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  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #6 (November 4, 2014) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor; Bruno Redondo, Xermanico; Juan Albarran
    Constantine and Batman visit Madame Xanadu, who wants nothing to do with Constantine. She relents and speaks with the duo regarding the death of Jason Blood. Xanadu, despite her misgivings about Constantine, decides that her want of revenge is enough to endure John. Xanadu attempts to read Regime Superman, but receives a debilitating vision for her troubles. She tells Constantine that he cannot win this fight, but he resolves that everything is better with tea... and sends Batman off to make it.

  • Notable Issue: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three #3 [Print Edition] (November 5, 2014)
    Collects "Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three" digital chapters #5-6.

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #7 (November 11, 2014) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Xermanico
    Klarion sends his familiar to release Raven, in a plot that will ensnare Regime Superman. Above the Earth, Superman converses with the Spectre, who credits Superman with bringing peace to the world, albeit a forced one. Raven's astral form approaches them, but the Spectre attacks her until Regime intervenes. Raven pleas with Regime to help her, and is then pulled back to her imprisonment. The Spectre offers to go, but Regime foolishly takes it upon himself to do so. He walks right into the trap, and is enmeshed in the shreds belonging to Ragman.

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #8 (November 18, 2014) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Regime Superman has been trapped by Constantine and Ragman. Constantine accuses Superman of literally murdering a planet, and seeks to consign him to the shreds that Ragman controls until he has atoned for his actions. Regime blasts through the rags with heat vision, then calls on The Spectre to help him. The Spectre is actually searching for Regime and takes his search to Hal Jordan. Jordan is unable to provide any assistance, as no one knows where Regime is, as he has not activated his comlink. Constantine gloats at how easy it was to capture him, while Regime struggles to pronounce a single word: Shazam! Once spoken, Captain Marvel speeds to the rescue of Regime. Marvel summons the magic lightening to defeat Ragman, and allow the Spectre, Jordan, and Sinestro access. The Spectre kills Ragman, leaving Constantine alone to face a very angered Regime Superman.

  • Notable Issue: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three #4 [Print Edition] (November 19, 2014)
    Collects "Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three" digital chapters #7-8.

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #9 (November 25, 2014) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran
    Regime Superman interrogates John Constantine as to Raven's whereabouts, but John professes ignorance of her location. Regime is about to sear Constantine's head off, when Captain Marvel stops him. On the return to the Hall of Justice, Captain Marvel is possessed by Boston Brand, Deadman. Under Deadman's influence, Constantine is freed and Zatanna spirits him away. Brand discovers the duality of Captain Marvel, as he converses with Billy Batson. Billy speaks the magic word, Shazam, and Brand is left possessing a child instead of the world's mightiest mortal. The Spectre exorcises Deadman from Billy, who then asks to speak with Jim Corrigan. A wicked smile reveals that The Spectre is no longer in the charge of Corrigan, leaving Brand and the rest to wonder who is now the host of God's wrath.

  • Secret Origins #7 (November 26, 2014)
    Frank J. Barbiere, Robson Rocha, Oclair Albert
    Kon-El is living the secret life of a civilian in New York City, re-evaluating his place in the world but he is also part or S.T.A.R Labs now. A fully functioning lab is hidden in the city centre and Kon meets the new team there for the first time. A flashback of Superboy's beginnings in N.O.W.H.E.R.E occur while he donates blood and then thinks through his being manipulated by Harvest and the labs before he met the Teen Titans and he explains that while there he learnt to be a hero and fell in love with Wonder Girl. The doctor makes an assumption that Kon is fully Kryptonian and tries to use a needle coated in Kryptonite, Kon explains his powers mimic (via TTK) Superman's own but he is also a clone of a possible son Superman might have had one day with Lois Lane. Kon was completely in awe, lost and confused when he met his 'Father' Superman, he explains the Jon Kent swap vaguely to the Doctor as 'acting out as a rebellious teen' and glosses over it somewhat lying that there were other clones of him that had arrived while he was a herald of the cosmic being, Oracle, mentioning nothing of the Legion of Supervillains. Kon explains how Jon wanted to alter the timeline and was stopped. Kon may have been left behind with the Titans disbanding and then reforming without him. As it turns out the team with Doctor Gray was not a good fit and Kon in his biosuit still fights supervillainy but in New York rather than Metropolis. The Doctor completes the blood extraction and waits for his computer to analyze the results but is surprised that Kon has made a decision - no matter the scientific results he is and always will be Superboy! Superboy walks out of the lab with a renewed outlook on life as the doctor looks at his computer to be confronted by a surprise - Kryptonian - 45%, Human - 45% and 10% unknown... what could it mean?

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #10 (December 2, 2014) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Deadman realizes that The Spectre is no longer anchored to Jim Corrigan, and this actualization costs him his existence. Deadman retreats to Nanda Parbat and Rama Kushna, who consoles Deadman that while he cannot be saved, he can choose his successor. Boston Brand chooses another acrobat like himself, the recently deceased Dick Grayson: Nightwing. Constantine licks his wounds, while Batman takes him to task for acting alone. They recall the prophesy of Madame Xanadu, and Constantine decides that it's time to visit "The Green" she spoke about... i.e. Swamp Thing. The discussion is brief, but Constantine and Batman learn that Swamp Thing has already sided with Regime Superman. Swamp Thing offers a truce so long as Constantine stays clear of the "The Green", and Constantine decides that Swamp Thing needs to die.

  • Notable Issue: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three #5 [Print Edition] (December 3, 2014)
    Collects "Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three" digital chapters #9-10.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two Vol. 1 [Paperback] reprints Injustice: Year Two #1-5]

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #11 (December 9, 2014) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Xermanico
    Constantine holds a council where the Insurgency tries to decipher the vision given by Madame Xanadu. It's learned that Wonder Woman's coma has been induced by Constantine. It's decided to perform the same action with Regime Superman, and Batman volunteers for the needed sacrifice. Elsewhere the Spectre and the Phantom Stranger converse about Spectre's involvement with the world. The conversation takes a destructive turn, as Spectre attacks the Stranger, their fight carrying them through the solar system. The Hall of Justice is attacked by Etrigan the Demon, who has found a new host. He lets loose his breath of hellfire against Sinestro, who screams in agony as the Hall explodes and burns.

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #12 (December 16, 2014) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor; Mike S. Miller, Juan Albarran, & Bruno Redondo; Xermanico
    Etrigan the Demon has been unleashed on the Hall of Justice. Regime Superman and Hal Jordan fend off his demon-fire, but Sinestro isn't so fortunate. Regime tells Hal to take Sinestro to safety, while he remains to face the Demon alone. Regime counters Etrigan's fire with his freeze breath, but the Demon is still strong enough to make it a fight. Regime demands to know what Etrigan is up to by attacking him, and with short rhyme, the Demon's new host is revealed: The Batman. Batman drugs Regime with magic, and he falls into a deep slumber. Elsewhere, the Spectre and the Phantom Stranger are still at odds, until the Spectre produces a long sword and dispatches the Stranger with it, and then returns to Earth.

  • Notable Issue: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three #6 [Print Edition] (December 24, 2014)
    Collects "Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three" digital chapters #11-12.

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #13 (December 23, 2014) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor; Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran, & Xermanico; Juan Albarran & Xermanico
    Batman calls to Superman, voicing that what he sees isn't real. Superman returns to Earth with Lois wrapped in his cape, desperately hoping that she's alive. Lois recovers and all is well. The scene cuts to reality, where Regime Superman sleeps in a magic induced slumber, while the Spectre tries to awaken him. A return to Superman's dream shows him moving towards the Joker, but Batman steps in, telling Superman to look to Lois and he will deal with the Joker. The Batman takes the Joker off in the Batmobile, and the Joker goes into his usual spiel. The Batman remains silent, listening to the Joker tell him how all of the deaths, all of the murder is for Batman, that he and the Batman need each other. Batman suddenly snaps the Joker's neck. He then drives to police headquarters in Gotham City, and turns himself in with his cowl removed.

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #14 (December 30, 2014) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor; Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran, & Xermanico; Juan Albarran & Xermanico
    Lara Lane-Kent is born and Superman could not have a prouder look on his face. He holds his daughter and remarks to himself how good it is to hold someone without worrying that they will be hurt. Superman then visits Bruce Wayne, who is incarcerated at Metropolis prison. He asks Bruce why he killed the Joker and learns that the Joker was going to attempt his antics again. Superman walks through the wall that separates them, and embraces Bruce for his sacrifice. Superman offers to break Bruce out of prison, but Bruce responds that he needs to do the time. Superman dreams of his daughter growing, taking her first steps, her first flight, and learning to use her powers. She takes up an outfit and we see her in space handling a falling satellite and then fighting animatronic foes. Older, Lara looks on the Earth and sees it pulling apart. She decides to address the United Nations, telling them that it's time to pull together, to work together towards improving the world and ensuring their survival. Her speech is regarded well and later, Superman watches from afar while Lara and scientist aid the planet. Lois comes and see that he's troubled. He says that he wishes they had more time. Lois tells him to block the voices that he hears and stay with her.

  • Notable Issue: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three #7 [Print Edition] (January 14, 2015)
    Collects "Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three" digital chapters #13-14.

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #15 (January 6, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Regime Superman and Wonder Woman take in a sunset. He compliments her and they stand in admiration of each other. Regime laments the war that he now fights against the Batman, but believes the fault lies with those who oppose him, and not himself. He questions why Wonder Woman stands by his side, and she responds that he is the greatest man she has ever known. Wonder Woman says that she will be whoever Regime needs her to be. He reciprocates her emotions and as they are about to osculate, Wonder Woman is awoken from her magic-induced slumber. She finds Hypollyta and Ares at her bedside, and learns that Hypollyta has made a bargain with Hera for Diana to be unenchanted. Constantine and Batman converse at the Tower of Fate, and disagree as to the state of the war. Batman seeks to bring the captured members of the Justice League to his side, but his overtures are rejected. Wonder Woman arrives at the Hall of Justice with Ares in tow. She sees Regime in his state of kip, then sees the Yellow Lantern ring on his finger, which causes her to attack Sinestro, demanding to know what he has done to Regime.

