Superman Comics Index (from 1986)



  • Superman Annual #1
    "Tears for Titano", animal rights story


  • Action Comics Annual #1
    Batman summons Superman to help stop a vampire
  • Adventures of Superman Annual #1
    Wordbringer extracts the brains of a town, Trudeau South Dakota


  • Superman Annual #2
    First Guardian (Jim Harper) and Newsboy Legion clones of the WWII group, Whiz Wagon, and the Cadmus Project (reappears); Superman meets the Guardian who shows him Habitat, the Zoomway entrance, and the Cadmus Project; Superman meets Jude and the Hairies, Moutain of Judgement vehicle; Dubbilex - the first D.N.Alien - who warns them the Cadmus scientists are being controlled by Sleez; Jimmy meets the Newsboy Legion.
    In another story: After working with Maggie to stop Barrage, Turpin meets Maggie's girlfriend Toby Raynes.


  • Action Comics Annual #2
    Superman in Space: Superman defeats Draaga on Warworld.


  • Adventures of Superman Annual #2
    Superman, Guardian, and Dubbilex meet L.E.G.I.O.N. '90 (Vril Dox Jr., Lar Gand, Lady Quark, Lyrissa, Strata, Phase, Stealth); Superman meets Lobo for the second time; Superman sees clone left by Dabney Donovan under Cadmus; Vril Dox is wanting to kill his father, Brainiac; Superman recalls meeting Lady Quark during the Crisis story continued on Colu in L.E.G.I.O.N. '90 Annual #1.


[Armageddon 2001 - possible futures seen by Waverider]
  • Superman Annual #3
    Superman vs. Batman and the Justice League.
  • Action Comics Annual #3
    Superman as president of the United States; Supreme Court declares Superman was born in Kansas and is a United States citizen eligible to be president.
  • Adventures of Superman Annual #3
    Superman marries Maxima, after Lois dies.


[Eclipso: The Darkness Within]
  • Action Comics Annual #4
    Captain Marvel.
  • Adventures of Superman Annual #4
    Guy Gardner.
  • Superman Annual #4
  • Superman: The Man of Steel #1


  • Action Comics Annual #5
    Last Son of Krypton; First Loose Cannon.
  • Adventures of Superman Annual #5
    Superboy; First Sparx.
  • Superman Annual #5
    Cyborg Superman; First Myriad; Luthor wants Sasha Green killed again.
  • Superman: The Man of Steel #2
    Steel; First Edge.


[Elseworlds - alternate timelines]
  • Action Comics Annual #6
    Superman in 1776.
  • Adventures of Superman Annual #6
    The Super Seven (part 1); concluding part 2 is in Superboy Annual #1.
  • Superman Annual #6
    in the jungle.
  • Superman: The Man of Steel Annual #3
    Kryptonians take over Earth.


[Year One - events during Superman's first year]
  • Action Comics Annual #7
    First trip into outer space, First H'Tros who attack organic life.
  • Adventures of Superman Annual #7
    Superman appears in Metropolis, Kalibak, creation of Intergang.
  • Superman Annual #7
    Superman meets Dr. Occult.
  • Superman: The Man of Steel Annual #4
    summary of Superman's first year.


[Legends of the Dead Earth - possible future histories]
  • Adventures of Superman Annual #8
    Tom Peyer, Derec Aucoin and Mike Collins, Jason Martin, Karl Story and Barb Kaalberg
    The future: An alien world, where an isignificant stumbles on a replay of Jor-El's message and thinks he's Superman!

  • Superman Annual #8
    David Michelinie, Kevin J West & Tom Grindberg, Barb Kaalberg, John Lowe & Bill Anderson
    The future: Superman's essence is retained by a computer. People volunteer for genetically engineered Super-powers to fight crime.

  • Action Comics Annual #8
    David Michelinie, Kieron Dwyer, Albert T. De Guzman
    The future: On Bizarro World, the Bizarro finds out he's really part of a true life hero, and saves the day for his world and dwindling job.

  • Superman: The Man of Steel Annual #5
    Kurt Busiek, Paul Ryan, Joe Rubinstein
    The future: Emperor Luthor is taking over the galaxy, but one man has the power to stop him. A man called Kaleb - a new Superman!


[Pulp Heroes - evoke the moods and styles of classic pulp magazines]
  • Superman Annual #9
    Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding, John Costanza
    Jimmy is caught up in some mysterious Bhutran plan. Clark, Lois, Bibbo and Prof. Hamilton all pitch in to solve the puzzle.

