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New Krypton (continued)

  • [ 3] Adventure Comics Special: Featuring the Guardian #1 #1 (January)
    James Robinson, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    Jimmy's interview with the clone of Jim Harper (aka The Guardian) uncovers the fact that a secret Cadmus lab had been cloning Harper's clone, but they were imperfect. Harper's clone destroyed the lab, saving one little girl, his daughter. At the lab he found a Legionarre trapped. As Jimmy leaves, Harper, now knowing that Codename: Assassin killed his "father", decides it's time to head back to Metropolis.

  • [ 4] Action Comics #871 (January)
    Geoff Johns, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Two of Zod's former officers look on as a traffic accident occurs, refusing to help, wondering why Kal-El hasn't turned Earth into New Krypton. Sam Lane recruits Lex Luthor to his military unit, but shoots him in the shoulder when Lex goads Lane about Lois. Superman and Supergirl try to contain Doomsday, and find a large group of the Kryptonians helping them remove the threat to the moon, where the Kryptonian brutally kill Doomsday in a bloody frenzy. At the Fortress of Solitude, Zod's officers attempt to release the General from the Phantom Zone, but are stopped by Nightwing and Flamebird!

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: New Krypton Vol. 1: Birth (Hardcover) reprints Superman: New Krypton Special #1, Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen Special #1, Superman #681, Action Comics #871 and Adventure Comics Special Featuring The Guardian #1]

  • Notable Issue: [ 5] Supergirl #35 (January)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Keith Champagne
    Sam Lane looks on as his computers try and track all Kryptonians in America. Kara's parents scoff at her taking on the Linda Lang secret identity and want her to come live with them. She's torn, wanting to pick up her life in Metropolis. Lana confronts Cat Grant about another of her anti-Supergirl front page articles. Meanwhile Major Krull (Reactron) is offered a new procedure to get him back in action. Zor-El attempts to remove the Kryptonian poisoning Kara contracted during her time encased in the Kryptonite meteor on her journey to Earth. It is this K poisoning that has been playing havoc with her memories and mental status. A cloaked woman (Superwoman) flies away from the New Krypton towards Metropolis.

  • [ 6] Superman #682 (January)
    James Robinson, Renato Guedes, Wilson Magalháaes
    As Clark and Martha go to Jonathan's grave, they notice a weeping Bizarro who flies off. Agent Liberty asks the president for a leave of absence to investigate Doomsday's timely arrival in Metropolis. Jim Harper goes to the Science Police to ask if they could use the help of The Guardian. Atlas sits at a diner, contemplating his next move. Zor-El and Alura invite Kara to join them as they organize teams of Kryptonians to capture many of Superman's deadliest enemies, including Parasite, Toyman, Prankster, and Silver Banshee. Humans are killed in the process however, angering Superman. Zor-El and Kara had no idea, but Alura shows no remorse. Meanwhile, the captured villains, now in the Phantom Zone, circle a confused Mon-El.

  • [ 7] Action Comics #872 (February)
    Geoff Johns, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Superman demands Alura give him the names of the Kryptonians who killed the policemen. She refuses, showing him all the cities and aliens they're trying to set free from Brainiac containment bottles. Metallo and Reactron willingly go into custody with the Kryptonians, but it's a ploy set in place by Lex Luthor, who has gained access to Brainiac's systems, and uses the villains proximity to Kandor to release all the captive creatures. Amongst those freed are the Creature Commandos. Metallo (green kryptonite) and Reactron (gold kryptonite) kill a few Kryptonians in the chaos as Brainiac drones attack. Reactron shoots Zor-El. Elsewhere the Guardian and the Science Police approach Earth's superheroes about doing something about Kandor.

  • Notable Issue: [ 8] Supergirl #36 (February)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Keith Champagne
    Kara races to reach her father who has been shot by Reactron. Zor-El passes away in Kara's arms. At the Daily Planet Lana gives Cat Grant a piece of her mind. In Kandor Alura reacts angrily towards the death of her husband. Later Alura blames Superman and Supergirl for Zor-El's death. Kara flies off angry and comes face to face with a female Kryptonian calling herself Superwoman. They two fly off together and chat, with Superwoman promising to reveal her identity when the time is right.

  • [ 9] Superman #683 (February)
    James Robinson, Renato Guedes & Jorgé Correa Jr., Wilson Magalháaes & Jorgé Correa Jr.
    Confronted by Guardian and the JLA, Superman asks them to give him time to deal with things his way. Confronting Alura, Superman is dismayed when she displays hatred of humans, and Kara is disgusted as well at her mother's behavior. As a show of her might, Alura gathers 200 Kryptonians together and begins a fight with the JLA. When Superman grabs Alura to try and make her see the error of her ways, Kara cracks and punches Superman for touching her mother. The JLA are joined by a group of magicians who have come to help stop the Kryptonians.

