Superman Comics Index (from 1986)

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  • [ 1] Superman #164 (January)
    Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuinness & Carlo Barberi, Cam Smith & Juan Vlasco
    Bizarro (from the Emperor Joker reality) grabs Jimmy thinking he's Gravedigger Lad. Supergirl comes to Jimmy's rescue, and the two become romantically involved. Luthor gets closer to an election win.

  • [ 2] Superman: Lex 2000 #1 (January)
    Jeph Loeb and Greg Rucka; Tony Harris, Dwayne Turner, Doug Mahnke, Ed McGuinness and Todd Nauck; Ray Snyder, Danny Miki, Dwayne Turner, Walden Wong, Cam Smith and Klaus Janson
    Luthor wins the Presidency! WGBS do a special on his life story. Batman wants back the Kryptonite ring... The Daily Planet staff take the news pretty hard... but not as hard as Superman. Superman visits Lana to talk about Pete Ross' involvement.

  • [ 3] The Adventures of Superman #586 (January)
    J.M. DeMatteis, Mike Miller, Armando Durruthy & Walden Wong
    A misprint on this issue's cover mistakenly listed this comics as [52] December 2000.
    After a bungled confrontation with Luthor, Superman soon finds himself in heavy battle against the evil machinations of Satanus, who plans on stealing Metropolis' soul.

  • [ 4] Superman - The Man of Steel #108 (January)
    Mark Schultz, Paco Medina & Doug Mahnke, Juan Vlasco & Tom Nguyen
    Superman reveals his secret identity to Steel. Luna escapes the Steelworks and her Lunatick is soon out of control feeding off energy from the Phantom Zone. Professor Hamilton shows up just in time to help out.

  • [ 5] Action Comics #773 (January)
    Joe Kelly, Kano & Aluir Amancio, Marlo Alquiza
    Planning on becoming a god, Ra's al Ghul's plan is thwarted by Superman's presence. Lois manages to escape from the League of Assassins. Encantadora vanishes. Talia becomes head of LexCorp.

  • [ 6] Superman #165 (February)
    Jeph Loeb; Ed McGuinness, Humberto Ramos, Rob Liefeld, Mike Wieringo, Art Adams, Ian Churchill, Joe Madureira; Cam Smith, Wayne Faucher, Norm Rapmund, Tim Townsend
    The Linear Men try to stop Pluto from becoming the next WarWorld. Superman gives each JLA member their own unique Christmas present, before holidaying with Lois in the Bottled City of Kandor.

  • [ 7] The Adventures of Superman #587 (February)
    J.M. DeMatteis & Joe Casey, Mike S. Miller, Jose Marzan Jr.
    Lucy Lane gives birth to a baby boy, calling him Sam, after her father. Satanus takes Superman, Thorn and Rampage on wild ride, until Superman offers his soul in place of that of Metropolis.

  • [ 8] Superman - The Man of Steel #109 (February)
    Mark Schultz, Duncan Rouleau, Jaime Mendoza & Marlo Alquiza
    Liri Lee of the Linear Men takes Supeman into the future as a warning to him to change his emotional state in relation to Lex becoming President. Professor Hamilton tunes in to a Kryptonian broadband signal...

  • [ 9] Superman in Action Comics #774 (February)
    Joe Kelly, Eric Canete, Juan Vlasco
    Lex moves in to the White House. Sam Lane gets on Clark's nerves at their New Years Eve party, so he flies off as Superman and talks with J'onn J'onnz after a brief battle with Scorch. Sam Lane is named Secretary of Defense.

  • [10] Superman #166 (March)
    [Released in both a Collectors Edition and a Standard Edition]
    Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuinness, Cam Smith
    Superman investigates a rocket which lands outside the Kent's farm house. With the help of John Henry and Prof. Hamilton, he receives a message from Jor-el, who shows him what Krypton was really like.

  • [11] The Adventures of Superman #588 (March)
    Joe Casey, Mike S. Miller, Jose Marzan Jr. and Walden Wong
    With Superman's soul in the possession of Satanus, Metropolis becomes a hell-hole of its own. When visited by Night Owl, Lois realises she must use Torquasm-Rao to save her husband.
    The Superman Homepage and your's-truly get a mention in the Letters page.

  • [12] Superman - The Man of Steel #110 (March)
    Mark Schultz, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen
    A creature calling himself Earthquake attempts to kill Lex Luthor at his inauguration ceremony, but is thwarted by Superman, Steel, Stars and Stripe all working together, before escaping, vowing to return.

