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  • Superman: Birthright #5 [of 12] (January)
    Mark Waid, Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan
    Taking out the renigade helicopters, Superman discovers evidence pointing towards Lex Luthor. He confronts Lex. Lois and Jimmy get the story. Lex removes a piece of Kryptonite powering a research devision of LexCorp... a piece that has the same symbol displayed on Superman's chest.

  • Superman & Batman: Generations III #11 [of 12] (January)
    John Byrne, John Byrne, John Byrne
    Young Lois and Lana arrive in the far future and meet up with Superman and Batman. Together they use the time bubble the girls arrived in to travel back to their own time, rescue Saturn Girl, have a brief reunion with the Kents, before using the time bubble to take the fight to Darkseid far into the future.

  • Superman: Metropolis #10 [of 12] (January)
    Chuck Austen, Teddy Kristiansen, Teddy Kristiansen
    Lena is revived, thanks to quick thinking by Jimmy. The two head off to the Tech's power source, hoping to get Lena back in before Killgrave has a chance to take over... but Killgrave beats them to it, and both Jimmy and Lena a critically injured.

  • Superman/Thundercats #1 (January)
    Judd Winick, Ale Garza, Trevor Scott
    The Thundercats are transported to Metropolis from their own world, chasing after the Mutants who are after a duplicate of the Eye of Thundera. There they clash with Superman who soon helps them defeat Mumm-Ra and his thugs, before a fiendish little imp plays the last trick on Mumm-Ra.

  • Superman: Metropolis #11 [of 12] (February)
    Chuck Austen, Teddy Kristiansen, Teddy Kristiansen
    With Jimmy dead, Lena transfers herself and Jimmy into the tech, but needs to erase Sledge to make room. Searching for Jimmy, Killgrave takes his frustations out on Superman, promising to destroy Metropolis.

  • Superman: Birthright #6 [of 12] (March)
    Mark Waid, Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan
    The general public aren't fully comfortable with Superman yet, and as Lois and Clark arrive at LexCorp to interview Lex Luthor, Lex not only denies ever knowing Clark or ever being in Smallville, he also indicates to them that he thinks Superman is an alien... a story Clark is forced to write up for the Daily Planet.

  • Superman: Metropolis #12 [of 12] (March)
    Chuck Austen, Teddy Kristiansen, Teddy Kristiansen and Ashley Wood
    Lena and Jimmy formulate a plan using a man's device that can modify the tech, tricking Killgrave, removing him from the tech. As the B13 tech is totally removed from Metropolis by a time storm, Jimmy and Lena have their conciousness transported into newly grown bodies.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman's Metropolis reprints Superman: Metropolis #1-12]

  • Superman: Birthright #7 [of 12] (April)
    Mark Waid, Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan
    Clark is shunned by the other Daily Planet staff members. Lex sets up an elaborate bridge explosion using a green glowing rock to make the public think Superman caused the destruction rather than attempted to save the situation. Martha and Jonathan discuss with Clark why no record of Lex's time in Smallville exists, and recall how they first met.

  • Superman: Birthright #8 [of 12] (May)
    Mark Waid, Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan
    Clark remembers when Lex was living in Smallville, and how events lead to Lex discovering a link to Krypton, causing an explosion that killed his father and rendered him bald, and how he blamed everything on Smallville and the people living there... including Clark.

  • Superman: Birthright #9 [of 12] (June)
    Mark Waid, Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan
    Lex's spin on Superman has people beginning to distrust the Man of Steel, thinking him the vangarde of a coming alien invasion. Superman confronts Lex, who takes great pleasure in being the person to introduce Superman to the fact that he's from Krypton.

  • Superman: Birthright #10 [of 12] (July)
    Mark Waid, Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan
    As Superman attempts to fight the huge "Kryptonian" spider trampling Metropolis, he also finds himself the target of the local law inforcement. When Lex uses a secret weapon that emits Kryptonite radiation, Superman reverts back to Clark Kent and is about to head home for Smallville while he can... but the invading "Kryptonian" army changes his mind, and he heads back into battle...

  • Superman: Birthright #11 [of 12] (August)
    Mark Waid, Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan
    Against the odds, Superman takes on the invading "Kryptonian" army, and the world's news starts swaying public perception of Superman in his favor, much to Luthor's dismay. Lois infiltrates Lex's stronghold with Superman's help, and grabs the chunk of Kryptonite powering Lex's devious plans.

  • Identity Crisis #1 [of 7] (August)
    Brad Meltzer, Rags Morales, Michael Bair
    Sue Dabney, wife of the Elongated Man, is killed while she prepares a surprise Birthday for her husband. Learning of her death, all of Earth's heroes split into groups to find her murderer. However her husband joins with Hawkman, Atom, Canary, Zatanna and Green Arrow to hunt down Dr Light.

  • Superman: Secret Files & Origins 2004 (August)
    Geoff Johns, Jeremy Johns, Greg Rucka, Mike McAvennie; Jim Fern, Jon Bogdanove, Ivan Reis, Mathew Clark, Talent Caldwell, John Paul Leon, Karl Kerschl, Michael Turner; Lary Stucker, Marc Campos, Jason Gorder, Mathew Clark, John Paul Leon, Karl Kerschl, Michael Turner
    Suicide Watch - Pete Ross quits as President as a shady government organization tried to push him around. Superman tries to convince Amanda Waller to talk. Bipolar Disorder - Mxyzptlk confronts his new alterego and their fight ends up with a classic Mxy. Profiles on Gog, The Shack, Replikon, Lt. Lupe, Fr. Daniel Leone, Eradicator, Preus, Mr Majestic, and Supergirl.

  • Identity Crisis #2 [of 7] (September)
    Brad Meltzer, Rags Morales, Michael Bair
    Ralph and friends are confronted by Flash and Green Lantern. The story is told about how Dr Light once raped Sue Dibney, and how the heroes voted on modifying Dr Light's mind so he wouldn't do it again. As they go to capture Dr Light Ralph is shot by Deathstroke who has been hired as protection by Dr Light.

  • Superman: Birthright #12 [of 12] (September)
    Mark Waid, Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan
    Luthor becomes desperate and instigates a bomb inside his fake kryptonian army, however Superman saves "Van-Gar" who can testify to Luthor's involvement. Luthor throws Lois from the top of LexCorp Tower, but Superman saves her just in time. Superman then confronts Luthor, who is attempting to call for help from Krypton using his piece of Kryptonite. In doing so he shows Superman how and why he was sent to Earth, and allows Superman to let Jor-El and Lara know he made it safely to Earth thanks to them.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Birthright reprints Superman: Birthright #1-12]

  • DC Comics Presents: Superman #1 (October)
    Stan Lee/Paul Levits & Keith Giffen, Darwyn Cooke/Keith Giffen, J Bone/Al Milgrom
    Two different stories based on the Julie Schwartz idea of a Phantom Quarterback. The first one looks at a scientist who wants to win over the love of his secretary by creating a Phantom Quarterback to beat her heartthrob star. The other revolves around Steve Lombard, an aging quarterback who uses strange steroids to give him more power, but turns himself into a menace.

  • Majestic #1 [of 4] (October)
    Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Karl Kerschl, Karl Kerschl
    Superman talks to Mr Majestic about being more approachable as he's scaring everyone on Earth, including the JLA. Majestros thinks about it as he continues building a satelite which he hopes will return him back to his own Earth... but the Eradicator picks a fight with him, destroying Majestic's work, accidentally causing the Eradicator to self-destruct. Creating a secret identity of Jim McArest, Majestros rents a room with a young family.

  • Identity Crisis #3 [of 7] (October)
    Brad Meltzer, Rags Morales, Michael Bair
    Deathstroke makes quick work of the heroes confronting him, before a desperate lunge by Green Arrow causes him to slip up. Dr Light, recalling the mind-swipe placed upon him by the JLA, teleports himself and Deathstroke away. Superman arrives, berates the others for not letting him know their plan, and overhears Green Arrow telling Flash about other mind-altering performed by the JLA. Jean Loring, ex-wife of The Atom, is murdered in her apartment.

  • Majestic #2 [of 4] (November)
    Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Karl Kerschl, Karl Kerschl
    Majestic thinks back to a time when he was battling the Daemonites, when he first saw Elan - a young woman he fell in love with. In his new identity of Jim McArest, he works as Grounds Keeper at the school where his landlady works and her son, Elijah, attends school. Elijah is sure Jim is Superman. The Eradicator reforms, looking for Majestic. Jim confronts a Baseball coach about his aggressive actions against one of his young players. Elijah finds the Majestic costume in a suitcase under Jim's bed.