  • [10] Action Comics #873 (March)
    Geoff Johns, Pete Woods, Renato Guedes & Wilson Magalhaes
    General Lane promises Lex Superman will have a slow death. The fight between Kryptonians and Earth's superheroes continues until Alura triggers her plan... launching Kandor into space, creating a new world (New Krypton) in exact opposite orbit around the Sun. Kara flies off to be within New Krypton before a force-field closes off the new planet. Later, in Smallville, Lana, Lois and Martha chat, as Clark visits Jonathan's grave. Clark thinks about his father's words, and promises his dad he'll never let anything get in the way of helping people. Agent Liberty listens in on Luthor and Lane's conversation, before being taken out by Superwoman. Alura has set free General Zod from the Phantom Zone.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Superman: New Krypton - Vol. 2 reprints Superman #682-683, Action Comics #872-873, Supergirl #35-36]

  • Notable Issue: [11] Supergirl #37 (March)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Keith Champagne
    Superwoman appears to be trapped into serving Sam Lane because he knows her secret identity. On New Krypton, Alura demands Thara, as Security Chief, locates Kara, who seems to be missing. Kara is actually collecting her thoughts out near the sun. Superwoman joins her there. In Metropolis Lois meets Inspector Mike Henderson of the Metacrimes Division who is investigating the murder of Agent Liberty. Arriving back home, Kara is ordered by her mother to go to Earth and bring back Reactron for murdering Zor-El. Warned off by Thara, Kara flies to Earth anyway, where she's warned off by Superwoman... who won't take no for an answer.

  • [12] Superman #684 (March)
    James Robinson, Jesus Merino, Jesus Merino
    Having been pulled out of the Phantom Zone by Superman and the Science Police, Mon-El tells Superman that many people are missing from the Phantom Zone... most notably Zod, Ursa and Non. Unable to restrain himself from the power he offers, Parasite grabs hold of Mon-El draining power from him, before Superman stops him. With Daxamite power Parasite escapes from his prison. At Science Police headquarters The Guardian introduces himself to all in attendance as their new team leader. In Keystone City Flamebird and Nightwing enlist the aid of Jay Garrick to help them with some information. Superman flies to New Krypton where he is shocked to find that Alura has installed General Zod as leader of the Kryptonian armies.

  • Notable Issue: Adventure Comics #0 (April)
    Geoff Johns, Francis Manapul, Francis Manapul
    [Reprints Superboy's first meeting with the Legion of Super-Heroes from Adventure Comics #247]. Scar, the fallen Oan, reads from the Book of the Black and sees Lex Luthor removing Brainiac's body from his lab, taking out some of General Sam Lane's soldiers on guard, to get Brainiac to his ship. Brainiac, having pretended to be under Lex's control, awakens and tells Lex they're going to work together. Scar talks about controlling the dead as an image of Conner Kent appears.

  • [13] Action Comics #874 (April)
    James Robinson, Pablo Raimondi/Renato Guedes, Pablo Raimondi & Walden Wong/Jose Wilson Magalhaes
    Attacking Zod, Superman is soon subdued and held back. Zod tells Kal-El that he has no evil plans, that he's simply taking up his rightful position as General. It is revealed that someone has stolen the Brainiac technology. Unable to accept what has happened, Superman flies off. On Earth, in bunker 7734, Lex Luthor and Sam Lane look on with wonder at the Brainiac technology they've stolen from New Krypton. Jimmy has the numbers 7734 but doesn't know what they mean. Steve Lombard tells him that the numbers form the word HELL when displayed on a calculator upside down. To help him think things through Superman flies Lois to the Fortress of Solitude where Mon-El calls for help. The Phantom Zone is disappearing, and if Kal-El doesn't let him out he'll die... but Mon will die of lead poisoning if he is let out. The Oan known as Scar thinks on The Guardian in Metropolis. The Toyman releases deadly toys on the day of his birthday, but The Guardian and his troops are up to the task. What trials lie ahead for The Guardian?

  • Notable Issue: [14] Supergirl #38 (April)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Keith Champagne
    Superwoman punches Supergirl, trying to keep her from landing on Earth. Supergirl fights back but Superwoman has the upper hand. Just as she's about to fly the unconcious Kara back to New Krypton Superwoman is ordered to drop Supergirl as she's needed elsewhere. Meanwhile at the Metropolis City Hospital Inspector Henderson's autopsy of Agent Liberty's body is interrupted by Major Lucy Lane who has Liberty's body taken away... but not before his computers have downloaded Liberty's suit's memory. At the Daily Planet Cat Grant receives a package containing a crude Supergirl doll, which she tosses in the trash. A battered Supergirl arrives at Lana Lang's apartment. Reactron attacks his ex before Superwoman arrives to take him out. He tries using his Gold Kryptonite on her... but it has no affect because she's not Kryptonian. Kara can't decide where she belongs, on Earth or New Krypton. Lana (who appears to be coughing up blood) tells her she's welcome to stay with her.