  • Notable Issue: President Luthor: Secret Files and Origins #1 (March)
    Various Writer and Artists
    After a bad "Superman" day, Lex gets the idea to turn the tables by running for President. The story of how Talia was persuaded to become CEO of LexCorp. Lex organises the death of the Contessa. Quick stories on an encounter with Circe, and Lex's new personal assistant, Nathaniel Mackelvany.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: President Lex reprints President Luthor Secret Files #1, The Adventures of Superman #581, 586, Superman: The Man of Steel #108-110, Action Comics #773, Superman #162-166, Superman: Lex 2000 #1]

  • [13] Superman in Action Comics #775 (March)
    Joe Kelly; Doug Mahnke and Lee Bermejo; Tom Nguyen, Dexter Vines, Jim Royal, Jose Marzan Jr, Wade Von Grawbadger and Wayne Faucher
    When a new group of vigilante "heroes" called the Elite start violently "resolving" crisis situations, Superman confronts them and eventually faces off with them about the right way to do things.

Return to Krypton

  • [14] Superman #167 (April) [Part 1 of 4]
    Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuinness, Cam Smith
    Superman and Lois arrive on Krypton via the Phantom Zone. They soon meet Krypto, Jor-El and Lara. They get along famously, but when Superman tries to move Krypton from its dangerous orbit he is rendered unconcious.

  • [15] The Adventures of Superman #589 (April) [Part 2 of 4]
    Joe Casey, Duncan Rouleau, Jaime Mendoza and Marlo Alquiza
    Superman is saved and soon regains conciousness. He and Lois spend some time together enjoying Kryptonoplis, but their dinner plans with Jor-el and Lara are rudely interrupted by General Zod and his Eradicators who come to arrest Jor-el.

  • [16] Superman - The Man of Steel #111 (April) [Part 3 of 4]
    Mark Schultz, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen
    As Nightwing and Flamebird, Clark and Lois search out the Off-Worlders of Krypton to obtain some Xuthful Ore, a mineral that they need to get back to Earth... but Kru-El and Faora have other plans for the pair.

  • [17] Superman in Action Comics #776 (April) [Part 4 of 4]
    Joe Kelly, Kano, Marlo Alquiza
    With the Eradicators hot on their tales, Clark and Lois head for Jor-El's hideout. A battle ensues, with Jor-El taking down Zod. Their true relationship revealed, Father, Mother and Son say their farewells, as Clark and Lois head home via the Phantom Zone... Krypto tags along.

  • [18] Superman #168 (May)
    Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuinness, Cam Smith
    Bruce Wayne is revealed as the owner of the Daily Planet. Lois asks Batman to help retrieve the Kryptonite ring from the Luthor. They get passed the White House security... until Superman stands in their way.

  • Notable Issue: Detective Comics #756 (May) [Continued from Superman #168]
    Greg Rucka, Coy Turnbull, Dan Davis
    Superman and Batman are all over the White House in a battle for the Kryptonite Ring. Luthor finally confronts Batman and thinks he uses Superman to get the real Kryptonite Ring back... but the World's Finest have other ideas.

  • [19] The Adventures of Superman #590 (May)
    Joe Casey, Derec Aucoin, Jose Marzan Jr.
    President Luthor requests Superman's help in rescuing an American journalist held captive in the Terrorist nation of Bialya. Knowing Lex as he does, Superman plays things his own way so as not to be comprimised.

  • [20] Superman - The Man of Steel #112 (May)
    Mark Schultz, Yanick Paquette & Olivier Coipel, Ray Snyder & Andy Lanning
    Superman takes Krypto out for a fly, as he's been tearing up their apartment. Two meta-human criminals escape prison with the help of their crooked Attorney... but with Krypto's help, Superman captures them.

  • [21] Superman in Action Comics #777 (May)
    Joe Kelly, Kano, Marlo Alquiza
    A creature calling itself Kancer goes on a rampage killing hundreds of people... leaving a message behind for Superman each time. Kancer is the kryptonite poisoning recently removed from Superman... leading to more questions as to who is behind this whole mess.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Return to Krypton reprints Action Comics #776, 793, Adventures of Superman #589, 606, Superman #166, 167, 184, Superman: The Man of Steel #111, 128]


  • [22] Superman #169 (June) [Part 1 of 4]
    Marv Wolfman, Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco
    When his planet is wiped out by an invading army called Viroxx, Korsa, and survivors from other planets in the same situation, search out Superman to join them against Viroxx and his invading armada.