  • Identity Crisis #4 [of 7] (November)
    Brad Meltzer, Rags Morales, Michael Bair
    Jean Loring isn't dead... The Atom travels through the open phone line, breaks the rope she's hanging from, and resucitates her. Again no trace can be found of the villain. The alarm system was not tripped. The style of knot leads the heroes to the villain Slipknot, but Wonder Woman's lasso reveals he knows nothing. Captain Boomergang finally meets his son, and they hit it off nicely. Batman investigates who may be gaining from these attacks. Lois Lane gets a note claiming she's next, revealing that the villain knows Clark is Superman!

  • Majestic #3 [of 4] (December)
    Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Karl Kerschl, Karl Kerschl
    Jim is forced to reveal his powers when he saves Elijah who falls off the roof. When confronted by Ellen, he explains that he doesn't remember who he is. She reveals to him that he's really Majestic, as shown from recent Daily Planet newspapers. When the house is attacked by a robotic creature, Majestic goes into action, revealing his presence to the Eradicator, who plans to eradicate Majestric to save the Earth.

  • Identity Crisis #5 [of 7] (December)
    Brad Meltzer, Rags Morales, Michael Bair
    Monocle, Merlyn and Deadshot are captured, other villains are caught and questioned all over America, however one such capture tragically ends with Firestorm exploding. Captain Boomerang's son practices with his father, and discovers he also has super-speed. Tim Drake goes off as Robin, leaving his father behind... but as soon as he leaves his father is in danger. Trying to get back with Batman as soon as he gets a call from Oracle, Tim is too late. Captain Boomerang attacks Tim's father. Mr Drake is impaled by a razor sharp boomerang, while Captain Boomerang himself lays dead, having been shot by Mr Drake.

  • Majestic #4 [of 4] (January)
    Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Karl Kerschl, Karl Kerschl
    The robotic creature is revealed to be a Daemonite. As Majectic fights the creature, he worries that Ellen and Eli are in danger due to the desctruction his fight his having upon their house. The Eradicator arrives on the scene, not for Majestic, but to destroy the Daemonite, whose presence in this reality is a time bomb of destruction. Majestic must choose between saving Ellen and her son, or allowing the Daemonite's presence to explode an opening back to his world where he could defeat the Daemonites once and for all... He chooses Ellen's life ahead of his own wishes.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Majestic: Strange New Visitor reprints Action Comics #811, Adventures of Superman #624, Superman #201, Majestic #1-4]

  • The Question #1 [of 6] (January)
    Rick Veitch, Tommy Lee Edwards, Tommy Lee Edwards
    Vic Sage is a popular media personality, he's also secretly The Question, a being who walks between worlds, a being who can listen to the soul and heartbeat of a city to learn the secrets it hides to allow him to hunt down criminals and villains. His latest quest leads him out of Chicago and into Metropolis, where Lois Lane awaits him... and where Superman dwells.

  • Identity Crisis #6 [of 7] (January)
    Brad Meltzer, Rags Morales, Michael Bair
    Robin arrives home to find his father and Captain Boomerang both dead. Digger's son decides to take on the role of Captain Boomerang. Green Arrow tells an angry Flash that they not only altered Dr Light's mind, they also altered Batman's memory when he discovered what they were doing to Dr Light. An autopsy on Sue Dibny's body reveals two small footprints on her brain were the cause of her death. Batman also discovers the truth, and tells J'onn J'onzz to find The Atom... Ray Palmer isn't at home however. He's at his ex-wife's place where the two are lovers once again.

  • The Darkness/Superman #1 [of 2] (January) [Published by Image Comics]
    Ron Marz, Tyler Kirkham, Matt "Batt" Banning
    Jackie Estacado attempts to take over the underworld crime scene in Metropolis but the existing mob boss, Mr Grasso, isn't happy about his efforts and hires Metallo to take him out. Estacado however has access to otherwordly demons who attack Metallo. Hot on the trail of Estacado, Lois and Jimmy arrive on the docks to witness a confrontation between Grasso and Estacado, which is interrupted by the arrival of Superman. As Estacado and Superman go toe-to-toe, Superman becomes weak... Metallo as arrived.

  • The Question #2 [of 6] (February)
    Rick Veitch, Tommy Lee Edwards, Tommy Lee Edwards
    As Lex Luthor announces plans to build a new science tower at the center point of a powerful chi energy nexus, Vic Sage wanders around Metropolis, listening to the city's heart, hearing what it has to say about unfolding events. A team of highly organized theives divert Superman's attention with a massive lense focusing the sun's energy while they rob a bank... but Vic Sage intervenes, stopping the robbery.

  • Identity Crisis #7 [of 7] (February)
    Brad Meltzer, Rags Morales, Michael Bair
    Jean Loring inadvertantly reveals to Ray Palmer that she's the one who killed Sue Dibney. She claims it was an accident, that she only planned to shake up the heroes in an attempt to win back the attention of her ex-husband. Ray has her committed to Arkham Asylum, as the world's heroes try to come to terms with what has transpired and attempt to pick up their lives.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Identity Crisis reprints Identity Crisis #1-7]

  • The Question #3 [of 6] (March)
    Rick Veitch, Tommy Lee Edwards, Tommy Lee Edwards
    Vic Sage makes his way around Metropolis, stopping various criminal activities that are all linked to the Subterraneans. He discovers how they're using hi-tech networks installed in bathroom toilets to conduct their monetary transactions, counting on the fact that Superman wouldn't use his x-ray vision to look in on such locations. Lois gets a look at the chi pathways thanks to a hi-tech headset Luthor's scientists built. The Subterranean leader talks to Lex Luthor on the phone about how Psychopomp will kill Superman for Lex, leaving him in a place of eternal torment so he won't be able to come back.

  • Notable Issue: Majestic #1 (March)
    Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Neil Googe, Trevor Scott
    Majestic , Superman, and Eradicator arrive on Majestic's earth only to find no trace of life whatsoever. They are soon attacked by alien machines. Flying off to Majestic's hideout, they discover that an alien vessel kidnapped all life on earth, and left these machines to guard the empty planet. Even though the bleed-ripple that will allow Superman and Eradicator to return home will soon vanish, Superman still offers to help, but Majestic thanks them and tells them he can handle it alone. Superman and Eradicator fly through the bleed-ripple just as the machines return to attack Majestic. (Continued in the Majestic on-going monthly title published by Wildstorm)

  • The Question #4 [of 6] (April)
    Rick Veitch, Tommy Lee Edwards, Tommy Lee Edwards
    As the Question takes out yet another criminal who has been illegally selling body parts, he's confronted by Superman who warns him about not crossing the line in Metropolis. The Subteraneans decide to deal with the Question and take him out, but they dangerously expose themselves to Superman to do so, and only find the Question is more than capable and takes their strike team out instead. Lois learns that the new LexCorp Science Spire grounds are haunted by old spirits, and the Question ends up there also, having heard their tormented voices.

  • The Darkness/Superman #2 [of 2] (February) [Published by Image Comics]
    Ron Marz, Tyler Kirkham, Matt "Batt" Banning
    Metallo takes Lois hostage as Grasso and his gang get away. Estacado promises Superman he'll get Lois back from Metallo for him, but Superman will not compromise his stance on getting Estacado to leave Metropolis. Estacado has his little demons tear apart Metallo. With Lois safe, Superman insists on Estacado leaving... only to find that somehow Grasso and all organized crime in Metropolis has been wiped out.

  • Lex Luthor: Man of Steel #1 [of 5] (May)
    Brian Azzarello, Lee Bermejo, Lee Bermejo
    As the grand opening of the Science Spire approaches, Lex gives his cleaner's son an invitation to the exclusive event, if he gets an "A" in science at school. A woman called Mona shows Lex their latest information on Superman, as Lex thinks about how Superman isn't a Man, how he's a danger to humanity. A phone call from Mr Orr let's Lex know that a Doctor Federov is now safe from his Al Hasballah kidnappers and will soon be safe in Metropolis.

  • The Question #5 [of 6] (May)
    Rick Veitch, Tommy Lee Edwards, Tommy Lee Edwards
    Six True Words is murdered as she realizes that Luthor's plans for harnessing the Chi power using the Science Spire as a weapon to destroy Superman. Her spirit guides The Question to the truth of the matter, as the Subteraneans (with Superman out of the way saving people from Chemo in New Delhi) make a move on the Science Spire, aiming to kill The Question.