  • [15] Superman #685 (April)
    James Robinson, Javier Pina, Javier Pina
    Lois runs to find Superman holding Mon-El who is dying from lead poisoning. Unable to go to the 31st Century for some unknown reason, Superman dashes through the Fortress where he comes across a previously unseen bottle marked for Mon-El. After drinking the liquid Mon-El appears to be cured from his lead poisoning. Weary from everything that's been happening, Superman talks to Lois and Martha about thinking of moving to New Krypton to keep an eye on Alura and Zod. Asking Mon-El, Steel, and others to keep an eye on Metropolis while he's away, Superman kisses Lois and flies off for New Krypton. The Oan known as Scar dwells on Mon-El, who flies to Smallville to say hello to Martha Kent and get some sage advice. She gives him the secret identity of Jonathan Kent. Moving in to his new Metropolis apartment, Mon-El meets his new neighbor, Sandra.

  • [16] Superman: World of New Krypton #1 (May)
    James Robinson & Greg Rucka, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Leaving Earth, Superman flies to New Krypton to join his people. Although Zod wants to see him, Kal-El goes to see his Aunt Alura first. Tyr-Van, one of Alura's personal pages, is to show Kal-El around so that he might choose which Guild he wants to join. Kal-El goes to see Zod, but is attacked by Non, who Superman quickly defeats, warning the others that he's much more adept at using his super powers than they are. Unhappy with the Guild system, Kal-El refuses to choose which Guild to join, so Alura chooses for him. He is now Commander El... part of the military under the leadership of General Zod.

  • [17] Action Comics #875 (May)
    Greg Rucka, Eddy Barrows, Ruy Jose & Julio Ferreira
    Nightwing and Flamebird chase down an undercover Kryptonian in Sydney, Australia. After a brief battle (in which he presumes they're humans) the Kryptonian, known as Tor-An, is captured. Lois Lane watches the TV report in Metropolis, while at Project 7734 Sam Lane suspects the two heroes are Kryptonian and demands an investigation. Before the authorities get too close, the two heroes fly to Superman's Fortress of Solitude with Tor-An. On New Krypton, Ursa watches a recording of her son's brutal interrogation as Zod enters. We learn that the duo are in fact Lor-Zod (aka Chris Kent) and Thara Ak-Var. As Thara checks on other undercover Kryptonians they need to find, Chris cries out in pain. He's undergoing some physical changes where he's aging rapidly from a boy to a man. Ursa breaks in ready to kill her son and Thara.

  • Notable Issue: [18] Supergirl #39 (May)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle & Talent Caldwell, Jon Sibal & Talent Caldwell
    Superwoman stops Reactron from hurting his girlfriend, takes him into custody, and the blows up the apartment with the girlfriend in it. Meanwhile Supergirl is flying all over the place searching for Reactron's girlfriend, and calls in Lana's help, but she arrives too late, finding the apartment destroyed. She is however spotted by a Project 7734 camera. Alura chides Kara for not retrieving Reactron. Upset at her mother's treatment, Kara cries on Lana's shoulder. Superwoman is assigned to team up with Reactron to hunt down Supergirl. Kara pays Inspector Henderson a visit, as he's discovered that Superwoman killed Agent Liberty. Lucy Lane also arrives, asking Supergirl why a member of the Superman family would kill Agent Liberty. Seeing that Superwoman is working with her father's killer, Supergirl flies off to find her.

  • [19] Superman #686 (May)
    James Robinson, Renato Guedes, Jose Wilson Magalhaes
    Mon-El patrols Metropolis as Superman has requested he do while he's away on New Krypton. Bibbo doesn't realize he's chatting with Atlas in the Ace 'o Clubs. John Henry Irons, having agreed to Superman's wish that he help Mon-El, enters his Ironworks. Mon-El gives Jimmy a Signal Watch and then goes off to defeat Rampage, where he's met by Steel and Guardian. General Lane watches video footage of the three heroes talking. Guardian gives Jonathan Kent (aka Mon-El) a job in the Science Police as requested by Superman. Mon-El meets Billi Harper, great neice of the original Jim Harper who has also joined the Science Police.

  • Notable Issue: Strange Adventures #2 (June)
    Jim Starlin, Manuel Garcia & Al Milgrom and Jim Starlin & Rob Hunter
    Adam Strange discovers that someone - or something - is stealing stars. But no one believes him! Has Adam gone crazy? Meanwhile, Comet remains in hiding until the arrival of a very unexpected visitor while Bizarro tries putting an end to a senseless war.

  • Notable Issue: Solomon Grundy #2 (June)
    Scott Kolins, Scott Kolins, Scott Kolins
    Christened on a Tuesday! First-ever Solomon Grundy battle with Bizarro! The two monsters smash through Gotham City in a stirring, mind-blowing death match you'll have to see to believe!