  • [23] The Adventures of Superman #591 (June) [Part 2 of 4]
    Marv Wolfman, Paco Medina, Walden Wong
    The war against Viroxx rages on. Many die from both sides, much to Superman's dismay. Viroxx is finally destroyed... but it's only a ruse... when Superman leaves his new friends, Viroxx's soldiers note his path, and attack him on Earth, converting Lois to their cause.

  • [24] Superman - The Man of Steel #113 (June) [Part 3 of 4]
    Marv Wolfman, Paco Medina, Walden Wong
    Trying to bring back Lois, Superman rages in battle against Viroxx in his own style, much to the disappointment of Korsa. When Superman saves Korsa from being killed, he berates Superman and his methods... as Viroxx heads for Earth thanks to Lois.

  • [25] Superman in Action Comics #778 (June) [Part 4 of 4]
    Marv Wolfman, Paco Medina, Walden Wong
    Superman teams up with a race of Weapons Builders called the Vorx to capture Lois, and defeat Viroxx. Korsa mis-interprets Superman's plans and almost ruins everything... but Superman prevails and is reunited with Lois, who remembers nothing of her ordeal.

  • [26] Superman #170 (July)
    Jeph Loeb, Dale Keown, Cam Smith
    When Mongul and his sister Mongal begin to menace Metropolis, Superman confronts them, and is out-numbered. He calls on Krypto for some help, and he does well, too well, almost killing Mongul.

  • [27] The Adventures of Superman #592 (July)
    Joe Casey, Mike Wieringo, Jose Marzan Jr.
    Superman investigates a weird electrical storm and finds a comatose Strange Visitor as the cause. A spike of her energy hits LexCorp causing city-wide chaos. Jimmy is sucked into the video game he's playing, and is saved by both Strange Visitor and Superman.

  • [28] Superman - The Man of Steel #114 (July)
    Mark Schultz, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen
    As Superman tries to find out what John Henry Irons might have had on Luthor, he is confronted by the Eradicator who has returned from deep space with a warning about on-coming doom!

  • [29] Superman in Action Comics #779 (July)
    Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau, Jaime Mendoza
    Lois recruits Supergirl, Superboy and Kelex (masquarading as Steel) to help Superman who is fighting forces in Pokolistan... forces consisting of Ignition, Kancer and an enemy so powerful he breaks Superman's jaw!

  • Notable Issue: Wonder Woman #170 (July)
    Joe Kelly, Phil Jimenez, Andy Lanning
    Lois Lane chronicles a day in the life of Wonder Woman... and finally confronts Diana about her relationship with Superman.

Our Worlds At War - "Prelude to War!"

  • [30] Superman #171 (August)
    Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuinness, Cam Smith
    Investigating Professor Hamilton's find, which appears to be the returned planet Pluto, Superman discovers a new Warworld instead, where he is attacked by the Fatal Five... a group of B13 created villains.

  • Notable Issue: Green Lantern: Our Worlds At War #1 (August)
    Judd Winick, Dale Eaglesham, Rodney Ramos and Rob Leigh
    Burdened with the massive task of rebuilding a planetary mass chunk by chunk, Green Lantern's efforts to keep the solar system in balance take a turn for the worst when he runs smack into Sinestro!... Who's supposed to be dead!?

  • [31] The Adventures of Superman #593 (August)
    Joe Casey, Mike Wieringo, Jose Marzan Jr.
    While Lois investigates her father's involvement in the transfer of Mongul from Stryker's Island Prison, Superman investigates a hypersonic signal which leads him into a battle with the Suicide Squad... a government team made up of Shrapnel, Plasmus, Chemo and Manchester Black.

  • Notable Issue: Batman: Our Worlds At War #1 (August)
    Ed Brubaker, Stefano Gaudiano
    The Dark Knight investigates what appears to be a government cover-up regarding a mysterious crash-site in downtown Gotham. Meanwhile, the animosity between President Luthor and Bruce Wayne reaches fever pitch.

  • [32] Superman - The Man of Steel #115 (August)
    Mark Schultz, Doug Mahnke, Jose Marzan Jr.
    Every resident of Metropolis is abducted in their sleep. Clark finds Lois and gets her to rally with Jimmy, Maggie Sawyer and others to get some organization. Superman discovers a strange teaming together of villains and heroes preparing to fight Imperiex... under Darkseid's command!

