Superman Comics Index (from 1986)

Regular Titles


  • Superman #223 (January)
    Mark Verheiden; Ed Benes and Ivan Reis; Mariah Benes, Marc Campos, Alex Lei, Rob Lea, Oclair Albert
    A woman prisoner (whom Superman captured as a rebel near his new Fortress in the Amazon jungle) is given the power of Blackrock by Talia Head. Supergirl drops in on Superman in his Fortress, telling him she plans on going into space to help Donna Troy, their conversation is interrupted when Ned (the last remaining Superman robot) tells Superman there's trouble in Lima. Arriving at the prison, they're confronted by the new female Blackrock. Superman instructs Supergirl to go back to the Fortress to research a weakness for Blackrock. Putting Superman down, Blackrock attacks Supergirl in the Fortress, but finds the Girl of Steel is stronger than Superman. The new Fortress is destroyed in the fight, Blackrock escapes, beaten. As Supergirl flies off into space, (blue eyed) Lex Luthor tells Talia to tell Blackrock to continue her assault on Superman, as his new project is almost finished...

  • Action Comics #833 (January)
    Gail Simone; John Byrne; Nelson, Norm Rapmund & Larry Stucker
    Superman saves deep sea divers from certain death when they vessel is damaged by the Queen of Fables. Lois is taken for a drive by Congressman Shepard's thug, under the pretense of an interview, instead they're preparing to kill her, but Lois escapes. Meanwhile Superman has in handsful with the Queen of Fables, who wants Superman to prove himself to be her consort. Transporting he, Mr Schuman, Jimmy and others back into some medieval fantasy world, the Queen of Fables uses fairy tale creatures to test the Man of Steel, but he knows the stories all too well and wins the day. The Queen decides to pull out for the time being, planning on using Kryptonian fables in the next round against Superman. Lois, still attempting to get away from the Congressman's thugs, comes across her workmate Willis... but Willis pulls out a gun and shoots!

  • Adventures of Superman #646 (January)
    Greg Rucka, Karl Kerschl, Karl Kerschl and Wayne Faucher
    Clark finds a disheveled Mxyzptlk in a Metropolis alley. He takes him to a diner for a hot meal where Mxy reveals that with Magic all screwed up he can barely remember who he is and can't get back home to the 5th dimension. Meanwhile Lois learns from Wonder Woman where she can locate a member of Checkmate. Lana gets a call from Pete. Lupe surveils an old Lexcorp warehouse. Mxy says he can help Clark find Ruin. Lois meanwhile confronts a Checkmate operative, who she blackmails into telling her where to find Sasha Bordeaux. Sasha reveals to Lois that Max Lord forced her to shoot Lois in Umec. Superman flies off with Mxy, who using one last ounce of his magic, gets them inside Ruin's secret warehouse hideout. When a trap is prung, Mxy leaps forward, taking a Kryptonite spear in the chest, saving Superman. Already inside, Lupe stumbles across what looks to her as Ruin holding Lana Lang and her baby hostage. In fact it's Pete Ross trapped and dressed up to look like Ruin while the real Ruin, Professor Emil Hamilton, looks on from elsewhere.

  • Notable Issue: Superman Secret Files & Origins 2005 (January)
    Devin K. Grayson, Jami Bernard, Christine Boylan; Various Artists
    Two boys fight at school over who is better Superman or Batman, while, as Clark looks on, their teacher tries to teach them that Superheroes do more than just fight. Back when Superman was new on the scene, Lois laments not being able to get the low-down on Superman. Bizarro looks back on his life and origins. Origin profiles on Superman, Lois Lane, the Daily Planet staff, Lex Luthor, Ruin, Blackrock and a 3-page tour of the Fortress of Solitude.

  • Superman #224 (February)
    Mark Verheiden, Thomas Derenick, Wayne Faucher
    As Lex attempts to get to the Arctic in a stolen Lear Jet, he is set upon by an OMAC Unit. Having to bail out of the ruined plane, Lex finds himself remembering a time in his youth in Smallville, when Clark cheered him on during a rock climb. Hearing of the plane incident, Superman flies toward the arctic, only to be set upon himself by Blackrock. Lex recalls how Clark told him to focus on the task at hand, and uses that lesson to get himself out of the hole he finds himself in, back to the crashed plane, where he uses his Battle Suit to destroy three OMACs hunting him down. Superman also focuses on the task at hand, using a lead-lined room to render Blackrock powerless.

