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World Against Superman (continued)

  • [14] Superman: World of New Krypton #9 (January)
    James Robinson and Greg Rucka, Pete Woods, Ron Randall
    Jemm attacks the Kryptonian Council, but Superman is able to calm him down. Jemm and the people of Saturn are outraged at New Krypton moving one of Jupiter's moons. The council continues to argue amongst itself. Non beats down Gor in a training exercise. Zod talks to Kal-El about war. When an alarm is sounded in the High Sector, Kal-El finds Adam Strange standing over the body of a dead Kryptonian!

  • [15] Action Comics #883 (January)
    Greg Rucka and Eric Trautmann, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    Jax-Ur, hidden on Earth, has completed his experiments. In Toronto mini Brimstones are creating havoc, Flamebird and Nightwing arrive on the scene to save the day, but are still treated as hostiles by the authorities. Nightwing has another growth spurt. At the Daily Planet Isabel Glenn (Jimmy's girlfriend) tells Lois Jimmy is missing, but Lois doesn't have time to listen, however Perry White does and he goes to Jimmy's apartment with Isabel. Perry finds a clue left behing by Jimmy. Jax-Ur, masquarading as Dr. Pillings, arrives at STAR Labs to further his work. While there Nightwing and Flamebird come for Dr. Pilling's help, Chris is now an old man./Major Force comes for Natasha Irons, but Captain Atom stands in his way. Captain Atom is dragged back to Earth via a portal, where he's surrounded by an army. Mon-El comes to his aid!

  • Notable Issue: [16] Supergirl #47 (January)
    Sterling Gates, Matt Camp, Matt Camp
    On Old Krypton, Alura grapples with thinking love is only a chemical reaction in the brain as she talks with Zor-El. In the present, Alura informs Reactron that tomorrow he will be tried and sentenced for his crimes against Kryptonians. Tal-Ox and Dor-Ox visit Alura wanting revenge on Reactron for killing their son. Alura dreams flashback to Old Krypton, Alura and Zor-El talk about getting married, and then of Reactron killing Zor-El. Reactron's lawyer argues he's not getting a fair trial, Tal-Ox and Dor-Ox and a host of others break in and try to vaporize Reactron. Remembering the things Zor-El taught her, Alura tries to stop the attack, but Reactron is apparently killed. Alura visits Zor-El's grave, revealing that Reactron is NOT dead, and is instead going to be tortured by Commander Gor for information.

  • [17] Superman #694 (January)
    James Robinson, Javier Pina, Javier Pina
    The Science Police fight Bizarro. Bizarro makes short work of them until Mon-El saves them in a surprise reappearance. Before the fight Mon-El spoke with Conner and Martha about trying to be human and who he wants to be. Martha makes a new outfit for Mon-El that incorporates his desire to do right by Superman and her assertion he should maintain who he is. As Mon-El fights Bizarro, Mitch goes to save a girl trapped in the car. He starts to eat the car, and reveals himself to be Matter-Eater Lad. Bizarro and Mon-El's fight culminates with the arrival of the Parasite.

  • [18] Superman: World of New Krypton #10 (February)
    James Robinson and Greg Rucka, Pete Woods, Ron Randall
    Adam Strange convinces everyone that it was just a coincidence that his Zeta Beam sent him into that room where the murder took place. The Council agrees to free him if he helps Kal-El solve the crime. Their investigation leads them to the Labor Guild where a certain member flees as they approach. A riot nearly breaks out as Tam-Or flees. Unable to find him, Kal-El worries the murder was more an assassination. Elsewhere Alura seems to be the next target.

  • [19] Action Comics #884 (February)
    Greg Rucka and Eric Trautmann, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    Jax-Ur continues his "treatment" of Chris. Perry warns Lois about her story getting her in trouble, and she tries to run as men in black attempt to capture her. She's caught and taken to her father, General Lane. Their reunion is less than cordial, but Lois is allowed to leave. Thara, distraught over Chris' condition changes into Flamebird. Jax-Ur blackmails her into an agreement. Chris' aging is reversed, but at what cost?/Captain Atom goes with Mon-El to the Justice League watchtower, where they meet with Starfire, Green Lanter, Green Arrow and the rest of the new JLA.

  • Notable Issue: [20] Supergirl #48 (February)
    Sterling Gates, Fernando Dagnino, Raul Fernandez
    Inspector Henderson and some cops break into an apartment, but it explodes. And then they find a corpse covered in runes. Kara confronts Lana, who says she's sick and no one knows what it is or how to cure it. Kara meets with Inspector Henderson, who's following a case his old mentor was never able to close, and thinks it has to do with items Silver Banshee needs to lift her curse. His mentor had the item, a coin, but killed himself. Inspector Henderson took the coin and it embedded itself in his hand, and allowed Banshee to track him. Banshee shows up and fights Supergirl. Supergirl opens a mysterious package Henderson had acquired and turns into a Supergirl/Banshee hybrid.

