Superman Comics Index (1938-1986)


  • Superman #415 (January)
    Supergirl: Bride of- -X? - Special Crisis Cross-Over
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Al Williamson
    Superman discovers that during a bout of amnesia, Supergirl married an alien hero. Now Superman must join with him to stop a robotic menace that threatens Earth.

  • DC Comics Presents #89 (January)
    "Metroplois Was't Built in a Day or Was It?"
    Bob Rozakis & Todd Klein; Alex Saviuk & Ricardo Villagran
    As the Omega Men explore an alien world they are attacked by an apparently deranged Superman. This Superman is revealed to be a creature from the future who is discorporate by the native aliens and the real Superman rescues the Omega Men.

  • Action Comics #575 (January)
    "The Great Brain Robbery!" - Backup stories: Superman: "Rodent on a Rampage!"
    Joey Cavalieri; Kurt Schaffenberger & Dave Hunt
    Intellex returns to steal Einstein's brain as - Part of a plot to gain possession of Superman's mind. A small alien that Superman found in space causes havoc in the Fortress.

  • Crisis on Infinite Earths #10 (January)
    Death at the Dawn of Time! - Twelve Issue Limited Series. Remaking of the DC Universe. KIA: Psimon, Starman E-1, Immortal Man, Hawkman E-2, Maaldor, Mirror Master, Icicle.
    Marv Wolfman; George Perez & Jerry Ordway
    Brainiac survives and kills Psimon. The heroes and villains halt their war and join forces to battle the Anti-Monitor at the dawn of time and on OA. The Spectre and the mages attack the Anti-Monitor and the multiverse explodes.

  • Superman #416 (February)
    "The Einstein Connection!"
    Elliot S! Maggin; Curt Swan & Al Williamson
    Superman pursues Luthor over the course of several years as Luthor's repeatedly escapes on Einstein's birthday. The future Superman sends a message to his present self.

  • DC Comics Presents #90 (February)
    Escape from Solitude!
    Paul Kupperberg; Denys Cowan & Dave Hunt
    A radioactive super-powered man attacks the space shuttle and kidnaps its female commander. Superman joins Firestorm an Captain Atom is rescuing the commander.

  • Action Comics #576 (February)
    "Earth's Sister Planet!" - Backup stories: "The 'Monumental' Menace of Metropolis!"
    William Woolfolk; Kurt Schaffenberger
    Superman must stop the leader of a mobile planet of intelligent dinosaurs from trying to conquer the Earth. An alien hero switches bodies with Superman in an attempt to help him.

  • Crisis on Infinite Earths #11 (February)
    Aftershock - Twelve Issue Limited Series. Remaking of the DC Universe.
    Marv Wolfman; George Perez & Jerry Ordway
    The multiverse has been remade into one universe with one history. Only those at the dawn of time remember. Some heroes are incorporated into the new continuity, but others are unknown. The Anti-Monitor pulls the Earth into the anti-matter universe.

  • Superman #417 (March)
    Warrior of Mars - Imaginary Story
    Elliot S! Maggin; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Superman's spaceship lands on a Mars that is populated by a warrior race and becomes the son of a conqueror. Superman leads an invasion of Earth, but after a spy mission defects to Earth.

  • DC Comics Presents #91 (March)
    "The Brains that Stormed Metropolis!"
    Craig Boldman; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Chaos results when Captain Comet's mind is stolen by Brain Storm leaving him a futuristic berserker. Superman must stop Comet's rampage and rampant insanity in Metropolis accidentally caused by a man wearing Brain Storms helmet.

  • Action Comics #577 (March)
    "Caitiff: First of the Vampires!"
    Keith Giffen & Robert Loren Fleming; Keith Giffen & Bob Oskner
    A series of mysterious deaths at the Metropolis Center for Disease Control leads Superman to discover that the cause is an ancient vampire, who is the last of his race. The vampire appears as a tragic character and escapes.