  • Superman: The Man of Steel Annual #6
    Louise Simonson, Tommy Lee Edwards, Dennis Janke, Robert Campanella & Shawn C. Martinbrough
    Lois & the SCU try to uncover the identity of a murderer, but the FBI and CIA have other ideas. Superman finally comes to their rescue.

  • The Adventures of Superman Annual #9
    John Rozum, Mike W. Barr & Paul Grist; Alcatena, Dale Eaglesham & Enrique Villagran; Alcatena, Scott Koblish & Enrique Villagran
    Superman battles an ancient being from earth's past, then a local mythological creature & finally saves earth from a power hungry villain.

  • Superman in Action Comics Annual #9
    David Michelinie, Vince Giarrano, Brett Breeding
    Brother Serenity is taking over earth with the Dark Heart. A woman has the power he needs, but at what cost? What can Superman do to save the day when magic is involved?


[Ghosts - characters long thought dead come back to haunt our heroes]
  • Superman Annual #10
    Dan Jurgens, Paul Ryan, Chris Ivy
    Ghosts: Investigating the case of a man about to be executed for murder, Clark Kent is haunted and attacked by the 3 Kryptonian villains he killed in a pocket universe.


[JLApe - The JLA (including Superman) have been turned into apes!]
  • Superman Annual #11
    Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, Joe Phillips, Rich Faber and Rob Stull
    JLApe: With Superman turned into an Ape, Metropolis is under attach by Gorillas from Gorilla City who think humans killed their leader. But Lois and Superman persuade them to realise the truth.


[Planet DC - International Superheroes introduced]
  • Superman Annual #12
    Oscar Pinto, Francisco Haghenbeck & Brian K. Vaughan; Carlo Barberi; Marlo Alquiza and Juan Vlasco
    Planet DC: Superman joins 3 Mexican Superheroes who have been looking into a series of explosions in Mexico City. They uncover a plot using a little girl with the ability to channel the earth's power.


  • No Annuals published.


  • Superman/Batman Annual #1 (December 2006)
    Joe Kelly; Ed McGuinness, Ryan Ottley, Sean Murphy, Carlo Barberi; Dexter Vines, Cliff Rathburn, Sean Murphy, Don Hillsman II, Bob Petrecca, Andy Owens, and Rodney Ramos
    With erratic dimensional occurences happening all around, Superman heads aboard a cruise ship with Lois Lane to the Bermuda Triangle. As Bruce Wayne, Batman goes aboard the same ship. Also aboard is Deathstroke, hired to kill Bruce. A double booking sees Clark and Bruce needing to share a room. Taking an instant dislike for one another, neither knowing the other's alternate identity. When a dimensional rift throws Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman and an immortal alternate Deathstroke into the mix, there's chaos and mayhem for all involved.


  • Action Comics Annual #10
    Geoff Johns and Richard Donner; Art Adams, Eric Wright, Joe Kubert, Rags Morales and Mark Farmer, Gary Frank and Jonathan Sibal, Phil Jimenez and Andy Lanning, Tony Daniel
    Searching for Kryptonite, Lex Luthor thinks of all the ways Superman can be killed. Young Clark Kent meets Mon-El from Daxam, but exposure to lead forces Clark to banish Mon-El to the Phantom Zone. Thanagarians are set upon by Bizarros. Superman's Fortress of Solitude examined. Originally a teacher and friend of Jor-El, Non is rendered a mindless hulk when arrested. But Zod believes Non's faith in Jor-El's theories are not misplaced, and attempts to convince Jor-El to join them in taking over the Council who do not believe Jor-El. Jor-El convinces the council not to execute Zod, Ursa and Non, but instead puts them in the Phantom Zone. Superman's greatest foes are listed. Lex installs an array of different colored Kryptonite into Metallo, forming the beginning of his new Revenge Squad.


  • Superman Annual #13
    Kurt Busiek/Kurt Busiek & Fabian Nicieza, Carlos Pacheco/Renato Guedes, Jesús Merino/José Wilson Magalháes
    Phantom Stranger shows Superman a vision of a possible future and gives him a temporary immunity to magic to battle Arion. With Arion's castle falling all around him, Superman takes the fight to the magician, who sets two under water beasts upon him. Superman frees the two New Gods from being turned into the beasts, and Arion himself turns into a huge creature. Defeating Arion, Superman thinks he's got him in custody, but the real Arion has escaped back into the past, leaving the imposter Arion in his place. Elsewhere Khyber awakens.../Back-up story: Superman takes Supergirl, Krypto, Lois, Ma & Pa Kent and Chris to another planet where they all have the ability to fly. The all enjoy each other's company while having a family picnic. Also includes Fortress Fact Files on Subjekt-17 and Khyber.

