Superman Comics Index (from 1986)

Regular Titles


  • Superman #188 (January)
    Chuck Austen, Tom Derenick, Norm Rapmund & Jaime Mendoza
    Superman appears to be quite destructive and vicious in his dealings with events in Metropolis... Lois discovers that he is reacting badly to the death of a little cancer patient who he had befriended in the children's hospital.

  • The Adventures of Superman #610 (January)
    Joe Casey, Derec Aucoin, Derec Aucoin
    Clark goes undercover inside a mining company to try and get some dirt on Luthor's illegal mining of Temeryl within U.S. borders. As Superman he also flies to Guatemala in response to a letter written to him care of the Daily Planet to be with a young boy whose mother has just died.

  • Superman - The Man of Steel #132 (January)
    Mark Schultz, John Lucas, Walden Wong
    As the Superhero Parade works its way through the streets of Metropolis, Clark decides to sit it out, much to Lois' anger... and much to the disappointment of Mr Mxyzptlk, who decides to teach Superman a lesson by giving his powers to an unsuspecting actor.

  • Notable Issue: Supergirl #76 (January)
    Peter David, Ed Benes, Alex Lei
    Supergirl brings Superboy in to meet Kara Zor-El, before the young visitor flies off for Metropolis where she sees Mr Mxyzptlk causing havoc in a Superhero Parade... Mxy removes her powers for a prank... and it's up to Superman to save her... but their first meeting doesn't go as she'd hoped.

  • Superman in Action Comics #797 (January)
    Joe Kelly; Renato Arlem; Duncan Rouleau, Kevin Conrad, Richard Bonk
    Superman once again visits his therapist to discuss the recent events with Manchester Black... He discusses how people see Superman, the traumer to his wife and parents, his fear of Zod and the memory of killing the original Zod. He leaves feeling better.

Lost Hearts (4 Parts)

  • Superman #189 (February)
    Geoff Johns, Pascual Ferry, Keith Champagne and Pascual Ferry
    When a girl called Traci Thirteen writes a letter to Lana Lang asking for help, Lana decides to do something about it personally, against her husband's wishes. When Lana goes missing Pete calls on Clark to help find her. Batman steps in to warn Clark against going in undercover to find Lana.

  • The Adventures of Superman #611 (February)
    Joe Kelly, Dwayne Turner, Kevin Conrad
    Clark continues his undercover search for Lana, walking around the ghetto asking people if they know anything about her whereabouts. He instead finds Traci Thirteen, who shows him the strange parasites feeding on and increasing these people's despair. Three of these creatures attach themselves to Clark!

  • Superman - The Man of Steel #133 (February)
    Geoff Johns; Tom Derenick; Norm Rapmund, Walden Wong, Bob Petrecca and Sandu Florea
    Giving in to the Heartbreaker's effects, Clark becomes despondent and gives up looking for Lana, until he hears her voice as she jumps off the top of a building. Rescuing her, Clark and Lana then shelter in an old building where they embrace and kiss.

  • Superman in Action Comics #798 (February)
    Joe Kelly; Pascual Ferry; Keith Champagne, Cam Smith and Pascual Ferry
    Clark breaks the Heartbreaker's spell by remembering good times he and Lana had as kids. Using this method he helps Traci's father break free from the parasites' hold, and then goes about trying to help the people of Hell's Heart.

  • Superman - The Man of Steel #134 [FINAL ISSUE] (March)
    Mark Schultz, Brandon Badeaux and Jon Bogdanove, Mark Morales
    Clark meets Perry White to tell him how Lois found out that he's researching into Lex Luthor, but how she thinks he's obsessed with it, and how he hates lying to her about his undercover work for the Daily Planet. Meanwhile John Henry dons the Aegis and vanishes.

  • Notable Issue: Superman 10-Cent Adventure #1 (March)
    Steven T. Seagle, Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
    Superman fights the villain Amok, who has returned with more firepower since his last run in with Superman. When Superman beats him, Amok vanishes and is powered up even more by his strange allies, the Futuresmiths. When he fails again, the Futuresmiths awaken their next plan... Cir-El... a new Supergirl!