  • Notable Issue: Nightwing #115 (February)
    Devin Grayson, Phil Hester, Ande Parks
    Superman steps in to save the day as Nightwing's long and winding road has landed him under Deathstroke's thumb in the most vicious collection of villains ever assembled! Now, it's time for Dick Grayson to take matters into his own hands. But if he's trading Deathstroke's loyalty for Lex Luthor's, is his life getting any better?

  • Action Comics #834 (February)
    Gail Simone; John Byrne; Nelson, Marc Campos, Oclair Albert
    The Queen of Fables uses her magic to buy the Daily Planet off Perry White as a present for Clark Kent. When Clark refuses to play her game, the Queen forces his hand by revealing the jeapordy she's had Willis place Lois under. She takes Clark to a Krypton reality, making him fight (as Superman) through a variety of different Kryptonian fairytale scenarios. Superman comes through, proving his love for Lois, turning the Queen off him, and allowing him to return to his own reality to save Lois.

  • Adventures of Superman #647 (February)
    Greg Rucka, Nunzio Defilippis, Christina Weir; Renato Guedes; Renato Guedes
    As Ruin (Emil) continues to taunt Superman, bathing him in red sun energy, Lupe takes aim and fires her gun at Pete Ross. Flying at super speed across the city, Superman arrives too late... however Lupe wasn't aiming at Ross, she realized she was being duped and fired at weapon aimed at Lana and baby Clark. Ruin throws a Kryptonian grenade after Lupe, Pete and Lana as they try to escape. Lupe takes the brunt of the explosion, saving Pete and Lana. Superman takes the fight outside into yellow sunlight, as Ruin sets his suit to self-destruct. Superman vows nobody will die, taking the explosive suit into the air, where it detonates safely. Lupe's body armor saved her life, while Pete and Lana realize they both know Superman secret identity now. Superman vows he'll clear his best friend's name via a Clark Kent story in the Daily Planet.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Ruin Revealed reprints Adventures of Superman #640-641, 644-647]

  • Superman #225 (March)
    Mark Verheiden; Ed Benes & Elton Ramalho; Ed Benes, Mariah Benes, Rob Lea, Alex Lei
    Superman and Lois grab a moment alone atop the Daily Planet building, where Superman tells Lois about how Batman says he's no longer inspiring people. Lois disagrees. Jimmy investigates a strange fire near L.A., but the plane he's in is brought down by Effigy, who has teamed up with Scorch, Heat Wave and Plasmus in order to lure Superman in. Seems the villains thought Superman had crossed a line, but he assures them he still stands for Truth and Justice. A local couple, inspired by Superman, put themselves in harms way to help rescue Jimmy and the plane's pilots. They tell Superman they ask themselves "What would Superman do?" whenever they're faced with a problem.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: The Journey reprints Action Comics #831, Superman #217, 221-225]

  • Action Comics #835 (March)
    Gail Simone, John Byrne, Nelson
    Weakened from his fight with the Queen of Fables, Superman needs to find Lois before Willis kills her, but he finds his way barred by Willis sister Leslie, whose "I Hate Superman" rants on the radio have just seen her fired from her DJ job. With a meta-ability to use electricity, Leslie finds herself transformed by a huge strike of lightning. Calling herself Livewire, she attacks Superman. Finally beating her, Superman arrives just in time to save Lois from Willis. Later Superman has dinner with Josef Schuman and his wife Esther. Josef tells Superman he's worried that Jimmy puts himself in danger because he's inspired by Superman. Superman tells Josef that he's the one who gets his inspiration from Jimmy and other normal people who put their lives at risk to help other people.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Strange Attractors reprints Action Comics #827-828, 830-835]

  • Adventures of Superman #648 (March)
    Greg Rucka, Nunzio Defilippis, Christina Weir, Jami Bernard; Karl Kerschl, Renato Guedes; Renato Guedes
    With Chemo having destroyed Bludhaven (in Infinite Crisis #4), Lois Lane tells the story about how Superman was first on the scene and how his presence brought hope to the survivors and other heroes. How Superman battled ferociously with Chemo, knowing that the harder he fought the quicker Chemo would reform himself thereby removing his toxic waste from the streets of Bludhaven. Removing Chemo from Bludhaven Superman returned to help save more people, inspiring everyone around him.

