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  • Action Comics #845 (January)
    Geoff Johns & Richard Donner, Adam Kubert, Adam Kubert
    Superman and the Kryptonian boy speak to Jor-El in the Fortress of Solitude, before Superman teaches him how to fly. Back in Smallville, the Kents and Lois discuss Clark's actions and whether or not he and Lois can adopt him. Meanwhile, Luthor sees an opportunity with the boy's arrival on Earth, and delays his experiments on Rudy to release Bizarro on a mission to capture the boy. Bizarro goes on a rampage through Metropolis, searching for the boy, battles Superman, who stops him. Lois agrees to try and bring the boy up as their own, naming him Christopher Kent. In the arctic, three Kryptonian pods crash land, releasing General Zod, Ursa and Non... Christopher is actually Zod and Ursa's son!

  • Superman #658 (January)
    Kurt Busiek, Carlos Pacheco, Jesús Merino
    As the remaining heroes attempt fight off Khyber's minions, slowly they're all killed off. Parasite dies and Lex confronts Khyber himself, but somehow Superman returns and takes on Khyber. Still unwilling to kill, Superman is killed by Khyber, but the distraction is enough for Khalid to step in and finish off Khyber. Lex is later killed and buried next to Superman. One by one time kills off everyone, leaving Jimmy to write the final journal entry as the last man on earth. Back in current time, Arion tells Superman that for this future he's shown him not to occur, Superman must give up the never-ending battle and let civilization fall.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Camelot Falls - Vol. 1 reprints Superman #654-658]

  • Notable Issue: Birds of Prey #102 (January)
    Gail Simone, Nicola Scott, Doug Hazlewood
    Just how much does Lois Lane know about Oracle's operation?

  • Notable Issue: Action Comics Annual #10
    Geoff Johns and Richard Donner; Art Adams, Eric Wright, Joe Kubert, Rags Morales and Mark Farmer, Gary Frank and Jonathan Sibal, Phil Jimenez and Andy Lanning, Tony Daniel
    Searching for Kryptonite, Lex Luthor thinks of all the ways Superman can be killed. Young Clark Kent meets Mon-El from Daxam, but exposure to lead forces Clark to banish Mon-El to the Phantom Zone. Thanagarians are set upon by Bizarros. Superman's Fortress of Solitude examined. Originally a teacher and friend of Jor-El, Non is rendered a mindless hulk when arrested. But Zod believes Non's faith in Jor-El's theories are not misplaced, and attempts to convince Jor-El to join them in taking over the Council who do not believe Jor-El. Jor-El convinces the council not to execute Zod, Ursa and Non, but instead puts them in the Phantom Zone. Superman's greatest foes are listed. Lex installs an array of different colored Kryptonite into Metallo, forming the beginning of his new Revenge Squad.

  • Superman #659 (February)
    Kurt Busiek & Fabian Nicieza, Peter Vale, Jesús Merino
    Barbara Johnson, a religious woman living in Suicide Slum, is saved by Superman and attributes his arrival to her prayers. Thinking he's an Angel, Barbara is convinced that Superman arrives to save the day each time she prays for God to send him to her. Although he warns her he's just a man, Barbara is shot by criminals when Superman is busy fighting off an electromagnetic creature. Seeing the error of her ways, Barbara, recovering in hospital, tells Superman that while he may be "just a man" he's still an inspiration to normal people to try and do better.

  • Action Comics #846 (February)
    Geoff Johns & Richard Donner, Adam Kubert, Adam Kubert
    Zod, Ursa and Non get inside the Fortress of Solitude and from Jor-El's recordings we learn how Jor-El discovered the Phantom Zone and how Zod and his crew were imprisoned within it. Clark and Lois take "Christopher" to the Daily Planet, but Zod locates them, attacking Clark as Superman. Ursa takes Christopher from Lois, as dozens of space pods arrive... Zod has released Jax-Ur and other villains from the Phantom Zone, and then turns the Phantom Zone projector on Superman, trapping him.

  • Notable Issue: Manhunter #29 (March)
    Mark Andreyko, Javier Pina, Robin Riggs
    "Unleashed" Part 4! A verdict on Wonder Woman - and a backlash from above!

  • Superman #660 (March)
    Kurt Busiek, Mike Manley, Bret Blevins
    Oswald Hubert Loomis, AKA the Prankster has set himself up as a man for hire. He creates diversions to enable criminals to successfully complete a robbery. A villain known as Nitro G hires Prankster to keep Superman busy while he robs a bank. Impressed with some of Prankster's tricks, Nitro G wants him to supply him with weapons, but Prankster isn't interested, but Nitro G insists. Prankster has the last laugh however, when he sets Nitro G up to fail publicly, while the Prankster slinks away.