  • Lex Luthor: Man of Steel #2 [of 5] (June)
    Brian Azzarello, Lee Bermejo, Lee Bermejo
    Lex Luthor deals with Lexcorp meetings, dealing with problems involving the Union getting in the way of his construction of the Science Spire. He visits Dr Sergei who is working on an experiment for him, an experiment involving a woman suspended in a tank of liquid... Lex speaks with the woman, who appears to be infatuated with Lex. Mr Orr meets with the Union representative, and using physical force, persuades him to change his mind on his position regarding the building's construction. Lex learns of the man's change of mind, just before he lands in Gotham to meet with Bruce Wayne.

  • Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1 (May)
    Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Judd Winick; Rags Morales, Ed Benes, Jesus Saiz, Ivan Reis, Phil Jimenez; Michael Bair, Ed Benes, Jim Palmiotti, Marc Campos, Andy Lanning
    The Blue Beetle attempts to discover who is behind the attacks on him. He discovers a high security compound with a computer system that contains files on all the superheroes, including their secret identities, weaknesses, and affiliations. He's confronted by his old colleague Maxwell Lord, who is the mastermind behind Checkmate, an agency looking to wipe out the superheroes.

  • The Question #6 [of 6] (June)
    Rick Veitch, Tommy Lee Edwards, Tommy Lee Edwards
    The Question toys with the Subterranean gunmen, killing them one by one. Fusing their souls to the Science Spire, poisoning its Chi. This act of revenge frees the spirit of Six True Words, while her murderer is also encased within the concrete foundations of the Spire by the Question. In the aftermath, Superman searches the scene, while Vic Sage's news report on the Subterraneans is broadcast on TV. Pyschopomp is revealed to be The Question in disguise, as he tells Superman how Luthor planned to his the Science Spire as a weapon against him. Vic Sage leaves Metropolis, not having had the chance to tell Lois he loves her, but content that some questions are best unanswered.

  • Lex Luthor: Man of Steel #3 [of 5] (July)
    Brian Azzarello, Lee Bermejo, Lee Bermejo
    Lex Luthor meets with Bruce Wayne, looking to come to a trade agreement towards which Lex hopes to gain access to technology which will measure up against Superman if he decides to rule the world rather than help it. Lex gives Bruce a chunk of kryptonite as a gift. Batman and Superman confront each other in a silent battle, which sees the Man of Steel blow the kryptonite from Batman's hand, before taking him on a bruising flight with Batman dangling from the end of his own rope. Bruised and battered, Bruce Wayne calls Lex Luthor and tells him he can have what he wants.

  • Lex Luthor: Man of Steel #4 [of 5] (August)
    Brian Azzarello, Lee Bermejo, Lee Bermejo
    Lex addresses the press and public at the foot of his new Science Spire. He introduces Hope, his newly created female Superhero. Metropolis quickly falls in love with the beautiful new hero, and they're not alone... Lex is infatuated with her, much to the chagrin of his female aid, Mona. Meanwhile, Mr Orr hires Winslow Schott, the Toyman, to blow up a Jeweler's store, which shared the location with a Child Care center. As Hope heads off to find the Toyman, Lex professes his love for her, and kisses her.

  • Lex Luthor: Man of Steel #5 [of 5] (September)
    Brian Azzarello; Lee Bermejo; Lee Bermejo, Karl Story, Jason Martin, Mick Gray
    Lex and Hope's love-making is interrupted by an emergency bulletin regarding the Toyman having blown up a daycare center. As Superman battles Toyman's robots, Hope kidnaps the Toyman and flies him towards the top of the Science Spire. Hope doesn't know it, but she's a robot under Lex's control. Lex clicks a computer mouse forcing Hope to drop Toyman. Superman swoops in and saves him at the last moment. Lex has Hope attack Superman before self-destructing. Lex gives Superman a speech about hope as he floats outside Lex's window.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Lex Luthor: Man of Steel reprints Lex Luthor: Man of Steel #1-5]

  • Superman/Shazam: First Thunder #1 [of 4] (November)
    Judd Winick, Joshua Middleton, Joshua Middleton
    Announcing himself on the scene, Captain Marvel saves a plane in Fawcett City. Meanwhile in Metropolis, early in Superman's career, he comes across a group of thieves stealing European artifacts from the Metropolis Museum of Natural History. When he attempts to stop them, they release a large monster using magic. The monster vanishes as Superman punches it, with the thieves having escaped. Captain Marvel fights off two giant robots attacking a Solar Center construction site. The robots were sent by the company's owner, Dr Thaddeus Sivana, who didn't intend for the Solar Center to be a success, just a tax and insurance claim. Captain Marvel defeats the robots, forcing Sivana to call on Lex Luthor for help with his own caped problem. Captain Marvel comes across the same museum thieves in another museum. When they conjur up two monsters to deal with him, Captain Marvel is sent flying into the street, where Superman arrives and offers him his help.

  • Superman/Shazam: First Thunder #2 [of 4] (December)
    Judd Winick, Joshua Middleton, Joshua Middleton
    Dr Sivana recently met Lex Luthor atop LexCorp Towers and the two did a deal, if Lex can track and gather information on Captain Marvel for Sivana, then Sivana will sell back the 80,000 LexCorp shares he's bought. As "Spec", Luthor's tracker", hunts down Captain Marvel, he sees him call down the lightning which turns him back into Billy Batson. Back in current time, Superman and Captain Marvel team up to fight the monsters set upon them by the thieves in the museum. Having beaten the monsters, the two heroes take some time out to talk openly about their powers and experiences. Meanwhile the thieves have kidnapped a man who is the decendant of the Bagdan line. He will be the vessel for dark powers the group summon from the depths of hell. Superman realizes they're needed back in Fawcett City, as Eclipso is unleashed.

  • Superman Secret Files & Origins 2005 (January)
    Devin K. Grayson, Jami Bernard, Christine Boylan; Various Artists
    Two boys fight at school over who is better Superman or Batman, while, as Clark looks on, their teacher tries to teach them that Superheroes do more than just fight. Back when Superman was new on the scene, Lois laments not being able to get the low-down on Superman. Bizarro looks back on his life and origins. Origin profiles on Superman, Lois Lane, the Daily Planet staff, Lex Luthor, Ruin, Blackrock and a 3-page tour of the Fortress of Solitude.

  • Superman/Shazam: First Thunder #3 [of 4] (January)
    Judd Winick, Joshua Middleton, Joshua Middleton
    Spec asks around as he looks for Billy Batson. Superman and Marvel take on a magical being who Marvel soon realizes is the exact opposite of himself. He tricks him into saying his name out loud, reverting him back to an old man. During all this Eclipso comes to town, turning everyone in Eclipsos, before Superman discovers the artifact thieves who are giving eclipso his powers. Superman ruins their mystical meeting, turning Eclipso back to Bruce Gordon. Meanwhile Dr Sivana gets the information he wants from Spec. As Billy brags to his friend about hanging out with Superman, they're set upon by men with guns...

  • Superman/Shazam: First Thunder #4 [of 4] (February)
    Judd Winick, Joshua Middleton, Joshua Middleton
    Billy changes to Captain Marvel just as the men start firing. He takes them down... but his friend has been shot. He rushes him to the hospital, but it's too late... Captain Marvel storms into the Police detention center, where the hired gunmen are being questioned. He barges into the interrogation room, knocking police aside, and physically threatens one of the gunmen. Learning what he needs to know, he pounds his way through the window of Sivana's top-floor office and nearly chokes him to death. Superman, hearing about the events via Lois, finds Marvel atop Mount Everest. Captain Marvel explains what happened to Superman, calling "Shazam" to show that he's really just a boy in his alternate identity. Superman confronts the magician Shazam, asking him how he could bestow such enormous responsibilities on a child. Shazam tells Superman that Captain Marvel will need guidance. As Clark Kent, he visits Billy Batson in his run-down apartment... un-buttons his shirt, revealing his secret identity to his new friend.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman/Shazam: First Thunder reprints Superman/Shazam: First Thunder #1-4]

  • Superman Returns Prequel - Krypton to Earth [Book 1 of 4] (August)
    Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray, Ariel Olivetti, Ariel Olivetti
    The incredible final days of Krypton, as the infant Superman is rocketed away from his doomed homeworld.

  • Superman Returns Prequel - Ma Kent [Book 2 of 4] (August)
    Marc Andreyko, Karl Kerschl, Karl Kerschl
    Learn how the woman who raised the Man of Tomorrow has lived since her son's disappearance!