  • [21] Superman #695 (February)
    James Robinson, Bernard Chang, Bernard Chang
    Mon-El faces down Bizarro and Parasite. He judo flips Bizarro into Parasite. Mon-El's powers return as Guardian appears. He takes Bizarro up toward space. Bizarro flees, promising to return with Bizarro Mon-El. Earlier Mon-El spoke with Conner and asks Conner to reprogram Kelex to fix his ship. Conner expresses surprise that Kelex exists. Mon-El alludes to the idea of leaving Earth. Guardian and Mon-El talk about Lane's tactics. Lane, on a television, indicates Mon-El might be unstable. Perry White contacts Mon-El and tells him that Jimmy Olsen is thought dead, but isn't really. Perry takes him to Jimmy's new lair in the Pemberton camera factory where Mon-El meets Natasha and learns she was responsible for his escape. Natasha visits John Henry and talks to him. After she leaves, he springs out of his coma. Mon-El goes to see Billi and the two make love. Mon-El hears something and goes to meet Guardian as Nightwing and Flamebird pop out of a door.

  • [22] Superman: World of New Krypton #11 (March)
    James Robinson and Greg Rucka, Pete Woods, Ron Randall
    Lyra Kam-Par is killed when an attempt is made on Alura's life. Kal and Adam Strange investigate. While the evidence points to Tam-Or, but they're not convinced. The council argues amongst themselves before Kal visits with Zod who is almost fully recovered. Tyr-Van agrees to take Kal and Adam to see Tam-Or. He's hiding out at military plant where aliens are being killed for their silver hides, a plant that Kal never knew about. Tam-Or agrees to help Kal clear his name, but Commander Gor (who followed them in secret), orders his men to kill Kal, Adam and Tam-Or by Zod's orders.

  • [23] Action Comics #885 (March)
    Greg Rucka and Eric Trautmann, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    The Guardian, Mon-El and the Science Police have come to STAR Labs for Flamebird and Nightwing. The two Kryptonians agree to come peacefully. One of the Sci Pol is actually Car-Vex, another Kryptonian Sleeper Agent. She confers with Dr Pillins (aka Jax-Ur) secretly, before calling General Lane and then setting up a Kryptonian crystal explosive inside the Science Police HQ. Lois arrives and helps Chris and Thara reason with Guardian and Mon-El, telling them their story. General Lane arrives and demands Nightwing and Flamebird come with him and the new Squad K. Guardian frees the Kryptonians, who, with Mon-El, take on Squad K. Car-Vex warns General Lane to get down just as her bomb explodes./Captain Atom tries to convince the JLA (and himself) that he's not a villain. Shadowpact arrives to help him take on Mirabai on her homeworld.

  • Notable Issue: [24] Supergirl #49 (March)
    Sterling Gates, Matt Camp, Matt Camp
    Lana's on the phone with Perry, who is upset she's got a third doctor's appointment this week. She collapses with blood pouring from her eyes, nose and mouth, and an insect crawling on her phone. Supergirl, possessed by some spirit, tells Silver Banshee they hid the artifacts in people in order to keep them hidden from her. Silver Banshee has one of these artifacts, which allowed her to track the others. The artifact pops out of Silver Banshee's stomach. Apparently all the items were hidden not as a curse, but as a test for prospective clan leaders. Henderson frees Supergirl from the spirits possessing her. Banshee uses some magic to remove the artifact from Henderson's hand, and tells him she owes him a debt. Supergirl and Henderson talk on the rooftops, and Henderson talks about forming a new Special Crimes Unit. Supergirl hears something about Lana and flies away. Kara arrives at the hospital, but it's too late, Lana has died. Kara rushes into the morgue to find Lana covered in a cocoon crawling with more insects.

  • [25] Superman #696 (March)
    James Robinson, Bernard Chang, Bernard Chang
    In the rubble of the Science Police building, Mon-El checks to make sure that all of his allies are alive. The heroes decide that Nightwing and Flamebird need to leave Earth for their own safety. General Lane fires on Mon-El, and Nightwing and Flamebird return to save them. Mon-El exchanges terse words with General Lane. Guardian calls Mon-El to check on Control. She's alive, but she's also changed back into a Legion member.

  • [26] Superman: World of New Krypton #12 [Final Issue] (April)
    James Robinson and Greg Rucka, Pete Woods, Ron Randall
    Adam Strange teleports he, Kal-El and Tam-Or out of harm's way, but Gor catches up to them. Before Gor can do anything though, Zod and Ursa arrive. Gor is demoted by Zod, but Tam-Or has sustained a fatal injury and dies in Kal's arms. Adam teleports back to Rann. Kal-El and Zod compare notes. Kal-El has an idea and goes to visit Concilor Wri-Qin, who reveals that he was indeed working against New Krypton, having been one of many recruited by Superwoman for General Lane's plan to destabilize New Krypton. Wri-Qin has his own agenda however, and tries to kill Kal, before Red Shard come in and arrest him. As Zod and Kal talk, Brainiac's ship appears in the sky.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: New Krypton, Vol. 4 [Hardcover] reprints "Superman: World of New Krypton" #6-12]

  • [27] Action Comics #886 (April)
    Greg Rucka and Eric Trautmann, Pere Perez, Fernando Dagnino & Raul Fernandez
    Chris learns about Krypton's creations, discovering the history of Nightwing, Flamebird and another deity called Vohc - The Builder. Vohc became jealous of Flamebird's love for Nightwing and became Vohc - The Breaker, cursing Flamebird and Nightwing to forever be apart. In current reality, Nightwing's god-like persona is trapped in the Phantom Zone... which was destroyed. As Thara and Chris lay together, Flamebird is visited by Dr. Pillings, who is the embodiment of Vohc. Tricked into visiting Pilling's lab in Egypt, Chris is plagued by Kryptonian sunstone crystals that grow from within him, planted there by Pillings. Pillings has built a device that shows them the hand of Roa./Captain Atom learns that Mirabai's world is Sorcerer's World, the center of all magic. Captain Atom has to fly to the Himalayas to gain access to a cave that takes him to Skartaris.