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #16 (January 13, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Sergio Davila, Juan Albarran
    Wonder Woman is throttling Sinestro into the next life, and Hal Jordan seeks to intervene. Ares knocks him aside, declaring that Hal should stay out of it. Sinestro regains himself, and takes the fight to Diana, but Wonder Woman is too much for Sinestro to handle. The timely intervention of Regime Superman is all that saves Sinestro from the next life. Wonder Woman demands that Regime Superman relinquish the Yellow Lantern ring that he obtained. Regime complies and Wonder Woman crushes it so that the ring is powerless. The Spectre appears and notifies the League that he's located their missing members. They're being held in the Tower of Fate, and while the Spectre cannot go there, he is able to send the League there to do battle. They arrive with a bang, as the Batman and Constantine look incredulously at the League, and the new aperture they've added to the Tower of Fate.

  • Notable Issue: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three #8 [Print Edition] (February 4, 2015)
    Collects "Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three" digital chapters #15-16.

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #17 (January 20, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Xermanico, Xermanico
    Richard Grayson, the new, Deadman, flies to Arkham Asylum to speak with Jim Corrigan, also known as The Spectre. The scene quickly cuts to a battle about to begin between the Justice League and Batman's Insurgency. Regime Superman strikes the first blow, but is surprised to see that the Batman withstands the punch. Batman gives the order for his team to ingest the super-pills used by Regime's stormtroopers. Doctor Fate seeks to enhance the odds by confounding the surroundings of the Tower, making no way straightforward. Regime and Batman engage, as do the rest of the teams. One by one the League defeats their opponents, leading Constantine to wisely call for a retreat. However, Sinestro fries Klarion from behind, leading to disagreement with Sinestro, Regime and Wonder Woman. Constantine fires off his last gambit, and with a bit of magic, summons the father of Raven, Trigon.

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #18 (January 27, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Bruno Redondo, Bruno Redondo
    Trigon is under the impression that Regime Superman is responsible for Raven's abduction, which is a product of lies spread by Constantine. The Insurgency seeks to retreat before Trigon sorts out the truth leaving the League to contend with Trigon. Regime tries to convince Trigon that he is there to save Raven, but Trigon is too enraged to listen. Trigon defeats the League, and is about to kill Regime and Wonder Woman, when a blast of energy stays his hand. Mr Mxyzptlk is responsible for the blast, and tells Trigon to "Leave my Superman, alone."

  • Notable Issue: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three #9 [Print Edition] (February 11, 2015)
    Collects "Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three" digital chapters #17-18.

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #19 (February 2, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Bruno Redondo, Bruno Redondo
    The Insurgency has a convocation on what to do, now that it's been revealed who has been possessing the Spectre. Mr Mxyzptlk's entry into the fray causes concern amongst the group, but Constantine seems to be the only one to take it all in stride. Trigon and Mxyzptlk continue their battle. It's revealed that Mxyzptlk has taken up Regime Superman's cause because he refuses to lose his favorite playmate, and went so far as to possess the Spectre in order to aid Regime. The fight with Trigon continues, but as the magical elements begin to harm Regime, Mxyzptlk transports the League to the Insurgency's retreat within the House of Mystery. Once more the Insurgency battles the League, and defeats them soundly. However, the roots of the Earth rise up and wrap around the Insurgency, heralding Swamp Thing's entry into the battle and making it far from over.

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #20 (February 9, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Pete Woods, Pete Woods
    Trigon and Mxyzptlk continue their battle, while the Insurgency looks on from the tendrils of Swamp Thing. The super-pills have afforded the Insurgency enough strength to free themselves from Swamp Thing, while Regime Superman and the Batman engage in combat. The groups pair off, with the League edging out the Insurgency. Regime and Batman's fight is brought to a close by Captain Marvel knocking Batman out, leaving the League with the advantage, as the Insurgency's leader is down, and only two remain standing.

  • Notable Issue: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three #10 [Print Edition] (February 18, 2015)
    Collects "Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three" digital chapters #19-20.

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #21 (February 16, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Bruno Redondo & Juan Albarran, Juan Albarran
    Deadman (Nightwing) possesses Poison Ivy, and has her fly the Batplane into the melee between the Insurgency and the Justice League. Deadman then possesses Captain Marvel, using him to beat back Wonder Woman. Deadman causes Marvel to speak the magic word: Shazam!, causing Billy Batson to appear where Marvel once stood. Deadman, as Dick Grayson, speaks to the Batman one last time, thanking him for being his father. Huntress and Batwoman seek to press their advantage on a weakened Regime Superman, but he finds a defender in Wonder Woman. Huntress and Batwoman debate with Wonder Woman as they fight, until Wonder Woman accidentally snaps the neck of Huntress. Meanwhile, the fight between Trigon and Mxyzptlk continues, and Hal Jordan locates the captured members of the League.

  • The Multiversity: Mastermen #1 (February 18, 2015)
    Grant Morrison, Jim Lee, Scott Williams et al
    Adolf Hitler is interrupted from taking a break with important news: a weapon from the stars has come into Germany's possession, and could win the war against the Allies for them. On inspection, Hitler is shown the sole occupant of the space vessel, which is a young male child, who is both incredibly strong and bulletproof. Hitler believes that the child is the "Superman. The Overman. The great man of history sent from the future." It is 1939. 17 years later, Overman, decked in an outfit inspired by American comic books, strides before the German army, as America falls before his irrepressible might. Decades later, Overman is consumed with nightmares about the death of Overgirl, a female clone of himself, whom he loved like a sister, and a strange dilapidated building. Overman attends the memorial for Overgirl, and lights an eternal flame, which is quickly snuffed out by the terrorist attack of Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, in the form of the Human Bomb. The Human Bomb is captured and tortured by the New Reichsmen. However, unbeknownst to the Reichsmen, Human Bomb is an actual bomb that stores energy, and the torture aided in charging him to knock the Eagle's Nest, an approximation of the JLA Watchtower, out of orbit. Overman tried to stop the Eagle's Nest from falling, but in truth, Overman is a traitor, who supplied Uncle Sam with information to bring down the 1,000 Year Reich. The Eagle's Nest decimates Metropolis, and from the detritus, Overman can be seen rising and mourning what he has done.

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #22 (February 23, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    The battle between the League and the Insurgency refuses to abate, and while it continues, Hal Jordan has found his captured teammates, leading to a confrontation with Constantine and Doctor Fate. However, Fate and Constantine make Hal aware of the deadly nature of the magic that is in play. Mxyzptlk and Trigon's battle has unleashed magic that is fracturing the reality of the world. Regime Superman and the Batman put aside their squabble to deal with the problem that affects them all. However, the unleashed magic begins to shift them into another plane of existence. A newly freed Flash is able to move fast enough and bring the combatants within the protective confines of the House of Mystery. He succeeds with exception of Swamp Thing, who finds himself displaced in the realm of Trigon.

  • Notable Issue: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three #11 [Print Edition] (March 11, 2015)
    Collects "Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three" digital chapters #21-22.

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #23 (March 3, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Split between the House of Secrets and the House of Mystery, both the League and the Insurgency seek a chance to regroup and address the problem that is Trigon battling Mxyzptlk. Cyborg postulates that since Trigon is involved, the best remedy would be to wake Raven. However, no Leaguer is equipped to do such, as a force is what renders Raven unconscious, and they have no means to belay it. The Insurgency believes that it may be possible to transport Trigon and Mxyzptlk to the Void, a dimension from which they would not be able to return, but would need the assistance of Captain Marvel to do so. Deadman goes to the League and convinces Billy Batson to trust him with the plan concocted. However, due to the massive amount of magical energy being used, whatever held Raven asleep weakens, and she awakens.

  • Injustice: Year Three - Chapter #24 (March 10, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran
    The magic of Nabu, through Doctor Fate, and the Power of Shazam, combine to send Trigon and Mxyzptlk to the Void. The Insurgency retreats to a bunker, shielded by lead mines. The League returns to the Hall of Justice. Regime Superman acknowledges that going forward, he cannot allow the battle with the Insurgency to become personal, nor can they lose sight of what the League is fighting for: a world with no Jokers or the destruction he caused. Batman inquires after Constantine, and finally learns that Constantine's involvement was solely to suit his own needs. Constantine disappears with his daughter, Rose, leaving Batman alone to ponder his next step in his struggle against Regime Superman and the League. So ends Year Three, of Injustice: Gods Among Us.

  • Notable Issue: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three #12 [Print Edition] (March 18, 2015)
    Collects "Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three" digital chapters #23-24.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three Vol. 2 [Hardcover] reprints Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three #7-12 and Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three Annual #1]

  • Convergence #0 (April 1, 2015)
    Dan Jurgens & Jeff King, Ethan Van Sciver, Ethan Van Sciver
    Superman is in an empty void. He remembers being infected by the Doomsday virus, that Brainiac was behind it, and pulling both himself and Brainiac (Vril Dox) into a blackhole. He is confronted by 'Omni-Brainiac' - an impossibly large creature from which all other versions of the character extend from. Omni-Brainiac tells Superman he has destroyed a "promising experiment." Omni-Brainiac shows Superman all of the deaths he has experienced in various universes and timelines. Omni-Brainiac has endlessly watched Superman subdue each Brainiac extension. He has watched Superman die, but never by his own hand. Superman's rage manifests itself in a blast of heat vision. It does no good. Omni-Brainiac electrocutes him, informs Superman that he has the information about cities that he needs, and leaves to recover Superman's (New 52) timeline. In a show of raw strength and power, Superman breaks free from his manacles. He escapes to find he is stranded on a barren planet, with no stars to guide him home. He is confronted by what appears to be Silver Age Brainiac (His physical form continues to change, cycling through different versions of the character). In actuality, he is a physical avatar of the planet. A sentient, living intelligence. He is a servant to Omni-Brainiac and is tasked with ensuring the survival of Brainiac's collection of cities. The avatar wants to know which city Superman belongs to. Superman questions his identity. When he realizes that Omni-Brainiac has not come back with a (New 52) city, the avatar expels Superman from the planet. Superman does not belong yet. His memory is erased. He will remember all he has learned "when it is time." Superman's questioning of the avatar's identity, and his master's plan, causes the planet incarnate to experience an identity crisis. He takes a unique form and name, Telos. He decides on a clear path. He will determine which city will return to the universe and which shall perish. Only the strongest will survive.