  • Superman #226 (April)
    Joe Kelly; Ed Benes & Mariah Benes, Jerry Ordway, Howard Chaykin, Renato Guedes
    As Kal-El battles Kal-L he keeps having flashbacks to Kal-L's life, seeing scenes such as his early life in Smallville, the death of the Kents, his life with Lois, his fighting wife-beaters, battles during World War II, and confronting the U.S. Government on trying to unmask Superheroes, while revealing his own identity to the world.

  • Action Comics #836 (April)
    Joe Kelly; Dan Jurgens, Kevin Conrad, Dick Giordano & Jose Marzan Jr, Ed Benes, Ian Churchil & Norm Rapmund, Phil Jimenez & Andy Lanning, Tom Denerick & Drew Geraci, Renato Guedes, Lee Bermejo, Doug Mahnke
    As Kal-El and Kal-L battle it out, Kal-L gets a look at Kal-El's origins and history, but with changes put in place using Kal-L's methods. He names himself Superman after saving Lois from the Constitution space plane, joins forces with Batman much earlier, getting him to help take down Luthor before bargaining with him over the cancer caused by his Kryptonite ring, not dying after the battle with Doomsday, taking over the Justice League and more.

    Notable Issue: Wonder Woman #226
    Greg Rucka, Cliff Richards, Ray Snyder
    With the universe in turmoil, Diana prepares to face her ultimate challenge. Looking back on her relationship with Superman from the way it began to its recent turmoil, will she find a way to rebuild what she's lost? Final issue.

  • Adventures of Superman #649 (April) [Final issue]
    Joe Kelly; Ed Benes & Mariah Benes, Tom Derenick & Wayne Faucher, Karl Kerschl, Duncan Rouleau, Dale Eaglesham & Drew Geraci, and Ed McGuinness & Dexter Vines
    As the battle between Kal-L and Kal-El continues, each lives the life of the other, reforming the other's history and future they way they would have handled things. However both end up defeated, destroyed. Kal-El finds his existance on Earth-2 would have resulted in no other heroes beyond himself and Kara, leaving earth vulnerable to apathy and a violent attack from the anti-monitor which he was unable to defeat. Kal-L on the other hand finds his methods splinter the superheroes, creating a war that wipes out all life on Earth-1. As they continue their battle, each vows to never allow the other's world to survive.

    Notable Issue: Infinite Crisis: Secret Files & Origins 2006 (April 2006)
    Marv Wolfman; Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Cam Smith, Dave Bullock, Howard Chaykin, Kalman Andrasofszky, Stephen Rouz, Art Thibert and Nelson
    Alex Luthor recalls his origins on Earth-3 as time passes in the "heaven" he, Superboy-Prime, Kal-L and Lois now reside in. Alex comes across Superboy watching memories of his past on Earth-Prime and tells Superboy that he thinks he made a mistake bringing them to this reality. As Kal-L is preocupied with Lois' failing health, Alex keeps pushing Superboy until he finally snaps and hits the barrier of their reality. Each time he hits the barrier something on Earth changes. Superboy finally breaks through the barrier and Alex formulates his plan to create the perfect Earth. Also contains Profiles on Kal-L, Lois Lane (of Earth-2), Alex Luthor and Superboy-Prime.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Infinite Crisis reprints Infinite Crisis Secret Files & Origins 2006, Infinite Crisis #5, Superman #226, Action Comics #836, Adventures of Superman #649]

One Year Later

The whole DC Universe jumps ahead one year into the future after the events of "Infinite Crisis"...

