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  • Superman #39 (Jan)
    Jerry Ordway, Kerry Gammill, Bob Mcleod
    Superman finds Husque in Metropolis and takes him to Emil, then logically goes to testify against Morgan Edge; in the void dimension, Jimmy is saved by 'Number One', who tells how Jimmy's Dad secretly worked with Cadmus as head of security and was assigned to track down two runaways of Dabney Donavan; when Jimmy is being attacked by monsters from the Evil Factory, Superman and Emil manage to replace him with Husque; Clark logically accepts a job as Newstime's managing editor from Collin Thornton.

  • Adventures of Superman #462 (Jan)
    Roger Stern, Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert
    Clark's last day working at the Planet; Brainiac has Luthor and Happersen trapped, and creates a false broadcast of Luthor in Metropolis; the Planet staff learn intern copy girl Alice is homeless; Clark spends Christmas in Smallville, with the Kents and Lana who is out of the hospital.

  • Action Comics #649 (Jan)
    Roger Stern, George Perez/Kerry Gammill, Brett Breeding
    Part 3 of Brainiac trilogy
    Brainiac continues gloating over Luthor; Clark meets Thornton, moves into his new office, finds former S.T.A.R. psionics lab sold off after LexCorp takeover attempt; at the lab, Superman finds Brainiac with a modified body using bionics and genetic modifications making Brainiac stronger; Brainiac knocks out Superman by using the staff's brainpower, then escapes in a space-ship, while having Superman find four bombs left in Metropolis by Metallo.

  • Superman #40 (Feb)
    Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway, Dennis Janke
    Morgan is out on bail before his trial, and finds his dad Vincent is now Galaxy's CEO; Mokkari and Simyan teleport a Four Armed Terror to fight Superman in Metropolis; the Terror causes Superman to have an allergic reaction; gatherer drones get tissue samples of Superman; Dr. Sanchez treats Superman and returns the kryptonite used by Bloodsport.

  • Adventures of Superman #463 (Feb)
    Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert
    Flash (Wally West) meets Mxyzptlk at Mt. Rushmore; Superman forced to race Flash around the world by Mr. Mxyzptlk at several times the speed of sound; Lois tells Lucy she misses Clark; Mxyzptlk offers Luthor red kryptonite; cameos as observers by Captain Atom, Elongated Man, Metamorpho, Power Girl, Martian Manhunter, Mr. Miracle, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle; Flash manages to win and Mxyzptlk reveals he had decided he'd leave if Flash won, and had lied by saying he'd leave only if Superman won.

  • Action Comics #650 (Feb)
    Roger Stern, Jerry Ordway/Curt Swan/George Perez/Kerry Gammill/Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding/Bob Mcleod/Art Thibert/Dennis Janke
    Draaga hires interstellar cabbie K'Raamdyn to get to Earth; Lois recalls how she met Superman, and how the Kents told her they raised Clark and the young Superman; Martian Manhunter tells Flash how Superman helped the Justice League defeat Xotor with Barry Allen as Flash, turned down a nomination as JLA member but helped fight Starbreaker, Kanjar Ro; Power Girl recalls how Superman saved her life, how she, Superman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Firestorm, and Batman were summoned by Metron to help the New Gods on New Genesis; defender Ronald Hamel meets his next client, Sazu; in space Maxima plans on marrying Superman; Jimmy locks away his signal watch; Amanda McCoy remembers Luthor disbelieving that Clark is Superman; in space Lobo is looking for a fight.
  • Notable Issue: Time Masters #2 (Mar)
    Bob Wayne and Lewis Shiner, Art Thibert, Jose Marzan Jr.
    Pieces of the deadly conspiracy that has controlled mankind for centuries continues to be reveled, as Rip Hunter and his crew prepare for battle. Guest starring Superman.