  • Action Comics #847 (April)
    Dwayne McDuffie, Renato Guedes, Renato Guedes
    With Zod and other Kryptonians running riot out in Metropolis, over in Smallville Jonathan and Martha Kent worry about their son. Jonathan tells Martha about a time when Clark took him into space and how Superman went up against a Sun-Eater to save an entire star system from destruction. They're sure Superman will find a way to defeat Zod... however unknown to them, Superman is still stuck in the Phantom Zone.

  • Superman #661 (April)
    Kurt Busiek & Richard Howell, Richard Howell, Eduardo Barreto
    Clark and Lois attend a fundraiser which Wonder Woman is helping to promote. But when a Khyrana grabs an ancient bracelet on display, Clark tries to stop her, but only finds himself at the mercy of the ancient woman, who uses his energy to make herself stronger. When Wonder Woman attempts to stop her, Khyrana saps her energy as well, only to find that Superman's energy doesn't mix so well with magic, giving the two weakened heroes a chance to take the woman down.

  • Action Comics #848 (May)
    Fabian Nicieza, Allan Goldman, Ron Randall
    A new superhero named Redemption is unable to keep his faith-based powers under control, killing government soldiers in Nyasir. Clark goes to investigate and finds that Remeption's home life in Colorado is much like his own in Smallville, and he's unsure how to approach the situation. But when Redemption once again destroys a city in Nyasir, Superman arrives to confront him.

  • Superman #662 (May)
    Kurt Busiek, Carlos Pacheco, Jesús Merino
    Subject-17 learns more about humanity as he continues his search for Superman. Meanwhile Superman runs tests on Power Girl confirming she isn't the third Kryptonian the Auctioneer mentioned. As Clark Kent, he asks Perry, Jimmy and Lois for their opinions regarding Arion's warning. After helping fix the Daily Planet globe, Superman gets Zatanna's help to confirm that there are no mystical influences surrounding him, while also learning more about Arion from her. He continues his search in Iran, where he talks to Sirocco regarding his knowledge of Hassan-I-Sabah. He returns to Metropolis to find the sky filled with New Gods.

  • Notable Issue: Blue Beetle #15 (May)
    J. Torres, Freddie Williams II, Freddie Williams II
    Big Blue meets Little Blue! Jaime Reyes tries to surrender himself to the local S.T.A.R Labs with disastrous results!

  • Notable Issue: Hawkgirl #64 (May)
    Walter Simonson, Renato Arlem, Renato Arlem
    Hawkgirl flies to Metropolis where both Superman and Oracle help bring her closer to the ultimate confrontation with Hath-Set, the man who has cursed Hawkman and herself.

  • Notable Issue: Amazons Attack #2 (May)
    Will Pfeifer, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    The heroes of the DCU join the battle as the miniseries event explodes! When the Justice League and members of the Teen Titans arrive in Washington, it's just the shot in the arm the U.S. military needs, and what was a one-sided affair becomes a devastating stalemate. But the war takes a terrifying turn as military strikes start occurring on the other side of the country, plunging the rest of the country into chaos. With the heroes' attention split between the two coasts, the Amazons press forward with a daring assault, and it's up to the heroes to save thousands of innocent lives!

  • Action Comics #849 (Early July)
    Fabian Nicieza, Allan Goldman, Ron Randall
    Superman attempts to move Redemption away from innocent bystanders as the two battle it out. Superman discovers that Redemption is actually being fueled by the powers of Rev. Hightower, who was once in the military. Getting some guidance from Barbara Johnson and the Kents, Superman confronts Hightower with the help of Jarod Dale (Redemption) during one of his church gatherings.

  • Action Comics #850 (Late July)
    Kurt Busiek, Geoff Johns, Fabian Nicieza; Renato Guedes; Jose Wilson Magalhaes
    Brainiac 5 gives Supergirl a chance to look back into Superman's past, in which she learns that there are different versions throughout the 52 known realities of the Multiverse. She sees Superman's trip as a baby from Krypton to Earth. Sees his youth in Smallville with the Kents, picnics with Lana Lang's large family, his early days in Metropolis, the fact that he knew the Legion of Super Heroes when he was younger, an early dinner date with Lois Lane, his early days in the JLA, his life married to Lois, and a more recent battle where she aided Superman in a battle with Dr. Berko (aka Blackstar). She sees all the different versions of Brainiacs in the Multiverse, and even a reality where her own parents are alive.