  • Superman Returns Prequel - Lex Luthor [Book 3 of 4] (August)
    Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, Rick Leonardi, Nelson deCastro
    How has the greatest criminal mastermind of all time spent the years since Superman disappeared?

  • Superman Returns Prequel - Lois Lane [Book 4 of 4] (August)
    Marc Andreyko, Wellington Dias, Doug Hazlewood
    She loved Superman... and then he left, seemingly forever. Relive the romance and gain insight into what Lois Lane's been doing in the Man of Steel's absence!

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman Returns: The Prequels reprints Superman Returns Prequel Book 1-4]

  • Tangent: Superman's Reign #1 [of 12] (May)
    Dan Jurgens, Matthew Clark, Jesse Delperdang
    The Tangent Earth and the DC Earth are about to collide! In the years since the Tangent world was last seen, a mind-reading, telekinetic Superman has taken control and brought peace, but at the cost of the world's freedoms. And as the walls between the Tangent Earth and the DC Earth being to fall, the Tangent Superman's visions are about to get even grander!

  • Tangent: Superman's Reign #2 [of 12] (June)
    Dan Jurgens and Ron Marz, Jamal Igle, Victor Llamas
    The fate of the Tangent Joker is revealed! And Green Lanterns from not one, but two worlds will be needed to shed light on the Tangent Superman's path to dictatorship. Meanwhile, Manhunter risks her life to help Spectre set free the Atom.

  • Tangent: Superman's Reign #3 [of 12] (July)
    Dan Jurgens/Ron Marz, Jamal Igle/Fernando Pasarin, Robin Riggs/Matt Banning
    Ever since the Tangent Superman rebuilt the world's power structure, the super-secret agency known as Nightwing has been biding their time, waiting to strike back. Now that the DCU's Green Lantern and Flash have joined the Tangent Green Lantern and Flash, the stage has been set for Nightwing's return!

  • Tangent: Superman's Reign #4 [of 12] (August)
    Dan Jurgens/Ron Marz, Jamal Igle/Fernando Pasarin, Robin Riggs/Matt Banning
    Hal Jordan, Batman, Black Canary and Black Lightning attempt to make contact with John Stewart in the Tangent Universe. Meanwhile, the Flash and his new friends thing they're safe back in the cemetery, having rescued the Atom. However the Superman reveals to John Stewart that he still has the real Atom, and that it was a spy he let the heroes rescue so he could discover their secret whereabouts. As Batman and the others arrive on this strange alternate Earth, the spy is revealed to be the Tangent Power Girl.

  • Tangent: Superman's Reign #5 [of 12] (September)
    Dan Jurgens/Ron Marz, Jamal Igle/Fernando Pasarin, Robin Riggs/Matt Banning
    Tangent Power Girl attacks the heroes at the cemetery, killing Manhunter. Tangent Green Lantern opens a portal through which she, the Spectre and a reluctant Batman escape through. Elsewhere Hex tries to convince Lori Lemaris to once again become the Joker. As Power Girl returns to Superman, who embraces her with a passionate kiss, she reveals she's captured Hal Jordan, Flash and the other heroes. Superman takes Jon Stewart's ring after discovering that New Earth is filled with superheroes and supervillains who could threaten his reign. At Tangent Green Lantern's home hideout, Batman is introduced to the remaining energy left over from Tangent Plastic Man.

  • Final Crisis: Superman Beyond (3D) #1 [of 2] (October)
    Grant Morrison, Dough Mahnke, Christian Alamy with Rodney Ramos, Tom Nguyen, Walden Wong & Doug Mahnke
    Clark Kent is approached by the vampire Monitor, requesting his help and promising Lois' salvation, as she lies in bed near death. Superman joins Supermen from the Multiverse, travelling through the Bleed, arriving in a Limbo reality where they discover a book that has every story ever told. Attempting to retrieve the book, Ultraman discovers that Evil does win over Good after all.

  • Tangent: Superman's Reign #6 [of 12] (October)
    Dan Jurgens/Ron Marz, Jamal Igle/Fernando Pasarin, Robin Riggs/Matt Banning
    Batman breaks into the Core to ask questions about the Superman of Tangent Earth. Lori Lemaris refuses to ever wear the Joker costume again when she's reteamed with her previous allies. After having his questions answered, Batman's presence is detected and he's rescued by Tangent Batman, who, together with other heroes, welcomes him to the Outsiders.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Tangent: Superman's Reign Vol. 1 reprints Tangent: Superman's Reign #1-6]

  • Tangent: Superman's Reign #7 [of 12] (November)
    Dan Jurgens/Ron Marz, Wes Craig/Andie Tong, Dan Davis/Mark McKenna
    Batman and Lori Lemaris scale the outside of Superman's base and are soon joined by the Tangent Batman. The other heroes arrive to help them get inside. Meanwhile, Tangent Superman is on New Earth, feeding and helping homeless people. When he tells them he's Superman, the New Earth Superman and Power Girl arrive to confront him.

  • Superman & Batman vs. Vampires & Werewolves #1 [of 6] (Early December)
    Kevin VanHook, Tom Mandrake, Tom Mandrake
    When a half-eaten body falls to the streets of Gotham, Batman is there to confront Dimeter, the mysterious man who found it... but he disappears through a wall. A woman is attacked by a Werewolf in vacant parking lot and Wonder Woman has trouble fighting off the creature. Batman examines the corpse. While Dimeter, the Vampire has a confrontation with the Werewolf. They're both looking for a Prof. Combs. Batman's leads take him to Comb's apartment, where he finds nothing, but is sure the man is involved somehow. When Batman leaves Combs goes down to his basement... which is filled with corpses and restrained vampires and werewolves.

  • Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen Special #1 (December)
    James Robinson; Jesus Merino, Leno Carvalho, Steve Scott; Jesus Merino, Nelson Pereira, Kevin Stokes
    Jimmy Olsen takes time off from the Daily Planet to investigate the mysterious figure he saw floating above Metropolis during Superman's battle with Atlas. His search finds him looking for Jonathan Drew (AKA Codename: Assassin), who appears to be hired by the government in an effort to kill Superman!

  • Tangent: Superman's Reign #8 [of 12] (December)
    Dan Jurgens/Ron Marz, Wes Craig/Andie Tong, Dan Davis/Mark McKenna
    Superman confronts his Tangent counterpart, who doesn't take kindly to being ordered around. As the pair duke it out, the Powergirls also enter the fight. Back on the Tangent Universe, Batman tries to devise a way to get them back home.

  • Superman & Batman vs. Vampires & Werewolves #2 [of 6] (Late December)
    Kevin VanHook, Tom Mandrake, Tom Mandrake
    Nightwing captures a Werewolf and brings it back to the Batcave, where Batman is experimenting on the Vampire he captured. When the Werewolf returns to its human form, Batman discovers that Prof. Combs is indeed involved, but when he goes to Comb's apartment a strange creature emerges from within the professor and attacks Batman, who defeats it with Dimeter's help. Comb's assistant also turns into a huge tentacled monster, and Superman arrives to give Batman a hand.

  • Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom #1 [of 5] (Early January)
    Jimmy Malmiotti & Justin Gray, Phil Noto, Phil Noto
    Superman is out in space. Maelstrom, a lowly slave on Apokolips, manages to escape to Metropolis, looking to kill Superman has a way to win favor with Darkseid. However Maelstrom finds Superman missing and Supergirl defending Metropolis. Maelstrom handles Supergirl easily, when Superman arrives to save his cousin and send Maelstrom back to Apokolips. Superman promises Supergirl that the two of them will take time off-planet to help Kara develop her fighting skills. On Apokolips Maelstrom is tortured by Granny Goodness before being sent into the Terrorium.

  • Superman & Batman vs. Vampires & Werewolves #3 [of 6] (Early January)
    Kevin VanHook, Tom Mandrake, Tom Mandrake
    Superman is battered aside by the magical tentacled creature. He saves two homeless people nearby, which allows the creature to escape. Dimeter gives Superman lip about his actions. As he flies off looking for the monster, Superman hears a cry for help and saves Chadd, a teenage boy from a vampire. Superman is warned off by a Werewolf, distracting him from Chadd, who is taken by Prof. Combs. Meanwhile, in Gotham Park, a police officer is brutally murdered by a pack of werewolves, and when Batman and Dimeter arrive, Dimeter can't help but feast on the bloody remains of the officer before leaving Batman to fight off a large group of vampires. Batman's help arrives however, in the form of Green Arrow and Jason Blood.