  • Superman in Action Comics #799 (March)
    Joe Kelly, Carlos Meglia, Carlos Meglia
    A huge mokey-like creature is tearing up downtown Chicago. When Superman investigates he is assaulted by psionics. He works out that Hector Hammond (a telepath) is calling out for help, having been subjected to cruel medical torture by a vengeful doctor.

  • The Adventures of Superman #612 (March)
    Joe Casey, Derec Aucoin, Derec Aucoin
    Clark meets with famous Journalist Ben Conrad, whose fictional character (a golden age-type Superman) has somehow come to life, branding his own kind of justice on the world. Clark convinces Conrad to destroy the manuscript... but another one exists called "The Hollow Men"...

  • Notable Issue: Superman Versus Darkseid: Apokolips Now! (March)
    Mark Schultz, Mike McKone, Marlo Alquiza & Cam Smith
    Superman challenges Darkseid to a 1-on-1 battle for the life of John Henry Irons, whose soul resides in the Entropy Aegis. Using the Eradicator, Supergirl, Superboy & Krypto to keep the rest of Apokolips from helping Darkseid, the battle is on! John Henry Irons is finally returned to the Steelworks, while his niece Natasha takes over as Steel.

  • Superman in Action Comics #800 (April)
    Joe Kelly; Pascual Ferry, Duncan Rouleau and various others; Cam Smith, Marlo Alquiza, Scott Hanna, and Duncan Rouleau
    A look at Kal-El's journey from Krypton to Smallville to Metropolis. Various stories about how certain people were inspired by Superman.

  • The Adventures of Superman #613 (April)
    Joe Casey; Derec Aucoin; Derec Aucoin, Jose Marzan, John Stanisci
    When investigating what has happened to Major Victory, Lois learns of a new store opened by Funky Flashman selling Superman merchandise and exploting the popularity of the JLA aswell. When Lois suggests he also sell Supervillain stuff, Flashman gets a nasty visit from Captain Cold.

  • Superman #190 (April)
    Steven T. Seagle, Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
    A Metropolis Maintenance robot goes beserk thinking itself to be a police officer, and attacks a crooked policeman who is selling social security numbers... but it's because of the policeman's future son that the robot is attacking him... the son who invents technology that turns men into machines.

  • Superman in Action Comics #801 (May)
    Joe Kelly, Tom Raney, Waldon Wong
    It happens first in Little Falls, Colorado... A handful of people are suddenly embued with metahuman abilities. People are killed. Superman and the army contain the situation... only to find that the same thing is happening right across America... General Zod is somehow involved.

  • The Adventures of Superman #614 (May)
    Joe Casey, Derec Aucoin, Derec Aucoin
    Superman discovers a place known as Heroville... a 50-year old government experiment long-forgotten... a town located in a tesseract filled with metahumans living peacefully... Luthor sends in a team of soldiers, but they are captured and returned by Superman to the real world.

  • Notable Issue: Supergirl #80 [Final Issue] (May)
    Peter David, Ed Benes, Alex Lei
    Linda returns to her own reality, saving Kara from Xenon, returning her to her own reality. Mrs Danvers gives birth to a baby boy... they call him Wally. Linda writes to Clark Kent and tells him she's going away and giving up being Supergirl.

  • Superman #191 (May)
    Steven T. Seagle, Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
    The Flash helps Superman guage just how fast he can run, and it comes in handy when a rift opens in the skies above STAR Labs. Entering the rift Superman finds a being trapped within... a hero from another world who tried to stop the rift from destroying his world.

  • Superman in Action Comics #802 (June)
    Joe Kelly, Tom Derenick, Bob Petrecca & Norm Rapmund
    As the chaotic metahuman activity continues across America, Luthor's government work out that Bialya are probably behind it all... Before Superman can act however, General Zod kills thousands of Bialyans as a peace offering towards the U.S. When Superman confronts Zod, Zod takes off his mask and reveals himself to be a mirror image of Kal-El himself!!!