  • [20] Superman: World of New Krypton #2 (June)
    James Robinson & Greg Rucka, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    The Guardians on Oa decide that Green Lanterns need to look into the New Krypton situation. Zod shows off new red-sun Archer-Class assault weapons that his army will be using. Kal-El stamps his authority on his Red Shard unit who he finds taunting Non using an animal known as a Torquat. At an Artists Guild gala Kal talks with Alura, who misses her husband. Kara returns but her reunion with Kal is cut short when Zod needs him to lead a squad to stop rampaging Thought-Beasts. Rather than kill them, Kal-El devises a plan to herd the animals into submission, realizing they were just hungry for food. He wins over the admiration of many of his unit. Back in the city the Labor Guild have taken hostages as they demand equal ranking in Kryptonian society. Zod takes his own Labor Guild hostages as a counter measure.

  • [21] Action Comics #876 (June)
    Greg Rucka, Eddy Barrows & Sidney Teles, Ruy Jose & Julio Ferreira
    Ursa beats on Thara and her son. She stabs Thara multiples times with a Kryptonite-laced knife. Chris attacks his mother to protect Thara, getting the knife from her... but he won't kill her. Instead he flies off with the dying Thara, causing the Fortress of Solitude to crash down on Ursa in his wake. At the Daily Planet Lois sees Jimmy's 7734 notes and her interest is piqued. At her apartment she tries to call her sister Lucy but only gets her voice mail. Seeing a red/blue blur, Lois thinks Superman has come back to visit her, but instead she finds a grown-up Chris Kent holding a bloody Thara hovering outside her window.

  • Notable Issue: [22] Supergirl #40 (June)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Jon Sibal
    Supergirl chats with Inspector Henderson when Major Lucy Lane steps in to tell them they found Superwoman. Supergirl flies off to the location indicated, only to find it's a trap, with Reactron jumping her. Using Gold Kryptonite Reactron rends Supergirl powerless for 15 seconds, but she uses techniques Batman taught her to land safely. Meanwhile Lana, Cat and Jimmy attend an Awards banquet when Lana suffers a noes bleed and passes out. Back at his own apartment Henderson finds his window melted, turns around and is blasted with heat-vision by Superwoman. Supergirl arrives, knocks down Superwoman, taking off her mask. Superwoman is really Lucy Lane!

  • [23] Superman #687 (June)
    James Robinson, Renato Guedes, Jose Wilson Magalhaes
    The Guardian and the Science Police battle Shrapnel in Metropolis. Jonathan Kent disappears and returns as Mon-El, easily taking care of the villain. The Guardian worries about how they'll keep his secret identity from the other Science Police members, and as Mon-El flies off the Parasite looks on. At Project 7734 Major Sam Lane observes Mon-El via video, discovering that he's not Kryptonian. At the Metropolis Capital Bank Black Lightning subdues The Untouchables while one of the Prankster's robot rats shows him what's going on. John Henry Irons, not realizing his new friend is really Atlas, shows him the massive unground sewer system below Metropolis. Elsewhere Jimmy Olsen meets with Zatara showing him the supposed magic that beamed down on Supergirl and Krypto during Superman's recent fight with Atlas. Looking on, the Parasite thinks he might like to absorb some magic from Zatara. The Guardian calls a special team together, consisting of Wilcox, Sanderson, Romundi, Jonathan Kent and Harper. Later, Mon-El flies over Metropolis, and suddenly loses all his powers!

  • [24] Superman: World of New Krypton #3 (July)
    James Robinson & Greg Rucka, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Kal-El ask Zod to give him a chance to resolve the Labor Guild hostage situation peacefully. Shooting himself with Red Kryptonite radiation, Kal goes into the building powerless. He manages to talk down the Labor Guild members with a promise from Alura that things will change for them on New Krypton. Angry at having been told to stand down, Commander Gor tries to shoot one of the Labor Guild members, but Kara stops the bullet and Gor is reprimanded by Zod. However Gor challenges Kal-El and the two must combat each other... Kal easily defeats him. As he does, Hal Jordan and a couple of other Green Lanterns arrive.

  • Notable Issue: Strange Adventures #3 (July)
    Jim Starlin, Manuel Garcia & Al Milgrom and Rafael Albuquerque
    Comet and Eye have to deal with a very different and dangerous version of The Weird while Adam Strange travels to Hardcore Station only to discover that the space city holds unexpected perils. Bizarro also arrives at Hardcore and finds it most unwelcoming.

  • [25] Action Comics #877 (July)
    Greg Rucka, Sidney Teles, Sandro Ribeiro
    Ursa emerges from the rubble and discovers Tor-An imprisoned. Lois and Chris reunite, and Lois calls in Dr. Light to help Thara. They take her out on the roof where Dr. Light tries to supercharge her cells to combat the Kryptonite. Project 7734 spots the burst of energy. Chris flies back to the Fortress where he discovers Tor-An dead, murdered by Ursa. Ursa flies off and General Lane fires rockets on Chris, but he destroys them and flies off. In New Paradise, Nevada two rogue Kryptonians rob a bank, killing the staff and police...

