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With a Vengeance (6 Parts - Continued)

  • Superman/Batman #24 (January)
    Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuinness, Dexter Vines
    Superman pulls Darkseid free of the Source Wall at Metron's request. Darkseid turns the tables and traps Superman in the Source Wall. Batman arrives in an alternate Gotham, where he's confronted by Batwoman, Superwoman and Superlad. Looking for a Mother Box, Batman's new friends call on Miss Miracle and Big Bard for help. Meanwhile, Bizarro goes to Kara Zor-El for help in an effort to rescue Superman. He brings every other incarnation of Supergirl with him. The Maximums are totally confused by the answers given to them by Batzarro. Joker reveals himself to the team, reinstating Skyscraper, telling the Maximums he wants them to kill Batman and Superman. Just then Batman and his new allies Boom Tube in to confront the Maximums. Batzarro sacrifices himself to save Batman, as Joker promises to kill every incarnation of Batman that ever existed.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman/Batman Vol. 4: Vengeance reprints Superman/Batman #19-24]

  • Superman/Batman #25 (May)
    Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuinness, Dexter Vines
    The Supermen and Supergirls team-up and are transported to confront the Maximums by Mxy as the Joker as brought in Darkseid and an alternate Supergirl and Lex Luthors. The battle rages on when Bizarro turns up with a horde of alternate Supermen and Batmen, whom Mxy then merges into one ultimate Superman-Batman composite. Joker merges all the Maximums in to one being as well. Bizarro puts on a Blue Kryptonite ring giving him super-intelligence, releasing Bat-Mite from within Joker. With Joker now powerless, Mxy and Bat-Mite set about putting everything back the way it is supposed to be.

  • Superman/Batman #26 (June)
    Sam Loeb and The 26 (Various Artists) [Backup Story by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale]
    Robin thinks back to when he and Superboy were sent by Batman and Superman to find out what had happened to Hiro, the new Toyman based in Tokyo. The two friends are put through an elaborate test made up of robotic figures set to tempt and delay them. It's all ends up being a game created by Hiro to test them for fun. They tell him they'd be happy to hang out with him anytime, he justed needs to call them rather then set up elaborate schemes. Back-Up Story: Jonathan Kent recalls Clark's boyhood friend Sam. A boy who always made Clark laugh. A friend who died too young because of Cancer. And how his death, but more importantly, his positive outlook and attitude on life, had an affect on Clark.

  • Superman/Batman #27 (July)
    Mark Verheiden, Kevin Maguire, Kevin Maguire
    After going up against the Ultra-Humanite in the body of an Ape, Superman and Batman find their mind's transfered into the bodies of Power Girl and Huntress. With time running out before the girl's minds take back control of their bodies, leaving Superman and Batman gone forever. The "girls" must find Superman and Batman's bodies fast!

The Enemies Among Us

  • Superman/Batman #28 (September)
    Mark Verheiden, Ethan Van Sciver, Ethan Van Sciver
    At a function, Bruce Wayne spots someone who doesn't seem to belong. Investigating, he heads back to the Batcave, only to be attacked by J'onn J'onzz. Using fire he wins the fight, but his assailant is gone. Calling in Superman, the two heroes realize that it wasn't J'onn but a shapeshifter. Heading into Gotham, they discover the shapeshifter masquarading as Titano, who uses Kryptonite vision on Superman, while Batman crash lands to join Superman to chase their quarry into the Gotham Aquarium. Inside they're attacked by the shapeshifter as the Parasite, and then Dr. Phosphorus... before vanishing once again.

  • Superman/Batman #29 (October)
    Mark Verheiden, Ethan Van Sciver, Ethan Van Sciver
    J'onn visits the Batcave only to be set upon by a flamethrower-wielding Batman. Determining that J'onn is the real deal (much to J'onn's anger), Batman gets no help from the angry Martian. Jon Stewart's Green Lantern ring is playing up, as he studies it a huge green hand steals the ring. Clark is confronted by Lois, but the real Lois comes in, knocks her out. But the villain, pretending to be Lois, morphs into a Kryptonite Cave Man. Hal Jordon drops by to lend a hand, but when he attacks Superman and Batman, they realize all isn't right. Hal breaks free from the mind-control, and takes off the ring. Killawog storms in and takes out the three heroes.

  • Superman/Batman #30 (November)
    Mark Verheiden, Ethan Van Sciver, Marlo Alquiza
    Superman continues to battle Killawog, with the mind control making Superman think Batman is against him... but breaks free of the idea, and takes Killawog into deep space. Luthor contacts Batman, revealing an object in space that's headed for Earth. Lex sends Plastic Man to join Batman, as Batman enters Superman's Fortress to find an object that is supposedly linked with the space object... while there, they're attacked by the shapeshifter in the form of Starfire. As the Fortress vault opens, Plastic Man is taken over by Blackrock.

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