  • The Adventures of Superman #615 (June)
    Joe Casey, Derec Aucoin, Derec Aucoin and John Stanisci
    Becoming aware of the outbreak of Anti-Chromatic Syndrome, Superman rushes to Heroville where almost everyone has fallen prey to ACS. He discovers that three strange men are the cause of it, and recognizes them as fictional characters from a novel by Benjamin Conrad.

  • Superman #192 (June)
    Steven T. Seagle, Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
    Radion threatens to blow up a Nuclear Power Plant, the new Supergirl saves the day... claiming she's Superman's daughter. Lois is furious and really gives it to Clark when he gets home... However Lois gets an even bigger shock when Supergirl calls her "Mommy"!! A new hero called Viceroy also makes an appearance in Metropolis.

  • Superman in Action Comics #803 (July)
    Joe Kelly, Pascual Ferry, Cam Smith
    Zod reveals his origins as he tricks Luthor into thinking he's actually Superman. Zod takes over a top-secret U.S. military installation as his long plotted plan to take over the world starts in earnest. Luthor wonders where Superman is...

  • The Adventures of Superman #616 (July)
    Joe Casey, Derec Aucoin, Derec Aucoin
    Superman confronts the Hollen Men, while Benjamin Conrad tries to re-write the ending of his novel to end the reign of the Hollow Men who have desimated Heroville.

  • Superman #193 (July)
    Steven T. Seagle, Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
    Superman confronts Cir-El, the new Supergirl who claims to be his and Lois' daughter from the future, while around them Metropolis is under threat by Radion who's powers have increased from having been dumped into the Nuclear Reactor by Cir-El.

  • Notable Issue: Teen Titans #1 (July)
    Geoff Johns, Mike McKone, Marlo Alquiza
    In Smallville Conner Kent (a.k.a. Superboy) attempts to play hooky, but is caught by Superman. Superman offers him Victor Stone's invitation to join the Teen Titans. Other teen superheroes are likewise invited to join. When the teens are all together in the Teen Tower, Cyborg welcomes them over the loudspeaker and all retire to their quarters for the evening. Robin receives an e-mail that suggests that the cloned Superboy's DNA is composed of 50% Kryptonian DNA while the other 50% is human and belongs to Lex Luthor.

  • Superman in Action Comics #804 (August)
    Joe Kelly, Pascual Ferry, Cam Smith
    Luthor escapes from Zod's imprisonment and sets off into space, where he locates Superman's unconcious body. Reviving him, Superman and Lex are soon chased by Blackhawks, before losing them and crash-landing on the asteroid containg Stryker's Penitentiary. A weak Superman tries to convince the inmates to help him defeat Zod.

  • The Adventures of Superman #617 (August)
    Joe Casey, Charlie Adlard, Charlie Adlard
    Two white-haired twins show up, peddling their "Encyclopedia Universal" to Perry White... sending him into a coma. Having approached all other major leaders, they approach Superman... who soon works out that Mr Mxyzptlk is behind it... and he's not happy!

  • Superman #194 (August)
    Steven T. Seagle, Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
    Superman goes undercover as a Maintenance Man inside LexCorp Towers in an attempt to find out what happened to Lex Luthor's personal bodyguard Hope. He finds her left for dead in a sub-level holding cell and as Clark Kent writes up the story for the front page of the Daily Planet. Lois quits her job, taking a position as a report for Channel Three TV.

  • Superman in Action Comics #805 (September)
    Joe Kelly, Pascual Ferry, Cam Smith
    Enlisting the help of the Stryker's prison inmates, Superman takes the fight to Zod. The two battle fiercly, while Luthor attempts to return the sun to yellow. Superman defeats Zod, but it's the yellow sun that kills him.

  • The Adventures of Superman #618 (September)
    Joe Casey, Charlie Adlard, Charlie Adlard
    The Mxyzptlk Twins, having taken Earth's gravity, begin playing games amongst themselves, meanwhile Superman, The Atom and the rest of the JLA try to save Earth. Superman restores Earth's gravity, confronts the Mxy Twins, buying a set of their encyclopedias, before they vanish, restoring everything back to normal.

