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  • Superboy #1 (January)
    Jeff Lemire, Pier Gallo, Pier Gallo
    As Conner and Krypto enjoy the Kansas sights atop a silo, their peace is interrupted by Phantom Stranger. He warns Conner that his continued presence in Smallville will awaken something dark long hidden within the fields. Before he can discover anything else Martha Clark Kent stumbles on her porch and Conner and Krypto race to the rescue. A dark evil does appear in Smallville, leaving a trail of animal corpses in its wake. Later Conner tries to avoid Lori Luthor. Outside a Diner an elderly gentlemantells Conner it's the 154th anniversary of Smallville's founding. Simon Valentine arrives and reveals that he knows Conner is Superboy! The revelation has to wait as Parasite arrives. Conner changes into Superboy and Simon urges him to take the fight away from the populace. Krypto arrives but the fight has drained Conner of his Kryptonian powers. Conner uses tactile telekinesis to attract thousands of the tiny corn grains to encase and drown Parasite till he loses consciousness. Poison Ivy stumbles towards them crying out that she's too late to save Smallville.

  • Superboy #2 (February)
    Jeff Lemire, Pier Gallo, Pier Gallo
    Smallville has been taken over by plants. Poison Ivy teams with Superboy to get to whatever's behind it, while Simon and Krypto watch over Parasite. Simon starts experimenting with Parasite's cells. Superboy and Ivy find the source of the trouble at Mr. Gilliam's farm. The farmer has been overtaken by some strange technology that appears to be a bomb. Ivy rips it from his body, and the farmer tells Superboy about a "broken silo". Ivy regains her powers but before she can persuade Superboy to do her bidding, Simon arrives with his Parasite Frogs, taking away Ivy's powers. Conner takes the bomb into the sky, it shines brightly before disintegrating in his hands. The plant life recedes from Smallville, into the ground, taking Parasite with it. Simon and Superboy find ancient symbols on the technology debri. Strange, old-looking men appear later that night. Their technology was designed to scan Superboy's entire physiology.

  • Superboy #3 (March)
    Jeff Lemire, Pier Gallo, Pier Gallo
    Krypto barks waking the Kent household up. Martha has a headache. On the way to school Conner meets up with Kid Flash to suggest a fundraising race between them to help Smallville. At school Conner tells Simon they can't hang out together if he's going to help him as Superboy. All the students starts suffering painful headaches, even Conner... everyone except Lena Luthor that is. The headaches announce the arrival through time of Psionic Lad. He's come to get Superboy's help, but a group called Hunting Party Three also arrive through a time portal, and shoot Superboy...

  • Superboy #4 (April)
    Jeff Lemire, Pier Gallo, Pier Gallo
    Superboy and Psionic Lad battle the Hunting Party from the future before Simon runs in. His presence seems to scare off the Hunting Party who disappear through a time portal. Psionic Lad explains how Smallville becomes a walled-off Acropolis in the future ruled by a despot who killed off all the superheroes of his time. Psionic Lad fled to the past to learn how to be a hero from Superboy. Simon and Conner get Psionic Lad's help to read Mr. Gilliam's mind to see who harmed him. Later Conner meets up with Lori Luthor to talk about their feelings for each other and Conner suggests they should keep their distance.

  • Superboy #5 (May)
    Jeff Lemire, Pier Gallo, Pier Gallo
    Lori waits night after night for Superboy. Superboy and Kid Flash are to race to raise money for Smallville. The Teen Titans (minus Cassie) are there to watch. Principal of Smallville High, Pete Ross, ushers the start of the race. As they race around the world, with Krypto in tow, the two teenagers make heroic saves as they run. Back in Smallville, Sujan, aka Psionic Lad senses someone in the cheering crowd and spots the old man that had previously helped Superboy by forewarning of Parasite's attack. Conner sees Phantom Stranger outside Lori's house. As they near the finish line Krypto beats them both. Simon asks about the connection between Lori and Phantom Stranger. Lena and Lori are watching the announcement of the world's fastest dog before Lori nips out of the house for her usual late night cigarette. She decides not to wait for Superboy anymore. What she doesn't see is the eerie glow of another inscribed tablet, similar to the one Conner and Simon are trying to decipher.