  • Convergence #1 (April 8, 2015)
    Jeff King & Scott Lobdell, Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz
    In the 'Injustice' universe, Superman has regained his powers and is free. Batman urges him to help him save Gotham from the natural disasters that are tearing the city apart. He refuses. An omnipresent voice tells them they are unworthy. They must be destroyed. Superman, any remaining citizens, and the few leaguers still alive, are snuffed out. Elsewhere, Earth-2's Batman, Dick Grayson, Flash, Green Lantern, and Superman are teleported onto the planet without their city. (It has already been destroyed by Darkseid). Flash and Dick argue amongst themselves. Buried alive, Yolanda Montez unearths herself. She and the other avatars of earth had sacrificed themselves, but she has been given another chance at life. Liquid metal attacks the team. A dome begins to form over them, suppressing their powers. Superman stops the formation of the dome. Telos appears. Telos explains the situation to the Earth 2 characters, and then again to the others captured in the various domed cities. Brainiac has collected them. Now they must fight. Only one will city remain.

  • Convergence: Superman #1 (April 8, 2015)
    Dan Jurgens, Lee Weeks
    A year ago, Lois Lane, Clark Kent & Jimmy Olsen were taking part in a journalism convention for the Daily Planet but the dome fell trapping them inside. Clark, decked in a balaclava and blacks is leaping across rooftops despite the misgivings of his wife Lois via wireless earwig. Clark leaps down into the centre of a big drug deal. The dome suddenly dissipates and one thug grabs a flamethrower from their arsenal and sets upon Clark. The removal of the dome restores Clark's powers and when the flame thrower runs out of fuel Superman, the one true Man of Steel steps forward. Saving Jimmy, Superman flies back home to Lois. Lois plays a recording that was transmitted as the dome was removed. From this message, a being called Telos tells that unless they win a battle to the death against other similar cities they will never return to their proper place in time and space. Superman flies into the next city to investigate... Gotham: Flashpoint era. The heroes inhabiting the city are Batman (Thomas Wayne), Subject 1 (Kal-El), Captain Thunder, Green Lantern (Abin Sur) and Cyborg. They too have heard the transmission and are adamant they must win. When they detect Superman's arrival Batman instructs them to kill him. Before Clark can convince the Flashpoint heroes that he's not their enemy, Jimmy arrives in the Whiz Wagon and what little restraint they had is given up. Subject 1 has tracked the radio frequency of Clark's earwig back to Lois. He swears to save her from all of this, Lois tries to tell him that she isn't the Lois he knows but what she says falls on deaf ears. Fearing for her life and her baby, Lois screams for Clark...

  • Convergence: Justice League #1 (April 8, 2015)
    Frank Tieri, Vicente Cifuentes, Vicente Cifuentes
    Supergirl rushes Jessie Quick to a hospital, as she has gone into labour during her baby shower. She is joined by rest of the Justice League, Jade, Zatanna, and Vixen. Congorilla seeks to enter, but that poses the obvious problem. Suddenly a dome appears, and the League is trapped in Gotham City. A year, we find the League having a girls' night out, when Telos appears and alerts them that they will have to compete for their existence. Elsewhere, Flashpoint Aquaman is torturing one of him men, when he is summoned to view Telos' message. Flashpoint Aquaman spies Mera, and makes plans to have her brought to him. While the rest of the League is getting up to speed, Mera is abducted. Flashpoint Aquaman tells Mera that they will learn to love each other, and that if she believes that the League can save her, she should think again, since he's summoned every sea creature imaginable to come fight for his cause, and the aforementioned creatures await his commands.

  • Convergence #2 (April 15, 2015)
    Jeff King, Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz
    Flashing back to Earth 2, Dick Grayson and his son are among a mass of people waiting to board an escape ship. Apokolips is about to overtake Earth, its inhabitants are doomed. His wife, Barbara Gordon is dead. But Dick tries to use her law enforcement credentials to skip to the head of the line. He and his son are denied, forced to the back of the line. It is a death sentence. With no time left, the ships begin pulling into the stratosphere. The fearful crowd becomes a mob. The gates are closing. A mysterious woman appears at the last second and offers to take Dick's son to safety. The boy does not want to board the ship, but Dick insists. There is an explosion. The ship never makes it out of orbit. As far as he knows, Dick has lost his son. The Earth 2 heroes, Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Yolanda Montez, attempt to fight off Darkseid and Kalibak. Liquid metal engulfs Grayson. He wakes up where we left him in issue 1, on the planet Telos. He and the Earth 2 heroes are captured. They and Telos watch as one city destroys another. With Telos distracted, Superman and the heroes break free. Green Lantern (who's power comes from his connection to the earth) finds a way to tap into a power source from the planet Telos. (the avatar of which they are fighting) Green Lantern uses Telos' own power against him, triggering a violent explosion. It is a temporary victory. Telos rises again. Superman beats him into submission. Telos dissolves back into the ground, to lick his wounds. But Green Lantern's meld with Telos has given him a strategic insight. His weakness lies deep within his planetary core. Flash scouts ahead, while Batman and Dick travel to Pre-Flashpoint Gotham city for help. Batman heads straight for his counterpart's batcave. Dick sees Barbara Gordon, his dead wife's counterpart, as Oracle. Batman (Thomas Wayne) meets his dead son's counterpart, Bruce. They have a conversation that we are not privy to. Flash runs through a city where Red and Blue Superman are battling Lex Luthor. The heroes encounter a field of executed civilians, murdered by a rival city. Meanwhile at the batcave, Batman and Dick part with Alfred and their counterpart loved ones. Dick gets a kevlar suit (we don't know what it looks like yet) and Thomas gets the keys to a Batmobile. The heroes save Deimos, a super villain running from Brainiac's drones. Deimos tells them he can lead them off the planet.

  • Convergence: Superboy #1 (April 15, 2015)
    Fabian Nicieza, Karl Moline, Jose Marzan Jr.
    Confused as to why they've been kept powerless and confined for over a year with supplies, 1990s Superboy mopes around Metropolis. When the dome comes down via Telos' message, Kingdom Come superheroes invade the 1990s Metropolis and attempt to take down Superpower (who now has his powers back). Dubbilex scans their minds and learns the truth about where they're from, just as Kingdom Come Superman arrives and challenges Superboy.

  • Convergence: Superman - The Man of Steel #1 (April 15, 2015)
    Louise Simonson, June Brigman, John Rauch
    John Henry Irons aka Steel returns to Dr. Emil Hamilton's lab to find his niece and nephew Natasha and Jemahl. After a year under the dome in Pre-Zero Hour Metropolis (when Superman was away), Steel has been using his armor to keep the city safe. As Hamilton and Steel discuss the dome, ex-LexCorp Renegades begin tearing into each other for control of Suicide Slum. Steel goes to end the conflict, which ends up tearing into Bibbo's Ace of Clubs. Natasha and Jemahl suit-up in their own custom suits of armor to go help. But just as they save Bibbo, Telos makes his announcement that in order for one world to survive, all others must perish. As this announcement ends, those with superpowers regain their metahuman abilities, and the Parasite, who had just been defeated by Natasha and Jemahl, begins to suck away Jem's life-force. As she brings him to their Uncle Steel, he tells her to take Jem to Hamilton and that he would take care of Parasite. Just then, the Gen13 kids from San Diego show up and immediately begin to attack Steel. Natasha sees that they have cornered her uncle and she rushes in to help, causing Steel to sacrifice himself to save her. As the Parasite joins the fight, Natasha finds out that Steel's armor is destroyed and his back is broken. Metropolis is doomed.

  • Convergence: Supergirl: Matrix #1 (April 15, 2015)
    Keith Giffen, Timothy Green II, Joseph Silver
    Amid Lex's insults and banter, he and Matrix watch pigeons as the dome of their Metropolis on the planet Telos goes down. Wanting to find a way off-world, Lex has sent Mae to look at a teleportation device. Mae begins her mission only to be interrupted by Lady Quark and Lord Volt, a super-powered married couple more interested in their own domestic squabbles than anything else. Matrix is fed up with Lady Quark and Lord Volt's interference and Lex's insults. She makes short work of the arguing couple and accidentally destroys the teleporter searching device. However, Supergirl finds herself in the midst of chaos as she wonders if other cities will offer sanctuary. Ambush Bug then tells her that milk of human kindness has soured, but he must talk with Matrix, who smells like spackle. What will Ambush Bug and Supergirl find once they eventually team up?