    Day of the Krypton Man (Mar/Apr)

    • Superman #41 (Mar)
      Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway, Dennis Janke
      Part I - Superman takes the four kryptonite bullets to the Fortress; Lobo accepts a wager to kill Superman, and gets teleported to Earth by Raof; Lobo finds Bibbo's tavern; Clark doesn't want to see Jimmy at Newstime, and acts cool at a birthday party for Lana held by the Kents in Smallville; Jimmy finds Cadmus and Guardian; Lobo, Raof, and Bibbo track Superman.

    • Adventures of Superman #464 (Mar)
      Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert
      Part II - Clark turns down a date with Lois, and considers a double life may be illogical; Lobo, Raof, and Bibbo find the Fortress; Superman meets and fights Lobo, eventually tricking him into believing Lobo has killed Superman; Lobo is too drunk after leaving Earth to remember what happened; the Kents try to make up with Lana, for how Clark behaved.

    • Action Comics #651 (Mar)
      Roger Stern, George Perez/Kerry Gammill, Brett Breeding
      Part III - Maxima reaches Earth and sends Sazu back to her ship; Superman meets the real Maxima; after Maxima tells how she obtained a genetic map of Superman, and they are compatible, Superman rejects marrying her and considers expressing love irrational; Superman defeats Maxima, but the federal government let her leave Earth peacefully; during their fight, Superman's costume reweaves to appear Kryptonian.

    • Superman #42 (Apr)
      Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway, Dennis Janke
      Part IV; Draaga reaches Earth and challenges Superman in New York City; Superman has changed costume and become Krypton Man; the Kents are trying to get through to Clark; Clark's apartment manager is evicting him; Jose is evicted by Lexcorp; Cat's ex-husband wants to provide her with a bodyguard during Morgan's trial; Morgan tells Mannheim to have no new Intergang activity; Mannheim decides to reopen the files on the reporters; Emil plans to use tv feed of the battle in NYC to teleport Superman and Draaga into a force field at his lab, but accidentally transports Superman, Draaga, K'Raamdyn, and the top half of the Statue of Liberty onto the moon; shuttle Excalibur launches satellite.

    • Adventures of Superman #465 (Apr)
      Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert
      Part V - First Hank Henshaw in Excalibur; Emil transfers Superman to his lab just as he's going to kill Draaga; K'Raamdyn leaves with Draaga; Excalibur's mission is aborted; Thornton fires Clark; Clark tells Pa Kent that he's abandoning his identity as Clark and Superman; Jose resumes being Gangbuster; Krypton Man tells Gangbuster he will stop helping with Earth's affairs; as the Kents fly to Metropolis, Krypton Man has gone to his fortress and embraced the Eradicator.

    • Action Comics #652 (Apr)
      Roger Stern, George Perez/Kerry Gammill, Brett Breeding
      Part VI - the kents find Kal-El with robots packing up Clark's belongings, intending to move to the Fortress; Kal-El takes the Kents to see the Fortress; Clark realizes he's been controlled by the Eradicator, and fights the robots and warsuit, stops the Eradicator, throws his Krypton Man costume and the Eradicator into the sun.

      [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Eradication! (The Origin of the Eradicator) reprints Action Comics #651-652, Adventures of Superman #460, #464-465, Superman #41-42]

    • Superman #43 (May)
      Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway, Dennis Janke
      Superman restores the Statue of Liberty; Simyan and Mokkari grow a green-skinned clone of Superman and teleport the Kryptonite Man; Guardian and Jimmy find the Evil Factory in Scotland's Lake Trevor; Joe Morgan hires Jose as bodyguard for Cat; Clark gets a freelance job at the Planet; while fighting the Kryptonite Man, Superman finds himself teleported to Lake Trevor; Mrs. Olsen teleports Simyan and Mokkari into the void where the Kryptonite Man is, tells how she was kidnapped by two clones of Jimmy's deceased dad and held at the Evil Factory.