  • Superboy #6 (June) [Reign of Doomsday]
    Jeff Lemire, Marco Rudy, Marco Rudy
    Robin comes across Superboy in San Francisco and the two chat. As Superboy flies off he's attacked by Doomsday. At Ivy University Dr Palmer makes Simon an offer to stay on, but he declines... someone is secretly watching them. Superboy fights valiantly, but he's no match for Doomsday, who takes his unconcious body to a space ship somewhere in space.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Superboy Vol. 1: Smallville Attacks reprints Superboy #1-6]

  • Superboy #7 (July)
    Jeff Lemire, Marco Rudy, Marco Rudy
    Superboy wakes up unsure of where he is. He walks outside to find the world destroyed. He finds Lori Luthor who is frightened of him. Robin and a team called the New Titans attack him, claiming he is responsible for killing everyone and everything. He doesn't understand and wants to them to explain, but they have no time for his stalling tactics and attack him. Simon Valentine comes to his aid and kills Robin. Simon kills Lori and Superboy angrily tries to stop him from doing anything more, upset at who he's supposedly become. In actuallity, Superboy and Psionic Lad were sent to investigate a derelict spaceship floating in space, and found an alien on board with a "Red Mercy" plant attached to him. The Red Mercy attached itself to Superboy, making him live through his greatest fears. He is able to fight off the plant. Later, at the Iron Works, Steel informs him that the spacecraft was actually headed to Smallville with the plants.

  • Superboy #8 (August)
    Jeff Lemire, Pier Gallo, Pier Gallo
    The Phantom Stranger changes into a flock of crows and follows Conner. Sujan is contacted by a woman in the future. Her hologram demands that Psionic Lad not waver from his mission to kill the Prime Hunter. The problem is that Sujan is beginning to like Simon and Conner. Elsewhere Simon's weather machine is taken by the flock of crows. Superboy and Krypto talk to Mr. Lynch who tells Conner about Smallville's beginnings and the story of Sheriff Nathaniel Kent, Deputy Albert Valentine and the mysterious Took family. In the 1800s the Took family arrived in Kansas after Eben Took fled England. One day a young boy named Jacob Talbot was abducted and thirteen days later found mutilated with surgical precision and sporting mystical rune symbols. The town knew the Tooks were to blame and set about burning their farm. While Tooks' family died in the blaze Kent explored the old Silo and found a trapdoor. Beneath the door Nate discovered human remains on a large rune table and Eben Took. Nate ran as the silo exploded. Before Conner can go looking for the silo, Lynch is possessed by Phantom Stranger who offers yet more cryptic riddles and vanishes. Simon arrives after chasing down the parts that the crows had stolen from him. Sujan arrives too revealing a spell of some kind has frozen Smallville's residents. They discover the old Took farm is now the Luthor property and head there, but Lori has found the trapdoor already and has vanished. The boys uncover a deep spiral tunnel descending deep into the earth. Phantom Stranger gives Lori's kidnappers a name; The Hollow Men and leads them down to a strange underground town.

  • Superboy #9 (September)
    Jeff Lemire, Pier Gallo, Pier Gallo
    With the Phantom Stranger's magic and Psionic Lad's powers, they are able to walk through Hollowville undetected. Psionic Lad and Simon go one way while Phantom Stranger and Superboy go another (with Krypto) as they search for Lori. Psionic Lad and Simon find Lori and rescue her. Psionic Lad gets a message from the future telling him he's supposed to kill Simon Valentine, not befriend him. Superboy realizes that things that have happened with the Phantom Stranger don't add up... but before he can work them out they come across a mass cloning system made up of clones of Superboy himself. Elsewhere Parasite attacks Psionic Lad. Conner learns that the souls of the people of Smallville are to be transferred into the Superboy clones, as Eben Took and his sons appear, and Phantom Stranger is revealed to actually be Tannarak, while the real Phantom Stranger begs Superboy to help him.

  • Superboy #10 (Early October)
    Jeff Lemire, Pete Woods, Cafu & Bit, Paulo Siqueira & Andrew Mangum
    In 42,025 BC we see Tannarak attack Atlantis only to be thwarted by the Phantom Stranger. Then in 10th century Norway Tannarak attempts to create an army cloned from a viking prince but Phanton Stranger once again beats him. Then in 1884 Smallville Tannarak promises Eben Took the legacy he so craves. Now, in current time, Superboy is confronted by Tannarak and the long-lived Tooks as the powerless Phantom Stranger is unable to help, while a clone army of Conner Kents awaits the souls of all the people in Smallville.

  • Superboy #11 [Final Issue] (Late October)
    Jeff Lemire, Pier Gallo, Pier Gallo
    The Phantom Stranger reminds Superboy of something he'd previously given to him... a small figurine which frees Phantom Stranger from his bonds. Simon, Leno and Psionic Lad are under attack by Hollowmen. Superboy and Krypto fight off the Tooks. At the same time Superboy smashes the Took's contraption while Lena presses a button on Simon's controller... and the Hollowmen begin to disolve. With Phantom Stranger's help Psion is able to free the minds of all the people of Smallville as Tannarak uses the Took's lifeforce to escape. The clone Superboys are destroyed as the heroes head back to Smallville.

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