  • Superman #663 (July)
    Kurt Busiek, Carlos Pacheco, Jesús Merino
    Arion faces off with his imposter, while Superman flies back to Metropolis to find a horde of New God children creating havoc around his city. Thankfully Lightray arrives to pull his students into line, having no idea why they suddenly reacted the way they did. A group of New Gods finds baby chemos in an old Lexcorp lab, and Superman goes see Lana Lang to see what she knows about it, how Lexcorp is doing under her control, and what she thinks of Arion's warning. Lois tells Clark to go take some time alone to think things through, but it's saving a little girl from falling to her death that finally makes up his mind about not giving up the fight. He tells Arion his decision, but Arion doesn't take it well, and attacks the Man of Steel.

  • Action Comics #851 (August)
    Geoff Johns & Richard Donner, Adam Kubert, Adam Kubert
    Trapped in the Phantom Zone, Superman gets help from Mon-El, who takes him to a Kryptonian prison that was transported whole, and renders anyone who enters to gain solid form (which is how Zod and Ursa managed to give birth to their son). Inside Superman is attacked by Dev-Em, a Kryptonian criminal who stayed behind. Powerless, Superman is almost killed by Dev-Em, but Mon-El risks further lead poisoning to save Superman, who then takes a space pod out of the Zone and back to a desolate Metropolis. At the Fortress of Solitude, Zod and his Kryptonians have captured all earth's heroes, and Zod is trying to figure out why Lois Lane is so special to Kal-El. Superman crashes in on Lex Luthor, wanting his help to defeat Zod, Lex laughs and says it's Superman who will join him, Parasite, Bizarro and Metallo in defeating Zod.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Last Son reprints Action Comics #844-846, #851 and Action Comics Annual #11]

  • Superman #664 (August)
    Kurt Busiek, Carlos Pacheco, Jesús Merino
    As Arion and Superman battle in the streets of Metropolis, Prankster looks on. Breaking free of Arion's mental control, Superman is set upon my Squad K, a government group designed to take down Superman if he ever went rogue. Unable to convince them he's in total control of himself, Superman takes them down in order to pursue Arion. Prankster's giant pie slows Superman down further, as does a visit by the JLA... even Batman's busy trying to find a way to take Superman down, also thinking he's under Arion's control. Having lost Arion's trail, Superman decides to make the best of a bad situation, and tracks and captures Prankster.

  • Action Comics #852 (September)
    Kurt Busiek, Brad Walker, John Livesay
    Jimmy thinks about how his super powers have evolved, and tries to design a costume for his "Mr Action" alterego. Accompanying Clark to Stryker's Island Prison, Jimmy witnesses the trial of the Kryptonite Man, who breaks free when his sentence is handed down. Jimmy thinks back to when he was young and how helped Superman defeat the Clan MacHinery robots. Meanwhile a Kryptonite infected ape breaks free of the zoo, while Superman takes down the Kryptonite Man.

  • Superman #665 (September)
    Kurt Busiek, Rick Leonardi, Ande Parks
    Story of how Perry White and Clark Kent discovered Jimmy Olsen as a kid. First he sold Daily Planet newspapers on a busy street corner, then they discovered he was homeless and living in the basement of the Daily Planet building. Feeling alone with no real friends to hang out with, Clark befriends Jimmy as both Superman and Clark Kent, while learning about Jimmy's past, the death of his mother and neighbout and his missing father. Perry gives Jimmy a job at the newspaper.

  • Action Comics #853 (Early October)
    Kurt Busiek, Brad Walker, John Livesay
    Drawn to the Kryptonite Man's cell, the Kryprtonite infected ape enables the Kryptonite Man to break free of Stryker's Island. Jimmy Olsen, in his Mr. Action alterego is now a famous superhero, having helped out many people. Jimmy barges in on the Kryptonite Man during an ‹nternet meeting but is defeated and tied up. Discovering the Kryptonite Man's location, Superman is also beaten, while the Kryptonite ape escapes. Meanwhile, Jimmy tries to boost a hypersonic signal while tied up... but Superman is already there, but beaten... boosting the signal further calls Krypto to the scene!