Up, Up and Away!

  • Superman #650 (May) [New numbering]
    Kurt Busiek & Geoff Johns, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    One year has passed since the end of "Infinite Crisis". Lois and Clark sit in a park watching a retrospective film on Superman's life, remarking that it has been a year since anyone has seen the Man of Steel. Lex Luthor's lawyers manage to get him off all 120 criminal counts he was charged with. But Lex's public image is forever tarnished, making Lex very angry. Perry White is extremely pleased with Clark's work over the past year. Lois is following a story on a scientist, K. Russell Abernathy, trying to use Kryptonite as a power source. Abernathy's experiment goes wrong, turning him into a Kryptonite Man. With Abernathy's power putting people in danger, Clark uses his signal watch and calls Supergirl to the rescue. She takes down Abernathy and take him to the SCU. Lex's thugs drag Clark into a dark alley, where Lex warns Clark against writing any further "Fall of Luthor" articles in the Daily Planet. He threatens Lois' safety, punching Clark, breaking his ribs and splitting his lip.

  • Action Comics #837 (May)
    Geoff Johns & Kurt Busiek, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Clark's exposes on Lex Luthor's fall continue on in the Daily Planet. Lex meanwhile is in an underground lab when a Toyman's own Superman robot crashes in. Lex shows Toyman his "Sunstone" Kryptonian crystal. Clark tells Lois how Lex beat him up, and how things feel without his powers. He then goes off to follow a hunch about Lex having a lab in unused subway tunnels. He stumbles across a groups of goons stealing battle suits from Lex Luthor as a means to get into Intergang. They see Clark and start chasing him, but Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Hawkgirl arrive on the scene to save Clark and capture the crooks. At the Superman and Superboy memorial statue, Lex meets with an upgraded Metallo. Meanwhile Green Lantern offers Clark his own super ring.

  • Superman #651 (June)
    Kurt Busiek & Geoff Johns, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Clark tries out his Green Lantern ring, but decides it's not for him. The Circus Fleas break into Stryker's Island prison and break out the Kryptonite Man. Meanwhile the Prankster returns to Metropolis and starts causing chaos. Refridgerators starting running wild, newspaper scraps start filling the subways, street walk signals come alive and stomp down the streets. Green Lantern and Hawkgirl go into action, while Lois and Clark try to get to the scene to check out what's going on. Prankster vanishes as GL a HG get things under control. In his underground lair, Lex imobilizes Metallo and yanks out his Kryptonite heart. The Circus Fleas bring Kryptonite Man to Lex Luthor, who tells Toyman he may finally have all the Kryptonite he needs... as he reveals a whole warehouse full of the green glowing rock!

  • Action Comics #838 (June)
    Geoff Johns & Kurt Busiek, Renato Guedes, Renato Guedes
    Clark dreams about how he tried to infuse his body with yellow sunlight to regain his powers, but how everything they tried failed. He awakens, feeling as if something has changed, but unsure what it is. He and Jimmy expose illegal construction deals being done between a councilman and Intergang front companies. Back in the office Clark's computer crashes, losing an important article he was working on, Perry isn't too worried, Clark's been doing great work. Meanwhile Lex starts up his Kryptonite Canon, using Kryptonite Man, all the Kryptonite he's collected, and the Kryptonian Sun Stone. Clark leaves Lois at the Monster Truck rally she's enjoying, and is attacked by Neutron and Radio, two energy villains set to kill him by Intergang. They chase him as he heads towards the train tunnel, but an ongoing train hits Clark as he crosses the tracks. The villains leave him for dead... but Clark is unharmed, having left his handprint in the front of the train.

  • Notable Issue: Solo #10 (June)
    Damion Scott, Rob Markmam and Jennifer Carcano; Damion Scott
    Fan favorite artist Damion Scott (BATGIRL, ROBIN) kicks into DC's cutting-edge series SOLO! This issue features five stories drawn and co-written by Damion, including a race between The Flash and Mr. Death, a day in the life of Superman, and a night on patrol in Gotham City with Robin and Batgirl!