    • Adventures of Superman #466 (May)
      Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Dick Giordano
      The Excalibur crashes and the four crewmembers find their bodies transformed by radiation from a Lexcorp experiment; Clark and Lois have a date; Mannheim tells Morgan he now will control Intergang; Superman meets Hank Henshaw and the other crew; one member (Steve) as an energy form goes to the sun apparently dying; hank apparently dies at Lexcorp; Superman saves Hank's wife Terri, but the other Jim Garrison commits suicide; Clark tells Lois he wants their relationship to progress.

    • Action Comics #653 (May)
      Roger Stern, Bob Mcleod, Brett Breeding
      Mannheim decides to have Cat kidnapped; Amanda McCoy feels responsible for Matt Stockton's death, confronts Clark with Luthor's kryptonite ring that she's stolen; when Clark collapses, Amanda panics and flees thinking she's accidentally killed Superman; then she gets attacked by muggers.

    Dark Knight Over Metropolis

    Batman helps Superman solve the murder of Amanda McCoy.
    • Superman #44 (Jun)
      Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway, Dennis Janke
      Part 1 - Slam Bradley, Jose, and Superman stop an attempt by Blindspot to kidnap Cat for Intergang; Emil signals Superman, says he believes radiated green rock used by the Evil Factory was a byproduct of the Eradicator's attempt to reshape Earth; in Gotham Batman recovers a strange green ring from a vagrant, who had been in Metropolis; Luthor discovers his kryptonite ring is missing; Batman decides to go to Metropolis; Mannheim has Chiller and Shockwave assigned to get Cat.

    • Adventures of Superman #467 (Jun)
      Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert
      Part 2 - Batman leaves a message for Clark to meet him, inspects another body in Metropolis morgue with traces of radiation; Gangbuster sees Batman and Superman, then is captured by Chiller and Shockwave; Batman and Superman find in Lexcorp that the Metropolis body is the woman with the ring that confronted Clark, and was Amanda McCoy; at the Zenith (Baldy) awards, Lois and Clark attend, Bruce Wayne meets Luthor, Luthor thanks Clark for saving his life from Intergang, Steve Lombard, Intergang attack looking for Clark and Lois; Chiller kidnaps Cat.

    • Action Comics #654 (Jun)
      Roger Stern, Bob Mcleod, Brett Breeding
      Part 3 of 3 - Superman stops Shockwave; Gangbuster, Batman, and Superman rescue Cat from Dr. Noon, catch Chiller; Batman and Superman find Amanda's diary and Ma Kent's scrapbook in Amanda's apartment; Morgan is convicted in his trial; Superman asks Batman to keep the kryptonite ring in case he ever loses control.

      [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Dark Knight over Metropolis [Paperback] reprints Superman #44, Adventures of Superman #466-467, Action Comics #653-654, and Action Comics Annual #1]

    • Superman #45 (July)
      Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway, Dennis Janke
      Clark visits his parents in Smallville; Oto indians kidnap Pete Ross for publicity in a mining dispute; Mrs. Olsen has gone into shock, so she's put in a psychiatric hospital; Jerry White has a job at Blaze's new nightclub; an Oto shaman called Firewolf distracts Superman, frees Pete; Pete meets Superman; Clark and Lana talk.
      Extra: Jimmy Olsen's Diary.

    • Adventures of Superman #468 (July)
      Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert
      Hank Henshaw's mind has survived and can create a body by shaping machinery; Henshaw visits his wife in a hospital, goes to a NASA installation, learns from Superman that his form is jamming electronics along the east coast and that Terri is now catatonic, broadcasts himself to Superman's matrix in orbit, converts it so he can travel in space; Superman places the rest of the matrix in the Fortress; Lucy Lane has a date with Jimmy; Clark learns Lois didn't take a plane to see him in Smallville.
      Extra: Superman's Journal from the Fortress of Solitude.