  • Notable Issue: [28] Supergirl #50 (April)
    Sterling Gates/Jake Black & Helen Slater, Jamal Igle/Cliff Chiang, Jon Sibal & Mark McKenna/Cliff Chiang
    Lucy Lane is found alive... but the effects of her "death" has caused her body's DNA to have changed into the alien properties of her super-suit. In Metropolis Gangbuster has managed to find Supergirl's body inside the huge hive that has grown since Supergirl found the coccoon surrounding Lana's body in the morgue. Freeing Supergirl, Kara and Dr. Light formulate a plan. Gangbuster and Kara go back inside the hive, and are captured by Queen Bee (in Lana's body). Supergirl's plan frees Lana from the Queen Bee's possession, but their tearful reunion is a short one. Kara can't understand Lana having lied to her about her illness for so long, and flies off. At Project 7734 Lucy is back in her Superwoman costume, kills a doctor in front of her father, General Lane, and tells him she's ready for her next assignment./Ron Troupe hosts a TV show titled "Greet the Press" which examines whether Supergirl should be trusted and how the people of Metropolis see her.

  • [29] Superman #697 (April)
    James Robinson, Bernard Chang & Javier Pina, Bernard Chang & Javier Pina
    Control is a shape-shifting Durlan. General Lane hits him with an energy being, and he escapes with a tiny robot named Quislet. Guardian and Mon-El follow. Guardian is taken down by Lane. Mon-El is confronted by all the Legion members who have been hiding and helping in secret. Steel is shown to have fixed the water in Metropolis. Mon-El explains to Billi that the LSH have been helping him covertly for some time. Conner finds Mon-El tells him he's finished repairing his rocket. Mon-El indicates that he is burdened by Superman's responsibilities. Conner tells Mon-El that he wants him to come to Smallville to meet some people.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Superman: Mon-El - Vol. 2: Man of Valor reprints Superman #692-697, Superman Annual #14, Superman Secret Files 2009 #1 and Adventure Comics #11]

Last Stand of New Krypton

  • Notable Issue: [30] Adventure Comics #8 [#511] (Early May)
    Sterling Gates/James Robinson/Eric Trautmann, Travis Moore/Julian Lopez/Pier Gallo, Julio Ferreira/Bit/Pier Gallo
    Brainiac 5 muses on his namesake, the problems it caused him growing up and the reasons his father had for naming him after a hated ancestor. Earthgov Science Outpost Delta 2 is being enveloped by a strange energy rift. The Legionnaires save the scientists. Brainiac 5 reveals that six such rifts have opened up across the universe and that the source of the anomaly goes back one thousand years. They must stop the original Brainiac from killing Superman or a thousand years of history will be destroyed./Conner Kent flies into his room and is immediately called downstairs to talk with one of his teachers, Mr. Janson. To Conner's surprise Janson reveals himself to be Element Lad. Later, after Superboy convinces Mon-El to accompany him to Smallville, a meeting of the Legion Espionage Squad convenes in the Kent Barn. Chameleon Boy reveals that the next step of the plan takes them to New Krypton./At the headquarters of Project 7734 Car-Vex (who had been masquerading as Officer Romundi of the Metropolis Science Police) muses on her past as a scared prisoner in the Phantom Zone and how she was recruited to be one of the General's sleeper agents on Earth. After giving General Lane some intel on one of Zod's other sleeper agents Lane accepts her as part of the group. Thanks to the intel given to Lane by Car-Vex Squad K goes into action to hunt down Quex-Ul.

  • [31] Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #1 (May)
    James Robinson and Sterling Gates, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    New Krypton's people panic as Brainiac's spaceship looms overhead. But they steel their resolve and fly up to meet the threat. Zod orders his the Global Defense Cannons fired, but they don't destroy Brainiac, they just kills dozens of Kryptonians who were near the ship. Kal-El angrily confronts Zod, quits his position, and tears off his military uniform revealing his Superman costume. Superman flies up to work his way inside Brainiac's ship. Kara and Ursa fight off Brainiac drones, while Ursa calls on Zod to protect the council members as a priority. Kara's plight looks hopeless, until Superboy, Mon-El and the Legion show up to help. Supergirl and Mon-El fly off to continue the fight. The LSH tell Zod that the Orbs aboard Brainiac's ship need to be saved, but Zod thinks they're crazy and has them arrested. Inside Brainiac's ship Superman is confronted by not only Brainiac, but a Kryptonite wielding Lex Luthor.