  • Notable Issue: [26] Supergirl #41 (July)
    Sterling Gates, Fernando Dagnino, Raul Fernandez
    Lana is rushed into hospital. General Lane watches on as Lucy AKA Superwoman and Supergirl fight. Lucy refuses to answer any of Kara's questions, saying she planned to frame Supergirl for Agent Liberty's death. Reactron arrives and temporarily removes Kara's powers with Gold K. However an injured Inspector Henderson shoots Reactron and as he falls his powers create a surge in Lucy's suit. With her powers returned, Kara grabs Lucy and begins pulling at her costume. As she tears off the S on Lucy's costume the woman is hideously distorted and claims Supergirl has killed her. Lana leaves hospital much to the concern of Jimmy and the suspicions of Cat Grant.

  • [27] Superman #688 (July)
    James Robinson, Renato Guedes, Jose Wilson Magalhaes
    With his powers coming in and out, Mon-El is saved from drowning by The Guardian. The pair are confronted by K Squad, who think Mon-El is Kryptonian. He makes quick work of them and flies off with Guardian to see Dr. Light. Mon-El is told that his body is fighting the serum he drank that fights off the lead poisoning. He only has a limited time to live. As Jonathan Kent, Mon-El meets a local shop owner in his building who lets him sample his food. Guardians team break in to Project 7734 to rescue the creature Guardian has been having telepathic conversations with. Unhappy at the creature being taken, General Lane notes that the Guardian has a daughter...

  • [28] Superman: World of New Krypton #4 (August)
    James Robinson & Greg Rucka, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Kal-El and Tyr-Van give the Green Lanterns a tour of New Krypton. Sodam, a Daxamite Green Lantern is surprised to hear that Mon-El is in Metropolis. Kal-El is recalled by General Zod, they're going to hunt down escaped Phantom Zone prisoners. However Kal-El and his team are not assigned to the task, they're given perimeter duties instead. The Green Lanterns are surprised by the amount of weaponry and arms Zod is putting together. When there's an explosion at the munitions plant caused by fugitives, the group chase after the criminal mastermind, Val-Ty, who is also wanted by the Guardians of Oa. Zod wants him killed. But when he is captured, General Zod does not allow the Green Lanterns to take him, angering Hal Jordan. For their help aiding the Green Lanterns, Zod has Kal-El and Lieutenant Nar arrested for treason.

  • Notable Issue: Strange Adventures #4 (August)
    Jim Starlin, Manuel Garcia & Al Milgrom and Rafael Albuquerque
    Adam Strange faces near omnipotent power, forcing him to seek out Comet for help. However, upon reaching Hardcore Station, Strange is brutally mugged, and Comet deals harshly with an uninvited houseguest. Bizarro arrives on Hardcore Station, but Chief Justice Max is not welcoming him with open arms.

  • [29] Action Comics #878 (August)
    Greg Rucka, Diego Olmos, Diego Olmos
    The rogue Kryptonians create havoc in New Mexico. Thara wakes up in Lois' apartment. Lois tells her she's Chris' step-mother. Sam Lane discovers who Chris Kent is, and mistakenly thinks that Chris and Thara are the two rogue Kryptonians. Chris and Thara fly off to confront the rogue Kryptonians in New Mexico and take them down, just as Codename: Assassin arrives with a horde of goons.

  • Notable Issue: The Flash: Rebirth #3 (August)
    Geoff Johns, Ethan Van Sciver, Ethan Van Sciver
    At last, the answer to the question that's plagued DC fans for decades: Who's faster, Superman or The Flash? Call your bookie and bet the farm, because you've never seen a run like this - and if speedsters keep dying at the pace they're going, you might never see another one again!

  • Notable Issue: [30] Supergirl #42 (August)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Jon Sibal
    As Lucy Lane's remains are retrieved, Sam Lane recalls assigning her to her role as Superwoman. Lois reacts angrily to Kara's story of Lucy being Superwoman and her death. As Kara leaves with Lana she gives Lois a piece of cloth from Superwoman's costume. Codename: Assassin takes out a team of Science Police to free Reactron. Lois visits Lucy's apartment. Kara flies back to New Krypton. Lana gets her test results back from the hospital... and it's not good news.

  • [31] Superman #689 (August)
    James Robinson, Renato Guedes, Jose Wilson Magalhaes
    Morgan Edge uses his TV show "Edge of Reason" to question Mon-El's integrity. Meanwhile, ignoring it all, Mon-El travels around the world, both helping local heroes and enjoying the sights and sounds. The Guardian appears on "Edge of Reason" to vouch for Mon-El. Sam Lane calls on the Prankster to do another job for him. He wants him to kill John Henry Irons. At the Iron Works, John mistakenly lets Atlas gain entry inside, thinking him to be a trustworthy new friend, but Atlas shows his true colors and tells John he's going to kill him.