  • Crisis on Infinite Earths #12 (March)
    Final Crisis - Twelve Issue Limited Series. Remaking of the DC Universe. KIA: Dove, Lori LeMaris, Green Arrow E-2, Prince Ra-Man, Kole, Robin E-2, Huntress E-2, Sunburst.
    Marv Wolfman & George Perez; George Perez & Jerry Ordway
    The Anti-Monitor is defeated and Earth is returned to a single positive universe. The multiverse is not remembered by anyone, but the Psycho Pirate and Superman E-2, Lois Lane E-2, Alexander Luthor, and Superboy E-Prime go into the unknown.

  • Superman #418 (April)
    The Replacement
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    When Superman goes off to help an alien race whose planet is under attack, they leave a replacement called Superman-X instilled with all Superman's virtues that goes about solving all Metropolis' ills.

  • DC Comics Presents #92 (April)
    "A Question of Justice!"
    Paul Kupperberg; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Clark stops a man from shooting at the ball in Times Square on New Year's Eve, but the courts release him. Superman discovers a blackmail plot that involves nerve gas and hesitantly teams with the Vigilante to save thousands.

  • Action Comics #578 (April)
    "The Most Popular Man in Metropolis!"
    Craig Boldman; Kurt Schaffenberger
    A disguised Parasite secretly steals Superman's popular support and transfers it to himself. The problem is compounded, when an ancient robot attack Metropolis and the population rages against Superman instead of its attacker.

  • Secret Origins #1 (April)
    The Secret Origin of the Golden-Age Superman - Origin of the Golden-Age or Earth-2 Superman, which was erased from memory in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Based on story in Action Comic #1.
    Roy Thomas; Wayne Boring & Jerry Ordway
    Kal-L comes to Earth and is found and adopted by the Kents. Clark Kent gets a job at the Daily Star and meets Lois Lane. Superman captures a murderer, stops an innocent woman from being executed and saves Lois from thugs.

  • Superman #419 (May)
    The Man Who Murdered Evil!
    Elliot S! Maggin; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    When a good man is forced to become the devil's agent on Earth, he launches a plan to discredit and destroy Superman. Slight changes appear in Clark's personality, but Superman appears to win this round.

  • DC Comics Presents #93 (May)
    "That's the way the Heroes Bounce!"
    Paul Kupperberg; Alex Gaviuk & Kurt Schaffenberger
    An old associate of Plastic Man's obtains the same stretchable powers and intends to extract revenge on him as well as Elastic Lad and Elongated Man by controlling their minds and robbing Superman's Fortress.

  • Action Comics #579 (May)
    "Prisoners of Time!" (1986 A.D. to CCLIII A.D.)
    R. J. M. Lofficier; Keith Giffen & Bob Oskner
    Superman and Jimmy are transported to a French villiage in 253 A.D., where time has stood still for 200 years. Jimmy joins the Gauls and Superman is controled by a warlock working with the Romans.

  • Superman #420 (June)
    ". . . And We Are the Dreamers of the Dreams!"
    Elliot S! Maggin; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    When Clark returns to Smallville to speak to a friend's class, he finds his friend ready to leave the teaching profession, but Superman and a boy who can pull others into his dreams help change his mind.

  • DC Comics Presents #94 (June)
    The Challenge of the Volt Lord
    Barbara Randall & Bob Greenberger; Tom Mandrake & Don Heck
    A series of electronics thefts by the Volt Lord are revealed to be - Part of a plot for world domination. Superman is joined by Harbinger, Lady Quark and Pariah in stopping this threat.

  • Action Comics #580 (June)
    "The Day Superman Couldn't Save!" - Backup stories: The Most Dangerous Toy on Earth!; "The Mystery of the Missing Moon!"
    Robert Loren Fleming; Kurt Schaffenberger
    Superman is haunted by having to choose which lives to save, when he couldn't save all in danger. Superman must retrieve an alien device from an unbelieving boy. Superman discovers aliens have stolen Earth's real moon.