  • [32] Action Comics #887 (May)
    Greg Rucka and Eric Trautmann, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    Lois visits Raymond Industries to recover data from the bullet-ridden laptop. John Raymond aka The Web gives Lois a replacement supercharged, nano-tech laptop. Lois flies to Iraq, where she follows the story of Flamebird and Nightwing up against Jax-Ur's mad attempt to bring Rao to life. The gigantic Rao is leaving a path of destruction across the middle east, growing as he absorbs more energy. Lois explains via her articles how General Lane has lied to them all, and how Nightwing and Flamebird are not the enemy. On Krypton the religious guild is aware of Rao's awakening. Jax-Ur sends Nightwing into the Realm of Shadows (which is like the Phantom Zone)./Captain Atom makes his way to Sorcerer's World where he meets up with the resistance, who are ready to send their army of 20,000 to march on Mirabai's castle. Mirabai is ready and waiting.

  • Notable Issue: [33] Supergirl #51 (May)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Marc Deering & Jon Sibal
    Brainiac has invaded New Krypton. Kara, Mon-El and others try to fight him off. They can't get to his ship, so they try to prevent his robots from erecting a force-field around the city of Kandor. Tellus contacts Mon-El and lets him know the Legion have been arrested and Superman is in need of help. Mon decides to go after Kal alone and tells Kara to save her people and the Legion. Alura attacks Kon and calls him a terrorist. Kara notices the Kryptonians are only fighting alongside their guilds and aren't working together. She flies off and finds Kon fighting with her mother. She punches him through the wall. More probe bots enter, trying to get to Alura, and red sunlight blasts weaken her and Kara. Things look grim, but Kon returns and saves the day. Kara convinces her mother to pardon the Legion, which angers General Zod. Kara and the Legion head off to Brainiac's ship to help Superman and Kara encourages her mother to be the leader their people need.

  • [34] Superman #698 (May)
    James Robinson, Bernard Chang & Javier Pina, Bernard Chang & Javier Pina
    Brainiac's ship lingers above New Krypton as his probes fight residents. Zod learns 1/10th of the Kryptonians have died, and that Superman is on Brainiac's ship held captive. Luthor mocks Superman, and Brainiac tells Superman he wants him to watch as Kandor is destroyed, to feel it, because Superman made Brainiac feel. Tellus leads Mon-El to the ship, but once inside, he is faced with many versions of Koko. Luthor continues to mock Superman, and Brainaic tries to steal his thoughts. As Mon-El fights the Koko army, he is contacted by a telepathic bottle city race, who ask him to save them. Superman musters his will and breaks free. Mon-El is swarmed by apparitions of the telepathic city. Luthor threatens to shoot a city if Superman doesn't surrender again. Superman surrenders, but Luthor prepares to shoot anyway. Mon-El appears, blasting Luthor's hand with heat vision and disarming him. Mon-El takes the bottle city Luthor threatened, and has a sudden feeling this is what he was released to do. Brainiac calls down more drones, and Luthor jumps into an escape hatch. Mon-El and Superman fight the robots.

  • Notable Issue: [35] Adventure Comics #9 [#512] (Late May)
    James Robinson/Sterling Gates/Eric Trautmann, Travis Moore/Eduardo Pansica/Pier Gallo, Julio Ferreira/Eber Ferreira/Pier Gallo
    With the universe ending around them the Legion look to Brainiac 5 for answers. As he contemplates what to do next he once again muses on his namesakes. Finally Brainy is able to travel through time thanks to the combined energy and speed powers of the Legion and he swears that they will meet again./Superboy is frustrated by the fact that the Kryptonians cannot rise above their prejudices and band together to fight against Brainiac. With the help of Supergirl the Legionnaire known as Tellus-Ganglios is able to telepathically eliminate that prejudice in a group of the Kryptonians, who might be of use to Superboy, Supergirl and the rest of the Legion. Tellus explains that he is unable to unite all of the Kryptonians leading Superboy to rally everyone together to get back to their original mission to save the other bottled cities Brainiac has captive./From the Tactical Operations Center Office Romundi, secretly the Kryptonian sleeper agent Car-Vex, watches as General Lane's men plant a bacterial tracker on Quex-Ul and then finally attack and kill the Kryptonian. Car-Vex is conflicted because Quex was the first one to show her kindness in the Phantom Zone. Her mission, though, is more important than her feelings and manages to maintain some composure, which General Lane chalks up to her being conflicted about the transition from cop to soldier.

  • [36] Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #2 (Early June)
    Sterling Gates and James Robinson, Pete Woods with Travis Moore, Pete Woods with Waldon Wong
    As the battle against Brainiac rages on New Krypton, Alura and Zod engage in verbal sparring. Supergirl, Superboy, and selected Legion members head towards Brainiac's warship. Brainiac 5 arrives from the 31st century, giving new hope to the rest of the team. Superman and Mon-El are inside the ship, they hear telepathic cries for help from the Lanothians, a race of telepathic aliens trapped in one of the bottles. Brainiac taunts Superman and then attacks him. Superman makes a mad dash to save the Lanothian city; but Brainiac has the other bottled cities. Supergirl, Superboy, and the Legion enter Brainiac's ship. Some Kandorian citizens fly up and attempt to flee New Krypton, but Brainiac's force field stops them cold. Kandor finds itself once again shrunken and trapped in a bottle. Superman is furious but a massive dose of red sun radiation stops him in his tracks and sends him hurtling out of Brainiac's ship and in free-fall towards the ground below. Brainiac brags to Luthor that Superman is dead and Kandor belongs to him again. As Brainiac brags that he has won, Zod, peering out from within the bottle, claims that Brainiac has actually lost.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton Vol. 1 reprints Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #1-2, Adventure Comics #8-9, Superman #698, Supergirl #51]

