Superman Comics Index (from 1986)

Graphic Novels

  • Superman: The Earth Stealers (1988)

  • Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography (1989)

  • Superman For Earth (1991)
    Clark and Lois consider the environmental ills facing the Earth

  • Superman: Speeding Bullets [Elseworlds] (1993)
    Superman raised by the Waynes and being a superpowered Batman

  • Superman: Under A Yellow Sun (1994)
    A novel by Clark Kent.

  • Superman: Kal [Elseworlds] (1995)
    Superman in medieval England

  • Silver Surfer/Superman (1997)
    George Perez, Ron Lim, Terry Austin
    Swapped around by the Impossible Man and Mr Mxyzptlk, Superman and the Silver Surfer must outsmart the two little mischief makers.

  • Superman's Metropolis [Elseworlds] (1997)
    R.J.M Lofficier and Roy Thomas, Ted McKeever
    Jon-Kent as Lutor's puppet, has Metropolis' people as slave labour. Clarc Kent-Son is awakened to his powers by a vocal Lois.

  • Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? (1997)
    Alan Moore, Curt Swan, George Perez & Kurt Schaffenberger
    The last Superman story before the 1986 Revamp by John Byrne. This is an imaginary story... Aren't they all?

  • Superman: Distant Fires [Elseworlds] (1998)
    Howard Chaykin, Gil Kane, Kevin Nowlan
    After an atomic World War, the heroes have lost their powers. Clark must face off against Captain Marvel to save the world and his son.

  • Superman: War of the Worlds [Elseworlds] (Dec 1998)
    Roy Thomas, Michael Lark, Michael Lark
    Clark Kent battles against the onslaught of a Martian invasion and is thwarted by a misguided Lex Luthor who together with Lois Lane eventually aids him to save the day but at the cost of Clark's life.

  • Superman: A Nation Divided [Elseworlds] (Feb 1999)
    Roger Stern, Eduardo Barreto, Eduardo Barreto
    Set in the American Civil war, a young Atticus Kent learns of his powers and abilities, and helps the Union Army win the war, saves the life of Abraham Lincoln and goes on to bigger and better things.

  • The Incredible Hulk vs Superman #1 (July 1999)
    Roger Stern, Steve Rude, Al Milgrom
    Superman & Lois investigate reports on the Hulk early in his career, while Lex Luthor has other plans for the green Monster. Can the two team up in time to beat Luthor at his own game?

  • Superman: The Odyssey (July 1999)
    Graham Nolan & Chuck Dixon, Graham Nolan, Graham Nolan
    Superman thinks back to a time when he travelled to Bhutran as a young man. He be-friends a young lady who is the daughter of a major religious leader and together they stuggle to find their place in the world.

  • Superman: The Last God of Krypton (August 1999)
    Walter Simonson, Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, Greg and Tim Hildebrandt
    Krypton is gone. Its ancient gods are long dead... except for one. Cythonna, the dread goddess of ice has escaped her eternal prison... and she will not rest until The Last Son of Krypton lies dead at her feet!

  • Superman & Savage Dragon: Metropolis (November 1999)
    Karl Kesel, Jon Bogdanove, Jon Bogdanove
    Superman finds himself in hospital having been knocked unconcious for a few days without memory of who did it. Savage Dragon comes to town and the two try to work out who is behind the attack.

  • The Superman Monster [Elseworlds] (December 1999)
    Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, Anthony Williams, Tom Palmer
    Vicktor Luthor finds a crashed rocket with a dead infant inside, and sets about bringing it back to life using his experimental machinary. His creation sets about trying to find his place in the world.

  • Superman Inc. [Elseworlds] (December 1999)
    Steve Vance, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Mark Farmer
    Kal-el is found by a motorist and finally adopted by the Sudermans. After they pass away, Dale Suderman is left to fend for himself and makes himself into a superstar... much to Lex Luthor's dismay.

  • Son of Superman (Hardcover) [Elseworlds] (December 1999)
    Howard Chaykin and David Tischman, J.H. Williams III, Mick Gray
    Jon Kent discovers he has superpowers, and that he is the son of the long-missing Superman. What choice will he make with well-meaning terrorists called "Supermen" and the JLA on opposite sides?

  • Superman: End of the Century (Hardcover) (February 2000)
    Stuart Immonen, Jose Marzan Jr., Jose Marzan Jr.
    A shocking tale of an ancient and deadly conspiracy, told at the dawn of a glittering tomorrow, involving Lex Luthor, Contessa del Portenza, a raging murderer returned from the past, and Superman!

  • Realworlds: Justice League of America (July 2000)
    J.M. DeMatteis, G.L. Barr
    Four adults are sent invitations with a superhero costume they're supposed to wear to a party. Planned twists and turns along the way make them examine what they've become since they were children.