  • Tangent: Superman's Reign #9 [of 12] (January)
    Dan Jurgens/Ron Marz, Carlos Magno/Andie Tong, Julio Ferreira/Mark McKenna
    Batman and the other heroes break into The Superman's base of operations searching for information on how to defeat him. Meanwhile on New Earth Superman, Powergirl and Guy Gardner try and deal with the chaos The Superman has caused all over the world. Seems he's kidnapped all the world's leaders and taken them somewhere. The Superman gives his captives a speech about how he plans to take over Earth and make it a better place with or without their approval. Superman locates the warship his counterpart is holding his meeting on and tries to reach it. The Superman explodes a nuclear bomb on Superman and his friends, thining the matter resolved. On Tangent Earth Batman comes face to face with Superman's ex-wife, Lola Dent, who is supposed to be dead.

  • Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom #2 [of 5] (Late January)
    Jimmy Malmiotti & Justin Gray, Phil Noto, Phil Noto
    On an alien planet, Kara tries to fight off huge beasts as Superman hangs precariously from a cliff. Without their powers the task is difficult, but the pair manage to scare off the beasts. On Apokolips, in the Terrorium, Maelstrom fights for her life and to impress Darkseid, but he's not impressed and sends her to the Slave Pits. Supergirl is angry at Superman for "babying" her, and he opens up to her about the way he was brought up and the lessons he learned. Maelstrom tries to inspire the other slaves to rise up, but she's only sent into isolation for her troubles. Supergirl storms off... and soon finds herself surrounded by unfriendly walking creatures.

  • Superman & Batman vs. Vampires & Werewolves #4 [of 6] (Late January)
    Kevin VanHook, Tom Mandrake, Tom Mandrake
    Superman is aghast at the massacre that has taken place inside Gotham General Hospital. He comes across a Vampire stealing plasma... it's Chadd. Werewolves attack, and when Batman, Green Arrow and Jason Blood arrive to help, Superman protects Chadd telling the others that Chadd is different somehow because he hasn't tasted human blood yet. Superman flies off with Chadd. Dimeter arrives with a man called Janko. He tells their story. Dimeter and Janko were Doctor Combs' first experiments. When Combs and his creatures arrive and attack them, Jason Blood turns into Etrigan the Demon. He remarks that Combs, Dimeter and Janko are not what they seem.

  • Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom #3 [of 5] (Early February)
    Jimmy Malmiotti & Justin Gray, Phil Noto, Phil Noto
    Superman comes to Kara's aid, and they fight off the creatures, who are themselves swallowed by another creature. On Apokolips, Maelstrom is granted armor and weapons by Darkseid to travel to Earth and remove Supergirl. As Kal and Kara head back to their camp, another creature attacks them knocking Superman into a river where he breaks his arm and nearly drowns. As other larger walking creates pass them by and start messing with their spaceship, Kara throws a rock to try and scare them off, but they turn and fire a dart of some kind, which hits Superman who passes out... poisoned.

  • Superman & Batman vs. Vampires & Werewolves #5 [of 6] (Early February)
    Kevin VanHook, Tom Mandrake, Tom Mandrake
    Dr. Combs is taken into custody when Etrigan works out that he's now powerless and the door to the undead is now closed. Superman takes Chadd to see Dr. Kirk Langstrom to see if the boy can be saved. Werewolves attack, and Langstrom turns into the Man-Bat to aid Superman in the fight. As Janko heads off, Batman warns Dimeter about his actions... and as the Vampire hungers for human blood, he calls on a friend who is willing to stick her neck out for him.

  • Tangent: Superman's Reign #10 [of 12] (February)
    Dan Jurgens/Ron Marz, Carlos Magno/Andie Tong, Julio Ferreira/Mark McKenna
    Batman and the other heroes confront Lola Dent, The Superman's ex-wife, and manage to convince her to lend them a hand. On Earth Guy Gardner and Power Girl locate Superman under water. The heroes on the Tangent Earth manage to get a lock on Gardner's ring and form a gateway to cross over to New Earth. Batman also arrives with Lola Dent.

  • Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom #4 [of 5] (Late February)
    Jimmy Malmiotti & Justin Gray, Phil Noto, Phil Noto
    Supergirl begs the strange creatures for a way to save Superman, and receives an antidote to the poison that's killing him. As Superman recovers, Kara is forced to repair their ship, feed them both, and protect Superman. Back in Metropolis the Female Furies and Maelstrom are causing chaos as they call out Superman. Lois and Jimmy are in the thick of it, and are captured as bait for the Man of Steel. Kal-El and Kara fly towards home.

  • Superman & Batman vs. Vampires & Werewolves #6 [of 6] (Late February)
    Kevin VanHook, Tom Mandrake, Tom Mandrake
    Chadd's blood transfusion doesn't work, killing the boy, who returns as the undead, and then leaps out of the window, plummeting to his death in the sunlight. The heroes gather at Gotham Park where Etrigan performs a ritual, with Chadd's body as bait, to lure the creature that escaped from Combs. Vampires and Werewolves are also lured to the park, and a fight ensues. Etrigan's ritual sends the creature back to its realm, converting many of the vampires and werewolves back to their human forms. But not all are transformed.

  • Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom #5 [of 5] (March)
    Jimmy Malmiotti & Justin Gray, Phil Noto, Phil Noto
    Recharging their powers near the sun, Superman and Supergirl hear Maelstrom calling Superman out back on Earth. Lois and Jimmy are saved in the nick of time, as Superman and Supergirl arrive to confront Maelstrom and the Female Furies. A battle ensues, with Supergirl showing she's matured a great deal, taking matters into her own hands and dealing villains a devastating defeat. Supergirl now better understands her responsibilities to Earth, her cousin... and herself.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom reprints Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom #1-5]

  • Final Crisis: Superman Beyond (3D) #2 [of 2] (March)
    Grant Morrison, Dough Mahnke, Christian Alamy with Tom Nguyen, Drew Geraci & Derek Fridolfs
    The fight comes to Limbo. Billy Batson becomes Captain Marvel and stops Ultraman from attacking Superman. Captain Adam stops the invasion of Limbo and fuses realities together. Superman, in the Bleed, confronts and battles Mandrakk, and returns with the drop of Bleed required to set things right... saving Lois.

  • Tangent: Superman's Reign #11 [of 12] (March)
    Dan Jurgens/Ron Marz, Carlos Magno/Andie Tong, Julio Ferreira/Mark McKenna
    The heroes unite to try and defeat the Superman. They locate and use Vixen to find out where the Superman has held the world's leaders. With Earth's villains helping the Superman, battles break out, but the Superman is still not accounted for. Lola Dent realizes he's gone to release the Ultra Humanite!/Clayface, having pretended all along to be Guy, kills Jennifer. The Superman wants him to take control of Tangent Earth while he's on New Earth.

  • Tangent: Superman's Reign #12 [of 12] (April)
    Dan Jurgens, Carlos Magno, Julio Ferreira
    The heroes go into action under Batman's plan. The Green Lanterns are taken down by the Superman, who has control of Russia and China's nuclear arsenal. Wave upon wave attacks the Superman and the Ultrahumanite, and ground is made. Just as the Superman threatens to destroy the world, Lole, his ex-wife, joins the battle distracting him long enough for Superman to take his Tangent counterpart down. The villains are sent into the Ultrahumanite's prison, and the Tangent heroes travel back to their own world to begin rebuilding.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Tangent: Superman's Reign Vol. 2 reprints Tangent: Superman's Reign #7-12]

  • Superman: Secret Files 2009 #1 [of 1] (October)
    Greg Rucka, James Robinson, Sterling Gates; Pere Perez, Matt Camp, Fernando Dagnino, Stefano Gaudiano; Pere Perez, Matt Camp, Raul Fernandez, Stefano Gaudiano
    Profiles on New Krypton, Superman, the Kryptonian Military Unit, Alura and the Guilds of New Krypton, General Zod, Commander Ursa, Non, Brainiac, Superboy, Krypto, Lex Luthor, Metropolis, the Daily Planet staff, Mon-El, The Guardian, Supergirl, Nightwing and Flamebird, Project 7734, Sam Lane, Atlas, Codename: Assassin, Metallo and Reactron. Also includes stories on Ursa and her love for Zod, Mon-El and Billi Harper's first days as plainclothes officers, Kara and Thara's friendship on Krypton, and how Pete Ross unwittingly was responsible for the formation of Project 7734.