  • [37] Action Comics #888 (Early June)
    Greg Rucka and Eric Trautmann, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    Vohc/Jax-Ur watches as his mockery of Rao stalks the Earth. In his hands he holds the last vestige of the Phantom Zone, where Chris has been sent. Flamebird attempts to take on Rao herself, but help is at hand as Alan Scott, Mr Terrific, Jay Garrick, and Dr. Fate arrive. Pakistan fire missiles at Rao. Chris turns into the god Nightwing. Wonder Woman arrives to help in the fight against Rao, and the heroes bring him to his knees. Vohc is distracted momentarily but just as it seems the heroes have won the day, Rao gets back up! Vohc begins to realize Jax-Ur is fighting their merge. Lois arrives and begs Mr Terrific to deprogram the nukes and just as he's about to - they all deactivate! Nightwing appears and now fully reborn he intends on stopping Vohc and Rao - permanently.

  • Notable Issue: [38] Adventure Comics #10 [#513] (June)
    James Robinson & Sterling Gates/Eric Trautmann, Travis Moore & Eduardo Pansica/Pier Gallo, Julio Ferreira & Eber Ferreira/Pier Gallo
    A Brainiac drone catches Superman. The drone is being controlled by the Legionnaire Quislet. Superboy, Chameleon Boy, Matter Eater Lad and Element Lad fight their way through Brainiac's forces to find the other bottled cities. Cham and Element Lad are swallowed by one of the walls. Lex Luthor appears with a Kryptonite powered robot. Superboy collapses and is transported into the bottled city of Kandor. Trapped, Mon-El is unconscious and hallucinating. From inside Kandor Superboy sees this and wonders where Brainiac's bots are taking Mon. Minus his powers, Superboy finds General Zod. Superboy uses his tactile telekinesis to attack Zod, but Zod takes Superboy down hard. Using the reverse engineered Brainiac tech Zod and his soldiers enlarge and prepare to ruin Brainiac's day./Car-Vex rests in her quarters at Project 7734. She is called to meet with General Lane. Car-Vex enters Lane's command center and sees images of Brainiac attacking New Krypton. Lane reveals that he knows she is really Kryptonian. Car-Vex attacks and manages to get out of the room. She finds Nadira and Az-Rel in a cell and realizes that the two had been tortured. Lane enters the room and reveals that he knew of her mission to infiltrate the organization and kill him from the start. Lane points a gun at the powerless Car-Vex's forehead and pulls the trigger.

  • Notable Issue: [39] Supergirl #52 (June)
    Sterling Gates, Ivan Rodriguez, Ivan Rodriguez
    General Zod, Ursa and crew, re-enlarged by sunstones, go in search of Brainiac. Kara and Brainiac 5 search for the heart of Brainiac's ship, bickering the whole time. Brainiac 5 thinks to himself about how the reason for that is that he loved Kara and how hard it was for him when she died. Gor is torturing Reactron to get information on General Lane's 'Doomsday Plan', when Lex arrives and kills Gor. Kara is meanwhile poking holes in Brainiac 5's lies, and just as she confronts him, they're found by Brainiac. They escape, find the core, and destroy it. This enables Superman to get on board. Lex is then re-enlarged and seems very interested in the bottle cities.

  • [40] Superman #699 (June)
    James Robinson, Bernard Chang, Bernard Chang
    Superman and Zod fight the Brainiac robots until Brainiac appears. Zod attacks Brainiac while Superman goes to save Kandor, contacting Supergirl along the way. Mon-El again remembers being tortured by the ape. The Legion fights Brainiac robots until a larger one appears, which Mon-El destroys. The Legion tells Mon-El that they have to leave for the future. Superman sends Brainiac 5 and Supergirl to restore Kandor, and Brainiac 5 warns him he'll be killed by Brainiac if he continues. Kara and Brainiac 5 restore the city of Kandor and free Superboy. Superman, Zod, and Brainiac fight. Mon-El changes his shirt to remove the S, because he feels unworthy of the S, abandoning his friend. Luthor opens up a city inside of Brainiac's ship, which pokes through the top and sends it crashing down.