  • Convergence: Suicide Squad #1 (April 15, 2015)
    Frank Tieri, Tom Mandrake, Tom Mandrake
    Amanda Waller lies bleeding on the floor. Kingdom Come Green Lantern apologizes for 'things ending the way they have.' An unseen gunman admits to betraying her, pulls the trigger, and kills Waller. Forty-eight hours earlier, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and Toyman talk business in a swanky restaurant. Since metahumans have lost their powers, the skilled adventurers such as Deadshot are in high demand. Toyman has a million dollars in a suitcase. It will belong to Deadshot and Boomerang if they kill Superman. The dome falls. The metahumans are re-powered. The proverbial landscape has changed. Toyman reneges. Deadshot shoots Toyman in the head, and takes the money. Amanda Waller, Barbara Gordon, and Carol Ferris begin reforming the Squad. General Lane calls Waller in. He gives her an assignment and villains to get the job done. Amanda Waller, Oracle, Star Sapphire, Bane, Black Manta, Deathstroke, Count Vertigo, Deadshot, Poison Ivy, Captain Boomerang, Bronze Tiger, and Cyborg Superman must destroy Green Lantern's satellite 'New OA.' It is serving as their base of operations and must be taken out if Pre-Zero Hour's Metropolis is to achieve victory against Kingdom Come's Metropolis. Oracle contacts Lex Luthor from Kingdom Come's Metropolis. He is willing to betray his city to help the Pre-Zero hour world. If he cannot rule his world, he'll watch it burn instead.

  • Convergence #3 (April 22, 2015)
    Jeff King, Stephen Segovia, Jason Paz
    The Earth 2 heroes and Deimos are attacked by Brainiac's drones. Batman and Grayson save the day in Grant Morrison's flying version of the Batmobile. Telos is upset at the city of Kandor because they refuse to fight. Telos murders the Kandorian hero Nightwing, then destroys the entire city. Deimos tells the heroes he was captured by Brainiac. He can lead them back down into the planet where he was held. Within the core, lies a city called Skartaris. It holds an advantage over Telos. Batman and Grayson stay behind. Monarch, Degaton, and the Masters of Time, are captured somewhere inside the planet. A gaggle of Gotham gangsters and gunmen drag Grayson away, and attack Batman. Thomas Wayne (an older Batman) has been keeping up with the younger heroes by taking a drug called Miraclo. He is out of injections. Outnumbered, and his strength waning, he is about to die at the hands of Doctor Hurt. Batman pushes a detonator, triggering an explosive on his person. Batman and the villains are no more. Grayson and Joker are the only survivors. Joker shoots Grayson in the side and is about to finish him off. Telos comes up from behind him, and snaps the Joker's neck. Towering over Grayson, Telos demands to know the whereabouts of his teammates.

  • Convergence: Adventures of Superman #1 (April 22, 2015)
    Marv Wolfman, Roberto Viacava, Andy Owens
    Lucius Fox is trying to build a Phantom Zone projector using Supergirl's subconscious memories. She and Superman will attempt to escape their Pre-Crisis Gotham City Convergence dome by entering and exiting the dimension where Krypton's most notorious criminals are imprisoned. The heroes' task is not easy as they are overwhelmed by those who wish to seek revenge on the House of El for their incarceration. Supergirl and Superman split up in order to lessen their foes' numbers. Having defeated the Kryptonians pursuing her, Supergirl is waiting for Superman to arrive when a strange gas shows her visions of her life and her death in Crisis on Infinite Earths. After a period of crying, Kara fights back not wanting to give up saving her universe's heroes. She then realizes Kal should have arrived sooner and rescues him before a trial by combat can begin. When he awakens the super cousins find a rupture from which they can leave the Phantom Zone. However, it closes as the Kryptonian criminals close in on them. Back in Gotham, an army of gorillas is mounting an assault on the city.

  • Convergence: Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #1 (April 22, 2015)
    Stuart Moore, Mark Farmer, John Rauch
    Superboy addresses the Metropolis of the 30th century, imploring that they do not give up hope despite their situation. His address is taken well, but Superboy is quite homesick, and he takes a moment to himself in the Hall of Heroes to be sad about his predicament. He's roused from his moment to inspect Brainiac 5's handiwork. It seems that Brainiac has been tirelessly working at a solution to escaping the dome, and the Legion of Super-Heroes (LSH) interrupt his progress. Brainiac reveals that they are not on Earth, and this news lowers the heroes even further. Superboy laments that he's the furthest from home, but Lightning Lass reminds him that everyone is far from home and has gone through troubled times. The moment is nearly punctuated in a smooch, but Telos blocks Superboy with his announcement that captivity has turned into competition. Their powers returned, the LSH make for their control room to sort things out. Rather than attack, the LSH opts for espionage, but that plan is dashed when the Atomic Knights enter Metropolis.

  • Convergence #4 (April 29, 2015)
    Jeff King, Stephen Segovia, Mark Farmer, Julio Ferreria, Jonathan Glapion, Rob Hunter, Jason Paz, Mark Roslan & Stephen Segovia
    Telos engulfs Dick Grayson in liquid metal. It returns mobility to his broken back, (sustained in the previous issue from a Joker gunshot to the spine) and gives him even more strength than before. On Skartaris, Deimos and the Earth 2 heroes attack Warlord's castle. They want to free the Time Masters, though it is obvious that Deimos' hidden goal is to overthrow his nemesis, The Warlord. Telos and Grayson watch as cities fight one another. Grayson tries to convince Telos to stop the manipulation, and to support life on all of the cities. But Telos once again reiterates his master's orders: only the strong survive. The Time Masters tell Shakira that Telos is wrong about both the future and the past. She implores them to help in her fight against Deimos. They refuse. Deimos defeats Yolanda and Shakira. He taps into the power of the captured Time Masters. He uses it to open a portal to Brainiac. The Collector of Worlds has been imprisoned. If Deimos can free Brainiac, he will have whatever he wishes in return.

  • Convergence: Action Comics #1 (April 29, 2015)
    Justin Gray, Claude St-Aubin, Claude St-Aubin
    A dome of unknown origin has trapped the people of the Metropolis of Earth-2 and the Moscow of the Red Son Earth in their respective cities. On Earth-2 Superman and his cousin Power Girl struggle to live without the powers that allow them to be heroes. In Moscow Lex Luthor taunts Joseph Stalin and tries to figure out how to escape the dome. Without warning a booming voice tells the people of both cities that their times have ended and that their worlds are dead. Everyone has been granted life as a result of the unseen enemy's dominion and now that captivity turns to competition. Defenders of each domain will battle the other and only the greatest of heroes will live. If they deny their captor everyone will be destroyed and if they disobey him their cities will be crushed by his hand.

  • Convergence: Booster Gold #1 (April 29, 2015)
    Dan Jurgens, Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez
    Gotham City, 2462 AD. Working for an unknown person, Booster Gold steals the SKS-1 (Skeets prototype) and attempts to travel one hour back in time to deliver the stolen military tech. Something goes wrong, and he is sent to our time instead. (New 52 Booster Gold's origin). Present day. Booster wakes up. He is held captive by Deimos in the Warlord's castle on Skartaris. New 52 Skeets and Pre-Flashpoint Rip Hunter rescue him. When Rip realizes his (older Pre-Flashpoint version of) Booster and Michelle Carter are also being held, the trio turns back. The two Boosters meet just in time for the older Booster to be teleported (due to a chronal affliction) to another domed city on the planet Telos. A fight between Deimos' Lizard Men and Warlord's ally Machiste tumbles into the room. Booster and the gang fight off the Lizards and escape the castle. They track down older-Booster in the 25th century's Pre-Crisis Metropolis. Home of Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes. An obligatory fight brakes out between the unacquainted heroes. Booster is teleported to another domed city, Pre-Zero Hour Metropolis. And he meets - you guessed it - Blue Beetle, aka, Ted Kord.

  • Convergence: Detective Comics #1 (April 29, 2015)
    Len Wein, Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz
    On Earth-30, 'Red Son' Superman flies over Moscow, Russia, patrolling over his people, until suddenly the dome encompasses his city and he falls, drained of power. On Earth-2, Robin and Huntress drive to Metropolis during a Crisis to meet the JSA. Upon their arrival, the dome falls on them as well. Four months later, Superman notes that the propaganda road show he has been performing is no longer working as people will soon figure out that he's powerless. Elsewhere, in Metropolis, Dick Grayson and Helena Wayne have been held up in one of Batman's Batcaves underneath Metropolis where Helena continues to encourage Dick to take up the mantle of Batman as that's what her father would have wanted until they are given a mission and drive off into the night. Four months later still, Superman motivates his people in an attempt to boost morale. After his riveting speech, he flies away using a flying harness to conceal that he has no powers under the dome. Meanwhile in Metropolis, Robin and Huntress face off against the Toyman! As four more months pass in Moscow, Superman, in a civilian disguise, roams the streets. Just as he is outed by some kids as Superman (and the people swarm to him), Telos airs his "kill or be killed" message. As Superman prepares to do his duty, Robin and Huntress do the same as their Batmobile is transported to Moscow, where Superman is waiting. As they meet Superman, he asks the dynamic duo to step out of their vehicle and discuss their situation, but Huntress launches two missiles at him instead. When the dust settles, Robin apologizes and he and Superman make peace, until Huntress leaves the scene and Superman has to chase after her, leaving Huntress to detonate the Batmobile with her still inside.

  • Divergence #1 [Free Comic Book Day] (April 29, 2015)
    Gene Luen Yang, John Romita, Jr., Klaus Janson with Scott Hanna
    Clark and Jimmy grab a cup of coffee at a Vietnamese food truck. Jimmy is concerned for Clark. Clark is trying to keep a low profile. A large man in a pair of shades and a green bandana approaches. The man moves to the food truck instead. An elderly Vietnamese couple own and operate the small business. He orders them out of the lorry. He "needs the truck." He takes off his shirt. Green, glowing, ribbon-like tattoos cover his torso. He picks up the truck and throws it at Clark and the elderly couple. Clark catches the truck. Receiving confirmation of Clark's identity, the tattooed man introduces himself. He was a common criminal that Superman had put away years ago. But he has since gotten metahuman abilities. Clark knocks the thug unconscious. Clark flees as emergency personnel arrive. Tweets and blogs from random citizens report on the event. A news anchor reports the story. She recaps the 'outing' of Superman, "Superman has largely kept out of the limelight since Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane exposed his secret identity to the world." Lois knocks on a door at the Getaway motel. Clark answers, surprised that Lois was able to track him down. She offers him money. She says he looks like crap. She wants to know how long he has been living here. She is met with a cold reception. Lois apologizes for the story that she ran on him. She "should've looked for another way." And "had no right." Clark says there is nothing to apologize for. She made her choice. The door closes, Lois is alone.