  • Blackest Night: Superman #1 [of 3] (October)
    James Robinson, Eddy Barrows, Ruy Jose with Julio Ferreira
    Kal-L rises from his grave. In Smallville the Sherrif and his deputy are killed. Diners in a restaurant are frightened and killed, as are people at the drive-in cinema. At the Kent Farm, Krypto hears a noise, Clark and Conner go to investigate as Superman and Superboy. They are confronted by a Black Lantern Kal-L, who tries to kill Conner. At the Kent Farm, Krypto fails to keep Martha safe from Black Lantern Lois Lane of Earth-2. Superman fights off Kal-L, but has to let him escape to save Conner. On New Krypton Kara and Alura are confronted by Black Lantern Zor-El. Superman and Superboy find Krypto at the Kent Farm, and go in search of Martha. They find her held hostage by Black Lantern Lois and Kal-L, who plan to bring Ma and Pa Kent back in each other's arms.

  • Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen Special #2 (October)
    James Robinson, Bernard Chang, Bernard Chang
    Jimmy tells Mon-El how he's worried that Jonathan Drew (aka Codename: Assassin) is out there waiting to kill him. Mon-El tells Jimmy to use his signal watch if he gets in trouble. After chatting online with someone who claims to have information on Project 7734, Jimmy travels to the person's house, only to find it on fire. Jimmy rescues the person, Erik/Erika Storm, who gives Jimmy a phone number. Calling the number leads Jimmy to Natasha Irons who gives him some cryptic clues involving Captain Atom before vanishing. Jimmy is then on the run from Assassin, who finally catches up with him, and even though he's pressed his signal watch to get help from Mon-El, it doesn't arrive. Jimmy is gunned down...

  • Blackest Night: Superman #2 [of 3] (November)
    James Robinson, Eddy Barrows, Ruy Jose with Julio Ferreira
    Superman and Superboy continue to battle the Black Lantern Kal-L, while Psycho Pirate messes with people's feelings and emotions in Smallville. Conner helps Martha escape from the Black Lantern Lois, before confronting Psycho Pirate who alters Conner's emotions as well. Conner attacks Superman. On New Krypton Kara is faced with Black Lantern Zor-El who she angrily attacks. Black Lantern Lois searches for Martha amongst the corn fields, but Martha has her own ideas and lights a torch.

  • Superman: Secret Origin #1 [of 6] (November)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Jon Sibal
    Young Clark accidentally breaks Pete Ross' arm in a friendly game of football. Pete revels in the attention his cast gives him. Clark has an unexpected burst of x-ray vision and runs off. Lana comforts him by recalling the time he saved her from the blades of a thresher, and leans in to kiss him. This sets off Clark's heat-vision, setting fire to a sign in the school hall which sets off the fire sprinklers, soaking them. At the Kent Farm Jonathan convinces Martha it's time they tell Clark everything. They take Clark out to the barn and show him the hidden rocketship that he came to Earth in. Touching the ship sets off a hologram message from Jor-El and Lara, who call him Kal-El and tell him they're he's biological parents. Clark runs off upset. Jonatha follows him and reassures him. Elsewhere in Smallville Lex Luthor runs away from his drunken father and finds a chunk of green glowing rock. Martha fashions spectacles from the rocketship for Clark, as the material absorbes his heat-vision. Martha sees more holograms from the rocketship and admires the Kryptonian fashion. At a local fair Clark meets Lex Luthor, but when Lex shows him the green glowing rock, Clark feels ill and falls, knocking the rock to the ground and cutting Lex's hand. A twister hits Smallville, and Lana is in danger, but Clark rescues her, appearing to fly before crashing to the ground. She kisses him again, and this time his new glasses absorb the heat-vision burst. Clark tells him parents about flying, and Martha reveals the costume design she created for him. They make it together and Clark's unhappy about the red, blue and yellow tight-fitting costume.

  • Blackest Night: Superman #3 [of 3] (December)
    James Robinson, Eddy Barrows with Allan Goldman, Ruy Jose with Eber Ferreira
    Krypto wakes up and disappears at superspeed. Kara fights her father on New Krypton, realizing that he's not her real father. Psycho Pirate continues to sow chaos. Conner attacks Superman under Psycho Pirate's influence. Ma Kent tries to light Black Lantern Lois on fire, but it doesn't work. Krypto shows and takes Black Lantern Lois out. A scientist goes to Alura and says he has a device that can repel Black Lanterns, but it will trap them on the planet. Alura goes to get Zor-El away so her daughter can stay on the planet. Conner starts to see Superman losing in his battle with the Black Lantern Superman, and that snaps him back from Psycho Pirate's influence. Conner steals Psycho Pirate's mask and uses it to restore people to normal. He also uses it to disperse Psycho Pirate and Black Lantern Superman.

  • Superman: Secret Origin #2 [of 6] (December)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Jon Sibal
    Lionel Luthor drives off a cliff when his brakes fail, and is saved by Superboy. Lex was the one who toyed with his father's brakes. Clark comes back home by slipping through a secret underground tunnel. Clark wonders if he's alone in the universe. He studies Dr. Erdel's book the next day, and Lex interrupts him in the process of researching Metropolis for the building Lex plans on constructing in the city. Lana tries to console Clark over the fact that most of the kids are not hanging out with him. He tells Lana that he only wants to be friends when she tries to kiss him. As he walks home three members of the Legion of Superheroes appear before him. The Legion bend the rules to take him to the future. They fight a group of human supremacists. Brainiac 5 interrupts their revelry to remind them of the consequences of their actions. They talk telepathically and remind themselves to be careful not to reveal future occurrences. They return Clark to the present and promise future adventures. As Clark describes the future to Pa, a rocket approaches the house. Clark stops it, revealing the test rocket with Krypto. Lionel Luthor dies of "heart failure" much to Lex's gleeful, given that with his insurance policy he can now go to Metropolis and leave Smallville behind.

  • World's Finest #1 [of 4] (December)
    Sterling Gates, Julian Lopez, Bit
    Tim Drake, better known as Red Robin, is in Amsterdam battling members of the Walewein Motorcycle Gang. Chris Kent (as Nightwing) turns up and gives him a hand, asking for help in return. Chris explains that he and Thara had trailed one of General Zod's spies to Gotham City. Seems the Penguin captured Thara who is being held with the help of the Kryptonite Man. In the lead coated club of the Penguin, an auction is taking place. The item up for sale is Flamebird herself. The Kryptonite Man is keeping her subdued. Red Robin and Nightwing rescue Flamebird. Red Robin goes back in Amsterdam, and Flamebird and Nightwing help him find the historic letter that he needs to find Bruce Wayne. Toyman and Toyboy now have the Kryptonite Man held captive and have big plans for him.

  • Superman: Secret Origin #3 [of 6] (January)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Jon Sibal
    Clark is amazed at Metropolis. He arrives at a delapidated Daily Planet building. In the elevator he meets Rudy Jones, a janitor who has forgotten his lunch. Clark offers him his own. At the main floor he encounters Ron Troupe, Steve Lombard, Cat Grant, and Jimmy Olsen. He eventually makes his way to the Planet office, where Lois and Perry debate the merits of a story. Perry cites the fact that going after Luthor has nearly killed the Planet, and Lois fights back with the nobility of idealism. Perry introduces Lois and Clark, and Lois offers to take Clark on a tour, which surprises Perry. She takes Clark to the Lexcorp building for the unveiling of a piece of technology, and sneaks in wearing a blonde wig by duping Clark to distract the guards. At the top Luthor unveils his Metallo body suit. Security catches Lois, she flees, and then she trips and falls off the building. Clark hears, changes into Superman, and saves her. People grab at him and he flees, fearing he's done the wrong thing unveiling himself to the world.

  • World's Finest #2 [of 4] (January)
    Sterling Gates, Ramon F. Bachs, Rodney Ramos
    Parasite stole WayneTech's Zero Degree Cryonic Stasis Engine, nicknamed "Mister Zero", for Mister Freeze. Freeze intends to use the machine to freeze Mon-El so the Parasite can feed off the Daxamite endlessly. Guardian and the Metropolis Science Police fights Riot, whom Damian Wayne, the new Robin, is questioning. Guardian eventually arrests both Robin and Riot. However, the Boy Wonder manages to free himself from his handcuffs. Robin finds Parasite's trail. Following Robin leads Guardian into the Parasite's clutches. Their fight inadvertently takes them to Mister Freeze's lair, where Mister Zero has been placed. A Batarang hits the machine, causing it to overload. Guardian hurls the Parasite into the path of Mister Zero. The chain reaction halts Mister Zero and turns the Parasite and Mister Freeze into frozen prisoners. A science police van is being driven by Toyboy, who has been ordered by Toyman to throw the Parasite in the river. He only needs Mister Freeze for his plans, which involve a giant composite Superman-Batman robot that he is in the middle of assembling.