  • [41] Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #3 [of 3] (Late June)
    Sterling Gates and James Robinson, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Brainiac's ship crashes down on New Krypton. The Kryptonians and other heroes attempt to stop its decent. Superman is impaled on spikes. Brainiac confronts and kills Luthor for his deceit, but it's only a robot. Zod confronts and battles Brainiac one on one without his powers. Superman steps in and stops Zod from killing Brainiac. Brainiac 5 takes his ancestor with him to the future. Zod rallies the remaining Kryptonians to declare war on Earth.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton Vol. 2 reprints Superman: The Last Stand of New Krypton #3, Adventure Comics #10-11, Supergirl #52 and Superman #699]

  • [42] Action Comics #889 (Late June)
    Greg Rucka and Eric Trautmann, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    Perry reveals that Lois never really quit the Daily Planet as the newsroom is trying to keep up with the big story. The Rao clone begins its final mission - to become a gravity well that will crush the entire planet. The heroes try in vain to stop it, with even Dr. Fate popping up to help. Flamebird & Nightwing reunite and fly into the well in Rao's chest with Vohc/Jax-Ur in tow. They burn Vohc out of Jax-Ur's body and as they arrive in Rao's heart Chris uses his new powers to erode the gravity well saving everyone by shattering Rao and leaving Jax-Ur in the care of the remaining heroes. Deliriously in love they thank everyone and leave just as the authorities arrive to clean up the corpse of the Rao clone. The clean up crew are revealed to belong to General Lane and the collection of the body parts is in the hands of Lex Luthor!

    [Trade Paperback collection: Superman: Nightwing and Flamebird Vol. 2 reprints Action Comics #883-889]

War of the Supermen

  • Superman: War of the Supermen #0 (June)
    James Robinson and Sterling Gates; Eddy Barrows, Julian Lopez, BIT, Aaron Lopresti, David Finch, Joe Weems, Gary Frank, CAFU, Ethan Van Sciver, Diogenes Neves, and Vicente Cifuentes
    Superman is furious that Zod is making war with Earth. Superman declares his intent to shut down Zod and his war machine. Rather than retaliate personally, Zod lets Ursa and Non attack Superman. The entire time, Superman and Zod are engaged in dialogue; rehashing the events of the past year while Zod gloats and threatens to destroy the Earthlings and Superman expresses his determination to prevent this. Countless Kryptonians speed towards Earth to attack. Lois sits at her computer and types in a detailed and protracted explanation of everything that happened in the Super books this past year, and more. Jimmy Olsen arrives and prepares to provide even more information.

  • Superman: War of the Supermen #1 (July)
    Sterling Gates and James Robinson, Jamal Igle, Jon Sibal
    Zod gloats over his released forces, telling Superman there's no hope. Superman insists there's hope, and tries to escape, fighting Zod and his crew. Kara comes upon Reactron being tortured by Alura, and sides against her mother. Reactron gloats about how he was always meant to be caught, and begins to detonate. Alura shoves Supergirl into a containment vessel just in time for Reactron to explode, destroying New Krypton. Jimmy and Lois bring Guardian, Nightwing, Flamebird, Steel, and Conner up to speed on what's been happening with General Lane. Superwoman hears, and smiles. Superman and Supergirl cry over the lost planet. Supergirl takes up the battle standard and flees. The New Kryptonian armada approaches Earth as Zod spurs them on.

  • Superman: War of the Supermen #2 (July)
    Sterling Gates and James Robinson, Eduardo Pansica, Wayne Faucher
    Lois reveals to Perry White that New Krypton is dead when her sister Lucy (as Superwoman) crashes in and abducts her. Up in space Supergirl and Superman tussle through the field of kryptonite meteors until they crash into Callisto, New Krypton's moon. Kara cries as they realize they are the only two that stand between Earth and the Zod's forces. Jimmy, Steel, Nightwing, Flamebird, Superboy & The Guardian track Natasha Irons to a cell inside Mount Rushmore and launch a rescue mission. Inside Project 7734 Codename Assassin and General Lane are rejoicing over the deaths of the Kryptonians as Lucy arrives with Lois. Earth's Mars base is being destroyed by Zod's forces. Kal & Kara arrive and force both sides back. Luthor has harnessed the power from Jax-Ur's botched Rao corpse and, in return for his his pardon, shoots a missile housing a huge store of red kryptonite into the sun turning it red. Floating in space, Superman, Supergirl and the Kryptonians gasp for life...

  • Superman: War of the Supermen #3 (July)
    Sterling Gates and James Robinson, Eddy Barrows, J.P. Mayer
    General Lane, Lois, and Lucy (Superwoman) watch as the Kryptonians die in space. Superboy, Steel, Guardian, Nightwing and Flamebird, and Krypto the Superdog all converge on Project 7734 at Mount Rushmore. Steel's carrying Jimmy Olsen and Steel's niece Natasha Irons now rescued from Project 7734. Jimmy Olsen gets Natasha's story out over his newsgroup called the Newsboy Legion. Nightwing and Flamebird realize Lex Luthor is using the fake god Rao to turn the sun red. Flamebird flies to the sun to save the Kryptonians and Nightwing follows. Chris tells Flamebird that he will do this with her but the Nightwing apparition takes him away leaving Flamebird to ignite and turn the sun back to yellow. Flamebird dies as Superman and Supergirl catch their now returned super breaths and watch as 73,000 Kryptonians die in space. Zod notes there are now only 7,000 Kryptonians left. Zod, Non, and Ursa fly toward Earth to lead the attack by the survivors. All over the planet, the Kryptonians wreak havoc killing world leaders, destroying landmarks, and facing off against both super-heroes and Green Kryptonite robots. Ursa flies toward the White House seeking to kill the President - Supergirl arrives and they fight. General Zod is leading his forces to Metropolis where Superman waits for them atop the Daily Planet building in flight.