    • Action Comics #655 (July)
      Roger Stern, Bob Mcleod, Brett Breeding
      At Blaze's Jerry meets Lucy and Jimmy, Lucy walks out; Superman tracks down Lois who is a prisoner of a militia led by John Morrison's son who are using the abandoned Habitat.
      Extra: Ma Kent's Photo Album.

    • Superman #46 (Aug)
      Jerry Ordway, Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway/Dennis Janke
      First new Terra Man (Tobias Manning); Jade and Obsidian; Vinnie Edge meets Joe Morgan and Clark; Superman, Jade, Obsidian fight Terra Man who uses an exoskeleton and robot assistants; Terra escapes; Clark and Lois finally get to Smallville.

    • Adventures of Superman #469 (Aug)
      Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert
      Pete meets Lois; Dreadnaught (Breemmill) and Psi-phon (J'ankway) are in Smallville looking for Clark, and supposedly pursued by alien hunters (YB2 and R3B2) hired by Dreadnaught's wife Petlin, but they flee to a military base; Angelica Blaze sees Jerry and Jimmy shot by Intergang hitmen.

    Soul Search

    Superman saves Jimmy Olsen from Blaze, but Jerry White dies.
    • Action Comics #656 (Aug)
      Roger Stern, Bob Mcleod, Brett Breeding
      Chapter One - Luthor learns Jerry is shot, gets bad news from Dr. Kelley; Clark meets Black Racer (Will Brown) who takes Superman to a dimensional netherworld where Superman meets the demon Blaze who plans to keep Jerry and Jim's souls.

    • Superman #47 (Sept)
      Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway, Dennis Janke
      Chapter Two - Black Racer has Gangbuster find Angelica Blaze; Luthor tells Perry that Jimmy is his son; Skyhook fight Superman; Angelica Blaze stops two Intergang hitmen who torch her nightclub.

    • Adventures of Superman #470 (Sept)
      Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert
      Chapter Three of three - Lana sells her family farm, accepts date from Pete; Jerry sacrifices himself to Blaze; Superman saves Jimmy and escapes; cameos by Dr. Fate and Raven; Black Racer tells Jerry he is worthy to go somewhere else.

    • Action Comics #657 (Sept)
      Roger Stern, Kerry Gammill, Brett Breeding
      Luthor learns of the Toyman, kidnaps children belonging to Lexcorp executives; Toyman recalls to Mannheim how Morgan 'asked' him to work with Intergang; Superman finds the Toyman in the abandoned Happyland amusement park, learns Interang has some source of technology with Apokolips after seeing Intergang thugs using a boom tube.

    The Sinbad Contract

    with art by Curt Swan
    • Superman #48 (Oct)
      Bill Messner-Loebs, Curt Swan, Dennis Janke
      Part One - First Sinbad (Davood Nassur); Davood helps his sister Soraya, a Lexcorp secretary, escape using a belt device that boosts his psionic powers, from armored men; fearing Superman won't trust them because they are Quraci-americans, Davood stuns a pursuing Superman; Luthor knows he'll die within a year, and vows to kill Superman first.
      In the Metropolis Mailbag, the first Baldy is awarded.

    • Adventures of Superman #471 (Oct)
      Bill Messner-Loebs, Curt Swan, Dennis Janke
      Part Two - after Davood and Soraya trick Luthor into revealing his real nature, and his wish for the power belt that boosts meta-human powers, Luthor calls Maggie to say he's been attacked by a Quraci terrorist named Sinbad; Luthor meets with the D.M.T. people who were going to sell him the stolen belt - left over from the Dominator Invasion.

    • Action Comics #658 (Oct)
      Bill Messner-Loebs, Curt Swan, Dennis Janke
      Part Three of three - Sinbad helps Superman save Metropolis from an alien ufo rigged to explode, supplied by D.M.T. to Luthor, which Luthor hopes will kill Superman; containing the ufo's explosion destroys Davood's belt.

    Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite

    Red kryptonite supplied by Mr. Mxyzptlk allows Luthor to make Superman powerless.
    • Superman #49 (Nov)
      Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway, Dennis Janke
      Part One - Mxyzptlk tells Luthor he is busy in the 5th dimension, so he provides another piece of red kryptonite to make Luthor equal to Superman, as long as Luthor doesn't tell that Mxyzptlk is involved; Clark sees his novel "The Janus Contract" remaindered; in Metropolis, Clark sees pete who asks if he can court Lana, and that Lana doesn't want to hear from Clark currently; while recapturing escapee Barrage, Superman loses his powers - after Luthor rubs the red kryptonite to activate it; Mxyzptlk teleports the powerless Superman to Luthor; a bruised Superman gets back to his apartment as Clark; Lois tells Clark her mother is dying.

    • Adventures of Superman #472 (Nov)
      Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert
      Part Two - at hospital, Clark talks with Lois, Lucy, Sam Lane; Lois tells how her mother has for several years been dependent on a serum supplied by Luthor to stay alive, after a chemical plant accident, and the serum is losing effectiveness; Emil's tests show Superman's body is no longer kryptonian - he is a normal human; using a force-field belt supplied by Emil, Superman tries stopping Mammoth; Superman phones Starman (Will Payton) in Phoenix's S.T.A.R. Labs for help.

    • Notable Issue: Starman #28 (Nov)
      Roger Stern, Dave Hoover, Scott Hanna
      Starman tries to recharge Superman's powers by providing a sustained burst of solar energy, but the attempt fails. Starman masquerades as Superman to convince the City and Luthor that Superman is fine and on the job. Starman also manages to trick Luthor into giving him the red kryptonite. Thaddeus Killgrave.

    • Action Comics #659 (Nov)
      Roger Stern, Bob Mcleod, Brett Breeding
      Part Three - using a suit built by Emil, Superman takes the red kryptonite from Luthor; Emil says the red kryptonite is not like green kryptonite; Starman impersonates Superman for a while, but Mxyzptlk says to Luthor it's Starman; Killgrave takes over Stryker's Island, escapes despite efforts of Starman, Superman, Guardian, Gangbuster.

    • Superman #50 (Dec)
      Jerry Ordway, Dan Jurgens/Brett Breeding/Kerry Gammill/Dennis Janke/Curt Swan/John Byrne/Jerry Ordway
      Part Four of four; Clark Kent proposes to Lois Lane public rumors that Superman has lost his powers; Ma Kent has packed an engagement ring for Clark to use after his trip to Smallville with Lois; Lois tells Clark her mother's condition is stable; Clark proposes to Lois; Luthor phones Lois to ask her to help write an autobiography; Luthor meets with Clark, tells how green kryptonite radiation is killing him, tells that Mxyzptlk caused Superman's power loss; elsewhere as Marvel's Impossible Man(!? :-)), Mxyzptlk restores Superman's powers; Mxyzptlk taunts Superman as Gross-man; Cat and Jose consider a vacation; Steve Lombard broadcasts rumors that Luthor is dying; Jimmy's mother recovers; Lois tells Clark, Yes.

    • Adventures of Superman #473 (Dec)
      Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert
      Clark and Lois tell Jimmy they're engaged; Superman finds Guy Gardner; They look for Hal Jordan who has signaled for Superman; Jordan as Green Lantern was captured by Dreadnaught and Psi-phon with an alien in a huge buried spaceship under a military installation.

    • Action Comics #660 (Dec)
      Roger Stern, Bob Mcleod, Brett Breeding
      Luthor reflects on not having an heir; Dr. Kelley remembers meeting Luthor; Luthor decides to make a miracle and calls for Happersen; the staff at the Planet hold an engagement party for Clark and Lois; Lex Luthor apparently dies in an experimental Lex-Wing X-27 plane that crashes in Peru, surprising Dr. Kelley.

      [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite reprints Superman #49-50, Adventures of Superman #472-473, Action Comics #659-660, Starman #28]

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