 (October)
    Born on the Fourth of July
    Bob Rozakis & Dan Mishkin; Irv Novick & Dave Hunt
    The Freedom Fighters from Earth-X arrive on Earth-1 to stop a Nazi group, who plans to destroy America's Sprit and take over. Superman responds to many disasters resulting from America's weakened spirit.

  • Action Comics #548 (October)
    "Escape from the Phantom Zone!" - Crime and Kryptonians - Part 1 of 2.
    Cary Bates; Alex Saviuk, Vince Colletta & Pablo Marco
    While aliens in search of Kryptonians investigate the remains of Argo City, General Zod and three villains escape from the Phantom Zone. Clark investigates an anti-crime patrol and finds them with Kryptonian technology.

  • Superman #389 (November)
    "Brother Act!'
    Cary Bates & Paul Kupperberg; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Superman must help save Clark's foster brother, who has been framed as a traitor and is to be used as an assassin. Perry's marriage falls apart and Vartox is trapped in a comet.

  • DC Comics Presents #63 (November)
    "Worlds to Conquer!"
    Dan Mishkin & Gary Cohn; Alex Saviuk, Ernie Colon, Bob Smith & Gary Martin
    Superman travels to the magical world of Gemworld with Princess Amethyst to destroy a Kryptonite gem that possesses magical powers.

  • Action Comics #549 (November)
    Superman Meets the Zod Squad! - Crime and Kryptonians - Part 2 of 2.
    Cary Bates; Alex Saviuk, Vince Colletta & Pablo Marco
    When the enslavers of ancient Krypton approach Earth, Zod reveals that he and his people are sworn to assist Superman in defeating the Vrangs. They defeat the Vrangs and the Zod and Faora are returned to the Zone.

  • Notable Issue: Supergirl #13 (November)
    Echoes of Times Gone By
    Paul Kupperberg; Carmine Infantino & Bob Oksner
    Supergirl explains to Superman that his Fortess of Solitude has been damaged due to a battle she fought there against miniature clones of herself. She also reveals her new costume.

  • Superman #390 (December)
    "Lost on a Comet!" - Lana the Wanted - Part 1 of 3.
    Cary Bates & Elliot Maggin; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Vartox arrives on Earth with slight memory loss and begins the fantasize about killing Superman after learning Clark and Lana are together. A stalker is after Lana.

  • DC Comics Presents #64 (December)
    "May You Live in Interesting Times!"
    Mark Evanier; Alex Saviuk & Frank McLaughlin
    An experiment to look into the future goes wrong and brings areas of the future into the present. Superman must team with the last boy on Earth's future to stop the experiment and restore the timeline.

  • Action Comics #550 (December)
    "The Day the Earth Exploded"
    E. Nelson Bridwell & Bob Rozakis; George Tuska & Sal Trapani
    An immortal race hid objects on Earth's one continent millions of years ago. Superman must help them find them today or they will recombine Earth's continents and destroy the Earth to find the objects.

Superman Comics Index (1938-1986)


Ultimately we would like to be able to list for you the entire run of Superman comics from 1938 through to 1986, an era of comics encompassing the Golden Age, through the Silver Age and up to the 1986 revamp. At this point in time we only have a list of the Superman and related comics from 1976 through to 1986. A listing of the regular Superman titles before the John Byrne 1986 mini-series The Man of Steel that revamped the storyline used in the comics. For accuracy almost every entry is based upon actually looking in the issue, and not memory or another source.

This listing is done in the order for when a comicbook issue was published. Remember, the month dates are from the issue covers, not the actual date when the comic was on sale.

Where possible, the Writer, Penciller and Inker for each issue is listed under the Comic's Title and Date.

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