  • Injustice: Year Three - Annual #1 (April 29, 2015)
    Ray Fawkes/Brian Buccellato, Xermanico/Sergio Davilla, Xermanico/Juan Albarran
    A Proper Mage: The Batman seeks to gain an edge against Regime Superman by obtaining mystic to support his cause. He calls on Rose Psychic and Doctor Occult to aid him and they are willing to do so. Doctor Occult calls in a debt to gain the Scepter of Cepheus, and encounters Constantine while doing so. He then travels further and obtains other items in his form or that of Rose Psychic. All the while, he's shadowed by Constantine. Occult looks to dispatch Raven, but she's too powerful, and shunts him to the form of Rose Psychic, while killing Occult. Constantine, however, comes to her aid Rose cannot exist long without Occult and Constantine implores her to finish the job by dispatching Wonder Woman. Rose Psychic teleports to Themyscira, but Wonder Woman cannot be taken unaware. Rose is able to use an agent that causes Wonder Woman to sleep, and she seeks to teleport once more, but her destination is usurped by Constantine, who waxes on while stealing what magical accoutrements she has on her person, then vanishes./Fall of the Titans: The Teen Titans are in Metropolis on the day it's destroyed by Regime Superman's misguided actions. Kid Flash and Beast Boy are both killed. Later, at Titans' tower, Nightwing informs the teens what has occurred and that Regime Superman has killed the Joker. Superboy is deeply affected by the news and flies off. He finds Regime at the Fortress of Solitude and questions why the Joker had to be killed. Regime has no answers for him, and Superboy flies off. Later, Regime calls for a world-wide surcease, and Superboy decides that he needs to take him down. Superboy returns to the Fortress to find the Phantom Zone projector. However, Regime has all ready secured the projector, and melee ensues. Superboy isn't faring well, but the rest of the Titans show up to aid him. They're still no match for Regime, who ends up consigning them to the Phantom Zone.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #1 (May 5, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran
    Ares is goading Hercules, while they share a path on Olympus, home of the Greek Gods. After being threatened with a throttling, Ares suggests to Hercules that mankind, which now worships itself, needs to be reminded of their place. Elsewhere we're shown a brooding Regime Superman, who is still looking for the Batman, without success. He gets into a disagreement with Yellow Lantern (Hal Jordan), over his words and tone, but Wonder Woman arrives before the dispute can escalate further. Wonder Woman reminds Regime that while Regime is the best of their lot, he is not above those he seeks to protect. Deep beneath the pacific lead mines, the Batman broods on his situation, while Alfred pushes comestibles on him. He reminds Batman that none of the unfortunate events are his fault or his cross to bear alone. The effect of Alfred's words are unknown, but later Batman meets Ares atop a mountain to tell him that, whatever the plan may be, he's in.

  • Convergence #5 (May 6, 2015)
    Jeff King, Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope
    Deimos has captured Brainiac. Telos demands his master's release. But Deimos reveals the truth. Unbeknownst to Telos, he is not the planet incarnate. He is not an avatar created by Brainiac. Telos is like everyone who has crossed paths with the collector of worlds. His home planet was attacked by Brainiac. One difference, they struck a deal. Telos would rule the planet, but serve Brainiac. In exchange, his family and people would be sent away to safety. Telos' appearance is transformed and the planet is razed in preparation for the convergence. Traveling back to their castle, The Warlord and his wife Tara are attacked. A lizard man thrusts his sword straight through Tara's abdomen. Machiste takes the offensive, but Deimos reaches into Machiste's chest, and yanks out his heart out with one hand. Superman and Deimos grapple. Warlord kills off the Lizard men. He vows to his wife that he'll return with help, or 'join her soon.' Deimos takes Superman and the Flash out. The heroes contemplate releasing Brainiac for help in battle. Before they decide, the sorcerer relegates the villain back from whence he was conjured. The Warlord rides a triceratops, stampeding through the wall. Like all other attacks on Deimos, it is a futile attempt. Deimos places the king in a chronal bubble and accelerates time, killing him of old age. A cave-in separates Yolanda from the other heroes. Flash goes back to find her, while the rest split off. Grayson finds a discarded batarang. He fastens it to his chest, taking up the mantle of the Bat. Deimos and Yolanda are left inside the castle. He tells her of her past life as the successor to Wildcat in the original Crisis. He plans on bringing the old universe back. Deimos communicates to the refuge cities of Telos. He tells them there is no more need to fight. They will all have a place in his new reality. As long as they pledge their lives to him. He has saved their lives, and he will protect them. For a price.

  • Convergence: Superman #2 (May 6, 2015)
    Dan Jurgens, Lee Weeks
    Superman fights off Captain Thunder and Cyborg while Abin Sur (Green Lantern) disables the Whiz Wagon's hover power with his ring. Superman hurls back his foes and races to save Jimmy. Superman tries to reason with the Flashpoint heroes, but they won't listen. He and Jimmy do what they can so that Superman can race to help Lois. He arrives back at Lois' place to find nothing but her laptop and evidence of a kidnapping. The laptop webcam recorded Subject 1 arriving and the subsequent kidnapping and Abin Sur who was chasing him down realizes what Flashpoint Superman has done. Abin gives Clark the backstory on both Batman and Superman of Flashpoint and when Superman realizes this Batman is Thomas Wayne, he realizes however misguided, Subject 1 was trying to help, Lois was in labour! Lois is determined not to give birth in the Batcave, an explosive blast rocks the cave and takes Subject 1 out of commission. It isn't a natural disaster however it is a determined father. Batman is exasperated that his hideout is suddenly not as secret as he hoped. Lois however reveals she had her bluetooth headset switched on the whole time so that Superman could home in on it. Batman steps back and tells Superman he has no quarrel with him. Superman growls that he definitely will if he intends to destroy his city. Lois asks Superman to get her to a hospital but Batman advises them that with Captain Thunder hunting them down they are safer staying hidden in the cave. A real earthquake interrupts and Lois is saddened that her plans were not meant to come to pass like this. Superman however comforts his wife and asks Batman to help him in the delivery of his child. Thomas is shaken at the suggestion, he had given up medicine the night his son Bruce died. Thomas does however offer all his equipment to aid Superman in the birth. After a long delivery the new arrival is finally greeted by his new parents. Thomas asks Clark if he really does know his son, and what kind of man he is. When Clark reveals that Bruce is a good man Thomas tells Clark to do whatever he has to protect his newborn. Lois asks about names and suggests Jor after his biological father, Clark however has always thought of himself as man, a human being and so Jonathan Samuel Kent greets the world and Clark Kent & Lois Lane have all that they have ever dreamed of... Forever and always...

  • Convergence: Justice League #2 (May 6, 2015)
    Frank Tieri, Vicente Cifuentes, Vicente Cifuentes
    The Justice League contends with a horde of sea-monsters, set upon them by Flashpoint Aquaman. Meanwhile, Mera is Flashpoint Aquaman's captive. Vixen attempts a rescue, but challenged by Flashpoint Aquaman, who defeats her when she decides to use the abilities of sea creatures. The rest of the League is beaten, with the exception of Supergirl, who gives Flashpoint Aquaman a thrashing, until he has his trident radiate Kryptonite. Before Flashpoint Aquaman can kill Supergirl, Mera tells Flashpoint Aquaman that she is convinced by his efforts, and will be his queen. Once close enough, Mera stabs Flashpoint Aquaman, and leaves him to be devoured by the sea creatures no longer under his command.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #2 (May 12, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran
    10 years prior, Officer Montoya and Detective Sawywer go in without back-up or a warrant to save abducted children. They find a band of devil-worshippers and things go bad from there. Huntress rescues the duo, and Montoya is brought out of her reverie into the her and now, but Batwoman questioning her. Montoya has been drinking heavily, and is just learning that Selina Kyle, Catwoman, is leaving the Insurgency. There has been no movement, and Selina no longer believes in the Batman. Montoya believes that Batman is a coward, unwilling to do what is necessary and decides to take matters into her own hands. Montoya attacks Cyborg and Robin while they walk unaware. She dispatches Cyborg, and after beating Robin, uses him as bait to draw out Regime Superman. Elsewhere, Harley Quinn is bored, and has decided to stalk Billy Batson.

  • Convergence: Superboy #2 (May 13, 2015)
    Fabian Nicieza, Karl Moline, Jose Marzan Jr.
    Superboy and Kingdom Come Superman continue to fight. Neither willing to back down in the fight to save their city. When the fight takes them outside the Daily Planet... and Lois gets injured. The fight stops, and the heroes come to an agreement that sees Superboy selflessly submits to being knocked out by Superman in an attempt to trick their captor into thinking a city has been won and lost.

  • Convergence: Superman - The Man of Steel #2 (May 13, 2015)
    Louise Simonson, June Brigman, Roy Richardson
    Natasha and Jem run off to face the Gen 13 kids, who are still locked in combat with the Parasite! As John Henry wakes up, paralyzed, he is given the opportunity to fuse with the nanotech that Hamilton fused their Allie cat with in order to don the mantle of Steel once more! As he joins his niece and nephew in facing Gen 13, they realize that no one really wants to kill anyone else and that they would rather stand together against the forces of Telos. Upon uniting, Telos sends Gen 13 back to their world, leaving Steel and his kids to defend Metropolis.