  • Superman: War of the Supermen #4 (July)
    James Robinson and Sterling Gates, Eddy Barrows, CAFU, and Eduardo Pansica; J.P. Mayer and BIT
    As Zod and Superman battle in Metropolis, Ursa takes down Supergirl in Washington DC, but Krypto comes to her rescue. Superboy tells Krypto to retrieve the Phantom Zone projector from the Fortress of Solitude, and promptly sends Non and Ursa into the Phantom Zone. Supergirl and Steel break into Project 7734 taking down Superwoman and Atlas. As Zod is about to kill Superman, he's rescued by Krypto and Superboy. Supergirl wants to kill Sam Lane, but Lois talks her down. Sam Lane saves them the trouble, shooting himself in the head. Badly injured, Krypto is flown up into the direct sunlight by Superboy, while Superman confronts Zod, sending both himself and Zod into the Phantom Zone. In the Zone, Chris Kent, growing younger once again, uses the last of his Nightwing powers to send Superman back to Metropolis. Jim Harper leaves Metropolis with his daughter and Billi. Billi (Mon-El's girlfriend) reveals she's pregnant. Lois and Clark talk on the balcony of their apartment as Clark comes to terms with the fact that his people are all gone... again.

  • Notable Issue: [43] Adventure Comics #11 [#514] (July)
    James Robinson/Sterling Gates, Travis Moore/Bernard Chang, Julio Ferreira/Bernard Chang
    The Legion of Super-Heroes concludes their mission in the past by returning the various bottled cities stolen by Brainiac to their new homeworlds. Meanwhile Brainiac 5 is transporting his ancestor to Colu. The original Brainiac breaks free and the two go a few rounds before Vril Dox, Brainiac 2, shows himself and helps to restrain the elder Brainiac. Brainiac 5 turns over custody of the prisoner to Vril and returns to the future. Mon-El assists the Legion in finding new homes for the bottled cities stolen by Brainiac. His final task is to convince Jemm, Son of Saturn to allow the Lanothians, a telepathic race, to make a new home on the moon of Titan. At first the two exchange blows but finally Mon-El is successful and suddenly Jemm has a city full of new subjects. Mon-El returns to Earth and after a short talk with Jimmy Olsen he rescues the female Daxamite held by Doc Calomar and flies to the Fortress of Solitude where he is joined by Superboy. They put the girl into a rocket ship and send her back to Daxam. Mon-El is ready to resign himself to death when Chameleon Boy appears and tells him there is a chance to save himself. If Mon enters the new Phantom Zone there is a chance that one day they can save him. At first Mon-El is resistant but he enters the Zone anyway and after a thousand years Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes pull him out of the Zone and welcome him to the 30th Century.

*New creative teams take Superman in a new direction*

  • Superman #700 (August)
    James Robinson, Dan Jurgens, J. Michael Straczynski; Bernard Chang, Dan Jurgens, Eddie Barrows; Bernard Chang, Norm Rapmund, J.P. Mayer
    Superman saves Lois from the Parasite, as the two come to terms with what they lost during the 100 minute war. In one of his early adventures, Superman teams up with Robin when criminals from Metropolis start filtering into Gotham. After the events of New Krypton, Superman tries to find his place on Earth, and after a women's stinging attack, decides to walk across America to reconnect with the people.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Superman: War of the Supermen reprints War of the Supermen #0-4 and a page from Superman #700]

  • Action Comics #890 (August)
    Paul Cornell, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Lex Luthor is hung by his feet over the edge of a building by three villains, as he recalls how he has recently sought to reharness the Black Lantern energy for himself. With his Lois-bot as his companion, Lex searches the universe for the power he craves, when he was kidnapped by the three villains... one of them is under the control of Mr. Mind!

  • Superman #701 (September)
    J. Michael Straczynski, Eddie Barrows, J.P. Mayer
    In Philadelphia Superman walks down the street as people and media cameras follow him. He eats at a local diner, talks with a small boy, tells an old man his heart is beating erratically, and helps talk a young woman from commiting suicide. He continues walking...

  • Action Comics #891 (September)
    Paul Cornell, Pete Woods & Cafu, Pete Woods & Bit
    As Mr. Mind tries to trick Luthor's mind into imagining different scenarios to keep him under control, Lex's intellect wins out, and sees through the trickery. Back with his Lois Bot, Lex returns to his Black Ring energy data, planning a trip... he calls in Deathstroke for some back-up just in case.

  • Notable Issue: Batman Confidential #47 (October)
    Kevin Vanhook, Tom Mandrake
    Batman and Superman travel to an uncharted island in the Caribbean in an attempt to stop the evil Professor Combs from performing a Voodoo ritual that will turn the living into the undead. But when vampires and werewolves get involved, The Dark Knight will find himself six feet under and buried alive!