  • Superman #421 (July)
    Superman is Trapped In . . . Imp TV
    Cary Bates; Curt Swan & Dave Hunt
    Superman must join forces with Mxyzptlk, when they are both trapped by a mad imp in a 5th Dimension TV broadcast and forced to battle insane versions of Superman's friends.

  • DC Comics Presents #95 (July)
    The Big Kill!
    Tony Isabella & Alan Gold; Richard Howell & Murphy Anderson
    A black hole powered Thanagarian killer sets his sights on hunting and killing Superman. Hawkman intervenes and helps save Superman from this surprise and deadly attack.

  • Action Comics #581 (July)
    "Superman for a Day!" - Backup stories: "Even Superman Needs a Lawyer!"
    Cary Bates; Kurt Schaffenberger
    When a the mind of a boy with ESP merges with Superman's mind, Superman's secret identity becomes threatened. An adventure with Superman and his lawyer.

  • Superman #422 (August)
    Dark Moon Rising!
    Marv Wolfman; Curt Swan, Larry Mahlstedt & Tom Yeates
    Superman encounters what appears to be a werewolf on a murderous criminal rampage across metropolis. The creature gets the better of Superman and manages to steal his costume, but Superman discovers a more sinister plot.

  • DC Comics Presents #96 (August)
    The Deputy!
    Dan Mishkin & Gary Cohn; Joe Staton & Kurt Schaffenberger
    Terra-Man plans on destroying Metropolis by crashing a massive space train the size of a comet into the city. While Blue Devil battles Terra-Man in Metropolis, Superman faces an ambush in space.

  • Action Comics #582 (August)
    "The Strange Rebirth of Jor-El and Lara!"
    Craig Boldman; Alex Saviuk & Kurt Schaffenberger
    Alien gamblers cause Superman to create clones of his parents under the false belief that he can bring them back to life. Superman strands the evil Kryptonian clones in between time.

  • DC Comics Presents #97 (September)
    Phantom Zone : The Final Chapter - Last Issue
    Steve Gerber; Rick Veitch & Bob Smith
    A warped wizard from the Phantom Zone escapes and merges with Mxyzptlk causing total destruction. Bizarro and his world are destoryed as is the Phantom Zone and it captives. Argo City crashes into Metropolis causing havoc.

  • Superman #423 (September)
    "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" - "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" - Part 1 of 2. Imaginary Story told by Lois 10 years in the future.
    Alan Moore; Curt Swan & George Perez
    Bizarro destroys his world & kills himself. Clark's identity is revealed after Prankster & Toyman kill Pete Ross. Luthor & Brainiac merge. Superman shelters his friends at the Fortress. The Daily Planet is wrecked. Legion comes to say farewell.

  • Action Comics #583 (September)
    "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" - "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" - Part 2 of 2. Imaginary Story told by Lois 10 years in the future. Additional Cast: Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, Superwoman, Mxyzptlk.
    Alan Moore; Curt Swan & Kurt Shaffenberger
    In the battle for the Fortress Lana Lang, Jimmy Olsen, Krypto, Lex Luthor, Brainiac & Kryptonite Man are killed. Mxyzptlk is responsible & Superman kills him. Superman removes his powers with Gold Kryptonite and disappears.

NOTE: DC Comics hires John Byrne to revamp the entire Superman line of comic books.

Superman Comics Index (1938-1986)


Ultimately we would like to be able to list for you the entire run of Superman comics from 1938 through to 1986, an era of comics encompassing the Golden Age, through the Silver Age and up to the 1986 revamp. At this point in time we only have a list of the Superman and related comics from 1976 through to 1986. A listing of the regular Superman titles before the John Byrne 1986 mini-series The Man of Steel that revamped the storyline used in the comics. For accuracy almost every entry is based upon actually looking in the issue, and not memory or another source.

This listing is done in the order for when a comicbook issue was published. Remember, the month dates are from the issue covers, not the actual date when the comic was on sale.

Where possible, the Writer, Penciller and Inker for each issue is listed under the Comic's Title and Date.

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