  • Convergence: Supergirl: Matrix #2 (May 13, 2015)
    Keith Giffen, Timothy Green II, Joseph Silver
    Ambush Bug and Matrix/Supergirl, who smells like spackle, pop teleport from world to world. Lady Quark wants to go a few more rounds with Mae. However, the shapeshifting Maid of Might intends to bring Ambush Bug to Lex Luthor first after the ladies form a temporary uneasy alliance. Between zombies, the L.E.G.I.O.N., talking rats and the occasional fight or argument with one another, our ragtag trio manages to make it to Lex. However, Mister Luthor is not happy. Tired of his insults, Supergirl gives Lex the beating she's been dying to give him since her mission began. She and Lady Quark return to their previous punch exchange as Ambush Bug goes on his merry way.

  • Convergence #6 (May 13, 2015)
    Jeff King & Scott Lobdell; Ed Benes & Eduardo Pansica; Ed Benes, Trevor Scott, Scott Hanna, & Wayne Faucher
    On Earth 0, the Justice League receives a warning from Justice League United. The planet Telos is 'pushing' its way into the universe. Superman and Supergirl check it out. They are joined by the Red Lanterns, Blue Beetle, Jediah Caul & Captain K'Rot, and the Oracle. The Guardians, Darkseid, and the Monitor look on as well. Superman postulates that the planet may need help. But when his fellow heroes ask what they should do, he tells them to stand ready and wait for what happens next. Deimos repeats his offer to the cities of Telos. Pledge their loyalty to him, and survive. If they refuse, they will perish. They have one hour to decide. Deimos explains to Yolanda that his true goal is not to rule them, but to lead them to their deaths. Then, and only then, will a new universe be born. His universe. Telos (the individual) has disappeared. Flash and Grayson stumble into a fight. Val Zod and the Titans are fighting the Extremists. They are about to retreat when Pre-Flashpoint Superman, Flash (Wally), Red Arrow, and Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) show up to save the day. The heroes split up and recruit like minded metahumans. Superman tells Grayson he is the key to victory. He must convince Telos to help them. Earth 2 Flash runs into '90s Superboy, then Barry Allen from the original CRISIS. Grayson convinces Telos to help the heroes in their plight. The alliance of heroes converge on Deimos. Before they can land a punch, he calls on his own recruits. The Flashpoint heroes, the Crime Syndicate, and Kingdom Come Superman & Wonder Woman. If they kill the heroes, Deimos promises the planet will be theirs.

  • Convergence: Suicide Squad #2 (May 13, 2015)
    Frank Tieri, Tom Mandrake, Tom Mandrake
    The Suicide Squad battle the Kingdom Come heroes on Green Lantern's satellite. Flashing back, the team is on a yellow light construct plane. KC Lex Luthor has Sinestro's ring. Having betrayed his people, he is providing transportation on the mission. Deadshot and Deathstroke fight over who is in charge. Waller reminds them that she calls the shots. Luthor crashes the plane into the emerald stronghold, kamikaze style. The opposing sides fight. Cyborg Superman hacks into Robotman and Alloy's systems. It allows him to override his bomb implant that keeps the squad in check. Star Sapphire, aka Carol Ferris, stops him from killing anyone else. She triggers her implant and blows them both up. Luthor and Green Lantern fight. Captain Boomerang shoots his new teammate, Lex Luthor, in the head. Bleeding on the ground from Star Sapphire's explosion, Waller asks Boomer why he has betrayed them. He has terminal cancer. He wants to go out on his own terms. Boomer fires a shot at Waller. Before the bullet can hit its target, Green Lantern stops it in midair. His side has won. He will put a stop to the unnecessary killing. Waller triggers a pack of explosives strapped to her waist. The satellite, and everyone in it, is destroyed. An email is automatically sent to Barbara Gordon. Waller had planned to go out in a blaze of glory. Barbara and General Lane mourn Waller and the team. A statue in their likeness is erected in their honor.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #3 (May 19, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Matt Haley, Matt Haley
    Regime Superman is having a long overdue visit with his parents, who despite saying to the contrary, are visibly uncomfortable in his presence. Their conversation is cut short when Regime hears the threat of Rene Montoya, and speeds off to engage her. Montoya has sunk into a deep despair, consuming alcohol and believing there is only one thing left to do, in terms of defeating Regime. She consumes a fist-full of super-pills, sneaks aboard Catwoman's jet, and matters unfold as they did the last two issues. Regime and Montoya engage in melee, with the outcome to be decided next issue. Harley Quinn poses as Billy Batson's mother and abducts him when he refuses to change to Shazam.

  • Convergence: Adventures of Superman #2 (May 20, 2015)
    Marv Wolfman, Roberto Viacava, Andy Owens
    As Superman and Supergirl fight the Kryptonian criminals in the Phantom Zone, humanoid animal soldiers attack. Led by the gorilla General Symian, they intend to kill all humans and take over this world and possibly many others. Kamandi, the last boy on Earth waits for a plan and the right moment to stop the apes slaughtering innocent people. Lucius Fox has re-opened the portal to his world for Kal-El and Kara in the Phantom Zone. The Man of Steel pushes his cousin into the rift to save her from the evil Kryptonians. However, knowing that Superman is needed, Supergirl grapples him through the inter-dimensional doorway. Unfortunately, both heroes return to find that their Convergence dome is now a war zone thanks to General Symian. Supergirl and Superman have saved Kamandi from General Symian. Yet, weapons fire gets the best of them, and the trio gets captured, which seems to be part of Superman's plan for the animal troops to take him, Supergirl and Kamandi to their ultimate weapon, a nuclear missile on which Superman is attached. The Man of Steel hurls the warhead to a location where it can do the least damage while the Girl of Tomorrow takes on gorilla troops. With General Symian defeated, Kamandi leaves Supergirl and Superman. Suddenly, an earthquake strikes. Feeling that the tremors are connected to Symian's siege, Superman and Supergirl are about to take on whoever has captured the numerous parallel worlds.

  • Convergence #7 (May 20, 2015)
    Jeff King & Scott Lobdell, Aaron Lopresti, Mark Morales
    The reemergence of the planet Telos into the universe has caused temporal and antimatter energy fluctuations. The Oracle, who can usually see the past, present, and future, is blind to it. He retreats to prepare for his death. New 52 Superman saves Stormwatch members in peril. On the planet Telos, the Earth 2 heroes and their recruits, fight Deimos and his enlistees. Telos, the individual, burrows out of the ground, and joins the fray. Deimos is startled, but fights back. He unleashes an inconceivably large energy blast. His battle cry of 'DIE!' is heard in the vacuum of space. The blast is so charged with temporal energy, that it disrupts the vibrational divide between universes. Superman, Supergirl, and Martian Manhunter each see four different versions of themselves. Back planet side, Telos and Deimos battle in an energy bubble. Pre-Zero Hour Parallax (white-at-the-temples, Hal Jordan) tries to stop Deimos, but is rebuffed. Yolanda tells Grayson and the others that Deimos is planing to kill them all, whether they have obeyed him or not. Kingdom Come Wonder Woman confirms this by using her ability to discern truth. Huntress, Hawkwoman, and Cheetah attempt to help Telos. They are killed as soon as they touch the protective bubble. Yolanda tells Deimos that she can smell his fear. This distracts him enough for Telos to envelope Deimos, and his allies, in liquid metal. Telos wants to know his true name. Deimos refuses to answer. He bucks the encasement and binds the heroes with bands of energy. Having had enough, Parallax (Hal Jordan) blasts Deimos with his ring, killing him. As a result, the immense amount of temporal energy that the sorcerer had stored up, is released. The energy creates shockwaves into space. The Oracle says he can see 'it' now. But tells Superman his future is unknown. All of reality is breaking apart.

  • Convergence: Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #2 (May 20, 2015)
    Stuart Moore, Peter Gross and Mark Farmer, Mark Farmer
    Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes are in a stand-off with the Atomic Knights. The Knights have taken whole to heart that the only means of saving their city, is to engage as Telos has prodded them to do. Superboy attempts to engage the leader of the Knights, Gardner, in a private dialogue, but Gardner will have none of it. He blames the superheroes for the fall of his world, and with a cheap attack on Sunboy, the melee begins. Despite the Legion's greater power and numbers, the Knights whittle their numbers down, until only Sunboy and Superboy remain. Gardner threatens an unconscious Invisible Kid, in order to have the Legion surrender, but a resurgent Wildfire disrupts Gardner's plan. Undaunted, Gardner unveils his trump, the Morticocus. He reasons that while he may die using it, Durvale, his city will live. Superboy reasons with Gardner, and is able to reason with Gardner, and with the help of the other Knights, Gardner stands down. The Legion and Atomic Knights combine forces to help Durvale, sending supplies and aid. And Superboy gets to share a kiss with Ayla.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #4 (May 26, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    On Olympus, Zeus and Hera look at the battle between Regime Superman and Renee Montoya. Hera offers that the gods should reclaim their place in the lives of men, as too many now believe themselves onto gods. Zeus is dubious of Hera's motivations, but allows her and Ares to get involved. On Earth, Montoya and Regime contest each other, until the rest of the Justice League arrives. Regime tries to stop Montoya, to reason with her, but the super-pills that she has consumed have enraged her past the point of rationality, and shortly after, they consume her life. Bruce Wayne arrives on the scene, and collects Montoya's body, blaming Regime Superman for her death. Regime allows him to leave, after extracting a surrender of sorts from Wayne. Wayne returns to what remains of the Insurgency and tells them that despite their situation, it isn't over.

  • Convergence: Action Comics #2 (May 27, 2015)
    Justin Gray, Claude St-Aubin, Sean Parsons
    Power Girl says good-bye to Andrew and flies off to get answers for everything that has happened to her and her city for the past year. The Wonder Woman of another Earth attacks her and the two fight. Meanwhile Lex Luthor stages a coup against Josef Stalin in an attempt to safeguard his wife. The Superman from Power Girl's Earth arrives and breaks up the fight and convinces them that they are being used. Together they confront Lex and end his coup. Superman and Power Girl return to their city and check in with Lois and Andrew before flying off to deal with whatever is ultimately threatening them and the other cities that are out there.