  • [32] Superman: World of New Krypton #5 (September)
    James Robinson & Greg Rucka, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Dyn-Xe, Kal-El's legal counsel, meets with him to discuss his defense against the charge of treason. In the court hearing Asha Del-Nar is pardoned when Kal claim responsibility for not killing Val-Ty as Zod ordered. Tyr-Van comes to visit Kal, setting up a device to free him from his cell. Tyr-Van has been a reluctant spy for Zod and Ursa. However Kal refuses to leave his cell much to Zod's surprise. Kal is found guilty and sentenced to death. But Zod steps in and has the Religious Guild pardon Kal, setting him free. At the Nova celebrations, where the dome is removed from over Kandor, one angry person fires a weapon, shooting General Zod.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: New Krypton Vol. 3 reprints Superman: World of New Krypton #1-5 and Action Comics Annual #10]

  • [33] Action Comics #879 (September)
    Greg Rucka, Diego Olmos, Diego Olmos
    Codename: Assassin and his goons attack both the rogue Kryptonians and Nightwing and Flamebird. Capturing Thara, Assassin reads her mind, but is pushed back by the deity Flamebird within Thara's mind. The rogue Kryptonians escape, but Chris chases them down. Thara arrives and saves innocent bystanders, but the villains escape. Lois Lane has Mon-El meet her at the gravesite of her father. His X-ray vision confirms for her that General Sam Lane is not the person buried there. When Mirabai goes missing off the base, Sam Lane is angry. But when she returns with the rogue Kryptonians all imprisoned, he is shocked.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Nightwing & Flamebird, Vol. 1 reprints Action Comics #875-879 and Action Comics Annual #12]

  • Notable Issue: [34] Supergirl #43 (September)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Jon Sibal
    On her birthday, Kara sits in her room on New Krypton trying to compose a letter to her deceased father. She's concerned about her up-coming Guilding Day, where she is supposed to chose which guild she wants to join. She's also concerned about her mother Alura, who cries every night. Kara finds the place where Lucy Lane (aka Superwoman) was living on New Krypton, and Kal-El has the place investigated. Kara thinks her mother is purposely distancing herself from her, sending her on meaningless errands, but when Kara confronts her one night, she realizes that Alura was just trying to give her an insight into the various guilds. On her Guilding Day, Kara decides to join the Science Guild, to be close to her mother.

  • [35] Superman #690 (September)
    James Robinson, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    Steel tries to fight off Atlas, but he's too strong and ends up defeating him, claiming control of the Ironworks. Atlas contacts General Sam Lane and lets him know he's accomplished his mission. The Guardian addresses his Science Police unit, assigning them to various tasks. Mon-El (Jonathan Kent) is assigned to be a plainclothes officer. Elsewhere, Zatara's stagehand quits, but when Parasite attacks Zatara, the stagehand saves his life, and reveals that he's actually Mark Merlin. He tells Zatara that they need to find Prince Ra Man together. Jim Harper (Guardian) and Kimiyo (Dr Light) sit at a park bench as their children play together. Seems the two are forming more than a friendship. Sodam Yat is approached by Tellus, who tells him to put off his search for Mon-El. Sodam Yat gives Tellus some crystals to give to Mon-El.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Superman: Mon-El - Vol 1 reprints Superman #684-690, Action Comics #874 and elements from Action Comics Annual #10]

Codename: Patriot

  • Notable Issue: Superman: Secret Files 2009 #1 [of 1] (October)
    Greg Rucka, James Robinson, Sterling Gates; Pere Perez, Matt Camp, Fernando Dagnino, Stefano Gaudiano; Pere Perez, Matt Camp, Raul Fernandez, Stefano Gaudiano
    Profiles on New Krypton, Superman, the Kryptonian Military Unit, Alura and the Guilds of New Krypton, General Zod, Commander Ursa, Non, Brainiac, Superboy, Krypto, Lex Luthor, Metropolis, the Daily Planet staff, Mon-El, The Guardian, Supergirl, Nightwing and Flamebird, Project 7734, Sam Lane, Atlas, Codename: Assassin, Metallo and Reactron. Also includes stories on Ursa and her love for Zod, Mon-El and Billi Harper's first days as plainclothes officers, Kara and Thara's friendship on Krypton, and how Pete Ross unwittingly was responsible for the formation of Project 7734.

  • [1] Superman: World of New Krypton #6 (October)
    James Robinson & Greg Rucka, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Kal-El calls for a medic as General Zod lays bleeding. The shooter flees, and Kryptonians chase him, nearly ripping him apart before Kal-El and Red Shard secure the shooter as their prisoner. Commander Gor takes the prisoner to a holding cell where he and Kal question the man, who is discovered to be Ral-Dar. When Kal goes to see Ursa to update her on their findings, Ral-Dar escapes and flies for Earth. Together with Supergirl, Kal (changing into his Superman uniform) flies after Ral-Dar.