  • Realworlds: Superman (August 2000)
    Steve Vance, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Josef Rubinstein
    Eddie Dial never thought his life would amount to much... Until a group of thugs get him drunk and have a huge tattoo of the Superman symbol placed on his chest. His life is changed forever!

  • Superman: Mann and Superman (December 2000)
    Michael T. Gilbert
    Marty Mann is down on his luck. No job. No money. All he has is a son who doesn't ever respect him. Of course, it wasn't Marty's fault. If only he had it easy, like Superman... A priceless gem grants him his wish.

  • Superman and Batman: World's Funnest [Elseworlds] (January 2001)
    Evan Dorkin, Various Pencillers and Inkers
    Mr Mxyzptlk chases the Bat-Mite through each DC Universe and its alternate realities, time-lines and elseworlds, completely destroying them, killing each Superman and Batman as they play their "game".

  • Green Lantern & Superman: Legend of the Green Flame (December 2000)
    Neil Gaiman; Michael D. Allred, Terry Austin, Mark Buckingham, John Totleben, Matt Wagner, Eric Shanower, Arthur Adams, Jim Aparo, Kevin Nowlan and Jason Little
    In a museum, Clark and Hal come across an old Green Lantern Battery that when used sends them on a fantastic journey through the afterlife and hell.

  • Bizarro Comics (Hardcover) (August 2001)
    Various Writers and Artists

  • Superman & Savage Dragon: Chicago (June 2002)
    Eric Larsen, Eric Larsen, Al Gordon
    When many of Superman's greatest foes team up with Chicago's "Vicious Circle", Superman arrives to work it all out, much to Dragon's dislike.

  • Superman: Last Stand on Krypton [Elseworlds] (May 2003)
    Steve Gerber, Doug Wheatley, Chris Chuckry
    Kal-El believed he had altered the fate of Krypton's self-destructive people... but old habits die hard. He returns to his adopted world for one last attempt to save them, but Lex Luthor is also on Krypton and the last thing he has in mind is helping the people of Krypton.

  • Superman: Blood of My Ancestors (November 2003)
    Gil Kane and Steven Grant, Gil Kane and John Buscema, Kevin Nowlan
    An alien creature lands on earth sucking memories from its victims. When Superman arrives it begin extracting hereditary memories from him of his earliest Krypton ancestor, a man named El. El, blessed with great strength by Rao, leads his people against the evil of his enemies.

  • It's A Bird... (June 2004)
    Steven T Seagle, Teddy Kristiansen
    Tells the tale of a comic book writer suffering from writer's block as he tries to tackle Superman.

  • Superman: True Brit (Hardcover) (December 2004)
    Kim Howard & John Cleese, John Byrne, Mark Farmer
    Baby Kal-El lands in England and is brought up by the Clarks. They raise their son Colin to hide his powers because they fear what the neighbours would say if they knew Colin was different. Colin grows up and works as a journalist for the Daily Smear, whose Editor and owner is a ruthless man with no morals or ethics. Colin finds himself in all sorts of predicaments, both at work and as Superman.

  • Superman: Infinite City (Hardcover) (August 2005)
    Mike Kennedy, Carlos Meglia, Carlos Meglia
    When powerful weapons ravage Metropolis, Clark Kent and Lois Lane travel to an old midwestern town to discover their roots. What they find is the abandoned town of Infinite City! After traveling through a portal, they're transported to a place beyond their imagination, where futuristic technology and magic coexist. But not everyone is happy living there, and they want to come to our world, no matter what the price. Can Superman defeat his doppelganger, the Warden - a being as powerful as he? And what of the architect behind it all: Jor-El?

  • Superman Returns - The Official Movie Adaptation (August 2006)
    Martin Pasko; Matt Haley, Mike Collins, Ron Randall
    While an old enemy plots to render him powerless once and for all, Superman faces the heartbreaking realization that the woman he loves, Lois Lane, has moved on with her life. Or has she? Superman's bittersweet return challenges him to bridge the distance between them while finding a place in a society that has learned to survive without him. In an attempt to protect the world he loves from cataclysmic destruction, Superman embarks on an epic journey of redemption that takes him from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of outer space.

  • Superman: Earth One - Volume 1 (December 2010)
    J. Michael Straczynski, Shane Davis, Sandra Hope
    Clark Kent is a man looking for meaning in a new city and an age of failing newspapers, hand-held devices and instant gratification. But when you can fly through the sky and burn objects with a glance - things become a tad more complicated. Doubly so when a fleet of alien ships arrive on your doorstep.