  • Convergence: Booster Gold #2 (May 27, 2015)
    Dan Jurgens, Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez
    An older version of Pre-Flashpoint Booster Gold is shocked to see his old friend, Ted Kord alive. He is elated, but remembers Ted's fate at the hands of Maxwell Lord. He warns Ted not to trust him. Booster is in pain. Blue Beetle lifts him into the Bug, and takes him to Kord Industries. New 52 Booster Gold, Pre-Flashpoint Rip Hunter, and Michelle Carter are face to face with Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes. Colossal Boy throws the first punch. The two sides scuffle. Superboy brings the fight to a stop with an imposing show of power. He wants answers, but Rip triggers a gadget on his belt. The trio are transported forty-five minutes into the future. Skeets locks onto future Booster, and the group pursues. At Kord Industries, Ted pumps Booster for details on his future. Booster denies him. He tells Ted that his situation is hopeless. He is dying. New 52 Booster, Rip, and Michelle teleport to Kord's lab. Rip has an idea that could save the rapidly deteriorating Booster Gold. But he will not hear of it. When he collapses, though, his concerned friends go ahead with the plan anyway. Young Booster takes the group to the Vanishing Point. The plan is to place Booster into the vault. The source of the Vanishing Point's power. A massive amount of swirling, chronal energy. When the sickly Booster is placed in the vault, the surging chronal field merges with his body. His corporal form is no longer. He is transfigured into the Waverider. Pre-Flashpoint Michael Carter, the new Waverider, teleports his friends home. He races away to the planet Telos to stop the destruction of time and space.

  • Convergence: Detective Comics #2 (May 27, 2015)
    Len Wein, Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz
    Picking up immediately where the last issue went off, Superman saves Huntress from the explosion and tries once again to simply talk with Robin and Helena. In the middle of their conversation, Red Son Batman arrives and rushes Robin and Huntress away. Elsewhere, Batman tells the Earth-2 duo that Superman cannot be trusted and after revealing his face to his Earth-2 counterpart's daughter, he gives Dick a piece of kryptonite so he can use it against the Russian Kal-El. As Dick and Helena flee the area, Superman arrives and they have a brief battle, ending in Robin using the piece of kryptonite to weaken the Man of Steel. However, Robin refuses to kill Superman and as he and Huntress stand willing to die fighting, Superman makes peace with the two resulting in Telos telling them that they have defied the rules and that there will be consequences right before he sends Dick and Helena back to their world. On that world, the Bat-signal appears and as Huntress and Robin suit up, Dick appears as Batman, finally taking up the mantle of The Dark Knight.

  • Convergence #8 (May 27, 2015)
    Jeff King & Scott Lobdell; Stephan Segovia, Carlo Pagulayan, Eduardo Pansica, Ethan Van Sciver; Jason Paz, Scott Hanna, Trevor Scott, Stephan Segovia, Ethan Van Sciver
    The temporal energy released upon Deimos' death is building at the planet's core. Once the power reaches critical mass, it will blow. The fallout will destroy the entire multiverse. To repair the situation, Parallax wants to take every Green Lantern ring and harness all willpower. Telos binds him in liquid metal. After killing Deimos, the heroes no longer trust him. The Flashes can feel the vibrational frequency accelerating. The countdown has begun. Waverider, Booster Gold, and Goldstar show up to help. But there is too much harmful energy for anyone to absorb. Anyone, except for Brainiac. Waverider frees the villain from banishment. The heroes attack. Brainiac vows to destroy them all. But Pre-Flashpoint Superman reasons with the Collector of Worlds. If he destroys the heroes, the temporal crisis will destroy everything, including Brainiac himself. Logic wins the day. Brainiac has a sudden change of heart. Telos asks him to stabilize the planet and save the multiverse. But Brainiac feels the need to opine first. He was once Brainiac from Colu. He traveled across the universe to collect knowledge. But when he observed the Flashpoint event and survived, he wanted to become something more. He traveled beyond the Source Wall. He traversed the multiverse and saw other Brainiacs. He wanted to evolve as the Monitors had. He experienced the previous Crisis-level events. It transformed him into what he is now. A powerful being with cancerous growths from exposure to the multiverse. Regretful, he wants to return to what he was before. Dick has no interest in helping him. But Telos takes the tip of Brainiac's giant finger. He sees past his master's mistakes. In the depths of Earth 0's solar system, all of the heroes have returned to be with their loved ones, except Superman and Supergirl. They look on the Planet Telos. Superman tells Kara they need to hope that whoever is fighting the good fight down there, wins. Brainiac severs Telos' connection to the planet. He takes control of the orb himself. He will channel the temporal energy and use it to send everyone home. This should make everything right again. But Brainiac cannot send everyone home. The original CRISIS is too strong. It prevents him from sending the heroes back. Unless it is changed, the multiverse will collapse into one universe again, as it did before. Pre-Crisis Supergirl and the Flash must return to the original Crisis and make their ultimate sacrifice. That will allow the others to be sent back. Most will go back to doomed timelines. But instead of going back to their ill-fated universes, Pre-Flashpoint Superman suggests, that he too, be sent to the original Crisis. There, he can change history and stop the multiverse from being destroyed in the first place. Parallax, Lois, and the baby will go too. Though not shown on panel, they are sent back to COIE and are successful. Each world still exists, but they have evolved. Two double page spreads show multiple Earths. Behind each planet, is a faded group of heroes representing old continuity. In front of each planet, is the new updated group that has taken their place. For example, the Pre-Flashpoint trinity are faded in the background, while the New 52 Justice League are vivid, front and center. Brainiac violently cleanses the planet Telos. He cannot leave a single trace of the cities behind. The Earth 2 heroes have no home to return to. Their planet was destroyed before Convergence began. Therefore they are left to be cleansed with the rest of the planet. Green Lantern protects them in a bubble. Brainiac is pulled back into his reality, Earth 0. With neither Brainiac nor Telos tied to the planet, the natural biosphere is no longer repressed. Green Lantern can connect to the 'Green.' At his prodding, the planet flourishes. Communicating to the heroes via sky visage, Telos tells them that the planet has shifted into Earth 2's universe. His memory has been unlocked. He knows his true name. And his name is... (I have no idea; They don't say). Green Lantern receives a duress signal. The Earth 2 refugees of the battle with Darkseid are alive. Dick Grayson's son is onboard one of the ark ships. The citizens of Earth 2 will rebuild on the thriving planet Telos, their new Earth.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Convergence [Paperback] reprints Convergence #0-8]

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #5 (June 2, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran
    Batwoman looks over the graves of the Insurgency who have fallen, swearing to avenge their deaths. The Batman looks to gain allies, but finds reluctance on the part of Aquaman. The dwindling numbers inspire Oracle to undergo a risky procedure involving the technology of the super-pill, which is administered by Lex Luthor. The result allows Oracle to become Batgirl once more, and add herself to the ranks of the Insurgency as a fighter. Harley Quinn has abducted Billy Batson, and keeps him sequestered within Green Arrow's former base of operations, now dubbed, The Quiver. The Justice League receives a visit from the Amazons, as they stand amassed into an army, with Hera and Hermes at the head. They order Regime Superman to leave the Earth, or suffer their fury.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #6 (June 9, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran
    Robin demolishes a Mook Jong, in an effort to relive his frustration with recent events. Cyborg and Flash attempt to talk to him, but the conversation goes poorly. The Hall of Justice is the scene of a stand-off between the Justice League and the Amazonian army. Wonder Woman orders the Amazons to stand down, but lead by Artemis, they defy her commands. Hermes declares the League outnumbered, but the League is bolstered by their troops on super-pills. The Batman arrives to take his position as the leader of the strike, telling Regime Superman, in defiance of Regime's warning, that "it's not over".