  • Action Comics #854 (Mid October)
    Kurt Busiek, Brad Walker, John Livesay
    Jimmy reveals that he knows Clark is Superman! He also relates how he helped Superman defeat the Kryptonite Man with the help of Krypto, and that Krypto has been staying with him ever since. When they go to meet Krypto and decide to allow him to stay with Jimmy.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: 3-2-1 Action reprints Superman #665, Action Comics #852-854, Legends of the DC Universe #14]

  • Superman #666 (October)
    Kurt Busiek, Walter Simonson, Walter Simonson
    Superman dreams of ruling the world, and ridding himself of all the annoyances that make his life a never-ending battle... but is it a dream or real? He descends to hell where he's confronted by a Kryptonian demon, but with the help of the Phantom Stranger, Superman divided his soul, creating a false outer shell that was corruptable, but inside his true self was untainted, and able to defeat the demon.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Redemption reprints Superman #659 and #666, Action Comics #848-849]

  • Action Comics #855 (Late October)
    Geoff Johns & Richard Donner, Eric Powell, Eric Powell
    When Bizarro kidnaps Jonathan Kent, Superman follows him to Bizarro World, a cubed planet with a blue sun. The Bizarro inhabitants of the planet attack him, thinking he's Bizarro, but when Superman finds the real Bizarro, he's taken to a faux Fortress of Solitude where Bizarro has Jonathan Kent trapped, confusing him for Jor-El.

  • Superman #667 (November)
    Kurt Busiek, Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino
    As Superman fights to defeat creatures of darkness from taking over the world as predicated by Arion, he gets help from Zatanna and Phantom Stranger. Subjekt-17 gives Superman an ultimatum that he can't accept, and the two do battle. As Subjekt-17 vanishes, promising to return one day, LexCorp cameras (deployed by CEO Lana Lang) follow Superman as he flies underwater to find Arion's hideout.

  • Action Comics #856 (November)
    Geoff Johns & Richard Donner, Eric Powell, Eric Powell
    Tells the story of how Bizarro created Bizarro World using his new splitting powers gained under a blue sun. Bizarro Lex Luthor unleashes Bizarro Doomsday to defeat Bizarro, while Superman saves Pa Kent from his crystal prison. The Bizarro Justice League arrive to further complicate matters.

  • Superman #668 (Early December)
    Kurt Busiek, Rick Leonardi, Dan Green
    Searching for the third Kryptonian mentioned by the Auctioneer, Superman employs Batman's help. They discover a Dominator plan and defeat them, but they can't locate the third Kryptonian. Introducing Chris Kent to Robin, Superman and Batman work on creating a red sun watch that Chris can wear to suppress his powers to enable him to fit in with other kids. Chris takes it off to join Superman rescue people from a bridge collapse in southern Virginia. Some new alien threat looks on, having received information from the Auctioneer about Superman's existance... they locate the third Kryptonian... a farmer called K. Wells.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Camelot Falls - Vol. 2 reprints Superman #662-664, 667-668 and Superman Annual #13]

  • Action Comics #857 (Early December)
    Geoff Johns & Richard Donner, Eric Powell, Eric Powell
    The Bizarro Justice League just create more trouble for Bizarro before being killed by Bizarro Doomsday. With Jonathan in Doomsday's path, Superman uses "Superman Vision" on him and Jonathan suddenly has super powers. Bizarro realizes the error of his ways, and a plan is divised. Superman starts fixing things, and the Bizarro populace don't like it. Bizarro comes in, stops Superman and the people love him for it. Back on Earth, Jonathan's powers are gone and all is right with the world.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Escape from Bizarro World reprints Action Comics #855-857, Superman #140, DC Comics Presents #71, Man of Steel #5]

  • Superman #669 (Late December)
    Kurt Busiek, Rick Leonardi, Dan Green
    Superman confronts Kristen Wells, an older Kryptonian woman who has been living on Earth for some time, having been the last remaining survivor of Krypton's empire era. She tells her story to Superman, of how she'd lived, always on the run from worlds that hated Kryptonian dominance over them. She tells of Amalak, an alien who has vowed to rid the universe of all Kryptonians. As she concludes her story Amalak arrives, ready to kill them both.

  • Action Comics #858 (Late December)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Jon Sibal
    An alien baby is sent to Earth in 3008, but the couple who find it decide to kill it as is the law. At the Daily Planet Perry White gives Clark a stern talking to, but Clark spots trouble outside and leaves quickly. He's confronted with a Brainiac robot, but it's Brainiac 5 from the future, he wipes away a memory block from Superman's mind, letting memories of his time with the Legion of Super Heroes in the far future flood back in. He travels to the future once again, to find the world in ruins and his powers gone due to the Earth's sun now being red!

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