  • Superman #652 (July)
    Kurt Busiek & Geoff Johns, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    A damaged, vulnerable Clark Kent tries to continue as Superman - even though a legion of villains - including Silver Banshee and Hellgrammite - are coming after him! Meanwhile, Luthor's discovery from last issue may be the key to destroying Superman and seizing control of Metropolis once and for all. Plus, meet the newest addition to Superman's rogues gallery: Virus!

  • Action Comics #839 (July)
    Geoff Johns & Kurt Busiek, Renato Guedes, Renato Guedes
    Superman recalls how he lost his powers fighting Superboy-Prime, and how they attempted to get them back afterwards. Now a year later, his powers have returned, even boosting his brain power somewhat. He quickly dispatches Bloodsport, Silver Banshee, Livewire and Riot to the chears of the people watching on. Back at the Daily Planet, Clark pleads illness when Perry wants everyone to jump on the story of Superman's return. He flies above Metropolis, thinking about how good it is to be Superman again, when he notices a rumbling noise underground. Kryptonian crystal shards crash to the surface all over Metropolis, endangering people's lives. Luthor interfaces with the Kryptonian technology, entering into a huge crystal craft which breaks free and flies above Metropolis. Realizing only one man could be behind this, Superman grabs hold of the craft telling Lex "Let's end this."

  • Superman #653 (August)
    Kurt Busiek & Geoff Johns, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Lex boasts about the Kryptonian technology he now masters. As other superheroes come to help out, Lex creates a force field around Metropolis, keeping them out. Using his heightened abilities, Superman finds and takes out the broadcast center of the crystal ship, taking out the external tanks roaming destroying Metropolis. Not to be out done, Lex infuses the ship with the Kryptonite he'd collected, and directs it at Superman. Jimmy aids Superman, getting his arm burnt in the process. Using the moment of reprieve, Superman smashes through the ship, grabbing Lex. With the Kryptonite too much for him, Superman blacks out, as he and Lex fall into the ocean.

  • Action Comics #840 (August)
    Geoff Johns & Kurt Busiek, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Coming ashore, Superman finds himself momentarily powerless, and Lex takes advantage of the situation and punches him. The two continue to fight, knocking each other out. Superman awakens as paramedics look over him, with Luthor on his way to Stryker's Island. Superman flies home to Lois. The next day Metropolis starts to return to normal, with the Kryptonian spacecraft removed. After dropping in to the Daily Planet as Clark Kent to deliver some articles to Perry, Superman helps out around the city, repairing damaged buildings. He gives Jimmy a new signal watch, before going off to fight Dr. Virus and his Kryptococcus creation, sent by Intergang. With the world back to normal, Superman grabs one of his favorite pretzels, and flies off with the Sunstone to the arctic, where upon throwing it, he builds a new Fortress of Solitude.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Up, Up, And Away! reprints Action Comics #837-840, Superman #650-653]

  • Superman #654 (September)
    Kurt Busiek, Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino
    Trying to make it a special day between he and Lois, Superman is faced with having to fight Neutron (helped by the Science Police), complete his writing assignments for a less-than-happy Perry White to get the bigger assignments (covering the story of Lana Lang's appointment as CEO of LexCorp and interviewing Callie Llewellyn), taking down an Intergang Camouflage Squad, fighting a giant Ugly Manheim, on top of a number of other incidents. At the end of the day, having failed to cover Perry's assignments, he finds that Lois has done them for him, and the two are free to mark the anniversary of their first flight together twelve years ago.

  • Action Comics #841 (September)
    Kurt Busiek, Fabian Nicieza, Pete Woods
    Fighting a giant robot in Baltimore, Superman finds that the world outside Metropolis is sceptical about his return after being missing for the past year. Even heroes like Firestorm aren't sure, although Nightwing has no trouble believing Superman is who he says he is. An intergalactic auctioneer sets his sights on earthly locations, and is shocked when his normally unstoppable robots are stopped by Superman. He comes to earth to investigate the problem himself.