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #7 (June 16, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Three days prior, Lex Luthor laments the loss of Lois Lane and the duplicitous nature of his relationship with Regime Superman. The Batman contacts him regarding Ares' offer of assistance. Luthor advises what the Batman already knows, which leads to Batman closing the deal with Ares, promising to handle Ares' main concern, Wonder Woman. The story resumes where it left off last issue, with a stand-off between the Amazons and the Justice League. Wonder Woman offers that the matter be settled in single combat, and Superman designates himself as the champion of the League. The Batman announces that Wonder Woman will be the champion for the Amazons, much to the slack-jawed surprise of the League.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #8 (June 23, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    In a flash back sequence, Regime Superman speaks with Lex Luthor. Regime is troubled by the "grayer" tones his world has taken. Regime is uncertain of who to trust. Luthor concede's that even Wonder Woman, has a limit, though he is unwilling to go so far for himself. The story returns to the present, where the Batman has chosen Wonder Woman as his champion. Wonder Woman proceeds to try and kill Batman, but Hermes stays her hand. A full-on battle is about to break out, but is stopped by Zeus who demands that the challenge be honored by Wonder Woman. Regime Superman and Wonder Woman resolve to fight to the death. Regime attempts to have Wonder Woman yield, but she gouges his eyes, then breaks his arm.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #9 (June 30, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran
    All sides look on as Regime Superman kneels with a broken arm, while Wonder Woman towers over him. Wonder Woman tells Regime to surrender, but he refuses and blasts her with heat vision. Wonder Woman withstands the blast, and bashes Regime further. Regime tries the end the battle with a determined punch, but it isn't enough. Wonder Woman beats him into the ground. Wonder Woman is about to apply the coup de grace but is stopped with blast of energy from Sinestro, who reminds Superman that fear is his friend.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #10 (July 7, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Xermanico, Xermanico
    Wonder Woman lies knocked out after Sinestro takes matters into his own hands, and stops her from finishing Regime Superman. Regime knocks Sinestro away, but the trial by combat has been nugatory through Sinestro's involvement. Zeus orders Hermes to attack, while he spirits off with Hera, and melee ensues. The Justice League is getting the worst of it, when Regime stops the battle with a blast of super-breath. He states he will not allow the battle to continue, but more Olympians show up and demand that he surrender of face mortal consequences.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #11 (July 14, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    A call goes out to all active Justice League members, as those currently involved in the battle at the Hall of Justice need assistance. No one answers the call. Regime Superman is ordered to surrender, and with that, he's allowed 24 hours to comply, while Hermes pulls the Olympian and Amazonian forces back. The Batman reels at this notion, but has no choice but to acquiesce to the directives of his new allies. Wonder Woman seeks to regroup with the Justice League, but is reminded that she is with the Olympians and Zeus, now.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #12 (July 21, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    The Justice League has been given a 24 hour reprieve by the Olympian pantheon, after which Regime Superman must leave Earth. Wisely, Regime Superman takes the reprieve to regroup, but Hermes dictates that Wonder Woman must join the Olympians, by the will of Zeus. Wonder Woman lashes out at the messenger, and the fighting ensues once more. Cyborg aids Regime to heal more quickly, while the rest of the League battles against the likes of Hercules and Atlas. Hercules gets light against Yellow Lantern, enough that Regime and Wonder Woman need to intervene. However, Hercules proves more than a match for both, knocking Superman into orbit, and throttling Wonder Woman. However, the forgotten Billy Batson is freed by Ares to come to Regime's aid, and speak the magic word.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #13 (July 28, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran
    Zeus discusses the events that are transpiring on Earth with Hera, and realizes that Ares alone benefits from the fighting. Shazam, newly freed, races to the battle at the Hall of Justice and provides succor to the greatly overpowered Justice League. Shazam contends with Hercules, while Wonder Woman is nearly killed by Batwoman... who changes her mind. Regime Superman recovers while adrift in space, and impacts Hercules after speeding in from orbit. A feat which may or may not have killed the son of Zeus, which instantly alerts his father who will certainly become involved and bring thunder and lightening with him.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #14 (August 4, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Xermanico and Tom Derenick, Xermanico and Tom Derenick
    Regime Superman kills Hercules, or at least his mortal form that he houses on Earth. Apollo attacks Regime, smiting him with an arrow and inciting Shazam to rage and rumble. Batman and Robin engage in combat, discussing what drove them apart as they do. Batman defeats Robin, and Shazam cripples Eros, but once he does so, a lightening strike engulfs him, and Billy Batson returns to the world, high above it and powerless.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #15 (August 11, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran
    Sinestro awakens after being struck by Regime Superman. He races back in time to see Shazam (Billy Batson) stripped of his powers by Zeus. Zeus decrees that Regime must leave or he will take action against the Justice League. Harley Quinn attempts to defend Billy, but is struck down by Zeus and disintegrated. Zeus commands Wonder Woman to stand with the gods, and Regime surrenders. Later, Regime meets with Lex Luthor and Ares, God of War, who wishes to discuss the current situation.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #16 (August 18, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Tom Derenick, Tom Derenick
    Ares recounts his origin, in which he goes from being just a son of Zeus, to being an embodiment of war itself. Ares also reveals that the war the League is fighting is of his own making, and that Regime Superman is merely a card in the deck he's playing from. Wonder Woman lashes out at Batman, verbally, accusing him of abandoning Regime Superman. Batman responds that Clark crossed a line that cannot be crossed. Their discussion is interrupted by the thunder of a gigantic tidal wave that appears and threatens to submerge Themyscira in its watery fury.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #17 (August 25, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Xermanico, Xermanico
    Hipollyta, Harley Quinn, and Billy Batson are being ferried to Tartarus. The Insurgency and the Amazons grudgingly share a victory table, which is absent too many principals, when the rumble of an immense tidal wave raises everyone from their squabbling. The wave miraculously holds itself from falling, due to the power of Poseidon, who demands that the gods abandon Themyscira and their war with Regime Superman. On cue, Regime makes his appearance, and the balance of power shifts yet again. Batman seeks the aid of Aquaman, who declines to intervene. Wonder Woman accosts Regime for his new tactic which threatens Amazonian lives. Wonder Woman strikes Regime, and simultaneously an arrow hits Poseidon, and control is lost of the tidal wave. However, Aquaman has a change of heart, and arrives in time to dissipate the tidal wave, and the balance of power once more.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #18 (September 1, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Ares confers with an undisclosed speaker, who wants "the Kryptonian" delivered to him. Unbeknownst to Ares, a tracker has been placed on him by Lex Luthor, who is in cahoots with the Batman. Batman and Luthor trade notes, but are interrupted by a scream. The stand-off with Poseidon continues, until Poseidon strikes Wonder Woman, and fighting commences anew. Aquaman contends with the Lord of the Oceans, and dispatches him with the aid of a great white shark. However, with Poseidon gone, Mera can no longer hold back the tidal wave, and it descends, engulfing Olympian and Leaguer alike.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #19 (September 8, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Xermanico, Xermanico
    Harley Quinn and Hypollyta fight their way through the shades of Tartarus, and then, after ingesting a super-pill, Harley leaps to safety, only to have to fight a hecatonchire. Harley dispatches the creature, and the trio are then visited by Ares, who has just made use of a boom tube. Hypollyta distracts Ares, while Billy secures the Mother Box, that Ares has carelessly left unguarded. The trio escape Tartarus, only to be boomed to another location that looks equally horrid... if not worse.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #20 (September 15, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran
    Themyscira is about to be overrun by a giant tidal wave, but thanks to the combined efforts of the Justice League and the Insurgency, the wave hits without any casualties. Zeus steps into the fray, and orders Regime Superman to leave Earth. Superman tries to contend with Zeus, but to no avail. The Batman arrives and alerts all present that Ares has been pulling their strings. He tells Regime Superman that Harley Quinn has a Mother Box, and with that knowledge, Superman leaves the Earth, which Zeus considers Regime having acquiesced to his demands.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #21 (September 22, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Tom Derenick, Tom Derenick
    Regime Superman has left Earth, leaving the leaders of the world to consider a nuclear attack against the gods of Olympus. On Apokolips, Regime Superman frees Billy Batson, Hippolyta and Harley Quinn, then promptly does battle with Darkseid. Billy and the rest flee back to Earth with the aid of a Mother Box, while Zeus begins his war of submission against any worship aside of the Greek pantheon. Harley and company return to the Insurgency, and Batman asks for the Mother Box, stating he'll need it in order to gain some help.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #22 (September 29, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Xermanico, Xermanico
    Darkseid and Regime Superman continue their battle on Apokolips, but the destruction alerts the gods of New Genesis, and Orion is dispatched to investigate. The Batman appeals to Highfather for his assistance with the situation on Earth. Highfather is reluctant, until Batman informs him that Ares and Darkseid are in league together. Orion interrupts the battle between Regime and Darkseid, to deliver a message: if Darkseid and Regime Superman continue their battle, it will result in millions being killed, including Darkseid... but not necessarily Regime. On Earth, the leaders of the world launch a nuclear strike on Themyscira, hoping this will rid them of their Olympian problem.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #23 (October 6, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    The Justice League engage the Olympians, in what they believe will be their final conflict. The Insurgency arrives to support their efforts, but the battle comes to a halt when Cyborg detects a nuclear launch. Yellow Lantern goes to engage the missiles, but is stopped by a shaft from Eros. Wonder Woman steps in, handles the weapons, knowing that death is certain, but Regime Superman arrives at the last moment and takes the missiles off her hands, disposing of the weapons and catching Diana before she falls to the Earth. Regime demands that Zeus revoke his claim on the Earth, prompting Zeus to appear. Zeus has had enough of Regime, and states that he'll destroy him, but Highfather arrives and puts Zeus' plans on hold.

  • Injustice: Year Four - Chapter #24 (October 13, 2015) [Digital Comic]
    Brian Buccellato, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran
    Zeus releases his claim over the Earth, after a conversation with Highfather. Highfather also has Zeus restore the power of Shazam to Billy Batson, then leaves with the Insurgency under his safety. Regime Superman delivers Ares, god of war, to Darkseid, on the condition that Darkseid never venture to the Earth again. Regime visits the world's leaders, and threatens them should they cross him again. Batman discusses his tenuous situation with Lex Luthor and the need for new recruits, when Lex is called away by an alarm that alerts him to the fact that the encapsulated body under his science, is no longer there.

  • Superman: Lois and Clark #1 (October 14, 2015)
    Dan Jurgens, Lee Weeks, Scott Hanna
    Atop a building in Metropolis, Superman watches while the Justice League battle Darkseid and his forces. He's ready to act, but resists and allows the League to defeat Darkseid on their own. Superman returns to a crude farmhouse, where Lois and his son, Jonathan Samuel White await him. Superman reasons that he and Lois need to go underground, to keep a low profile on this Earth that distrusts heroes. Nine years pass, and Superman has continued to operate in secret, but is now experiencing power-fluctuations. This is a complication, as Superman notes the date of the failed flight of the Excalibur, which turned Hank Henshaw into the Cyborg Superman. Superman resolves to be certain that it doesn't happen again. Superman saves the Excalibur, with some struggle, but finds that the only crewman onboard, is Henshaw. Meanwhile we learn that Lois is a published author, under the pseudonym, Author X. She has sought to keep her identity a secret, but a figure unseen by her, observes Lois meeting with her publisher; the result of which remains to be seen. In a distant star system, a figure referred to as "Mistress", beheads a defeated soul in search of the "Oblivion Stone"... and Jon Sam is taken to the principal's office for being a doofus.

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