  • [2] Action Comics #880 (October)
    Greg Rucka and James Robinson, Julian Lopez, Bit
    Sam Lane has fighter jets attempt to intercept Ral-Dar, also alerting the media to the "invasion". As Superman and Supergirl attempt to capture Ral-Dar, they also need to save the jet pilots as Ral-Dar uses their destruction to try and escape. Mon-El arrives to help the heroes, but Ral-Dar escapes. Nightwing and Flamebird are mobbed by fans wanting autographs, before hearing about Superman's return. Lois rushes to get to Superman, as he lands at the Science Police HQ to talk to Guardian. Lois and Superman talk privately and she informs him that Chris is back. Ral-Dar arrives at Project 7734 where he appears to be in collaboration with Sam Lane. Nightwing and Flamebird argue, before kissing. However they're interrupted by the rogue Kryptonians, Az-Rel and Nadira. It's a trick however, as Mirabai reveals the pair to actually be Metallo and Reactron.

  • Notable Issue: [3] Supergirl #44 (October)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Jon Sibal
    Ral-Dar escapes from Project 7734 after hearing that General Lane plans to eliminate him. Sam Lane planned this all along, as a way to put Earth and New Krypton at the brink of war. At the Science Police HQ Kara sees that Lois is still not speaking to her. Footage of Flamebird reveals to Kara that she is her old friend Thara. Lois insists Supergirl not go after Flamebird and Nightwing alone, so Superman sends her with Mon-El, while he goes after Ral-Dar. At the Daily Planet Perry refuses to publish any of Cat Grant's exposes without evidence. When Kara confronts Flamebird and Mon-El confronts Nightwing, it ends up being a trap, with Mirabai actually responsible for making Metallo and Reactron appear to be the Kryptonian heroes. Mon-El is tricked into following Mirabai (who appears to him as Supergirl), while Cat Grant receives a call to appear on Morgan Edge's TV show.

  • [4] Superman #691 (October)
    James Robinson, Renato Guedes with Eduardo Pansica, Jose Wilson Magalhaes with Sandro Ribeiro
    Mirabai, pretending to be Supergirl, tricks Mon-El into a trap where Metallo and Reactron jump him. With Project 7734 leaking footage of what appears to be Supergirl, Flamebird and Nightwing attacking Mon-El, Morgan Edge's TV program beams the pictures across America. In Markovia, Ral-Dar attempts to attack the American President, who he believes is going to sign a pack to make war on New Krypton. Superman tries to stop Ral-Dar, but General Lane appears and has his troops fire Kryptonite bullets at the pair. Superman warns Sam Lane that this is far from over as he flies off with Ral-Dar's limp body. Later Sam Lane talks to Mirabai on her home world, a world of magic, that is now the new location of Project 7734.

  • Notable Issue: [5] Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen Special #2 (October)
    James Robinson, Bernard Chang, Bernard Chang
    Jimmy tells Mon-El how he's worried that Jonathan Drew (aka Codename: Assassin) is out there waiting to kill him. Mon-El tells Jimmy to use his signal watch if he gets in trouble. After chatting online with someone who claims to have information on Project 7734, Jimmy travels to the person's house, only to find it on fire. Jimmy rescues the person, Erik/Erika Storm, who gives Jimmy a phone number. Calling the number leads Jimmy to Natasha Irons who gives him some cryptic clues involving Captain Atom before vanishing. Jimmy is then on the run from Assassin, who finally catches up with him, and even though he's pressed his signal watch to get help from Mon-El, it doesn't arrive. Jimmy is gunned down...

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Codename Patriot reprints Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen Special #2, Superman #691, Supergirl #44, Action Comics #880 and Superman: World of New Krypton #6]

  • [6] Superman: World of New Krypton #7 (November)
    James Robinson & Greg Rucka, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Flying Ral-Dar back to New Krypton, Superman finds Gor addressing the Council spouting words of war. A frail Zod walks in and promotes Kal-El to General and commander of New Krypton's armies and wants no war with Earth... yet. Kal tells Tyr that he knows he spied on him, and betrayed him, and therefore doesn't want to see him anymore. New Krypton is aiming to relocate one of Jupiter's moons to orbit around their own planet, but the team there has been attacked. Kal takes a squad to find out what happened, and finds Kryptonians in battle with Thanagarians. The moon is headed for a crash course with New Krypton.

World Against Superman

  • [7] Action Comics #881 (November)
    Greg Rucka and Sterling Gates, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    Nightwing and Flamebird find themselves in an alleyway... with Supergirl, who attacks Thara who she thinks attacked her. Their fight attracks attention as everyone thinks they killed Mon-El. Guardian with his crew and try take down the Kryptonians, but they manage to escape. Reactron is back online and General Lane tells him he wants to get rid of Supergirl and her friends. In France the Kryptonians realize that the world thinks they killed Mon-El. At the Daily Planet confronts Cat Grant. Kara and Thara can't keep their anger towards each other in check, and begin fighting again, which brings Squad K around./Captain Atom tries to understand what's happened to him, and his former allies fire upon him when they realize he's no longer brain-washed.

