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The Enemies Among Us (continued)

  • Superman/Batman #31 (January)
    Mark Verheiden, Matthew Clark, Andy Lanning
    Superman succumbs to the mind control, thinking himself to be some kind of hideous alien whom humans would be unwilling to love. Plastic Man (under the influence of Blackrock) leaves Batman in the Fortress of Solitude, where Zook reveals himself to be the morphing villain he's been chasing all along. Zook, having been ignored for so long, heard the call from the alien mind controlling presence, as did J'onn. Both are now under the mind control as well. Lex attempts to extract the Blackrock from Plastic Man. Ultrta, the Multi-Alien goes on a rampage. Supergirl, also under the mind control, saves Ultra from an army attack. Batman warns Luthor against killing Plastic Man, but is interrupted when Ultra and Supergirl and Superman arrive to kill him.

  • Superman/Batman #32 (February)
    Mark Verheiden, Matthew Clark, Andy Lanning
    Batman escapes from Superman using Kryptonite and uses the Blackrock on himself. Supergirl flies off conflicted, while Superman confronts Lois. Lois' love for him finally gets through the Alien voice in his head, freeing him from the brain-washing. Superman flies off to confront Batman, while in Metropolis a horde of brainwashed superheroes arrive as a hail of Blackrocks fall from the sky. Jimmy picks one up and is immediately converted...

  • Superman/Batman #33 (March)
    Mark Verheiden, Joe Benitez, Victor Llamas
    As people all over the world start being taken over by the black rocks raining down, Superman fights Batman, trying to break him free of the black rock's hold. Lex Luthor discovers that Despero is behind the troubles, having convinced an alien race that Earth's people are worthy of being wiped out, but with Superman and Batman free of the alien mind-control, Superman convinces the telepathic aliens of the goodness of most people on Earth, and they agree to let everyone go, when Batman puts his trust in Superman's stance.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman/Batman Vol 5: Enemies Among Us reprints Superman/Batman #28-33]

Metal Men (3 parts)

  • Superman/Batman #34 (May)
    Mark Verheiden, Pat Lee, Craig Yeung
    Doctor Magnus prepares his Metal Men. Meanwhile, a super-strong man storms a Waynetech facility, killing security guards, but Batman takes him down... and discovers, thanks to Superman's help, that the man is Metallo. The Metal Men infiltrate another Waynetech facility, but this time Batman and Superman are on the scene, fighting the Metal Men to a standstill... when Doc Magnus arrives, wishing to negotiate.

  • Superman/Batman #35 (June)
    Mark Verheiden & Marc Guggenheim, Pat Lee, Craig Yeung
    Discovering that the Metal Men are there as a test for security measures, Bruce Wayne agrees to allow them to try out for the new security detail at his WayneTech facility... however when Superman discovers that it was Brainiac who took over Metallo's body to conduct the first raid on the WayneTech facility, they realize too late that the same has happened to the Metal Men, who have broken in and stolen a prototype of the OMAC project.

  • Superman/Batman #36 (July)
    Mark Verheiden & Marc Guggenheim, Pat Lee, Craig Yeung
    Helen and Doc Magnus track the Metal Men to a field of satellite dish arrays. They discover Brainiac has taken host of an OMAC prototype which Batman had kept in secret. Clark confronts Bruce about this, before flying off to find Brainiac. Helen is captured and turned into an OMAC unit, as Superman arrives on the scene. Bruce leaves his hospital bed and arrives as Batman. He convinces the Metal Men to help, while Magnus comes up with a solution to take Brainiac down. Superman and Batman destroy the remains of the OMAC technology.

Torment (6 parts)

  • Superman/Batman #37 (August)
    Alan Burnett, Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs
    Killer Croc is pushed into stealing a Kryptonian artifact from Luthor's labs for a demon called Schrocken. Batman calls in Superman, and the two work out that the stolen artifact is pieced-together Kryptonian technology. Upon returning to Metropolis, Clark is shocked when green Kryptonian crystals erupt through the streets of Metropolis.

  • Superman/Batman #38 (September)
    Alan Burnett, Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs
    With Kryptonite everywhere, Superman finds he's too weak to save a dying Lois... but it's all only a bad dream... Clark wakes up in bed. Batman inspects video footage of Killer Croc in his cell. Clark starts going a little crazy with insane thoughts, and quickly races out of the Daily Planet. A random woman is attacked aboard a train... just a senseless killing by Desaad in disguise. Clark goes nuts and ends up exploding a fuel tanker above Metropolis before falling to earth screaming. Batman confronts Lex Luthor and finds out the transmitter he built can receive signals from anywhere in space/time. Desaad arrives back on Apokolips and witnesses Darkseid trip and fall. The Scarecrow hunts down Superman.

  • Superman/Batman #39 (October)
    Alan Burnett, Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs
    Scarecrow takes Superman to Apokolips where Desaad puts him totally under his control. Batman searches for Superman, and follows clues that lead him to Scarecrow's hideout. It was Scarecrow who had been masquarading as Shrocken. Batman follows him through a Boom Tube where he sees Superman. When Parademons attack Batman, he tries to escape through a Boom Tube, but Superman stops him.

  • Superman/Batman #40 (November)
    Alan Burnett, Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs
    Batman is saved by Bekka, Orion's wife, who has healed his injuries. The two find themselves lusting after one another, but need to put that aside as they attempt to find and save Superman, who was captured in order to retrieve Highfather's staff from the Source Wall. Darkseid's powers are gone, and he believes the staff will facilitate their return.

  • Superman/Batman #41 (December)
    Alan Burnett, Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs
    Bekka reveals her power as a New God is the creation of desire, and that's why Batman is so attracted to her. She leaves him. Superman meanwhile, still under mind control, retrieves High Father's staff from the Source Wall and brings it back to Desaad, who wants to test it before using it to restore Darkseid's power. Batman frees Scarecrow from his inprisonment. Bekka tries to shoot Desaad, but is frozen by the magic of the staff. Batman attempts to rescue her. Superman has a dream sequence where High Father tells him his life is over.

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