  • Notable Issue: Young Justice: Our Worlds At War #1 (August)
    Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Todd Nauck, Andy Lanning
    The Young Justice kids find themselves plucked from our time by the Linear Men and "drafted" to the future in order to stop a "Renegade Consciousness" from disrupting the timestream. But this "Consciousness" is desperately trying to stop the more menacing Imperiex! So whom should the YJ kids stop?

  • [33] Superman in Action Comics #780 (August)
    Joe Kelly, Kano, Marlo Alquiza
    Superman and the JLA confront Darkseid before Luthor shows up and basically tells Superman to stand down while he recruits the JLA in to Darkseid's service. In Pokolistan, Superman again battles the General who reveals himself as Zod. A bomb destroys most of Kansas.

  • Notable Issue: Superman: Our Worlds At War: Secret Files and Origins #1 (August)
    Various Writers and Artists
    Background story on Imperiex and the destruction he's caused throughout the Universe. Diagrams of the war ships that will aid the allies against Imperiex. Profiles on the earthly and alien allies, aswell as Zod and his team. Story on Zod as he toys with and destroys Bizarro No.1.

  • Notable Issue: Superboy #89 (August)
    Joe Kelly and Eddie Berganza, Pascual Ferry, Keith Champagne
    An "Our Worlds at War" tie-in. The Kid returns to Project Cadmus, only to find the Project is no more. Superboy also learns that a war is brewing, and the U.S. Government plans on turning thousands of proto-clones into Guardians. Naturally, the real Guardian and Superboy don't want that to happen - but a new nasty calling himself General Good, along with the DNAngels, disagree.

  • Notable Issue: Supergirl #59 (August)
    Peter David, Leonard Kirk, Robin Riggs
    An "Our Worlds at War" tie-in. A concussed Supergirl awakens in the aftermath of some major devastation. But what happened, and is this only the beginning of things much worse to come? And how does Buzz fit into it?

  • Notable Issue: Wonder Woman #171 (August)
    An "Our Worlds at War" tie-in. The Amazon Princess comes face-to-face with an old adversary as the war begins. But a new person now bears the name of this villainess...someone near and dear to Diana's heart.

Our Worlds At War - "All-Out War!"

  • [34] Superman #172 (September)
    Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuinness, Cam Smith
    Surveying the wreckage of Topeka Kansas, Superman discovers Imperiex at the center of the disaster. With devastating rage, Superman splits Imperiex's armor causing a massive explosion. Barely surviving, Superman heads for Smallville to find the Kent farm in ruins, and his parents nowhere to be found.

  • Notable Issue: JLA: Our Worlds At War #1 (September)
    Jeph Loeb, Ron Garney, Mark Morales
    The JLA fall one by one as they battle numerous Imperiex probes. Superman takes WW for medical help, while Aquaman is killed in his own explosive Imperiex battle, as is Guy Gardner. Arriving at the scene of Aquaman's death Superman declares war against Imperiex.

  • [35] The Adventures of Superman #594 (September)
    Joe Casey, Mike Wieringo, Brad Stucker
    Having sent the Suicide Squad up to the moon to retrieve Doomsday, Luthor tells Superman they've lost contact with the team. Superman finds Doomsday has decimated them, but fights side by side with the creature against Imperiex... until Doomsday is destroyed by the real Imperiex, and Superman somehow finds himself on Apokolips.

  • Notable Issue: Nightwing: Our Worlds At War #1 (September)
    Chuck Dixon, Rick Leonardi, John Lowe
    The love that blossoms during war is explored as Nightwing and Oracle, searching for answers to an alien mystery, are thrust into a deadly gauntlet... through time! Dick and Barbara can't find a moment of rest as everyone from '30s gangsters to cavemen are serving as hitmen for a sinister hidden foe! Just how are they going to get out of this one?

  • [36] Superman - The Man of Steel #116 (September)
    Mark Schultz, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen
    Transported to Apokolips by Darkseid, Superman is enraged and refuses to wear a suit of armor created from an Imperiex probe for him by Darkseid, and becomes even more so when he faces Black Racer over Steel's death.

  • Notable Issue: JSA: Our Worlds At War #1 (September)
    Geoff Johns, Javier Saltares, Ray Kryssing
    It's time to call in the reserves... all of them! When President Luthor sends the JSA to take out Imperiex's base - a battleship the size of Jupiter - Sand fills out the ranks with Power Girl, The Ray, the Shining Knight, and a dozen others. But the horrible secret of Imperiex's power may prove too much for the JSA allies to handle.