  • Notable Issue: [8] Supergirl #45 (November)
    Sterling Gates and Greg Rucka, Jamal Igle, Jon Sibal
    Cat Grant appears on Morgan Edge's TV show and helps spout all kinds of anti-Kryptonian propaganda. In France Squad K attaks Kara, Chris and Thara while Edge airs the fight's footage. As the three Kryptonians escape, Lois rushes into the Daily Star building and gives Cat Grant a piece of her mind. Morgan Edge tells Cat that Lois is jealous. Kara bring Chris and Thara to Lana's apartment. Thara feels there's something wrong with Lana, who has just suffered another nose bleed. Kara takes Thara's concern the wrong way and the two sit in an angry silence as Lana and Chris go to get help from Lois. Reactron is ready to hunt down Supergirl.

  • [9] Superman #692 (November)
    James Robinson, Fernando Dagnino, Raul Fernandez
    Morgan Edge pontificates on the evil of Supergirl, Flamebird, and Nightwing while the heroes attempt to solve the water crisis in Metropolis. John Henry's nanites stop the heroes from repairing the damage, but John Henry is now comatose and in the hospital. Intergang helps Riot and Bloodsport hijack water, given water's current high value. Guardian stops them. Mirabai attempts to get Zatara to believe that the magician he was seeking is actually the Parasite, and that Lane is being controlled by the Parasite. The Guardian gathers the Science Police and outs Mon-El as Jonathan Kent, thinking that he's dead. Jamie Harper reveals that she's the grand-niece of the original Harper, and calls Guardian Uncle John. Guardian talks with Wilcox. Wilcox goes home and receives a call that seems to indicate she's a mole in the Science Police, and calls forth an image of heroic Legion-looking clothing while looking at a picture. Codename: Assassin and General Lane muse over their recent acquisition, Mon-El.

  • [10] Superman: World of New Krypton #8 (December)
    James Robinson & Greg Rucka, Pete Woods, Ron Randall
    The battle between the Thanagarians and Kryptonians rages on, until the main Thanagarian ship is hit. Thinking they're death is near, the Thanagarian commander is surprixed when Kal-El and his team save the ship and broker peace. With the moon Callisto headed towards impact with New Krypton, the Thanagarians aid Kal-El and his team in slowing it down, enough so to allow the Kryptonians to get it into a stable orbit. Just as Krypton and Thanagar talk peace, a new threat arrives in the form of an alien called Jemm.

  • [11] Action Comics #882 (December)
    Greg Rucka and Sterling Gates, Pere Perez, Pere Perez,
    General Lane forces Squad K to take on Reactron as part of their team. Lois secretly meets with Chris and Lana, but when they spot Squad K nearby, Chris is joined by Kara and Thara to face off with them. Realizing the only way to clear their names is to give in, Chris surrenders to Squad K, but Reactron doesn't want that, and kills Squad K... preparing to kill Supergirl and her friends./Captain Atom meets with Natasha Irons who is leading a group of rebels on Mirabai's magical world.

  • Notable Issue: [12] Supergirl #46 (December)
    Sterling Gates and Greg Rucka, Jamal Igle with Eduardo Pansica, Jon Sibal with Julio Ferreira
    Reactron is choking Kara as Chris realizes red sunlight somehow doesn't affect his tactile telekinesis. Chris and Thara break out and rescue Kara, but fail to stop Reactron. Lois and Lana are trying to get around the police. Lana has another nosebleed and Lois notices. She tells Lois to go on without her. Supergirl & Co. fight Reactron as Lois watches. He threatens Lois, who gets a hit in on him. Thara turns into "the real Flamebird" and flies off with Reactron. She pulls the gold kryptonite out of his chest and disintegrates it, and he explains everything that happened and how it was all General Lane's fault. Flamebird is going to kill him, but Kara stops her and says she wants justice, not vengeance. Chris then kisses Flamebird, which turns her back into Thara. Kara apologizes to Thara for not believing her. Thara tell Kara something about Lana. Lana walks in to a distraught looking Kara.

  • [13] Superman #693 (December)
    James Robinson, Fernando Dagnino, Raul Fernandez
    Morgan Edge pontificates on the evil of Supergirl, Flamebird, and Nightwing while the heroes attempt to solve the water crisis in Metropolis. John Henry's nanites stop the heroes from repairing the damage, but John Henry is now comatose and in the hospital. Intergang helps Riot and Bloodsport hijack water, given water's current high value. Guardian stops them. Mirabai attempts to get Zatara to believe that the magician he was seeking is actually the Parasite, and that Lane is being controlled by the Parasite. The Guardian gathers the Science Police and outs Mon-El as Jonathan Kent, thinking that he's dead. Jamie Harper reveals that she's the grand-niece of the original Harper. Guardian talks with Wilcox. Wilcox goes home and receives a call that seems to indicate she's a mole in the Science Police, and calls forth an image of heroic Legion-looking clothing while looking at a picture of "Val". Codename: Assassin and General Lane muse over their recent acquisition, Mon-El.

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