  • Superman #655 (October)
    Kurt Busiek, Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino
    As Clark flies on a plane towards Kazakhstan he's confronted by a reporter for Action Bulletin News who's interested in Clark's relationship with Callie Llewellyn. Clark puts the guy in his place, and thinks back about his prior relationships. He thinks about Lana, who is now CEO of LexCorp, and how she's going through with her divorce to Pete Ross. He thinks about Callie, and here's her calling out his name. He changes into Superman flies ahead of the plane to Kazakhstan where he finds her amongst the ruins of a destroyed science center, where Callie explains, old soviet experiments left a creature called Subjekt 17 alive in stasis. The creature as awoken and destroyed the place, and it's up to Superman to try and save those still living while taking on the creature. From the distant past Arion of Atlantis uses magic to come to the present.

  • Action Comics #842 (October)
    Kurt Busiek & Fabian Nicieza, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Unable to get the giant Auctioneer's attention, Superman takes out his headset. The Auctioneer is astonished to see a Kryptonian, quickly scans Earth and finds two other live Kryptonians (?). He captures all Earth's meta-humans and superheroes/villains. With their powers quashed, Superman and a mish-mash group try to set about shutting down the system to free their fellow meta-humans. With only seconds to get it right, a powerless Superman freefalls towards his goal.

  • Superman #656 (November)
    Kurt Busiek, Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino
    Clark thinks back to when he first met Callie Llewellyn in Australia and how he saved her life. In present day Serbia, Superman fights Subjekt-17, an alien whose parents crashed on earth back in 1949, and who has been experimented on ever since by the Russians. With the alient discovering new powers all the time, Superman struggles to combat the creature, who even discovers him in his Clark Kent identity. With Callie's help, Superman is able to use sonics to stop the creature, who vows to kill everyone on earth, and doesn't understand why Superman (a fellow alien) doesn't feel the same. As the fight reaches a climax, Subjekt-17 disappears, with Arion appearing, berating Superman for dooming the world with the decisions he's made.

  • Action Comics #843 (November)
    Kurt Busiek & Fabian Nicieza, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Superman discovers that the power inhibitor was merely a physcological block. With their powers returned, Superman and those with him set about finding their ship's weakest point. They capture Ops, The Auctioneers sentient database, and bargain with The Auctioneer for him to leave Earth alone. The Auctioneer accepts, and everything and everyone is returned to Earth. The space ship the Auctioneer originally came to Earth for, flies towards Earth, as Superman ponders what is coming and who the third Kryptonian might be.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Back in Action reprints Action Comics #841-843, DC Comics Presents #4, 17, 24]

  • Superman #657 (December)
    Kurt Busiek, Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino
    In a possible future, Jimmy and Lois scavange through the ruins of Metropolis for medication. They're attacked by Ghostwolves, but are saved by Khalid, an arab superhero, who is soon joined by Lex Luthor and the Parasite (who retains all of Superman's powers and memories). Khalid is badly injured, so Parasite carries him back to their camp. Back in current time, Arion continues telling Superman, Lois, Jimmy and Perry about the future Superman has doomed them to because of his actions. He shows them an image of Khyber, a villain who will soon threaten their existence, by defeating Superman and using him as a weapon to destroy Earth.

  • Action Comics #844 (December)
    Geoff Johns & Richard Donner, Adam Kubert, Adam Kubert
    After a brief visit to the Fortress of Solitude, Superman heads back to the Daily Planet as Clark Kent, where Perry White is yelling at Jimmy Olsen for handing in poor photos. Seeing an object falling to Earth, Clark dashes out and catches the crashing space craft as it plows through a Metropolis street. Within the craft is a little boy. Taking the boy to the Department of Metahuman Affairs, Superman discovers that the boy appears to be Kryptonian. Promising the boy he'll return tomorrow, Superman goes home and talks about it with Lois. The next day he finds the boy has been moved. Angry he confronts Sarge Steel at the DMA's Washington Headquarters. Sarge tells Superman they moved the boy for safety reasons. Reading about the boy in the newspaper, Lex Luthor smells an opportunity. Disguised with a balaclava Superman rescues the boy and arrives in Smallville to ask his parents for hints on bringing up a boy who fell from the sky.

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