  • [37] Superman in Action Comics #781 (September)
    Joe Kelly, Kano, Marlo Alquiza
    As he continues to battle Imperiex, Superman feels like he's lost everyone while forgetting someone... Hippolyta dies to save her daughter. As an Imperiex probe targets the White House, where Lois is located, Superman finally remembers her... but is too late to save her father who gives his life to stop the probe.

  • Notable Issue: Supergirl #60 (September)
    Peter David, Leonard Kirk, Robin Riggs
    With the War well underway, Supergirl must catch up to and stop an Imperiex probe that could lay waste to another town - in this case, Linda Danvers' hometown, Leesburg! Needless to say, failure is not an option!

  • Notable Issue: Wonder Woman: Our Worlds At War #1 (September)
    Phil Jimenez, Cliff Chiang, Wade Von Grawbadger
    The Amazons have just gone through their own civil war, only to find themselves in the midst of an intergalactic one. As the War rages, the Amazons explore Wonder Woman's history - from how Hippolyta changed the outcome of the great battles of World War II to Diana's own role in the current cosmic struggle.

Our Worlds At War - "Casualties of War!"

  • [38] Superman #173 (October)
    Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuinness, Cam Smith
    Luthor and allies have one final plan. Merging Strange Visitor with Superman, the pair form a striking figure as they destroy Imperiex Prime. But before Darkseid can boom-tube away the ensuing energy, Brainiac 13 shows up with a new WarWorld, syphons it for himself and uses LexCorp Tower to fire upon Apokolips.

  • [39] The Adventures of Superman #595 (October)
    Joe Casey, Mike Wieringo, Jose Marzan Jr.
    As Apokolips attacks Earth, Superman confronts Darkseid, while Lena reveals that she and Brainiac 13 were playing Lex for a pawn. Lex does a deal with Ignition who is acting as General Zod's negotiator.

  • [40] Superman - The Man of Steel #117 (October)
    Mark Schultz, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen
    Lex steels into LexCorp Towers to confront his daughter Lena. While saving Maxima from her foolish attack on Warworld, Superman is amazed when John Henry arrives, alive, wearing the armor created by Darkseid. But even Steel's help isn't enough, so Superman flies off into the sun.

  • [41] Superman in Action Comics #782 (October)
    Joe Kelly, Kano, Marlo Alquiza
    A more powerful Superman returns from the sun, attacks B13 and realises that Imperiex is still alive. Through telepathy he pulls together a plan with Steel, Luthor, Darkseid and others, to push Warworld, B13 and Imperiex through a boom-tube to the beginning of time.

  • Notable Issue: Supergirl #61 (October)
    Peter David, Leonard Kirk, Robin Riggs
    On her way to finding Buzz, Supergirl comes across a strange creature scavanging away at the dead bodies in the aftermath of the war.

  • Notable Issue: World's Finest: Our Worlds At War #1 (October)
    Jeph Loeb; Mike Wieringo, Doug Mahnke, Phil Jimenez, Mark Buckingham, Bill Sienkiewicz, Yvel Guichet, Pascual Ferry, Todd Nauck, Duncan Rouleau and Ed McGuinness; Jose Marzan Jr, Walden Wong, Mark Morales, Wayne Faucher, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dexter Vines, Marlo Alquiza, Lary Stucker, Duncan Rouleau and Cam Smith
    In the aftermath of the war, memorials and services are held for Aquaman, Hippolyta, Frank Rock, Maxima, Strange Visitor and Sam Lane. Young Justice return from Apokolips. Superman takes Lois to what's left of the Kent's farm in Smallville.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Our Worlds At War (Complete Edition) reprints Superman #171-173, Adventures of Superman #593-595, Superman: The Man of Steel #115-117, Action Comics #780-782, Supergirl #59, JLA: Our Worlds at War #1, Wonder Woman #172-173, Young Justice #36, Impulse #77, Superboy #91, World's Finest: Our Worlds War #1]

  • [42] Superman #174 (November)
    Jeph Loeb, Steve Lieber, Steve Lieber
    Clark rebuilds the Kent farm house as Lois reads to him from Martha's diary. Pete Ross and Lana drop by. A fellow survivor passing by lets them know Martha is alive. They bring her home where she sews Clark a new-look Superman costume.