  • World's Finest #3 [of 4] (February)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Jon Sibal and Jack Purcell
    Oracle has sent Batgirl to investigate radiation that could be Kryptonite. Batgirl meets up with Catwoman. Catwoman is there because she wants to collect Penguin's bounty on the Kryptonite Man. They find Mister Freeze and the Toyman working on machines which the Kryptonite Man is attached to. Toyboy traps them in a metal box at the bottom of the Gotham River. Oracle calls Supergirl to help find Batgirl. Kara rescues Batgirl and Catwoman. Supergirl smashes the robotic Toyboy while Batgirl briefly confronts Mister Freeze. Freeze and Toyman escape by activating the new Superman-Batman composite robot powered by Kryptonite Man. Supergirl is hit by its lasers. Dick Grayson, the new Batman, sends a hypersonic signal to New Krypton to get Superman's help.

  • Superman: Secret Origin #4 [of 6] (March)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Jon Sibal
    Lex Luthor selects Rudy Jones from a crowd, while demanding to talk to Lois Lane about the "flying man". Lois & Clark is escorted out of the Daily Planet by Lex's men. Rudy Jones eats a donut that fell into some toxic goo. Lois questions Luthor vigorously before they're interrupted. Rudy Jones who has turned into a purple parasite, killing people. Superman grabs the Parasite, who sucks on Superman's neck, draining some of his energy, before crashing to the street. Superman hits Parasite with heat vision, then freezes him in place. The people around seem afraid of Superman and thankful. Luthor appears, and tries to foster the fear. Superman leaves. On the roof of the Daily Planet, he sees Jimmy on the ledge. Thinking him about to commit suicide, Superman stops him. They talk about feeling ostracized in the big city, and how Jimmy is thinking of leaving. Superman persuades him not to, given that Jimmy is his only friend in the city. Jimmy snaps a photo of Superman. The Daily Planet runs with Lois' story and Jimmy's picture, infuriating Luthor and causing him to declare personal war on Perry White.

  • World's Finest #4 [of 4] (March)
    Sterling Gates, Phil Noto, Phil Noto
    The Superman/Batman Robot tramples through Gotham City with Supergirl and Batgirl in hand. Dick Grayson (as Batman) and Kal-El (still in his Kryptonian uniform) along with the new Robin, attack the robot, freeing Batgirl. The robot "eats" Supergirl and Superman opens the robot's mouth to allow Batman to go inside after her. Robin and Batgirl take out Mr. Freeze and Toyman, breaking the remote control device which controls the robot's Kryptonite bomb (which was meant for New Krypton). Batman saves Supergirl, before stumbling upon the Kryptonite Man who is the power driving the robot. As the bomb counts down to detonation, Superman arrives, removes the Kryptonite Man from the robot, before flying Batman and Supergirl away from the robot as it explodes high above the city. Toyman is discovered to be another toy, with the real Toyman actually in a meeting with General Lane.

    [Trade Paperback collection: World's Finest reprints World's Finest #1-4, DC Comics Presents #31 and Action Comics #865]

  • Superman 80-Page Giant #1 (May)
    Various writers and artists
    Young Clark's heat-vision goes wild when he and Pete are bullied when ice skating./Clark tries to juggle caring for a sick Lois while also being Superman./When the Daily Planet is infested with bugs, Clark helps the exterminator, because Krugak has returned for revenge against the Man of Steel./Bank robbers discuss their various experiences in other DC Universe cities, agreeing that Superman is the best superhero to be captured by./Stan thinks Superman is his own personal savior and begins to live a reckless life./While waiting for Lois to make their dinner reservation, Clark gets busy as Superman to fill in the time./While Superman battles Bizarro, everyday people talk about how their lives have been impacted by the fight.

  • Superman: Secret Origin #5 [of 6] (March)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Jon Sibal
    Superman saves people in a fire. Lex Luthor fumes over Superman with General Sam Lane. Lane offers to help Luthor with the Daily Planet if Luthor will give him weapons technology. John Corben checks in on Lois. Lois quickly makes it clear she wants nothing to do with his continued advances. Clark steps in at the right moment, staring Corben down. Lois agrees to go to lunch with Clark. Lex Luthor suggests that Kryptonite might hurt Superman, and shows General Lane the Metallo robot. John Corben volunteers to pilot it. Clark makes an excuse and leaves Lois at their lunch when he spots a plume of smoke. The smoke turns out to be an illusion caused by Sam Lane. Lane demands Superman tell him all of the details of his powers and weaknesses. Superman walks out. Soldiers attack him, and when bullets fail, Corben attacks. Kryptonite makes the bullets hurt Superman, causing him to bleed. A bullet ricochets and hits Corben in the Kryptonite heart of the machine. Superman defends Corben, and tries to get him medical attention. Sam Lane goes to the Daily Planet with troops and attempts to shut it down. Superman flees into the sewers.

  • Superman: Secret Origin #6 [of 6] (October)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Jon Sibal
    Sam Lane shocks the Daily Planet staff by revealing that Superman is an alien. Lex Luthor finishes his experiment, bringing Metallo to life. A weakended Superman is hunted down by the army. As Metallo attacks Superman, Lois runs to his side, recognizing John Corben as Metallo. With Metallo's Kryptonite heart weakening him, Superman flies the villain to space, knocking him out. Confronting Superman in the street, General Lane tries to discredit Superman in public, but the people won't hear of it, defending their hero. Superman flies off to confront Luthor about Metallo. Back at the Daily Planet, Lois rushes off to meet with Superman on the roof. As they're about to kiss Jimmy arrives and tells them the Daily Planet is the number one paper again, Superman helps things further by making the globe on the building spin once again. Lex goes outside to greet his adoring fans, but nobody has shown up. They don't need him anymore. They have Superman to inspire them.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Superman: Secret Origin reprints Superman: Secret Origin #1-6]

  • Superman: The Last Family of Krypton #1 [of 3] (October)
    Cary Bates, Renato Arlem, Renato Arlem
    Jor-El awakens from a dream of Kal-El's rocketship being destroyed as it leaves Krypton. His wife reassures him, and it is revealed that they are in Metropolis. Eighty-seven days earlier, in Metropolis, a large alien craft arrives. The military accidentally fires upon it, and the ship turns into a warship, but after the dust clears, Lara stops the ship from engaging defensive measures. Jor-El introduces himself to the gathered military personnel. After a media blitz, Jor-El and Lara help the world through varying endeavors, savings lives and growing accustomed to their new world. In their new home in Metropolis, Lara goes looking for Clark, and instead finds an enclosed, defensive Sanctum of Solitude that Jor-El has used to conceal his plan for Jorcorp, a plan to pool Earth tech with Kryptonian science. The El family sees that Clark is facing a media blitz as the years wear on, so, inspired by a news report of a meteor striking a field near the Kent farm, then decide to let the Kent family help raise Kal-El. Jor-El and Lara grow apart as Clark grows up with the Kent family. Lara writes a book about a new age philosophy she calls "Raology." Martha and Jonathan help Clark find a place in the world. Lex Luthor is plucked from school for his genius by Jor-El, and recruited for Jorcorp. Jor-El and Lara quarrel over how distant Jor-El has become. They chase each other across the sky, then make up in front of the sun. Months later, Clark has a twin brother and sister.

  • Superman: The Last Family of Krypton #2 [of 3] (November)
    Cary Bates, Renato Arlem, Renato Arlem
    Clark flies up to stop a meteor, but it turns out to be Kryptonite. He has a vision of his Kryptonian ancestors, waking up to find his father has brought him back to life as his siblings, Bru-El and Valora, listen in. A cult-like member sees Clark's Kryptonite exposure. Lara saves Bruce Wayne and his family. Bru-El and Valora, age eight, break out of the tower and go to an atomic weapon test. Jor-El and Lara save them, and reveal that they have half the power of their parents. Lara's Raology gains momentum, but "Doomsdayers," a group that believes that the El family will cause Earth to explode, protest her. Pa Kent has a heart attack, but Clark is able to rush him to Jor-El in time to replace his heart. Clark informs his El family that he intends to explore the universe. They give Clark the traditional Superman suit in order to prepare him for his trip. He goes to Metropolis to get his mother's holo camera, and in the process foils a train running someone over, retrieves some stolen tanks, and generally gets waylaid into his Superman identity. The family goes to a benefit to honor Jor-El, years later, with Clark in his civilian identity. The Doomsday cult breaks in, showing that they have Valora and are killing her with Kryptonite. Lex Luthor and the El family work together to find and save Valora. Lex enhances Jor-El's "B" technology to a 13th level intellect.