  • Superman: Earth One - Volume 2 (October 2012)
    J. Michael Straczynski, Shane Davis, Sandra Hope
    Young Clark Kent continues his journey toward becoming the World's Greatest Super Hero but finds dealing with humanity to be a bigger challenge than he ever imagined! From a ruthless dictator to a new love interest who's NOT Lois Lane, things are never easy for this emerging Man of Steel. And the worst is yet to come, in the form of a man-monster with an insatiable appetite, the Parasite! The only thing that might appease his hunger is The Last Son of Krypton! But that will also mean he will have Superman's powers without his conscience, and Kal-El learns to live without powers beyond those of mere mortals.

  • Superman: Earth One - Volume 3 (February 2015)
    J. Michael Straczynski, Ardian Syaf, Sandra Hope
    The dreams about his Kryptonian parents sending him away. Clark later spends time with Lisa Lasalle, and speaks with Jimmy Olsen regarding Lois investigating him; all the while, unbeknownst to Clark, a United Nations panel is looking into ways to contain and, if necessary, destroy him. Alexa and Lex Luthor have reasoned on a way to stop Superman. A vessel of Kryptonian appearance enters Earth's atmosphere. Lois creates a Superman-Signal in order to attract and talk with him. She addresses his recent actions, the damage they have caused. Elsewhere, the vessel has landed and its lone occupant, when attacked by a military team, lays waste to them with powers exactly the same as Superman's. Lisa inadvertently learns that Clark is Superman. A bridge collapsing throws Superman into action, but when he cannot be in two places at once, he receives the surprise aid of the vessel's lone occupant, Zod-El. Zod tells Superman the story of Krypton's destruction and how he is connected to Superman, as he is his uncle. Superman welcomes the connection, but still wants to verify Zod's story. They part ways and Zod visits the United Nations, offering to fix their Superman problem. The panel accepts Zod's offer. Lois has discovered that someone tampered with the bridge that collapsed and that it was Zod. She tries to warn Superman, but he leaves with Zod to learn more about his history before she's able. Zod springs a Kryptonite trap on Superman, but Superman is able to fight through the trap and escape. Superman is weakened and asks for aid of soldiers he comes upon, but soon learns that he will not receive assistance from any nation; a deal that was made with Zod. Superman returns to his budding Fortress of Solitude. Zod, Superman learns, is responsible for Krypton's destruction. Superman engages Zod again, but is hit by Lex Luthor's creation: a red solar radiation ray, that neutralizes his powers. Superman takes a brutal beating from Zod, who wishes him to bow down and beg for a merciful death. Superman is defiant despite the torture Zod inflicts upon him. Lex watches the scene and is disgusted. Lex rushes to the scene with the weapon, while Superman calls his mother to say goodbye. He steadies himself for a last stand against Zod, which seems hopeless, until Zod realizes that Superman's powers are slowly returning. Zod is about to kill Superman, when Lisa drives a cement mixer into him. Superman tries to put distance between him and Zod, and does just enough that Lex is able to fire the weapon, depowering Zod, though not as much as Superman. Superman and Zod battle further, but Lex preps another blast and hits Zod again. However, Zod kills Lex, but is killed in turn slain by Alexa, who fires multiple bullets into his chest. Alexa blames Superman, and fires on him, but Superman is powerful enough to resist the bullets. He takes Lex's weapon and flies off, leaving Alexa to grieve. Clark later visits Lisa who had to be hospitalized, and she expresses her love for him, though heavily on drugs. Alexa vows to destroy Superman, saying that she died and now, only "Lex" remains. Superman addresses the UN and admonishes them for siding with Zod. He admits to his error in deposing the dictator of Borada, but warns the UN that anyone powerful enough to kill him, would still remain a threat to the world. He also demands that they never attempt to murder him again. Superman speaks with Lois again, admitting that he went too far too fast, which he will not do again in the future. Later, Clark takes Lisa to meet his mother and decompress over dinner. He doesn't mention that Lisa knows his secret. Superman returns to Zod's vessel, but the Kryptonite is gone, and Superman quickly reasons why, how, and who. Clark and Lisa enjoy some television, but Clark spies something that calls him to action. He flies to the Super-Signal, where a trench-coat wearing Lois Lane awaits him.

Superman Comics Index (1986-2011)


Here is a listing of the regular Superman titles since the John Byrne 1986 mini-series Man of Steel up until the post-Flashpoint relaunch in 2011. For accuracy almost every entry is based upon actually looking in the issue, and not memory or another source.

This listing is done in the order for when a comic book issue was published.

Note: Remember, the month dates are from the issue covers, not the actual date when the comic was on sale.

The Writer, Penciller and Inker for each issue is listed under the Comic's Title and Date.


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