  • [43] The Adventures of Superman #596 (November)
    Joe Casey, Mike Wieringo, Jose Marzan Jr.
    As the world re-builds, Superman stands by and watches, preferring to let man rebuild than be dependant on him, much to Luthor's dismay. Superman's only moves are a confrontation with the Weather Wizard, and then back to Metropolis, where he saves a construction worker from death.

  • [44] Superman - The Man of Steel #118 (November)
    Mark Schultz, Doug Mahnke, Walden Wong
    Steel and Superman run tests on the Entropy Aegis. Soon after Superman is abducted from time and space by the Linear Men to stand judgement over his involvement in stopping Imperiex.

  • [45] Superman in Action Comics #783 (November)
    Joe Kelly, Brandon Badeaux, Mark Morales
    Clark writes about the aftermath of the war and his own personal memories, while as Superman he confronts four separate villains causing chaos, and offers them a second chance...

Joker: Last Laugh

  • Notable Issue: Joker: Last Laugh (Secret Files & Origins) #1 (December)
    Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty, Dan Curtis Johnson, J.H. Williams III, Jerry Ordway, Jai Nitz; Various Pencillers and Inkers
    Back story on how the Joker learnt of his brain tumor. A look at past victims of the Joker. Profiles of key characters.

  • Notable Issue: Joker: Last Laugh #1 [of 6] (December)
    Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty, Pete Woods, Andrew Pepoy
    As Dick (Nightwing) takes Babs (Oracle) out for a nice evening together, in the Slab the Joker starts a well-planned riot after finding out he's dying from a brain tumor. The riot ends with all the inmates being Jokerized.

  • Notable Issue: Joker: Last Laugh #2 [of 6] (December)
    Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty, Marcos Martin, Mark Farmer and Alvaro Lopez
    As Nightwing and Oracle try to understand what's happened inside the Slab, Joker continues to lay down his plans for not only an escape, but an event that Batman knows nobody will soon forget.

  • [46] Superman #175 (December)
    Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuinness, Cam Smith and Walden Wong
    100th issue anniversary since Superman's Death
    The Jokers sets about the release of Doomsday from a government installation. Superman, having learnt much from the recent war, stops Doomsday, teaching the sentient monster a hard lesson. Luthor hands over Doomsday to Darkseid in a shady deal. Pa Kent returns to Smallville after seeing his son fighting Doomsday again.

  • Notable Issue: Joker: Last Laugh #3 [of 6] (December)
    Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty, Walter McDaniel, Walter McDaniel
    Not happy with the smallness of the scale of his chaos, the Joker wants to plan for the future, choosing Harley Quin as the mother of his child... but Harley doesn't want anything to do with the plan, calling on Oracle and friends to save her.

  • [47] The Adventures of Superman #597 (December)
    Joe Casey, Derec Aucoin, Derec Aucoin
    Lex Luthor is Jokerized and sets about on another pre-Election campaign. A strange journey that sees him riding on a speeding train about to launch nuclear missiles. Superman steps in just in time to stop him, while Pete Ross sets about saving Luthor on a PR level.

  • Notable Issue: Joker: Last Laugh #4 [of 6] (December)
    Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty, Andy Kuhn, Andy Kuhn
    Jokerized villains are dying from lengthy exposure to the Joker's toxin. Black Canary learns that the doctor jokingly diagnosed the Joker with a Brain Tumor! While the Joker brings about a crazy rain to fall on San Francisco, jokerizing the population.

  • [48] Superman - The Man of Steel #119 (December)
    Mark Schultz, Yvel Cuichet, Dexter Vines and Walden Wong
    Jokerized villains break into the Steelworks, freeing a jokerized Eradicator. The jokerization seems to have brought the Kryptonian programming to the forefront, sending the Eradicator to the Fortress of Solitude where a battle ensues with Krypto as the target.

  • Notable Issue: Joker: Last Laugh #5 [of 6] (December)
    Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty, Ron Randall, Ron Randall
    While Oracle tries to help the Huntress enter Arkham to rescue Robin, a message is left with Nightwing, and Batman and some of the JLA try to work out what Joker's next move might be.

  • [49] Superman in Action Comics #784 (December)
    Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau, Alquiza Stucker and Duncan Rouleau
    While the Joker-acid rain falls, Superman is visited by Batman before they're confronted with a jokerized Green Lantern. The confrontation leads to many issues, including what was done during the Emperor Joker saga.

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