  • Superman: The Last Family of Krypton #3 [of 3] (December)
    Cary Bates, Renato Arlem, Renato Arlem
    Jor-El visits Oa, where the Guardians warn him that his actions have stopped the birth of the age of heroes. Lex postulates that kryptonite is mutable, and can be immunized against.. Jor-El surprises Lex with Lex Gel, a cure for male pattern baldness, and gives him some of the profits. Superman saves a crowd of people from a tsunami, but needs Jor-El help. A sniper tries to kill Lois and Clark while Lois reassures Clark that Jor-El was too hard on him. Superman catches the sniper. Bru goes into therapy, and Valora works as a senate's aide. Lara goes into Jor-El's sanctum and sees that he is actually obsessively watching the world to prevent another Krypton from happening. She leaves him. Jor-El kicks Bru-El out of the house. Lara opens a massive complex dedicated to Raology called Lara Land. Lex Luthor takes Bru-El aside and offers him immunity to Kryptonite. Valora saves the senator from an exploding geyser. Lex Luthor blasts Bru with kryptonite, then shows that he is now bald and wants to take over Jor-El's position. He's even reprogrammed B. Jor-El goes to the sanctum and, thanks to being bombarded with subliminal images of his family, decides to get back with Lara. Lex reprograms Bru to kill Jor-El and wipes his mind. Bru-El attempts to kill Jor-El, but Lara takes the brunt of the blast. Lara remains in a coma, and Bru is mentally scrubbed. Lex goes on television and indicates that Jor-El's technology is burrowing into the Earth. Really Lex is doing it, in an attempt to "save" the world and take Jor-El's place, thinking him dead. Superman, Jor-El, and Valora attack the tower, but Lex has defenses in place that prevent them from entering. They go underground to attack the tower, but it also has a force field down there. B turns on Lex and takes him out because Lex proclaims his superiority to B. Superman cuts through the force field with another piece of force field, and convinces B to commit suicide by stopping the tower from destroying Earth, because he'll be stopped eventually anyway, and Superman promises he'll be remembered as a hero. Lara dies of a stealth virus in the blast from Bru, leaving Lara Land to her followers. Brainiac is labeled a hero. Valora runs for congress. Bru slowly regains his mind. Jor-El becomes a wandering hermit, and Superman remains Superman.

  • Steel #1 [Reign of Doomsday] (March)
    Steve Lyons, Ed Benes, Ed Benes
    Freshly awakened from his coma after battling Atlas, John suits up in a scene reminiscent of the day Superman died. His mind wanders back to elements of the legendary battle and the birth of the four Supermen... Superboy, Eradicator, Cyborg and Steel himself. Natasha warns her uncle that not everyone can be Superman. While Steel battles Doomsday after his mysterious reappearance, Natasha concentrates on helping survivors of the attack get to safety. Doomsday seems to have returned to Metropolis for Steel himself. Through the battle Doomsday learns how to evolve his protruding bones into metal mimicking Steel's armor texture and flight. The battle continues until Steel is able to pierce Doomsday's skin. Taking a quick opportunity, Steel infects the behemoth with his new Nanobyte technology. Celebrations are short-lived as a momentarily paralyzed Doomsday reanimates. He beats Steel unconscious and Doomsday's skin devolves to its original state. Nat sobs as her uncle is taken by the monster...

  • Superman 80-Page Giant 2011 #1 (April)
    Various writers and artists
    Stories featured include: Jor-El desperate to find the truth about Krypton's looming destruction. Perry White and Ted Grant discussing their sons. A crisis of many Jimmy Olsen clones. Bizarro No. 1 returning to Bizarro World. Kara Zor-El's first Earth boyfriend, Brendan Shaeffer. Lois Lane and Lana Lang look into the real identity of someone connected with Intergang. Superboy runs into a werewolf in Smallville by the name of Creighton.

  • Notable Issue: Outsiders #37 [Reign of Doomsday] (April)

  • Jimmy Olsen #1 [One Shot] (May)
    Nick Spencer, RB Silva, Dym
    The ACTION COMICS co-feature collected together, reprinting the first four parts of the story and presenting 30 all-new pages that bring "Jimmy Olsen's Big Week" to a close! When Jimmy Olsen finds out that his ex-girlfriend, Chloe Sullivan, is spending a week writing a profile about a young big-shot LexCorp employee, Jimmy is determined to prove to Chloe that he can have just as exciting and interesting a week. Cue bar fights with drunken aliens, a visit to the Yarn Barn with Supergirl, Fifth Dimensional stalkers, and Jimmy Olsen: Space Warrior!

  • DC Retroactive: Superman - The 1970s #1 (September)
    Martin Pasko, Eduardo Barreto, Christian Duce
    Having had very little sleep of late, Superman doesn't appear to be himself. He argues with Lois over his relationship with Lana. He sees an attack on the Superman Museum but something about the way the villain speaks seems off. The reason is, it's all a game being played between Mxyzptlk and Grbnsqz the wagerer in which Mxy has given Superman the ability to manifest his personal demons into imagined foes. It's not until Supergirl points out Mxy's involvement that Superman he's willing to admit there's an issue. He confronts Lois, admits his love for her... and Mxy removes the magic power... as Superman and Lois fly to the Fortress of Solitude for a romantic getaway.

  • DC Retroactive: Superman - The 1980s #1 (September)
    Marv Wolfman, Sergio Cariello, Sergio Cariello
    After saving a cruise ship from a bizarre whirlpool Superman settles in for a good night's sleep. Destiny interrupts this declaring that it is time and Superman's fate must be decided today. At first the Man of Steel tries to go back to sleep but Destiny isn't having any of that. Destiny informs Superman that he must decide between two evils; one that leads to destruction and the other that leads to despair. Superman is suddenly in Metropolis where he is faced with a giant named The Dread who is busy laying the city to waste. The Dread blames the destruction on Superman as the Man of Steel has thwarted his other attempts to destroy the world. When Superman fights back the Dread gives him a choice; serve as his soldier allowing the people of the Earth to live albeit as mindless, obedient slaves or fight and the world dies. Destiny freezes time and shows Superman images of what the world would be like if he fought back including Batman being broken, Hal Jordan going insane and Superman dying at the hands of a rampaging monster. Destiny even reveals that Supergirl would die as well. Superman refuses to believe those are the only two options and swears that he will fight for the people of Earth as long as he can. He also figures out that the voice Destiny he has been speaking with is not the Destiny he encountered before. Destiny believes that they have made the right choice and returns Superman to his apartment. Superman thinks that it was all just a dream. "Destiny", actually Harbinger in disguise, returns to the Monitor's satellite and they discuss Superman's actions and how the Dread may or may not exist someday. Meanwhile Superman calls his cousin to tell her about his dream and that she should be careful. Kara is confident that there isn't much that can hurt her and notes that there probably won't be any rampages today because a bad storm is moving in complete with red skies.

  • Superman Beyond #0 (October)
    Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, Sal Buscema
    As Superman helps an alien race defeat another alien race invading their planet, he realizes being Superman is a lifetime commitment and heads back to Earth. A criminal known as the Mangler is trying to be a model citizen so he can get out and be with his young daughter, however her mother decides she should no longer see him, and the Mangler attempts an escape when helping out at a Lex Labs clean up. He's accidentally doused with a Kryptonite infused chemical that transforms him into a monstrous being. Elsewhere, Jimmy Olsen, now owner of a major corporation, offers Clark a reporting job. When Mangler, now calling himself Armorgeddon, goes on a rampage, Superman arrives to take him down. Almost sacrificing himself to stop the villain, Superman recovers and is asked by the younger heroes to join the Justice League, while his old friend Bruce Wayne meets him later at Lois' grave to welcome him home.

  • DC Retroactive: Superman - The 1990s #1 (October)
    Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove, Jon Bogdanove
    Lex Luthor releases a creature known as the Cruiser 2 on Metropolis, allowing it to burrow beneath the city. Clark Kent chases up a story about clones dying in Metropolis' sewers. The Cruiser 2 is destroying buildings Lex was demolished but doesn't have permission to do so. Superman chases down the creature but the chemicals it uses to burrow through earth burns off Superman's hair, leaving him bald. Superman doesn't relent however, and forces the creature to the Earth's core.

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