  • Superman/Batman Annual #2 (May 2008)
    Joe Kelly, Scott Kolins, Scott Kolins
    Lois interviews Superman as he helps an Astrodite in its birthing stage. In Gotham, Batman deals with a killer who likes to cut and disfigure his victims. When Clark later visits Wayne Manor, he and Bruce get into a heated argument, before putting their differences aside to investigate strange circumstances that seem to be put into place by a mysterious figure called Socrates. When the Astrodite begins to fall to earth Superman stops it, but loses his powers in the process. Bruce and Robin help Superman train to use his natural abilities, while trying to solve the mystery of Socrates. Socrates apparently has the ability to pit a person's inner demons against themselves, an ultimate challenge of sorts. Batman almost succumbs to Socrate's madness, but Superman, although powerless, gets through to him, regaining his own powers in the process.

  • Action Comics Annual #11
    Geoff Johns and Richard Donner, Adam Kubert, Adam Kubert
    With the General Zod in control of Metropolis, Superman is required to allign himself with Lex Luthor, Parasite, Bizarro and Metallo. As Zod battles the U.S. army, Superman attacks with a Kryptonite and Red Sun weaponry, while Bizarro and Metallo also take out other Kryptonians in their own way. Inside their new Fortress, Lex sets about reversing the mechanism that allowed the Kryptonians to escape the Phantom Zone in the first place. Superman finds and rescues Lois and Chris, and frees the captures JLA. As Chris watches Superman battle his parents, he refuses to stand by and watch, and flies to aid Superman. As the Phantom Zone is once again ripped open, all the Kryptonians are sucked back into the Zone... including Chris. Who thanks Superman and Lois for showing him love, before disappearing into the Phantom Zone. Also includes profiles on Superman, Supergirl, Krypto, The Phantom Zone, Zod, Ursa, Non, Lor-Zod (Chris Kent), Fort Rozz, Mon-El (Lar-Gand), Perry White, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Cat Grant, Steve Lombard, Ron Troupe, and Clark Kent.


  • Superman/Batman Annual #3 (March 2009)
    Len Wein, Chris Batista, Mick Gray & Jack Jadson
    Batman is mysteriously attacked by Superman. Superman is mysteriously attacked by Batman. When the two confront each other they realize that it was someone else who attacked them. A forensic test of the scene in Metropolis uncovers a person who contains the DNA of both Superman and Batman... and others. Batman confronts Prof. Ivo in jail and discovers that one of Ivo's early failed experiments has come to life after all. The Composite Superman/Batman kidnaps Lois and Robin, and is confused between his Superman personality and his Batman personality. Confronting their composite, Batman begins to bombard the creature with questions about what crimes he can save, while Superman does the same about situations currently needing Superman's attention. Unable to decide, the pressure tears the composite creature apart... literally!

  • Action Comics Annual #12
    Greg Rucka, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    Ursa shows her true cowardly colors when Brainiac attacks and steals Kandor. Thara's parents, who are part of the military, are killed. Thara is captured within the now-bottled city of Kandor where she befriends Zor-El and Alura. After the Phantom Zone criminals attack on Metropolis, Chris Kent finds his way back into Fort Roz where Non saves him and keeps him safe. Thara has dreams of Flamebird, a religious entity of Kryptonian myth. She joins a religious group where she comes to the realization she embodies Flamebird and needs to find Nightwing. Chris Kent sneaks into Zod's lab and uses Brainiac technology which connects him with Thara. However Zod finds him and punishes him. Thara returns back to the military guild so she can steal a Phanton Zone projector and rescue Chris. Thara is attacked by Ursa, but when Non grabs the Phanton Zone projector, which could free them all, he instead decides to help Chris and Thara escape, before destroying the projector... much to Zod's anger.

  • Superman Annual #14
    James Robinson, Javia Pina, Javia Pina
    Mon-El uses the mysterious crystals left for him and discovers the history of Daxam and how it was once linked to Krypton. Daxam was settled by Kryptonians who inter-bred with natives of the planet and formed a new society that forgot about their connection to Krypton after many generations. When a Daxam expedition came to ancient Earth, a son was born to one of the Daxamite women who was half human. This woman was a descendant of Mon-El's. Mon-El, many many years later, finds his descendant's abandoned space ship and, even though space travel is forbidden, escapes from Daxam and lands in Smallville where he meets a young Clark Kent.