  • Superman #195 (September)
    Steven T. Seagle, Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
    Superman crashes into his apartment in a state of confusion, telling Lois about his experience with the new Supergirl inside the Futuresmiths' fortress and how it all felt like he'd been there and done it all before.

  • Superman in Action Comics #806 (October)
    Joe Kelly, Pascual Ferry, Cam Smith
    Superman crashes down at Traci Thirteen's feet with a staff sticking out of his chest. She uses her magic to try and protect, transporting him to Lana's apartment. Lois finds out that Lana and Pete are getting a divorce, and although Lana asks her not to print anything about it, Lois does just that, in a moment of revenge for kissing her husband.

  • The Adventures of Superman #619 (October)
    Joe Casey, Derec Aucoin, Derec Aucoin
    A man calling himself The Candidate is running for President. Lois and Clark compete against each other to be the first to interview this mystery man. Superman defeats the "God of Death" in Egypt. Meanwhile an assassin alien from the other side of the universe touches down in New York.

  • Superman #196 (October)
    Steven T. Seagle, Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
    When a terrorist bomb threatens a Metropolis hospital, Dr Gonzales risks his own life to get the bomb out. Saved at the last second by Superman's protective aura, the doctor is given strange energy powers due to the bomb detonation, and he struggles to come to terms with the change it has made to his life.

  • Superman in Action Comics #807 (November)
    Joe Kelly, Pascual Ferry, Cam Smith
    Natasha (as the new Steel) helps Traci and Lana protect Superman from the ghostly form of Byakko who is intent on killing Superman. Even when Cir-El, the new Supergirl, turns up to protect her "father", she's no match for Byakko who injures Superman once again... and Lana too.

  • The Adventures of Superman #620 (November)
    Joe Casey, Derec Aucoin, Derec Aucoin
    Lois learns that someone plans to kill The Candidate. Superman tries to protect him but is needed in outer space where Cannibal Planet attempts to devour our Sun. Defeating the Cannibal Planet, Superman returns to Earth just in time to save The Candidate from Assissan Lad... Who was hired by The Candidate as a media stunt.

  • Superman #197 (November)
    Steven T. Seagle, Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
    Superman's powers become erratic, and he's almost unable to save a crashing airplane. Unable to fly, he atches a ride with Lois in her car, before nearly killing her when his flight returns unexpectedly. When he comes across men infected by a possible Kryptonian virus, Superman barely makes it to his Fortress of Solitude where he finds Supergirl (Cir-El) & Krypto, before passing out.

  • Superman in Action Comics #808 (December)
    Joe Kelly, Pascual Ferry, Cam Smith
    Byakko follows the girls into the Fortress of Solitude, as Kelex tries to heal Superman and Lana. Lana talks with Byakko and makes her realize that Superman isn't vain, showing her his fan and hate mail to prove her point. Byakko leaves. Superman revives. Cir-El, Traci and Natasha sleep off their injuries.

  • The Adventures of Superman #621 (December)
    Joe Casey, Derec Aucoin, Derec Aucoin
    Someone called The Minute Man takes out Copperhead. Lois learns that children under the age of 5 have turned into bugs and insects down at a local childcare center. Superman attempts to help the children, but is sidetracked when he meets the Minute Man and learns his secret identity. He warns Superman of the arrival of the Anti-Angelica.

  • Superman #198 (December)
    Steven T. Seagle, Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
    Kelex puts Superman inside a Bio Remediation suit to slow down the progress of the Kryptonian virus that is killing him. Meanwhile in Metropolis, Bizarro is stronger and smarter than ever due to the Kryptonian virus having the opposite affect on him. Superman and Cir-El attempt to stop him, and use his blood to find a cure for Superman.

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This listing is done in the order for when a comic book issue was published.

Note: Remember, the month dates are from the issue covers, not the actual date when the comic was on sale.

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