  • Superman #702 (October)
    J. Michael Straczynski, Eddie Barrows, J.P. Mayer
    In Detroit, Superman happens upon a basketball game, and challenges the kids to a game. The one kid who was spawned by the others is the only one who manages to make a difference, changing their view of him. Superman then happens upon a family of aliens from Natalla who disguise themselves as humans having fled as refugees from their homeworld. Superman leaves them be for the moment, but as he continues his walk, he happens upon an old security guard, guarding a closed-down factory. The man's health is so bad that Superman is unable to help him, but he flies him back to the Natallans, pleading for them to use their advanced technology to save the man... and in turn further medical conditions in Detroit and indeed all over Earth, using the closed-down factory space to start a new company, eploying all the out of work locals.

  • Action Comics #892 (October)
    Paul Cornell, Pete Woods, Pere Perez
    Lex, Loisbot, Deathstroke and several Lexcorp operatives have tracked the Black Lantern energy to Antarctica. Deathstroke is unnerved, something about the orb makes him flinch. Deathstroke suddenly becomes mindlessly enraged intent on killing his employer. Lex is able to sheath his body in his familiar battlesuit. Whilst Lex is fighting he orders Spalding to continue testing the orb. Wilson is raising his blade ready to behead Lex when suddenly he wakes from his trance. Spalding had completed his analysis and somehow in doing so had converted it to a different energy which faded along with its harsh effects.While Luthor continues his quest a shadowy figure stalks a cave full of tech in a mysterious location. As the electricals power up we see the figure is none other than Gorilla Grodd!

  • Superman #703 (November)
    J. Michael Straczynski, Eddie Barrows, J.P. Mayer
    Superman holds a man by his boot high in the Cincinnati sky for stalking a waitress. Batman warns Superman that this is not the way to reconnect with the people. Lois reads an article about debris from New Krypton reaching Earth. In Danville, Ohio, Miss Jennings, a high school teacher, is examining a Sunstone crystal some of her young students found. Superman is also looking for the sunstone. Miss Jennings confronts Willy Trask, the local big mouth boozing creep, and he suddenly has Kryptonian powers. He takes the fight to Superman. Superman repairs the damage their fight caused, but he's unable to bring back momentoes people lost in the devastation. Batman, pensive, watches the report silently...

  • Action Comics #893 (November)
    Paul Cornell, Sean Chen, Wayne Faucher
    Lex Luthor's team approaches another source of ring energy, traveling through Gorilla Grodd's territory in the Congo. Grodd becomes aware of them and decides to take action. Grodd eats the brain of Cardington, a man who worked for Luthor, to get an advantage. Gorillas raid the team and take the Lois android. After Grodd fails to eat Lois, he takes command of her and asks about Luthor's weaknesses. Grodd attacks the party. Luthor challenges Grodd to personal combat, and Grodd cuts Luthor's head off and sticks it into his mouth. The head electrifies, and we learn that Luthor was actually an android as well. Cut back a number of weeks, and Cardington is being hired by Luthor and fed false information to disrupt Grodd later. Luthor and Spalding remove their ape costumes, now in the heart of Grodd's lair. They take the energy they're seeking and leave. Grodd wakes up, and he's furious. As they take off, Grodd shoots Lex in the chest, and Lex falls to his death. There, Death (of Sandman fame) meets him near his body.

  • Notable Issue: Batman Confidential #48 (November)
    Kevin Vanhook, Tom Mandrake
    It's Batman and Superman vs. the undead! The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel join forces with a vampire and a werewolf to stop the nefarious Professor Combs from unleashing a vile Voodoo spell upon the world. But will even the combined might of the World's Finest be enough to stop the powers of Hell?

  • Notable Issue: Doom Patrol #14 (November)
    Keith Giffen, Matthew Clark, Ron Randall
    The Chief has been experimenting on a captured Kryptonian in his spare time, and he just figured out the method by which Kryptonian cells process yellow sun radiation. The next step: using that method on himself!

  • Superman #704 (December)
    C. Willow Wilson, Leandro Oliveira, Walden Wong
    Lois visits her old home town of Rushmark, Indiana waiting for Superman to walk through on his walk across the country. She bumps into an old friend from those days, now with a child, and gets invited to dinner with the family. She goes, and finds herself envious of their life with children. In response, they point out the difficulties of never getting a break, and how wonderful her life seems in contrast. Lois, resolved, goes for a walk of her own. She considers the path not travelled. Superman swings by, scoops her up, and they discuss whether he needs her. He assures her he does, and then takes her to Chicago, his next stop along the line.

  • Action Comics #894 (December)
    Paul Cornell, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Lex Luthor's body lies lifeless, but his spectral self and a young teenager, Death are standing outside of time watching. As Lex struggles to believe he is dead he interacts with the young girl in a hope she well allow him to return to life. Death seems to enjoy the interaction and Lex's evolving through a series of emotions. She makes Lex an offer of eternal bliss but he flatly refuses it wondering about catches, but it's then that Death reveals that he isn't dead just yet, that this meeting was for her to check on a few things about Luthor. With a start Lex awakens and realizes he has been given a life lesson. Meanwhile 1,000 or so years in the past we see a tarot reader reveal to Vandal Savage that sometime in his future a 'Hanged Man' who is an enemy will meddle in Vandal's affairs and when he does it will set a chain reaction in his favor! Savage looks out of his castle windows to see two large spheres of residual Black Lantern energy and proposes building a monumental city using the spheres as foundations.

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