  • Supergirl Annual #1
    Sterling Gates, Fernando Dagnino, Raul Fernandez
    When a bank robbery needs Supergirl's assistance, she has to go in without her Supergirl costume as Kryptonians aren't supposed to be on Earth. Having dealt with the villains, the police notice heat-vision marks and hunt out the Kryptonian amongst the hostages. A young mother and her son are found out. Using Red Kryptonite, the police inadvertantly change the boy into a monster. Kara changes into Supergirl and removes the boy towards the Sun. The boy's mother catches up to her and angrily blames Supergirl for her predicament. In Maine, a man is killed when Lucy Lane takes his life force to regain her own form. Lucy dreams about growing up, never being able to impress her father us much as Lois did. But when she joins the army and then takes on the mantle of Superwoman for him, she finally has his approval. But will he be happy about her return?


  • Superman/Batman Annual #4 (August 2010)
    Paul Levitz, Renato Guedes, Jose Wilson
    Set in the future, Terry McGuinness, the new Batman, is coming across a new drug, infused with Kryptonite, that has made its way from Metropolis to Gotham, with rumors of a "Ghost" troubling the criminal ellement making their way from Metropolis. Superman, missing for years, howevers nearby, watching. Terry infiltrates a gang, who are sent into Superman's Fortress to retrieve an object by an aging Lex Luthor. Lex knows Terry is Batman, trapping him. Superman however comes out of the shadows to rescue Batman, but Lex has a Super-man of his own. Batman destroys Lex's chair control panel, which gets rid of the Kryptonite holding Superman back. Superman makes short work of Lex's goon, and traps Luthor inside the Phantom Zone.

  • Supergirl Annual #2
    Sterling Gates, Matt Camp, Marco Rudy
    Supergirl visits The Legion of Super-Heroes on Halloween in the 30th century! But Halloween proves to be just as spooky a holiday a thousand years from now as it is today, because a horrible new threat has awoken thanks to Supergirl's arrival. And that horrible new threat's name is - Satan Girl! Brainiac 5 has a plan, but it may come at the cost of shattering his potential romance with Supergirl!


  • Action Comics Annual #13
    Paul Cornell, Marco Rudy/Ed Benes, Marco Rudy/Ed Benes
    A young Lex Luthor arrives in Metropolis and immediately tries to make his presence felt. Perry White notices him and Lex barges into Perry's investigation getting them into Bruno Mannheim's nightclub. Bruno gives Lex a job. Lex notices a glowing door that leads to Apokolips. Lex is unfazed by Darkseid and attempts to assassinate him. Needless to say its fails but Lex manages to escape with a Father Box and some Apokoliptian drugs. Lex uses his ill gotten gains to become very rich very quickly. Seems Darkseid had orchestrated the corruption of Lex./Years later Lex learns from Ra's Al Ghul. Ra's owned a mysterious box and despite Lex's loyalty, the secrets of the box had never been revealed to him. The mystery ate at Lex and using tech he'd stolen on Apokolips he betrays Ra's trust and opens the box. Before he can fathom the contents Ra's arrives and kills his young apprentice. Lex would have ended that day, lost a father who taught him everything and trusted him. However Ra's gives the ginger boy a second chance and dunks him in the Lazarus Pit. When the boy awakens he discovers he has been disowned and left to his fate.

  • Superman/Batman Annual #5 (June 2011) [Reign of Doomsday]
    James Robinson, Miguel Sepulveda, Miguel Sepulveda
    Starman and a Blue Lantern named Saint Walker are outside of the Watchtower. Doomsday is inside. Also inside, the Cyborg Superman reforms. Outside Walker and Starman see the face of the Cyborg form on the side of the Watchtower. Inside the Cyborg Superman, Supergirl and Batman battle against Doomsday. Cyborg Superman does not want to give up because he feels if he can defeat Doomsday he will be a better man than Superman. The sick bay's computers do a scan of Supergirl and reveal that the darkness inside of her is going to prove fatal. Batman reaches the Arena level, which is halfway where he needs to be. Unfortunately the Cyborg's meddling with the Watchtower's system allowed lethal force to be used in the arena and suddenly a whole gaggle of holographic Batman villains attack. Doomsday assumes a Cyborg from and overwrites the Cyborg's influence on the Watchtower. Meanwhile Batman gets back to Cyborg Superman and Doomsday. Supergirl fights through her inner darkness. As Batman is about to be killed Supergirl (back in her normal form) busts in and drives Doomsday back. Doomsday gets the upper hand and disappears with both Cyborg Superman and Supergirl. Saint Walker tracks them to the other side of the sun where New Krypton used to be.

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